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Cure a Sinus Infection with Natural Remedies

Last Modified on Apr 18, 2014

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Remedies Needed

01/16/2011: Annalisa from Spanaway, Washtington: "Having problems clearing up sinus infection, had for 2 week, taking Oil of Oregnol, Tumeric with coconut oil, plus Vit C, still cannot get it under control. Any suggs? Thank You, "

01/16/2011: Blanche from Iberia Parish, Louisiana, Usa replies: "I would suggest you wash your sinuses out using a neti pot if you have one.

You can get one at the pharmacy. It looks like a little teapot and comes with a few packets of sinus wash powder. You just pour it through one nostril and allow it to come out the other nostril. It takes a little practice. You will be blowing your nose a lot for a few minutes. Feels much better when you're done."

12/09/2010: Violet from Harrisburg , Pa: "I had sinus surgery in 1993 after years of misery. I now have sinus pain most of the time and when they operated they found I had fungus in my right sinus cavity. I belive there is scar tissue which can cause pain. Don't know what else to do make my life miserable. Always in pain and headaches. I am now 66 and the doctor isn't too easy to do surgery again. I don't know why. Can any one help. Thank you"

12/09/2010: Brooke from Montgomery, Tx, Usa replies: "First of all, I think you should see a Chiropractor and have some adjustments because it might be caused by pressures on your spinal nerves. After that you should try Glyco-Thymoline diluted with distilled water used as a nasal spray, and Glyco-Thymoline packs over the sinuses. For the nasal spray, put One ounce of distilled water and 1/2 ounce of Glyco-Thymoline. Glyco-Thymoline is a great product! Search online for the cheapest place to get it."
12/10/2010: June from Greenwich, Ct, Usa replies: "I would try anti-fungal supplements and see if they work. I have had great success with a yeast and fungus condition taking probiotics and also a caprillic acid (sp?) supplement. From what I understand, it can take a year or more to treat fungal conditions in the body, so don't give up if you don't see results right away. Good luck and please let us know of your progress."

11/10/2010: Drew from Miami, Florida, Usa: "I have been suffering from sinus infections (left maxillary) for about 25 years. I have had 2 major sinus surgeries consisting of putting a titanium floor in my orbit due to silent sinus syndrome. I still suffer from periodic sinus infections and constant stuffiness. Today I used over the counter sprays (sinex and afrin) They both worked but then I got stuffed up again and I used it a few more times causing a increase in my stuffed nose and cannot breathe thru my left nostril at ALL. I have read about ACV and started it about an hour ago. Does anybody know of any solutions to get rid of this stuffy nose caused by these nasal inhalers? HELP!!!!"

07/01/2009: Joe from Beaumont, California: "two months ago I went to the dentist with what I thought was a toothache. X-rays did not show a problem. He thought I had a sinus infection and gave me an antibiotic. It worked but two months later I have the same problem in the same area, upper teeth left side and headache. I have no mucus or runny nose just a throbbing pain. Anyone had the same problem that can help? Thanks"

01/08/2012: Danika from Albany, Australia replies: "Hi I am having the exact same problem as you, I have had X-rays, ultrasounds, blood tests you name it I've had it, the doctor now says it is a sinus infection, however I have not had a cold, stuffy nose or anything like that just really excruciating pain in my jaw and teeth. I have been on painkillers, antibiotics and nothing seems to take the pain away. Just wondering if you had any luck or if anyone else can help me."
01/09/2012: Steve from Las Vegas, Nv replies: "A good remote energy healer can help you with this easily by phone. Simpy google healers and pick one with good testimonials on healing jaw and teeth pain."
01/09/2012: Rox from Melbourne, Australia replies: "It sounds like TMJ Syndrome. I had the same symptoms a few years ago. I started back at the gym and I was clenching my teeth throughout my training session, also when I was sleeping. Pain developed in the right side of my jaw and in a few of my teeth on that side. I was taking pain-killers every 4 hours. I visited the dentist and they couldn't pin-point what was going on. I than went to my doctor and she knew exactly what it was - TMJ Syndrome. She prescribed me a muscle relaxant (1/2 tablet of Valium before bed) and gave me a few exercises to do. I can remember one... Put your tongue to the roof of your mouth and hold it there, than open & close your mouth about 20 times - do this whenever you can throughout the day. A few days later the pain was gone!!!"
01/09/2012: Sweetberry from New York replies: "Try vitamin d 30,000 units a day for a week then lower it to 20,000 then all ok."
01/09/2012: Louwrence from Rustenburg, North West South Africa replies: "Hi Danika, To get relief try & massage the sore spot as hard as you can tolerate & as regularly as you can & eventually you will get pain relief as the sensitive spots tension is released. It definitely works."
01/09/2012: Rose from Provo, Ut (usa) replies: "I found using an infared heat/massage wand on the jaw areas for a couple of days really helped loosen the TMJ muscles on my jaw. I suffered for months before I read about doing this. The wand can be bought where you would buy any massager at a drug or discount store. I can go a few days without doing it but I have to reapply the therapy again if it starts to bother me."
01/10/2012: Jen from Bozeman, Mt, Us replies: "If it is in fact TMJ then you may need to see a Biological Dentist who can help you find out why your muscles are tense in the first place. It is possible that you actually do have sinusitis though so don't rule out the sinus issue. You can have no cold, stuffy nose, etc.... And still have sinus problems. Be careful though I had the same issue a while back when I was a dental assistant and since both my doctor and my dentist (who was my boss) couldn't figure out what it was, I was put on IV antibiotics for a week and had a rootcanal done on a tooth that was perfectly fine. I believe it was actually a sinus issue that was affecting my teeth to the point of swelling my entire face. The antibiotics helped temporarily but I still have sinus issues to this day. I am planning on trying the cayanne pepper cure (when I get the courage)that a few people have painfully tried as I am getting desparate. Good luck.

