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Natural Remedies for Boils

The Bottle Method

Posted by Zubair (East London, South Africa) on 07/20/2006
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Replied by Vanessa
Missoula, Montana, USA
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Hello - This method did not leave scars for me, but I was also left scar free after lancing! I might just have tough skin... Take Care - Vanessa

Posted by Vanessa (Missoula, MT) on 06/17/2006
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Pour boiling water into an empty glass bottle. Pour the water out and place the bottle's mouth over a boil. Do not move the bottle as this will break the suction. The cooling air will draw out the puss and gunk of the boil!

Replied by Aria
Port Huron, Mi
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I have yet to try the bottle method; however, my mother and grandmother have used this method. According to them, you wait until the boil is to a head, heat the glass bottle in boiling water, take it out, dry off all hot water, put the mouth of the bottle over the head and allow the suction to do the work. They said you could see the head get larger and larger and then.... Explosion!

It sounds extremely effective to me; however, due to the location of my boil (earlobe), I used a turmeric/evco paste which worked famously! I thought I would end up in the hospital last night because my lobe was so swollen, hard, red, and hot. I am colonized with mrsa so I was afraid it would spread too rapidly handle on my own. I cut a small raw potato plug for my earhole and wore that during the day, then I applied the turmeric/evco paste, then before bed added raw manuka honey to the mix. When I woke up, I noticed my lobe is half the size it was yesterday and its not throbbing or hot anymore. I am so thankful for this site! I have been coming here for almost a year and I will keep coming back.

Replied by Michelle
Lyman, Maine

How long do you boil the bottle for?

Replied by Kim C.
Los Angeles, Ca
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I performed the hot bottle method a few hours ago and I am screaming, "Yes!!! " It worked. I bought a a soda in a glass bottle, poured out the drink, rinsed and dried the bottle, put a small amount of H2O in a sauce pan, placed the bottle in the water, let it come to a boil, grabbed the bottle with a pot holder with the open end up, then I put the open end over the boil. I was a little suction but I let it stay until the bottle cooled. Massive Pus Was Drained! Now I'm at ease.


Posted by Michelle (NY) on 09/04/2019
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Omg Tomatoe paste saved me from my pain. I came on here to find what works as this is the first (and hopefully only) boil I ever had. I saw the tomatoe paste posts and decided to give it a try. I slathered it on, covered it with gauze and then put a heating pad on top. Two hours later it started to drain. I've had it for 4 days now and it was showing no signs of coming to a head and was only getting worse.

This remedy works!

Posted by Ronnie (California, US) on 03/06/2015
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Ive been dealing with a boil for a few days when it became really bad over the day, yesterday.

By bedtime, I had a soft golf ball lump in my groin crease. The skin on inner upper thigh was a bright pink, hard to touch and swollen but the most painful part was the soft lump that had no sign of a pus head....not to mention it hurt to walk and the pressure of the underwear leg band was nearly unbearable.

I tried my tried and true Vicks in the beginning, then as it worsened I tried Silver gel which seemed to help but for some reason yesterday it flared up. I have Silver Sol but I didn't take it.

Last night I found this website and decided to try the tomato paste...

1. I "packed" the tomato paste into the groin crease and massaged some on the inflamed thigh area.

2. I wore boy short undies, centered a panty liner to cover the area.

3. 5-10 min later the pain was gone. I decided to take the Silver Sol, 1 tsp twice a day until healed.

4. I woke up today, still sore but not as bad. the boil drained on it's own during night with a clear pinkish drainage now.

I'm relieved that I won't have to go to urgent care! I wanted to avoid the drainage, packing and antibiotics. I'm also relieved that I'm not alone in having this problem.

I'm glad I found so many options. anyone will be able to find a remedy here as most items are basic pantry items. I'm not sure about the turmeric, I don't like funky spices but I would try it as a last resort as it seems to have the highest favorable results.

Thank you Earth Clinic!!

