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Heal Boils Naturally: Effective Home Remedies

Schuessler Tissue Salts, Fresh Onion
Posted by Jo (Sydney, Australia) on 09/03/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Hi there, I have been plagued (!) by chronic furunculosis for a number of years now and was searching for cures when I came across your site. I am rushing out now to buy some tumeric. I also find Scheussler tissue salts help - I take all the blood cleanser ones as well as the hayfever since that addresses allergies generally. Rubbing a fresh cut onion as often as you like on the boils also helps enormously, and use antiseptic cream and phisohex wash. Hope this helps others.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Laura (Warrenton, Virginia) on 10/02/2012

HI, I know this thread is old, but wondering if still working for you. I have an 11 year old daughter who is getting boils in her groin area and we are desparate. Thank you and God Bless

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Susan (Carmichael, California) on 06/11/2008
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I started having boil in November of 2007. I was going to the emergence room and having them lace them. Then in January of this year I was took I had MRSA and then a month later my 20 year old daughter found out she had it.She had a boil in the front between her legs and and on the sids of her finger nails. We both have trouble with bandaid. They leave marks on the skin, but not on the bottom. In March I went to a Health Food Store to buy something I read about and a clerk told me about his staph he had and what he used. I bought hight potent Colloidal Silver (500ppm) and MSM lotion. He told me to take a MSM lotion in my hand and a drop of Colloidal Silver, mix it together and rub it on my boil. It worked on my side boil, but not on my bottom because anything I put on my bottom will be saoked up and the boil gets bigger. I put a drop of the Colloidal silver on my finger and rub it in and it works. I only use it when the boil is small. I even take 3 drops by mouth 2-3 times a day all the time and my boils are geting smaller.

I was told by a doctor not to soak in a hot bath because you can reinfect the boil and that is true. I stoped going that and my boils don't get as big. I even found out by using a hot compress it does the same thing(boil gets bigger) Now I jut use Colloidal Silver, cover it and forget about it and it goes away faster.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Tammy (Lincoln, Iowa) on 06/10/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Ok, so maybe I've gone a bit overboard, but I FEEL BETTER. I can't say with any certainty which remedy is helping with which malady, but I can assure you I will be continuing with them all!

About May 5th or so I got another boil- my whole family has been plagued with them since my boys went swimming in a creek about three years ago. I've had two or three, we all know they are very painful, but this one was absolutely out of this world! So I spent days soaking in Epsom salts, using hot packs etc. and it finally started to heal. The I got another one on May 26th.

I have NEVER been fond of the medical establishment an example of why would be that 4 years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and a heart arrhythmia and was put on a ridiculous amount of medication now know it was a magnesium and vitamin D deficiency. So I've been going to nature more and more over the years.

I'm sorry, anyway the boil. God Blessed me and lead me to this site on the 28th, on the 29th I started:

#1 2tbl of ACV three times a day,
#2 three capsules of turmeric three times a day
#3 oil pulling-I started with hemp oil it does not become foamy or loose its color so I switched to sesame oil,
#4 bathing with borax, rinsing with ACV, and moisturizing with coconut oil, and cleaning my ears and nose out daily with hydrogen peroxide
#5 after washing and rinsing the area I apply iodine, when that dries I cover the sores with a band-aid using a paste of neosporine and turmeric powder and
#6 morning and evening I drink a "tea" of 1 Tbsp each Blackstrap molasses, local honey, and coconut oil, a tsp of cinnamon, 1/4 tsp turmeric, and a scant 1/4 tsp cayenne.

Those are the remedies, here are the effects. My hair and skin feel fantastic, its spring and I have had ZERO allergy or asthma symptoms ( I have suffered these my entire life) I am sleeping better, and my appetite has decreased - also I find I am less inclined to eat "junky" food. I don't own scales so I can't say what -if any -weight I have lost but I do feel better in my clothes. I hope to see progress in this area, due to the maladies and meds I have gained about 45lbs in the last five years. Because of all the cleansing processes I have undertaken I was not surprised when I started developing more boils, I currently have 13 on my upper thighs, abdomen and groin areas but NONE have continued to develop. They appear and I treat as described above. They develop a head, burst, and drain with only a little discomfort. Only two have gone completely, also the first one that I had gotten that I believed was healed? I started treating it like the new ones and it BEGAN TO DRAIN AGAIN!

