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Posted by Wallflower (Bakersfield, Ca) on 01/27/2013
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Hello everyone. My boyfriend and I have taken scabies for about 1 or 2 months or so for scabies. At first, we both went to the doctor, and the doctor gave him neum oil or something like that, and my doctor gave me permithin. The cream didn't help me for the first time I applied it on, so I had a second dose all over my body, it helped more than the 1st time, but not enough. The perscribition that my boyfriend's doctor gave him, which was the neam oil didn't help him that much either.

So my intillgent boyfriend did some research, and found out about MMS. He read the positive and negative sides of MMS. Of how MMS could make you feel dizzy, make you vomit, etc. But once my boyfriend and I bathe in it for scabies, it actually helped us a lot more than what the doctor gave us. Yes, it'll show more dots on you once you bathe for 30 mins, but those are only the dots that were hidden inside your body. After my epxerience using the MMS for bath with my scabies, I was much better afterwards. After my bath, my dots disappered after 2 to 3 hours at the latest. Although my boyfriend had more dots than I did, so he had to put more treatment on himself with the scabies than I did. So offically now, after 3, 4, or 5 months for having scabies, we are both now offically cured from scabies, thanks to the MMS.

Replied by Cb
(Westlake, Ca)

Please tell me how you used MMS. How did you bathe, how much you used, and so on. Did you drink it? Drinking dose?

Please be very specific. I need help too.


MMS Dosage

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Posted by Bob (Seminole, Tx) on 09/15/2011
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I do 8 drops of MMS a day and my wife does 6 and my sis does 8 and my friend does 10.

When you do that you sleep well and do not get sick.

If you are working out some bad stuff and it reacts, back off a drop or two until things are working.

When I had the flu I had about 3 days of diaria (sp) but only 1 or 2 days of flu symptoms and not flu shots. Keep a cough too long until I remembered vicks vapor rub on your feet and sleep with your socks on....

Get a grip this stuff works (for me :))

Replied by Amy
(Battle Ground WA)

Please I need help. Where to buy? Sick and tired of being sick and tired! Fibromyalgia candida low thyroid, overweight no matter WHAT I do. Digestion and bowel problems. I'm 49 feeling like 90! I'm so weary I just want to give up but I cannot. I'm a mother of 6!! Nana of 7. I want to live, not just exist!
Warmly sincerely, Amy

(Illinois, USA)
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In this order, here's what I'd do - a cold water head/hair wash/rinse, the one cup of water every two hours hydration scheme, calm breathing (lightly breathe in, out and hold for as long as you comfortably can) rebounding (even if only by bouncing on the edge of your bed) and keto.

When you don't feel good, you need water and oxygen. Period. The body needs more water to deal with whatever is making you not feel good and the cells need the oxygen the blood is refusing to let go of.

Rebounding for the thyroid and fibro and, with keto for weight loss.

Start the breathing and water right now. It will make you feel better in very short order so you can focus and explore the rebounding and keto stuff.

Skip the MMS.

The cold water rinse (or cold SHOWER, if you're game) just makes you feel...almost invincible, after, and that's the attitude you want. Instant feel-betterness. Plus, I have a theory that cold water slams the pores right in the middle of a flood - i.e. at the very point they're flooded, "Bang! " goes the door, trapping water molecules inside which would instantly be recognized, available - and almost certainly "used" - by the body. It's like doing a hot/cold, "shock and awe" foot soak, back and forth - bit of instantaneous hydration. I could be totally wrong about that but the effect is so profound and the explanations I've seen just don't sit right with me, I don't know. That's my current theory. Could have a totally different one tomorrow but that has nothing to do with the awesomeness of it!

MMS Instructions

Posted by Carolyn (Milford, Ct) on 09/28/2013


I am reading through the posts on MMS here and I am getting a little scared by the content. At least 2 years ago, Jim, Andreas Kalcher (a PhD researcher) and Kerri Rivera got together and compared notes on MMS use. As a result, the dosage recommendations for MMS have SIGNIFICANTLY CHANGED.

