MMS: The Miracle Mineral Supplement from Jim Humble

Spider Bites

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Posted by James (Kent, WA/USA) on 02/11/2009
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Miracle Mineral Supplement: This new supplement used at the 15 drop twice a day dose allowed my body to heal itself from five wolf spider bites within two weeks. In Texas one brown recluse bite could not be cured using oral then intravenous anti-biotics and required surgury to remove the infected area. My research found that the hobo, wolf, and brown recluse spider bites, as well as staph and mrsa infections, all propogate in a very similar flesh eating and tissue destroying manner most likely due more to our weakened, overburdened immune systems (because of toxins accumulated from diet,air,water, ect.), and not because bacteria and spider venoms are evolving into newer stronger forms.This supplement is actually a strong chemical called chlorine dioxide and must be prepared in stages according to specific directions outlined in a book by Jim Humble. I am not a doctor yet, and this is not medical advice of any kind, only a testimony that this supplement used properly apparently removes enough toxins from the body so that it may heal itself and should aid in healing needed for any condition.

Sugar Cravings

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Posted by Lori (Nyack, Ny) on 12/08/2009
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age 40 - female- Trial run for MMS - Positive Results-
Wanted to rid body of virus causing a reoccuring wart.
Also, cravings for sugar (candida).
I bake for a living and try very hard not to sample cookies anymore, as I have gained about 8 lbs.
I'm losing the weight by giving up sugar/wheat gluten.

Started with 1 drop:5 drops lemon juice twice daily.
worked up to 11 drops:1/2 tsp of vinegar. Once at 11drops experienced vomiting/diareah/cramping for 14 hrs. Next day no appetite, but able to eat soup - did not take MMS.
Third day feeling fine, and have NO cravings at all.
Went back to 10 drops of MMS 1 x per day and increase to 15 1 x per day.

I believe it cleans out the microorganisms that feed candida. Now have regular bowel, no gas and no cravings.


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Posted by Dach (Santa Rosa, Ca.) on 03/01/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I woke up in excruciating pain two days after a piece of broken glass in the garbage stabbed the middle finger on my left hand to the bone. The pain radiated from my right hip down my leg to the knee. As I got up and moved around the leg loosened up and the pain and stiffness decreased tremendously. On day four however, the pain and stiffness did not subside at all and I was in tears because of how bad the pain was when "trying" to walk. I then remembered that I had MMS and knew that I could tolerate a 6 drop dose, thinking at the time that I would need to do at least a few doses over the next few days (or however long it took). I took the 6 drop dose at bedtime and imagine my surprise when I woke up the next day without any pain in the leg whatsoever. I had already read how harmful vaccines were to the brain and body so was determined to not get one ever again, even though everyone online was saying that emergency room personnel told them that without the tetanus shot they would die. I had also read that large doses of vitamin C were effective against tetanus so I did increase the amount of ascorbic acid I was taking as well. I don't remember exactly how much I took - I believe it was 1 - 3 tablespoons per day - which is well above the recommended daily dose of a quarter teaspoon. Apparently it wasn't enough to kill the tetanus but may have helped so that the one 6 drop dose of MMS was all that was needed.

FYI, vitamin C inactivates MMS so they do need to be taken at least a few hours apart from each other.

Throat Cancer, Diabetes

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Posted by Jim (Roseburg, Oregon) on 10/18/2015
4 out of 5 stars

I am a user of mms.

I have used it in a spray bottle for toenail fungus and it works.

I am presently taking mms2, step 2 for throat cancer due to asbestos and it has taken away my perpetual sore throat for now but not sure its gone. I was short of breath but that has gone away. I have ordered the online cancer test to verify the cancer and continuing mms1 and mms2.

When I first started the treatment I first ordered the book. Its stated in the book that some people are cured of diabetes in the three week suggested treatment. Three weeks is kind of a short span of time to cure something that has been in your system for a long period time. I have diabetes and it is improving, my Blood Sugar readings are where they should be now. This protocol affects your pancreas and corrects your underlying diabetes problem.