Replied by Jeanne
Westport, CT

Hi Ronnie,

Just wanted you to be aware that groin and armpit boils are a sign of Hidradenitis Suppurativa. If you get another one in the area, try researching dietary suggestions and remedies on HS too. Turmeric does happen to be the best remedy for HS. Wishing you fast healing. Sounds very painful.

Posted by Anon (Nc) on 06/28/2013
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Tomato paste does work for boils! My pain was horrible and even on antibiotics it felt like the boil was too deep in my skin for it to come up I got desperate and as my husband laughed at me I put the tomato paste over it and then covered with a bandage. Slept with the heating pad on my leg and the next morning it opened. So relieved from the pain. I will do this immediately if I get another one.

Posted by DEBRA (OCALA, FLORIDA) on 09/20/2007
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I went on your web site yesterday, i have had boils my whole life, like other people on this website, i was willing to try anything, i ran across using a tomatoe,the person who suggested it got them in the same area (thighs and around that area) i thought what the heck within 1 hour of completing the process with each half, i got a shower and it opened, i thought holy crap it really does work, so for 59 cents you can have relief, thanks again margarita form madrid spain.

Posted by Cherie (Memphis, TN) on 10/22/2006
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Tomato Paste, cover with paste as a compress, the acids from the tomatoes soothe and bring the boil to a head.

Posted by Margarita (Madrid, Spain) on 06/13/2006
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If you have a boil (abscessed pimple), which often comes up on thighs, bottom, bikini line, try this remedy. It is absolutely brilliant and worked wonders for me. Cut a tomato in half and heat it (microwave will do). Place it over the boil and leave it there. Hold it in place with a gauze, I used a gauze and band-aids, and kept it there until it cooled. I then placed the other half of the tomato and repeated the operation. Although it got my underwear tomatoey, the boil opened up by itself and all the pus oozed out on its own. The results are remarkable. I didn't believe my mother (it was her remedy) and suffered in silence for ages. The boils also seemed recurrent, and I have been boil free for over a year. Some feat for the humble tomato!

Posted by Rick (Birmingham) on 03/30/2006
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I had been suffering with a boil for about 3 days when I stumbled on this site. Well I tried the tomato paste last night and not only did it relieve the pain, it also brought it to a head. Today I'm feeling 1000% better.

Posted by Kelli (Michigan) on 02/23/2006
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A while back my boyfriend had a boil behind his ear. A friend of mine had sent me an email with natural remedies for all kinds of things. On the email was a cure for boils, and it was tomato paste. I went to the store and bought some. He rubbed it on his boil and left it overnight, the next morning the boil had decreased in size, he continued to do this for a couple of days and it was soon gone.


Posted by Steve S. (United States) on 06/21/2019
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My wife has a very stubborn abscess/boil that has been opened up by the doctor two times but it won't heal!! Tried manuka on it and now it's draining again but not healing...I am trying turmeric on it with the concoction the site suggests..coconut oil, black pepper etc. I will see if it works but this stubborn one won't heal... Do you have any suggestions? She has been on multiple antibiotics and doxy helped it but as soon as her period comes, it flares up again! Also has major yeast infections from it!!Any suggestions??? Need help.

Replied by Teena
Melbourne, Australia
192 posts
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Steve, the turmeric paste will pull the infection, and also allow the healing. My son had major swelling with large visible infection, I allowed the doctor to open it, disallowed his damaging antibiotics, too my boy home and applied a messy paste of turmeric and castor oil. Wrapped in gauze and changed every 24 hours. After 2 changes the plus had been completely drawn out, and also no pain from the first application. I didn't put honey until all the pus had come out, and I mixed that with the turmeric and castor. Also internally he took 2 Olive leaf capsules every 4 hours as non gut harming antibiotics. In your wife's case I do think she needs something internally, that's why the various infections keep recurring. You could also use turmeric internally, recent suggestions indicate it should be taken with hot water. Best to you

Posted by Ang (Pensacola, FL) on 02/26/2019 3 posts
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I contracted my first furuncle ever on my mons pubis after shaving with a razor that was a bit dull. For two weeks I didn't know what it was, as I had two other ingrown hairs that I'd been able to free with Prid drawing salve. This, though, was not an ingrown hair, but was an infected hair follicle. I made it worse by scrubbing it in the shower. Now four follicles were infected, and I developed a lump under all four follicles... it was now a carbuncle/boil. Ouch!

