Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Boils

Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Joe (Michigan) on 11/15/2015
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Try combining the apple cider vinegar cotton swap with a HOT compress.

I just brought a boil on my wrist to a head in about 45 minutes, which is amazing because it was NOWHERE near this before I started.

1. Clean area with alcohol

2. Dip cotton ball in Apple Cider Vinegar

3. Apply ACV cotton ball to boil

4. Hold in place with bandage

5. Apply a fairly tight wrap to secure everything and prevent ACV from staining clothes / compress

6. Microwave a compress for about 5 minutes. Apply it directly on top of the part of the wrap that is covering the boil

7. Watch TV for about 45 minutes to 1 hour

This worked for me in 1 treatment. I was completely blown away.

Replied by Ted


Why don't you try honey. Apply thick honey on it cover it with gauze and wrap it. Apply it twice a day (morning and evening) and see what will happen. Honey is my magic bullet.

Posted by It's Rough (Sault Ste Marie, On) on 12/08/2011
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Better But With Side Effects

I started using the ACV in September, and found it's only worked (and has done so fast) when I have applied it on a cotton ball and held it there tight with a bandaid (waterproof ones are bad, as they leave the glue on you for days after and are harder to get off). So for the first two months, I'd basically just swab them and it didn't work very well. Over November they had all but disappeared, with just a few new ones showing up on my inner thighs (problem area was the scrotum at first). But one thing, after doing this for awhile the non-affected skin has been, well, pickled it seems. It is brown around the area and looks unappealing. Has anyone encountered this and know of a cream or something to return the skin to normal?

One more note: green tea. It heals your skin up nice and fast after; should have been downing 3 cups a day when I started this business. (But it's not really doing much for the darker spots of skin mentioned above).

Good luck

Replied by Stephanie
Federal Capital Territory, Abuja

You can make a sugar scrub paste with some honey and olive oil and use your hands to wash your face and scrub the dark area twice a day, it will remove the discolouration.

Posted by S (L, A) on 11/23/2011
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My uncle soaks his feet in an ACV/water bath. The first time he tried it, his mrsa boils began to drain within the hour. He had them everwhere--shoulders, neck, around his waistline; he couldn't go to work, they were so bad. Temperature doesn't matter. I don't know how much ACV he adds to the water. I think he just glugged some in and soaked his feet while he watched television. A five year old would probably rather soak than swallow!

Posted by Vivian (Cedar Rapids, Ia) on 08/19/2010
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I soak a cotton ball in ACV and apply it to the boil with a bandaid. I replace it with a new one 2-3 times a day. It always brings the boil to a head and drains within a couple of days. It is a lifesaver! No more antibiotics and lancing!

Replied by E.j.
Brevard, N.c., Usa

Hi Vivian, Is your boils from hidradenitis or something else? I am using turmeric at the moment and tea tree oil. EJ

Replied by Vivian
Cedar Rapids, Ia

I have never heard of hidradenitis before, but after looking it up it seems fitting.

Replied by Nikki
Olivehurst, Ca, United States

Yesterday I started bandaging soaked apple cider vinegar cotton pads on two mrsa infections I have & it seems to be making all the stuff inside harden like a scab... A couple of days ago I tried the baking soda & apple cider mix but it didnt work. After that I tried a cotton pad soaked with castor oil & dipped in sea salt, that didnt work. But then the apple cider vinegar does this. It doesnt seem to be getting worse, a lot of the swelling has gone down but theyre still really red & hard. Im breastfeeding my son so I dont have very many options. I cant drink the vinegar or take turmeric capsules & this is all I have to work with at home.

In the mean time I bought some tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil & turmeric powder on ebay. For anyone who has had success with using apple cider vinegar this way, does the infection harden like a scab from the inside?? Any info about apple cider vinegar would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks! :)

Replied by R
Denver, Co

Why can you not take ACV or turmeric? I am breastfeeding also and take both....

Replied by Nikki
Olivehurst, Ca, United States

I ended up going to the doctor & getting antibiotics because the infections on my face & leg were getting worse & my eye was swelling up. I talked to my O.B. And he said it was fine if I drink the apple cider vinegar. Idk I just figured it would be bad for me to drink vinegar while breastfeeding. R from Denver, CO are you taking turmeric capsules or eating & drinking it?

Posted by Sandy (Mebane, Nc) on 06/30/2010
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Apple Cider Vinegar has definitely helped my boils. I drink it at least 2 times a day with water.

Posted by Ada (Carthage, NY) on 01/02/2007
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acv and a glass of water 8oz . with a teaspoon of honey cures boils. i drink it 3 time a day and in 3 day they're gone --it does work.

Posted by KS (MA) on 09/05/2006
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Drinking apple cider vinegar tonic ( 2 teaspoons with honey in 8 oz water or tea 2-3 times daily) has nearly eliminated my recurring cysts that dermatologists have been unable to cure in over a decade.

