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Heal Boils Naturally: Effective Home Remedies

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Posted by Sarah (Los Angeles, Ca) on 08/01/2009
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Hi, Ted- hope you get this... have been having an issue with a small boil-like thing on the back of my upper thigh. It has been there on and off before in the past- I have picked at it before, some small puss will come out and then it usually goes down again. It errupted again about a month ago- I put colliodal silver on it and it seems to be going down, but then I did about 2 weeks of heavy-metal cleanse, borax, occasional hydrogen peroxide inhalation, etc. and during that time felt like a had some kind of bug that i was chasing around my system. I had a respiratory type thing right before started cleanse, then it went into my nose for weeks- had several small pustules inside nose and both nostrils were raw and swollen... i kept draining the pustules and then applying various things: colloidal silver, neosporin, clove and basil, oregano and sea salt nasil spray, etc... but what's interesting is that when it went away in my nose the boil started to fill again. I even went to the dr. who didn't really tink the boil was anything b/c was small and no head to it ( it never really comes to a head, though i HAVE picked at it tried to squeeze it...)

Anyways- I put compress of milk of magnesia, borax, silver, and sea salt on it and covered with a band aid... about 8 hours later (last night) i got really sudden intense vertigo, nausea, followed by a bad fever. I took the sea salt cure for vertigo, along with niacinide and magnesium... and was able to sleep but have been exhasuted all day and slight fever again. Also got bitten or stung by spider or mosquito 2 days ago. am wondering if could be blood poisoning from spider or if could possibly be staph or MRSA that got into my blood? Any advice on how to treat? thanks

BTW- the sea salt in water worked AMAZING on the vertigo was only thing that gave me any relief last night,... you're brilliant thanks!