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MMS Side Effects

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Posted by Veronique (Zoetermeer, The Netherlands) on 02/02/2009

I started 4 days ago with 2 drups MMS x 3 and I am now at 4 drups x2. I am feeling a bit "foggy"but for the rest it is ok. I gave also my daughter of 9 years old 2 drups x 2 a day for 3 days because she has herpes on her lip very frequently. Everything was alright until today she started to have pimples in her face and on her arms. Some of them are very painful she said.

The question is: what is this reaction and should I keep giving her MMS? I am a bit worried about it. Thanks for the answer

EC: As you might have imagined, "drups" is Dutch for "drops"!

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Dave (East Peoria, il) on 12/23/2008

Power of Positive Thinking

I did a lot of research on MMS before I ordered a bottle. I worked my way up to 15 drops and began feeling the brief nausea that the website describes.

Other than the nausea, there was no effect of any kind during the week I took it.

Common sense dictates that the "nausea" one experiences isn't an indication that the product is working, but an indication that chlorine is a poisonous substance and the body will try to expel the stuff to protect itself.

I don't deny the positive experiences others have had, but I would associate these with the power of positive thinking - after all, the basis for the whole process is that "the body heals itself".

But if taking MMS gives you the proper mindset to jumpstart your immune system, by all means, do whatever works.

Just be careful.

Replied by Rob
(Taunton, Somerset UK)

I am a great beliver in positive thinking, but I can tell you after being on mms for 14 days I had bad cramps and diahorrea and passed loads of intestinal flukes. I don't think that had anything to do with positive thinking but more like positive chemistry.

Replied by Migual
(Hull, Uk)

@ Ron Hamer and Dave mms (Chlorine Dioxide) is not Chlorine. Sodium Chlorite activated 5 to 1 with citric acid of 10% strengh, creating Chlorine Dioxide.

The voltage it works at is said to be 0.93v (aprox) as opposed to oxygen at 1.20v and ozone at 2.03v (aprox)

Now common sence to me says if oxygen dose not damage healthy cells, chlorine dioxide will not.

If anything, high blood pressure should be looked for whilst at high doses or even low i guess just to be on the safe side whilst more is confirmed. Watching salt intake would help.

It cannot choose between healthy and unhealthy cells.

It leaves residuals in your body making you smell like chlorox bottle.

Theses are the only potential areas i have found for problems both phyisically and in "debates" for and against.

If anyone has any other valid points for or against please post.

Replied by Ibeta
(Aalborg, Denmark)

I do think that H202 will not harm normal cells because they have a protective enzyme. This would make sense, since the body uses HP to kill pathogens.

I am not qualified in any way, but would think it much wiser to try HP first, before MMS. HP does not cause a 'poison' reaction at theraputic doses. HP is very very cheap - no one is making vast profits here.

The Pharmaceutical industry makes vast mind-boggling profit. Jim Humble is still making a lot of profit.

Replied by Greystone

On a site I was on a comment made by a pharmaceutical chemist, was why would you ever use MMS when Food Grade Hydrogen peroxide was so much safer, and very effective at oxygenation. Then he went to compare the chemical make up of the two, it was all chemistry talk, and now I wish I could recall what he said. Anyhow, after reading all these comments I think FGHP is the way to go. Since we all know that no pathogens can survive in an oxygen rich environment. In fact there is company in the U.S. that makes very strong oxygen drops for human consumption I think that is really worth people attention. I have taken MMS and had some lower back pain afterwards. Then I tried it again after the oral surgeon used a membrane for bone grafts that I was allergic to, my face swelled up like a balloon, so I was on antibiotics . Decided to do a double whammy, I made up MMS and sipped it slowly over the course of one sip an hour. I was fine and I believe it did help kill the infection completely

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Andrew (Edmonton, Canada) on 08/05/2008

Chlorine dioxide (MMS) info:

Drink it but don't breathe it or touch it. Although it cleared up my sinuses, it has caused me some terrible stomache problems.

Replied by Rare1walking
(Vernonia, Oregon, Usa)

I'm wondering if the stomach problems could be more detailed here. I know when parasites let go, they can leave bloody painful places where they were attached, sucking out nutrients. I've read that marshmallow tea helps to coat the stomach and eliminate pain.

Someone wrote about problems with old citric acid solution. I also wonder about the purity of manufacturing, and how secure the facilities are.