NO ONE should be taking 6-15 drops at a time, save for the case of progressing infectious disease, like malaria or anthrax. Even Jim is saying this now, and he pioneered the stuff!

The typical adult, around a weight of 100-150 pounds, should work their way up to a TOTAL of 24 drops/day, given in 8 separate doses, every two hours. (3 drops of activated MMS/dose). If you weigh more or are very sick, keep adding one drop a day until you hit that spot where you start to herx out. Back down one drop for a few days and then push on in a similar pattern.

Each dose should be comprised of an equal number of MMS drops and either 50% citric acid solution or 4-5% HCL solution. This should NEVER be consumed without first being diluted in water (at least one ounce).

Unless you are facing looming death by infectious disease, health crisis or invasive cancer, do NOT go straight to the 24 drops MMS/day (or more). You will herx your guts out, literally. Plus, you will experience crushing headaches, dizziness and a whole host of parasitic die-off symptoms. You will probably also end up covered in a rash if you ever experienced one as a child because those viruses are going to hurt just as much going out as they did coming in. (Did you have chicken pox as a kid? Get ready for a few spots again if you ramp up too fast! )

Ideally, what they are saying to do is to go get an 8-ounce, GLASS baby bottle (as MMS will degrade plastic, and who needs to eat that?). In a separate shot glass, add one drop of MMS and one drop of EITHER 50% citric acid solution or 4-5% HCL. Wait exactly 20 seconds and then mix this into the 8 ounces of water in the baby bottle. (You don't have to put the nipple on, folks. Its the travel cap that keeps the MMS gas from escaping! ) Then, each hour, drink one ounce from the bottle, for a total of eight doses/day. Then, each day, add one more drop of ACTIVATED MMS to the bottle each day. (Each MMS drop requires a corresponding drop of activator. If you are using cider vinegar or lemon juice, then you need to use 5 drops of these activators to each drop of MMS.)

You keep adding drops until you max out at 24 drops MMS/day, if you weigh under 150 pounds and are not terminally ill.

To maximize the health benefits, you MUST also do a parasite cleanse. You can either follow Hilda Clark's or you can go a bit modern with Dr. Andreas Kalcker's protocol. (You will be truly disgusted by what comes out of your posterior, in either case.)

Parasitology is increasingly showing that our modern diet and lack of use of old-time remedies like castor oil have left us wide open for worm infestation. When worms crap in our intestines, pardon the language, they expel harmful toxins, as well as chemicals which mimic amphetamines, which cause anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, cloudy thinking, and countless other symptoms, depending upon your unique physiology.

Oh, and those SSRIs you are taking? They were DESIGNED BY PHARMACUETICAL COMPANIES TO FEED THE WORMS THEY KNOW YOU HAVE FROM YOUR MODERN DIET! (Follow the money, folks. ) They get HUGE from the SSRIs and the supplements you are taking, especially B12 and iron. (They need both to grow. ) Once you start taking SSRIs for anxiety caused by parasites, you are just about hooked for life, which is exactly what the pharma companies want for their shareholders.

Replied by Mary

Carolyn from Milford,

Thanks for your excellent post. It was badly needed as people are using the outdated protocols. Are you on the Genesis 2 forum? Have you tried CDS?


Replied by Mary

Have you learned anymore about Parasites and Medications since this post? Thanks!

Replied by Chazepping

This is my 5th day on mms.

If I'm taking it every hour for 8 hours, when can I eat? I wind up snacking in between, I start feeling so hungry...So far I've only managed to get 5 doses in before I start feeling really sleepy and tired.

Also, I've been keeping my mms and citric acid bottles in the fridge, is that right?

Thanks in advance, Charlie

MMS Side Effects

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Posted by Jav (Los Angeles) on 07/14/2017
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Hi I have had chronic Lyme for years and yesterday I tried MMS for the first time I did one drop of MMS and one drop of citric acid mixed it in pomegranite juice and only drank about 1/4 of the fluid. Within a minute or so after taking it I strated feeling this heat going down my throat and felt very axious and tired at the same time. It scared me and maybe will not take again due to my reaction. Has anyone out there had the same or similar experience?

