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Posted by Andy (Port Huron, Mi) on 03/04/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I have tried everything, including narcotics, orajel, ibuprofen, you name it, I tried it...... But when I put the garlic on my abscess..... Wow... Amazing! Thanks alot!

Posted by Sarah B. (Norfolk, Va) on 02/18/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I'm so thankful that I discovered this God given garlic cure for tooth infection. It hasn't been 24hrs yet and I already see 85% improvement.. I stopped taking Tylenol because the garlic worked much better. The pain went from a 10 to a 2. This stuff really works. The swelling and inflammation has gradually become less and less with each use. But I must say the treatment is not for wusses. It burns at first but I only hold it in my mouth till I can't take the burn no more. I chewed and ate a small clove over the course of about 20 to 30 minutes and rubbed my gums with it. Then later on I ate another larger clove repeating the same process. At about six am I repeated the same process with a huge clove but I only ate half. Then at noon I repeated the process with another half. By noon I had almost no pain at all but repeated the process anyway because like a course antibiotics I want a steady stream of it in my system. I also stopped taking my Tylenol at noon and still no pain! I had an appointment with the dentist to get an emergency tooth extraction at noon which I cancelled just to give the garlic a fair chance and so far so good!

Replied by Stephanie

I just started using the garlic and still am a bit uncomfortable. Especially when I chew it😞

Replied by KT

Here is a post from Earth Clinic in 2012 that encouraged me greatly. I hope it does the same for you, KT:

[YEA] 07/05/2012: Happynurse66 from Santa Monica, California, United States: "I woke up 3 days ago at 6am with a bad toothache. I went to bed the night before at 11pm with not a hint of pain. I called and saw my dentist that morn (Monday). She sent me to an endodontist.

The endodontist said I had a tooth abscess (top tooth, #4), "a real bad infection" to the root of my tooth, and that I need a root canal. He drilled my tooth and and drained pus. I asked, "How come I didn't have any pain at all the night before, and I woke up with such bad pain 7 hours later?" He said I had a "flare up". I had also self-medicated myself with ibuprofen 600mg at 6am when I woke up that day and at noon. After draining my abscess, he filled the hole, and his assistant gave me 600mg of ibuprofen (4pm). He then put me on a stronger antibiotic than he usually prescribes (Augmentin instead of Amoxicillin) and prescribed Vicodin. I have to take Augmentin twice a day for 7 days until gone. He told me to take 600mg ibuprofen every 4 hours continuously for for 3-4 days to help keep the swelling down. My gum and face were swollen. I was to take 1 Vicodin every 4-6 hours, as needed, for (breakthrough) pain. I got to the drug store and took my first dose of Augmentin and Vicocin at 5pm, one hour after leaving the endodontist. I have to return to him to do more dental work in 2 weeks, which I already have an appointment for. He says he can't do any more work until the infection is gone.

I've been diligent about taking the ibuprofen (every 4 hours) and Augmentin as directed. I've tried not taking Vicodin, but the pain has been too much. So, I've been having to take Vicodin every 4 hours, with the ibuprofen, yesterday and Tuesday. (Today is Thursday). I've taken Vicodin every 8 hours since last night. I don't like taking pain meds or antibioitics at all, but I knew the infection needed to clear and I couldn't take the pain.

I came across this site, and I've got garlic on the infected tooth at this very moment. Instead of taking my next dose of ibuprofen/Vicodin combo, I went to the store and bought a head of garlic for $.50. I peeled and cut a clove in half. I put one half on one side of my tooth, and the other half on the other side of the same affected tooth. The garlic did not burn initially, as many have reported on this site. But I bit the garlic piece(s) three sentences ago, and I can feel the burn now. It's starting to subside, but the site is also throbbing right now. Ok, so now I'm chewing on the garlic again, allowing the oils of the garlic to penetrate around my toothache. I'm holding on, like everyone here says to do. My eyes are watery/teary right now. The burning/throbbing feeling and teary eyes slowly go away - until I bite into the garlic again. The burning/throbbing feeling and teary eyes goes away again - until the next bite. I try to put the newly-chewed piece of garlic on the affected tooth until the garlic is all chewed up and consumed. I'm holding on!

