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Avoid Talc

Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 10/14/2008 512 posts
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Article from Dr. Mercola's site

Talcum Powder Linked to Ovarian Cancer

Women have been warned to immediately stop using talcum powder around their genitals, as new research suggests particles may travel to the ovaries and trigger a process of inflammation that allows cancer cells to flourish.

Previous studies have raised concerns over talc, but the latest findings suggest that women who use it are 40 percent more likely to get ovarian cancer.

Experts studied more than 3,000 women and found using talc merely once a week raised the risk of ovarian cancer by 36 percent. The danger rose to 41 percent for those applying powder every day.

The West Australian September 29, 2008
Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention September 1, 2008, 17, 2436-2444

Replied by Whisperingsage
Northern California
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Interesting. Also look at Centrum, America's most well known multi. Not only does it have puny amounts of nutrients, but read the label, Talc is in it's list of inert ingredients. That's why it's white and not yellow or green, indicating some real nutrients.

Ayurvedic Remedies

Posted by Naomi (Fairfield, Iowa, Usa) on 02/11/2012

I know many people who cured skin cancer and other cancers and balance and protect your entire physiology by taking the nectar and ambrosia of Maharishi Amrit Kalash. You can find it in line. Enjoy!

Ayurveda is a Vedic cure and prevention for all diseases. It is based on balancing the entire physiology in the easiest, most natural, effortless way possible. It is the most ancient method of increasing, and restoring the intelligence back into our physiology. It is the same intelligence that spontaneously and flawlessly runs the entire universe and of which our physiology is made of as part of the universe. Due to stress or pollution this intelligence is sometimes lost. Ayurveda is a system of health which a pure expression of nature itself; it is a part of the only holistic procedure for enlightening every person on earth and at the same time restoring balance and peace to the whole society. You can read about it by searching on line.


Posted by Anon (Anon) on 09/03/2010

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has used apricot seeds or B-17 to build their immune system or to fight cancer. I have been getting these e-mails from a company that sells these products and they recommend eating the seeds daily for prevention. But I have read on here where TED has said something about DETOXING FROM CYANIDE POISIONING. This is what the apricot seeds do is give you very small doses of cyanide, which is supposed to attact the cancer cells and begin to cure you. Anyone who has used this or knew someone who did, I would like to know the outcome.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

There is a book I am intending to read called: The Little Cyanide Cookbook; Delicious Recipes Rich in Vitamin B17 by June de Spain. But I have to say that I wouldn't even know where to buy apricot seeds so first I will have to look into that.

Replied by Tom
Regina, Sk

I can't put up a link, and it may not help since to get it your way would be an international shipment going through customs if allowed, but just use a Search engine find for "apricot seeds ourfathersfarm". They have an e-mail link where you can ask them.

Replied by Anon

I know we are not suppose to advertise on here, but you can Google " buy apricot seeds " and it brings up several companies that sell them. The one that sends me e-mails all the time is on there too. Hint, they are located in Nassau Bahamas. And I believe they ship out of Miami, Florida.

Replied by Sjxsays
Estepona, Marbella

I was just reading an article on how governments and big pharmaceuticals have suppressed a cure for cancer. Anyway, in case you come across anyone that needs it the story and the medication is on the links ;)

Posted by Rajamani (Chennai, India, India) on 04/02/2009

My request to Mr.Ted to search into the information connected with Vitamin B17, through Apricot Seeds for curing cancer. It seems to be so effective with wide understanding. It would be useful if you bring it under earthclinic. Yours truly,

Replied by Little Silver
Evansville, Indiana

Can I use a juicer and juice apples and apricot seeds and still get the benefits of the B-17? And or should I still eat the pulp of the apricot seed also?

Regards, Little Silver

Replied by Andrea C

Break the seed open and eat the pulp. Love Andrea C xxxx

Replied by Ning
Springfield , Missouri

My husband is taking the baking soda/maple syrup for 3 days now, Im wondering if it is also safe for him to eat apricot seeds? Thanks a lot.