Replied by Timh
2083 posts

To my knowledge, the ratio of Sodium Chlorite-to-Citric acid is 1-5. The most recent protocol is Sodium Chlorite 1 drop and Hydrochloric Acid 1 drop and taken with water.

I would recommend dropping the juice, and start with 1 or 2 drops Sodium Chlorite and add 5 or 10 drops Lemon Juice (I use otc LJ concentrate) and again taken with water. Slowly increase number of drops with each passing day.

Replied by nancyS

This was in 2017, how is it now? I'm still reading now. not yet using it. so I would like to know.

(Orlando, fl)
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Check Andreas Kalcker's website for the latest instructions.

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Estella (Indiana) on 12/22/2015
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I breathed in MMS fumes stronger than recommended. Now my congestion has moved to top of the lung and I have a chronic cough. What should I do?

Replied by Timh
2083 posts

E: Try the herb Mullein Leaf and the supplement Glucosamine, for starters (which will hopefully resolve the problem, let us know).

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

HI U ESTELLA, , , , , , , , , , have never made ClO2 via MMS method, but made it by the tons using the R-2 process for 40 years in the paper industry. We breathed it when our bleaching residuals got out of hand or we had a leak or a generator controlled explosion. When it got bad, we had to don gas masks because it can give you pneumonia or just flat out kill you.

Myself, I would not breath the gas. I would take it orally as most folks do. We had a tonic that we took to counteract but I've slept since then, so I can't help you.


Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Estella;

On the MMS "burn"...

I'll give you my idea...maybe the MMS burned the lung and from that open wound you got an infection. Just my wild guess!!!!

If me, I'd get a steam inhaler and use colloidal silver to try and kill the infection ... IF that is what is going on. I'd use the inhaler twice a day for three days and judge if I could tell a positive effect. If so, I keep up for a full week.

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Om (Hope, B.c., Canada) on 06/07/2013

I feel urged to make a statement regarding MMS. On research, I would like to withdraw any mention of it being safe and useful. As in the case of parvo, has been done with apparently no ill effects and resulting recovery. I would rather research further afield.

Most people have their resources drained by any medical field and it is imperative to keep cool and not succumb to new medications without being fully aware what one may have to deal with. The bottom line is there are remedies that beneficial and have been proven for centuries. For each sickness there is a remedy aside from chemical substances.

Ordinary people cannot afford a few thousands or for that matter $300 per month to medicate themselves. Common sense indicates that where there is a lucrative market with health, empower yourself and do not fall into the hands of those that profit from your illness. This is also meant to be a general statement as I do not wish to be responsible for any untoward ill effects by taking new products that have a big question mark. Hope this will be of help. Om

Replied by Marie
(New York)

Hi; I do so agree with you but here is my story. Last year I had some awful symptoms and hadn't been to a doctor in years.. So sorry I went but when I did they found my blood pressure very high.. At one point I was told to go to the ER.. I didn't and they scared me and so I took the meds.. But I didn't know what they were and I had never taken a pill in my life and I am 59 years old.. Plus I forgot about natural cures so I took the meds because the doctors scared me.. Later on I found this site and other alternative treatments but since the doc gave me beta blockers and they won't help me wean off I unfortunately have to wean myself off.. Someone on this site told me how to do it but again unfortunately I need more meds to cut in half to do that but am working on that.. I am going to make the doctors think they know what they are doing but we know they dont.. Live and Learn...

Replied by Mary
(Saskatchewan, Canada)

Om, I love reading your posts but this one I do have to comment on. Have you really tried MMS? It has really done amazing things for my health and very cheap. As well as getting rid of my food allergies (sensitivities really) after spending so much at a naturopath and getting No results!!!

I was not out to get rid of allergies but to kill pathogens in my intestinal tract. And to kill a dog mange I caught from my dog. Has helped so much with both. I even use it in an enema bag. It is very safe!!! I take my anti oxidants in the am and the MMS oxidant at night.