Garlic all gone now. I'm going to wait a few minutes to allow the garlic to do its thing in my mouth. Then, I'll oil pull with VCO to get the garlicky smell out of my mouth (hopefully). I should add, I drank about 3 tbsp of ACV in about 16 oz water just before I put the garlic in my mouth. I know the beneficial effects of ACV, so I knew it couldn't hurt.

At this point of my writing, I've eaten all the garlic. No burning, no throbbing, and no teary/watery eyes. I've just written a "live" play-by-play of the all-powerful garlic remedy on toothache/abscess. It seems to be working, as I write this. I'll oil pull in about half an hour.

I wish I had read about this remedy before I saw the dentist and endodontist. I wrote a check for $274 to the endodontist that day (half of the cost) and still owe $274 (and that's with insurance! ). Had I known about this cure, it would have cost me half a dollar only to be rid of this pain and infection.

I know I just did the garlic, but so far, so good. I'll keep you posted.

Thank you EARTH CLINIC for your awesome website! Thank you everyone for posting and sharing your experience, strength and hope with me."

Replied by Mary Smith
(San Diego)

$1600 to endodontist without insurance. Using Tea bag method. Seems to be helping.

Replied by Danielle
(Rohnert Park, Ca)

Hello was just wondering how your tooth husband? I am taking garlic now for a day and the pain went away. But I just want to know if the infection will go away. I've been dealing with ear pain and jaw pain just to find out it was a tooth infection . So did the garlic end up healing your infection? Did you ever have to get it removed? Thank you for taking time to reply. I love this thread everyone is amazing on here.

Replied by KT

Hi Danielle,

After my tooth pain (upper molar) went away I still bit on garlic cloves until my ear pain went away...several days. I did not have the tooth extracted. I bite on a garlic clove once in awhile as a preventative measure. I also use a waterpik waterflosser.

(Miami, Florida)

Hi KT,

So are you completely healed now?

Posted by Zalui (United Emirats ) on 01/08/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I will tell u my story with tooth abcess, first I got tooth abcess since my pregnancy after delivery I went to dentist she told that she make surgery as I have already and she doesn't want to damage the crown but I have to wait until she comeback front her vacation (1month).

Well I was so scared that I start searching on websites and I found about garlic and pomegranate powder! I start by crushing garlic it was so painful my tooth abcess was only red but after crashing garlic I observed small yellow spots.I continued using garlic and even was painful but I was happy that it's working after day after I put pomegranate powder on the red area and believe after 10 minutes the area becomes green was shocked I ringed my month with peroxide and greenn becomes white. I continued the process and on the 3 day, my half face become like balloon I was scared but I continued with eating garlic and putting pomegranate powder.

The day 4 my face become normal and all the yellow disgusting thing become small spot . Was so happy and proud of my self I continued putting pomegranate peel on my teeth and crashing garlic but less than before.

4 days later I when drinking hot tea with cinnamon I feel another tooth reacting. So I start putting garlic on the gum were tooth was hurting only with hot drinks and I put pomegranate peel guess what! Another green area appears. Same process, my side of my face right now is puffy. But I am not scared at all because I know it's killing bacteria inside the tooth ( this tooth has filing).

