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Natural Remedies for Boils

Posted by Mallika (Bangladesh) on 01/18/2021 7 posts
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If you're getting any kinds of boils, especially recurrent boils in the same area, then take the homeopathic remedy Hypericum 200 4-6 times a day. It could be in pill form or in the liquid form. That should fix it in a couple of days.

Turmeric, Baking Soda, Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Lilli (Wa) on 05/19/2017 13 posts
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I tend to get small boils around my panty line when I work out. When you feel a slight bump, use warm compresses at least twice a day and especially before bedtime. Use an anti-bacterial soap to cleanse the area. If this treatment does not help and the boil progresses to a head, use a mixture of equal parts baking soda, turmeric (buy a good quality), and organic ACV. Before bedtime, make a soft paste and apply to the effected area. Cover with a sterile cotton ball and medical paper tape (do not cover the center of the boil with tape...let it breathe). In the morning remove the cotton and cleanse the area with alcohol. Apply antibiotic cream and cover with cotton and tape. Repeat, along with the warm compresses, until the sore has healed. Always keep hands and effected area clean and sterile....boils can spread.

I have used the paste after the sore had opened and it works well to draw out toxins. I developed a blood blister and it worked well in drawing out the infection. The entire process has taken about 3 weeks. I've taken one aspirin daily for the achiness. If your boil is really large and swollen, looks infected, or is solid, seek medical attention. But for "run-of-the-mill" boils, this mixture works well.

Posted by Nina ( Milwaukee Wisconsin ) on 11/22/2016

It's just like when you take acne medicine. It's getting all the inflammation out of your body and it has to get worse before gets better.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Sophia (Norway) on 04/16/2015
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I have read through earth clinic for over two years now and recently I decided to begin posting the few cures I have found over time to work and writing on my own experience with them too. Hope this helps someone, as earth clinic has helped me so much.

Exactly a bit over two years ago I got several red little bumps on my armpit after shaving. They grew fast and it was very painful. One of them was even opened to be cleaned deep by a doc and she did not do a good job so I was miserable.

What I did was to apply coconut oil topically on the area until absorbed, about 4 to 5 times during the daytime. Bumps went away completely in 3 days. The oil I used was the cheapest coconut oil I could find in the foreign shops of Norway, pure but unrefined, not virgin.

When I got a tiny bump in that area again, I tried with other higher quality virgin coconut oil and I never got the same result as with the other cheap coconut oil. Coconut oil was really a bless! And did in 3 days what antibiotics could not do alone in 2 weeks.

After two years I got another boil but in a different area and this time coconut oil alone was not enough. However I can say for the armpit area it worked as a charm.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Dreadfulwitchdoctor (Texas, US) on 03/28/2015
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I don't really know whether what I have are boils, cystic acne, or something else, but they start off like zits, rarely come to a head, and last a long time before they finally shrink down to a small, hard knot, that may or may not eventually (over months or years) disappear.

Right now I'm dealing with a particularly nasty one on my chin. I made the mistake of trying to squeeze it, and I could actually see the pus spreading out underneath the skin when I did that. I knew that meant the infection would be far worse, so I came here for remedies since Earthclinic is usually one of my first stops when I'm not sure what to do.

I have a large amount of high-quality organic turmeric powder on hand, because I already take it for inflammation, liver health, and cancer prevention. In fact, I was concerned it wouldn't work, because I am already taking it, so it seems like it should already have worked. But the reviews were so overwhelmingly positive, and I know that turmeric works better in larger doses, so I took it to a new level and it is definitely helping.