Posted by Anonymous (USA)
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I have a history of having problems with boils and bear the scars of them. They are quite painful and at times have had to have them lanced. A few people in my family told me about vinegar tea. One tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar, one tablespoon honey mixed in a cup of hot water at least twice a day has dissolved more than one of my boils. Not only the vinegar tea but also: the recommended daily amount of water. Stay away from sodas and chocolate, as they seem to aggravate the infected area even more. If the boil does come to a head where it is going to open continue to drink the vinegar tea and the water. Use hot packs on the boil for 15-20 minutes three times a day. Doing this has more than once saved an unwanted visit to the doctor. What is also important is not to squeeze a boil. I hope this will help someone out there.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda

Posted by Franco08 (Albuquerque, New Mexico) on 02/01/2015
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Better But With Side Effects

I got a boil on my elbow 4 days ago. I looked for remedies here and I found the ACV and baking soda paste treatment. I followed the procedure and applied the paste to the boil using a cotton swab and secure with a band-aid. When I removed the cotton at night I noticed that the boil started draining so I re-applied the paste before going to bed.

When I woke up the next morning, I checked the boil and was happy to see that it drained and started to dry out. I continued the application of the paste after taking a shower. However, that afternoon, I felt pain in my left knee and when I checked it, I saw 3 boils forming in a C pattern. I decided to apply the paste on them too. But the following day, a 4th boil formed on the same knee. So I have 4 boils now on my knee; 3 has pus in them and 1 is drying out. The one on my elbow did not fully dried out as I hoped and is now filled with pus on the edges. It grew even wider than before.

What am I to do now? Please help!

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Franco08, first, be a detective to try to find out why you are getting them in the first place. Some people try cutting out wheat, sugar and dairy to test that. Secondly, read up on turmeric for boils.

Posted by Wmj (Vancouver Island, Canada) on 01/06/2012
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I have been using baking soda and probiotics made into a paste, sometimes adding natural raw sea salt. I had been using water, but now I'm trying it with Apple Cider Vinegar. This is on a case of MRSA I've been struggling with for months and heavy antibiotic only made it worse. The natural remedy seems to be working, unfortunately I got two new boils recently in another area. I find that washing with antibacterial wash only spreads it. Hopefully this will clear up soon, I'll keep the site posted.

Posted by Dawn (Zachry, LA) on 12/06/2007
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I found that baking soda and vinegar made into a paste applied to a boil helps draw the infection out

Apple Cider Vinegar, Turmeric

Posted by Vaisnava (Visalia, California) on 03/16/2012
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I have had recurring mrsa boils for some time now. This works every time without fail.

Mix 3 teaspoons Apple Cider Vinegar & 1/2 teaspoon baking soda in half glass of water and drink 2 times a day.

Also, twice a day add 1 teaspoon turmeric in half glass of warm water and drink. The earlier this treatment is started the faster it works, but relief starts within a day. I also topically apply triple antibiotic ointment.

*** Also remember to always wash your hands frequently after washing affected area or applying ointment.


Posted by Elle (Austin, TX) on 06/12/2008
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I find that taking an ASPIRIN at the first hint of a boil works for me. It must be aspirin and not tylenol or advil and such. Regarding diet, noticed outbreak after eating chocolate pudding (the cheap, unrefrigerated brand). Immediately took an aspirin before bed, awoke to less tenderness and less swelling. I took 1/2 tsp of Tumeric in three ounces of water as well. But, I get great relief from the aspirin. Blessings!


Posted by Trillz (Dallas, Texas) on 07/03/2015
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Omgsh so I just came across this interesting thread, for about a week I've had this boil on my butt at first it was just itchy and slightly uncomfortable. I called my grandma who is usually the queen of home remedies but she just told me to sit in a warm bath, instead I put a wet cloth in a baggy and put that on it every night with absolutely no results.

So this weekend while visiting my mom I mentioned it to get she bought me some salt pork (bacon cured in salty, saltier than the damn pacific) so I cut a piece and duct tape it to my butt, lol this sounds so ridiculous) I left it on for a few hours and took it off and it was draining, lots of blood and some pus. But it actually worked. Initially I thought she was joking but it does work, or it did for me. Is actually on right now. The pain had gotten so bad and the boil was so deep that it was actually putting pressure on a nerve and my entire leg had this numb dead feeling pain, super uncomfortable. It's still kind of hard, and painful to sit on, but the pressure is leaving. I'll leave it on for the rest of the night and see how it does in the morning.

Posted by Melissa (East Liverpool, Oh) on 02/13/2012
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I have to say that for me Bacon really worked! I had a boil in a very sensitive area from shaving, it hurt to even walk. I was debating on going to the emergency room but I knew that it would be painful to have it lanced. I found this site yesterday afternoon and saw the post about bacon, I was willing to try anything at this point! I placed the raw back over the boil and left it there all night. I woke up this morning and it was still sore so I took a bath in epsom salt. A couple hours later I went to the restroom and low and behold the pus pocket came out on its own! If I ever get another I know I will use bacon!