P.S. I am also currently seeing a biological Dentist as I have TMJ. She is helping me to get rid of the amalgam fillings which will also help my sinuses (I hope) and she is helping me figure out why I am clenching my teeth all day/night long. It is usually a problem with the anatomy of your bite. Hi spots, missing teeth, etc that cause you to constantly be searching for a comfortable place to rest your jaw. Some people on EC have bought a sports mouth guard with great success. I am too light of a sleeper for that and I have problems during the day as well as night so I can't necessarily wear a mouth guard while I am at work:) But it may work for you."

01/10/2012: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Have you considered a magnesium deficiency as the reason for the clenching of the jaw? The magnesium will relax the muscles and even stop any tooth grinding as well. Maybe an epsom salt bath before bed would help determine if magnesium is the problem. Most people are deficient in magnesium. I am also an ex dental nurse from many, many years back and usually the dentist would treat this with a mouth guard and grinding down teeth. I would look into magnesium though."
01/11/2012: Madeline from Central, New Jersey replies: "Exercise particularly upper back and shoulders. I was having the same problem and once I joined a gym I started to feel better. Also fix your posture because it's causing your neck to protrude which places a lot of pressure on your neck and shoulders. Mckenzie neck retractions exercise. Good luck"


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[YEA]  01/26/2009: Avi from London, United Kingdom: "Thanks so much for the info on Borax, its doing an amazing job on my chronic candida infection. Sinus infection has been a big, BIG, painful problem, causing the kind of headache that occupies everything from the neck up. I recently learned that sniffing up 3% H2O2 can shift that, but I find it really painful and so I tried the advice of a local herb gardener who said to sniff up rhubarb juice, and it worked magnificently.
Stings a little bit, but clears out a lot within minutes and keeps working all day, so you might be slightly sniffy, but great relief, and doing it once every day keeps the sinuses clear, although I don't think its a cure, just a great way of expelling toxins. Mixing 50/50 RAW rhubarb juice and colloidal silver [in distilled water] removes the sting but isn't quite as effective as just rhubarb juice. Anyway, variations on that theme give me immediate relief from sinus headaches. This is useful to me when I detox too fast, maybe it can be useful to others."

Riboflavin, B2

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[YEA]  03/25/2008: Karen from Alpharetta, Georgia: "Riboflavin B2 100mg right before bedtime will take care of sinus drainage.It will work in about 20 minutes. If not,try up to 250mg. I had severe sinus drainage for years.I found it hard to sit through meetings,church etc, without coughing my head off. I would eat and have a reaction to food and start coughing uncontrollably.Sometimes medications worked,sometimes not. Sometimes I would double up on medication. Now I take NOTHING!"


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[YEA]  05/30/2013: Trisha from Liverpool, England: "Hi I have suffered most of my life with sinus problems have had an operation were they drilled the bone at top of my nose had some releif for a short time but I was told to try serrapeptase and the relief has been brilliant I take 2 80,000 tablets morning and night and they have been excellent."

Sniff Warm Water

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[YEA]  12/02/2008: Diane from Foley, AL: "I work with crafts nearly every day and more during the months of November and December working with fine glitter. That's when my sinuses start getting a little congested. When I am through with the work I walk into the bathroom wash my hands and then fill my hands with luke warm water and sniff the water into my sinus cavity and blow several times and Walla all clear. If I don't get to do it and an infection starts I use a few drops of peroxide and it's clear within 10 to 15 minutes. It took a couple of years to realize it was what I was working with that caused the problem. Yes, I wear a mask most of the time but that stuff just flies everywhere."

Spleen Connection to Sinus Infections

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[YEA]  10/25/2007: Greta from Hillsboro, Oregon: "Yes, ice cream, cheese, milk and even unsweetened yogurt all cause me to have sinus infections--even raw goat milk. The raw goats milk was the least innocuous. There are times when none of these bothers me. At one time, about four years ago, if I drank milk (yes, even raw) I would choke on a huge volume of white mucus. I discovered that if your spleen isn't working properly milk can cause a huge mucus buildup. I went to work on my spleen and, lo and behold, I could drink milk once more without any ill effects. I also learned that allergies and sensitivities to foods are related to how much of that substance is stored in our bodies, and certain deficiencies (vitamin, mineral or enzyme) deficiencies we may have. Some allergies may be overcome within seconds of taking the substance you are lacking. For instance 'swimmer's ear' can be 'cured' by taking the EFA'S that person is lacking. Swimmer's ear usually occurs on a hot sunny day when one has been out too long in the sun and gotten a burn, effectively burning up precious EFA's. So, I think this may help people understand why they may be sensitive to a substance at one moment, and not another, or why two people may eat the same food, but only one becomes sick"

05/13/2010: Msg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Greta, Where did you learn all that? How did you "get to work" on your spleen?"

