Natural Remedies

Heal Boils Naturally: Effective Home Remedies

Posted by Ginkobiloba (New York, Usa) on 06/30/2011


After reading about garlic as a strong antibiotic I put crushed garlic on a staph boil (I think that's what it was. I had one many years ago in the same place and went to the doctor and that's what he called it- he gave me antibiotics)

I would hold the garlic in place with a sterile pad and an ace bandage, leaving it on for hours at a time. WELL, the boil opened but it also spread! It got worse! I switched to drinking vinegar and tumeric and also rubbbing Caledula oil on it. Immediate improvement. I even did the baking soda a couple times which was cooling. I made a Shea butter salve with Calendula, Usnea, Wormwood and Comfrey. Large red inflamed area almost gone, but it has been almost 10 days (since the garlic). Thanks everyone...