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Natural Remedies for Boils


Posted by Joe (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 09/12/2008
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I have found that if you rub Polysporin on the boil 3 times a day, it will go away. It also kills some of the pain. Put it on any acne/boil at the first sign and it will not grow very large. You must apply it several times a day (at least 3x) in either case. Good Luck.

Preventing Reinfection

Posted by Jane (Austin, Tx) on 09/11/2007
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One thing everyone is overlooking is self reinfection. The use of short sheets like in the hospital need to be used and washed daily as do pillow slips, mattresses or any other surface like your couch, chair the boil could come in contact with needs to be sprayed daily with an antibacterial spray. Showers and tubs need to be sanitized after each use. Shower drains are the perfect place for the staph to multiple and become air born. I have been plagued with boils off and on for over a year. To keep the infection down I use ladies boxers and loose clothing. I also apply liquid antibacterial soap after my shower to a large area around the boil at first notice and let the soap dry on the skin, then apply a little antibacterial soap on a bandaid to cover it, this has kept the boils from enlarging, it speeds the healing process, just bathing in the soap does not help. When I was a child my mother used something called Green Soap on impetigo which is staph related and it was the only thing that cured it, but I have not seen it in pharmacies for years. Regular Antiboitics without steriods are virtually worthless.


Posted by M (Victoria, Bc, Canada) on 11/04/2012
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FWIW, I had recurrent boils for much of my life, rarely being entirely free of them. When I was in my forties, someone told me about raisins. I tried them (eating perhaps a couple of tablespoons full in muesli/granola, since I dislike the taste of raisins by themselves), and that prevented further boils almost entirely.

After my hysterectomy, the boils pretty much went away on their own, so there is apparently a hormonal component too. That is supported also by the fact that the boils were usually worse around the time of my period.

Posted by Manuel (Weslaco, TX) on 01/29/2007
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take a small handful of raisins for a week then a handful once every week or two to stay boil free.

Replied by Tina
Sylvania, Ohio,usa
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I was eating raisins when boils started to appear, so raisins do not prevent boils.

Raw Potato

Posted by cynthia (fayetteville, AR) on 03/24/2009
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I was just browsing through this site, I spend a lot of time doing that, and read the remedy posted about boils. As a child I frequently had boils. While at a family gathering an uncle took me into the kitchen to "fix me up" with a home remedy. He got a raw potato and a potato scraper. (as if to make hashbrowns) He then washed and scraped the entire potato into a clean, sterile bandage and taped it to my arm. I wore it all that day and through the night. Bt the next morning the boil had come to a head, and my mother drained and cleaned it. I had been plagued with boils many times prior to that and they were always painful and lasted several days before coming to a head. This one was over quickly and what a blessing! After that we used a raw potato any time one came up. I no longer have this problem. I seem to have grown out of it. I have given this remedy to friends and family members since then and it has been a success with them also. Hope it helps!

Replied by Ryan
Palm Springs, CA
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POTATO!!! After getting a tattoo on my chest, I developed a rather painful pimple about 3 inches above my left nipple (probably from razor burn from shaving, ingrown hair, etc). I attempted to 'pop' it which was a bad idea. Over a few days...this horrid wretch grew into a furious monster of an infection...

I used antibiotic ointment and bandaids for a few days which did nothing, and the pimple seemed to grow in size and pain. I then tried toothpaste and a bandaid, which got solid and hurt bad taking off...revealing some gnarly green pasty pus. I squeezed some pus out of it and again that evening and also drenched it with peroxide every chance I got. I then read about the baking soda/peroxide mix which I applied several times over the next day and drained it every now and then (painful stuff). I also took baking soda baths.

After seeming to get nowhere, I read about the potato method. I purchased a single potato, cut off a slice, cleaned the infected area with peroxide and taped the potato slice to it for the night. Upon removing the potato in the morning, I noticed a big chunk of pus on it and the wound (almost the size of a dime) kept draining itself. Having to work, I cleaned it and put a bandaid on for the day.

Upon getting home and removing the bandaid, the 'head' of this abomination was right at the top and came out with some effort and Qtips and peroxide....what relief! Instead of a white hole, it is now a bloody red hole and its draining itself! Will update in a few days on healing.... THANK YOU!

Raw Potato, H2O2

Posted by Bebe (Elkhart, In) on 02/08/2016
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Raw potato diced up or shredded up, raw only, will pull out the infection, then use hydrogen peroxide to finish pulling out any leftover infection for that week, you will heal, my grandsons boil on his butt was very big and sore I put on the raw shredded up potato into a gauze and taped around the edges so the gauze would breathe, overnight the shredded potato pulled out the core, he felt it hurt at that point, then I checked it the next day and the potato was blackened afterwards, I then proceeded with hydrogen peroxide to keep it cleaned and it healed.

Then my husband had 4 toes on his foot that would not heal, so I did the raw shredded potato again with a big gauze to cover them overnight, then the next day the shredded potatoes in the gauze was black, so I took it off and cleaned with hydrogen peroxide, he healed in two weeks, just keep putting the peroxide on it til it healed up well, the first day I did this the potatoes had pulled out puss and it looked awful, I just cleaned it with the hydrogen peroxide and it healed, every day for two weeks was sufficient.

Recurring Boils

Posted by Ingrid (Brussels, Belgium, Europe) on 03/18/2010

Recurent boils has a name!