Replied by Mitzi
Amarillo, Texas
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This is fantastic! I have a prolific apricot tree in my front yard and I NEVER use pesticides or chemicals of any sort in my yard. My husband planted the tree about 20 yrs ago. I was wondering how to prepare the hulls and now I know. Thank You so much!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Firstly, cancer could possibly be a vitamin B17 deficiency. The compound I first found out about in the early 1970s was called laetrile or commonly known as amydalin. Amydalin is found in apple seed and apricot seeds. The Hunzas people, where cancer is virtually unknown, consume 4-8 apricot seeds a day

Replied by Bret
Phoenix, AZ

I researched laetril back in 2002-2003, or was it, 2001-2002.

B-17 as it is now referred to, is a compound that when metabolized inside of mamalian cells, breaks down into hydrogen cyanide. Now, cancer cells have no metabolic way to deal with this compound and thusly, it is selectively toxic to cancer. Our cells can metabolize hydrogen cyanide but only up to a certain point.

By this description, B-17, has many characteristics of some chemotherapy agents, which are selectively toxic. The trick is, how much can you titrate the dose upwards until you get maximum effect without causing side affects and toxicity.

The way b-17 works, higher doses are more lethal to cancer.

So, dosing is not that scientific, as laetrile or b-17 does not fall under FDA scrutiny and the promoters of such have indeed brought lawyers and data to the court room so that laetril is not illegal.

What I do know for certain about laetril is this:

1)It can become toxic at higher doses, but its effectiveness is also dose dependant.

2)It will increase the permiability of cancer cell membranes, (Brewer,) and improve other therapies.

3)It does not have very accurate dosing parameters as there is no FDA requirements of pharmaceutical type testing and titrating.

4)It should not be used as only therapy for cancer.

5)Is a good preventative in low to moderate dosing.


Cancer can become resistant to laetril, so I look at b-17 as an adjunct to other chemo/alternative therapies.

Laetril can be given with alkaline, vitamin c, and oxygen therapies.

Should you take laetril?

Well, when looking at clinical trials of other substances, like cesium chloride, the percentage of response for cancer cases is higher in other therapies. This doesn't mean that b-17 should be ignored. The single biggest promoter of cesium chloride, which had great response in trials, also recommends b-17 as additional adjunct to the same cesium chloride therapy.

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
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Laetrile is derived from apricot seeds, does have some cyanide in them, but so does apple seeds and peach seeds. Many other plants also contain cyanide, but usually always in small amounts. You don't hear as much about it now as you did 20 - 30 years ago, but some people are still obtaining it from underground sources. As to whether you should take it, my opinion is that God's wisdom far exceeds the big pharmaceuticals, and it is probably safer to take it, Essiac tea, Hoxsey's formula, Jason Winter's tea, oleander,or myriads of other herbal preparations than it is to take antibiotics or chemotherapy.

Classic example is that the pharmaceutical companies have been scouring herbal treatments all over this planet for the last 40 - 50 years, and probably much longer than that. If you want to check this out, just feed in poke weed (southern poke salad) and look up some of the studies that have been done on this weed. How did they know what weeds to study? By collecting folk medicine remedies (for instance the heart medicine digitalis came from the foxglove weed a home remedy plant for heart problems, and many other medications came from weeds - podophyllin for genital and chemodrug E-topocide both come from the mayapple, another chemodrug Vincristine comes from the pink periwinkle plant. The problem is that the pharmaceutical companies cannot patent the natural plant so they work on isolating the one chemical in that plant that has the effect they want, then make a synthetic version of it that they can patent and make a fortune on. Unfortunately, this removes all the failsafe chemicals in that plant, that God in his wisdom put there, which leaves a very toxic product. I have never seen it in print, but I'd be willing to bet that Viox (the arthritis drug that caused so many to have strokes and heart attacks) was an isolate from pokeweed or its poke berries. I, and most of the people I know, were raised to believe that poke berries are poison. I have been taking poke berries for 40 plus years and have gotten a lot of others taking them also, without adverse effects, because we are taking the whole berries with the built in failsafes. I also suspect that several of the later hypertensive medications came from our lowly poke weed.