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Ahmet (Mersin, Turkey) on 04/18/2008


i have began to use MMS 26 days ago. i have raised drops so rapidly. i used 30 drops after first week end. then i wanted to use 45 drops day. i took 23 drops once. after this dose it has been very very bad herx. my fatigue, anxiety depression increased so bad. i discontinued it for 8 days.i have began it again with small dose after 10 days with bad herx. i am on 20 drops a day at this moment. my brain fog have lifted per cent 20-30.but it is so early to say something. herx subsided partially.MMS users says it take 2-4 month to partially improvement regards.ahmet

Replied by Musician
(Auckland, New Zealand)

If you take crazy high doses like that, expect to get some sort of negative reaction. You are one of many people who have gone off the rails with dosage using MMS. You should always start on 2 drops, and gradually use it to kill pathogens. This is powerful stuff, not bloody drinking water mate. Use it in moderation and carefully.

Replied by Muddyleopard
(Bodrum, Turkey)

ahmet, how do i find mms in turkey? contact me eldnepal at hotmail please, urgent, imdaat...

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Jean (Salina, Kansas) on 02/06/2008

My mother, age 61, has been taking MMS, morning and evening, for one week. She had started with one drop, and had worked up to six drops per dosage, when she developed severe chest pain, the worst she ever had. The pain lasted one day, but she did not seek medical help. It got better after she took baby aspirin. She doesn't know if it was the MMS, or just coincidence. She stopped the MMS for now, but will continue on a lower dosage (3 drops twice a day).

Replied by Richard
(Closter, NJ)

Jean, your mother must be seeing the effect of MMS cleaning or stripping her arteries in her heart. Make sure see takes Vit. C. Because when the plaque gets striped there is no resilience in the arteries. So keep them flexible and going keep taking vit. C. And tell her not to give up on mms go slowly but keep on going. My wife did it and her reports are wonderful.. She did this after the procedure of angioplasty.

Replied by Gary
(Groveland, Florida)

I thought that you were not supposed to take vitamin C with MMS?

Replied by Bill
(Ithaca, Ny)

Gary, Richard's advice was unclear. But what he meant to say is while you're not dosing with MMS and you want to keep your artery walls flexible and strong, supplement with vitamin C.

While your dosing with MMS you should avoid taking vitamin C for 2hrs before and after the dose. Use vitamin C OR bicarbonated soda (1 tablet Alka-Seltzer) for overdose of MMS, but not both.

As of this writing, the most common protocols for using MMS are in small doses only and except for malaria NEVER MORE THAN 15 drops per dose. Your doing more than self medicating; you're doctoring yourself and some are sharing what they know.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
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My experience w/ MMS is kinda mixed. With such a variety of health problems the MMS alone doesn't seem feasible, but it is effective. Biggest setback is it's a very powerful antibiotic. I experience nausea at about 7 or 8 drop dose. Lately I simply add about 5 drops to a cup of lemonade (minimal vit-c) and drink casually as normal; the chlorine taste is there but not too bad overall and it cuts the abrasive, acidic edge off the lemon drink.

MMS or Chlorine Dioxide, much like Ozone is definitely a savior for our toxic world and our diseased bodies, but it must be used properly.

Replied by Annie
(Canberra, Act, Australia)

I'm taking MMS at the moment for Blastocystis Im using the updated version no more than 3 drops, but dose every hour on the hour x 8 times a day, which is supposed to be more effective than one dose morning and night. I take it with water only, sure its not the best but not too bad! :)

Replied by Paul
(Sunshine Coast, AU)

I'm also using for blasto which keeps reoccuring I've used 4 courses of antibiotics and now I'm using MMS, , , today made me very ill with severe stomach cramps and sharp pain, , , gas and diarrhea...on 4 drop I usually have 1 or 2...have you found it helpful in killing off blasto...???? how can you tell if you have blasto...and not lymes??

Replied by Jerry

I have the dreaded Blastocystis also, but do Not want to take the poisons from the PIC (pharmaceutical industrial complex).

Did MMS work for you? or anyone else reading this post?

Replied by Yolanda
(United States)

I have started using MMs for 17 days from 1drop to 6 drops an hrs for 8 hrs. can I stay at 6 drops at night only n 7days n if so will it still heal my immune system?