Here's what I'm doing: Starting yesterday, I increased my intake of turmeric substantially. I blend my turmeric with ground milk thistle seeds, ground schizandra berries and some ground black pepper, so I'm just taking half a teaspoon of that formula every couple of hours instead of three times a day. The milk thistle at that quantity isn't an issue, and I put a smaller proportion of schizandra than the other herbs in the formula, so I'm not worried about getting too much of that. I have less still of the black pepper, so again, I'm not concerned. I don't mess with capsules or mixing it with milk or water. Capsules are too time-consuming and expensive to make, and mixing it with water just prolongs the amount of time I'm tasting it. I just dump the powder into my mouth (under the tongue to avoid accidentally inhalation which is not fun! ), then take a large swig of warm water, swish it all around in my mouth, and swallow. No worse than taking a pill, really, and cheap and easy. I take a lot of different herbs this way, so I'm used to it and it doesn't bother me at all.

Milk thistle can cause diarrhea in some people so taking it with the turmeric could hypothetically help to prevent constipation (while simultaneously giving even more support to your liver than the turmeric already provides).

I also decided to apply turmeric externally. Before doing this, I held an ice cube on the boil for as long as I could stand it. Next, I soaked a large cotton ball in witch hazel, and added one drop each of tea tree, rosemary, and basil essential oils. I took these steps to try to eliminate some of the swelling and bruising.

Then I mixed up my turmeric paste. I didn't want it to dry to a crumbly powder, so I put about a teaspoon of turmeric in a small glass container with a sealable plastic lid and moistened it with raw honey. The honey makes it sticky enough to easily adhere to the boil and it doesn't dry out. The raw honey also has anti-bacterial benefits. I also added some black pepper, and about three drops of tea tree oil and one drop of oregano oil. I spread this mixture over the boil and covered it with a bandaid. I could tell within a couple of hours that it was getting smaller, but I left it on for about five or six hours. When I took the bandaid off, I could tell it had helped.

I cleaned it up, took a bath, held a warm, soaking wet washcloth on it (frequently re-warming the washcloth in the hot bath water). I also took a handful of epsom salts I moistened with bath water and spread this over the whole area. I let that sit a while, then rinsed it off.

After the bath, I covered the entire area in bentonite clay for about an hour or two. It was very soothing and cooling.

After rinsing the clay off, I re-applied the turmeric/honey paste, and covered it with another bandaid. This stayed on all night.

This morning, the large lump was less than half the size it was yesterday. It was still dark purple and angry looking, but I could see three white spots where pus had been draining out and continued to do so. The pad of the bandaid had three corresponding globs of pus on it. I did the bentonite clay application again for about an hour, then iced it again, then re-applied the turmeric paste and covered with a new bandaid.

This afternoon, the lump is almost gone. It's still purple, but seems to be getting better. I remembered that I have a bottle of turmeric essential oil, so I added a drop to that of my paste. I haven't re-applied since I added that, so I don't know if it will increase the effectiveness or not. I will try to update to let you know. I'm thinking of adding a couple of drops of Rescue Remedy as well and possibly some chamomile tincture for inflammation.

Once I feel like the infection has completely drained, I plan to start alternating two salves to help heal the skin. I made these salves myself. One of them is made from comfrey-infused oil and has added essential oils (basil, rosemary, marjoram, and eucalyptus) and the other is made from a mixture of chamomile-infused oil and calendula-infused oil, plus kukui nut oil, shea butter and essential oils (frankincense, spikenard, patchouli, copaiba balsam, ylang ylang, and myrrh).

Oh, I also started taking a daily dose of L-Lysine yesterday. I don't know if that's helping or not.

Overall, I'm very happy that things are moving along as quickly as they are. I don't expect this will be invisible by the time I have to go to work on Monday, but I think it's going to look a lot better than it would have if I hadn't done all of the above.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 02/02/2015

Franco08, first, be a detective to try to find out why you are getting them in the first place. Some people try cutting out wheat, sugar and dairy to test that. Secondly, read up on turmeric for boils.

Lifestyle Changes
Posted by Nikita (Singapore) on 01/12/2015
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Hi friends,

I used to get boils almost every other month on thighs, buttocks etc. since couple of years and had to take antibiotics to cure the same. Now, I have not got any boils since more than a year after making certain lifestyle changes so would like to share about the same. I hope it helps.