Replied by Marley
Houston, Texas

Hey Steve, your post is unbelievable, it's really great that your mom is cancer free and that she didn't have to go through chemo.. can you please specify the diet you mom was on? and did she detox her body by eating right or did she use something else? thanks.

Replied by Rogerscottq
Portland, Oregon
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Based on more than 30 years of research on this topic I feel confident in asserting the role of 'B-17' or hydrocyanic acid (HCN) is directly related to the digestive enzymes in the system as well as in the gut. At best, we believe, HCN (B-17), will act like a cytostatic or slowing down the aerobic phase of a cancer cell system. However, the anaerobic phase will then ensue, and the system has already reduced any benzaldehyde present from the whole nitriloside into benzoic acid. However, in the cancer tumor system limb or zone of greatest activity HCN will not be readily detoxified into thiocyanate, but will act as an enzyme reactivator for those hydrolases that digest cancer cells (trophoblasts). The primary protease inhibitor of the cancer system is hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin). HCN has long been known to act upon some serine enzymes as an activator and accelerator. In fact even the detoxified or transulferased form: thiocyanate can act as an accelerator and reactivator though not to the same degree as free HCN. Most often cancer patients die not to the incursions of the cancer cells so much as the effect of hCG on the digestive enzymes in the blood stream and eventually in the pancreas so that these enzymes being deactivated vastly impact both immunity and nutrition. The patient dies of pneumonia for example or 'cachexia' or starvation. This is why it is so important for cancer sufferers to have lots of raw, red meat or other protein predigested or a supply of complete amino acids (not soya) or supplemental enzymes. This amounts to 'tenderizing meats' or supplying something akin to mother's milk. Then the system can synthesize the missing or inhibited enzymes. B-17 works as a CO-ENZYME. If the enzymes are insufficient to the work before them, HCN or B-17 has nothing to work on. And as we believe: it is not a stand-alone 'chemotherapy'. It is not terminally toxic (cytoxin) magic bullet. Look up a paper by Mendell and Blood on this and you'll see for yourself: HCN is the simplest known vitamin. As such it works in conjunction to digestion both in the blood and the gut. Rsc

Replied by Alex
Burlington, Ontario, Canada

There are a great many cultivars of apricots being grown and each of these varieties produce different quantities of amygdalin, from sweet, like almonds, all the way up to extremely bitter comparable to bitter almonds. One should be aware of the bitterness of their chosen kernel. Many of the "bitter" kernels being sold are really not very bitter at all. They contain very little amygdalin, and certainly not in therapeutic values. The bitter the better, as they say. Consumption should be varied accordingly.

I talk more about this on my own blog at

Apricot kernels (the inherent cyanide) may also induce the process of autophagy, which is the cell repair/recycling mechanism the body otherwise activates during periods of fasting. The two in combination have the potential to be very effective indeed.

We import our apricot kernels from Australia. There is an exceptional variety available there with roughly 50,000 mg of amygdalin per kilo. Be mindful of the less bitter varieties, as they're also being sold as "bitter apricot kernels", and those imported from countries such as India, Turkey and Pakistan. Many vendors are quite happy for you to believe you're purchasing a quality, local product, or they'll market their Indian or Pakistani kernels as "Hunza" or "Hunza region" in an attempt to give them credit. To put amygdalin quantities into perspective, the more bitter varieties available in North America contain approximately 15,000 mg per kilo. If you're using them for anything more than prevention, get yourself a truly bitter specimen.

Replied by Orpapu
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Steve, I would like to hear the 21 diet plan. My brother lives in Brantford and recently has liver resection (entire right lobe) due to HCC. I recently shipped bitter almonds to him and I'm looking for a diet/ menu plan for food and excersie routine. Really appreciate if you can help. I also see that you are in Ontario and would like to also know if you can share your contact for inspiring my brother. btw.. He is a recently immgrated to Canada ~5months ago) thanks for your help in advance!

