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Posted by Leahinchains (San Diego, Ca, Usa) on 09/12/2011

Dear Ted,

I am just going to pray that somehow that this desperate letter has a chance to cross your way. I have been desperately seeking info on the caustic efects of mixing a stabilized oxygen supplement consisting of sodium chloride, ozone, traceminerals, and distilled water with a pasturized, fortified from concentrate orange juice (vit d and calcium too. ) No one in the world can answer this question. However it is spoken of even on my supplement.

When it comes to MMS, everyone knows not to mix it with orange juice. Yet no one will say why? If I am starting with a ultra-concentrated stabilized oxygen otc solution consisting only of the things listed above- then what possible reactions could be occuring when 1 1/2 droppers full get mixed with the orange juice? I am very confused. It was accidental that it was mixed with o.j. But either way it has been consumed and 6 days have passed, I cannot sleep for I remain unanswered.

My son is here, but he is not anyone that I recognize. Some type of mineral reaction must have occured. Mentally he is like a bomb expert working with absolute knowledge. Physically he is very weak and tired. His face not only lost all of its color and animation, but his pupils have remained huge no matter the time of day. 6 days solid. I am wondering about alcohol poisonings ethyl, methyl, is that something you can help me figure out? I thought maybe hypoglecemic, but blood suga is fine. Bp is fine too. I looked up herx.. That don't seem fit eithr. Maybe you know something im mising. Pls help. I miss my son.

thank you.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

How old is your son? The symptoms you discussed are consistant with some types of drug use. Such as speed or cocaine. There is no reason to not at least ask him about this. A lot of people, especially young people like to take such drugs. And what is MMS?

Of course I have no way of knowing if he is taking such drugs. It is worth looking into if he is a teenager or young adult. And if he is freaking out is not going to help him or you. Many parents have to deal with this situation. It is all too common and can be resolved.

Heck, when I was growing up it seemed to me most of my friends were playing around with such drugs. Most of them got over it on their own after a few years....Oscar

Replied by Bob
(Seminole, Tx)

The orange jucie vitimin C nutrilizes the MMS. Use a small amout of apple juice that has no significant C. The 100% Vitimin C is just a preservative for juices. Do not use that.

Replied by Oscar

I'm all for natural cures, but I don't think MMS should be freely consumed. I think it can be extremely dangerous. I have tried it a few times. It caused severe diarrhea at the very least, no matter how careful I was with the dosage increase. In fact, MMS makes my pupils dilate like you mentioned, and my skin very greasy (like the other poster said, feels like you are on meth/speed during this detox stage, which I have also used in my college years so I can relate). Is your son sleeping and eating normally? That would be your first clue about amphetamine use. I relate it to the initial detox stages I have experienced them before as a result of drastic detox fasts (on water only, and also using the Master Cleanse/ lemon diet, from 10 to 20 days).

Here is my two cents after a lot of experimentation: you can't cut corners with your health. If it took you years to get toxic, it will take years to detox. There is no magic bullet. Some things (such as MMS and fasts) CAN help you speed up things for sure, but be careful: you need to be assisted by someone who is qualified to help you because your body can only take so much herx. We really need to move away from this habit of thinking we can solve all our our health problems with an overnight miracle solution, be it MMS, antibiotics, cortisone, or whatever. These compounds are not freely available in nature for a reason. They don't grow on trees in amounts we can easily consume, and our genetic code developed over thousands of year without them. They are not nutrients, we don't need them, it's a marketing plot to benefit the powers that be.

Also, stop thinking in terms of viruses and bacteria. I see a lot of posts where people are fighting them like they are the ultimate enemy. They are not. We need a healthy balance of bacteria in us to handle digestion and additional vitamin production in our guts. Most people interpret detox symptoms as "I got a bug". It's not true. These things exist in nature in a symbiotic relationship to us. They are not the enemy. If they are out of control is because your immune system is weak What I found out in my 4 years of moving away from the existing disaster that is our current medical sciences is that our bodies are perfect and will fight all diseases so long the immune system is in a position to do so. We all get "cancer" every day for example, but our defenses will rid of the problem if everything is up to speed. All chronic diseases are a result of a mix of toxicity plus mal-nutrition. Remove toxicity and improve nutrition and your problems will go away one by one.

My suggestion: no matter what you have, up your nutrition by eating raw, unprocessed, possibly organic, whole foods. Spare your blood filter (liver) by avoiding alcohol, artificial chemicals of any kind, excessive oil/fats, etc. Get rid of everything that is refined, canned, and packaged. Avoid sugar like the plague (think about, in nature we only find sugar in fruits, pretty much). Avoid animal products. When was the last time you jumped on a cow carcass to feed yourself? There is a reason meat is kept in the fridge or consumed with preserving chemicals, it's because it's rotting! Eat lots of uncooked leafy greens. Go for fiber with legumes, brown rice and beans to keep things moving with the benefit of extra nutrients. Drink LOTS of water (research the watercure, it cured my alcoholism of 10 years). Do not consume genetically modified foods.

