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Posted by Dreadfulwitchdoctor (Texas, US) on 03/28/2015
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I don't really know whether what I have are boils, cystic acne, or something else, but they start off like zits, rarely come to a head, and last a long time before they finally shrink down to a small, hard knot, that may or may not eventually (over months or years) disappear.

Right now I'm dealing with a particularly nasty one on my chin. I made the mistake of trying to squeeze it, and I could actually see the pus spreading out underneath the skin when I did that. I knew that meant the infection would be far worse, so I came here for remedies since Earthclinic is usually one of my first stops when I'm not sure what to do.

I have a large amount of high-quality organic turmeric powder on hand, because I already take it for inflammation, liver health, and cancer prevention. In fact, I was concerned it wouldn't work, because I am already taking it, so it seems like it should already have worked. But the reviews were so overwhelmingly positive, and I know that turmeric works better in larger doses, so I took it to a new level and it is definitely helping.

Here's what I'm doing: Starting yesterday, I increased my intake of turmeric substantially. I blend my turmeric with ground milk thistle seeds, ground schizandra berries and some ground black pepper, so I'm just taking half a teaspoon of that formula every couple of hours instead of three times a day. The milk thistle at that quantity isn't an issue, and I put a smaller proportion of schizandra than the other herbs in the formula, so I'm not worried about getting too much of that. I have less still of the black pepper, so again, I'm not concerned. I don't mess with capsules or mixing it with milk or water. Capsules are too time-consuming and expensive to make, and mixing it with water just prolongs the amount of time I'm tasting it. I just dump the powder into my mouth (under the tongue to avoid accidentally inhalation which is not fun! ), then take a large swig of warm water, swish it all around in my mouth, and swallow. No worse than taking a pill, really, and cheap and easy. I take a lot of different herbs this way, so I'm used to it and it doesn't bother me at all.

Milk thistle can cause diarrhea in some people so taking it with the turmeric could hypothetically help to prevent constipation (while simultaneously giving even more support to your liver than the turmeric already provides).

I also decided to apply turmeric externally. Before doing this, I held an ice cube on the boil for as long as I could stand it. Next, I soaked a large cotton ball in witch hazel, and added one drop each of tea tree, rosemary, and basil essential oils. I took these steps to try to eliminate some of the swelling and bruising.

Then I mixed up my turmeric paste. I didn't want it to dry to a crumbly powder, so I put about a teaspoon of turmeric in a small glass container with a sealable plastic lid and moistened it with raw honey. The honey makes it sticky enough to easily adhere to the boil and it doesn't dry out. The raw honey also has anti-bacterial benefits. I also added some black pepper, and about three drops of tea tree oil and one drop of oregano oil. I spread this mixture over the boil and covered it with a bandaid. I could tell within a couple of hours that it was getting smaller, but I left it on for about five or six hours. When I took the bandaid off, I could tell it had helped.

I cleaned it up, took a bath, held a warm, soaking wet washcloth on it (frequently re-warming the washcloth in the hot bath water). I also took a handful of epsom salts I moistened with bath water and spread this over the whole area. I let that sit a while, then rinsed it off.

After the bath, I covered the entire area in bentonite clay for about an hour or two. It was very soothing and cooling.

After rinsing the clay off, I re-applied the turmeric/honey paste, and covered it with another bandaid. This stayed on all night.

This morning, the large lump was less than half the size it was yesterday. It was still dark purple and angry looking, but I could see three white spots where pus had been draining out and continued to do so. The pad of the bandaid had three corresponding globs of pus on it. I did the bentonite clay application again for about an hour, then iced it again, then re-applied the turmeric paste and covered with a new bandaid.

This afternoon, the lump is almost gone. It's still purple, but seems to be getting better. I remembered that I have a bottle of turmeric essential oil, so I added a drop to that of my paste. I haven't re-applied since I added that, so I don't know if it will increase the effectiveness or not. I will try to update to let you know. I'm thinking of adding a couple of drops of Rescue Remedy as well and possibly some chamomile tincture for inflammation.

Once I feel like the infection has completely drained, I plan to start alternating two salves to help heal the skin. I made these salves myself. One of them is made from comfrey-infused oil and has added essential oils (basil, rosemary, marjoram, and eucalyptus) and the other is made from a mixture of chamomile-infused oil and calendula-infused oil, plus kukui nut oil, shea butter and essential oils (frankincense, spikenard, patchouli, copaiba balsam, ylang ylang, and myrrh).

