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Posted by Hedaya (Pasadena, Ca) on 06/15/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I usually do not write to website posts, but for this forum I had too. I am one of many that are afraid of medical treatments, especially invasive treatments like surgeries and sort. At this point, I had to find another way to treat my ailment. After a root canal surgery, my tooth became infected, again. I knew that at that point the dentist would recommend to remove the tooth. Also, he would have given me more pills to take. I started to do some research, and here I am. The Garlic treatment works. If you are not allergic to it, try it. I used it full force. Three times a day, I let the cloves ( 4 of them) lay on the infected tooth for a few minutes, then ate them. In the morning and afternoon, I ate them with food, the evening, just ate them alone, with water. I did this for a week, until the pain and infection was gone. Now, I take garlic supplements for the extra help. Best remedy ever. I am going to the dentist though for a check up.

Replied by Scaredentally

How is your tooth doing now? did you have further dental treatment

Posted by Ehm M. (Wuhan, China) on 06/07/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I am American, living in China. I have typical redneck teeth just like the rest of my genetically linked family. Two days ago, for the 4th time in the past 12 months, a massive tooth ache flared up, with swollen gums and glands...Abscess. I wanted to stop breathing on account of tooth pain. I don't do dentists or doctors so I have always just taken the pain. With unhealthy doses of whiskey and ibuprofen.

Today I found Earth Clinic. I just completed my garlic chew. (I followed the directions on your site exactly). I chewed until the clove was pulped (<20 seconds) and then I spit it out. (I did not chew for minutes and minutes like other reviewers reporting side effects.) The pain left immediately. That was 25 minutes ago and still not returned. Also, the swelling beneath my jawbone and under my tongue reduced by, my estimate, 40 - 60%.

Wow. Will report back results and any needed re-treatments tomorrow.

Posted by Grndzro (Reno, Nv) on 05/20/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Garlic for mouthwash. I have to use this periodically because I have very bad teeth from being a soda junkie.

What I do is put a whole bulb of garlic and about 16oz water in a blender cup and let it run for a while. Strain, and then use throughout the day as mouthwash.

If I didn't do this I would need antibiotics on a regular basis..and quite frankly I prefer a day of garlic breath to a week of antibiotics.

It clears everything right up pretty quickly. My whole mouth could be inflamed and within a couple hours there is no more pain, no more swelling, and no more infection.

Allicin has DMSO like properties that go right through skin/flesh and kill infections.

Replied by Debby G

Can the mouthwash be used for a few days? Also, do you put it in the fridge between uses?


Posted by Sue (Lexington Ky) on 05/11/2017
4 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Two months ago, I went to the dentist to have my fillings replaced. I wasn't in any pain it's just that they were splayed and I wanted them fixed. After the procedure I had pain that never went away. So I went back five times to have bite adjustments with little success. I went and had a second opinion and was told that I need one, possibly two root canals where the replacement fillings are located. After getting online and reading about root canals I am terrified to get it done! I found Earth Clinic and read people's experiences with garlic.

So on Day 1, I chewed a clove of garlic and while it helped the pain, it burned the inside of my mouth. Day 2, I did the same thing and now the inside of my mouth really hurts! I'm using ibpuprophen and its helping.

Any other suggestions on how can I treat this possible infection with garlic without burning my mouth would be appreciated!

Replied by Dee

Make yourself a mixture of garlic and sea salt, put in grinder if you have one, if not then just mix them together and add 1 cup of distilled water. Put on stove for 15 minutes. Drain/strain and add honey to liquid and take 1 tbsp 3-4 times a day.

Posted by Janet ( Hallandale, Florida ) on 05/08/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Have been taken anabiotic's for a week along with analgesics they did not do much. I search for home remedies and found this site I tried to garlic last night just took a clove peeled it question with a knife put it on the infected gum I also crushed another garlic clove and swallowed it. I can't believe it this morning the swelling is gone and the pain is basically gone I will do this again tonight! Thank you earth clinic cures!

