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Garlic for Tooth Abscess, Infected Gums and Teeth

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Posted by Ivan (Ny) on 11/27/2017

A little goes along way. I usually cut my organic garlic clove in half. Remove the green shoot in the middle with the knife if it's overripe.

My molar filling broke in half. I will Chew half a clove directly on that tooth. I swish with water vigorously. Oil pulling doesn't help any for me. But I will rub the gums with coconut oil or rinse with spring water/ pink Himalayan salt sometimes. I've even used colloidal silver to swish water.

Carry that extra garlic clove in your pocket god forbid the pain returns. Every Dentist wants to sell you a root canal. I just want the thing extracted. I've seen geriatrics gum hard foods. I find it ridiculous to try and save a decaying broke tooth. Surgeons want to put you on a list weeks away.

I have respect for the "redneck dentistry" on YouTube. Though I would never chance it.

Replied by Anon

They like to save the tooth because removing it leaves a hole that can compromise the adjacent teeth.

Replied by Greg W.

Note they love to save teeth because they make more money long term. If it is gone then that have nothing to make money with!

Replied by Bill

Three or four year ago I had a bad infection in the roots of one of my teeth. The tooth involved was directly behind an incisor and I had just had the tooth capped. When I looked at the tooth I saw that my tooth roots could be seen so I thought that this tooth would have to be extracted. The tooth infection was extremely painful for sure.

All I did was to swish my mouth with 1/2 tspn of gum turpentine once or twice a day. Hold the turps in your mouth for at least 2 minutes or for as long as you can. After following this protocol for a only week the pain and infection disappeared. It's now 4 years later and I've had no further trouble with that tooth. The gum portion surrounding the tooth has also actually regrown and healed itself so that the tooth roots are no longer exposed to infection.

I would think that using this same protocol for your tooth abscess problem might help to actually heal it. Perhaps worth a try.

Posted by Lizz G (Spring Hill, Fl) on 08/09/2017

I think I may have a possible tooth abscess. Trying to avoid going to the dentist. If it gets any worse I will go but in the meantime the natural route seems the way to go. I have been eating and using garlic on my supposed abscess for 2 days. Once in the morning and once at night.

I took about a 1/4 or 1/2 a garlic clove (crushed) and put it in a ripped piece of coffee filter (I was out of cotton balls to soak up garlic juices) and held it in the corner of my mouth for about 15-20 min. I also have been oil pulling with coconut oil for roughly 15 min. So far so good. The swelling and pain have reduced. I changed things up and actually chewed a piece of garlic. I thought I was going to die. The burn felt like a firecracker going off inside my mouth. I had tears and was stomping around. I got through it but found chewing it had a different effect. The pain was numbed more thoroughly and it penetrated the sore more effectively in my opinion. You have to have some grit to get through the pain, burning, stinging, and strong taste but it's worthwhile.

Replied by Vicky

LOL. I just now did the same thing and I opened my mouth and just let the garlic fall out of my mouth as tears and mucus flowed from other! Yes, you gotta be some kind of tough for that. But the infection is definitely not any worse. It's only day 1.

Posted by Amanda (Uk) on 07/17/2017

Wow wow wow, I have been suffering from toothache for over a week now and the pain has got worse day by day. The pain I have suffered today has been unreal. Not to sound disgusting but I have had a spot inside my left nostril for around 2 weeks....could this be linked?? Anyway been reading the reviews on Garlic and had to try, its only garlic right? I cut a clove in half and crunched my way through for about 5 mins....the pain went but that could of been the burn! After 10-15 mins the pain was still there but not as bad. Took the plunge and decided to just split the other half and place it on the outer part of my gum where the pain is and let it sit for around 10 mins, oh yes it burns!! Hey while its burning there is no pain!! I eventually swallowed the half clove and I am now sitting in comfort and not wanting to punch myself in the face because of pain. Don't get me wrong I still have a dull ache which is bearable, but nothing like the pain I have been in today. I will continue for 3 times a day until I feel pain free much to the disgust of my colleagues at work. A grumpy miserable employee or a stinking one for a couple of days, they will go for the latter!! GARLIC I LOVE YOU!!!