Good luck! Take it as a process, it will take time and adjustment. But the end result is worth it! We are not meant to be sick, we were created in perfect health, and we need to move back to that. Don't let anyone else tell you are defective, it's simply not true. Question everyone and everything that is pitching you something for personal gain (ie: follow the money trail).

Replied by G

If MMS detox feels like you are on amphetamines this might not be due to MMS exactly but because most likely you might be infected with worms. Ascaris Lumbriocoides is one of those parasites that creates toxins like MDA, morphine and others. They do not like MMS. They empty themselves in you when you consume MMS contributing hugely to diarrhea overresponse.

Look for talks from Andreas Kalcker. He has covered MMS and parasites extensively. That would be the place to start.

Replied by Andy
(California, Usa)

If you are having a reaction like you are, it is because of the toxic level of substances in your system. You said no matter what you had Diarrhea, well that means your body was de-toxing and should have never stopped until it all stopped happening. It means it was expelling all of your toxins as fast as possible, which comes out your anal cavity, your skin, any way your body can expell it. But once it finally stops, then you you know you have finally achieved detox and you will feel the healthy feeling kick in for sure. Gerson's juice and coffee enema's do exactly the same thing and more, when you body it getting rid of toxins it comes out anyway it can, and you just supplement with Potassium and Iodine to compensate for the excess diarrhea while your body is expelling. But MMS is doing it job and it is making your body get the junk out of it. So that is the best I can tell you. We have used it for every thing, eye drops, douche for women, curing colds & flus, curing almost all pains, in teeth, brushing and breath, skin issues which go away quickly after use. Its works every time. Yet I have read every stupid thing out there saying don't use MMS......don't believe anyone...MMS works.

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Brendan (Adelaide, South Australia) on 01/07/2011

I started taking mms 3 days ago and last night I went up to 3 drops which I took at about 1am, following the proper protocol of coarse. I had a bit of green and blacks dark choc before I took the mms, which may or may not have reacted badly. Anyway, ive been up all night vomiting and having diarhea which I have heard can happen, but what worries me is, I am getting bad stomach pain and cannot get to sleep, its like massive cramps that come and go and seem to be worse depending on how I lay, sit etc. Im just so bloody tired and weak now it's insane. Im gonna jump back into bed and try to sleep again. If anyone has any ideas why this happened or any tips to stop it happening again, id really appreciate it. Thanks.

Replied by Nasira
(Springfield, Ma/usa)

What is the fastest way to neutrilize MMS? Orange Juice.... Or anything with Vitamin C.... If you are Herxing... It may not work... It's your Toxins that are causing you the symptoms ( only speculating here --I can't live in your Body... ; )

Replied by Leahinchains1
(San Diego, Ca)





Replied by Sam
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

Do not use vitamin C with oxygen, you are using oxidants and antioxidants at the same time, it is confusing to the body and should be spaced out ate least eight hours apart.

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Lilly (Margate, Fl) on 12/15/2010

I wanted to try MMS for myself, I had no illnesses or discomforts but needed to know what it would do to a healthy female aprox 115lbs 5ft 3in. My first dose was as per the protocal (1drop mms per 2drop of cit acid) pure lemon juice. I only used 2 drops because I didn't want to dilute the solution too much. One drop did nothing, I felt nothing at all, no effect. So I waited about 35-40min and did it again, still nothing. I didn't want to overdo it so I went to bed and the next morning took 3 drops w/the six drops of lemon juice (fresh squeezed. By the way on all tries I did wait the 4 min before adding the water and drinking. It turns a deep yellow. Anyhow, 3 drops did nothing so I kept adding drops till I got up to 6 and still nothing, so I got anxious as to why I still had no effect ie: heat, nausia, diareaha (spelling)dizziness.. Nothing.

So I jumped to 9drops impatiently and thats when it hit me. I felt miserable almost like getting the flu. My head ached (not hurt) my body was weak.. The whole day went on like this with a little diareaha (spelling). I did not eat dinner I went to bed w/a headache and in the morning felt brand new, like I could outrun my dog and I am pushing 44. I kept going without ill effect untill I reached 15 drops and still no ill effect. That one little spout of found germ or whatever and it was over. I only take it on an empty stomach and wait the 4 min before adding water. I am still doing 15 drops 2x s a day. I even give it to my dog. She did not get sick up to 3drops. She is a pit and about 65lbs.

Replied by Gean
(Salina, Ks)

I have used MMS quite a bit and I thought the protocol was to use 5 times as much citric acid as MMS - so 5 drops of acid for 1 drop of MMS.

Replied by Nasira
(Springfield, Ma)

Lilly from Margate, Fl wrote something.....and Gean responded to her...

Thanks Gean... This is what I am talking about.... Lilly wanted to experiment and did something she should not do.. Instead of following the directions or reading and learning... well I think you follow what I mean.