Replied by Steve
London, Uk

I feel there is a lot of inaccuracies on above post. Apricot kernels can indeed kill cancer cells but it cannot be any kind you will need the ‘bitter” and not the sweet variety. Best ones are the Hunza which are grown in Himalayas. “Google Hunza shangrila” Every fruit seeds/kernels are cynagenic which is indeed cynide, but this is in very small amounts, and this is what kills cancer microbes and the reason why there is a myth re cynide poisoning. And reason why they were/are forbidden in some countries. Google "Jason vale sent to prison for selling apricot seeds”

Posted by Peyote (Richland, MO) on 12/24/2006
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For preventative measure, I take 100mg.daily of B-17 Amygdalin Laetrile in tablet form. For a good source:

Replied by Theavengeragainstthenhs/fda
London, United Kingdom

Posted by Steve (Virginia)
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This is one of the best actual cures for cancer. When you go into the store you see many vitamins.You don't see vitamin b-17 now do you? That's because the FDA took control over it-funny how that's the only vitamin (so far) that they control. Organic apples have vitamin b-17 in the skin,but if they're not organic they don't since the chemicals non-organic farmers use kill it. But,there is hope!!! Buy apricots from any store, rinse them off well and eat them. Don't throw away the hard shell that is in the core of the apricot. Smash the hard shell open with a hammer. Put it in a bag so it doesn't go flying everywhere,or use whatever you can use-maybe a nut cracker. Once the hard shell is broke there is a soft seed in it. Eat it. It's bitter tasting but kills cancer. Apple seeds also have the same thing, but apricot seeds are much higher in B-17. To prevent cancer eat 14 apricot seeds every other day, or six-seven a day. If you have cancer, well, I'd tell you to eat 50 a day!! It works. My mom had breast cancer and now she's fine and healthy because of this! No B.S

Posted by Steve (USA)
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Well, first of all,I put my mom on a 21 day juice fast. Every working hour she would drin veggie and/or fruit juice,and green tea,along with blending apricot seeds and apple seeds in the juice. While on the juice fast for 21 days, she ate apricots and their seeds / kernels,apple seeds,brown rice,green tea,flax seeds,organic sprouts(she ate them without washing the soil off),enzymes,vitamins,and ran about 2 miles 2-3 times a week.She ate about 30-50 apricot seeds a day.After the 21 day fast,she ate no meat,drank no dairy products, still drank juice with her meals-she also went on a full body cleanse. Her meals consisted of veggies, salads, apricots and clean natural foods that would fight cancer. She didn't go on chemo, but she was put on some medication by the doctor to help her out. I believe, along with the juice fast,the b-17 in the seeds cured her cancer. Her first month she went to the doctor and like 75 % of it was gone.Then,3 weeks later, about 95% of her cancer was gone. 2 1/2 weeks later it was all gone. It took about 2 months, but her cancer cells started dying after about 3 weeks or a month. She still consumes the apricot seeds everyday, and juices, and eats healthy. She only eats about 7-14 a day though, not like 30 or 50 anymore, lol. No problem. I don't mind helping others.

Baking Soda

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile ,tn) on 12/17/2013

HI U WILD AND STRANGE FOLKS, , , , , , , , , That's what the Allopathic's call us. I know that the Italian MD. , Dr Simoncini injects baking soda into tumors to kill them. Why can't we do the same? I give my wife B 12 shots and vice versa. Dope heads are better with a syringe than most doctors. If you can't do it , then get an addict to do it for you, because no doctor will.

You can buy whatever syringe you want at the local farmers Co-op along with DMSO, MSM, and parasite insecticides that only your MD can prescribe for you. We just had a church friend pass after Vanderbilt threw everything they had in their arsenal at him. It was jus the same stuff that they have been doing for the last 50 years, only more powerful. The cancer on his neck was as big as your fist. Why not fill that thing with a high pH solution like Baking Soda? No, they allowed the tumor to grow until he could not breath. His funeral is this Sat.