I use it to treat my dog she has way more energy when I give her only one activated drop with 2 tsp of water!!

I have some here in the kitchen for vegetables. It really gets the bugs off of them!

I think you would be thrilled with its applications.

Respectfully, Mary

Replied by Cathryn
(Salt Spring Island, British Columbia)

Hi Mary,

Can you tell me where I can get MMS. I had a supplier and now they're gone. Thanks.

MMS Side Effects
Posted by K In Ny (Huntington, NY) on 03/03/2013

I would hope that you will post the warning about MMS which keeps popping up in posts as recommended for consumer use... See the following link.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, USA)
2083 posts

I really don't enjoy being a big natural medicine truther here, BUT MMS is about as harmful or toxic as, say Cannabis. There is proly no bigger double standard as the labeling and jurisprudence of Alcoholic beverages in comparison to Cannabis. Money and political power simply throws the facts and truth right out the window (hypocrisy).

Thank G, time and the "safety factor", is finally gaining public approval of the wonderful hemp plant.

MMS as converted to Chlorine Dioxide and consumed at recommended doses, IS NOT recognized by the body as "foreign", therefore Jim Humble labels, and promotes it as a natural mineral. I have used MMS on-and-off for over a yr and have no side effects to report other than some stomach discomfort. Surprisingly it was only about two weeks ago that I first did my bicarb/sea salt buffer, then MolyB/Niacinimide (aldehyde remover) PRIOR to a 10 drop dose. The effects began within an hr and continued for about 12; I experienced the most rapid recover to health, in those few hrs, than I have in almost a decade and with no bad side effects (I am now a beleiver).

The world has always been ruled by Money, and there is always the esoteric knowledge of great philosophers, saints, scientist, etc. Jim is a modern day philanthropist of a high order. He has sacrificed his life to the cause of helping people recover from otherwise terminal illnesses. After having read both his books Miracle Mineral Solution Of The 21'st Century, it is obvious that the title is not a false advertisement. Jim has started a church (Genesis 2 Church Of Health And Healing) for the betterment of humanity. He has a personal video on YouTube (sorry no link) of himself reciting one of his poems. It is a rare thing in the modern world to see such a universal character as scientist AND artist. The poem is truly visionary. Jim might be criticized as a "new ager" by the conservatives but he really escapes that label as he incorporates such objectivism, pragmatism, and realism into his thinking.

Many personal testimonies as well as affidavits are currently being compiled as legal documents to the effects of MMS on the human body.

In closing, from personal experience and from others, MMS exist in nature in somewhat the same category as Ozone or O3 as the most powerful germ and pollution killer on the planet. And for a "planet in peril" these two substances are indeed chemical "saviors". And, like the Jesus Christ of Nazareth, will face opposition and persecution.

Replied by Nimo
(Taipei, Noidea, Taiwan)

You really still trust the FDA????? if someone want real facts about MMS please go to the page of Jim humble

Replied by Hashem

I read your post, I am new here, what is the bicarb/sea salt buffer, then MolyB/Niacinamide?

What should I do; I want to start on MMS CD and I'll appreciate your input

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Radra (London, Uk) on 11/23/2011

I am the biggest MMS fan alive, I always make sure my friends know about it, as such, I can guarantee that citric acid worsens side effect and taste of MMS. My advice is; try it with the juice of an organic lemon instead and see it for yourself, it makes the MMS experience much more beneficial as reduces sickness and taste.

Replied by Neil
(Nsw, Australia)

Activating MMS with citric acid or lime juice should result in the same chemical formula that does the job. I am not able to understand why lime juice would have less side effects than citric acid... The only thing I can think of is if it is not activating the MMS properly and therefore, less effective, leading to reduced side effects?

