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Natural Remedies for Boils

Posted by Carolyn (Hollywood, FL) on 12/20/2006
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Hi, here is an update on my condition. All the original boils dried up and there were no lumps left under the skin. This was fine for 2 days and today there is an extremely TINY bump that formed near the original infection area. I think it is so small because of the turmeric in my system. But I doused it anyway with iodine and gave a fresh douse to the whole area that had been infected. I also keep a plastic bucket in the tub and fill it with water and a few drops of iodine. I reach into the bucket and swish around, this will clean under the nails, and rub the iodine water up my arms. Also I soak my clothes overnight in an iodine water solution as described. Before going out today, I am going to bathe with the solution and when I get home, bathe with it and change into new clothes. Of course making a new solution each time. I want to deeply thank the people who run and post in this forum because without your information, I would have had a disaster on my face. I am teaching others as fast as possible in my area. A friend who lives with me owns a large daycare. She is taking all this information very seriously. She has not seen any boils or infected sores on the children yet, but she is prepared now, thanks to Ted and all of you in this forum. God bless you and thank you.

Posted by Carla (Greenville, Nc) on 10/26/2009
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I feel like you saved my life! I had tried everything to treat the abscess in my pubic area, and as soon as I read your post I tried the salt, and I still can't believe how it worked. THANK YOU and your family.

Posted by Christy (Chicago, IL) on 09/04/2006
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I am cured! Acidophilus!! It worked in only a day or so. I have been taking garlic supplements, eating raw veggies, and drinking organic juices...I felt healthier, but was still getting small boils - until my friend turned me on to Acidophilus. It is a natural supplement of probiotic bacteria ... basically bacteria that eat bad bacteria. I bought it at Whole Foods. My boils are gone & no new ones have popped up!

Baking Soda
Posted by Jake (Asheville, NC) on 08/27/2008
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I also tried the boil baking soda method, by putting some BS on a rag, dripping some water on it, then placing it on the boil for an hour or two. It drew the infection out and it drained with very little effort. Thanks so much for this advice.

The Bottle Method
Posted by Vanessa (Missoula, MT) on 06/17/2006
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Pour boiling water into an empty glass bottle. Pour the water out and place the bottle's mouth over a boil. Do not move the bottle as this will break the suction. The cooling air will draw out the puss and gunk of the boil!

Baking Soda
Posted by Julie (White Oak, NC) on 09/02/2007
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Thank you Gabi from Jax, FL. I had a boil to come up on my buttock 4 days ago. Today is Sunday and I was ready to get come relief. It was Labor Day week-end and I could not wait three more days to go to the doctor. I did a home remedies for boils search and found this website. I first tried the oatmeal and salt remedy for two hours, but nothing happened. I decided that I was going to try a different remedy every two hours until I got one that worked. Next I tried the grated potatoes, but again nothing happened.

I tried the baking soda, lemon and Vitamin E and within two hours, I was getting relief and the boil had opened up and started to drain.

I also drink the two cups of hot water mixed with one tablespoon of vinegar and one tablespoon of honey. Thanks. This is what I will try from this day forward and will pass it along to others.

Posted by Andre (Johannesburg South Africa) on 02/20/2006
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Have used nutmeg, taken orally - about a 1/4 tsp in am & pm. But do you think it will work on cysts - in particular ovarian cysts? My thinking is that if it helps for boils, it should work on a cyst - given that it is like a boil but just internal?

Baking Soda
Posted by Lorik (Riverside, Ca) on 12/27/2010

A small pimple turned out into a large boil and I wanted to just let everybody know that do not try to do a home remedy-especially when the boil gets bigger. I had tried to put hot paper towels and compress them on the boil and also put 91% Alcohol to dry out the boil however; it was getting larger than a golf ball. Finally, I went in the emergency and had them lance it and drain the pus and turned into a staff infection. The boil was on my bikini line!!! Of all things where I shave on a consistant basis-this time got infected-next time I will clean with alcohol. Now I know why men use aftershave-it has alcohol in it. I just knew that if it wasn't getting better that there was immediate attention and not to take chances and allow your body to heal with that big of boil to pop on its own is crazy and also taking chances with getting admitted into the hospital. Please go to a doctor, it can be very deadly and also, if you have diabetes, more severe chance of recovery. I don't have diabetes however; was worried when they tested me for it instantly. I am on Kfex and some other antibiotic including a pain reliever.