Oh, I also started taking a daily dose of L-Lysine yesterday. I don't know if that's helping or not.

Overall, I'm very happy that things are moving along as quickly as they are. I don't expect this will be invisible by the time I have to go to work on Monday, but I think it's going to look a lot better than it would have if I hadn't done all of the above.

Replied by Dreadfulwitchdoctor
Texas, US

Just wanted to update after applying the turmeric paste with added chamomile tincture, Rescue Remedy, and a drop of turmeric essential oil. These additions seemed to help considerably. The boil is gone, most of the redness is gone, the swelling is gone, the hard lump is gone. Friday evening, I had a purple/black lump the size of a marble on my chin. This is Sunday morning and I have a small, flat pinkish area that I expect to be almost fully healed by tomorrow morning. I was honestly shocked when I took the bandaid off this morning.

I've started applying the comfrey salve to speed the healing of the skin. I do have some peeling of the top layer of skin.

I'm a firm believer in attacking problems from multiple angles. I think turmeric is a powerful healer of boils, but I also think the combination of all the remedies I've been using have worked in harmony to heal my boil even faster than the turmeric would have on its own.

Posted by Mike (Vancouver, Canada) on 10/05/2013
5 out of 5 stars

After trying all the recommended remedies I had the mother of all boils calm down and become dormant after a month of tumeric, garlic, olive tree tea oil, epsom salt, honey, ACV, baking soda, itchatamol pulling oil... Ingesting it, applying it on topically every day and eventually she started getting smaller and smaller and almost non existent. Weird how a golf size boil that was so angry just sort of slowly shrank without coming to a head. I can still feel a raised bump with abnormal texture when rubbed but no pain or inflammation. I will continue with the tumeric and healthy lifestyle. I believe a poor diet and stress at the job while sitting on my bottom for 12 hours a day was the major contributions to the boils on my behind. Thank you so much for I have learned so much.

Posted by Angsu (Lima, Peru) on 02/02/2013
5 out of 5 stars

After suffering from boils for about 8 months, and trying a huge number of combinations... My conclusion as follows:

Staph is very adept at mutating to survive. Therefore one remedy you use, may prove useless in several months time. Changing body chemistry and hitting it where it cannot defend itself is the only way to destroy it completely. Therefore PH and Magensium really works (as Ted advises).

- Lemon juice / Bicarb twice daily
- Vitamin C as Magnesium Ascorbate (not Sodium Ascorbate) once daily 1000 - 2000mg is enough.

Exterior (on the boils themselves):
- Magnesium (i used as Mag chloride) powder, mixed with a little water (stings), on a cotton wool pad, taped to the boil.

Also, to dry them out:
- Bicarbonate of soda, mixed with Sange de Grado (Dragons blood) pure.

For overnight, to reduce inflammation and draw out pus:
- Coconut oil, mixed with fresh or powdered turmeric (as a paste), and fresh liquidised cilantro, coriander (to activate it) and some black pepper.

MMS in solution mixed with DMSO does get rid of folliculitis in about 24 hours, but the issue is maintaining a body where the bacteria cannot grow. Therefore lots of water, lots of alkalysing and magnesium internally and externally. For external applications use tape to affix a cotton wool pad with the remedy, for daily and overnight applications. Overnight has great results!!!

Replied by Catherine
5 out of 5 stars

I have been struggling with a staph outbreak for years and years the only thing that cured my outbreaks (usually once a year) was going on rifampicin. I really didn't want to continue taking antibiotics and wanted to see if I could cure myself naturally. So far nothing worked for me well enough to rid me from the infection but I could have cried with relief at the success from magnesium! Magnesium, vitamin c as mag ascorbate and lots of alkalising. Thank you thank you thank you! You all must try it. I will now use milk of magnesia as a deodorant too best natural deo I've found!

Posted by Anne (Brooklyn, Ny) on 09/05/2011

A year ago I started suffering from boils in my armpits. I got one on the right side, which finally resolved after antibiotics and compresses, and it was a traumatic experience. Nine months later, when it started getting hot out again, I noticed tiny little whitehead type things appearing in my pits, and two of them developed into boils on the left side. I had to take two rounds of antibiotics because the first did not kill the staph infection and I had to get one lanced. They hurt terribly and look awful, and since I keep getting them I feel like antibiotics are not the answer.