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Leahinchains (San Diego, Ca, Usa) on 09/12/2011

Dear Ted,

I am just going to pray that somehow that this desperate letter has a chance to cross your way. I have been desperately seeking info on the caustic efects of mixing a stabilized oxygen supplement consisting of sodium chloride, ozone, traceminerals, and distilled water with a pasturized, fortified from concentrate orange juice (vit d and calcium too. ) No one in the world can answer this question. However it is spoken of even on my supplement.

When it comes to MMS, everyone knows not to mix it with orange juice. Yet no one will say why? If I am starting with a ultra-concentrated stabilized oxygen otc solution consisting only of the things listed above- then what possible reactions could be occuring when 1 1/2 droppers full get mixed with the orange juice? I am very confused. It was accidental that it was mixed with o.j. But either way it has been consumed and 6 days have passed, I cannot sleep for I remain unanswered.

My son is here, but he is not anyone that I recognize. Some type of mineral reaction must have occured. Mentally he is like a bomb expert working with absolute knowledge. Physically he is very weak and tired. His face not only lost all of its color and animation, but his pupils have remained huge no matter the time of day. 6 days solid. I am wondering about alcohol poisonings ethyl, methyl, is that something you can help me figure out? I thought maybe hypoglecemic, but blood suga is fine. Bp is fine too. I looked up herx.. That don't seem fit eithr. Maybe you know something im mising. Pls help. I miss my son.

thank you.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

How old is your son? The symptoms you discussed are consistant with some types of drug use. Such as speed or cocaine. There is no reason to not at least ask him about this. A lot of people, especially young people like to take such drugs. And what is MMS?

Of course I have no way of knowing if he is taking such drugs. It is worth looking into if he is a teenager or young adult. And if he is freaking out is not going to help him or you. Many parents have to deal with this situation. It is all too common and can be resolved.

Heck, when I was growing up it seemed to me most of my friends were playing around with such drugs. Most of them got over it on their own after a few years....Oscar

Replied by Bob
(Seminole, Tx)

The orange jucie vitimin C nutrilizes the MMS. Use a small amout of apple juice that has no significant C. The 100% Vitimin C is just a preservative for juices. Do not use that.

Replied by Oscar

I'm all for natural cures, but I don't think MMS should be freely consumed. I think it can be extremely dangerous. I have tried it a few times. It caused severe diarrhea at the very least, no matter how careful I was with the dosage increase. In fact, MMS makes my pupils dilate like you mentioned, and my skin very greasy (like the other poster said, feels like you are on meth/speed during this detox stage, which I have also used in my college years so I can relate). Is your son sleeping and eating normally? That would be your first clue about amphetamine use. I relate it to the initial detox stages I have experienced them before as a result of drastic detox fasts (on water only, and also using the Master Cleanse/ lemon diet, from 10 to 20 days).

Here is my two cents after a lot of experimentation: you can't cut corners with your health. If it took you years to get toxic, it will take years to detox. There is no magic bullet. Some things (such as MMS and fasts) CAN help you speed up things for sure, but be careful: you need to be assisted by someone who is qualified to help you because your body can only take so much herx. We really need to move away from this habit of thinking we can solve all our our health problems with an overnight miracle solution, be it MMS, antibiotics, cortisone, or whatever. These compounds are not freely available in nature for a reason. They don't grow on trees in amounts we can easily consume, and our genetic code developed over thousands of year without them. They are not nutrients, we don't need them, it's a marketing plot to benefit the powers that be.

Also, stop thinking in terms of viruses and bacteria. I see a lot of posts where people are fighting them like they are the ultimate enemy. They are not. We need a healthy balance of bacteria in us to handle digestion and additional vitamin production in our guts. Most people interpret detox symptoms as "I got a bug". It's not true. These things exist in nature in a symbiotic relationship to us. They are not the enemy. If they are out of control is because your immune system is weak What I found out in my 4 years of moving away from the existing disaster that is our current medical sciences is that our bodies are perfect and will fight all diseases so long the immune system is in a position to do so. We all get "cancer" every day for example, but our defenses will rid of the problem if everything is up to speed. All chronic diseases are a result of a mix of toxicity plus mal-nutrition. Remove toxicity and improve nutrition and your problems will go away one by one.

