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Posted by Rose (Las Vegas) on 03/02/2007
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i love your recipe for turmeric tea, i have many joint/bone pains from medicine i must take for breast cancer. So this tea has helped. I hope it will continue to relieve my symptoms when i have taken the tea for a longer time.. great site. thanks

Turmeric, Sesame Oil, Yogurt

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Posted by Jah (Riyadh) on 12/05/2015
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Jamal Alim (Riyadh) Saudi Arabia

I am a Sudanese living in Riyadh.

This is a cancer cure, a present for all Earth Clinic Family and contributors, especially good peaple, Dierdi, Ted, Bill, Mama to Many, Dave., TimH, and Robert H.

It is so simple and effective. The protocol consists of turmeric, sesame oil, and yoghurt.

  1. One tablespoon of powdered turmeric.
  2. Two tablespoon of sesame oil (or evoo, or evco).
  3. Mixed together and stir for seven to ten minutes.
  4. Then add yoghart, the quantity you prefere.
  5. To be taken three times, first on an empty stomach, the other two thirty minutes before meals.

This protocol is effective and enough. Check after one week. See the results. Then you can continue for another week, but lessen the dose to two times only.

Aditional thinges, but optional. The upper protocol is quite enough .

  1. Add quarter teaspoon of hottest cayyene pepper as a carrier.
  2. Use ted's protocol to raise the ph level, or
  3. Earth clinic's baking soda and apple cider vinegar protocol

The borax or baking soda and apple cider vinegar, must be used during the day apart from the turmeric protocol.

Wishing you good health and happy life, regards, jamal alim

Replied by Deirdre

Dear Jah,

Thank you very much for posting your remedy for cancer on Earth Clinic. It sounds like it could be taken as a daily health tonic too.

Can you kindly provide more information about this remedy for cancer? Here are a few questions that come to mind:

  1. Does this turmeric remedy come from Sudan?
  2. How many people with cancer do you know that have used this remedy?
  3. What kind of cancer was treated (prostate, breast, lung, etc)?
  4. What stage cancer did it cure?

Thank you again for taking the time to tell us about your wonderful remedy!

Replied by Jamal Alim

Dear Dierdri,

The founder of this great wonderful site.

Thank a lot for your enquiry. Yes it can be taken as a daily tonic. All materials are natural foodstuff.

Eg- half teaspoon of turmeric powder, with one tablespoon of sesame oil plus the yoghurt .

- for your questions :

1. Does this turmeric remedy come from Sudan?

It is known in some part of Sudan and Yemen as well. But they only use plain turmeric powder, so I add oil to dissolve the turmeric to increase its potency. Turmeric is dissolvable in oils. So the assimilation and absorption will become optimum, hence the body will get benefit from turmeric, to fight cancer cells.

2. How many people with cancer do you know that have used this remedy?

Many people, but for sure seven people I personally know, four of then I followed them personally step by step, with my protocol. All of then were completely cured, and cancer free.

3. What kind of cancer were treated?

Lymph node gland in the neck, pancreas, prostate, testicles, and throat.

4. What stage cancer did it cure?

Different stages.

Best regards,

Jamal Alim

Uterine Cancer

Posted by Carolyn (Shelby, Ohio) on 05/16/2009


I was diagnosed with uterine cancer in Sept. of last year by a doctor that did not know what he was doing. He waited a long time to do the hysterectomy and he was so sure I didn't have cancer he didn't even check the lymph nodes. He left them in and took out only the uterus and the ovaries. After they removed them he did not open up the uterus to look inside the uterus. Just sent it off to pathology. Came in after surgery and said no cancer!!. Turns out next day while I was eating my supper he shows up and says the pathologist found cancer after all. Nestled in among the fibroids I was told I only had one of. I was devastated. Also told that it was stage 2 or stage 1 and encapsulated.