Last week I notcied a tender spot in my left pit but couldn't see anything, but two days later a boil was clearly developing and it was extremely painful. Went to the doc who gave me a prescription, but I was determined not to take more antibiotics. After all, the doc thought that taking antibiotics after I had surgery last year may have lowered my immune system in the first place.

I am currently trying several remedies and having success. I started taking turmeric in warm milk at the first sign (2x a day) and applying tea tree oil, but this did not stop the boil from getting huge. I've also been hot compressing it and I bought some Prid homeopathic drawing salve (it looks like black tar) from the pharmacy and applied that. Both things helped draw it to a head. The boil seemed ready to pop, so I sterilized a needle and just opened the tiny little white head to help it along and get it to start draining. It was draining slowly so I alternately applied hot compresses (with salt in them) and then applying the drawing salve and covering it with a bandage. Yesterday it drained a lot and is much less painful now (not waking me up at night), though still nasty looking.

I feel like I can beat it without the antibiotics, which I'm really happy about. However, I've noticed that I still have tiny little white heads on the other armpits so I do think that somehow my system is messed up and perhaps toxic.... Why else would I keep getting these? I am thinking I need to do a detox/cleanse and I have started taking probiotics to help boost my immune system. I will report back if I do the cleanse.

Replied by Maria
Gippsland, Australia

Hi Anne, Shaving can be a cause. I was having them continuously and when I stopped shaving they stopped coming. Never had one since. Keep on with the turmeric as its long term use will help with the removal of toxins and infections in your body. It will also help your liver which may need some support in removing toxins from your system. All the best.

Replied by Maria
Gippsland, Australia

Have just remembered I also stopped using my deodorants and switched to the solid crystal instead, rinsing it well after each use. Now I use lemon, just a little juice on both palms an put on each armpit.

Replied by Anne
Brooklyn, Ny

Hi Maria, My doctor said razors could be the cause so I use Hibiclens after I shave, but that hasn't stopped them. This has abeen a very stressful time, so that probably is influencing it as well. I also have stopped using antipersperant and switched to a spray deodorant so that I don't have to worry about spreading it from side to side. I am thinking of possibly exploring laser hair removal...

I will keep on with the turmeric and try the clean program, and hopefully be done with this once and for all!

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia

Ann, boils and any skin condition are a result of sluggish digestion and the toxins are merely getting out of the skin via a boil (or a rash or ezcema etc. etc.).

Once you clean up your digestion you won't have any more boils.

The tumeric should help... Maybe you didn't use enough. I add it in all my curries. Even sprinkle it on roast chicken. Garlic is also good for digestion, digestive engzymes will also help along with the probiotics. If your liver is an issue, chlorella and spirulina are natural liver detoxers. Stay away from processed foods, they are NOT food. You may as well eat cardboard for the nutritional value they have.

Replied by Anne
Brooklyn, Ny

Thanks for all your feedback. I started taking chlorella a week or two ago and just got some probiotics, so hopefully that will help with my digestion. In the meantime, I'm going to try to really focus on eating a clean, whole food diet. I'm a pretty healthy person generally, but do eat some processed foods, so I'm going to try and cut those out. Perhaps I'll try taking a bit more turmeric and incorporate it into my cooking as much as possible. Thanks again for your suggestions.

Replied by Sally

Hair is actually helpful, it helps keep pores open and helps sebum leave the pore... pores with hair in them depend on the hair to help the pore function. This is why shaving leads to clogged pores, and folicilitis. I would encourage you to research issues that have resulted from permanent hair removal before you take this step, to make sure it is right for you.

Posted by Ali (Between A Corn Field And A Corn Field, Mid-west ) on 07/19/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I just wanted to make people aware that if you absolutely need to take Tumeric/Curcumin in supplement form, Vitamin World sells it in capsules and the only ingredients listed, other than the tumeric, is Gelatin and Vegetable Stearic Acid... There's no DiCalcium Phosphate. The pure spice form is preferable of course but I wanted to share another option. Also, buying pure Melissa (lemon balm) essential oil and using 1-3 drops in a carrier oil (like Vitamin E or Almond Oil) applied to the body or affected areas has antibacterial effects. Tea tree, rosewood, calendula and many other oils can provide you with daily prevention. My recommendation is to google any of those for further information. I hope this helps!