There are "Sheep" out there who going to miss a good thing when they listen to the responses of people who don't follow instructions or who believe in the posts of people who spout the propaganda... Read the book (free download somewhere on the net)... then "talk what you know".

PS It Works!!


MMS Side Effects
Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 09/28/2010


Please read this article if you are using or intend to use MMS. I don't even quite know what this product is but after reading what the letters stood for on this site it somehow didn't feel like something I would be willing to use. I have read quite a few postings about the side effects of MSM on this site. Aren't people maybe mixing MSM with MMS? MSM seems to be quite safe.... I would like to try it for my allergies but to be honest I am afraid after reading the experiences other people had. Still... People might be mixing up the two, or maybe not, I don't know! I am about to read a book about it. Here in Europe MSM is commonly sold in health food shops, no idea about MMS.

Replied by Shmuel

Main stream media is owned by the same people as Big Pharma. Don't expect to get the truth from mainstream media. MMS is NOT bleach. That's like saying that carbon monoxide is the same as carbon dioxide because the sound similar. It's absurd. Carbon monoxide is toxic and carbon dioxide is what we exhale.

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Ct (Los Angeles, Ca) on 11/29/2009

I decided to give MMS a try and pretty much knocked me out of commission with only 1 drop. An entire weekend laying in bed with severe diarrhea, vomitting, nausea, and couldn't eat or hold anything down for an entire day. Threw my system completely out of whack. Have been taking vitamin C just trying to clear out that 1 drop. I was healthy before, so really had no reason to take it. I think I'll leave it on the shelf until I'm actually sick and desperate, swine flu, malaria, ebola...

Replied by Mel
(City, Tn)

my mom says the reason it makes you sick like that is because it's fighting to push out the illness or problem you are trying to cure. It makes you sick for a reason. That's really a good thing. When you are not nauseous anymore you are probably cured of your illness

Replied by Jack

Hmm, I tried two drops of the solution in a drink and took it twice with no bad "side effects" but then again I am pretty healthy with the exception of eosinophilic disorders. It could just be that your body has a lot of toxins/pathogens/whatever sickness is in your body to begin with.

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Maxx (Tucson, Az) on 08/22/2009

My wife was taken MMS for about three weeks 7 drops three times a day because of high eosinophils. She stopped taking MMS because of cramping two weeks ago and still is having severe cramping with spasms and nausea most of day and night. Can anyone give us advice on what to do now? Thanks

Replied by Julie
(Ec, Pennsylvania)

I tried my MMS around the first of the year. Got up to 9 drops twice per day -- no problems. Work schedule changed and got away from taking it. Decided to restart this past week. I did 2 drops/10 citric acid... no problems. Then took 3 drops/15 citric acid. Within one hour and by the second I was having intense double over cramping.. thought I was going to pass out. No diarrhea, no headache, no nausea.. just crippling intestinal cramps. I popped three 500mg vitamin C tablets and about 1 hour or so later the cramping stopped. However, I stopped MMS. Tried again 3 days later.. same problem. Yesterday, restarted BUT this time made a fresh batch of citric acid (1/2 tsp citric acid nine 1/2 tsp measurements of filtered water) When I retarted a week ago, I used the citric acid mix I had from the first of the year. With the fresh batch of citric acid, I am not having any difficulties now. I am sure that the citric acid went bad or neutralized itself or something... I do remember thinking I could not smell the MMS gas hardly at all when activated. Now I smell the gas of MMS when activated with fresh citric acid during the three minute wait. I use about 3/4 cup of filtered bottled water to drink this down. The citric acid gives the water a slight lemon flavor. I will only make this small batch of citric acid, renewing every week. Of note: I did not keep my originally mixed citric acid in the refrigerator, but kept it in a dark cool place.

Questions: How long does a large batch of citric acid last in effectiveness to activate the MMS? What type of water are you using? Where do you keep yours stored? Over time, can the citric acid become weak and not properly activate and release the gas from the MMS?

I hope this helps..... fresh citric acid made the difference for me. Take care.

Replied by Merryanne
(Orange City, Florida, USA)
117 posts

Julie; Thanks for sharing that insident with all of us,,I have been using mine for about 4 months,,I will start making a fresh mix of citric acid ever 4 months and keep in the fridge.

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Malaikagoingaround (Efate, Vanuatu) on 08/11/2009


MMS Death: I have used MMS for 2 weeks, and found a dramatic improvement to toenail fungi. 6 drops daily. I have given MMS to 9 other people who had flu symptoms, with great success. 6 drops, with a 1 hour wait, and a further 6 drops. So a total of 12drops each. Silvie a 52year old healthy woman, who's only concern was that she ate meat and therefore thought she had parasites, took 2 drops at 9am, within 10mins had a violent reaction, vomiting, diarreha, up until her death at 10pm. Obviously this is of great concern.

Replied by Pr
(Houston, Texas)

WOW, this is too bad. Antidote for MMS is vitamin C. First I ever heard of hope the last. Wonder if it set some latent disease the MMS triggered, of course this is speculation. Are they going to do an autopsy? For future user of MMS which I think is a good remedy don't forget to have vitamin C on hand.