I'm so happy to find out how garlic and pomegranate peel just change my life .please try it u will not regrets I'm waiting another week to make x ray will let u know hhhh and I want to see my dentist face searching for abcess!? Just trying to write in English so excuse my English

Posted by William M. (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil) on 12/29/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I AM 85 AND HAD 6 DELTAL IMPLANTES AND FEW WEEKS LATER it because infected PERI-IMPLANTITIS; I am 100% allergic to Penicillin and after taken all the antibiotics the pus was endless... I used my common sense because GARLIC is everything in my cooking I chopped it fine and the juice with my little finger a rubbed well in the guns and felt it becoming NUMBED and the INFECTION was gone for the doctor amazement... GARLIC IS A BLESSED medicine right under our nose... I FEEL YOUNGER FOR MY AGE AND NOW WITH GARLIC I will writing more REALITIES BOOKS as now I can eat and smile like a young man physically... THANKYOU FROM MY HEART

Posted by Ashokan (Gilbert) on 12/26/2016
4 out of 5 stars


I am on visit to USA to have some great time( for about 4 months ) with my kids and grand kids. Right from the 2nd month beginning started developing gum and front tooth infections. Used antibiotics prescribed by my dentist at home (2 doses a day in morning and evening). 3 or 4 days after infections surfaced again. My antibiotics stocks were about to be exhausted and was wondering what to do. I didn't like to put burden on my kids physically and financially and decided to go back beforehand and informed my family about this. I used hydrogen peroxide and salt water mouth washings without any success.

Finally unknowingly I used raw garlic for 2 days. Infection at the end of the gum healed but leaving infection inside the gum not healed resulting in a continuous pain. I felt that I made mistake using garlic. I used antibiotic for 3 days again and got the pain relieved. After 2 days infections surfaced with more teeth. Some how I decided to give another try with raw garlic.

A week has passed with chewing 2 cloves in morning and 2 in the evening. Most of the infections got healed and now I have no pain. I am confident that I can stay with my kids for the rest of planned vacation. Before going back I will report my dental health status again. I suggest readers to review their dental health status before using raw garlic to treat infections.

Posted by Kaysho (St Albans, Uk) on 12/19/2016
5 out of 5 stars

So I have had an abscess - upper right canine tooth - was very infected so it reached my eye socket and I had a course of antibiotics that didnt shift it - after a few days it started to come back and I needed some more antibiotics which still didnt quite shift it - I read about Garlic yesterday and chewed a clove - put it against my gum (which hurts like hell) and then repeated 3 times yesterday.

This morning it was half the size - so repeated garlic against gum for 10 minutes of so - chewing it occasionally to release the pain inducing goodness...(allicin maybe) -

I think by tomorrow it will be totally gone - I am not sure garlic is so healthy if you're actually in good health as I hear it has Sulphone Hydroxyl which I believe makes your brain foggy and doesn't look good - BUT as a cure - like a medicinal dose - 10 out of 10 - for me it was like a 24 hour miracle and I was about to go back to the dentist today.

Posted by Lisa (Raleigh ) on 10/06/2016
5 out of 5 stars

While visiting family in my hometown last week I developed a severe toothache on an upper second molar that had been recently crowned. Used a topical, aspirin and whiskey to help with pain. It throbbed intermittently for two days and at times I had to stop what I was doing for a few minutes until the pain had passed. I've always used alternatives, so looked up remedies and raw garlic was number one. I cut a sliver of garlic and held it on that tooth with gentle pressure for a few minutes, then chewed it up and swallowed. Repeated this several times and the pain I'd had for 2-3 days went from level 6 to a 2. Flew back home and went to my dentist next day who said I needed a root canal on that tooth. Did the garlic a couple more times before my appointment with endodontist today. He was surprised I was referred to him as the testing he did resulted in just slight pain and sensitivity. Sent me home, with a follow up in a week. I'm continuing to do the garlic, and am seeing improvement.

Have been practicing alternative treatments for many years, and I am a HUGE fan of garlic. I use it in cooking quite a bit, but that kills its medicinal properties. I'm going to continue eating it raw, and warn/inform my friends and coworkers about it's lovely odor and miraculous healing properties!