Posted by Joeym (Minneapolis , Mn) on 11/24/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I have successfully drained two painful boils/large pimples (one was a MRSA staph boil) by mixing homemade colloidal silver with bentonite clay powder and making a poultice of it between layers of medical gauze. I covered it with breathable medical tape overnight and when I woke up, the boil/pimple had drained to near completion. I also continued the poultice throughout the day, and by evening, it had drained completely. The pus was gone and new skin was showing where the drainage was previously coming out. Between dressings I used hydrogen peroxide to clean the boil and the area surrounding it. In my opinion, this is the best way to drain a boil/large pimple as it doesn't require any pressure or squeezing, which often causes scarring.

The MRSA boil was on my face and was the size of a silver dollar. My doctor told me that I would likely have a large pock-mark or scar on my face. It has been a little over a month, and you can't even see where the boil was. I'm thankful for the internet, as this is how I discovered the Colloidal Silver/Bentonite Clay treatment. I'm just passing along my experience for others. Blessings to you all!

Posted by Ally (Atlanta, Ga) on 01/20/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I am glad I found this page and others. About Me: I am a 25-year old, African American female. I have never been sexually active. I am 5'6" and 135 pounds. I eat too many sweets/carbs & shave weekly. I recently got over a cold

Today, relief came to me after barely 24 hours of INTENSE treatment. Yesterday, after I got off work I picked up Turmeric and Acidophilus, Antibacterial bodywash, and Tea Tree Oil. I took a hot shower (5:45) using the antibacterial bodywash and applied a hot compress (drained, wet cloth microwaved for 1 minutes) dipped in a paste mixture (of 1 miced clove of garlic, 3 tbsp baking soda, 1 tbspp apple cider vinegar, 1 tbsp lemon juice, and 1 capsule of Turmeric). I placed gauze on top of the boil so the mixture would stay in place. I ate a meal and took 1 capsule of Acidophilus and 1 capsule of Turmeric. I drank an additional glass of water. Later, I soaked in a tub of hot water (as hot as you can take) and sprinkled epsolm salt, baking soda, and peroxide. I washed with the antibacterial bodywash. After about 20 minutes of soaking I applied tea tree oil to the boil and everything within an inch or two of it as well. I got a q-tip and dipped it in the tea tree and cleaned out my nose. It felt tingly like how vapor rub opens your nasal passages up. Then, I went to bed.

When I woke up this morning I applied a hot compress with the mixture again and sat in a hot tub for a quick soak. When I got out of the tub (8am) I was about to apply the tea tree oil when I saw liquid oozing out of the boil. Hallelujah! I squeezed it and immediately cleaned it with peroxide and followed with tea tree oil (a natural antiseptic) and triple antibiotic ointment (get from any grocery store or pharmacy). BEWARE! If you do not disinfect and treat the area after the boil bursts, it will become infected again and may spread. I will continue to shower with antibacterial bodywash (for the rest of my life), have hot soaks for the next week, take Acidophilus & Turmeric for the next week, and drink more water forever :-).


1.) I will no longer shave except for my legs and underarms.
2.)After shaving I will immediately wash with antibacterial bodywash or antibacterial soap (which is different from regular fragranced soaps because if it doesn't say antibacterial, then it won't kill any bacteria).
3.) I will look for and begin using deodorant (not anti-perspirant) with tea trea oil in it because it's healthier and will fight infection before anything happens. There are lotions and oils with tea tree oil and I will be sure to look for those as well.
4.)I have always done this, but thought I'd share... I change my washcloth and bath towel daily for good hygiene. I never wash my face with the same washcloth I bathe with.
5.) When you do laundry, I suggest adding a capfull of pine sol into your wash to disinfect your undergarments that had close contact with the infected regions.
6.) Carry anti-bacterial wipes around with you because the bacteria that causes boils can be spread.

ATTENTION LADIES: If the boil is in your private area, I suggest wearing pantyliners and cleaning the boil with tea tree everytime you use the restroom during the day and changing your liner as well.