Replied by Nat
(Huntsville, Al)

Malaika, I agree that your report is of "great concern." Having read a bit about MMS, I am very skeptical about the safety of such a remedy. Chlorine is, quite simply, a poisonous chemical and is not typically thought to be safe for human consumption. I am open to the idea of natural remedies and use the Apple Cider Vinegar and several other things myself. However, at some point, a healthy skepticism is in order. There is no evidence that the promoter of MMS is qualified to assure anyone that it is safe. I think people would be well-advised to think twice before ingesting chlorine-based products of any kind. While some people may report positive results, we should always remember that anecdotal evidence has its limitations, and risks should be taken into consideration.

Replied by Tina
(South Elgin, Il)

I have read several pieces of info. on different websites that state MMS is completely different compound than chlorine that is used in bleach

Replied by Concerned
(Seattle, Wa)

Did anyone ever determined what happened to Silvie from using MMS?

Replied by Minxy78
(Newcastle, Nsw)

the cause of death was not considered the mms but it did say she died of a condition that can be linked to an overdose of chlorite or chlorate but they also think the dose she said she took and the actual dose she would of had to of taken to overdose to that extent are very different amounts, a man in china tried to commit suicide by ingesting sodium chlorite and took 10 grams he did become quite ill and went into temporary renal failure but is fine now, 10 grams is ALOT his saturation level was 43% that level being taken as soon as he got to hospital a short time after taking it and sylvia's was 45% 9 hors after ingesting so I dont want to speak ill of the dead or a grieving husband but she had to of taken a huge amount OR her death was a coincidence and caused by something unrelated to the mms!

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Kathy (Hendersonville, NC) on 07/08/2009

I have started the MMS, perfectly following the directions. Increasing one drop at a time with the citric acid solution (using lime juice). I was tired the first few days, not feeling real well, but not nauseated. By the 7th drop, I began to vomit as I never had before. I felt as if pieces of my throat and esophagus would be coming out! I literally felt like I was going to die. I did not know about the chlorine dioxide poisoning possibility. For several hours, I felt like death. Today I have rashes. I don't know if it is related. But I will NEVER take another drop of this stuff. I obviously do my own research a lot, as medical doctors have virtually never helped me. But something with these kinds of side effects, not proven, is not worth the risk, I say!

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn.)
509 posts

Hello Kathy,

Google "Herximer reaction" and see if that fits the reaction you had to the MMS. This is what Humble said happens when you have a massive infection and so many pathogens are killed off that it overwhelms the immune system and the body goes into high gear to rid itself of the dead pathogens and toxins their demise caused. You feel like a sudden onset of the flu with horrible nausea and vomiting and usually also diarrhea is involved. Fortunately it is usually over with 3 - 4 hours later, but during those few hours you really feel like you'd have to get better to die.

Replied by Tomstyn
(Adelaide, Australia)

People need to realize that mms taken the first time will do a cleanse. Also the bee keepers in the USA with colony collapse should give some mms to their bees to boost their immune system. Tomstyn

Replied by Darko

I don't care that this is 7 years old post. Here are my 13 cents. I experienced those symptoms on the 4th day of water fasting. Similar symptoms when I suddenly increased h2o2 (hydrogen peroxide) drops. So you were you saying I ingested Clo2 when I water fasted? Herx symptoms, toxins getting released and parasites dying, you are feeling their death (until you expel them) People will perish for the lack of knowledge.

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Ginny (El Paso, Texas) on 07/05/2009


I have had Candida for many years and it has mainly affected my teeth and gums. Otherwise I thought I was healthy. I started MMS about a year ago and also brushed my teeth with it. After about two weeks my teeth turned black and it took about two months of brushing with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to get them back to normal. After about 8 weeks on MMS I got to 2 times a day 12 drops plus 60 drops of citric acid and experienced diarrhea for several days. I then cut down to 2 x 10 drops and got vomiting, diarrhea, heart racing and sweats like I never experienced before. I really thought I was dying and had to stop the MMS. Months later I started again thinking that maybe I was very sick and did not know about it, since we all have pathogens in our body. Again, I felt very tired. I had to sit and rest when I walked my dog the usual 15 minutes in the morning. My urine and saliva pH dropped to below 4. They were so acid that it was not even on the chart anymore. My eyes turned red and my kidneys started hurting. So I had to stop again. Recently I gave it another try with twice a day 1 and then 2 drops. No nausea but my eyesight turned blurry and my kidneys hurt so bad I could hardly sit or stand. Unfortunately, my eyesight seems to be getting worse and not better even after I stopped the product about 2 months ago. I really don't know whether MMS is clearing something very serious in my body or if it is a harmful poison. I thought I was healthy before I started taking it.

