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Posted by Sid (Bangalore, India) on 05/30/2008


Yes "SOME RELIEF"! I ain't using the word "CURE" yet. I am providing this information because someone like you did the same to me. Read on. My wife was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in Jan'08. Shocked & downcast my small family felt devastated, particularly when all the doctors we came consulted simply had just a few months to offer. We did the Pet-scan which reveale the extent of spread [wide spread into the bones -metastasis]. Thereafter we had 3 cyles of chemo & 10 sittings of Radiation. No dout this provided immediate but temporary relief with hoary side effects in future, particularly with more cheom & RT if the treatment were to be continued. I asked the oncologist he said this treatment may add a few months. Disheartened we were praying some relief turns up before we continued the therapies. And "RELIEF" did turn up. I got a call from Coimbatore from a friend. He gave me a mobile number of a Herbal Doctor in Pune city, said he copied from a advt sticker somewhere. I immediately I called up the number and spoke with the doctor for about 45 mins on long distance call. I was convinced that his meds would attempt to normalise the body and help it to fight the cancer from within. He sent me the meds the same day and I received the parcel two days later.

The meds were in the form of herbal powders for 40days. Incidentally today is the 40th day. I have received the meds for the next 40 days today. Now let's see the effect of the herbal treatment. My wife who had not gone out since the chemo & RT were started, insisted on the 3rd day of herbal treatment that she would like to out for shopping a few personal items. And shopping she did. The pains in her bones have reduced. Her appetite has improved. She is doing some small domestic chores every day. The doctor keeps calling from Pune almost every other day.

I observe and trust my wife is on the way to recovery. Would any one out there like to reach the doctor ? Contact me by email. Talk to him & convince yourself. No harm even giving his treatment a try as I did for my wife. At worst you just going to lose a few bucks. But at best you are going to save somebody's life, may be yours.

If you have a genuine query about this herbal treatment please feel free to email me: myhealtha2z[AT]