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Posted by Tammy (Wellston, Oklahoma) on 04/18/2007

I tried the basic iodine you get from the pharmacy on some sort of hard lump on my inner thigh .. I can assume it to have been a boil, anyway it started as a small bump, I thought maybe an ingrown hair. After a few months it was still there only very much larger, hard, dark brown and painful. Don't know what it was, probably dont want to know, but after a weeks worth of iodine swabbed on from a q-tip, it has become only a scar. It was almost diameterically dime sized and raised about 1/4 inch ... little more as it centered in, so I painted about an inch all around it as well, just for added measure ;) One thing, I also have a skin tag near it, I also applied it to that and nothing happened to it sadly. But whatever "bumps" you've got ... give some iodine a shot!

Replied by Rebecca
(Elk, Wa Usa)

My family became plagued with boils for many years while working in Romanian Hospitals. I really believe I have come up with a viable cure for boils. The concept of iodine or any other topical treatment is it kills the infection to some degree. If you place triple antibiotic ointment in your nose, where staph grows, and in your ears, you will cut the spreading of it. Scrub you skin with an rough washcloth and antibiotic body wash. Bleach your tub every time you use it so others and yourself will not be reinfected. Staph grows in your nose, ears and other warm wet places, but, mostly on your skin. It appears to be external, and that is where you have to fight it. It is highly contagious.

Triple anti biotic, like Neosporin, seems to be the cure, when placed in the nose in pea sized amounts. We beat it after a long battle very quickly after starting this treatment and this method has kept us free and helped others. It is proven to really be a answer to the boil problem.

Replied by Julia
(Greenville, Nc)

I am battling with a boil on my knee that the doctor had to lance and pack, 4 visits to her, but it takes a long time to heal. It was lab tested and is MRSA. It's finally healing after two weeks! It has a pea sized center that's still red. I find large bandages draw it out, and they go costly so I would use fresh menstrual pads and the thickness seemed to pull out more pus. I would lay them inside a soccer sock and the compression seemed to help. Sometimes I would get a mild fever if I exerted myself during the day too much. I wonder if it can be spread by fleas? Though I do my best to control fleas, I have dogs, and cat, one lives outdoors, and it just dawned on me that they need a round of antibiotics.

Replied by Rseagle69
(Atlanta, Ga)

Colloidal Silver will kill it immediately and save you having to go to the doctor. Also try oregano oil or both which would be my approach.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
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Julia, "slow heal" and "chronic infection" are almost always directly linked to Zinc deficiency. 25-50 mg daily for a couple weeks should help very much.

Posted by Carolyn (Hollywood, FL) on 12/20/2006

Hi, here is an update on my condition. All the original boils dried up and there were no lumps left under the skin. This was fine for 2 days and today there is an extremely TINY bump that formed near the original infection area. I think it is so small because of the turmeric in my system. But I doused it anyway with iodine and gave a fresh douse to the whole area that had been infected. I also keep a plastic bucket in the tub and fill it with water and a few drops of iodine. I reach into the bucket and swish around, this will clean under the nails, and rub the iodine water up my arms. Also I soak my clothes overnight in an iodine water solution as described. Before going out today, I am going to bathe with the solution and when I get home, bathe with it and change into new clothes. Of course making a new solution each time. I want to deeply thank the people who run and post in this forum because without your information, I would have had a disaster on my face. I am teaching others as fast as possible in my area. A friend who lives with me owns a large daycare. She is taking all this information very seriously. She has not seen any boils or infected sores on the children yet, but she is prepared now, thanks to Ted and all of you in this forum. God bless you and thank you.

Posted by Dee (Washington) on 07/21/2006

I used Lugol's iodine to cure boils and acne. During the last several years I have learned to live with boils popping up all over my chin area including on my nose once. Nothing worked at making them go away quickly so I was always stuck with looking at big red spots that take a long to to go away. When I put the iodine on my chin the two boils were basically gone (redness too!!!) within three days of application. It cleared up all the small pimples as well. This is incredible stuff and as cheap as it is.... it far beats any expensive treatments and doctors I have ever tried. Now I put it on as a mask at night now and then and my face is clear. Cheers, D

Posted by Darya (Santa Ana) on 05/24/2006

I tried the iodine on a 2nd boil on my face after reading about it on your website. I held a q-tip soaked in colorless iodine to the boil until it burst. It scabbed over and took about a week to heal. I would try something else on my face next time because I think it will take weeks before the blemish actually fades (looks now like a large freckle). But for boils elsewhere on the body, I would go for iodine.

Posted by Earth Clinic (USA)

Use colorless (aka "decolorized") iodine on the face, as iodine will stain your skin orange. Hold a q-tip soaked in iodine to the boil for several minutes. Replenish the iodine if the q-tip dries out too much. The boil will burst. However, it does scab and take about a week to heal. Cover with fresh aloe or dab with hydrogen peroxide 3x a day to speed healing.