Replied by Michelle
(Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa)

MMS is the one product I would want with me should I need to go abroad or camping locally. I must confess it does scare the heck out of me, I don't like to feel off kilter in any way. And it can make you feel real "off" when you take a drop too many. I have used it on occasion to significantly reduce illness time. I noticed how when the whole family got Rotavirus, I dosed everyone , kids included with mms - except my husband. We all had a day of discomfort. He spent five days between bed and the toilet. Admittedly, it was very unnerving to watch my baby projectile vomit and go limp during one particularly bad flu episode. I wondered how I would explain to the emergency unit that I had poisoned my child with mms. But within a few minutes, the same child brightened up - viola- illness over. Just lately I went to get another bottle at my local health shop. (They didn't know what it was when I bought my first bottle). They said that the supplier recently went cold. A few phone calls later, it became evident that the local producer had vanished without a trace. What is with that? Horrific timing I might add. Our once in a lifetime family holiday consisted of nursing sick kids and enduring anxiety attacks froom dodgey cough meds and well intentioned doctor's treatments. I don't wish to be caught without it again. The side effects of OTC, antibiotics, cortisone etc, are too horrendous for words.

Recently I recommended my mother try hydrogen peroxide, which she did , with amazing results. I wish more true healers with scientific knowledge would get involved. MMS is great but something does feel a bit dodge. I have wondered about the possibility of a lowered immunity when taking it over time for every sniffle. It doesn't help either that one in every ten comments is from a nay sayer. The stuff clearly has no competition. More forums are needed and more studies - lab rats anyone?

Replied by Adrienne


I'm sitting here reading through the comments about MMS and have decided it's not worth the risk. I really feel badly for those who put their faith in it, some multiple times, and didn't get anywhere but sick or, in one case, dead.

Regarding the flu or colds, what I do now is take medicinal mushrooms if I feel the least bit off. Usually, I find I just felt off, no illness develops at all. But, when it turns out I do have a virus, I will know my body is fighting it, with the help of the mushrooms, and I just keep taking them until I'm better, and then, and this is important, I keep taking them for several days after symptoms are gone.

I have used a variety of mushroom capsules but more recently use mostly Reishi mushroom capsules. There are many companies supplying mushrooms in capsule and tincture forms. The only side effect I've noticed is an increase in energy so sometimes I take them for that, too. I will also pop a capsule of elderberry and one or two of oil of oregano.

If I ever find I have a more serious illness, I would not be opposed to trying hydrogen peroxide orally. I've had ozone administered to stop the flu twice before I got onto mushrooms, and it worked by the next day. I was worse driving home and well the next morning, so I do believe in oxidative therapies, but ozone administered by a naturopath is spendy. I'll stick with mushrooms, elderberry and oregano and probably will eventually try hydrogen peroxide. And, I'd vote for anyone else trying these things before taking MMS. Apparently, one has no idea how they may react to MMS, even just a couple of drops in some cases. If you are concerned about parasites, there are numerous tried and true natural methods for eliminating parasites that likely would not place you at risk of ending up in the hospital.....or the morgue!

(New Zealand)

Regarding the allegation of the death that you referred to (1 allegation in over 20 years of use of this treatment), I suggest that you read the following summary of the highly unusual and suspicious circumstances surrounding that case before reaching any conclusions regarding the safety of this solution. I believe you will see there are many motives here at play, and least of all, truth. When you have a multi-pronged treatment so effective I think you will agree that it is only expected that the corporate Big Pharma will go all out to kill it by deceit, slander, whatever it takes. After all Pharma CEOs get paid big bonuses for increased profits, not "reduced". In fact, falling profits put their jobs at risk. Here is the other side of the story that ABC conveniently hid from you:

We can overlook the fact that many believers and heroic promoters of this truly effective product (with due diligence taken regarding the recommended preparation of course) who sell this product that lasts for years and costs just $30 have ended up in jail and pronounced criminals, although they did more for humankind than all the politicians, kings, queens and judges put together. Jim Humble, Andreas Kalcker, The Grenon family, Daniel Smith the most notable.

Note: Of course, due diligence is required to follow the recommended instructions for preparation. And the "herxheimer reaction" (body's method of detoxifying) can be very unpleasant if the solution made is above ones tolerance level, and the body has not been prepared for it in a slow progressive manner.

Replied by Janski

If you had candida you weren't healthy. I think it's cleansing you and bringing your problems to the surface.

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Bonnie (Sacramento, CA) on 06/24/2009

I'm on MMS for long-standing Candida and Lyme's Disease. I think the Candida must be so embedded in my since I've had it for so long and did not take care of myself by continuing to eat junk. This stuff is making me soooo sick, I think. I wake up in the morning feeling weird -- like I'm literally going to die. Don't know if it's low blood pressure or what but it's like the life force is leaving me. Very scary. Also, anxiety and depression have risen to monumental levels. Had to go back on small dose of anti-depressant just to function. I have to go to work after all. I am only up to two drops of this stuff and that's after a couple of months of one drop. Maybe it's too much? How do you know when you're better?