Replied by Angel
(By, NY)

MMS is supposed to be diluted at least 2000x the amount of mms! (And diluted with water). Buy Jim's book to find out exactly how to use it. You should never drink this straight. There are no side effects when you follow the directions- here's a link to his book.

MMS vs. Antibiotics

Posted by Ruth (San Diego, California) on 02/07/2015

How is MMS different from antibiotics... ie kill the bad bacteria and suppress disease ... it has good short term effects -- but what about long-term? Does it kill anything good together with the bad?

Just to ease my mind... starting MMS1-2 next week!!


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Posted by Gean (Salina, KS) on 12/11/2008

A friend (in her 40's) was very ill for a couple of weeks, and was even hospitalized for a few days. Dr.didn't know what she had. They sent her home, but after another week, was not getting any better, but could only sit in the chair for 15 min., otherwise lie in bed. Then results came back for Mono. She took MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution, 1-2 drops every hour the first day for a few hours. By the next morning she was feeling better. After a couple of days she dropped down to twice a day. A week later she is in town shopping. Doesn't have to lie down at all during the day, just sit and rest occasionally. She is up to 8 drops twice a day and plans to increase to 15 three times a day for one week. She is also taking Acidophilus, 8 billion a couple times a day.


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Posted by Lleae (Columbus, Ohio) on 09/07/2018


I used MMS 24 drops a day. (I am a twenty year old female weighing 115 lbs.) I think my situation with the disease was not too bad to start with, had a couple large boils and one was drained in ER. I started getting large blisters that lasted over a week maybe even two. At that point is been dealing with it for 3 months. I bought the product and started using it. It did seem to clear up one blister very quickly. But the results seemed to kind of plateau. I kept using it because I didn't know of any other options. By the end of the three months I was so disgusted by it I hated drinking it and would gag non-stop. My acne had cleared up considerably but I still got some suspicious bumps and such that were pimples but maybe not. I stopped taking it because I ran out and was going on vacation for a week. I stopped taking it for a month and just recently I've got another blister. So I'm buying another bottle as much as I dislike it. My next bet is phage therapy. For the record I've also tried Manuka honey, essential oil, vitamin b3, d3, garlic, turmeric, possibly some others. They definitely helped I think but didn't cute it yet.

Posted by Juan (Ny) on 01/05/2015

MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) Did NOT Work For Me. I am on week three of using MMS (protocol 1000) to treat staph infection (MRSA) and it hasn't helped even slightly.

Replied by Thia

It should work for a MRSA infection - make sure you are not taking vitamin C near when you are taking the mms - I saw it work first hand - a friend had a severe MRSA infection burrowing a hole in his stomach just above his belly button - a bug bite turned bad. It was about 5 inches in diameter and beet red and in the center a 1 -2 inch round ball of horrible pussy infection and the flesh concave into his stomach - it was a sight! His Dr.said it would take 6 months of drugs to heal followed by plastic surgery to fill in the flesh that was being eaten by the mrsa - 5 weeks later using mms daily - no infection and the flesh is filled right in and cant even tell that there was an infection there - so it does work for mrsa - also make sure it isn't left in sunlight as it will neutralize it within 10 minutes.

Replied by Diana

I knew someone who Dr. told to take baths in very diluted bleach water for mrsa. (sorry I dont know ratio) Also to use hibiclens topically which is chlorhexidine gluconate solution 4%, skin cleanser.

If you can't find solution otc at store, ask your druggist.

You may try this in addition to that great suggested supplement. Hope this helps!

Replied by Donald
(Menominee, Michigan)

Dear Juan; Staph infection is usually caused be poor bowel function but more likely by a zinc deficiency. You can check this out by having a hair sample run. Most all health problems are a result of imbalanced minerals in the body. They have helped me on more than one occasion. Hope this helps.

Sincerely Donald

Multiple Cures

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Posted by JIMKOVACS (CARACAS, VENEZUELA) on 03/23/2022


Really a life-saver for me. at 68 years I had been dealing with many stomach problems, esophagitis, hernias, candida, h-pylori, you name it.

Also sinus problems, cervical issues and arthritis...

I started this on an empty stomach before breakfast and it took it all away!

I do one more shot with ChlorineDioxide drops in the afternoon, and use Colloidal Silver spray in my nose against possible COVID since this all started...

I have not gotten any Jabs, but feel that my Immune System has really perked up since this combo.