Ha ha ha, The joke was on me. Went to the cancer dr. and was told that it was at least stage 3 or 4. I could not even think. Sent to the cancer clinic in our city and was told it was stage 3C. Invasion into 2 lymph nodes. Possibility of metastisis to other organs. I fell apart. Went to other drs. and was told the same thing, but my attitude would take me farther. I went home and laid in bed for days, just waiting to die. I decided to take the radiation, but it was horrifying. I received 38 treatments 1 every day for weeks. The radiation is very nauseating. I threw up constantly. They finally gave me a pill to stop the nausea, but it made my stomach hurt. I told them up front that I would not have any chemo. I saw what it did to my mother in law and she died anyway. The burning on the skin was awful too. I had to apply cream to it everyday. Hair loss, not on the head lol. Front and back radiation. I can really feel for the people that have it. When the radiation was over I found this place. I decided to look up things to do to save myself. Or give me some time till they got the stem cell stuff going (if they ever do). I found out about essiac, but couldn't find it cheap enough and a good quality to be able to afford to buy it. A friend of mine told me about a vitamin company that sold it a lot cheaper than they do in Canada. I have been taking 6 a day, and I also take the apricot seeds. I found a health food store that has it pretty cheap, online is expensive. She says if you say it is a foodstuff instead of a medicine you can get it cheaper. I don't like the taste of it, so I grind it in my grinder and put it in capsules. I can only take 2 a day and I know that is not enough. I took 3 today and will try to increase it every week.

The reason I am writing is because I tried the hydrogen peroxide 35% food grade. I diluted a couple of drops in a 16 oz. bottle of water. I could taste it, but I drank it. The first day was okay. The second day the left side of my abdomen was in a lot of pain. I had so much gas I couldn't leave the house. It was constant. I don't know what it was from, but I had to stop taking the h202. I don't know if I did it wrong on not. I just wanted to let people know what kind of side effects I had from it.

I hope someone out there can give me some other cures for cancer. Right now I am in remission, I don't know if it is from the essiac and the apricot seeds or from the radiation or if it is temporary. I pray everyday that it is gone. One other thing, if you think there is something seriously wrong push the dr. until he does what he is supposed to, I was put off for months and finally had to ask the dr. for a hysterectomy.

thank you all for listening to me.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
509 posts

Hello Carolyn, glad you are still among the living but there are still good odds at beating the averages. I have an older brother who had melanoma surgery in l982 and is still with us today, although the ones following him say he is the only one in the world they know of who has made it 5 years with the type cancer he had. I have just gotten back on my feet and started working with him again to help him regain some quality that he lost a year or so ago when laid low by pneumonia. Those odds are not with chemo. My first thought is that you need to use Ted's alklinizing process. Next we are what we eat. Eliminate all toxins in your food as possible, particularly monosodium glutamate and aspartame. Kick out all carbonated beverages, drinking healthful water, fruit juice instead. For more detailed instructions on eating to beat the cancer, I think Deirdre has a link to Over 200 natural cures for cancer site. For simple dietary instructions while going to this site, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, as many of them raw as possible, go heavy on those like broccoli, cabbage, and the rest of that family.

I hope you live in a rural area and recognize a few of those so called pesky weeds like dandelion, clover, dock, wild onions, rabbit lettuce (broad leaf plantain), mints, bee balm, pepper grass, shepherd's purse, wild mustard, volunteer turnip greens, etc. Don't gather your greens from the roadside because of toxins from automobiles, but you let a healthy group of them grow in your yard to pick daily. You don't want to mix more than 24 hour supply at a time. Gather a few handfuls of these daily, wash, throw into blender with distilled or other nonchlorinated water to about l inch or so above the level of the leaves. Unknowing people call these weeds, I call them God's medicine. Call these your green smoothies as you puree them in your blender. The taste isn't the best in the world so I add some hot sauce to mine to enhance the flavor. Drink from 1 -3 pints of this green smoothie daily. You can't improve on God's medicine. Get a good stress tab (B complex) and take 1 meal time and bed time. Also get a good multivitamin/mineral supplement and take 1 morning and evening. Some extra folic acid will also help and don't forget good old extra vitamins C (up to l0 grams per day) every l gram every hour while awake. Don't forget good old selenium also. My stomach also rebels against oral H202 but using Bill's inhalation method of H202 gives no problems, so give it a try along with all the other. If you have a compounding pharmacy there call him and ask if he can mix you up some SSKI and start taking 4 to 6 drops in distilled (or other nonchlorinated) water once a day. An 8 ounce supply should last you a year or two. This does many things including killing off mold and other pathogens and keeping your thyroid healthy. If you are familiar with poke sallet, this fall gather the poke berries and start taking 15 to 20 pokeberries 4 times a day. Dehydrate a good supply while taking the fresh ones. You will probably have enough to last you until next falls crop ripens. Lots of good medicine there, and very little risk of unwanted reactions because of the built in fail safes.