Hi everyone, i just had to share this with you, because it took me years to put a name on these inner thigh boils i kept having. It is called hidradenitis suppurativa! It is a rare disease. Actually, it is not so rare, it just goes undiagnosed because of the places it's in and ignorance of doctors. Please look it up and see if this is what you have. Unfortunately i could not find any cure, but the simple thing that helped me was not to touch it: no epilation, no underware (the friction brings them on). Also hot baked onion used locally makes the puss collect. Good luck

EC: Remedies for hidradenitis suppurativa page here:

Rubbing Alcohol

Posted by Michelle (New York, NY) on 07/16/2013
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As soon as you feel a boil developing, it helps to swab the area with rubbing alcohol. Once it is already basically formed, soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and tape it to the boil using a bandaid. Do this until the boil is dried out. Also make sure to change the cotton ball at least twice a day. This has helped me several times. Good luck!

Replied by Kitty
North Carolina
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You're right. The cotton ball soaked in alcohol and bandaged has worked for me several times also.


Posted by Carol (Dora, MS) on 01/11/2007
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Husband got what looked like a pimple on his neck. By the next night it had gotten worrisome big. Went to your web site and found the sea salt cure. We dampened a wash cloth, poured some sea salt on it, and he held it on the boil for twenty minutes. It went down in just twenty minutes! We taped a cotton ball soaked in castor oil and dipped in the salt for three nights, and the thing is gone. Thank you so much Carol Ann

Posted by Tammy (Wellston, OK) on 11/09/2006
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Last year I had a spider bite on my inner thigh. At first it was just a small red bump, but then it grew into what looked like a ring worm. A week later it was the size of a tennis ball and the center of it was a infectious white and itchyyyy as poison ivy. I showed it to my family in India via web cam, she knew immediately what to do. Said just wet it, pour table salt on it and let it sit for at least 20 min. After about one minute it began to burn some, nothing unbearable, although i only let it stand for about 5 min as I'm a big baby. It WORKED!! Dried it up in a matter of days. Since then, I have done this remedy for a number different insect bites, even have done on poison ivy and same result. A few days of doing this once at night cleared it. You can literally feel the salt drawing out the poisons.

Replied by Carla
Greenville, Nc
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I feel like you saved my life! I had tried everything to treat the abscess in my pubic area, and as soon as I read your post I tried the salt, and I still can't believe how it worked. THANK YOU and your family.

Replied by Irene
Los Angeles, Ca

RE: Carla from Greenville, Nc : What type of abscess did you have in your pubic area? And how exactly did you use the salt? I have been trying everything to rid myself of an abscess in the same area. I am so afraid to have this surgically removed.

Salt Pork

Posted by Kathleen (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma , Usa) on 02/07/2010
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For boils/staph, & I'm pretty sure it should work on spider bites, ect. PORK SALT!! Or bacon,which I have used personally on mild staph boils. Sliced & put against skin (boil)with bandage over it. Change out 3-4 times a day,& you should see an incredible improvement within 36 to 48hrs. The fat (or oils) sure seem to be the DRAWING ticket.The bandage thing was much easier for on the job working conditions, & on the kids, it's almost a must.

Posted by Kelli (Greenville, SC) on 12/05/2006
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Salt Pork will cure a Pilonidal Cyst (really bad boil). Place small piece of salt pork directly on boil, it will sting, however it will "dry" up the boil in a matter of days.

Replied by Katerina
Athens, Greece

Hello, by salt pork you mean a piece of row pork meat full of salt?

Replied by Jon
Selma, Alabama

wow, wish I would have known about the pionadal cyct, I had it surgicaly removed and it was a long thing growing around my spine it would inflame and cause great great deal of pain. I had one for several years. Since alot of travel flared up often the pain was so intense. , now I have mrsa. And the boils form under the skin deep. A small pimple like head pops up. And once you pop it. The real deal starts to fill and it hurts. I take a anti biotic every dayfor it. But the one now is breaking me down. I know how bad it will get. So many heartcaths in same area. I got it after a cath procedure. Even comes up on my arm sometimes. Ugly scars. I want to pop this thing now but thats when it relly gets going. I didnt know so many others had them too, I wish you all well.

Salt, Baking Soda, White Vinegar Paste

Posted by Shannon (Medina, Ohio) on 04/11/2008
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I read on your site about table salt so i wet my boil which was the size of a lemon and applied a generous amount of table salt on it I sat for 20 min. with it on it was painful but I did it,then I mixed baking soda,white vinegar and table salt made a paste and applied it waited 20 min. and took it off,I then layed down and within 3 hours my boil broke these work because before this I used boil eaze,hot compresses and hemroid cream nothing worked on it until the table salt.baking soda and vinegar! For the first time in a week I have relief!!!

Schuessler Tissue Salts, Fresh Onion

Posted by Jo (Sydney, Australia) on 09/03/2008
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Hi there, I have been plagued (!) by chronic furunculosis for a number of years now and was searching for cures when I came across your site. I am rushing out now to buy some tumeric. I also find Scheussler tissue salts help - I take all the blood cleanser ones as well as the hayfever since that addresses allergies generally. Rubbing a fresh cut onion as often as you like on the boils also helps enormously, and use antiseptic cream and phisohex wash. Hope this helps others.

Sea Salt

Posted by Carolyn (Hollywood, Florida) on 04/12/2007
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I stopped using sea salt and tried regular iodized table salt and I paid the price for my stupidity. Now that I have sea salt again, my outbreak is calming down. Ted is absolutely correct about sea salt. There are studies showing that magnesium inhibits staph. Sea salt is rich in magnesium. Everybody in this forum needs to pay close attention to Ted.

Replied by Ted
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Dear Carolyn: The pH of an Iodized salt is quite acid at pH of 5, while a sea salt is 8. Staph generally flourishes in an acidic medium.