Replied by Zach

Yes, I think the spot in the nose could be connected. I would keep up the garlic and maybe turmeric for a while.

Look into oil pulling also.

If you have a deep infection, you will need to treat for a while even after the pain is no longer there.

Replied by Michael
(New Zealand)

Hi Amanda, Your experience with garlic is interesting as you are chewing the stuff directly - wow - hard row to hoe there ! The received wisdom (out there) seems to recommend that the garlic clove (or cloves) be minced up or cut up very finely and allowed to sit there on your dedicated garlic/onion slab (!?) for approximately fifteen minutes while the chemistry struts its stuff (and makes your board stink). This increases the surface area and makes it more effective which is what you want. Source better garlic than some of the imported stuff of VERY questionable origins!! See how I can be politically correct occasionally! The property called Allicin(sp?) is what gives garlic all its anti properties and helped our troops in the trenches in WW 1 before Alexander Fleming could come to their rescue: anti-viral, anti-biotic, anti-oxidant, anti-parasitic etc. plus having a bit of Potassium, Selenium and Sulphur et al. I tend to mix it up with something else and spread it onto toast but you may be steering clear of toast if you have a tooth problem, in which case you could mix it into yoghurt or other dairy products. If you are dairy free then you could consume it with honey. If you are diabetic you may want to chew it directly!! Honey and Garlic in the trenches was a bright idea too. If you mix and mingle you may wish to hunt out something called aged garlic extract. If you use it in cooking then you should include it towards the end of the cooking process so as not to lose its remarkable effects.

It should at least assist in keeping the vampires away.

I hope this helps you.


Patient says: Doctor, doctor, I keep on thinking I'm a vampire.

Doctor says: Necks please!

Cheers, Michael

Posted by Dani (San Diego) on 06/30/2017

My tooth was clearly abscessed. I've been here before. Took a garlic clove, peeled off the outer layers, rinsed it off with warm water, put it in my mouth and began chewing. I was amazed at what happened. I experienced immediate relief. The best part was my whole body shifted. My mind cleared up and I was no longer in discomfort. That was two days ago. I have repeated the garlic dosing once a day, and will continue to do so. Thank you for the great information.

Posted by Megan (Spokane, Wa) on 06/28/2017

I've had recurring infections in my mouth for years. I'd gotten accustomed to the antibiotic routine at least a couple times a year. My teeth are horrible, I'm preparing to get them all pulled and get dentures, but trying to save to get dentures first so I won't have to go without teeth.

For about two months I'd have severe pain near one of the broken teeth when I'd lay down, but it didn't bother me during the day. Then I noticed a lot of tenderness to the point that I had pain when even the softest of foods touched the area.

I debated going in to get yet another round of antibiotics. Then I decided to try a more natural route. I found this site with various ways to use garlic to cure an infection.

Last night I started biting down on a clove of garlic and holding it on the infected tooth as long as I could stand. I think I lasted about 10 minutes. I spit out the clove and saliva that'd built up (I didn't want to swallow) then I ate another fresh clove of garlic. I felt a lot better.

This morning the tenderness and pain was back but I was out of garlic. Went to the store and got garlic and garlic juice (bottled in the spice area). I again bit down on a clove of garlic for about 10 minutes before spitting, ate a clove and made a mouthwash from the 2oz garlic juice, 12 oz water, and 3 tsp salt. I swished with the mouthwash for about a minute then held it on the infected for a minute before spitting and rinsing with warm water. Feeling a lot better again. Going to keep up the routine a few times a day to try to rid the infection completely.