Baking Soda
Posted by Citygirl27 (Richardson, Tx, Usa) on 10/19/2012

re: countertops - I use Borax on my countertops. Use it like "comet", but it won't blanch your clothes like bleach will, and no horrid smell or toxicity. As a bonus it will get rid of any "house" that bugs have that are pestering your kitchen. Just use it like you would a normal abrasive. PS baking soda will make your sink shine like no tomorrow.

Posted by Brenda (Texas) on 06/25/2021
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Tumeric tea will get rid of boils in a couple of days. Many recipes on web.

Avoid Gold Jewelry
Posted by Valiegirl (Fl) on 03/06/2021
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I had constant boils for 15 years in all the usual places - armpit, groin, bra line, etc. Got tested for allergic contact dermatitis because of another malady and found out I was allergic to gold. Took off my gold jewelry and never had another boil unless I accidently come into contact with gold again. I can't even touch gold paint. This includes white gold and rose gold also because it is a salt in the gold that I am allergic to. After some thought, I realized I never had a boil before I was gifted with diamond studs and pendant set in yellow gold from my husband, before that I was a sterling silver girl. And now I am again.

Posted by ivybridge (TN) on 07/19/2021

It is possible that your hormones are out of balance. Here is a list of steroidal hormones that I would check.

Steroid Hormones:

Testosterone, Free with Total
Estrogens, Total
Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

Posted by Lousie (UK) on 02/27/2021
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I've suffered from boils most of my life, since puberty. Always on the bikini line area which as you can image, isn't that much fun growing up and, is extremely painful!

I love being active but find exercise exacerbates the condition due to the sweating and friction...difficult when lowering weight is a suggested treatment!

I've found turmeric to be a lifesaver. I purchased a pot of coconut oil, melted it in the microwave the mixed in lots of turmeric powder so its bright yellow, then leave it to set again. I take this orally a few times a day and it instantly either helps the boils to come to a head and pop or just shrink back down. I also find making gold turmeric milk, with added cinnamon, star anise and cardamon a really palatable way to eat more - lovely at bedtime.

I do find that the boils are recurring though, which I'm finding hard to control. I'm looking to start a strick juice/smoothy raw food plan for a few weeks to see if that helps, coupled with daily ACV and turmeric, but I wondered if anyone else had any advice.

I did worry I could have hidradenitis suppurativa as I've had this condition since puberty, but the characteristics of the boils and flair ups don't quite seem right. Still, I don't think diet alterations would be a bad thing...sure my waistline would agree!

Love this website. Always my first resource when I suffer from any ailments.

Posted by Kathy (Idaho Falls, Idaho) on 08/30/2022

My brother in law finally figured out that he had an allergy to anything pork. If he stays away from that kind of meat he does not get any boils. All six of his boys inherited that allergy too. If they completely avoid pork they do not get the boils. Hope this helps you because your problem might also be a food allergy.

Posted by Michelle (NY) on 09/04/2019
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Omg Tomatoe paste saved me from my pain. I came on here to find what works as this is the first (and hopefully only) boil I ever had. I saw the tomatoe paste posts and decided to give it a try. I slathered it on, covered it with gauze and then put a heating pad on top. Two hours later it started to drain. I've had it for 4 days now and it was showing no signs of coming to a head and was only getting worse.