MMS is the wonder treatment for all ailments BUT you must use the prescribed protocols and go slow it is not an instant cure.

Replied by Vivian

Jim in Oregon,

What is an online test for cancer? What types of cancer will it detect? Will you post the company name? Website address? or phone number?

Thank you, Vivian

(Springdale, Nl)

I would also like to know more about the online test for cancer. thankyou

Ulcerative Colitis

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Posted by Aggie (Chicago, Illinois) on 09/09/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I was browsing the Internet for anything that would help my Ulcerative Colitis. I have had it for about 10 years (I may not have it any more though ;-) ). The thing that worked for me was Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). Most people are skeptical because of the word "Miracle", but I highly recommend it. "Don't knock it, until you've tried it." It's basically Sodium Chlorite / Chlorine Dioxide. You may want to do a little bit of research, but it wasn't that bad for me at all. I would go into details, but it takes about 20 pages to describe. I have a log online. If you want the log, just contact me and I'll send you the URL.

I can eat virtually anything I want (I'm still getting used to being normal again). The "treatment" took about 2-3 months, but I feel BRAND NEW!!!!

Replied by Ann
(Bastrop, TX)

To Aggie from Chicago, Illinois: I would like to read your log/blog. I have IBS, and I would like to know how this worked for you. Would be SO NICE to be able to eat apples and chocolate again! Our MMS order may arrive today. Ann

Replied by Rosie
(Meridian, Id)

To Aggie from Chicago, Illinois: I am really interested in reading your blog on UC. I have a family member who has now had the surgery talk three times. If there is anything that would help, we would be interested. Thank You.

Replied by Janina
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

I would love to hear more about your treatment, if you could email me, that would be great.

Replied by Kelly
(San Luis Obispo, Ca)

I would also like to learn more about your treatment. Can you please e mail me with a link to your blog. Thank you, Kelly

Replied by Mr B
(Sydney, Nsw)

Would love to hear more about this, could you please send me the URL. Thanks :)

Replied by Kim
(Chicago, Il)

I, too, would like to read about your experience. Thank you!

Replied by Kathy
(Camano Island, Wa Usa)

I would like to read your blog too. Thanks.

Replied by Irina
(Brooklyn, New York)

I would like to read about your experience too. Could you please send me the URL. Thank you!

Replied by Mikhail

please send me the MMS treatment for your ulcerative colitis.
how have you been since you first tried it?
are you still using it for anything???
Thanks for all the info!

Replied by Carmen
(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi - is it too late to ask for Aggie's URL for her guide to clearing ulcerative colitis? Many thanks.

EC: Only if Aggie checks back on Earth Clinic after 12 years! We didn't have auto-notify via email back in 2008. Sorry!

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

Eric Berg had an ulcer and he teaches basics so sweetly

Blessings and healing to you, charity

Replied by Anne Marie
(Qu?bec, Canada)

I started taking one drop in 4 Oz of water 1/4 every hour increase every day, I'm up to my full 4 Oz every hour. What do I do after that?

Replied by Stella
(Toronto, Ontario)


I'd be very interested in reading your blog! I've been struggling with a rare autoimmune skin condition over the last 2.5 years, which is getting worse, and have had to take many very strong painkillers in the last several months just to get by. Any information would be much appreciated!

Replied by Suzabelle
(Twin Cities)

Hello I am wondering if you would be so kind as to share your 10 page/ blog with me as well?

Replied by Carol
(Montpelier, VT)

My daughter is very sick with UC. Please send me your log of info about your healing your UC. Thank you!!

Replied by Ellen
(Jacksonville Florida)

I'd like your info on your recovery, please. Suffering a long time.

Where to Buy: Australia

Posted by Elaine (Australia) on 04/27/2021

Regarding MMS drops

Having a hard time trying to get this simple water purification product but Evil Australian govt deems it dangerous when they are all for the genocide vaccine that is far more dangerous and lethal. Can anyone advise how to get this in Australia, please?