STRONGLY recommend it for all out there!

Blessings and inspiration, Nature boosts your body's healing in ways big-pharma could never do...

Multiple Cures
Posted by Chianti (Auckland) on 10/11/2018

MMS for all mankind ...and animals

I have been a naturopath for 40 years. I no longer run my clinic basically because mms with a no grain, dairy/sugar free diet addresses most, if not all chronic or challenging health concerns. But we cannot prescribe it. Knowing there is something out there which I cannot give to people who need it has put an end to my career.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Steven (Mauritius) on 08/18/2015

My dad got a bad tooth ache due to infection and he took 6 drops of activated MMS and tooth ache was gone on the next day. Note that he kept solution quite a while in his mouth before swallowing it.

My mum's sore throat vanished within 24 hours after gargling 8 drops of activated MMS solution with DMSO added to it.

The best for the end.

I personally experienced the powerful healing properties of MMS when I suffered from chronic candidiasis infection. It was a nightmare.

I was very weak, headache, had oral thrush and passing a lot of gas, sinusitis.

I followed Jim Humble instruction, I took 3 drops of MMS every hour for 8 hours a day, for 1 week. I must admit that the taste was horrible, couldn't bear it, but I continued. I also had diarrhea when taking MMS whereby I could go the toilet 2 times in a day.

Then the 2nd week, I took 4 drops of MMS every hour for 8 hours a day. Again I had severe diarrhea, passing out even more gas, stomach upset. I believe that fungus was now under attack by MMS as my body was detoxifying.

3rd week, I took 5 drops of MMS every hour for 8 hours a day. I was happy in the morning when I examine my tongue, oral thrush gone, but still there was some swelling on side of my tongue. No more headache and I regained energy. But still I had to deal with the diarrhea which was extremely loose. My sinusitis associated to the infection, seemed to be unaffected, I had that blocked nostril when lying down to sleep at night.

4th week, I took 6 drops of MMS every hour for 8 hours a day. No more oral thrush, swelling on side of my tongue was still there, feeling more energetic, diarrhea was less frequent, was passing little gas by now, sinusitis remained unaffected.

5th week, I took 7 drops of MMS every hour for 8 hours a day. No more oral thrush, swelling on side of my tongue decreased significantly but was still there, energy level was back to normal, diarrhea was quite rare, my digestive tract was almost normal, was passing very little gas, sinusitis remained unaffected.

6th week, I couldn't keep on with MMS as I felt that my body was now saturated with the horrible taste. I felt like throwing up each time I took MMS. So I stopped taking it. Instead, I took organic red grape juice. 1 liter per day. Hoping to build up my immune system, after 2 weeks on organic grape juice, oral thrush vanish, energy level return back to normal, no more swelling on side of tongue, sinusitis decreased significantly, my digestive tract is back to normal, no more headache.

It looks that my blocked nostril associated with my chronic sinusitis is now disappearing. I now have a very lightly blocked nose at night when lying down.

I even gave the surplus of MMS bottles to a friend suffering from stomach cancer. I'll keep you updated on that.

Thanks Jim. God bless

Replied by Comala

I just heard about the MMS. I would be please to hve it but unable to know where to buy it. Can you please advice. Thanks for your help.

Replied by Vic

I think because you were maybe taking too much... 3 drops per hour for 8 hours is protocol 1000. I hope this finds you well :) x


I am wondering if MMS kills the good gut bacteria as well as the bad. If so, that may be why the extreme diarrhea, no? Maybe supplementing with a probiotic between doses of MMS may help in the diminishing of the extreme diarrhea?

Jayne Hurley

Hi Vic,

Can you give any ideas of suppliers in UK please?

(North Carolina)

According to Jim Humble's book, MMS Health Recovery Guidebook, MMS attacks only the pathogens, not the good guys. That's very good news.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Shree (India) on 07/28/2015

Hi friends! I will tell you my experience of MMS and general opinion. Experience : I am 68. I had lot many digestive problems, general weakness and suffering from sciatica for more than 30 years. Even if I will eat handful of light food (I am vegetarian) I used to suffer sever stomach pain and continuous burping for at least 2 - 3 hrs. I tried several medicines but no relief.

