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Garlic for Tooth Abscess, Infected Gums and Teeth

Posted by KT (Usa) on 03/16/2017

I think I have overdone it with the garlic cloves on an abscessed tooth. I then used a tea bag on it and oil pulled with CO. It is a lower bicuspid I had a root canal on. It is also a tooth without a crown. My gum is raw and sore. It is important to note that this time I did not just bite on the garlic clove. Because I had read posts of people making a paste out of garlic powder, I tucked the clove between my gums and cheek where it was directly over where the abscess had come through. Is there something else I can use to soothe and help my gums heal because that area really looks bad. I also used a charcoal poultice but don't know if I can use that overnight. I'm fearful of infection. I took some CS at five o'clock.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Posted by G (Salt Lake City) on 09/23/2016

I too have blisters where the garlic was placed. Trying to heal the blisters before I proceed with any other treatments. (No known abscess just nerve type pain that made me think I may have a cavity at site of deep filling 3 months ago.)

Posted by Barbara (Raleigh, Nc) on 09/28/2012

I tried to follow what you did, but unfortunately I kept my first small minced clove of garlic 20, omutes followed with teh second -30 min. Then I did coconut EV oil pulling at the evening and morning. My face got swollen and everything on that side I put garlic is burnt.

The fistula stayed with the smae size, completely untouched. I must keep it too long or it was too strong for me. I am posting in case someone wants to try your method and I want them to be sure to NOT keep the garlic longer than 10 minutes in your mouth.