Posted by Sheena (Duluth, Mn) on 08/22/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I am going through an abscess on my upper right tooth now and I have been dizzy, off balance, had pressure in my ears, headache, and even tightness in my neck by my glands and mind you, my upper lip, under one side of my nose, cheek up to my eye is swelling. I've been on antibiotics for almost 24 hrs. But since this morning, I've been eating raw garlic and holding crushed or sliced pieces on my gums and tooth, the ear pressure went away, tightness in my neck went away too. Still a little dizzy. I definitely think it's related to the abscess.

Replied by Adrian

In the last three weeks, I had both top wisdom teeth removed, they had decay and started hurting one at a time during a three week span, it would hurt when I laid down went about three weeks without sleeping well it would go away from a few days and then return, I used Ibuprofen for the pain when it was bad but I decided nothing was going to get rid of the pain long term besides pulling them, they can really mess with your sinuses when infected. It was a nightmare I am happy is over. Get em' pulled if your over 35 and they have decay root canals and fillings just prolong the inevitable.

Posted by Ian (Edinburgh) on 08/13/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Firstly, let me be clear here. I am currently 24hrs into a course of antibiotics for a seriously swollen abscess. I had an abscess on the same tooth 3 weeks ago and was prescribed antibiotics. I tried various home remedies at the time (salt water, tea bag, turmeric to name a few) and it took a full 4 days for it to disappear. I hadn't however tried raw garlic. This time I got no warning as I did the last time, I woke up yesterday with what felt like a golf ball in my mouth, swollen from my top lip up to my left eye and in quite a bit of pain so I went to the dentist who prescribed more antibiotics and a follow up in a week. I couldnt wait another 4 days so I tried garlic this time.

Late last night I cut a clove of fresh garlic in half and mashed it flat with a knife, I put it between my upper gum and cheek for as long as I could stand the sting then chewed it up a bit into the damaged tooth and swallowed it with water (to fight it from the inside as well). I left it 10 mins and repeated with the other half and went to bed as the pain was subsiding enough to get some sleep. This morning I went straight at it again with the aforementioned method and again the pain started to subside, the swelling was definitely reduced but I was getting sick of chewing garlic. At around 6pm tonight I decided id manage to eat soup so I chopped half a clove of garlic finely and mixed it into the warm soup and tried to chew the little bits as I went.

To my absolute amazement around half an hour later I could taste blood, I spat it out and it seemed like dark stagnant stuff so I pressed on my cheek, which was painful but worth it. The swelling completely drained down and apart from my gum feeling a little tender I am almost completely pain and swelling free. I can't say for sure it was the garlic but it's the only thing I did different this time and its been a massive improvement and I believe the people who claimed it worked for them.

At the end of the day it's only garlic so just try it anyway.

Posted by Wham (India) on 07/29/2016
1 out of 5 stars

Hi guys,

I developed a tooth abscess and it's been a year.It was getting bigger at first and then I somehow managed to reduce the swelling by oil pulling. And there is no pain fortunately. I tried swishing wheat grass juice and tried some garlic .Didn't work :( I read about colloidal silver on here.Not sure about that too :( I really expected garlic to work, sadly it didn't work.I used garlic religiously.But the size of the abscess is not increasing.I don't know what to do :( I don't want to undergo a root canal treatment.Now I'm thinking of colloidal silver and I'm a little skeptical.The abscess is white, hard and very small. I want to treat it naturally.

Any suggestions guys?

Replied by Kendra

How's your abscess? I've mixed baking soda with turmeric before and brushed the area. I've also had success with activated charcoal mixed into a paste to pull the infection out. Another one is just hydrogen peroxide brushing. Hope it's better but you may need to root canal it or lose the tooth all together like me :(

Replied by Kate B.
(Pensacola, Florida)

For those seeking additional natural recommendation with abscess gum, I would try alternating a warm compress to encourage the infection to release. In this day whereas some of the dentists' office try to prep us in advance for dental financing programs & insurance companies are excluding so much of what they (the dentists, ) insist is necessary - too many of us are caught in the crossfire.