Cause: Though I am not sure about exact reasons for getting boils, however following could have been the contributing factors in my case:

- Constipation

- Anemia

- Poor immunity level

- Poor nutrition, Consuming junk, greasy and sugary foods on frequent basis

- Drinking tap water

- Stress due to long working hours at work

- Lack of physical exercise

- Poor hygiene

- Tight fitting clothes

Steps which I followed to stop re-occurrence of boils ?

- Visited a Dermatologist who gave me a nasal ointment to be applied in nostrils. I continued this for a month.

- Dermatologist also gave me an antimicrobial/ antibacterial solution to bathe for underarms, thighs and buttocks. I continued this for 4 months and later started using antibacterial soaps for bathing, which are available at any local shops.

- Started drinking filtered water instead of tap water (Bought a water filter).

- Began practicing good personal hygiene by taking bath everyday, gently scrubbing using a loofah while showering once a week, cleaning clothes, undergarments, bedsheets, bathrooms and toilet seats on regular basis, etc.

- Included 30 to 45 mins of exercise in my daily routine, mainly yoga and deep-breathing exercises.

- Stopped wearing very tight fitting clothes and undergarments.

Diet changes:

- I was anemic, so cured that by taking supplements, and by having carrot-beetroot juice, dates and raisins on daily basis.

- I also had frequent constipation so included high-fiber foods such as oats, carrots, fruits, whole wheat, etc. to cure that. Stopped having junk, fried, greasy and sugary foods as much as possible.

- Followed detox diet for three weeks.

Posted by Leanne (Australia) on 11/15/2014

First I want to say I consult with earth clinic whenever I have a health concern. Doctors are a 'no resort' for me.

To heal a stubborn boil in a place where 'the sun don't shine', I read the posts on earth clinic to read what people were using. I devised my own recipe based on common use. It made my boil disappear in a few days. Here it is... 1 teaspoon turmeric, ground black pepper, 2 tablespoons coconut oil, half mug milk, half mug warm water. Stir well until coconut oil has melted and drink once a day until healed.

I hope other readers find my cure helpful. Good luck. Never give up hope.

Posted by Mama to Many (Tennessee) on 02/11/2015

Dear Jo,

According to the National Institute for Heath, turmeric is considered safe for pregnancy in the amounts you would use in food. In some countries, turmeric is used regularly and often everyday in food.

However it's effect has not been studied on pregnant women, so no one can say, "for sure". I checked several sources and could not find turmeric on a "list of herbs to avoid in pregnancy." Some herbs have estrogenic properties or purgative properties. These herbs are always on such lists. Turmeric is not estrogenic or purgative.

Turmeric is a blood purifier and therefore good at detoxifying. For that reason, I would personally not want to use large amounts of it in pregnancy. Pregnant and nursing moms need to be careful about detoxifying their bodies since toxins would come out in the milk of a nursing mom, and would likely also cross the placenta.

Our bodies are detoxifying regularly through sweating and elimination, so some detoxification is normal, but you wouldn't want to go out of your way to cause extra detoxification during times of pregnancy and nursing.

If I were dealing with a health problem in pregnancy and was having to decide between a strong anti-biotic and turmeric (say for MRSA), I would chose turmeric, and use the smallest amount needed to deal with the problem.

Because turmeric may be a natural blood thinner, I would avoid it in the last month of pregnancy, except in amounts normally used in food.

I hope that will help you to make a good decision!

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Amber A (San Antonio ) on 07/02/2015

My son and daughter recently broke out with a boil. Can you give turmeric to a child? If so, how much? My daughters has nearly healed with antibiotics, but my son's is very painful. My daughter's was diagnosed as MRSA, so the dr assumed my sons was the same and treated it with stronger antibiotics. His culture is not back yet. I want to do what ever I can to help him, it is really bothering him. Thanks.

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 07/02/2015

Dear Amber,

I give my children turmeric.