This remedy works!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Rp (Usa) on 06/13/2018

The boils (though painful) will come to a head and empty themselves so there is no need to lance them. Turmeric taken in water several times a day will cure many, but one has to clean up one's diet only eating food that actually looks like food items and cook it yourself (no restaurant food which often has sugar in many dishes and other chemicals, nor processed or fried food of any sort, nor alcohol, sodas, etc. just pure water or herbal teas and juices)

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Khadijahsfarmer (Pennsylvania) on 06/27/2018
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🌻 I have seen better results with taking the turmeric, ACV regularly and will let them come to a head instead of having them lanced as I have learned here, thanks all praise due to GOD. Smile, it's an act of charity.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Vera (Boca Raton, Fl) on 09/15/2017
5 out of 5 stars

A 100% cure for boils.

Apply 27% hydrogen peroxide with a q-tip. Rub into the skin so the skin begins to burn a little, and turns white. Keep doing, even several times a day, until a crust forms. Wait a few days, then poke off the middle of the boil -- there will be a "cone" (like in a volcano) of hardened pus.

Keep applying the peroxide until the whole boil is gone. There will be no scar, and no leftovers causing problems later. Mine was an inch across, I waited too long, and it's taken over a month of treatments. Simple and effective. (Pool stores carry 27% peroxide as "shock".)

Raw Potato, H2O2
Posted by Bebe (Elkhart, In) on 02/08/2016
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Raw potato diced up or shredded up, raw only, will pull out the infection, then use hydrogen peroxide to finish pulling out any leftover infection for that week, you will heal, my grandsons boil on his butt was very big and sore I put on the raw shredded up potato into a gauze and taped around the edges so the gauze would breathe, overnight the shredded potato pulled out the core, he felt it hurt at that point, then I checked it the next day and the potato was blackened afterwards, I then proceeded with hydrogen peroxide to keep it cleaned and it healed.

Then my husband had 4 toes on his foot that would not heal, so I did the raw shredded potato again with a big gauze to cover them overnight, then the next day the shredded potatoes in the gauze was black, so I took it off and cleaned with hydrogen peroxide, he healed in two weeks, just keep putting the peroxide on it til it healed up well, the first day I did this the potatoes had pulled out puss and it looked awful, I just cleaned it with the hydrogen peroxide and it healed, every day for two weeks was sufficient.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Joe (Michigan) on 11/15/2015
5 out of 5 stars


Try combining the apple cider vinegar cotton swap with a HOT compress.

I just brought a boil on my wrist to a head in about 45 minutes, which is amazing because it was NOWHERE near this before I started.

1. Clean area with alcohol

2. Dip cotton ball in Apple Cider Vinegar

3. Apply ACV cotton ball to boil

4. Hold in place with bandage

5. Apply a fairly tight wrap to secure everything and prevent ACV from staining clothes / compress

6. Microwave a compress for about 5 minutes. Apply it directly on top of the part of the wrap that is covering the boil

7. Watch TV for about 45 minutes to 1 hour

This worked for me in 1 treatment. I was completely blown away.

Posted by Katzie (Calgary) on 10/17/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I used to use an incredibly awesome turmeric/manuka honey combination for most boils. Turmeric is a miracle substance, but it stains everything. So, about a year ago I started using silver gel on a boil as soon as I detected it ; that, combined with a non-stick medical pad, and that boil would soon disappear. The neatest thing is, is that it seems to have diminished the frequency of the boils, as well. I also use it on my teen's pimples and it zaps them as well. I also use silver gel and/or manuka honey in place of polysporin now. Good health, everybody!

Glass Bottle Suction Technique
Posted by Lady Mars (Florida) on 07/12/2015
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When my husband was younger, he got several boils and carbuncles over the course of a year. The hospital lanced them each time and they usually came back. He also got antibiotics and perhaps other drugs. The worst one was a carbuncle, an infected boil with several heads. Finally his father suggested an old remedy and the doctor agreed to try it.

Find a bottle with a mouth just large enough to fit over the boil. Fill the bottle with very hot water. In a minute or two, dump out the water. Place the hot bottle over the boil and a suction will form, pulling out the "gunk". In my husband's case, the boil never came back.