Posted by M.r. (Arizona) on 04/17/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Garlic is a miracle cure! I've had an abscess above my tooth for a few weeks. I did not want to go to the dentist and get the lecture for something I already know is my fault. I was searching online and came across different sites that had garlic on their list of natural cures. This was the only site where I saw reviews. After reading the reviews and heading the warnings (possible chemical burns), I decided to give it a try. Yes it burned like h***, and I walked around with stinky garlic breath but it worked like a charm. After applying off and on periodically yesterday for as long as I could take the pain, it was half the size it was in the morning and I could see the abscess was draining. By this morning I had one little spot which was gone by the afternoon (rinsed with salt water instead of garlic since I had to go to work). This evening very little pain with the garlic but want to make sure it is healed. I can't believe it but it definitely worked for me.

Posted by Sharon (Berea, Ky.) on 03/22/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Yes, garlic clove worked wonders for my husband.He was in so much pain and jaw was swollen.He used everything and no relief.He used the garlic and within 5 minutes or less the swelling went down and the pain was gone.Thanks so much.

Posted by Leanne (Australia) on 03/18/2017
5 out of 5 stars

My partner was in agony with an tooth infection. He tried codeine, salt water and everything other than garlic. Looking up home remedies I saw garlic is the no1 home remedy. Amazing results as he can now sleep. He said pain went instantly. Highly recommened as it really does work.

Posted by Kt (Usa) on 03/16/2017
0 out of 5 stars

I think I have overdone it with the garlic cloves on an abscessed tooth. I then used a tea bag on it and oil pulled with CO. It is a lower bicuspid I had a root canal on. It is also a tooth without a crown. My gum is raw and sore. It is important to note that this time I did not just bite on the garlic clove. Because I had read posts of people making a paste out of garlic powder, I tucked the clove between my gums and cheek where it was directly over where the abscess had come through. Is there something else I can use to soothe and help my gums heal because that area really looks bad. I also used a charcoal poultice but don't know if I can use that overnight. I'm fearful of infection. I took some CS at five o'clock.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Posted by Andy (Port Huron, Mi) on 03/04/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I have tried everything, including narcotics, orajel, ibuprofen, you name it, I tried it...... But when I put the garlic on my abscess..... Wow... Amazing! Thanks alot!

Posted by Sarah B. (Norfolk, Va) on 02/18/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I'm so thankful that I discovered this God given garlic cure for tooth infection. It hasn't been 24hrs yet and I already see 85% improvement.. I stopped taking Tylenol because the garlic worked much better. The pain went from a 10 to a 2. This stuff really works. The swelling and inflammation has gradually become less and less with each use. But I must say the treatment is not for wusses. It burns at first but I only hold it in my mouth till I can't take the burn no more. I chewed and ate a small clove over the course of about 20 to 30 minutes and rubbed my gums with it. Then later on I ate another larger clove repeating the same process. At about six am I repeated the same process with a huge clove but I only ate half. Then at noon I repeated the process with another half. By noon I had almost no pain at all but repeated the process anyway because like a course antibiotics I want a steady stream of it in my system. I also stopped taking my Tylenol at noon and still no pain! I had an appointment with the dentist to get an emergency tooth extraction at noon which I cancelled just to give the garlic a fair chance and so far so good!

Replied by Stephanie

I just started using the garlic and still am a bit uncomfortable. Especially when I chew it😞

Replied by Kt

Here is a post from Earth Clinic in 2012 that encouraged me greatly. I hope it does the same for you, KT:

[YEA] 07/05/2012: Happynurse66 from Santa Monica, California, United States: "I woke up 3 days ago at 6am with a bad toothache. I went to bed the night before at 11pm with not a hint of pain. I called and saw my dentist that morn (Monday). She sent me to an endodontist.