Posted by Jen (Mission, Ks) on 01/11/2010
4 out of 5 stars

I have had a boil for the past 8 days ... first time I have ever had one, and was completely freaking out! It just appeared one day, and progressively hurt worse each day. The second day, I began drinking a half glass of warm water with turmeric powder mixed in it, tasted gross but I just plugged my nose and chased it with a glass of cold water. I did this 3 times a day, also took acidophillus pills 3 times a day. The swelling went down, within a few hours. I took two hot showers each day, and thought that the boil was ready to drain several times but after trying realized it was not. I began to mix the turmeric with water and put the paste on the actual boil, which helped a lot! It finally began to drain. I also got manuka tea tree honey which I applied, and it drained it completely. I have been taking echinasea drops in water as well to boost my immune system. I do not want more of these! The boil is not totally healed, but no longer hurts, and has drained pretty much completely. I will continue to take the herbs internally, and put the honey on the boil directly since bacteria cannot live in the honey. Hope this may help!

Posted by Sarah (Los Angeles, Ca) on 08/01/2009
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Hi, Ted- hope you get this... have been having an issue with a small boil-like thing on the back of my upper thigh. It has been there on and off before in the past- I have picked at it before, some small puss will come out and then it usually goes down again. It errupted again about a month ago- I put colliodal silver on it and it seems to be going down, but then I did about 2 weeks of heavy-metal cleanse, borax, occasional hydrogen peroxide inhalation, etc. and during that time felt like a had some kind of bug that i was chasing around my system. I had a respiratory type thing right before started cleanse, then it went into my nose for weeks- had several small pustules inside nose and both nostrils were raw and swollen... i kept draining the pustules and then applying various things: colloidal silver, neosporin, clove and basil, oregano and sea salt nasil spray, etc... but what's interesting is that when it went away in my nose the boil started to fill again. I even went to the dr. who didn't really tink the boil was anything b/c was small and no head to it ( it never really comes to a head, though i HAVE picked at it tried to squeeze it...)

Anyways- I put compress of milk of magnesia, borax, silver, and sea salt on it and covered with a band aid... about 8 hours later (last night) i got really sudden intense vertigo, nausea, followed by a bad fever. I took the sea salt cure for vertigo, along with niacinide and magnesium... and was able to sleep but have been exhasuted all day and slight fever again. Also got bitten or stung by spider or mosquito 2 days ago. am wondering if could be blood poisoning from spider or if could possibly be staph or MRSA that got into my blood? Any advice on how to treat? thanks

BTW- the sea salt in water worked AMAZING on the vertigo was only thing that gave me any relief last night,... you're brilliant thanks!

Posted by Linda (Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA) on 01/03/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I started getting boils repeatedly in the last couple of years on different parts of my body, but I stopped the cycle successfully through natural remedies. If I ever get another one, I'll definitely try the Turmeric, but for now, I wanted to share what worked for me.

I always try to find the cause of my health problems so that I can cure it permanently versus just treating the symptoms, and this method has always worked great for me. I noticed my boils started after I had been taking a high potency multi-vitamin for awhile, and after that, whenever I ate chocolate and peanuts. I also believe I might have gotten some type of fungal infection in my blood that was causing them. For immediate relief of pain and inflammation, I used ice packs (hot water made mine worse). To kill the infection on the surface, I put a few drops of Tea Tree Oil (natural anti-bacterial) on a cotton ball pre-moistened with hydrogen peroxide and applied it several times throughout the day (sometimes this alone cured them). If I ever got a boil on an area of skin that was touching another area of skin, I would make sure to apply the Tea Tree oil on all skin that was touching the boil. For a stubborn boil I had on my abdomen once, I mixed a very small amount of Goldenseal powder (natural anti-bacterial) with a teaspoon of Castor Oil, put them on a gauze pad over the boil, secured it with Bandaids and then covered it gently with a heating pad for about 20 minutes 3 times a day. Both of these natural ingredients are drawing agents, and they worked wonders to start pulling the infection right out of the skin within hours. By the next day, the infection was completely out and the boil was gone. Once the wound closed a little, I applied Aloe Vera gel to it regularly to prevent any scarring.