Now a couple of questions. Am I correct in assuming the outbreak is a natural side affect of detoxing, and will my energy level increase once I have gotten past the battle my body is currently waging against all these toxins? I would love to have the energy I had before. I have 5 teenagers, a 6 year old a dog three cats and I live in Iowa so of course I have water in my basement right now and I would soooo love to have the energy for a garden again. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 06/12/2008 384 posts


Most of the improvement may have been the epsom salt baths, tumeric and cayenne pepper, but it was the ACV that gave you the energy. The fibromyalgia and heart problems will be help mostly with magnesium and immune system is best supported by vitamin D3. The benefits of improved skin came from Epsom salt, hair comes from blackstrap mollasses. Immunity system would be further helped with some vitamin K, and as I have found regular vitamin K would also do fine. It's synergistic with the vitamin D3.

As to the reduction of boils, I have recently found carbicarb taking during the night would help with the sleep too, and kill off the boils by alkalization. Basically my updated remedy (I keep updating them!) is 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate in 1 glass of water taken during the early evening hours. Boils should somewhat reduce with just taking this, if it was taken at least twice a day, for about two or three weeks. Tumeric and cayenne is synergistic. A magnesium supplements 250-500 mg a day in the form of magnesium glycinate, magnesium gluconate, magnesium citrate or magnesium chloride would do fine.

To increase more energy, I think 2 tablespoon of ACV plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water in the morning will be responsible for most of the energy gains, hence they can be taken during morning, and afternoon hours too.

A once a week zinc gluconate 50 mg may help reduce boils due to its antibiotic properties, although it works the best as an antiviral.

Whenever energy level is increased usually there is increase in immunity. Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue can be very debilitating, but I have found the carbicarb remedy taken at least 2 times a day would help most of the problem, plus some ACV with baking soda, magnesium supplements, twice a week vitamin E 400 i.u. Once a week b complex such as B50 should help increase some energy levels too.

Reduction is boils is possible with sufficient alkalization, magnesium. Borax remedy in my opinion seems to help chronic fatigue such as 1/8 teaspoon of borax in one liter of drinking water taken 4 days a week. It is always synergistic with the carbicarb remedy or the simpler baking soda remedy, in which 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water is taken twice a day.

Fibromyalgia, whatever the problems, the major remedy is baking soda, borax, magnesium, vitamin D and b complex as mentioned. Chromium polynicotinate, such as 500-1000 mcg seems to be helpful in a couple of cases when there is excessive sweaty hands and other unexplained skin problems

Boils especially pus maybe reduce rather quickly if sufficient baking soda was taken, but not just the baking soda, but also the carbicarb remedy also.


Boil Outbreak Theories
Posted by Ted (Exmore, VA) on 01/02/2009

Boils are caused by a small (very small) parasitic microbe called Collembola ...You cannot see them without 10x magnification ... They enter the skin through the hair pores and cause boils ...

Prevention is simple ...
1) Cleanliness ... soap and water ...
2)Natural skin care creams containing sulfur ...
3) Turmeric and cayenne internally ... (sources of sulfur)
4) Cover the boil with something (Bandaid, tape or cream) so they do not reinfect the area ...
5) also antiseptic oils like tea tree and peppermint help to keep the area clean and repels those critters ...

Boils are very difficult to cure, because these bugs re-infest the area over and over again ... stop the bugs from returning and the boils will then be able to heal ... otherwise they can take months or more...


Boil Outbreak Theories
Posted by John (Anderson, SC USA) on 02/05/2009

Ted would Borax work to kill them?

Boil Outbreak Theories
Posted by Lita209 (Sanford, Fl, Usa) on 04/06/2010

Patricia: Tune once in a while the program at Animal Planet "monsters inside me" or TLC's "Mystery Diagnosis", you'll be surprised how many parasites are out there. Doctors are aware of these little monsters. It takes them a while to diagnose but they (doctors) do. Parasites are not mumbo jumbo, they are a reality.

Boil Outbreak Theories
Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky) on 05/07/2012 2072 posts

Gavin, so I suppose that we (humans) are personal only as a secondary trait from our evolutionary predecessors, as your post may suggest??? Which begs the question of how can one properly get personal over boils (which are impersonal)???