My suggestion: no matter what you have, up your nutrition by eating raw, unprocessed, possibly organic, whole foods. Spare your blood filter (liver) by avoiding alcohol, artificial chemicals of any kind, excessive oil/fats, etc. Get rid of everything that is refined, canned, and packaged. Avoid sugar like the plague (think about, in nature we only find sugar in fruits, pretty much). Avoid animal products. When was the last time you jumped on a cow carcass to feed yourself? There is a reason meat is kept in the fridge or consumed with preserving chemicals, it's because it's rotting! Eat lots of uncooked leafy greens. Go for fiber with legumes, brown rice and beans to keep things moving with the benefit of extra nutrients. Drink LOTS of water (research the watercure, it cured my alcoholism of 10 years). Do not consume genetically modified foods.

Good luck! Take it as a process, it will take time and adjustment. But the end result is worth it! We are not meant to be sick, we were created in perfect health, and we need to move back to that. Don't let anyone else tell you are defective, it's simply not true. Question everyone and everything that is pitching you something for personal gain (ie: follow the money trail).

Replied by G

If MMS detox feels like you are on amphetamines this might not be due to MMS exactly but because most likely you might be infected with worms. Ascaris Lumbriocoides is one of those parasites that creates toxins like MDA, morphine and others. They do not like MMS. They empty themselves in you when you consume MMS contributing hugely to diarrhea overresponse.

Look for talks from Andreas Kalcker. He has covered MMS and parasites extensively. That would be the place to start.

Replied by Andy
(California, Usa)

If you are having a reaction like you are, it is because of the toxic level of substances in your system. You said no matter what you had Diarrhea, well that means your body was de-toxing and should have never stopped until it all stopped happening. It means it was expelling all of your toxins as fast as possible, which comes out your anal cavity, your skin, any way your body can expell it. But once it finally stops, then you you know you have finally achieved detox and you will feel the healthy feeling kick in for sure. Gerson's juice and coffee enema's do exactly the same thing and more, when you body it getting rid of toxins it comes out anyway it can, and you just supplement with Potassium and Iodine to compensate for the excess diarrhea while your body is expelling. But MMS is doing it job and it is making your body get the junk out of it. So that is the best I can tell you. We have used it for every thing, eye drops, douche for women, curing colds & flus, curing almost all pains, in teeth, brushing and breath, skin issues which go away quickly after use. Its works every time. Yet I have read every stupid thing out there saying don't use MMS......don't believe anyone...MMS works.

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Brendan (Adelaide, South Australia) on 01/07/2011

I started taking mms 3 days ago and last night I went up to 3 drops which I took at about 1am, following the proper protocol of coarse. I had a bit of green and blacks dark choc before I took the mms, which may or may not have reacted badly. Anyway, ive been up all night vomiting and having diarhea which I have heard can happen, but what worries me is, I am getting bad stomach pain and cannot get to sleep, its like massive cramps that come and go and seem to be worse depending on how I lay, sit etc. Im just so bloody tired and weak now it's insane. Im gonna jump back into bed and try to sleep again. If anyone has any ideas why this happened or any tips to stop it happening again, id really appreciate it. Thanks.

Replied by Nasira
(Springfield, Ma/usa)

What is the fastest way to neutrilize MMS? Orange Juice.... Or anything with Vitamin C.... If you are Herxing... It may not work... It's your Toxins that are causing you the symptoms ( only speculating here --I can't live in your Body... ; )

Replied by Leahinchains1
(San Diego, Ca)





Replied by Sam
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

Do not use vitamin C with oxygen, you are using oxidants and antioxidants at the same time, it is confusing to the body and should be spaced out ate least eight hours apart.