He was a Viet veteran and agent orange is the suspect origin. We are all undergoing the same treatment only it is called Round-up. All the farmers in East Tenn are using it twice in a crop cycle. First, to kill all the grass prior to planting and then when they want to reap the crop, they spray the soy beans or the corn. All cooking oils are from GMO plants except a few and now Big Agri is bastardizing those. The remove the oil from the peanuts and sell that expensive oil separately. They then substitute cheap GMO oils in the peanut butter. Doubt me? Read the label.

Excuse my rant, but if you watched the movie " The Last Angry Man", then you know me. Our world has tuned from love your neighbor, to total greed. The Lord is coming soon and he will just leave a greasy spot.

Tell us if you decide to address a tumor by injecting baking soda. That will be eye opening and stir the world.

=========OLE ROBERT HENRY===========

Replied by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa

Dear Robert Henry,

I am so sorry about your friend.

Thanks for the other information, too. I know it is true. We used to live in KY where the fields around us were sprayed with Round-up and also had small planes shooting chemicals from them onto the crops, very near our house. It was distressing. I can only imagine the long term effects of this.

I had wondered why peanut butter had other oils in it when it should have come with its own. That explains it well.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Om
Hope Bc Canada

Dear Henry from Ten Mile:

Loved your post. Two of my friends of half a life time are now dead due to efforts of the allopathic undertakers. I talked and talked but fear can make people irrational. One of them had a family that were sheeple. Even when the local big news paper issued a one page warning on high blood pressure drug, she thought her Dr. was "nice" and was not concerned. Having never been sick in her life, a vegetarian and of wholesome disposition, she died of stomach cancer in a brief time. That is now years ago. I never fell for the tricksters.

People still live in the belief that they can put their trust in someone else than themselves. Not when health is a business.

Yes, it can happen any time that this entire scenario will meet its end. To that end we perk up with hope, and humanity will become from homo sapien, homo luminous. Love thy neighbour. A good holiday season and blessed new year to all on EC, staff and all from Om

Posted by Kevin (Oakland, Ca) on 09/20/2012

Easy remedy for cancer.... Hydrogen and baking soda. Please checkout links below for more info..

Posted by Jeillinn (Taguig, Philippines) on 12/13/2011

Hi guys, is there anyone knows if there is a doctor in the Philippines who uses baking soda to treat cancer or tumor like Dr. Tullio Simoncini do? I need the same doctor here in the Philippines because I cannot afford to go to Italy. Please help me if anyone knows. Email me at anjhelz at yahoo dot ca. I need your help. Thank you.

Replied by Lardiver
Abbotsford, Bc Canada

Look up health, wealth and happiness, you will find the baking soda treatment in there.

Replied by Kat
Comox, Bc

Is there any Dr in Canada BC that does this :< treatment. I have breast cancer- had the lump removed and had a new lump in my armpiut I did not do chemo or radiation. I need natural remedies and advice. thanks

Replied by Betty
Southport, Australia

Seach for Dr Simonici he is in Italy & uses bicarb he has posted you tube evidence on Bicarb. He apparently can help over phone internet saving the trip to Italy. Also look for the video - 'the answer to cancer' they use black salve pretty amazing stuff. Best wishes

Posted by Robert (Martinez, Ca) on 09/29/2011

I was listening tonight to Dr. Simoncini who has pioneered the sodium bicarb treatment for cancer. He stated that he does not know where the addition of sugar in any form such as molasses, maple syrup, etc. Came from & it has no scientific basis. He treats TUMORS by direct instillation or injection with a specific solution mix. He also states that alkalinity is not the purpose of the bicarb. Bicarb is antifungal. He states that the addition of sugars & the idea of destroying the cancer via alkalinity "is stupid". Simoncini had his licence suspended in Italy. His website is cancer without the spaces. You can hear the interview on the 'Coast to Coast AM' site dated Sept. 28th, 2011, first hour. Please investigate rumors & sources before experimenting. If a remedy seems to work, report back on the long term effects, I. E. , does the condition return, etc. Diet & lifestyle are always key ingredients to health.

