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Natural Remedies for Boils

Boil Triggers: Almonds

Posted by Danielle (Atlanta, GA) on 06/10/2009
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Last week I noticed that I had a strange skin infection on my cheek. After researching my symptoms on Earth Clinic, I think I have had a reaction to almonds! They are a favorite snack, and I keep a jar in my car for busy days, when I don't have time for lunch. Instead of eating just a few, I ate a large handful and noticed my symptoms the next day. I started on Turmeric, a teaspoon in a glass of water. I took my first dose on Thursday night, and took a second dose Friday morning. By Friday evening, my skin had completely cleared up! I am thrilled and amazed by this simple, natural cure!

Replied by Brygivrob
Escondido, Ca

i have read that the FDA required almonds to be pasteurized about a year ago, and one of the methods is to use a chemical that is an ingredient in jet fuel (yes, really); so i would do some internet research on almonds if u eat them a lot because maybe that chemical is giving you a reaction

Replied by Kathryn
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i added raw almonds to my diet about 4-6 months ago. i eat them several times a week at least. i have been having boils for about 5 months or so. i never would have thought almonds would cause this! i ate some tonight for dinner in fact! i hope this works for me.

Replied by Pinkanemone
Indianapolis, In

I also started getting boils a few months ago. it also started after eating quite a bit of almonds -toasted almond slivers for salad, they were quite old.... Overdated (but didn't taste bad).... have been taking turmeric every 1 or 2 days, and haven't had anymore come on, but still have a red lump on my forehead where one started, doesn't hurt anymore, but won't go away....

Replied by Citygirl27
Richardson, Tx, Usa

OK. Now I am officially spooked out. I got a ping pong size boil on my pubic mons 4 days ago, after having my IUD out and a weekend of *heavy* bleeding (sorry). But.. Also last weekend I snacked on raw almonds a couple of times. I love almonds, and well I thought they were supposed to be healthy, but wow?? I donno, I'm convinced it was from the top part of a "sanitary" pad that umm... Wasn't, but I'll experiment with the almonds again a few weeks after this boil goes away.

Replied by Obeybunny
Santa Ana, Ca, Usa

What was the dosage of alfalfa tablets you used? 2 a day? 5 a day? 1 once every other day? Taken on an empty stomach? Taken while eating a vegetable- only diet? Do you continually use alfalfa tablets to this day or did alfalfa cure your boils permanently with one use? Sorry, I don't mean to pry, but a friend just got a bunch of alfalfa sprouts for Christmas and wanted to know what she could do with them. That's why I want to know what the effective dose is.

Thank you

Bread and Milk

Posted by Shira C.l (Quitman, Mississippi) on 07/09/2008
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Boil Sores: Any Yeast Bread and Milk

To save paying a doctor and pain of have a boil lanced, use any type bread made with yeast, dip in milk and bandage over boil that has come to a head. Within 4 to 5 hours it will have drained completely. My grandmother used this cure on me and I have used it on one of my daughters. IT WORKS!

Replied by Natrum
Flemington, New Jersey /usa

My mother told me about the bread and milk poultice many years ago. (she is 84 now) I had great success removing inflammation of an infected cut on my hand, after wearing the poultice overnight.

Breakfast Cereal

Posted by Peter (Nelson, New Zealand) on 08/01/2008
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My ten year old son over a period of about three months was suffering from boils around his rectum and after taking antibiotics which cured the problem for a week they returned. He returned to the doctor and was scheduled to have the boils lanced and kept like that for a couple of weeks to remove the staff infection. I asked a friend who had been a surgeons assistant during WWII if he had any answers. His reply was that during the war the soldiers suffered from boils and that the doctors of the day did not know whether it was due to hygiene or diet. I knew that it was not my son's hygiene and earlier that same friend had given me a breakfast recipe that he had found beneficial to his health through the years. I had to remove some of the ingredients to get my child to eat it but to my astonishment within the week his boils had disappeared never to reappear.