Replied by Mark

Search for CDS instead of MMS. You may find more sources.

Where to Buy: Canada

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Posted by Nancy (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) on 05/23/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I want to buy MMS ... my supplier passed away and I am in desperate need. Where can I get a supply?

sincerely, Nancy

Replied by Timh
2083 posts

Try searching Amazon, Ebay, and Shopwiki for "MMS" or "Sodium Chlorite". You can also use MMS2 (Calcium Hypochlorite). Local distributers would be healthfood stores or Pool supply stores.

Replied by Mary

I buy mine from They are excellent. They ship all over and it is fast.

Replied by Diamond
(Michigan, US)

Hi, I was reading through the posts, did u ever find out where to buy the msm from?

Replied by Gladys
(Comox, Bc)

I'm just starting.. Is MMS good for atrial fibrillation, cholesterol and kidney function Level 1?

Replied by Nancy
(PEI Canada)

Please advise if there is a website where I can purchase MMS and/or DMSO to be shipped to Canada?


Hi Nancy -

One of the places where DMSO can be purchased in Canada (Ottawa, Ontario) is:

It is 99.995% pure.

Sorry, I don't know where you would get MMS in Canada. That may be harder to get.

Take care,



you can get it from varitas Also organic sulfur is very good for you as well.

Replied by Simeon
(Dallas, Texas)

Where to Buy: Canada
Posted by Tish (North York, Ontario, Canada) on 09/11/2010

Hey friends, can someone kindly tell me where in toronto can I buy MMS. I have read nothing but good abt it and would really like to try it. This is the best website and though I dont post very often but I'm a regular visitor of this site, why my sister in dubai is crazy abt this site too. The vinegar and Virgin Coconut Oil is doing wonders for her and she is so grateful. Take care everyone.

Replied by Tommy
(North York, On, Canada)

Hi Tish, I'm also looking for it in Toronto. I was very skeptical about it before but After reading one article about water treatment with ClO2 and that it kills even the cysts of the protozoa, I'm thinking about giving it a try for my entamoeba hartmanni infection. If you get any information where you can buy in Toronto, please feel free to tell me.

Replied by Steve
(Sebring, Florida)
07/05/2011 is shipping MMS and Sodium Chlorite to Canada and the USA, and ships MMS worldwide..

The was a temporary URL while the owner was working on the site.

Replied by Carey

I get my MMS from as well. Comes very quickly and works great. Using it on my dog who has congestive heart failure hoping to reverse her symptoms. Using it myself prophylactically -- pretty sure that I have candida issues (many years of chronic UTI's) and cravings for sweets, especially after I eat.

Where to Buy: France

Posted by Rachel (Annecy, France) on 07/21/2021

Hello, Thank you for very complete and rich website. I would like to buy MMS online but I can't find the boutique.
Thank you for your help. Best regards.

Where to Buy: Philippines

Posted by jeff (negros oriental, dumaguete, 6200 philippines) on 02/17/2021

Is there a reliable supplyer of MMS in the Philippines?

Where to Buy: Philippines
Posted by Manuel (Cebu) on 03/01/2017

Hello, I'm spanish and tried mms on my dog for cure a disease with possitive results, it was near die, losing much hair, with white-blue tongue and gums, with no energy and with the eyes like a sick, it was not moving, it's a shetland sheepdog, much energetic dog, after giving mms for about 10 days, he recovered and is like before get sick, I cured vaginal infection in my exgirlfriend and I knew also a man who cured prostatic cancer with this, I'm in Cebu actually and I would like to find mms, where can I find it please? thank you in advance.