Iodine, Epsom Salt, Sodium Chloride

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Posted by Caitlin (Springfield, Missouri) on 09/10/2007

About a week ago i noticed u bump on me at first i thought it was just a pimple until it got bigger and bigger it was right on my butt. It got to the point where i couldn't even walk or sit down it hurt so bad. So i talked to my mom ad she went to the store and got Iodine that really helped. Then i would take a hot hot bath ( hot as you can stand) and put Emsom Salt in there around the boil. It brought it to a head so i could pop it. Afterwards i started using Sodium Chloride' by the next day it was gone!!! It was the best for me!!

Ivory Soap

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Posted by Kristina (Waukesha, WI) on 03/20/2007

Here is yet another of my grandma's remedies, although she wasn't what I would have called a naturalist. She had a very painful boil on her armpit that the doctor was going to lance if it didn't break by a certain day. Well, this frightened her so she went in a very hot shower with a bar of Ivory brand soap (she always swore by this brand for ailments and always kept a bar handy) and rubbed that boil up and down with the soap. It burst after I don't know how long. My theory besides the hot water is that Ivory soap dries the skin and makes it constrict, therefore bursting it. But grandma swore something in the soap was helpful, I don't know what, and maybe it drew the boil to a head. I love this site and am so indebted to its creators! Thank you!


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Posted by Juanita (Little Rock, AR) on 04/02/2008

Some of you that are suffering from boils may want to take L-lysine 500mg daily. I had a boil appear on my buttock back in October of 2003. I didn't know what it was, but I worked in a clinic at the time and told one of the nurses my symptoms. The first thing she asked me was "have you ever had herpes"? I was somewhat taken aback and told her no. I was told to soak in a epsom salt bath. The second time the boil appeared I aksed the doctor in my clinic about it. He too asked me about herpes, I gave him the same answer that I gave the nurse, a resounding No! He gave me Cipro (which did NOT work) and sent me on my way.

Ok to make a long story longer, my cat has allergy/upper respiratory isssues. The vet gave him some antibiotics, but he told me my cat's condition is chronic and he would eventually become immune to the medicine. He told me to build up my cat's immune system by sprinkling L-lysine on his food. I read up on L-lysine and it does help your immune system and it helps with herpetic symptoms. I decided to try it the next time the boil appeared. I can always tell when it's coming because it tingles in the area just below where the boil appears. I started taking 500mg (one table daily in the morning on a empty stomach) at the first tingle. Low and behold, the boil never really appeared. I had a little itching in the area of the boil and the skin became a tiny bit raised, but after 2 days I had NO symptoms. This is amazing because this boil was so painful, it was hard for me to sit and it itched like crazy!!! I now take L-lysine daily to keep the boil way.

Replied by Sally
(Aloha, Oregon)

Juanita from Little Rock
Have you ever actually been tested for herpes, or is it your ego that has you convinced that it's only a boil? As someone who has suffered from both, it really sounds more like herpes than a boil. None of my boils have ever itched and the pre-sore tingle is the calling card of a herpes outbreak. L-Lysine is great for herpes, which is also why I think that you should listen to your doctor about the diagnosis.

Replied by Shirley

Herpes most people think is sexual, but herpes is also shingles. I use a slice of raw onion on the boil I had one last yr. Cut a slice of raw onion and apply it to the boil and bandage it tight so it will come in contact with the boil, leave it on overnight and and it will draw out the infection onto the onion. Now you will have to get the core out or it will keep coming back. Do not squeeze the boil, that will drive the core down and infection. So instead stretch the skin out on both side and it will bring the core up, keep doing this until the core pops out. Make sure you clean the area two or three times a day and use the iodine to help keep it clean.

Replied by Labrina

Well boils do itch. I've had them since I was a little girl, and was told that by me being diabetic, while it's healing, it itches. I don't have herpes, aids, or nothing but diabetes, and a boil sufferer, or how us African Americans call it, Risen's. So yes, believe me, when it's healing, it does itch. Thanks for letting me share. Lifetime risen sufferer. Painful.

Laundry Soap and Sugar

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Posted by Bill (Bloomfield, New Mexico) on 08/21/2007

This remedy was used on me by my grandmother when I was a teenager. It never failed to work! The ingredients: yellow laundry bar soap and granulated sugar. She would apply the soap and sugar to a gauze pad, wrap it over the boil at night. The boil had excreted its contents by morning! It is not easy to find yellow bar soap. I don't know about the effectiveness of any other bar soap, but experimentation is certainly worth a try.

Replied by Stephanie
(Salt lake City, Utah)

The yellow laundry bar you refer to is called PHELS-NAPTHA and it has been around since the begining of time (well, maybe not quite that long). They carry it at a local grocery store here where I live, but I am sure you can probably get it online. Besides being good for boils, it will take just about every stain out of your clothes.