For small children, ages 2 - 6, I give 1/4 teaspoon, 2-3 times a day. For ages 6-12, I give about 1/2 teaspoon 2-3 times a day. For 12 and over, I use an adult dose of 1 teaspoon 3 times a day. Turmeric should be taken with plenty of water. Some say it can cause constipation, but we have not seen that happen. But maybe it is because we use plenty of water.

I mix turmeric with yogurt, applesauce or honey to give it to children.

You could also spray the boils with colloidal silver.

I have used a mixture of the following on skin infections several times a day:

1 Tablespoon Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

5 drops tea tree essential oil

5 drops of Frankincense essential oil

Even just the coconut oil may be enough.

I hope your children feel better soon!

~Mama to Many~

Rubbing Alcohol
Posted by Michelle (New York, NY) on 07/16/2013
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As soon as you feel a boil developing, it helps to swab the area with rubbing alcohol. Once it is already basically formed, soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and tape it to the boil using a bandaid. Do this until the boil is dried out. Also make sure to change the cotton ball at least twice a day. This has helped me several times. Good luck!

Posted by Perry (Chicago, Il) on 07/05/2013
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Spent hundreds of dollars, every kind of boil meds on the market. Turmeric is amazing. I took 1500 ml a day for one week boils are gone! Turmeric is the best way to get rid of boils.

Posted by Anon (Nc) on 06/28/2013
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Tomato paste does work for boils! My pain was horrible and even on antibiotics it felt like the boil was too deep in my skin for it to come up I got desperate and as my husband laughed at me I put the tomato paste over it and then covered with a bandage. Slept with the heating pad on my leg and the next morning it opened. So relieved from the pain. I will do this immediately if I get another one.

Epsom Salts
Posted by Ace (Vancouver, Bc, Canada) on 06/27/2013
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Epsom salts have proved to be very useful for me in healing boils/follicle infections:

Can do while you shower:

1. Get a handfull of epsom salts - and dissolve in a bit of water so that it gets wet (but not so much water so that it doesn't dissolve into being too thin/watery either).... and scrub it into effected areas - and scrub really good.

2. Keep it on for at least 5 minutes without washing it, and then you can wash it off after 5 minutes.

It expedites the healing process of boils/severe acne - has worked wonders for me!!

You can buy epsom salts from a local pharmacy, ex- shoppers drug mart

Posted by Marsh (Denver, Co) on 05/08/2013
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After removal of a hemorrhoid, an abcess developed next to the end of the suture. Dealed with the intense pain for 3 days (Doc's office said to take Tylenol & a cold compress until it went away or opened - 2-7 days. Nuts to be so miserable while playing the wait & see game). Tried tumeric mid-morning and by that evening, the abcess broke, immediate relief. Another just returned and after tumeric, it again went away just as fast. This time I'm sipping the concoction throughout the day (it can cause heart palpitations and did bring mine back slightly) and taking a probiotic with high strain bacteria for lower intestine & colon in the AM, grapefruit seed extract in juice at noon and oil of oregano (ingestible only) in the evening to purge whatever bacteria I may have that's causing these PIAs - pain in the ___). Also starting 5 element acupuncture to assist in releasing stress that causes so many of these problems.

Recipe: 1 teaspoon tumeric powder, 4 cups water, 1 cup vanilla almond/soy milk and black pepper for absorption. (The recommended ratio of tumeric to black pepper is 1:1 but I sprinkle in so it won't become too spicy)

Amazing! Thank you Earth Clinic & Fans

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Angsu (Lima, Peru) on 02/02/2013
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After suffering from boils for about 8 months, and trying a huge number of combinations... My conclusion as follows:

Staph is very adept at mutating to survive. Therefore one remedy you use, may prove useless in several months time. Changing body chemistry and hitting it where it cannot defend itself is the only way to destroy it completely. Therefore PH and Magensium really works (as Ted advises).