Epsom Salts
Posted by Teddy Spence (Exmore, Virginia) on 05/10/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Epsom salts help to pull toxins out of the sore ... It saved my dad's hand back in 1960 when he got bit by a crab ... He nearly lost his arm but this "old fashioned" West Va mountain MD told him to soak it in Epsom salts ... and it healed .. nicely ... We don't have dr like that today .... PS- My first comment on this great site.

Cream of Tartar
Posted by Healingmama (San Diego, Ca) on 06/10/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I had my first boil (CA-MRSA) in February of this year. Took doxycycline for 6 weeks. In May I developed another boil, this time in my nose... An undesirable location thanks to its close proximity to the brain. For another 6 weeks I used Bactroban (Mupirocin) cream 3x per day as per doctor's orders. No change in the boil. Finally in desparation I tried hot compresses in my nose combined with this cream of tartar remedy. I started with 1/2 tsp in a glass of warm water but that gave me a wicked headache for 24 hours on the second dose... So I backed off to 1/4 tsp 2x per day. Within 24 hours the boil suddenly came to a head and now, three days later, has opened on its own and is slowly draining away.

I am a true convert to the cream of tartar. I do believe it is at least in part responsible for the sudden and rapid healing from a boil that has plagued me for 6 weeks. Very impressed - plan to use cream of tartar in small doses from now on for maintenance and healing. Thank you!

Posted by CP (Huntington Beach, USA) on 04/22/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Manuka honey is an amazing remedy for M.R.S.A. wounds, as well as for diabetic skin ulcerations. It comes in several strengths, so contact customer service on websites to see which is best for you. It is a little pricey, but I think it is worth it. It's delicious and healthful when taken internally and is wonderful when applied externally to the face. I am taking one teaspoon of Manuka honey and 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon each morning and evening. It has lowered my blood pressure from 156 to 125 in a very short period of time. It also improves my sleep! I love this website and it makes me happy to give back for all the help I've received. Good luck to all.

Dietary Recommendations
Posted by Kelly (Louisiana) on 01/18/2015
5 out of 5 stars

My son has been living with boils for 5 years. He has been on every antibiotic, essential oil, silver water, and bleach baths. I am definitely going to look into alkaline water and watching for high corn syrup.

Dietary Recommendations
Posted by Kelli (Louisiana) on 02/11/2017

I am a 58 year old female and have suffered with boils for as long as I can remember 30-40 years. About 3 years ago I complained about them to my doctor and she said they are caused by a staph infection in the nose. I was given a prescription for Mupirocin 2% Ointment with instructions to use a q-tip and swab it in my nose and to also apply it to the affected area 4 times works. I also bought Boil Ease over the counter which comes in a tube, this is used to help relieve the pain and that worked wonders because the pain of a boil is severe. I hope this helps someone.

Posted by Juanita (Little Rock, AR) on 04/02/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Some of you that are suffering from boils may want to take L-lysine 500mg daily. I had a boil appear on my buttock back in October of 2003. I didn't know what it was, but I worked in a clinic at the time and told one of the nurses my symptoms. The first thing she asked me was "have you ever had herpes"? I was somewhat taken aback and told her no. I was told to soak in a epsom salt bath. The second time the boil appeared I aksed the doctor in my clinic about it. He too asked me about herpes, I gave him the same answer that I gave the nurse, a resounding No! He gave me Cipro (which did NOT work) and sent me on my way.

Ok to make a long story longer, my cat has allergy/upper respiratory isssues. The vet gave him some antibiotics, but he told me my cat's condition is chronic and he would eventually become immune to the medicine. He told me to build up my cat's immune system by sprinkling L-lysine on his food. I read up on L-lysine and it does help your immune system and it helps with herpetic symptoms. I decided to try it the next time the boil appeared. I can always tell when it's coming because it tingles in the area just below where the boil appears. I started taking 500mg (one table daily in the morning on a empty stomach) at the first tingle. Low and behold, the boil never really appeared. I had a little itching in the area of the boil and the skin became a tiny bit raised, but after 2 days I had NO symptoms. This is amazing because this boil was so painful, it was hard for me to sit and it itched like crazy!!! I now take L-lysine daily to keep the boil way.