I'm scared to death of the expense & risk of a root canal because my mouth is already jeapordised by illness. A dentist told me that I was not a candidate for dental implants many years ago, so I got upper & lower partials. Based on how he & his office staff treated me after they got paid nearly $8000, I simply don't trust any of them. Now I have this abscess and have suffered a week of agony and went to Urgent Care for antibiotics & low dose pain/anti inflammatory. I just used garlic for the first time after and I can already see & feel a difference.

Now I'll use a warm compress very carefully. Good luck to all!

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

Posted by Rachael (Las Vegas, Nv) on 07/23/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I had a wisdom tooth that got infected to the point I was nauseous and couldn't sleep or eat. I crushed up some fresh garlic cloves with a very small amount of water, maybe a teaspoon, continued to crush until the garlic was invisible. I used only a teaspoon of the garlic juice to swish in my mouth of the effected area for 1 minute and rinsed out with warm water, with minutes maybe seconds the pain was going down to where I could sleep. I continued to rinse with the same batch the next morning and it continues to heal. I reapeated the process every 20 minutes. I hopes that helps someone.

Posted by Desiree (Seattle, Wa) on 06/12/2016
4 out of 5 stars

I recently had swelling in my cheek on the side of my nose and right above the toothline (externally) it burned really bad :-( weirdly, there were no abcesses in my face was tender and swollen and that was it... so, honestly I didn't want to go to the dentist because I do have two root canals in this same area and I guess I was just fearful I'd need to have one of the teeth I started looking up all natural remedies to see if I could save a trip to the local Dr.

At first I tried goldenseal capsules in hopes that would kill any bacteria... it helped the pain subside the first day but didn't relieve the swelling... this took place on a Sunday, so over the course of the week as it is now Sunday (again) I have oil pulled with coconut oil, sunflower oil, bought and used colloidal silver, taken ALA, echinacea and goldenseal, put a tea bag on my gums, gargled with hydrogen peroxide, and salt water all in hopes of drawing the infection down out of my cheek...

Yesterday is the day I decided to try one last remedy before I go to the dentist (if this didn't work) and that remedy was garlic slices.... Holy flippin moly!! It stung ridiculously bad! I couldn't hold it on my gum for any longer that 1-2 minutes...but I kept on reapplying it. I noticed that I started to get a pus pocket above the root canal teeth and my jaw was getting really swollen as the night when on. So I went to bed and this morning there were zero changes.. still swollen still full of puss so I continued with the garlic and after 4 hrs it finally drained... it's still draining as I type this and my cheek is still kind of hard and tender so I'm continuing with the garlic slices.

I noticed that the area that was abscessed is now discolored-like bruised...has anyone else experienced this?

Anyway, garlic is what finally worked for me... and I'm hoping it will continue to drain and "get back to normal"

Replied by Jk

Please go to the dentist-NOW! You're beyond home remedies and the infection could spread. I know from experience (three in two years time and one lost tooth). I'm all for natural remedies but you most likely need antibiotics at this point.

Replied by Desiree

Update: I finally went to the dentist today because the tooth wouldn't stop draining----- two extractions, bone graft and membrane tissues is what the outcome was... Go to the dentist folks!!

Replied by Stephen
1 out of 5 stars

Sorry folks, I have tried garlic, tea bags, and some ocean front property in Arizona for my tooth abscess. The only thing I found that worked was antibiotics.

Posted by Koo Seng Seng (Malaysia) on 05/30/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I'm 27 years old this year, I just had the first tooth infection in my life and it's beyond nightmare. I read many reviews here and seems like mine is not as serious, but causes me several sleepless nights. I can only lie down on bed with extreme pain and inflammation in my gum and pray that I can somehow fall asleep. I took paracetamol and antibiotic frequently but at most, it can only cure headache and reduce the inflammation a little. The inflammation would come back within an hour or two before I'm allow to take another round of paracetamol. One night, I even took the first pain killer in my life and hope that the pain will relief a little so that I can sleep. I have totally no mood in doing anything at all after my work. I just want to finish all my stuff and faster go to sleep. I don't have mood to talk to my girlfriend, play game or surf internet.