If you are having trouble sleeping after radiation, a cup of salt in your bath water at night will help. For a good healthful soaking bath I often throw a cup or two or epsom salts in my water and enjoy a good long soak. The above should get you off to a running start toward regaining health, but keep taking that good old essiac tea, it is good stuff and I have drank a few gallons of it myself off and on. Remember God loves you and wants you to be well and healthy and a good part of that health comes from eating as much food as possible as close to the way God grows. Keep in touch and if you need or want my e mail, you know who to ask for it, and she will give it to you."

05/17/2009: Joyce follows up: "The last listing for the site I had mentioned in EC before and I think you posted a link for it at the time, the name in my favorites list was Over 200 natural cures for cancer plus. The site was loaded with wonderful information on natural cancer cures and it was over 200+, I think but I didn't count them. The major difference I find between it and the site below is MAJOR. Over 200 (remember I told that this had to be a change of name for the site because it was different than the last time I had visited, so apparently they had been raided or feared raiding and channged names to stay ahead of the FDA and their gestapho hi jinks. The site I had mentioned to you before was some guy researching and putting what he found out there for the public to use for free and not offering anything for sell to avoid being charged with practicing medicine without a license. Apparently the FDA or somebody got him anyway because when I clicked on the site in my favorites, what came up We cannot display that web page. Type in "over 200 natural (may have been alternative) cancer cures + and EC search and see if you can pull it up."

EC: Finally found the website Joyce was referring to!

Replied by Robin
(Macomb, Michigan)

Hi Carolyn, Hope u are doing well! I was reading on this site about aloe vera,and what i found was a link to a website with a (Franciscan who cures cancer) What he found was he made up this drink he claims to cure all cancer. I,ve not tried it but its worth a try heres the mix:1/2 kg of pure bee honey, 3 small (or 2 big) leaves of Aloe Vera, 3-4 spoons of cognac, whiskey or any distilled alcoholic drink. After cleaning the leaves and cutting the thorns very carefully and gently blending everything in a liquidiser you get a creamy substance. And that is it... You take 1 spoon fifteen minutes after you eat a meal 3x a day. The dosage is prepared for about 10 days. If you havent finished the mixture you can carry on until its gone. Its worth a try hope this helps!

God Bless,

Replied by Carolyn
(Shelby, Ohio)

Hi Robin,

Thank you for your response. I have the bee honey and I can get the alcohol, but don't have any plant for aloe vera. Can you buy the aloe vera in the health food stores? Thank you for responding to me. I feel so alone in this and I am so tired of all the drs. and the tests. I go tomorrow for another pap. I don't understand how they need to take a pap test if everything is gone. I asked for a pet scan last time and they said the insurance company would not okay it. I had to have a cat scan that made me sick. I can't do the iodine without getting sick to my stomach. We pay $870.00 a month for insurance and they won't approve the pet scan. I called the dr. and asked him what the price difference was between cat and pet scan and they said cat scan was about $900.00 and the pet scan was $1400.00. the way they made it sound it was $10,000. Those insurance companies are the ones that make everyone sicker. They are in it for the money. If you couldn't pay they would dump you in a minute. We have had the same insurance for over 37 yrs. They can't dump you, but they can make your life hell. Don't miss a payment either, that is their excuse to get rid of you. Thank you once again for mailing me. Carolyn

Replied by Robin
(Macomb, Michigan)

Hi Carolyn! Aloe plants can be bought at any garden place i dont know if they make an organic kind but there usually buy the cactus's. They grow upright and there leaves are picky, although in the health food stores you can buy aloe vera juice in the bottle, I dont know if thats considered the same but worth a try! And as for doctors i think its hard to find one thats in it for the patient not for the money but i really dont have alot of faith in them. Try to keep positive and keep trying the homopathic ways cause i really think thier much better! God Bless!