Posted by Mimi (Milwaukie, Oregon) on 09/29/2011

I have been diagnosed with cancer of the breast. The cancer is only 6mm and slow growing. We have become familiar with the baking soda cure for cancer. I had breast cancer twelve years ago and went the route of lumpectomy, removing lymph nodes, radiation and Chemo. We do not want to go through these procedures again.

We are looking for a doctor in Portland OR that could administer the injections of baking soda solution into my breast.Then to follow with an IV of baking soda solution for the next two weeks. We know this is risky for medical professionals so you may respond to our email address.

Thanks in advance

Replied by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand

The best advice it to stop all dairy completely. A doctor cured herself by remembering when doing a stint in China it was called "rich womens disease", as only the rich could afford cows milk at that time. She stopped all dairy and the tumours just disapeared. Stop all sugar, as it's jet fuel for cancer cells. Then try 400 mg of cayenne daily. You'll only have to do it for a couple of weeks to see if it's working... Breast cancer graphs mimic prostate cancer graphs. If Cayenne kills prostate cancer cells then it might do the same for breast cancer ones as well. Report back if you try it.

Replied by Knute
Sacramento, Ca

There are a good number of very strong alternatives to Dr. Simoncini baking soda treatment. If we do a google search for ["independent cancer research" and "strongest alternative"], we can see a lot information about some of them. Also, it's important to see how your progress is during the healing cycle. For this I would check into the Navarro urine test.

Posted by Gary (Amity, Missouri) on 11/19/2009

Your WEBSITE is the best I have seen. I'm assuming that Black Walnut Hulls are the extract of the Green Hull not the decayed Black hulls? (For Heartworm) I have 12 Dogs and the Preventive is costing me a fortune and not affordable but I do it anyway because the $125 Treatment per dog would be impossible. At, this Doctor treats with IV and Cathitor, Bicarbonate of Soda and kills Cancer and has documented it by video and other doctors have followed suit. 7 Days Breast Cancer and (all) Cancers are gone. As he says a "strong antifungal".

Also my wife has been having a problem called Erythema Nodosum we are going to do the "Universal Oral Vaccine" found under Google connected with also cures lyme's and many other illnesses. We have been trying to do the Green diet and 80% - 20% Diet but it is hardly affordable. It is hard to do continually and we fall back to old eating habits, which is somtimes the only choice with our limited funds. My wife also has Varicose Veins, swelling and edema and tonight she had a fresh Lemon and the soda and water. I will continue to do this and I'll let you know, how she does. She just came off Medical Leave for the other problem the third time of having it, now only to have her legs swelling and pain when she up on them. I know the answer is keeping her PH up and the aformentioned remedy might be the answer to keeping it up, I thank you for that!

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, La Union, Philippines) on 10/31/2009

Hi everyone. Just want to pass on some information that might be of interest. I was investigating The Maple Syrup Cancer Cure, and wondered if this cure could utilize other natural sources of sugar such as honey. In my search, I found a site for patents which makes a very interesting read. Not only does this patent claim that cancers can be cured, but other illnesses can be cured as well. The cure is simply honey Sodium Bicarbonate and is very similar to the Maple Syrup Cure for Cancer. At the end of the patent, there are alot of quoted research human studies using honey/bicarb for cancer, all of which seem to have been successful.

Here is the link to the patent site:

I have also put up a similar post on Molasses/Bicarb cures on Earth Clinic -- this is a link to a personal testimonial and sickness log of a man who used this cure for prostrate/bone cancer. He was successful.

Both these cures would seem to have have other curative uses besides cancer therapy.