This worked for my son. I hope that it will work for you.

2 cups Rolled oats
2 cups museli
1 level desertspoon brewers yeast
2 level desertspoons wheat germ
3 cups of milk

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and leave overnight in the refrigerator. Serve the following morning.(Serves 3 to 4)
All ingredients were purchased from Binn Inn in Nelson, New Zealand as they appeared to have the best quality available.
I fed my child this everyday for a week and a couple of weeks after that then he lost interest in the breakfast. He hasn't had any boils since. You should expect results within the week.

Calamine Lotion

Posted by Carolyn (Hollywood, FL) on 01/21/2007
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Calahist, Walgreens calamine lotion, got rid of the red boils on my face but the ones in my armpit are still fighting. I think the reason is the moisture in that area. So, I am trying baking soda in my armpits along with the Calahist to see if I can keep my armpits dry enough for the Calahist lotion to work there. Yes, the baking soda does burn, but I have to get the area dry somehow.. living in South Florida humidity. Calahist worked a miracle on the red boils on my face.

Calcium Bentonite Clay

Posted by Fmlyots (Cherry Hill, Nj Usa) on 12/25/2017
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Calcium Bentonite Clay Paste forced Boil to Drain

I had some Calcium Bentonite Clay (usually used for my curly hair and my face as a detoxifying/clarifying mask treatment) and I mixed it with some apple cider vinegar to create a paste. I applied it to a deep boil which had not come to a head yet. Within 5 minutes, the boil burst and released watery blood. I showered and washed with Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution 4.0% (a wash they tell you to buy before surgery to kill bacteria and prevent infection from hospital). After the shower, I applied antibacterial ointment (mupirocin topical). I plan to apply the Bentonite clay again tonight. I've never seen something work so quickly! This is my first time having a boil.

By the way, Turmeric (purchased from the grocery store) mixed with milk worked very well for my husband when he had boils so I have also taken some of that as well.

Posted by Cs (Waco, Tx) on 03/25/2012
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Try CALCIUM BENTONITE CLAY. I recently got a boil in my armpit. I had never had one and didn't know what it was. I assumed it was an ingrown hair so I continued to shave. That caused them to spread so that I had 4 boils under one arm and 5 under the other. I tried ichthammol with no help and a smell that literally gave me headaches and Prid didn't help either. I then tried turmeric internally and externally. There was some relief but after over a week I decided to do more research and found info about calcium bentonite clay. Be sure it is calcium and not sodium bentonite. I happened to have a clay exfoliating mask from Solay that was made of calcium bentonite clay, so I applied it to the boils and covered with band aids. Amazing results. Some of the "newer" bumps subsided altogether in just a day. Then, the others started bursting and healing basically each time I reapplied it. Solay is a product that also contains sea salt so I would imagine that helped as well. Also, be careful applying tape to the tender skin around the armpit... I have definitely damaged the area because of the number of bandage changes over the past couple of weeks. Try to make the tape less sticky before sticking it to this delicate skin.

Replied by Indigophoto
Shuttleisland, Florida
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This clay has worked wonders for me, my son, and my pets!! I discovered it researching holistic cures for ring worm when the cat I adopted broke out in it a week after coming to my house. He was a carrier of it and ring worm takes 7-10 days after a stressful event(moving to a new home) to present itself... Lucky us... I went to my local health food store and purchased the bentonite clay in the powder form and started applying it to his spots and adding it to the animals' drinking water. To my relief, I saw results within the evening and noticed that my pets actually prefer drinking the clay water to regular, filtered tap water. In addition to the clay, I started treating him with organic apple cider vinegar by wiping his entire coat with his brush saturated with a 50/50 mix ACV and water. I tried putting it in their water and on their food but they won't go anywhere near it. So, I am continuing the wiping while making sure that I get it down to his skin so it will absorb into his body that way. Not only have the ACV and clay gotten rid of the ring worm, they have done wonders for their coats and even turned the kitty's green eyes back to his natural blue eyed color.