Replied by Sherry
(Rock Rapids, Iowa)

I wonder if would carry the soap. I know they carry all kinds of the "Old Time" Soaps that are hard to find in the "New Time" haha. I just looked and found it! Here is a link to the FELS-NAPTHA soap.

EC: Lots of grocery stores still carry FELS-NAPTHA too.

Replied by Irene
(Dewey, AZ)

Iv lived in many States and never found a Grocery store that did not sell "yellow soap" its just smaller than every thing else. its usually on the top shelf in the detergent area near the stain removers wrapped individually in white like regular soap and says PHELS-NAPTHA. I hope this helps you find it.

Replied by Kay
(Destin, Fl)

FelzNaptha soap is always available at Walmart in the LARGE BAR, quite cheap; in the laundry aisle.

Replied by Lesley

Amazon and EBay are also great places to find those type products. I've bought Naptha there before

Lemon Oil

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Posted by Douglas (Dillon, Co.) on 08/09/2009

I've had a bump on the top between my toes for a year now. Lemon oil seems to reduce it but it comes back just as big. At times it hurts as it is alittle bit bigger. I'm now trying a poltis of turmeric and goldenseal. I'll let you know how it works. Doug


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Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 05/09/2021

Lemon Peel (Pith) to Cure Armpit Boil

Remove the peel of a lemon, rub the inside of the peel on the boil. Repeat daily.

I was reading about a guy that uses lemon peel (the inside pith) to remove warts. So I tried it on an armpit boil I had developed. It worked in 2 days!

Here is what he said: "I attended a seminar put on by a master herbalist and someone in the audience asked what to do about seed warts. She said to take the inside of a lemon rind and rub them each night and in less than a week they'd be gone. I tried it on my left hand first and to my amazement, they started to fade with the first application. After five nights they were gone and skin was as normal as if I'd never hand them. Then, because I've read that sometimes they go away on their own, I tried the right hand, one finger at a time and the same thing happened. One by one, the warts went away as I did each finger, and they've never returned. And I lived with those ugly things for 30 years and lemon rind got rid of them in no time. I don't know if it works on any other type of wart."


Posted by Carolyn (Texas, US) on 03/22/2015

Just use fresh lemon juice on a boil. It will stop pain instantly and heal it in two or three days. Unless you have an infection in it, then a few more days. This removes infection and pain, no more stress.

Drink garlic vinegar and honey to keep from recurring. It's very simple.

Lifestyle Changes

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Posted by Nikita (Singapore) on 01/12/2015

Hi friends,

I used to get boils almost every other month on thighs, buttocks etc. since couple of years and had to take antibiotics to cure the same. Now, I have not got any boils since more than a year after making certain lifestyle changes so would like to share about the same. I hope it helps.

Cause: Though I am not sure about exact reasons for getting boils, however following could have been the contributing factors in my case:

- Constipation

- Anemia

- Poor immunity level

- Poor nutrition, Consuming junk, greasy and sugary foods on frequent basis

- Drinking tap water

- Stress due to long working hours at work

- Lack of physical exercise

- Poor hygiene

- Tight fitting clothes

Steps which I followed to stop re-occurrence of boils ?

- Visited a Dermatologist who gave me a nasal ointment to be applied in nostrils. I continued this for a month.

- Dermatologist also gave me an antimicrobial/ antibacterial solution to bathe for underarms, thighs and buttocks. I continued this for 4 months and later started using antibacterial soaps for bathing, which are available at any local shops.

- Started drinking filtered water instead of tap water (Bought a water filter).

- Began practicing good personal hygiene by taking bath everyday, gently scrubbing using a loofah while showering once a week, cleaning clothes, undergarments, bedsheets, bathrooms and toilet seats on regular basis, etc.

- Included 30 to 45 mins of exercise in my daily routine, mainly yoga and deep-breathing exercises.

- Stopped wearing very tight fitting clothes and undergarments.

Diet changes:

- I was anemic, so cured that by taking supplements, and by having carrot-beetroot juice, dates and raisins on daily basis.

- I also had frequent constipation so included high-fiber foods such as oats, carrots, fruits, whole wheat, etc. to cure that. Stopped having junk, fried, greasy and sugary foods as much as possible.

- Followed detox diet for three weeks.

Lining of an Egg Shell

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Posted by Sandy (Round Lake, IL) on 03/20/2008

I recently had a boil (ailment) and was experiencing difficulty getting it to come to a head. My daughter-in-law researched your site and was able to give me some suggestions to assist in my plight. She gave me several remedies. I chose to use the skin of an egg and lined it with a tumeric paste ((few drops of water & tumeric)(remedy). I applied it to the boil and covered it with a bandaid overnight. In the morning it had come to a head and I was able to extract the core. I then covered the area with an antibiotic ointment and a bandaid. It worked fine!!! Thanks so much for your information.

Lining of an Egg Shell
Posted by Jim (Olean, NY) on 12/30/2006

egg liner -- brought a boil to a head and at other times it made them go away.