A friend told me about turmeric and whole milk paste, applied topically. Using this remedy, the paste “ripened” the two smaller infected follicles. I then switched to a paste of turmeric and colloidal silver, and they burst and drained into the paste/plaster completely. Barely any marks left to worry over. Then for nearly four more weeks, nothing would help the other two more seriously infected follicles “ripen”. Not with hot Epsom's salt soaks, not with turmeric plasters, not with zinc oxide cream, although I do think those things helped to keep them from growing out of control.

Finally, I popped in here and learned I could take turmeric internally in material amounts for this problem. I read every single review, which filled me hope and determination. I wanted this painful ordeal sorted! So, I prepared turmeric tea, using 1tsp of turmeric from my spice cabinet. I repeated the tea halfway through the day, and then I made a drink with whole organic milk, dash of cinnamon, 1 tsp of maple syrup, 1tsp of turmeric, and a dash of pepper at bedtime. I also wore a paste of turmeric mixed with a vitamin E capsule (can penetrate all 7 layers of skin), all day and night, on the carbuncle/boil. When I woke up, both infected pores were completely “ripe”. Yay! I wanted to continue the turmeric tea and golden milk concoction, but I actually felt too sensitive throughout my digestive system from drinking so much of it the day before. I have a very sensitive tummy in general. What I decided to do was just apply a thick layer of zinc oxide cream over the “ripe” heads all that day and night. The next morning... they both had popped and were draining into the gauze dressing I had loosely applied over the area. Thank goodness! I then sat on the toilet and spayed my entire lap with colloidal silver, then I cleaned up the two wounds, and surrounding area, with rubbing alcohol soaked toilet paper, and flushed it all away. Next, I showered, resprayed the wounds and some gauze with colloidal silver, and applied the gauze between my clothing and the wound. I resprayed throughout the day, and once the area was thoroughly calm and pain-free, and both wounds were successfully making healthy scabs, I applied some vitamin E. This remedy is very strong and could upset your tummy, but it works a charm on blind-ended, intractable boils. In the future, I would do a reduced dose for myself, and I would do it much earlier in the process. But... I will never touch that area with a razor again for the rest of my, hopefully, carbuncle-free life!

Love you so much, Earth Clinic! 💜💜💜 Thanks to all turmeric review contributors!

Posted by Teena (Australia) on 02/25/2019 192 posts
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Coconut oil and turmeric paste for painful boils.

Hi all, mum called to say she had another large painful boil, it was on her buttock making movement difficult. I asked her how did you get rid of the last boil, only about three weeks earlier (groin). She replied oh you told me to put the coconut oil and turmeric and in the morning all the gunk had come out. I should do it again. Ok mum, also, if you take a tsp every day you will stop getting the boils.

Posted by Pixie (Near Nashville, Tn) on 12/27/2018
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Had a boil that wouldn't go away (in the groin area, no less) and, having read about remedies on here, just smeared some turmeric and coconut together on a bandaid. Changed it out a few days later, and it is almost completely healed. Amazing!!!!

Posted by Cj (Malaysia) on 02/22/2018
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40 years old male, Asian, 165 cm, 57 kg

I usually have a boil every few months on my buttock. Many people from this site say turmeric works for their boils. Thus, I try and it works in a sense that it develops less often now. I take 2 capsules x 750 mg daily. It comes with black pepper for better absorption.

Replied by Anon

Cj, you might like to try using liquid digestive bitters, taken at least once per day on the tongue, preferably before your big meal, to help you digest your foods more thoroughly. If you forget to take before your meal go ahead and take it during meal, after, or even at bedtime. Boils and cysts point to a gut issue, so work on improving your gut health and hopefully your skin issues will soon disappear.

Replied by Cj

Anon, thanks for your input. I shall try it out. You're right. I have digestion problem where I bloat frequently.