To stop the cycle of recurring boils, I did two things: I learned that a boil happens when the body has a toxin that it cannot get out fast enough through the normal channels. Since I generally eat a healthy, whole foods diet, I figured the only other thing it could be was my multi-vitamin supplement, so I stopped taking it. Soon after that, the number and severity of my boils went way down. To finish off any other toxins, I decided to try a medicinal herb that is very effective at killing bacteria, fungus and viruses: Pau d'Arco. I drank 1 cup of Pau d'Arco tea daily for 2 months, and I've not had another boil since, even after eating too much chocolate and nuts during the holidays. These safe, natural methods were extremely effective for me, and I love the idea that they also taught me how to prevent any future recurrances.

Posted by Marie (Miami, Florida) on 06/17/2008
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My teenage son has genital acne which is not herpes for the past three years. The doctors told me it's because his sweat glands are blocked. He was placed on multiple antibiotics that never worked. They even suggested surgey. Then one day on one of ops to the doctor, a suggestion was made for my son to take accutane. I was shock! How could a doctor recommand accutane to a teenage boy who is already depressed. I walked out of that office and told my son that God was going to heal himWell I started reasearching and found your site. Wow! I stumble on different ways to treat boils, which is basically what my son has. I started to experiement and came up with this wonderful recipe.
Turmeric = 2 tablespoon
Neem powder= 2 table spoon
Garlic Clove= 1 crushed clove
Castro oil- 2 table spoon

Boil water and turmeric 2x aday and drink with blackstrap molassess and cayenne pepper

Within twenty four hours my sons boils in his genital and underarm area was shringing and comming to a head. My son does not sweat easily, on the first day he was sweating. He also states that he is not in pain. FOR ANYONE THAT HAVE THIS PROBLEM TRY TURMERIC AND THE OTHER INGREDIENTS IT WORKS

Replied by Helena
Wexford, Ireland
5 out of 5 stars

Hello I am very grateful for your remedy for boils/acne I used the Tumeric 1/2 tsp and Cayenne pepper 1/2 tsp in some water, and baking soda and vinegar made into a paste rubbed into the area where the problem was I used this on my 2 sons who had boils/ acne on the back and chest area in one day both of them had a great improvement in the condition in fact the boils looked dead and not inflamed as they were before and very sore so today I have done it a second time and I feel it will get rid of it completely I cannot thank you enough.

Replied by Laura
Warrenton, Virginia

HI, I know this thread is old, but wondering if still working for you. I have an 11 year old daughter who is getting boils in her groin area and we are desparate. Thank you and God Bless

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Laura, So sorry your young daughter is suffering. I would suggest you get turmeric in her immediately. There are many testimonies on this site on the success of this and turmeric is one of those miraculous herbs. Here are the links to the sections:

Also, this is a bit from the top of the boils page:

Natural Cures: Though other natural remedies exist -- such as drawing salve and colloidal silver -- hands down the best preferred home remedy for boils is turmeric. If you are unfamiliar with this mild, earthy orange spice, it is commonly used in Indian cuisine and mustards. It can be applied directly to boils (though it stains) or consumed in food or drink. Turmeric is most effective against boils if combined with a dietary fat and black pepper.

Wishing you and your daughter the best, Lisa

Replied by Airzone
Hernando, Ms

My grand son has boils I take a cotton swab dip it in bleach clean the area bleach will stop the bacteria good luck it does work and does not bother him in any way.

Replied by Heather

Hi , I think I read it's due to a body that is too acidic and too much calcium. She could bath in Epsom salts as the magnesium would help heal and balance out the calcium. Sudacream helps( zinc nappy rash cream) topically. The tumeric advice sounds good( add to food and topically). Water with lemon juice every day would be a gentle alkaliser to drink but ACV and bicarb better if you can persuade her to take it. I think this is really common, it's just people don't talk about it. Good luck x

Replied by Momma2boys
Pacific Nw, Usa

Hi - I'm so sorry for your daughter. How awful to be going through that at so young of an age. She might have hidradentis suppurativa - you can google it to find out more info. I have it and get the boils in my groin area. Applying a drop of tea tree oil directly on the boil and surrounding area several times a day helps to speed up the healing process quite a bit. I also recommend looking into cleaning up her diet and possibly eliminating wheat, dairy and sugar (which would no doubt be very challenging for a pre-teen girl to do! ). But when someone is in so much pain... She might be willing to try it in order to get better. :) Best of luck to you both!