Glass Bottle Suction Technique
Posted by Richard (Philippians ) on 07/25/2020
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As long as the boil isn't on my face or neck or some place where a scar will be seen. I don't care if there is a scar! The bottle method will pull the core of the boil out, it works! The boil will not come back!

Posted by Gavin (Northland, New Zealand) on 04/06/2014

With regards to boils and recurring skin infections. Check your urine for sugar. As this tends to be a problem in Type 2 Diabetes. It can go unnoticed, without symptoms for years.

The problem causes a Syndrome, High sugar, leading to High blood pressure, and the sugar causes the immune system to go on strike, and not be able to handle "Staphylococcus Arius" the main cause of boils, while the sugar levels remain high. In the western world it has reached epidemic proportions. Once the sugar has dropped the boils disappear.

Turmeric seems to bring on an intense draining of the boil, without any other intervention other than keeping it clean and patching with absorbent tissue. Definitely recommended.

Copper, ACV, Sea Salt
Posted by Sanjoo (Ahmedabad) on 01/12/2014 8 posts
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Copper for Boils:

Recently had a boil on my left elbow. eventually pus started oozing out. I started by putting 1 tsp ACV in a small copper dish, added some salt & a little baking soda, little charcoal, then some oil, (mostly sunflower / sesame oil), or sometimes just aloe vera gel in place of oil to avoid feeling oily, and applied this on the boil (used a gauge pad & bandage).

Two days later, the boil had started drying up, & no longer required bandaging. I continued to apply the above mix, without charcoal, but with a little mg oil, for the next few days, on the skin around the boil, till it completely healed.

It would also make sense to keep some water stored (12 hours or more) in a copper jar with about 1/4th cup ACV & 1 tsp sea salt added, ready for use for cleaning boils. Copper, Apple Cider Vinegar & sea salt all act like antibiotic. I generally transfer this solution to a spray bottle before use. This avoids spread of infection around the boil to other areas of skin.

During the healing phase, it often starts to itch around the boil, & you need to scratch. I used the edge of a copper spoon, with the above mix applied on skin, to scratch, & the itching stops almost instantaneously.

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 06/24/2013

Dear Diana from Milford PA, Why not see a gynocologist and get a for real diagnosis of what this problem is? Is your health and well being not worth a couple hundred dollars? The most anyone here can do is GUESS about what this problem is. You need to see a qualified doctor to KNOW what the problem is. Any treatment has to be based on knowing what the problem is....Oscar

Staph- Related
Posted by Francesca (New York, Ny) on 12/27/2012

Have the inside of your nose tested for staph!!! I suffered from staph infections on my legs and butt for years in the form of boils and abscesses. I went to numerous doctors, western, acupuncturists, and naturopaths. I tried every recommendation I heard, I even only ate alkaline food, cut out sugar, wheat, meat, and dairy. Last month I saw a dermatologist and he asked if my nose had ever been tested. In none of my countless doctors visits and online forums did I hear/read anything about this. But he tested my nose, found staph, and then gave me bactroban cream to put in my nose every night before bed for two weeks. After the two weeks of putting the cream in my nose, I was retested and I no longer have staph!! I used to get abscesses when I didn't get enough sleep or was stressed out. I just completed my third, and most stressful, semester of graduate school and am fine! I cannot stress this enough, the dermatologist changed my life!

Posted by M (Victoria, Bc, Canada) on 11/04/2012
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FWIW, I had recurrent boils for much of my life, rarely being entirely free of them. When I was in my forties, someone told me about raisins. I tried them (eating perhaps a couple of tablespoons full in muesli/granola, since I dislike the taste of raisins by themselves), and that prevented further boils almost entirely.

After my hysterectomy, the boils pretty much went away on their own, so there is apparently a hormonal component too. That is supported also by the fact that the boils were usually worse around the time of my period.

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