The endodontist said I had a tooth abscess (top tooth, #4), "a real bad infection" to the root of my tooth, and that I need a root canal. He drilled my tooth and and drained pus. I asked, "How come I didn't have any pain at all the night before, and I woke up with such bad pain 7 hours later?" He said I had a "flare up". I had also self-medicated myself with ibuprofen 600mg at 6am when I woke up that day and at noon. After draining my abscess, he filled the hole, and his assistant gave me 600mg of ibuprofen (4pm). He then put me on a stronger antibiotic than he usually prescribes (Augmentin instead of Amoxicillin) and prescribed Vicodin. I have to take Augmentin twice a day for 7 days until gone. He told me to take 600mg ibuprofen every 4 hours continuously for for 3-4 days to help keep the swelling down. My gum and face were swollen. I was to take 1 Vicodin every 4-6 hours, as needed, for (breakthrough) pain. I got to the drug store and took my first dose of Augmentin and Vicocin at 5pm, one hour after leaving the endodontist. I have to return to him to do more dental work in 2 weeks, which I already have an appointment for. He says he can't do any more work until the infection is gone.

I've been diligent about taking the ibuprofen (every 4 hours) and Augmentin as directed. I've tried not taking Vicodin, but the pain has been too much. So, I've been having to take Vicodin every 4 hours, with the ibuprofen, yesterday and Tuesday. (Today is Thursday). I've taken Vicodin every 8 hours since last night. I don't like taking pain meds or antibioitics at all, but I knew the infection needed to clear and I couldn't take the pain.

I came across this site, and I've got garlic on the infected tooth at this very moment. Instead of taking my next dose of ibuprofen/Vicodin combo, I went to the store and bought a head of garlic for $.50. I peeled and cut a clove in half. I put one half on one side of my tooth, and the other half on the other side of the same affected tooth. The garlic did not burn initially, as many have reported on this site. But I bit the garlic piece(s) three sentences ago, and I can feel the burn now. It's starting to subside, but the site is also throbbing right now. Ok, so now I'm chewing on the garlic again, allowing the oils of the garlic to penetrate around my toothache. I'm holding on, like everyone here says to do. My eyes are watery/teary right now. The burning/throbbing feeling and teary eyes slowly go away - until I bite into the garlic again. The burning/throbbing feeling and teary eyes goes away again - until the next bite. I try to put the newly-chewed piece of garlic on the affected tooth until the garlic is all chewed up and consumed. I'm holding on!

Garlic all gone now. I'm going to wait a few minutes to allow the garlic to do its thing in my mouth. Then, I'll oil pull with VCO to get the garlicky smell out of my mouth (hopefully). I should add, I drank about 3 tbsp of ACV in about 16 oz water just before I put the garlic in my mouth. I know the beneficial effects of ACV, so I knew it couldn't hurt.

At this point of my writing, I've eaten all the garlic. No burning, no throbbing, and no teary/watery eyes. I've just written a "live" play-by-play of the all-powerful garlic remedy on toothache/abscess. It seems to be working, as I write this. I'll oil pull in about half an hour.

I wish I had read about this remedy before I saw the dentist and endodontist. I wrote a check for $274 to the endodontist that day (half of the cost) and still owe $274 (and that's with insurance! ). Had I known about this cure, it would have cost me half a dollar only to be rid of this pain and infection.

I know I just did the garlic, but so far, so good. I'll keep you posted.

Thank you EARTH CLINIC for your awesome website! Thank you everyone for posting and sharing your experience, strength and hope with me."

Replied by Mary Smith
San Diego

$1600 to endodontist without insurance. Using Tea bag method. Seems to be helping.

Replied by Danielle
Rohnert Park, Ca

Hello was just wondering how your tooth husband? I am taking garlic now for a day and the pain went away. But I just want to know if the infection will go away. I've been dealing with ear pain and jaw pain just to find out it was a tooth infection . So did the garlic end up healing your infection? Did you ever have to get it removed? Thank you for taking time to reply. I love this thread everyone is amazing on here.

Replied by Kt

Hi Danielle,

After my tooth pain (upper molar) went away I still bit on garlic cloves until my ear pain went away...several days. I did not have the tooth extracted. I bite on a garlic clove once in awhile as a preventative measure. I also use a waterpik waterflosser.

Miami, Florida

Hi KT,

So are you completely healed now?

Posted by Zalui (United Emirats ) on 01/08/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I will tell u my story with tooth abcess, first I got tooth abcess since my pregnancy after delivery I went to dentist she told that she make surgery as I have already and she doesn't want to damage the crown but I have to wait until she comeback front her vacation (1month).