Replied by Amelita
(Carajay, Gun-ob Lapu-lapu, Philippines)

Hi everyone, I'm from Lapu-Lapu Philippines I am looking where to buy MMS either here or in cebu. I read the articles and I would love to try them

I have a cyst that exploded few weeks ago

Thanks Amelita

Where to Buy: Philippines
Posted by Helmut (France, Paris) on 01/25/2016

Hello there, can somebody tell me where I can get immediate supply of MMS in the Philippines, more precisely in Manila. If I order it from aboad, it takes between 3 to 8 days to get there. My live-in-partner is actually at the hospital with dengue fever. There is no other medicine than MMS that can help as we found with the son of her sister. We had tried it on him and it had worked very effectively. Or any neighboring country with one day delivery. Thanks you all..... Rolf

Replied by Timh
2083 posts

H: Try searching using the keyword "Sodium Chlorite" or "28% Sodium Chlorite". Adding lemon juice drops to the S.C. will make MMS.

Where to Buy: South Africa

Posted by Tanya (Cape Town, South Africa) on 12/08/2014

Any distributor / seller of MMS in Cape Town, South Africa?

Replied by Timh
2083 posts

T: I would suggest using the word "Sodium Chlorite" not MMS in your search as MMS is simply a brand or logo for "Chlorine Dioxide", which is derived from adding Citric Acid. Technically you cannot buy ready made MMS as it does not keep in containers. You must make it yourself and use it right away. But there may be some venders who sell "Sodium Chlorite" as MMS liquid drops.

Replied by Pieter
(Grabouw Cape Town)

I would like to know where can I buy MMS Chlorine Dioxide


Did you manage to get MMS in South Africa?

Replied by Happy
(South Africa)

I would like to know how can I get MMS.

Where to Buy: Thailand

Posted by R. Butler (Thailand) on 05/03/2014

Hi, do you know a source (here in Thailand) to buy solid Sodium Chlorite? Thank you very much!

Replied by A.k.

Hi, Bangkok and Chiangmai have chemical shops , often near big hospitals.Sodium chlorite sometimes they have to order for you.1100 Baht 1 KG.H202,1050 Baht 30 Liters.Borax, vit C and all, they have it. Kind regards.

Replied by Ladda Moser
(Korat Thailand)


We built a health resort near Phi Mai and want give free MMS to the local people. Is there in Nakhon Ratschasima a pharmacy they can order for us? Thanks in advance...

Best regards Ladda and Reinhold

Mobile: 086-1507293

Where to Buy: USA

Posted by Shirley (Salem, MA) on 10/29/2008

Hello, I am trying to find a good supplier for MMS. I searched the website address given on the MMS page here on Earthclinic, but there are so many vendors/suppliers that I find difficult to pick one. If you have purchased from someone, could please give a recommendation? Your help is really appreciated. Thanks so much!

Replied by Hefeltbad
(Charlotte, Nc)
12/27/2009 ive purchased through them for 2 years now.

Replied by Bob
(Seminole, Tx)

I buy from be sure to buy the family pack for $35 or so. You will know someone with cancer or some other ailment you will need to give a bottle too. It has 4 complete set ups in it. One bottle takes my wife and I about 6 months to 8 months to use it up.

It's too cheap to try to make it yourself.

Replied by James
(Spartanburg, South Carolina)

How can I buy MMS? To whom this may concern, please send me a website to buy it.

Replied by Nina


Я из России и я тоже аупила MMS . Пили всей сеÐ1/4ьёй и знааоÐ1/4Ñ‹ пили и детяÐ1/4 давали. У Ð1/4еня на Ð1/4ного снизилась аллергия, у дочаи перестал болеть лицевой нерв, у Ð1/4ужа значительное улучшение , у него раа 2 ой степени. Таа что, ато то называет это ядоÐ1/4, а я саажу, что это леаарство. НаÐ1/4 поÐ1/4огло.

Благодарю ДжиÐ1/4 ХаÐ1/4бл, за его изобретение.

EC: Google Translation from Russian to English:

 Hello. I am from Russia and I also bought MMS. They drank the whole family and are familiar drank and children were given. I fell to the lot of allergies, my daughter stopped hurting facial nerve, the husband considerable improvement, his cancer 2nd degree. So, someone calls it poison, and I say that this medicine. We helped. Thank you Jim Humble for his invention.

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