Bladder Infections
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Natural Remedies for a Bladder Infection (UTI)

Alkaline Water
Posted by Diane (Riverside, Ca) on 04/24/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, I had a very uncomfortable Urinary Tract infection a week ago and I bought the product one finds at the pharmacy (AZO tabs.) which usually works for me. I took the full dosage and this time the AZO pills didn't work?

I had to go to the doctor and I was given one pill for Fungal infection until they could test my urine to find the real culprit and as usual I could not get results until Monday as everyone is closed for the weekend. The Fungal pill seemed to work, but the next day the Infection and pain was back again! So I read that some women are helped with UTI by drinking alkaline water so my husband and I drove into town and bought 2 gallons of alkaline water to see if it would work AND IT SURE DID! Alkaline water (I drank quit a bit) relieved me of all the pain! The pain came back after one day and a half for about half an hour and then it went away again after I drank more Alkaline water! What was weird was that even though the pain was gone I had some slight discomfort in my lower tract and lower back area. I continued drinking the Alkaline water. Then about three times when I went to urinate my flow of urine was hot? I never experienced hot pee? After the hot pee episode every symptom of the UTI problem was gone! Including the pain in the lower back and lower stomach area! I feel back to normal and will not have to go back to the doctor if this continues. Also for seniors a retired nurse told me that UTI can be dangerous for Seniors and is the second cause of death for seniors. The infection can go to the kidneys and cause Septic! Very dangerous!

So take this infection seriously! Especially if you are a Senior!