Well I was so scared that I start searching on websites and I found about garlic and pomegranate powder! I start by crushing garlic it was so painful my tooth abcess was only red but after crashing garlic I observed small yellow spots.I continued using garlic and even was painful but I was happy that it's working after day after I put pomegranate powder on the red area and believe after 10 minutes the area becomes green was shocked I ringed my month with peroxide and greenn becomes white. I continued the process and on the 3 day, my half face become like balloon I was scared but I continued with eating garlic and putting pomegranate powder.

The day 4 my face become normal and all the yellow disgusting thing become small spot . Was so happy and proud of my self I continued putting pomegranate peel on my teeth and crashing garlic but less than before.

4 days later I when drinking hot tea with cinnamon I feel another tooth reacting. So I start putting garlic on the gum were tooth was hurting only with hot drinks and I put pomegranate peel guess what! Another green area appears. Same process, my side of my face right now is puffy. But I am not scared at all because I know it's killing bacteria inside the tooth ( this tooth has filing).

I'm so happy to find out how garlic and pomegranate peel just change my life .please try it u will not regrets I'm waiting another week to make x ray will let u know hhhh and I want to see my dentist face searching for abcess!? Just trying to write in English so excuse my English

Posted by William M. (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil) on 12/29/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I AM 85 AND HAD 6 DELTAL IMPLANTES AND FEW WEEKS LATER it because infected PERI-IMPLANTITIS; I am 100% allergic to Penicillin and after taken all the antibiotics the pus was endless... I used my common sense because GARLIC is everything in my cooking I chopped it fine and the juice with my little finger a rubbed well in the guns and felt it becoming NUMBED and the INFECTION was gone for the doctor amazement... GARLIC IS A BLESSED medicine right under our nose... I FEEL YOUNGER FOR MY AGE AND NOW WITH GARLIC I will writing more REALITIES BOOKS as now I can eat and smile like a young man physically... THANKYOU FROM MY HEART

Posted by Ashokan (Gilbert) on 12/26/2016
4 out of 5 stars


I am on visit to USA to have some great time( for about 4 months ) with my kids and grand kids. Right from the 2nd month beginning started developing gum and front tooth infections. Used antibiotics prescribed by my dentist at home (2 doses a day in morning and evening). 3 or 4 days after infections surfaced again. My antibiotics stocks were about to be exhausted and was wondering what to do. I didn't like to put burden on my kids physically and financially and decided to go back beforehand and informed my family about this. I used hydrogen peroxide and salt water mouth washings without any success.

Finally unknowingly I used raw garlic for 2 days. Infection at the end of the gum healed but leaving infection inside the gum not healed resulting in a continuous pain. I felt that I made mistake using garlic. I used antibiotic for 3 days again and got the pain relieved. After 2 days infections surfaced with more teeth. Some how I decided to give another try with raw garlic.

A week has passed with chewing 2 cloves in morning and 2 in the evening. Most of the infections got healed and now I have no pain. I am confident that I can stay with my kids for the rest of planned vacation. Before going back I will report my dental health status again. I suggest readers to review their dental health status before using raw garlic to treat infections.

Posted by Kaysho (St Albans, Uk) on 12/19/2016
5 out of 5 stars

So I have had an abscess - upper right canine tooth - was very infected so it reached my eye socket and I had a course of antibiotics that didnt shift it - after a few days it started to come back and I needed some more antibiotics which still didnt quite shift it - I read about Garlic yesterday and chewed a clove - put it against my gum (which hurts like hell) and then repeated 3 times yesterday.

This morning it was half the size - so repeated garlic against gum for 10 minutes of so - chewing it occasionally to release the pain inducing goodness...(allicin maybe) -

I think by tomorrow it will be totally gone - I am not sure garlic is so healthy if you're actually in good health as I hear it has Sulphone Hydroxyl which I believe makes your brain foggy and doesn't look good - BUT as a cure - like a medicinal dose - 10 out of 10 - for me it was like a 24 hour miracle and I was about to go back to the dentist today.