Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Boils

Garlic, Fenugreek

Posted by Robin (Wilkes Barr, PA) on 03/17/2006
5 out of 5 stars

For a boil on my neck, I first tried tea tree oil. then i went to the dr. finally I used garlic clove, fenugreek, and red clay combination. it worked.

Garlic, Unpasterurized Honey, Colloidal Silver

Posted by Linda (Meridian, MS) on 09/17/2006
5 out of 5 stars

Many people are being diagnosed with spider bites when in fact the boils they have are actually Community Acquired Methicilin Resistant Staph infections. They are contagious and popping them only helps to spread the infection. It can also become airborne and you can get pneumonia from it. The best cure I've found so far is a combination (I tried it all together because I wanted to be sure it was dead) of unpasteurized honey, collodial silver, and garlic tablets. My nephew had a boil on his knee that antibiotics did not treat. We put the unpasteurized honey on it and it pulled all of the infection out and healed on it's own. I had a place come up but I treated it promptly by dropping collodial silver on it and covering it with unpasteurized honey, a silver bandage, and taking garlic internally. I've not had a problem since then, but it is everywhere so if I am around anyone with it, I start taking the garlic as a preventative.

General Feedback

Posted by Bob (San Diego, Ca, Usa) on 10/09/2012

With staph being so dangerous, and wih so many posts talking about boils, there should be a summary at the top of the page about the infectiousness of the wounds and fluid, and how all household surfaces need to be cleaned--since the staph is probably in various places. Basically, all infection control measures should be used. Lots of hand washing!

By the way, you said Wikipedia had a "position" on an additive. That is not in Wikipedia, and it does not take positions, all material is supplied by members of the public and there is no guarantee that the information is accurate.

This is the Staph page URL I'm referring to

Gentian Violet

Posted by Pegasus1898 (Couva) on 01/06/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I had a boil/carbuncle that would not peak and it was really huge and red and painful and it was located in an area which prevented me from walking properly. I got some gentian violet 0.5% solution and applied with a cotton ball. After a couple hours it was throbbing and the next morning the boil/carbuncle popped! It began draining itself and the bump went down ..pain subsided tremendously and I could walk normally again. It works so fast like magic! It dried up in 2-3 days time

Posted by Elle (Cc, Florida) on 12/06/2011
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To treat boils (staph infections) as soon as you figure out that it is going to develop, I clean the spot with hydrogen peroxide and soften up the white center core until you can remove it. Then cover area with Gentian Violet. Repeat application of a couple times a day. Don't worry about the color. Later on when the spot isn't sore to the touch, you can remove the color with a cotton pad and alcohol. It does not leave a permanant color like some people say on this website. It will stain your clothes so cover with a bandaid.

I found Gentian Violet at local Walgreen drug store for $2.99 The pharmacist couldn't find it when I asked for it, he thought I was joking. I found it in a section that carries over the counter medicines from Mexico since I live in an area with lots of Latinos they carry these products. Hydrogen Peroxide and gentian violet work to kill Staph. Also take copper dietary supplements, I take 2 mg every other day. We don't get enough dietary copper from depleated soil used to grow vegtables. And the metal copper kills MRSA on contact. Newer hospitals are outfitting with copper sinks and faucets instead of stainless steel. Remember to disinfect doorknobs, sinks, etc with diluted beach solutions. Be careful to not inhale airborne bacteria with MRSA when you clean a boil drainage area. Clean wound treatment areas with diluted bleach using disposible paper towels. Do not reuse cleaning rags.

Posted by Ruth (NewCastle, California) on 09/15/2007
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gentian violet works on my boils/sores. it takes awhile but it dries them up and then they fall off. no piking at sores, just takes longer to heal.

Glass Bottle Suction Technique

Posted by Lady Mars (Florida) on 07/12/2015
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When my husband was younger, he got several boils and carbuncles over the course of a year. The hospital lanced them each time and they usually came back. He also got antibiotics and perhaps other drugs. The worst one was a carbuncle, an infected boil with several heads. Finally his father suggested an old remedy and the doctor agreed to try it.

Find a bottle with a mouth just large enough to fit over the boil. Fill the bottle with very hot water. In a minute or two, dump out the water. Place the hot bottle over the boil and a suction will form, pulling out the "gunk". In my husband's case, the boil never came back.

Replied by Katzie
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The bottle / jar method leaves a scar.

5 out of 5 stars

As long as the boil isn't on my face or neck or some place where a scar will be seen. I don't care if there is a scar! The bottle method will pull the core of the boil out, it works! The boil will not come back!