Steaming With Apple Cider Vinegar

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Apple Cider Vinegar Steam Treatment for Sinus Infections

You'll Need:

  • Steaming Pot of Water
  • Apple Cider Vinegar - 1 Tablespoon
  • Bath Towel

After adding a Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar, drape a towel over your head and neck, then carefully hold your face over a steaming pot of water (not too hot!). Breathe in the steam for several minutes, and repeat throughout the day.

Note: You can also add a drop or two of lavender oil or some essential oils from the mint family for even greater effect.

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  11/19/2009: Ellen from Arlington, Tx: "I have had a horrible sinus infection that was causing headaches and horrible pressure. I tried mixing 1/2 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar with 1/2 cup of water and heating it on the stove until it gave off a good amount of steam. I inhaled the steam with my mouth and eyes closed and it has helped tremendously after 2 treatments. I plan to keep doing this until all symptoms are completely gone. I also made the spicy tomato juice, garlic, and cayenne "tea" and I'm sure that helped also."

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  10/11/2009: Kristen from Phoenix, Az: "I have had a severe sinus infection for at least 2 weeks, but have head sinus problems with congestion for at least 8 weeks. I've been on an antiobiotic for the last 10 days and I'm still miserable, but not as miserable. I tried the steaming with the apple cider vinegar about an hour ago. I used one cup of water and one cup of apple cider vinegar put it on the stove top and put my sweatshirt hood over my head to help catch more of the fumes. I'm not 100% but I'm definitely much clearer. I'm hoping it works as well as everyone has been saying and that I'll be feeling much better in the next few days doing this a few times a day. The fumes are strong and it makes your house stink, but I feel better. I also use a neti pot daily twice a day as a preventative measure, and since my sinuses have been so clogged I can only use it about 1/3 of the time. 2/3 of the time my sinuses are so clogged that the water can't come out the other nostril."

01/31/2012: Sandy from Henderson, Nv replies: "When using your neti pot, make sure it's been sterilized (bleach water) and only use warm distilled water. Tap water has bacteria which can add to your problem. Good luck."

[YEA]  04/05/2008: Jen from Cincinnati, USA: "I was really not sure about the ACV and breathing in the vapors, but I tried it because I was so tired of being sick. So when I got home from work I tried it and almost immediately the pressure in my sinus' was relieved. The next day all I had was a slight headached, but that was it! I am so excited and I would definetely recommend anyone who is suffering from this annoying problem to try it. Just 1 cup of ACV and 1 cup hot water boiled together. But definetely close your eyes and mouth it is a strong odor."

[YEA]  03/04/2008: Stacey from Saginaw, MI: "I cured my sinus infection with apple Cider Vinegar. I was suffering the last 5 days. I took 2 treatments of antibotics and still felt horrible this morning. I decided to search for a home remedy. I was amazed by this website. I seen the info on drinking the acv but that didnt sound appetizing so when i seen the info on inhaling the vapors I went right to the kitchen and tried it. Within 20 minutes my ears where popped and now i have relief. I did it a second time and by this evening i am symptom free and feel like my self. I wish I had know sooner but i do believe it works. Thank you so much!"

05/10/2011: Jonathan from Greenville, South Carolina replies: "what is the recipe for this?"

[YEA]  02/03/2008: Nickol from Tonawanda, New York: "I tried boiling a cup of water and a cup of apple cidar vinegar and inhaled it, with my eyes and mouth closed as the other writer advised. It was not pleasant, but it worked immediately! I couldn't go to the doctor today because its Sunday and they are closed. Now I can watch the superbowl with my friends and not be in constant pain. thanks alot!"

[YEA]  01/19/2008: Chartruse from San Francisco, California: "Came down with a sinus infection, the first for me. Nasty experience. Had the flu for two weeks previous, which progressed into a cold. Kept thinking I must be getting better soon.....then.. the outside of my nose became so sore it was as if I had been hit by something and I felt like I was getting another cold, but it was in my head, not body....Googled sinus infection and whala here sprang your website. Drank acv for a day with no results. Then steamed acv for about 5 minutes in the evening, and next morning. In short, I've steamed 3 times with acv and the bloody infection is almost gone. I can breath, my nose is about 75% less sore and I've stopped coughing. TRY THE STEAM, IT WORKS! And as others write, it hurts a little but who cares......think of it! A cure for a major time and life consuming ailment for about $3.00! Spread the word! Btw, there is a great old book on the wonders of Apple cider vinegar....don't know the name unfortunately.....but it's amazing curative powers are nothing new!"



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