Replied by Nobey
(Arkansas, U.S.)

dear Bonnie,

I am sorry for your suffering. I recognize alot of your symptoms. What helped me the most when my body was so broken down from similar issues was when I started taking a small dosage of q10 (30 mg) but mainly when I started taking magnesium. Give this a try , both candida and lymes severely deplete the body of magnesium... I mean severely and most do better by taking it. Like I wrote in another post there are a few good froms of magnesium that can help with anxiety and they are magnesium taurate, magnesium glycinate and magnesium oil. From my experience and from reading lots of other peoples testimonies these are the ones that work the best. Infact some magnesium made me feel worse so if i were you I would start with one of the above ( but ya everyone is different). when you get your magnesium supply up perhaps you can start taking a multivitamin to not throw off your calcium levels. Give it a try with the magnesium, for me I was able to tell very fast.

One other thing you could do is see how you handle your essential fatty acids like omega three and omega 6 ( borage oil or primrose) when I take fish oil my anxiety gets alot worse. I now take flaxseed oil ( omega three)and when I add in omega 6 I feel even better. Just a thought. You could try one or the other for a few days and see how you feel.

Perhaps you can start eating a bowel of cut oats or oatmeal in the morning to keep your blood sugar stable..that will also hep your moods. Low blood sugar attacks can really bring on major anxiety.Oddly enough i can not take apple cider vinagar since my blood pressure gets lower and i get more hypoglycemia symptoms.

Last but least take a probiotic it does not cure anything but i really notice that it lessens the toxic burden on the body. Sorry I have not taken mms so I can't advise you on that. But I really feel for you since I have been there and done that! Good luck and my thoughts are with you.

Replied by Mms Fan
(Decatur, Illinois)

Here's a very interesting approach to administering MMS, GSE, herbal remedies, garlic and other nasty-tasting natural remedies: You'll need the remedy, a pan or container large enough for you to put at least one foot, flat on the bottom, a pair of cotton socks and some cheapo rubber slip on flip flops - the kind that doesn't have the strap between the toes. Create a strong tea or a 30 drop to one cup of water solution. Put just enough in the pan to soak the bottom of the sock, put your foot in and let the sock soak up the solution, then put on the flip flops. Same with the other foot. You will absorb tiny, continuous amounts through the sole of your foot. Just keep re-wetting the socks with the solution. TIP: wash the socks by hand, first and from that point on, so they don't have fabric softener in them. It may seem weird but if you soak your feet in a strong garlic tea, you will eventually taste garlic in your mouth. It gets in there, somehow. You can do the same with "clay water", for a general cleanse, to draw toxins OUT. That's a sort of trial and error thing, depending on the type of clay you're using. You just want clay water - I. E. You don't want your foot sliding around in your flip flops. You can add GSE or MMS to destroy the toxins as they are drawn out so you can just keep wetting the same socks. You can also put dry clay inside your socks as your feet perspire approx 1 cup of water per day.

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Onenessgirll (Toronto, Ontario Canada) on 06/03/2009

After my very first one drop of MMS I have experienced for 3 days twinging pain in my pancreas or spleen and terrible debilitating pain in my lower abdomen just above the incision where I had a hysterecomy years ago. There is tremendous is difficult to walk and stand up properly. Does anyone know why this would happen with such a small and one time only so far dose?

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Jaz (Sacramento, California) on 06/02/2009

dizziness with mms: iam on mms with 9 drops right now and i noticed that on the second day after taking mms i didnt feel anything except dizziness all the time . mostly when i work. can someone tell me why is this happening.? and also my stool is dark coloured at times. any cooments please?

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Liam (Adeliade, SA) on 03/26/2009

Hi i think there is something wrong with MMS. we tried it but one side effect is dizziness. Nausea another. Jim H may have made Bush medicine for a Bush situation. I believe it also does subtle harm. I can feel it in my brain after a 6 drop dose. His science is also just too basic. It must kill some good bacteria too. Liam

Replied by PR
(Houston, Texas)

Hi, I know several people who are using this with great results. And they also stated they could feel it in the brain. I did read that this one of the few things that could pass the brain barrier. I think that is why you do feel it in the brain as it is dealing with critters or whatever is in the brain - which would be a good thing. I do know that you have to start very slow and work up over a period of time or you will feel nausea and other things. If you go very slow this can be avoided. This is not one of the easier remedies to take. But it does go very deep if you can stand the dealing with the die off from all the stored stuff in the body. I have seen this help people with chronic conditions that nothing else has helped. I also know a couple of people who has taken the the 45 drops for several days and are fine and doing better. Anyway this is just what I think and have observed.

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Peter (Amsterdam, Netherlands) on 02/16/2009

MMS results in tremendous headache:

I have been taking MMS now for 4 weeks, starting very low on 3 drops and slowly going higher. One day I went with a big leap to 13 drops, but that gave the well known strong!! nausea with diarrhea.

The reason for taking it is that I have Lyme Disease in third stage. When you have that you are willing to take anything that comes allong. I read on Lyme Patients websides that MMS had helped a little for some.