The strange thing about this infection is that it only happen around evening time. I usually feel slightly uncomfortable in the morning right after I woke up. After I took my usual breakfast and off to work, I felt better. Perhaps it's what people refer it as the circadian rhythm thing. My gum started to act up usually around 4pm to 6pm, and then it worsen, torture me and last till the entire night until I successfully fall asleep. The pain occur around the wisdom tooth at the left side, and it happen on both upper and lower jaw. I got no idea how tooth infection would be because this is my first, I thought it's like regular inflammation that would go away after drinking plenty of water and cool down my body. As a result, it got worsen so much that I can feel that my face area, slightly below my left ear area, was kind of numb and it's like a needle keep poking into it. There was one night when I feel totally numb and stiff on the left side of my face, neck, and extend to shoulder area. In usual night, the inflammation in my gum is so intense that I felt like my gum is very, very swollen. Both my upper and lower tooth basically has no gap in between if I let my mouth close as usual.

I couldn't take anymore sleepless night anymore and since it's worsen instead of going away, I went to the dentist and the dentist told me it's tooth infection in both wisdom tooth on the left side, so both left side wisdom tooth must be extracted to get rid of the infection. I know tooth extraction won't kill me but I'm the ordinary people that afraid of dentist and tooth extraction. My heart was sunken when I heard tooth extraction. Afterwards, a friend of mine whom her mom also work as a dentist told me that the infection usually start from the pulp, which is the inner side of the tooth. Means my tooth probably has hole or cavity and allows bacteria to infect and attack the pulp. Antibiotic, brushing teeth, rinsing with salt water or with the hydrogen peroxide thing can only relief the pain in gum but won't kill the infection completely. So I was convinced and kind of depress that tooth extraction is the only option I had.

Until I spend more time to search for alternate solutions over the internet and came across earth clinic and this post. Without much hesitation after I read the instruction here and the reviews, I go to the kitchen and grab one garlic clove. Place it between my infected wisdom tooth and crush it. At first it's a little spicy, then I can feel the juice is coming out. Rather than natural numbing sensation, I actually felt unbearable sharp burn and sting. Many reviews said they just endure the burn and sting until the pain is gone, but I really couldn't take it and spit out the juice before crushing it for 3 minutes. After that, instead of the usual gum pain, the burning pain is what left in my mouth. My gum is quite painful because of the burning sensation but I guess it's better than the usual infection pain. I did not rinse my mouth with anything and just go to bed.

The next three day, I don't experience much pain anymore. At the 2nd and 3rd day after the garlic treatment, I even had grilled and fried stuff after an entire month of torture and pain in my gum and I feel so good being alive!

But I was wrong that the infection was gone. Few days later, the same pain is back in the middle of a working day and I got serious headache and I almost on a sick leave. I immediately go for garlic again that night and this time, I crush it for as long as I could even if my gum is very, very hurt because of the burning sensation from garlic, and swallow the juice because I read that garlic can also boost immune system. My gum is more hurt for the next few days, but still better than the infection gum pain.

And then I learn that crushing the garlic with teeth and endure the burning is not the only way. Crushing the garlic with your teeth kill the infection that reside in your teeth from the surface, but actually your immune system also need some boosting to strengthen themselves and fight the infections from the inside. And the world is happen to be so wonderful that garlic provide great boost of immunity too. So instead of biting garlic and let the juice burn my gum, I cut 2-3 raw garlic cloves and add into my oat meal, noodles, salad, and anything I can eat with.

But an advice for eating raw garlic, do not cook them because raw garlic contains of the necessary component we need to deal with tooth problem. Once it's cooked, the necessary stuff will be gone.

Now I'm not completely heal yet, as I can still feel slight pain some time. But I'm free to eat whatever beef burger, fried chicken, grilled pork and all foods that I love without experience the pain that I had previously. And best of all, I don't need to go through wisdom tooth extraction, spent large amount of cash on that, and my tooth is saved. Definitely will go to the dentist soon to check up and make sure everything is good.