Posted by Shirley (Virginia) on 02/07/2014

Herpes most people think is sexual, but herpes is also shingles. I use a slice of raw onion on the boil I had one last yr. Cut a slice of raw onion and apply it to the boil and bandage it tight so it will come in contact with the boil, leave it on overnight and and it will draw out the infection onto the onion. Now you will have to get the core out or it will keep coming back. Do not squeeze the boil, that will drive the core down and infection. So instead stretch the skin out on both side and it will bring the core up, keep doing this until the core pops out. Make sure you clean the area two or three times a day and use the iodine to help keep it clean.

Posted by Leslie (Pascagoula, MS) on 04/02/2008
5 out of 5 stars

It seems that ever since hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast we have been battling more and more cases of boils. I have found that GARLIC helps get rid of boils. At any stage in the cycle of the boils if you get the 1000 mg GARLIC capsules and squeeze the gel onto the boil it will get it to come to a head and drain or the boil will disappear completely.It generally takes a few days but it does work to eleviate the swelling and pain and its effective in healing the boils. Its safe for children.At the first signs of even a bump take one gel capsule and sqeeze the gel onto the bump then rub it in aftewards throw away the used capsule and wash your hands. Repeat this at least three times daily until the boil is gone.

Ph Balancing and Clay Poultice for Boils
Posted by Liz (Scranton, PA) on 03/02/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I am definitely alkalizing as it makes perfect sense. Also using turmeric, Celtic sea salt, and greens. Internal health may take time to achieve, but Ted's lemon/ ACV and baking soda really works for so many problems--quick too. ' I have boils for the first time. I have been mixing several teaspoons of bentonite clay with water, placing a glob over the boil and spreading it thickly over the surrounding area, then covering it all with gauze or a clean cloth. Last, I wrap securely with plastic. Keeps the area moist and the clay off sheets and clothes. This has worked wonders in only a day. Boils are no longer sore or swollen and the whole area is healing and drying beautifully. Change the poultice every 8-12 hours. I will keep it up for a week to make sure the infection is gone. Also will continue internal alkalizing. You do not have to spend a fortune on bentonite clay. I got mine on ebay from a company that sells it for fish ponds. It does keeps my pond water clear--probably for the same reason it heals people. Once on ebay search with words "clay koi" and that will bring you to a great inexpensive product-- 20 lbs of it! Thank you Earth Clinic, contributors, and especially Ted! Great info! Really helped me and others with so many problems! Liz

Ph Balancing and Clay Poultice for Boils
Posted by Liz (Scranton, PA) on 06/17/2009

Tina, I am so sorry not to have answered you, but I have not checked back to this section of Earth Clinic for a while. In answer to anyone who might be reading about the clay/silver poultice: I wore the thick poultice from the time I came home, through the night, until I showered. During the day at work, I smeared the silver clay thinly over the area and covered it with gause. I would then wrap my hand with a clean, flesh toned, ace elastic bandage. I wore a long sleeve cotton shirt to cover most of the dressing. On the weekends, I wore the poultice day and night. As the boil improved, a large bandaid did the trick. Of note: The boil has never come back (well over a year now). There is absolutely no way to tell where it once was. Liz

Draining a Boil
Posted by Lewis (Thomasville, NC) on 02/09/2008
5 out of 5 stars

My wife had a large boil in her armpit. I really don't think you should do this unless you try some other treatments first. We tried some other treatments, but they didn't work. The boil had increased in size and become more painfull. I took alcohol and rubbed the area. I took a very, very sharp pointed knife and cut into the boil (had gloves on) and drained it. It was about the size of a quarter. There was lots of drainage. But in about a week it healed a lot. Another week and it was gone.

Bacon and Onion
Posted by Sarah (Fort Worth, Texas) on 01/25/2008 5 posts
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Bacon and onion. Cut a slice of onion and seer in a hot skillet till almost' transparent, one side. Remove and set aside. Cut a square piece off of a slice of bacon and put in the still warm pan for only a few seconds on both sides. Take the middle rings out of the onion large enough for the boil you are trying to cover, put the bacon closet to your skin with the seared side of the onion behind the bacon piece, wrap with gauze and leave on for as long as you can (hours). Repeat several times till the boil starts to drain or the plug comes out. Works very well.