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)

I have tested apricot pits before -- it's effect on killing cancer is usually limited in its effect and had to be taken for a much longer period, such as a month or two. The effects of a hydrogen peroxide will have two stages. When first taken, and when tumors get killed, the tumors tend to enlarge pushing up the pain somewhat. In any event most of the pain came from the swelling because too much water was drunk. The swelling would have been reduced and pain much less if sea salt such as 1/4-1/2 teaspoon was added in the 16 oz water. It's the same phenomenon when a person cries and the eyes well, because when they cry, the body looses salt causing the cells to swell. It occurs also, when too much water was drank and it pushes up against the abdomen. In a standard remedy using the hydrogen peroxide, people with cancer I have noticed require a much larger amount of sea salt then is normally required. In a day the intake of sea salt is often 1/2 teaspoon x 3 that is dissolved in drinking water. Because of hyperosmolarity in the use of sea salt, tumor will generally shrink allowing hydrogen peroxide to access the tumor easier because of its smaller size and killing them more effectively. In any event, a combination of remedies of cancer usually works best, but a person has to know which combination. Alkalization is helpful, but is always taken separate from a sea salt remedy and taken on an empty stomach, such as 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/2 teaspoon potassium citrate. While the water with peroxide is taken with added sea salt to help shrink tumor size, reduce the pain by it's smaller size so it won't squeeze the abdomen where surgery was performed. Apricot pits has a major component called benzaldehyde, which is bitter almond and is a common flavoring agent, but is quite toxic to the cancer, more so than the B17 laertile that's is known by most people. In any event, a clove oil, also works too. Synergistically they work best together, but your remedy appears to be missing the sea salt.


Replied by Lynn
(Cape Town, South Africa)


Sorry to hear of your bad response to H202. I have been hearing nothing but good news about this therapy for years now. Just recently heard about my uncle in Zimbabwe who due to the shortage of just about everything there, tried the Hydrogen Peroxide therapy for spinal cancer (not sure what type). He was tested a couple of months ago to see how far the cancer had spread - they could not find any cancer at all.

Three months ago one of my employees(I own a small business),started to bleed so severely that they had to rush her to the government hospital as she is unable to afford a private doctor or hospital. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer which had spread to her uterus, bladder, ovaries etc. The diagnosis was really bad (28 years old with a 7 month old baby), she was still waiting for the results of her pap smear which was taken long before she had fallen pregnant, I guess the hormones from her pregnancy made everything out of control and fed the cancer. Anyhow the outcome did not look good at all.

I went back and read everything about H202 therapy that I could find. I then had a long discussion with her about it and she decided she had nothing to loose. I bought 35% food grade H202. Started with the 3 drops in glass of well water 3 times a day working up to the max 25 drops 3 times a day. This was started 2 weeks before she started her 6 week daily radiation therapy, she had loads of energy by the time she went into hospital. She did so well that she was allowed to attend as an outpatient. She experienced none of the normal hair loss or nausea. The doctor was astounded. He tested her and could not find any CANCER. She started work today fitter than I have ever seen her. We will slowly decrease the dosage until we reach minimum 3 drops a day and stay on it for a few months or until she get a few more all clear signs.

It appears that not everyone can tolerate it in larger dosages. From what I have been reading the Key to it all is getting your PH balance right, adding oxygen into the cells and try to correct our eating habits and also supplement all the vitamins, minerals, oils etc., that our body needs and to get rid of all those nasty parasites, toxins and heavy metals. In short we have a lot of reading to do, if one thing doesn't work try something else. this is what makes this site so good. The feed back from all those who have failed or succeeded in the different treatments.