Posted by Jen (Hudson, Nh) on 06/18/2017

So being a Saturday I knew most offices would be closed... I have very very bad teeth and they are giving me Dentures on top and through the teeth on the bottom need to be extracted and the rest need to have work done to them as well so hopefully within the next six months I will be all set and ready to go. Meanwhile, the back molar on the right hand side was broken in 1/2 missing so you can imagine that there's not a whole lot that anybody can do. But we only have minced garlic at home and I just put a teaspoon of the oil in my mouth directly on the busted tooth that has pus coming out of it. I did call the dentist and they are prescribing me antibiotics thank God when I woke up this morning, I was in such agony I think that that's why I woke up so early this morning. So I just want to say that garlic is the way to go, it is absolutely the way to go.

I also took a very small teaspoon of the actual garlic clove that is minced and put it directly on the area and I'm letting it sit and chewing it up a little bit and in a minute I'm going to spit it out but I do not have the pain that I did this morning I am shocked by that I think it's absolutely fantastic

Posted by Hedaya (Pasadena, Ca) on 06/15/2017

I usually do not write to website posts, but for this forum I had too. I am one of many that are afraid of medical treatments, especially invasive treatments like surgeries and sort. At this point, I had to find another way to treat my ailment. After a root canal surgery, my tooth became infected, again. I knew that at that point the dentist would recommend to remove the tooth. Also, he would have given me more pills to take. I started to do some research, and here I am. The Garlic treatment works. If you are not allergic to it, try it. I used it full force. Three times a day, I let the cloves ( 4 of them) lay on the infected tooth for a few minutes, then ate them. In the morning and afternoon, I ate them with food, the evening, just ate them alone, with water. I did this for a week, until the pain and infection was gone. Now, I take garlic supplements for the extra help. Best remedy ever. I am going to the dentist though for a check up.

Replied by Scaredentally

How is your tooth doing now? did you have further dental treatment

Posted by Ehm M. (Wuhan, China) on 06/07/2017

I am American, living in China. I have typical redneck teeth just like the rest of my genetically linked family. Two days ago, for the 4th time in the past 12 months, a massive tooth ache flared up, with swollen gums and glands...Abscess. I wanted to stop breathing on account of tooth pain. I don't do dentists or doctors so I have always just taken the pain. With unhealthy doses of whiskey and ibuprofen.

Today I found Earth Clinic. I just completed my garlic chew. (I followed the directions on your site exactly). I chewed until the clove was pulped (<20 seconds) and then I spit it out. (I did not chew for minutes and minutes like other reviewers reporting side effects.) The pain left immediately. That was 25 minutes ago and still not returned. Also, the swelling beneath my jawbone and under my tongue reduced by, my estimate, 40 - 60%.

Wow. Will report back results and any needed re-treatments tomorrow.

Posted by Grndzro (Reno, Nv) on 05/20/2017

Garlic for mouthwash. I have to use this periodically because I have very bad teeth from being a soda junkie.

What I do is put a whole bulb of garlic and about 16oz water in a blender cup and let it run for a while. Strain, and then use throughout the day as mouthwash.

If I didn't do this I would need antibiotics on a regular basis..and quite frankly I prefer a day of garlic breath to a week of antibiotics.

It clears everything right up pretty quickly. My whole mouth could be inflamed and within a couple hours there is no more pain, no more swelling, and no more infection.

Allicin has DMSO like properties that go right through skin/flesh and kill infections.

Replied by Debby G

Can the mouthwash be used for a few days? Also, do you put it in the fridge between uses?


Posted by Sue (Lexington Ky) on 05/11/2017


Two months ago, I went to the dentist to have my fillings replaced. I wasn't in any pain it's just that they were splayed and I wanted them fixed. After the procedure I had pain that never went away. So I went back five times to have bite adjustments with little success. I went and had a second opinion and was told that I need one, possibly two root canals where the replacement fillings are located. After getting online and reading about root canals I am terrified to get it done! I found Earth Clinic and read people's experiences with garlic.

So on Day 1, I chewed a clove of garlic and while it helped the pain, it burned the inside of my mouth. Day 2, I did the same thing and now the inside of my mouth really hurts! I'm using ibpuprophen and its helping.

Any other suggestions on how can I treat this possible infection with garlic without burning my mouth would be appreciated!