So thanks earth clinic and all the wonderful reviews here about their experience in using garlic for treatment.

Replied by Koo Seng Seng

Referring back to my previous post about my wisdom tooth infection, my infection haven't cleared by the time when I post the first post here, as I mentioned I will continue consuming the garlic and hope that the infection will go away and I'm completely healed from it.

But yesterday I actually performed the wisdom tooth extraction, both the upper and lower one on the left side because the night before, I experience a terrible pain from the left side of my head (right beside my left eyes), my face area right below my left ear, around my jaws, neck and extend until my shoulder, slightly above my heart. I took painkiller but the pain doesn't go away even after 2 hours. In the end I fall asleep with the pain.

Before this, I also read articles about infection that could cause death because infection that is not treated can spread. It can spread wide and fast, and in the situation where the tooth/gum infection spread towards the brain, it will cause brain abscess which, in worst case, can cause death.

Unwilling to risk dying from saving two teethes, I decided to remove it since the problem doesn't seems to go away completely. And of course, the dentist comment that my wisdom tooth really shouldn't be there because it's not in the right condition at all. Definitely gone through some pain and uncomfort feeling from pulling the teethes, but I guess it's save me from experiencing random pain once or few times in awhile.

I'm not sure if it's due to my incorrect practice of using the garlic, or there is something that I missed. But I guess sometimes if garlic could completely helps to heal naturally and the problem don't come back, that's good. But on the other hand, we still need to depend on the dentist to check up and make sure that everything inside of our mouth is fine.

Hope no one need to experience the same things as me.

Posted by Paul (Cortlandt Manor, Ny) on 03/22/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Like many on this board, I came to it after searching for options on 'curing' an abcess rather than having a molar extracted. I have a fear of dentists even at 60, ever since having six teeth extracted when I was about 13, after believing I was in for a filling!

Yesterday, I awoke at 2am with a painful, throbbing gum and excruciating pain whenever anything touched the lower left, filled, molar. I'd also had a headache the previous couple of days which Paracetamol quelled only a little. I was dreading the thought of what was to come, so I tried the Garlic method. I must have gone overboard on the garlic-mash because the burn of raw garlic at one point was worse that the tooth pain! I persevered and, crying tears and dribbling nose, I paced up & down to try to get relief but that garlic stayed on my gums for 30mins before I chewd it up and swallowed the lot. That was about 9am. By 10.30, the burning sensation had abated a little but I noticed less tooth pain and extensive blisters inside my cheek & left side of my tongue, but no throbbing gumline.

I repeated this process again about midday but didn't leave the mash on so long this time but the burn was still evident. Finally, I placed another couple of slivers this time, either side the tooth at bedtime, 10pm and went to sleep. As I write now at 7.45am, I have no gum pain and only a little tooth sensitivity ... and the cheek & tongue blisters ... but none of the intense pain of the previous night AND no headache. I'll continue with the garlic periodically but the method certainly avoided me paying a $6,000 quoted extraction fee (I'm uninsured)!

Thanks to Earth Clinic and all contributors who wrote previously and encouraged me to try the remedy.

Posted by Phyllis (San Francisco, Ca) on 02/08/2016
1 out of 5 stars


Hi EC loyalists and followers,

I wanted to raise a red flag of caution to all of you who are prepping and using Garlic for tooth problems. I have relied on Earth Clinic for many health insights and cures. I have been super pleased with my results from so many of you who have taken time to share your cures and offer helpful suggestions. I used garlic just yesterday to address a tiny abscess that I noticed on my gum. I applied several pieces of "raw" garlic to the area (by pressing the garlic against the infected side of my jaw). I left each piece on for approx. 5 minutes and then alternated with a warm sea water rinse and a diluted solution of Hydrogen Peroxide. The boil immediately disappeared after 2 or 3 hours but what happened next sent me to the ER this morning and my condition is still a difficult one.