I've used a green mask for years and always marveled at how amazing my skin would look and feel after using it... On a whim, after researching the bentonite clay, I checked the ingredients of my favorite mask and the clay was the primary ingredient! It all makes sense to me now. :O)

Look up bentonite clay here on EC and you will see how many amazing things it can do! For me, it relieves the pain of my psoriasis and clears the skin of the scaling and redness almost immediately. It helps alleviate the pain of my arthritis when I drink it... It gets rid of boils and acne over night when I sleep with a paste of it on affected area... And it works so well that my 5 year old thanked me numerous times for applying it to a rash he got this week. He even asked me if I could put more on it when he came back to my house after a 3 day visit with his dad. I'd given some to his dad to use but he accidentally misplaced it and couldn't do the treatment. If he had, the rash would have been gone by day two. This stuff is incredible and I highly recommend it... And it's 5 YEAR OLD APPROVED! How many meds do you know of that a 5yo doesn't mind? :O)

Calendula Homeopathic

Posted by Scott (Evanston, IL) on 05/04/2007
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calendula homeopathic has seemed like a friendly topical for my persistent boils, which you might try while taking the turmeric.


Posted by Keith (Montgomery, AL) on 12/27/2006
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I had read about this and it works. I had a boil in my groin area that was painful and hard. I applied some campho phenique to the bandage part of a large Band-Aid and slept with it applied to the boil all night. You might want to apply sterile gauze over this due to drainage. The next morning pus had began to flow freely. Gentle squeezes from the base of boil will cause more to be released. Continue this treatment until the boil gets small or is gone. I used Tylenol for the pain I was experiencing. Sometimes low iron deficiencies cause boils so I will begin eating a handful of raisins a day which is suppose to prevent them.

Replied by Wanda
Jackson, Mo

Campho worked for me.... Did the job in less than 6 hours!

Castor Oil

Posted by Karen (Alberta, Canada) on 08/15/2014
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I just wanted to add something that I've never seen on here before - and that is when you start to feel a boil forming, start rubbing castor oil into the area as often as you can. I find that it prevents them from getting any bigger and then they go away. It is also amazing on boils after they've been drained. Take care now.

Replied by Janet
Miami, Fl
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Thank you so much!!!! I have a boil on theback of my leg for about a week now. I'm on antibiotics but tried everything to bring it to a head and I really did not want to get it lanced! The castor oil popped it over night!!!

Posted by Hef (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 05/03/2013
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My nephew has a boil/acne mix on top of his nose with blood and pus coming from it for a month and was not getting better. When I visited him, I recommended applying castor oil dipped cotton gauze and then putting on band aid on top of it overnight daily.

On my next visit in a week his problem was healed completely. He was a very happy kid.

Posted by Fredrina (Philadelphia, PA) on 10/30/2006
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Castor oil on a cotton ball cured my boil.

Posted by Sandy (Vancouver) on 03/24/2006
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A long time ago, I had a painful sore in the back crease of my thigh that I couldn't identify, and my grandmother said it was a boil from sitting on wet cement with bare skin. She told me to put some castor oil on a cotton ball and cover it, and leave it alone. I did, and it was gone in 2 days! I've since had one more, used the same remedy with the same result. I think lancing them simply opens you up to more infection but it might be necessary if it is black or looks like blood poisoning and you are really ill for no other reason. I truly hope this works for others.