After my to big a jump I went more slowly again and am now on 9 drops 3 times a day.
Today however I woke up with a tremendous headache, raally nausiating, painfull, paralizing headache. Never felt something like this in my life. So I take it it is a side-effect of the MMS, maybe from detoxifying, but maybe from the toxicity of the substance and the accumulation of Chloride in the last 4 weeks in the body.

Really don't have a clue, but am quite shocked and will stop for a few days probably.


Ps Good initiative "earthclinic", compliments

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
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Hello Peter, Sorry you are having the problems, and I agree that these darned tick borne infections will almost make you take anything. I started taking MMS when my hands got so bad I couldn't open a jar. I have been taking it now for about 4-6 months. My hands have improved enough that I can now open a jar again. So far I have had 2 Herkiemer's reactions (feels like sudden onset of flu with all the nausea, vomiting and diarrhea) that the body goes into when overkill causes a lot of toxins and debris. Thank God the reaction is usually gone 2-4 hours after it hits. The first time was the same problem you had, I decided to take it twice a day instead of once. After that third dose every l2 hours, the reaction hit and laid me low for about 3-4 hours. I quickly returned to once a day and as long as I hold it down to the 2 drops/25 lbs. of body weight, no problems except for the yucky taste, which got so bad that I left it off for a week or two
and started taking it again without problems, except for the foul taste. Jim Humble, in his book says that Lyme's disease is one of the hardest to kill and may take up to a year to do it. Like you a round of expensive antibiotics changed nothing except I had less money after paying for it.. I may have to pause every few months to get over the taste, but I still have hopes that it will kill it, so I will hang in there.

Replied by Ralph
(Boston, MA)

Apple juice (organic) bought from supermarket here has "0%" Vitamin-C so it is good solution to mix with MMS to flush down. No bad taste.

Replied by Bob
(Seminole, Tx)

Good Grief.... Do you guys read any of Humbles websites?

You don't go from 3 to 13 hello. Some of the new info actually says maybe 1 to 3 per hour for 8 hours is better than heavier doses per day.

Whether you take 3 or 13 it goes out of your body about the same. So if you are ill lower doses more regularly will keep more working and hopefully provide a milder reaction.

Take a little, Simply Apple Juice ( no significant vitimin C) no bad taste problem.

I take about 8 drops every day unless I need to kill something then I take it twice a day.

Good luck keep looking for what works for you.

MMS seems to work for me.

Replied by Select
(Toronto, Canada)

I've tried MMS for 2 weeks before I stopped, here are my findings that will help you shine some light on many of the issues you're seeing..

Some background: I have been studying herbal supplements for over 10 years, and have tested over 300 different supplements personally. So I'm very in tune on how something effects my body.

1) I would not recommend taking MMS unless it's for a serious condition, just taking it as a "cleanse" is overkill, it's very strong stuff. From my experience, it feels like a light chemotherapy, I don't think it'll do long term damage in most cases, but you do need to have a good reason for taking it.

2) The biggest problem with MMS is dosage, the suggested dosage is extremely off. Even 1 drop a day is way too much for most people. Start off with 1/10 - 1/20th of a drop, once per day, see how you react.

How do you take 1/10th of a drop? Put 1 drop in a glass/bottle, mix well, then only drink 1/10th of the glass/bottle. Pour out the rest as it's no good after it sits.

Sure, it's possible I'm too sensitive to MMS, but if you notice a reaction from 1/10th of a drop, then it's a significant dosage. If you don't notice any type of reaction, increase dosage slowly. 1/5th of a drop, 1/4rd of a drop, etc. This stuff is extremely powerful. Don't let the small "drop" size fool you.

Dosing this way may take a bit longer to cure something, but I believe slow and steady is the safer way with MMS. Whether its a toxin cleansing reaction, or something caused directly by MMS, intense intestinal pain cannot be healthy for you.

My body didn't react well even to the extreme low dosages. There wasn't any serious reactions at the low dose, but ongoing tireless and strong allergic reactions persisted. I'm pretty healthy, so after 2 weeks, if it was the herx reaction, it should have long been gone, or at least getting better, but it wasn't.

So dosage is the key, and obviously it effects everyone very differently, some very badly, so only take MMS if you're positive you need it. After all, a bit of stomache pain and naseau is much better than some diseases out there. Just remember it's not as safe as taking vitamins.

Hope this helps.

(West Orange, Nj)

It does seem as though people here are not up to date. Some people do take one drop divided into eight doses, one an hour, for eight hours a day, and then perhaps go up to two drops divided into eight doses, one an hour. People use glass baby bottles for this. They have one ounce markings all the way up. Take one drop, activate it, fill with 8 ounces of water or whatever you are using, and drink one ounce every hour for eight hours. The thing is it only sticks around in your body for about an hour. So a huge dose once a day really won't do much for you. It is apparently good for malaria.

And there is the new CDS thing Andreas Kalcker came up with, which doesn't taste bad. And the addition of DMSO.