I myself cannot tolerate more than 5 drops of H202 at a time. I now take it only once a day. I also take ACV ( 2 Tblsp in glass of water 3 times a day) do Oil Pulling 3 times a day with good old sunflower oil (found 1 Tblsp too much so I halved the amount), drink 1 tsp Schweden- Bitters twice a day and add a mixture of 1/2 cup Bicarbonate of soda, 1/2 cup of sea salt 1/2 cup ACV and 100ml of 35% H202 to my bath water. I gently scrub my body all over with a nail brush first before relaxing for half an hr in the bath.

I first felt drained (toxins being released ?) 1 week later I have renewed energy, I sleep well when I do get to sleep, I breath easier and my arthritis pains in my legs and arms are gone, my sinusitis, postnasal drip and chronic bronchitis have eased off considerably, my acid reflux has gone.

With time I will try other remedies as well. It took years of polluting our bodies that we cannot expect overnight successes. Incidently I have bone and joint pains, suffer from cluster headaches, was diagnosed with Bi-polar, have bad peridontitis, high collestrol, have anxiety attacks, psoriasis, candida, adult acne and also put on a lot of weight around my belly even though I am not overweight. I also suspect that I have Morgellons. I am tired of going to doctors who look at me as if I am a hypocondriac and then want to prescribe anti-depressants. I know my body, it feels as if I am 80 and not 49 and my short term memory has let me down time and time again and this all started slowly over the past few years - I do not buy into the menopause theory either.

If I had the facts that I know now I would have treated my body with more respect, I liken it to a car. Little problems become big when ignored. The fact that the scientists, doctors and big pharmaceuticals have kept things from us to gain in their pockets is utterly disgusting.

Don't give up and keep a positive attitude. Good luck! I am sure if you keep looking you will find something that will help. Thank God there are sites like this one on the net. If one thing doesn't help there is always an alternative.

To Ted, thank you for all your information, it helps when things are put into perspective in layman terms. I have tried starting the therapy a few times myself (COPD, arthritis, insomnia, postnasal drip etc.) I cannot stomach more than 7 drops at a time. I now drink 2Tblsp acv with

Replied by Carolyn
(Shelby, Ohio)


Thank you for responding to me on my uterine cancer. I feel so alone. I want to live, that was my first priority after I was done feeling sorry for myself. It did no good. I decided to do the natural stuff, but all I have read is how good the apricot pits are. I was lucky my sisters were around they went and got me some at a reasonable price. I let them sit for a month or so until after they radiated me to pieces and when I could finally handle it I ground them up. I take the essiac too. I am going to go and get some sea salt and try that also. I am also going to try to alkalize my body. I don't think it is. I don't know where to get the test strips, but I will try the drug store. I have so many tests lined up. I am sick of them and all of the bills that go along with them. I told my dr. yesterday I was doing hydrogen peroxide and he told me to stop. He asked me if I did chemo, shouldn't he know? I told him no and I wasn't going to take it either and he got quiet. I went along with the radiation and it almost killed me. I will take my chances waiting for a cure or just doing natural things. I have a good attitude and it is spring, I never thought I would see it and here I am.

Ted am I putting too much hydrogen peroxide in the water or just drinking too much of it at a time. I thought you had to drink the whole 16 oz. at once. It is bottled water too and not distilled. That might be a mistake. I don't understand why it would cause that much constant gas.

Anyway, thank you Ted. You seem like a very kind and caring man.

UTI and Ovarian Cancer Connection

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Posted by Tony B. (Michigan) on 05/27/2020
5 out of 5 stars

My mother was having reoccurring urinary tract infections for several years. One night after becoming bloated and uncomfortable, my father had to take her to the ER. There she met a Dr. that actually looked into the cause of the UTI's and performed an ultrasound on her ovaries and discovered that she had reached stage 4 ovarian cancer. She fought it for almost a year and succumbed to the disease in Aug. 2019.

If anyone has UTI's and can't get rid of them, please insist on getting your ovaries checked... Every Dr.and specialist that she visited before had just given her antibiotics and she tried every natural remedy known to man but it just wasn't enough.

On a side note, she had a hysterectomy in 1975 but the ovaries were not removed.