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Lilly (Margate, Fl) on 12/15/2010
0 out of 5 stars

I wanted to try MMS for myself, I had no illnesses or discomforts but needed to know what it would do to a healthy female aprox 115lbs 5ft 3in. My first dose was as per the protocal (1drop mms per 2drop of cit acid) pure lemon juice. I only used 2 drops because I didn't want to dilute the solution too much. One drop did nothing, I felt nothing at all, no effect. So I waited about 35-40min and did it again, still nothing. I didn't want to overdo it so I went to bed and the next morning took 3 drops w/the six drops of lemon juice (fresh squeezed. By the way on all tries I did wait the 4 min before adding the water and drinking. It turns a deep yellow. Anyhow, 3 drops did nothing so I kept adding drops till I got up to 6 and still nothing, so I got anxious as to why I still had no effect ie: heat, nausia, diareaha (spelling)dizziness.. Nothing.

So I jumped to 9drops impatiently and thats when it hit me. I felt miserable almost like getting the flu. My head ached (not hurt) my body was weak.. The whole day went on like this with a little diareaha (spelling). I did not eat dinner I went to bed w/a headache and in the morning felt brand new, like I could outrun my dog and I am pushing 44. I kept going without ill effect untill I reached 15 drops and still no ill effect. That one little spout of found germ or whatever and it was over. I only take it on an empty stomach and wait the 4 min before adding water. I am still doing 15 drops 2x s a day. I even give it to my dog. She did not get sick up to 3drops. She is a pit and about 65lbs.

Replied by Gean
(Salina, Ks)

I have used MMS quite a bit and I thought the protocol was to use 5 times as much citric acid as MMS - so 5 drops of acid for 1 drop of MMS.

Replied by Nasira
(Springfield, Ma)

Lilly from Margate, Fl wrote something.....and Gean responded to her...

Thanks Gean... This is what I am talking about.... Lilly wanted to experiment and did something she should not do.. Instead of following the directions or reading and learning... well I think you follow what I mean.

There are "Sheep" out there who going to miss a good thing when they listen to the responses of people who don't follow instructions or who believe in the posts of people who spout the propaganda... Read the book (free download somewhere on the net)... then "talk what you know".

PS It Works!!


MMS Side Effects
Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 09/28/2010


Please read this article if you are using or intend to use MMS. I don't even quite know what this product is but after reading what the letters stood for on this site it somehow didn't feel like something I would be willing to use. I have read quite a few postings about the side effects of MSM on this site. Aren't people maybe mixing MSM with MMS? MSM seems to be quite safe.... I would like to try it for my allergies but to be honest I am afraid after reading the experiences other people had. Still... People might be mixing up the two, or maybe not, I don't know! I am about to read a book about it. Here in Europe MSM is commonly sold in health food shops, no idea about MMS.

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Ct (Los Angeles, Ca) on 11/29/2009
0 out of 5 stars

I decided to give MMS a try and pretty much knocked me out of commission with only 1 drop. An entire weekend laying in bed with severe diarrhea, vomitting, nausea, and couldn't eat or hold anything down for an entire day. Threw my system completely out of whack. Have been taking vitamin C just trying to clear out that 1 drop. I was healthy before, so really had no reason to take it. I think I'll leave it on the shelf until I'm actually sick and desperate, swine flu, malaria, ebola...

Replied by Mel
(City, Tn)

my mom says the reason it makes you sick like that is because it's fighting to push out the illness or problem you are trying to cure. It makes you sick for a reason. That's really a good thing. When you are not nauseous anymore you are probably cured of your illness

Replied by Jack

Hmm, I tried two drops of the solution in a drink and took it twice with no bad "side effects" but then again I am pretty healthy with the exception of eosinophilic disorders. It could just be that your body has a lot of toxins/pathogens/whatever sickness is in your body to begin with.