Replied by Sp
Wb, New Jersey, Usa

Hi Laura, a few months ago I got rid of boils with remedies I found here. I treated them from the inside and the outside. Most importantly is treating from the inside. For the inside, I take an acidophilus capsule (3 Billion) with breakfast and with dinner. I have also started eating whole milk yogurt. And to treat them from the outside, I used zinc oxide ointment. The ordinary kind with few ingredients that you can find in most drug stores. I would slather it on the boils twice a day - after my shower in the morning and then again before bed. Use a lot, it's messy, so use a sanitary pad as a bandage, that can stick to the inside of her underwear. Mine cleared up and have not come back. Hope this helps.

Posted by Joy (Lowell, Rogers) on 06/14/2008 6 posts
5 out of 5 stars

BOILS: Our families results: Yes Turmeric

YES!!! Vinegar baths Yes yes yes!!!

I felt like you discouraged people from using Hydrogen Pyroxide. I need to tell you that when we would get the familiar (prickly) bite on our behinds that we knew was an infected follicle, and future boil. The one thing that stopped it at that early early point was scratching it open, and putting a cotton ball soaked in hydrogen pyroxide on it with tape overnight. If we didn't do it quickly though, we would have to take the turmeric to get it to stop growing.

When the family started taking Vinegar baths and then rub A and D zinc oxide cream diaper Rash ointment on our behinds, and of course everyone wiped the toilet seat with alcohol after they used it... but anyway, this is what totally stopped the spread of them in the house. Six people.

Turmeric was great and we attempted to keep an alkalinizing diet, but the vinegar and ointment is what stopped the spread in the house.

Posted by Tammy (Lincoln, Iowa) on 06/10/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Ok, so maybe I've gone a bit overboard, but I FEEL BETTER. I can't say with any certainty which remedy is helping with which malady, but I can assure you I will be continuing with them all!

About May 5th or so I got another boil- my whole family has been plagued with them since my boys went swimming in a creek about three years ago. I've had two or three, we all know they are very painful, but this one was absolutely out of this world! So I spent days soaking in Epsom salts, using hot packs etc. and it finally started to heal. The I got another one on May 26th.

I have NEVER been fond of the medical establishment an example of why would be that 4 years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and a heart arrhythmia and was put on a ridiculous amount of medication now know it was a magnesium and vitamin D deficiency. So I've been going to nature more and more over the years.

I'm sorry, anyway the boil. God Blessed me and lead me to this site on the 28th, on the 29th I started:

#1 2tbl of ACV three times a day,
#2 three capsules of turmeric three times a day
#3 oil pulling-I started with hemp oil it does not become foamy or loose its color so I switched to sesame oil,
#4 bathing with borax, rinsing with ACV, and moisturizing with coconut oil, and cleaning my ears and nose out daily with hydrogen peroxide
#5 after washing and rinsing the area I apply iodine, when that dries I cover the sores with a band-aid using a paste of neosporine and turmeric powder and
#6 morning and evening I drink a "tea" of 1 Tbsp each Blackstrap molasses, local honey, and coconut oil, a tsp of cinnamon, 1/4 tsp turmeric, and a scant 1/4 tsp cayenne.

Those are the remedies, here are the effects. My hair and skin feel fantastic, its spring and I have had ZERO allergy or asthma symptoms ( I have suffered these my entire life) I am sleeping better, and my appetite has decreased - also I find I am less inclined to eat "junky" food. I don't own scales so I can't say what -if any -weight I have lost but I do feel better in my clothes. I hope to see progress in this area, due to the maladies and meds I have gained about 45lbs in the last five years. Because of all the cleansing processes I have undertaken I was not surprised when I started developing more boils, I currently have 13 on my upper thighs, abdomen and groin areas but NONE have continued to develop. They appear and I treat as described above. They develop a head, burst, and drain with only a little discomfort. Only two have gone completely, also the first one that I had gotten that I believed was healed? I started treating it like the new ones and it BEGAN TO DRAIN AGAIN!

