Bladder Infections
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Natural Remedies for a Bladder Infection (UTI)

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda
Posted by Mona (Oakland, Ca) on 07/09/2016
4 out of 5 stars

I am suffering from recurrent UTIs, probably the aftermath of some antibiotics I have had to use not too long ago after surgery.

Anyways, I had felt some mild burning since a few days already, but only today the pain and need to pee every two minutes, hit me plus tinges of blood when wiping - it was not looking good, and I knew I needed to do something ASAP to try and eliminate the infection, or else it would be off to the ER.

First thing I did, was, heating up some water and pouring it in a small cooking pan, and adding some ACV (I did not measure it - just poured some in). Then, I wrapped my lower body in a big towel and sat over the pot on the floor, to allow the ACV/water steam to penetrate my nether regions. I do not have a tub, so this was the next best thing to a sitzbath. I felt relief almost immediately, though the urge to pee still remained. Hence, after the steam procedure, I took a small teaspoon of organic baking soda, and mixed it in a glass of water and drank this. Now, 30 min later, I feel so much better!!!

I prepped myself another glass of the water and baking soda mix, and will keep it next to my bed to sip on should I wake during the night.

I have not given this treatment 5 stars yet, as I still have to see how I will feel in the morning, but if I continue to feel better (and I will def repeat the steam procedure and water/ baking soda drinks for a bit), then this is an amazing home remedy. Thank you all for sharing!