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Maxx (Tucson, Az) on 08/22/2009
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My wife was taken MMS for about three weeks 7 drops three times a day because of high eosinophils. She stopped taking MMS because of cramping two weeks ago and still is having severe cramping with spasms and nausea most of day and night. Can anyone give us advice on what to do now? Thanks

Replied by Julie
(Ec, Pennsylvania)
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I tried my MMS around the first of the year. Got up to 9 drops twice per day -- no problems. Work schedule changed and got away from taking it. Decided to restart this past week. I did 2 drops/10 citric acid... no problems. Then took 3 drops/15 citric acid. Within one hour and by the second I was having intense double over cramping.. thought I was going to pass out. No diarrhea, no headache, no nausea.. just crippling intestinal cramps. I popped three 500mg vitamin C tablets and about 1 hour or so later the cramping stopped. However, I stopped MMS. Tried again 3 days later.. same problem. Yesterday, restarted BUT this time made a fresh batch of citric acid (1/2 tsp citric acid nine 1/2 tsp measurements of filtered water) When I retarted a week ago, I used the citric acid mix I had from the first of the year. With the fresh batch of citric acid, I am not having any difficulties now. I am sure that the citric acid went bad or neutralized itself or something... I do remember thinking I could not smell the MMS gas hardly at all when activated. Now I smell the gas of MMS when activated with fresh citric acid during the three minute wait. I use about 3/4 cup of filtered bottled water to drink this down. The citric acid gives the water a slight lemon flavor. I will only make this small batch of citric acid, renewing every week. Of note: I did not keep my originally mixed citric acid in the refrigerator, but kept it in a dark cool place.

Questions: How long does a large batch of citric acid last in effectiveness to activate the MMS? What type of water are you using? Where do you keep yours stored? Over time, can the citric acid become weak and not properly activate and release the gas from the MMS?

I hope this helps..... fresh citric acid made the difference for me. Take care.

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Julie; Thanks for sharing that insident with all of us,,I have been using mine for about 4 months,,I will start making a fresh mix of citric acid ever 4 months and keep in the fridge.

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Malaikagoingaround (Efate, Vanuatu) on 08/11/2009
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MMS Death: I have used MMS for 2 weeks, and found a dramatic improvement to toenail fungi. 6 drops daily. I have given MMS to 9 other people who had flu symptoms, with great success. 6 drops, with a 1 hour wait, and a further 6 drops. So a total of 12drops each. Silvie a 52year old healthy woman, who's only concern was that she ate meat and therefore thought she had parasites, took 2 drops at 9am, within 10mins had a violent reaction, vomiting, diarreha, up until her death at 10pm. Obviously this is of great concern.

Replied by Pr
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WOW, this is too bad. Antidote for MMS is vitamin C. First I ever heard of hope the last. Wonder if it set some latent disease the MMS triggered, of course this is speculation. Are they going to do an autopsy? For future user of MMS which I think is a good remedy don't forget to have vitamin C on hand.

Replied by Nat
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Malaika, I agree that your report is of "great concern." Having read a bit about MMS, I am very skeptical about the safety of such a remedy. Chlorine is, quite simply, a poisonous chemical and is not typically thought to be safe for human consumption. I am open to the idea of natural remedies and use the Apple Cider Vinegar and several other things myself. However, at some point, a healthy skepticism is in order. There is no evidence that the promoter of MMS is qualified to assure anyone that it is safe. I think people would be well-advised to think twice before ingesting chlorine-based products of any kind. While some people may report positive results, we should always remember that anecdotal evidence has its limitations, and risks should be taken into consideration.

Replied by Tina
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I have read several pieces of info. on different websites that state MMS is completely different compound than chlorine that is used in bleach

Replied by Concerned
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Did anyone ever determined what happened to Silvie from using MMS?

Replied by Minxy78
(Newcastle, Nsw)

the cause of death was not considered the mms but it did say she died of a condition that can be linked to an overdose of chlorite or chlorate but they also think the dose she said she took and the actual dose she would of had to of taken to overdose to that extent are very different amounts, a man in china tried to commit suicide by ingesting sodium chlorite and took 10 grams he did become quite ill and went into temporary renal failure but is fine now, 10 grams is ALOT his saturation level was 43% that level being taken as soon as he got to hospital a short time after taking it and sylvia's was 45% 9 hors after ingesting so I dont want to speak ill of the dead or a grieving husband but she had to of taken a huge amount OR her death was a coincidence and caused by something unrelated to the mms!

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