Posted by Twila (Alexandria, Virginia Usa) on 09/29/2009
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My father had boils, i.e., cysts, appear on his arms for years. I found that Goldenseal Root is a GREAT herb with 'drawing' powers. I convinced him to try my paste, let it dry, then wash it off. Not only did the cyst go away fast, but has not returned! I have used Goldenseal Root to 'draw' infection out of cuts, sores, etc., and even cure athletes foot. You only need a small amount of the powder and a tiny amount of water. Stir into a paste quickly and spread it on the affected area. Let it dry. Rinse off. You have to be quick as it begins to work as soon as water hits it. Be careful, a tiny amount of water goes a long way! My mom had a rash on the back of her hand - all the prescription creams made it go away but as soon as she stopped using, the rash would reappear. Used the Goldenseal Root past method on the rash. It went away in 2 days and never returned.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Posted by Kathy (Mitchell, NE) on 04/27/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Please try grapefruit seed extract. use in your juice internally. Use it in your dishwater for washing dishes and in your cleaning bucket for cleaning. Any questions please feel free to email me.

Hibiclens Wash

Posted by Liz (Boulder, CO) on 12/08/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I've suffered from recurring non-MRSA staph in the groin area for years. I've recently found that using Hibiclens cleaner helps prevent recurrence. It's not a natural remedy, but a great preventative step. I also use tumeric orally when boils first pop up, but they pop up much less frequently after using the Hibiclens twice a day.

Replied by Ryan
New Orleans, Louisiana
5 out of 5 stars

I do the same thing and it is working seems to be working.

High Fructose Corn Syrup Related

Posted by Andrea (Texas, Usa) on 11/21/2012

I have been getting boils for about two years and I read on earthclinic that it might be related to eating high fructose corn syrup(hfcs). I decided to eliminate all hfcs from my diet and I haven't gotten a boil in a long time. I would usually get a boil about once a month. I am so glad that I found this site and I just wanted to let other people know that it could be your diet that is causing your boils. I also had to eliminate artificial sweetener, honey, maple syrup, and pretty much anything that has a lot of sugar. I can still eat sweets without hfcs but I just have to limit them to a reasonable amount each day. I recommend eating fruit if you are craving something sweet because fruit never causes any boils to pop up.

Also, be sure to check every label when you go grocery shopping because hfcs can be found in foods like soda, jam, bread, ketchup, bbq sauce, ice cream, candy bars, and cookies. I wish that I could have known this when I first started getting boils but at least there is a way to control them. I hope that my post helps someone out there.

Replied by Nancy
Mission, Tx

I am grateful for your info on boils as I didn't know what caused them - I thought it was stress! I've gotten them for years and didn't know what to do about them. Now that I know, I will change my diet. Thanks so much


Posted by Janet (Hanalei, Hi) on 09/02/2011

A small scratch on my ear became infected with staph and now my ear is almost completely swollen. In addition, I have painful sores on my face and inside my mouth. All the little cuts on my body are full of pus and my lymph node in my neck is swollen. I don't want to take antibiotics so I went to a naturopath and he gave me arsenicum album homeopathics to take under my tongue. He said I should feel better in a day but it's been over a day and I still feel bad.

I'm wondering if I should try colloidal silver and if so, should I stop the aresnicum album or take both. I'm using ACV on the actual sores, gargling with it and other home remedies including noni, garlic, lysine, etc. Should I take colloidal silver in addition to all these other things or should I just stick to one remedy? Please advise. It's been 3 days and I am miserable enough to just take the antibiolics!

Replied by Rob
Manhattan, Ny

as others have posted here many times... take turmeric and olive leaf extract internally in addition to your other remedies..

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

My advice is to take those antibiotics and hope they work. Some strains of staph infections are very dangerous.

The advent of antibiotics is one of the big success stories of modern medicine. They really do work in most cases when taken as directed....Oscar


Posted by Annette (Lambertville, Michigan) on 06/16/2008
5 out of 5 stars

We have had remarkable healing with Manuka honey, It is effective for bites, boils, acid reflex ect It will draw the the infection right out. It is antibacterial and antiviral and will heal out wounds where nothing else will. Also effective on MRSA and other staph infections. Just put a light coat on a bandage and change every 24hrs. Also will dry up poison ivy. Plus it tastes great!

Posted by CP (Huntington Beach, USA) on 04/22/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Manuka honey is an amazing remedy for M.R.S.A. wounds, as well as for diabetic skin ulcerations. It comes in several strengths, so contact customer service on websites to see which is best for you. It is a little pricey, but I think it is worth it. It's delicious and healthful when taken internally and is wonderful when applied externally to the face. I am taking one teaspoon of Manuka honey and 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon each morning and evening. It has lowered my blood pressure from 156 to 125 in a very short period of time. It also improves my sleep! I love this website and it makes me happy to give back for all the help I've received. Good luck to all.

Posted by Tracie (Cincinnati, Ohio) on 10/23/2007
5 out of 5 stars

My son has suffered from boils in the past and in our efforts to offer temporary relief and avoid unnecessary medical treatment, we applied local raw honey topically. After applying the honey, we covered each boil with a bandaid overnight. The results took about three days of application, but they were astounding in that it stopped the outbreak and healed them so quickly. Next time I think I'll try it with a dash of turmeric.