Replied by Wendy
(Dublin, OH)

Another thing to have a Urologist do is a cystoscopy which checks for bladder cancer. This is a procedure that allows your doctor to examine the lining of your bladder and the tube that carries urine out of your body (urethra).

Replied by Alan
5 out of 5 stars

Just high dose vitamin C will be eliminated through urinary tract and will give you relief and cure.

Viral Cancer Remedies

Posted by Rebel (Somewhere Usa) on 11/10/2015

So, people I reported here some time ago that my cousin had Head and Neck cancer and that it was a viral cancer and that was a fast moving cancer. Well he is dead as of 4.00PM today. I am glad he suffers no more.

But he was a guy who never trusted government but yet he put his faith in modern medicine. I just have to ask why, and I did ask him. He never really had an answer he just did as the doctors said do. I tried to introduce him to all kind of natural meds and he shun them all.

I am not saying that Essiac Tea would have saved him, but one thing I know for sure is that chemo did not.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U REBEL, , , , , , , , , , , sorry for the loss of your cousin.

You are not alone in not being able to get the natural message across to friends and kin. I no longer try. You can lead a mule to water, but you can't make him drink.

I have been trying to get friends to get EDTA Chelation for about 5 years. About a month ago they called and wanted to start immediately with our doctor, but he was booked up for two months and they were angry. Everyone expects instant gratification.

I have a feeling that one of this couple has learned that they are in deep dodo. They did not say and I did not ask.

What I now do is send folks URL's that explain things far better than a Redneck like me can.

I have been able to get friends to go get Ozone shots. For some reason.... pain is a motivator. Ozone has worked of me and all that did the shots. I start next Monday on a round of five on my lower spine.

As you know I'm treating my cancer by my lonesome and sometimes you doubt your self . That takes a tough minded person. I am not tough physically, but I am tough minded. You just have to ask the Lord to give you wisdom and discipline .

Wish you well. =======ORH===========

Replied by Myway

So sorry to hear about your cousin. He probably was so scared - and the oncologists probably made it worse. Fear is a driving force for healthcare today. Those of us who have complete confidence in our holistic approach to health - have a mindset of a warrior with a cause. Not everyone has the capacity to take complete control/responsibility for their health when sh*t hits the fan so to speak. Blessings to you and your family.

Myway :D

Vitamin C

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Posted by Erdie Delacruz (Cebu City, philippines) on 09/07/2007
5 out of 5 stars

if you like my testemonies about Daily C (sodium Ascorbate) just contact me in my nO.09203294096... i will share to you the whole thing was happened in my life... one thing ive share to you again... i have a friend named jane..she was imprison of lungs cancer...a lot of drugs she was taken... al the names of drugs in the store... she bought just to heal her sicknesss...many doctors gave a receit and comments about her sickness..lungs cancer... unfortunately, she is hopeless alrealy of all drugs given by her doctors.. yet. we we met..mayebe Gods grace...ive share to her the power of daily C that wvwn cancer patient will heal of it...becuase primarily it is anti- cancer and cardiovascular deases (CVD)... so let me to continue.. after few days. her husband...told me that there was something happened after she take daily C....first he told me that his wife...unti2x bumalik ang kanyang yong pag uubo at nya nawla..then she's able to walk even how long it is..then when i said to him...maintain to her the mega dosing of Daily C...take 5000 - 1000mg of daily C everyday... so few months...his wife is so energitic and thankful to me becuase the doctor told her that her sickness is alrealy going to heal... so im thankful to God that becuase of daily C...ive a lot of people enjoy..and isured of their lives...Becuase of DAILY C..(NON ACIDIC VIT. C)

Replied by Bret
(Phoenix, AZ)

My first experience with high dose ascorbates happened in 1985. A work associate was given six months to live with brain tumor. Linus Pauling just so happened to be lecturing at the Hilton here in Phoenix so we went to here him speak. We couldn't find any doctors to perform the infusions as they were not A.M.A. approved and there was no compassionate exemption to malpractice and A.M.A. rules. An osteopath who worked in our office as part time money manager agreed to do the infusions. Short and sweet, my buddy, Rick, spiked massive fever in five days, and it took 72 hours for the fever to break. After his fever broke, his seizures, double vision, headaches, stiff neck, all went away. The Dr.s at Barrows were to perform surgery and after the CAT scan they had to discharge Rick. They all were unanimous. The tumor was gone. Replaced by penut shaped calcified cyst. They all said he could go home, none of them would admit the vitamin c played a role. The osteopath was reprimanded and censured when word got out cancer was curable. His office was flooded with calls from dying patients wanting the vitamin c infusions. He had to move his practice. Well, I made this doctor my family doctor.