- Lemon juice / Bicarb twice daily
- Vitamin C as Magnesium Ascorbate (not Sodium Ascorbate) once daily 1000 - 2000mg is enough.

Exterior (on the boils themselves):
- Magnesium (i used as Mag chloride) powder, mixed with a little water (stings), on a cotton wool pad, taped to the boil.

Also, to dry them out:
- Bicarbonate of soda, mixed with Sange de Grado (Dragons blood) pure.

For overnight, to reduce inflammation and draw out pus:
- Coconut oil, mixed with fresh or powdered turmeric (as a paste), and fresh liquidised cilantro, coriander (to activate it) and some black pepper.

MMS in solution mixed with DMSO does get rid of folliculitis in about 24 hours, but the issue is maintaining a body where the bacteria cannot grow. Therefore lots of water, lots of alkalysing and magnesium internally and externally. For external applications use tape to affix a cotton wool pad with the remedy, for daily and overnight applications. Overnight has great results!!!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Catherine (Auckland) on 07/01/2013
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I have been struggling with a staph outbreak for years and years the only thing that cured my outbreaks (usually once a year) was going on rifampicin. I really didn't want to continue taking antibiotics and wanted to see if I could cure myself naturally. So far nothing worked for me well enough to rid me from the infection but I could have cried with relief at the success from magnesium! Magnesium, vitamin c as mag ascorbate and lots of alkalising. Thank you thank you thank you! You all must try it. I will now use milk of magnesia as a deodorant too best natural deo I've found!

Posted by Jacob (Upper Marlboro, Md) on 01/24/2013
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I have experienced boils for years and I realized for me... The reason I get boils is because of the toxicity levels in my blood, due to smoking and/or drinking. Tumeric is the best solution for boils but it doesn't cure it, if your immune system is unique, reducing those levels can reduce outbreaks significantly. I haven't had a boil or any signs of one since I started reducing toxins within myself.

Eliminate Nightshade Vegetables
Posted by Mississippi (Hernando, Mississippi) on 01/18/2013
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My husband had boils for over a year-along with very severe psoriasis-we treated the boils with all of the remedies we read on this site with some relief-some of the remedies would help the boils open up and drain but he kept getting boils and some were very large and painful. While treating his psoriasis-we found a book by John Pegano called Healing Psoriasis-one of Pegano's recommendations was to stop eating nightshade vegetables-my husband stopped the nightshades hoping to help his psoriasis-which it did-but an added bonus-the boils healed completely-and right away-and he has not had any since stopping these vegetables. Also, his psoriasis dried up besides two patches on the insides of both legs near his ankles and we believe with a little more time on his new diet that he will be psoriasis free-he is boil free for over 6 months now. Nightshades include-potatoes-tomatoes-spicey peppers-tobacco.

Posted by Topdog (Naples, Florida) on 07/03/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I recently used a tumeric and aloe vera paste applied to MRSA boil under my armpit. Within a day, the boil decreased in size by 50%. After three days, the boil was gone. Be aware... Wrap the area well as tumeric will stain any garments you may wear! I've also mixed a quarter teaspoon with an ounce of REAL maple syrup and 8 ounces of DISTILLED water. I believe that this nasty infection travels through your bloodstream so it won't hurt to try it. You'll notice a soothing feeling in your stomach and I actually felt calmness while sleeping. I hope this helps for you as it has helped me.

Posted by Donna (Arkansas) on 01/24/2014

I'm grateful for your encouragement. Have had a blasted small boil on the upper right corner of shoulder front. Then, tried several $$$ remedies that have done very little.

Today made a paste of turmeric, pepper and extra virgin coconut oil and put on it. Then drank a warm cup of water with 1 tsp. of turmeric and dash of pepper. (Oh, forgot to say, developed a 'rash' all over my body that was driving me crazy! And, after reading all the stuff on this have concluded there must be an internal infection (staph in all probability, had been in contact with a hospital and very ill person previous)so decided to 'cleanse' with that also.

Thanks again for the encouragement. Donna