The garlic blew up the inside of my jaw and the lining looks like a road map to hell. In addition, the swelling advanced to my lip where I now have deep redness, a very unattractive swollen lip and blistering that is 4 times the normal size. I had no idea that garlic could cause such serious damage, certainly not real burns! A little innocent home remedy has led me to an ER visit and a very unsightly 2nd degree burn. I am just reaching out to advise one and all NOT to use garlic in its raw state directly on the inside of your mouth!!

The ER physician mentioned that my burn is equivalent to a chemical burn and she was appalled to know that garlic was the culprit. I am not taking any antibiotics or topical meds for it. I'm just icing it every few hours, praying and applying a little Vaseline and aloe gel on it. Needless to say, whenever I use garlic again, it will be in capsule form. Please take precautionary measures when applying it directly to sensitive gum tissue, I don't want anyone to have to endure what I'm going through right now! I am beside myself and if anyone out there can offer me a suggestion or a proven remedy for how to heal this horrible burn (other than aloe and honey, which has not helped me in the least), I would be sincerely grateful and forever in your debt! Thank you.

Also, I wanted to ask if EC worked with any other "healers" like Ted or would know of a resource bank where I could get help from a respected healer to help guide me around healing this very serious burn?

Thank you and continue the incredible work that you do for humanity.

I look forward to your response.

Phyllis F.

San Francisco, CA

Replied by Jim

Phyllis, thanks for your warning.

In my own experience, one thin slice of raw garlic was enough to do the job, and how. I cringed when you wrote "several" ;-)

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Phyllis,

I am sorry about this dreadful burn! Here are some things I would try -

Internally - turmeric - 1/2 teaspoon 2-3 times a day for inflammation, pain and faster healing. Borage Oil at least 1000 twice a day to help heal more quickly.

Externally - I would not use vaseline. If you have not tried Manuka Honey, I would try it. If you can get some lanolin, it is in natural burn salves and we have found it very helpful. Manuka Honey mixed with lanolin might work well. If you could find a store with a comfrey salve in it, that would be another option.

I hope you feel better soon! Let us know.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Kiwidrdan
(New Zealand)

Ultrasonic toothbrush is an awesome adjunct to garlic. I have been doing this for the last 12 hours and wish I had figured this out sooner. My pain is mostly gone within 5 minutes. Here's why I think it works... 3 reasons:

1. The vibrations of the toothbrush move the tooth thousands of times more than chewing, and cause and increase in fluid circulation- to flush out fluids- while moving garlic fluids in. You want garlic to move IN so it kills the infection. Chewing helps, but what if your tooth is too painful to chew on it? Ultrasonic toothbrush to the rescue.

2. When any cells has excess fluid, it doesn't work properly. This leads to pain because of a process I will describe later. When there is an increase of fluid that should not be there, our bodies have strategically placed nerves, like alarms, to alert us that "something is wrong." The experience of this alarm going off we call "pain." Our teeth have plenty of these nerves- and lots of fluid that should not be there = lots of pain. Add the pressure of the fluid adding to the tooth, and you have a bad situation- but how do you get the bad fluid out to stop the pain? Enter the ultrasonic toothbrush.

3. When you stimulate other nerves, from movement, it shuts off pain. If you have seen those Shaquille O'neil "Icy Hot" commercials lately for a battery powered pain pad, you are looking at this principle in action. Doctors have prescribed this type of stimulation (Tens unit") for decades, because it helps shut-off pain via the "pain gate" theory of pain. The vibrations of the ultrasonic toothbrush likely works in the same way. Movement caused by the vibrations shut the "pain gate" of the pain alarm.

Replied by G
(Salt Lake City)
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I too have blisters where the garlic was placed. Trying to heal the blisters before I proceed with any other treatments. (No known abscess just nerve type pain that made me think I may have a cavity at site of deep filling 3 months ago.)

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