For the fellow who was still getting sick after two weeks, are you using citric acid to activate it? If so, that could be your problem. And this stuff is not toxic. It does not leave anything at all toxic behind. It produces a lot of oxygen in your body, and we all need more of that because oxygen kills pathogens and cancer cells on contact. If you had enough oxygen all the time, you would not get sick most likely. And the oxygen in our atmosphere has been declining for years and years and years. And, by the way, you've probably been drinking it for at least some part of your life since it is used by municipalities for purifying the water that comes through your tap.

(United States)

There is a thing as too much oxygen, it's called O2 toxicity. Look up oxygen free radicals/ oxygen toxicity.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn Usa)


MMS is chlorine dioxide, of which I have manufactured and used for 40 years in bleaching pulp in the paper industry. I am now retired but can still get it. How would I use the straight stuff and for what reason? It is the most powerful bleach there is and is explosive. What can it do for your health? It can kill you if you breath enough of it.


Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Usa)
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One of the biggest drawbacks of MMS is the destruction of the body's natural glutathione levels. Humble recomends sick people begin with 2 drop dose and work their way up to 15 if needed. I am seeing only slight help with chronic infection at 5 drop levels. Am wanting to try the bath protocol. Does anyone here on E.C. have the dosage for MMS bath?

Replied by Mweather
(Riverside, Ca)

Milk thistle and ALA both help with the production of glutathione.

Replied by Pamela

I have read several directions for using the MMS 1000 protocol. My understanding is that the maximum dose is 3 drops. The protocol I have reviewed is that you take it every hour for 8 hours. Not to take it all at once or and one or two doses throughout the day. Perhaps if you do it this way it will be easier than to try and take so much in one dose. It's meant to be diluted similar to homeopathy starting with a quarter of a drop and then working your way up to three drops over a period of a week. Unfortunately as with many things there is not consistency in the use of protocol. But I do believe strongly in Homeopathy and used it to treat my lyme disease. I am now starting the protocol and following the quarter of a drop dose every hour for 8 hours and then working my way up slowly.

(New Mexico)

I was premixing mine with distilled water first thing in the morning and sealing in a kerr quart jar. I would build upon the mixture every day I was tolerating it without any side effects, and luckily for me I seem to tolerate it very well, with no side effects, which is great because I'm trying to kill fungus and candida and immobilize heavy metals like mercury and lead. I would sip the mixture 4 different times from morning until early evening. I've managed to work up to 11 drops, but were I to take 3 drops every hour that would take me well beyond the 12 drops I'm @ now. I do however like the idea of taking 3 drops either every hour or every few hours in order to build up to one's daily maximum dose. I'm not too sure if it is potent enough to store the mixture like I've been doing, but is sure as heck convenient for being on the road. Thanks!

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Paul (Wellington, New Zealand) on 02/03/2009


MMS: be cautious

I started using MMS about a week ago, with small dosages 1-2 drops a day. I had a sense of well-being and clarity that was unlike other treatments i have used.

I followed the prescribed building up to 10 drops of MMS, offset with 50 drops of citric acid and had a bout of vomiting, hot and cold sweats, and eventually diarrhea. I managed to hold down some food and liquid when i was able to crawl of out bed, but i felt like i had been poisoned.

I would like to thank everyone for reporting their experiences and the information present on this site. Its given me a chance to see that I need to be cautious with this product. Is it true that Chlorine Dioxide was used as a weapon in the World Wars? If this is so, then it would appear that even in smaller doses we are poisoning ourselves?

Well if today is anything to go by, I will be extremely cautious and continue to research this product EXTENSIVELY!

Replied by Maya
(Brooklyn, Ny)

Everyone will experience cramping, diarrhea, and perhaps fatigue as you increase the dosage of MMS. I went through the same pain for a week and DID NOT STOP MMS because after intensive research I learned that the side effect were cleaning process in your body. Oh yes I know how painful the cramping part but it does go away after 12 hours or 2 hours after eating an apple. The pain in the stomach follows Diarrhea as a result of breaking out years of feces on the walls of your stomach...the toxic removed causes gas, cramps, nausea and you'll feel better as you release it by going to the bathroom....I will never forget what i went through even vomiting all week...but guess what? No more HPV! I wasn't only curing my body but was also cleaning my body from years of toxic. Be patient.

Yesterday I started with a very bad sore infection and by the night my throats were swollen. So last night I took 6 drops, in the morning i took 7 drops 8 drops afternoon. The infection is gone at least 95%, this is remarkable. Did i feel nauseous, yes. Did i feel cramps? Yes. Diarrhea? Yes. I bear with it. And eat less.

I hope this was helpful

Replied by Merryanne
(Orange City, Florida, USA)
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To Maya in NY,,, Great work for hanging with it,, do not stay on such a strong prgram if you feel like you have accomplished what you needed to. Give your system abreak for 2 or 3 weeks at a time and take Vitamins and mineral suplements and good fruits and veges and whole wheat bread. Merryanne

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