Now a couple of questions. Am I correct in assuming the outbreak is a natural side affect of detoxing, and will my energy level increase once I have gotten past the battle my body is currently waging against all these toxins? I would love to have the energy I had before. I have 5 teenagers, a 6 year old a dog three cats and I live in Iowa so of course I have water in my basement right now and I would soooo love to have the energy for a garden again. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Most of the improvement may have been the epsom salt baths, tumeric and cayenne pepper, but it was the ACV that gave you the energy. The fibromyalgia and heart problems will be help mostly with magnesium and immune system is best supported by vitamin D3. The benefits of improved skin came from Epsom salt, hair comes from blackstrap mollasses. Immunity system would be further helped with some vitamin K, and as I have found regular vitamin K would also do fine. It's synergistic with the vitamin D3.

As to the reduction of boils, I have recently found carbicarb taking during the night would help with the sleep too, and kill off the boils by alkalization. Basically my updated remedy (I keep updating them!) is 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate in 1 glass of water taken during the early evening hours. Boils should somewhat reduce with just taking this, if it was taken at least twice a day, for about two or three weeks. Tumeric and cayenne is synergistic. A magnesium supplements 250-500 mg a day in the form of magnesium glycinate, magnesium gluconate, magnesium citrate or magnesium chloride would do fine.

To increase more energy, I think 2 tablespoon of ACV plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water in the morning will be responsible for most of the energy gains, hence they can be taken during morning, and afternoon hours too.

A once a week zinc gluconate 50 mg may help reduce boils due to its antibiotic properties, although it works the best as an antiviral.

Whenever energy level is increased usually there is increase in immunity. Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue can be very debilitating, but I have found the carbicarb remedy taken at least 2 times a day would help most of the problem, plus some ACV with baking soda, magnesium supplements, twice a week vitamin E 400 i.u. Once a week b complex such as B50 should help increase some energy levels too.

Reduction is boils is possible with sufficient alkalization, magnesium. Borax remedy in my opinion seems to help chronic fatigue such as 1/8 teaspoon of borax in one liter of drinking water taken 4 days a week. It is always synergistic with the carbicarb remedy or the simpler baking soda remedy, in which 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water is taken twice a day.

Fibromyalgia, whatever the problems, the major remedy is baking soda, borax, magnesium, vitamin D and b complex as mentioned. Chromium polynicotinate, such as 500-1000 mcg seems to be helpful in a couple of cases when there is excessive sweaty hands and other unexplained skin problems

Boils especially pus maybe reduce rather quickly if sufficient baking soda was taken, but not just the baking soda, but also the carbicarb remedy also.


Posted by Joan (San Francisco, CA) on 06/03/2008
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BOIL REMEDIES: I am back and wanted to share my experiences recently since trying the different recommended remedies. I use a combination and they have drastically reduced the condition.

1. Dial soap (ordinary yellow bar only) - each morning.
2. Tumeric tablets - 3/4 times a day w/ meals (I have noticed this really reduces the swelling).
3. use Tea tree oil at night and Bach's flower remedy cream over it before bedtime.

As a result, although it has not completely vanished, the symptoms have drastically been reduced. It reduces swelling, pain and bursting. It has reduced the number of boils and when they do appear, they are much smaller and resolve themselves much quicker.

Thanks everyone for your help.

Posted by Jessy (St. Pete, Fla) on 05/29/2008
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For more than 1/2 my life...Re: Post-surgery of the right armpit and beyond. In 2000 I had a cyst removed from my right pit. It was benign, the size of a grapefruit, & was an outpt procedure, Was sent home with drains & Oxy-contin. Detoxed self off that, & came through well with the drains meaning little scarring. 6 mos. later I was to return for the same procedure on the left arm, but refused as the right was beginning to swell again. Hence, SURGERY DOESN'T WORK FOR A SYSTEMIC CONDITION. What does?? Every thing mentioned in this blessed site so far! Especially the ACV-Epsom Salt, & Kosher/Sea Salt. Messy as hell, but very healing. Paper tape as well when draining, as it took me years to find a solution to ripped-off skin. Also, Curry powder which contains Turmeric, at night, but it can stain so be careful. Then, Campho-Phenique after bathing can catch new erupts early and stop them, especially in the groin area. Hot compresses of Golden Seal/Burdock/Slippery Elm herbal tea are also effective, but on thin skin they are indeed painful - had to take several shots of liquor before applying - BUT, 30 YEARS LATER THERE'S BEEN NO RECURRANCE TO THE AREA AT THE TIP OF MY COCCYX BONE. Good luck all, will write back soon...Jessy