External Application of Turmeric
Posted by Neil (Edinburgh, Scotland) on 01/08/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Having recently had my second Boil eruption in two weeks, after spending the first 46 years of my life being boil free, I knew that something wasn't quite right. I thankfully discovered this site and have used the powers of turmeric to successfully treat this second boil on my neck. The boil was red and angry when I started taking 1/2 tsp of turmeric 4 times a day. What I also did was make a paste that I applied topically. The paste was made with a Cetrimide ointment (branded as Savlon here in the UK) and turmeric powder. This paste was covered with a sticking plaster and changed twice a day. The results have been amazing. After three days the boil has completely drained and the skin has almost healed. What remains is what looks like the remnants of a love bite, but this is more due to some staining of the skin by the spice than any skin reaction. I don't know if it would have healed as well without the paste - but what I do know is that attacking the boil from within and from the outside has cleared the problem faster than I would ever have thought possible. Thank goodness for the internet!!

Drawing Salve
Posted by Vanessa (London, Uk) on 09/14/2009

The Distinction Between Black Salve and Black Drawing Salve:

Before purchasing black drawing salve, it is important not to confuse it with another herbal product with a very similar name: black salve. Black salve contains a powerful herb called bloodroot (Sanguinaria candensis). Bloodroot can burn skin tags and tumors off the surface of the skin, and has only limited value in treating topical skin disorders.
If used improperly, black salve can burn healthy tissue along with the affected tissue.

Many websites make a common mistake and use the two names interchangeably. To be certain that you're buying the topical ointment form used to treat splinters, look for the active ingredient, ichthammol or ichthyol, in the ointment.

I found this info on

Comfrey -- Important Remedy for Staph Infections!
Posted by Lisa Allen (Chandler, AZ) on 12/10/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Just thought you might like to hear about another amazing property of comfrey, one that I was surprised to see not mentioned among your cures and treatments for staph infections. Comfrey has been shown to be able to burst the cell walls of varius types of staph bacteria. It only takes about 10 minutes of exposure to a comfrey infusion, used as a compress to start killing staph by causing the cell walls to weaken and fail. I had read about this in an article some 15 years ago, and had the opportunity to pass this on not long afterwards to a friend who's husband was near to losing his leg to a staphlococcus infection. He had diabetes, which made the situation worse. My friend, a lady by the name of Colleen who worked at the local health food store started immediately bathing and wrapping her husband's leg in comfrey tea compresses. The next time I saw her, she told me his leg had healed up in a matter of two weeks, much to their doctor's surprise. With all the drug resistant varieties of staph going around, your readers might want to know about this godsend property of comfrey! Please pass it on!

Posted by Amit Tripathi (Pune, India) on 11/02/2007
5 out of 5 stars

neosporine realy help if you catch boil early apply it after saoking boil into warm water. Avoid drinking lot of tea, coffee.

Laundry Soap and Sugar
Posted by Bill (Bloomfield, New Mexico) on 08/21/2007
5 out of 5 stars

This remedy was used on me by my grandmother when I was a teenager. It never failed to work! The ingredients: yellow laundry bar soap and granulated sugar. She would apply the soap and sugar to a gauze pad, wrap it over the boil at night. The boil had excreted its contents by morning! It is not easy to find yellow bar soap. I don't know about the effectiveness of any other bar soap, but experimentation is certainly worth a try.

Epsom Salts
Posted by Alib (Swansea, Wales, Uk) on 12/04/2010

A boil can also be the body's way of trying to get toxins out. Changing the diet to remove much of the sugars and processed foods and drinks can also help to prevent the boils forming in the first place. There are lots of people who have posted on here that removing the junk, sugars and refined carbs has made a big difference.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Leah (Albion, IN) on 05/16/2007
5 out of 5 stars

We wash our hands and the site of the boil. We use Hydrogen Peroxide to clean it and then With a steriled needle we break the head of the boil and drain it. we use the peroxide and it helps bubble the pus out. Its very painful. Afterward we put triple antibotic and a bandaid and it heals within days. if you catch it and drain in sooner than later it wont get so large. its very painful but you feel an instant relief after its drained.