Replied by Dee

Make yourself a mixture of garlic and sea salt, put in grinder if you have one, if not then just mix them together and add 1 cup of distilled water. Put on stove for 15 minutes. Drain/strain and add honey to liquid and take 1 tbsp 3-4 times a day.

Replied by ken

Try keeping the clove on just the teeth without touching the gums or tongue.

I cut up a clove into very thin slices so that it looks like minced garlic. This minced garlic needs to sit in the open air for about thirty minutes to allow the allicin to reach its full potency. I take a teaspoon and scoop up about 10 or so minced pieces and place them on the affected tooth and gently bite down and hold it there for five minutes or so. Excellent pain relief which lasts and according to many of the posts here, kills the infection causing the pain. As someone stated, this stuff penetrates right through the hard surface of the tooth and deep down into the pulp, gum and jaw areas.

Replied by Sandra

Hi, I read some things that say the garlic an damage mucous membranes of the gum/ mouth. And that a thin layer of natural oil like olive will help protect against that (gums and inside mouth). It was dental reports on serous burns. Seemed legit. So I've used if b4 with success but will add protective oil and not so long next time (touch wood actually there won't be a next time! )

(Jax, FL)

I had an implant that got infected; it was very red and had a raised area of pus; lots of pain. I followed Bill Thompson's suggestion using 1/2 to a teaspoon of turpentine, full strength, and held it in my mouth over that bottom tooth for about 5 minutes, maybe longer if no irritation.

I had no pain in an hour and kept doing this for 4 or 5 days and it never came back. Other times during the day, I would mix it with coconut oil and swish 20 minutes, then spit out.

For an upper tooth, you could place it on a cotton ball and hold in place.

Posted by Janet ( Hallandale, Florida ) on 05/08/2017

Have been taken anabiotic's for a week along with analgesics they did not do much. I search for home remedies and found this site I tried to garlic last night just took a clove peeled it question with a knife put it on the infected gum I also crushed another garlic clove and swallowed it. I can't believe it this morning the swelling is gone and the pain is basically gone I will do this again tonight! Thank you earth clinic cures!

Posted by M.r. (Arizona) on 04/17/2017

Garlic is a miracle cure! I've had an abscess above my tooth for a few weeks. I did not want to go to the dentist and get the lecture for something I already know is my fault. I was searching online and came across different sites that had garlic on their list of natural cures. This was the only site where I saw reviews. After reading the reviews and heading the warnings (possible chemical burns), I decided to give it a try. Yes it burned like h***, and I walked around with stinky garlic breath but it worked like a charm. After applying off and on periodically yesterday for as long as I could take the pain, it was half the size it was in the morning and I could see the abscess was draining. By this morning I had one little spot which was gone by the afternoon (rinsed with salt water instead of garlic since I had to go to work). This evening very little pain with the garlic but want to make sure it is healed. I can't believe it but it definitely worked for me.

Posted by Sharon (Berea, Ky.) on 03/22/2017

Yes, garlic clove worked wonders for my husband.He was in so much pain and jaw was swollen.He used everything and no relief.He used the garlic and within 5 minutes or less the swelling went down and the pain was gone.Thanks so much.

Posted by Leanne (Australia) on 03/18/2017

My partner was in agony with an tooth infection. He tried codeine, salt water and everything other than garlic. Looking up home remedies I saw garlic is the no1 home remedy. Amazing results as he can now sleep. He said pain went instantly. Highly recommened as it really does work.

Posted by KT (Usa) on 03/16/2017

I think I have overdone it with the garlic cloves on an abscessed tooth. I then used a tea bag on it and oil pulled with CO. It is a lower bicuspid I had a root canal on. It is also a tooth without a crown. My gum is raw and sore. It is important to note that this time I did not just bite on the garlic clove. Because I had read posts of people making a paste out of garlic powder, I tucked the clove between my gums and cheek where it was directly over where the abscess had come through. Is there something else I can use to soothe and help my gums heal because that area really looks bad. I also used a charcoal poultice but don't know if I can use that overnight. I'm fearful of infection. I took some CS at five o'clock.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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