Posted by Matt (Springfield, USA) on 03/27/2007
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Hello, I have almost a cure for a Pilonidal cyst. The reason I say almost is it will come back in usually about 10 months to a year, and then you will need to repeat the steps again. I came across it from another person who has suffered from this health problem and has been through many surgeries with no help. I myself have been through one surgery in which the cyst came back a year later. The cure is to put cayenne pepper mixed with water in the sinus opening of the cyst for 3-4 days straight using an eye dropper with a narrow end. The solution should be 1 heaping teaspoon of pepper in a cup of water used over the 3-4 day period. This does sting quite a bit for the first minute or two after the pepper is injected but subsides afterwards. Note: you will probably need someone to do it for you to really get the solution in the sinus. I've read this works because the sting of the pepper brings a rush of white blood cells to the area, not sure if that is true or not, but it worked for me. Of course check with your doctor before doing anything. I'd also be interested if anyone else has found other ways to deal with this issue.

Replied by Dan
Chicago, Il

I'm assuming this is about the cyst you get in your nose and not on your tailbone?

Replied by Socher
Mesa, Arizona, Usa

The 'sinus' mentioned here is not referring to the nasal cavity sinus but rather to a part of the structure of a pilonidal cysts (also known as a) sinus.

Cell Salt Silica

Posted by Kirsten (Santa Fe, NM) on 05/22/2009
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My family has been using the homeopathic cell salt silica to stop boils in their tracks. It is #12 of Dr. Schuessler's tissue remedies and should be available at most natural grocers which sell homeopathics. It is indicated in abcesses,boils,and any other skin conditions with thick,yellow discharges. It also helps to deacidify the body. As with any homeopathic you should increase the frequency of the dosage to about every 15 minutes in an acute situation and take it less frequently in maintenance doses. There is no way to overdose on homeopathics and taking silica should not interfere with any remedy you are currently using. Silica usually comes in lactose tablet form and about 4 tablets under the tongue or in some water is the dosage. If this remedy works for you, you can keep it going forever by following these simple steps (by the way this works for all homeopathics and Bach flower remedies). Take 4 of the lactose tablets and put them into a new glass bottle with a dropper. Add any liquor or hard alcohol to the bottle, filling it 3/4 of the way to the top. Allow the tablets to dissolve for a few minutes. Succuss the bottle 100 times, by tapping the bottle on the palm of your hand. Since homeopathics are vibrationally based you have simply transferred the vibration to the liquid. This process can be repeated again when your bottle gets low. 4 to 6 drops can be taken as a dose.

Replied by Kissyc.
Florida, US

I have also had success with #12; I use NuAge #12 (also sold as Hylands) for tissue repair. In addition, during a MRSA outbreak, I make a mixture using Moringa, Tea Tree, and Oregano oils mixed with Coconut oil as a base. (All available at health food store, call around and make sure they have #12, not everyone carries it) Make sure and take a good vitamin supplement as well, including high doses of Vitamin C, Folic Acid, B vitamins, and Magnesium. I try to avoid the pharmaceuticals, I have taken three types before, and can cause internal damage to your organs. I have an outbreak in my nose right now, and already better in one day using the above remedy. (Use the oil on a Q-tip to apply, and also using a triple antibiotic salve three times a day). This is my second time using this method, cleared up an outbreak on my leg this way in the past.

Coconut Oil

Posted by Sophia (Norway) on 04/16/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have read through earth clinic for over two years now and recently I decided to begin posting the few cures I have found over time to work and writing on my own experience with them too. Hope this helps someone, as earth clinic has helped me so much.

Exactly a bit over two years ago I got several red little bumps on my armpit after shaving. They grew fast and it was very painful. One of them was even opened to be cleaned deep by a doc and she did not do a good job so I was miserable.

What I did was to apply coconut oil topically on the area until absorbed, about 4 to 5 times during the daytime. Bumps went away completely in 3 days. The oil I used was the cheapest coconut oil I could find in the foreign shops of Norway, pure but unrefined, not virgin.

When I got a tiny bump in that area again, I tried with other higher quality virgin coconut oil and I never got the same result as with the other cheap coconut oil. Coconut oil was really a bless! And did in 3 days what antibiotics could not do alone in 2 weeks.

After two years I got another boil but in a different area and this time coconut oil alone was not enough. However I can say for the armpit area it worked as a charm.