Infusions are now legal. There are laws to protect doctors who perform these infusions. There is a p percent response rate. The dosages are now going as high as 100,000 mg sodium ascorbate. !0,000 mg is in fact a low daily amount. Tissue saturation will not happen at this dose. Sodium Ascorbate can be made into nose drops or spray. This will increase blood levels radically but they will fall rapidly. Two supplements to slow down vitamin c excretion are selenium,(works in kidneys,) and alpha lipoid acid, (rebuilds broken down vitamin c.)

There are many criticisms of vitamin c infusions. Most come from traditional practitioners but Kenneth Levy wrote a book discounting almost all of these criticisms. Feel free to e-mail questions about vitamin c infusions. They can be done in your own home.

WARNING: Mega dose vitamin c is contraindicated in one blood disorder. This single disorder needs to be ruled out before infusions should begin. Also, if you have impaired renal function high ascorbate therapy will cause kidney stones, but there are supplements to take to prevent this. Bret

Vitamin D3

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 07/03/2017

HI U GOOD PEOPLE,,,,,,,,,, pharma friend loaned me a new Vit D 3 book and I can hardly put it down. Our medical folks have raised our daily dose from 400 iu to 800. My my, thats a 100 % raise. My Tractor driver takes 14,000 and I, 21,000 iu daily. Her serum is 109 and mine is 80 and the new standard is 20 to 30, which helps some with bone, but narry for cancer.

The book explains why Vit D 3 is probably the best thing you can do for your health and why our medical folks don't want you going there. It goes back to their pocket book. Most of our problems started when the sun was outlawed back about 1980 and skin cancer became more important than major illness'.

Oh by the way, my cancer doctor wants me on 50,000 iu of Vit D 3 for 15 days out of the month. She is not satisfied with 21,000 iu/d for the whole month. I forget the logic.

Yep, this low dose of D3 is a conspiracy to keep us sick as we have all learned via the internet. Don't buy my line? .........then research.


Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia

Posted by Denise (Clearwater, FL) on 06/25/2009

My husband was diagnosed in March with Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia. This is a rare chronic blood cancer characterized by high protein levels of immunoglobulin M (IgM or "macroglobulin") antibody. His symptoms included severe headaches, night sweats, fatigue and anemia. He is currently undergoing his 2nd round of chemo with Cladibrine as he had a positive response with the first round and it reduced his IgM's by almost 4000, and lowered his blood viscosity to 2.7. We are hoping that this second round will reduce him to almost normal levels. I am hoping that there are other Earth Clinic readers that have had experience with WM and can give us some feedback on any natural remedies that can help prevent this terrible disease from getting out of hand again once we get it under control. Thank you!


Posted by Mariana (San Pablo, California) on 05/25/2014

I was wondering if anyone has taken weevils as a cure for cancer and many diseases?

Wheat Grass, Lemon and Grapes

Posted by TAN KOON PENG (SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE) on 06/19/2008

To be taken on empty stomach daily for best results! CANCER IS NOT A DEATH SENTENCE! This juice will detox and make the body alkaline! When the body is free of toxins the immune system will be able to function well and can fight the Cancer cells effectively!


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Posted by Science (Cyprus) on 03/22/2022 22 posts
5 out of 5 stars


Since I am a researcher I always look for curements for serious illnesses.

I found this article, how wheatgrass can cure cancer.

I hope it can be helpful to anyone that is suffering. This is the article link.

Also make sure you stop sugar. Sugar is destructive for the body.

All the best.