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Natural Remedies for a Bladder Infection (UTI)

D-Mannose and Turmeric
Posted by 2and1 (Philippines) on 04/06/2017
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I had UTI 2 weeks ago and it was really bad. I usually go for antibiotics in these cases but have found out that antibiotics caused imbalance in my good & bad bacteria. I also have candida overgrowth, hence didn't want to further reduce my good bacteria.

Anyway, from reviews I tried the natural remedy, D-mannose. I took 1 tsp every hour, and drank a lot of water. I took so much water I was literally peeing every minute. After a while, the burning sensation will subside, and if you continue taking 1 tsp D-mannose every hour, it will be almost gone! D-mannose is amazing for UTI! However note that I probably was overdosing on D-mannose (out of desperation, really..), and I felt throbbing in my kidneys.. Must mean I was overworking my kidneys then, so I advise anyone to be careful on copying my dosage.

My UTI was gone in over just a day by dosing d-mannose 1 tsp/hour. However, the next day, it would come back! So I dose with d-mannose again, stop when the burning sensation subsides (also because at that point my kidney(s) would be throbbing), substitute only water (and a lot of it), but the next day it would again come back! Cycle continues 2-3 times until I figure I should take something to stop UTI from coming back.

So I substitute/mix my water with Turmeric, a natural antibiotic. I also took a lot of vitamin C. After drinking a lot of turmeric tea, and continuing to drink turmeric 2-3 days after UTI is gone from d-mannose, it never came back again! I'm so happy to have solved my UTI naturally.

Get rid of UTI: D-mannose, 1 tsp every hour. Reduce dosage to 1 tsp every 2 hours when burning sensation subsides, then further reduce to 1tsp every 3 hours, and so on..

Stop UTI from recurring (must step!! ): Take a natural antibiotic. I hear oil of oregano is effective too, but I didn't have that at the time so I used fresh/raw turmeric boiled in water to make tea instead.. Drink turmeric tea, or turmeric tea diluted in water (a lot of it...) 2-3 days even after UTI is gone.. This is crucial!

Happy healing!