Replied by Angie
Concord, Nc

Hello, Please help me understand how to use the baking soda mixture. I understand that the mixture is 2 tablespoons of soda to 8 tablespoons of baking soda. Do I use warm water to mix? The mixture seems to clog up the nebulizer. Please respond as soon as possible. Urgent

Thank you, Angie

EC: Hi, Angie. Not sure where you are getting those ingredients/proportions?

Per Bill's post: "2 teaspoons of BS (9.2 grams) in 8 tablespoons of water (118 ml)"

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines

Hi Angie...I think your mix of 2 tablespoons of BS in 100 mls of water is too strong. This causes two problems. First, this would not be an 8.33% solution of baking soda as Dr Simoncini recommends. Your mix of baking soda is equivalent to 6 teaspoons of baking soda per 100 ml, and this would approximately create a 30% solution(approx 5 gms/tspn) of baking soda which is way too large I think.

Second, your BS recipe makes the solution created too concentrated and sticky, so this is why your nebulizer is unable to create the necessary fine mist.

You need a much less concentrated solution for the nebulizer to work. Try just one and a half teaspoons of BS in 100 mls of water. This would approximate well to Dr Simoncini's 8.33% recommendation.

Replied by Angie
Concord, Nc

Hello, thank you so much for responding so quickly to my questions. my husband is suffering terribly with cancer. I was wondering how many times a day do you administer the baking soda/nebulizer protocol and once again,thank
you for all your help and GOD bless. angie h.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines

Hi Angie...I confess that I cannot advise you with regard to how many times a day to use sodium bicarbonate inhalation therapy, I could find nothing on the internet at all. But here is an email from Dr Simoncini's site:

"I have some exciting news to report. We have been administering 8.4% sodium bicarbonate to our lung cancer patients by nebulizer inhalation, along with our regular intravenous treatment protocols. Currently, we have received back an all-clear PET scan on a non-small cell lung cancer case! There is no question, when comparing the baseline scan and the post treatment one, showing no residual malignancy remaining. The only thing which could account for having resolved this non-small cell lung cancer case -the one element of treatment we had added- was sodium bicarbonate by nebulizer inhalation. There can be no other explanation for this victory. The sodium bicarbonate was the element which made the difference. Also, we are getting good response against mesothelioma, using the direct inhalation method with the 8.4% sterile vials of sodium bicarbonate. I wanted to let you know about this. Of course, now we are administering sodium bicarbonate by inhalation therapy to all cancer patients which have lung cancer or another form of malignancy with mets to the lungs."

From link:

Perhaps you could contact Dr Simoncini at the above site(his own site) by email and ask about his sodium bicarbonate inhalation therapy directly. Here is the email contact link for Dr Simoncini:


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
384 posts

That's Dr. Simoncini, to rid of fungus using Baking soda taken internally or injected. I have since found a more effective one using potassium citrate and sodium citrate. Actually potassium is a lot stronger in killing off the fungus then do the sodium, but is best done in combination. The baking soda can raise urinary pH maximum to about 6.8, but could never reach 7.3 or 7.5, which both the sodium citrate and potassium citrate can easily do so making it much more alkaline needed to kill the cancer. In any case a fungicide, I mentioned using natural source of pinecone azoxystrobins are more powerful, but the baking soda can't go deep into bone marrow cancer that easily as the citrates. A baking soda is totally ineffective against cancer polyps, and large tumors, which a bloodroot tincture can easily outdo by reducing them by 1/2 in a matter of 3 days.


Posted by Mary (Los Angeles , CA) on 11/13/2008 50 posts

This question is for Ted. I recently seen Tullio Simoncini, M.D. An Oncologist. He said simple baking soda can cure Cancer. Although he said it should be administered right to the area with a catheter. Can we get the same affect just by taking it internally?

Here in the U.S. it is difficult to find a doctor who would want to do such a thing. He said that fungus is white and so are yeast infections and so are Cancer lumps, thursh and so on. Cancer is a fungus.
When he injected the baking soda to the Cancer lumps it killed the fungus and the Cancer immediately. Dr. Ted can you give any information on this?

Thank you,