When I took only 10% concentration MMS, 10 drops( 2 drops per hour ) for two days, a real miracle happened. I had a mild diarrhea next day but all troubles vanished. I continued for a week and today is the 8th day. I am truly feeling more energetic (without any tonic or vitamin supplement ) and younger. But what is about my sciatica problem? I frequently used to take Calcium and Vit D3 pills but no use. And MMS does not contain calcium or vitamin D3. Then how I got at least 90% relief from MMS? Many many thanks to Jim Humble!

My sincere opinion: 1) I believe in Ayurveda, a great Indian science of Health. As per Ayurveda every substance (herbs, minerals, chemical compounds etc.) is either Amrut or Poison which depends upon the quantity and method you take. 2) Body requires medicines only on supportive basis and not continuously. 3) How our body reacts with any drug, nobody will ever know 100% 4) Personal experience is direct proof than any theoretical discussion.

And at the end I will say about MMS - If you are afraid, don't try it. If want to try, start with small doses than suggested. If found beneficial try it cautiously and whenever required. Observe any long term side effects. If observed any adverse effect stop it immediately. Every individual is different.

God bless you.

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Shree, I so resonate with your post. My experience with MMS is very positive. As long the protocol is followed precisely as per instructions, side effects are only positive.

Of course, Ayurveda stands on its own and still needs to be discovered here. I am glad you are doing well.

Namaste, Om

Multiple Cures
Posted by Gonzo (Seattle, Washington) on 09/29/2012

My wife and I started MMS thre months ago. We are both healthy, run, lift, eat good, organic foods, ect. To avoid nausea, and the other unpleasent reactions, start like this: One half drop mms, one half drop 50% citric acid( one drop each, just half the mixture ), mix, wait 20 seconds. We like Knudesons black cherry, add to MMS( about three tblspns. ), add water to make 1/3 cup and down the hatch! Each day increase by 1/2 drop till on three drops an hour, eight hours a day. You can make a jug of eight hour MMS for all day as follows. 24drops MMS, 24 drops 50% citric acid. Mix, let stand twenty seconds. Add 1/3 cup of juice, fill the rest with filtered/purified water. Drink 1/2 cup every hour till gone. In two weeks, athletes foot gone, rosatia gone, nails are perfect, sleep better, mind is way clear and sharp. Wake up with more energy, peri-anal cyst is gone, teeth are hard and white, allergies ( my wife has had seasonal allergy attacks for 30 years ) gone in three days of protocol 1000, recover from hard training way fast, on and on. We now do maintainance dose of three drops twice a day. Every one around us has gotten sick. Not us. This stuff is great, and it works!!!!!!!!!!!

Multiple Cures
Posted by Linda (Christchurch, Canterbury New Zealand) on 05/05/2011

I had been trying to get rid of a host of intestinal parasites I picked up in India and China 3 years ago. Rife, homeopathy and a natruapath all helped a little. I took MMS, 6 drops a day for only a week and they ALL went. I had a few cancer cells in 4 places in my body, I'm now down to only 1, which is graually disappearing. I'm [at last] feeling like I have a bit more energy. I'm up to 10 drops twice a day now, and will stay there for a while. I've been rather depressed since the earthquake, and I feel that has improved as well. Has anyone else found MMS has helped with depression? Its wonderful, please spread the word, I know its hard to believe but it really works!!!

Replied by Diamond
(Salisbury, Ma.usa)

Linda;excuse me but what is MMS? I would like to try it as well but I do not know what that means. Thank you. good luck on your progress.

Replied by Zilverb
(Seabrook, Tx)
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A magnesium deficiency is the usual cause of depression.

Replied by Zilverb
(Seabrook, Tx)
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A magnesium deficiency is the usual cause of depression.

Replied by Colin
(Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Hi Everybody, I suffer depression and it has been diagnosed as bi polar. I'm currently suffering at this time and anyone who have suffered with this would know how I feel. ( seriously bad ) Can anyone help with an experience or advice? I'm currently taking 2 drops MMS, 2 activator and 6 drops of dmso every 90 minutes and just started yesterday (June 15 2016 ) Any response would be greatly appreciated. Regards Colin

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Colin, someone here mentioned Nutrient Power by Walsh. Google it.

Replied by Janaina

I wish I knew of that 2 months a go before my husband passed away. I would've certainly given that to him. My MMS ARRIVED TODAY. How do I know that's the one from Mr. Humble?

Replied by Lauren

Hi Linda, where can I buy MMS in New Zealand?

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