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Heal Boils Naturally: Effective Home Remedies

Garlic Capsules and Eucalyptus Oil
Posted by Corrine (Los Angeles) on 02/22/2007
5 out of 5 stars

One drop of Eucalyptus oil mixed with one opened Kyolic garlic capsule. After I applied this topically to my boil within 3 minutes my boil drained. I applied another application 3 hours later just to be sure it was completely drained and the boil was gone. Normally it takes twenty-five days for my boils to surface and drain, but because I have had them off and on for a year now I had to find something to make them stop as soon as I noticed them forming. I have been taking Keflex from the doctor and it did nothing. My boils kept coming back and in the same places and were very painful each time. I am so grateful to alternative methods.