MMS: The Miracle Mineral Supplement from Jim Humble

Multiple Cures

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Posted by TJ (Phoenix, Arizona, US of A) on 07/11/2008

treatment for AIDS and Cancer and numerous other ailments: MMS is a product discovered by a engineer through experimentation while in South America... He was curing maleria in 24 hours and AIDS in 30 days... The originator has a book describing the process and how he discovered it... There are websites drscribing the positive results from this formula..

Nail Fungus

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Posted by Connie (Gold Coast, Qld) on 02/05/2010

I've been using MMS for about 3 weeks to get rid of a fungus in one toenail that has been there for about three years, and has not responded to treatment. I started with 1 drop and built up gradually to about 8 drops three times a day for a week, and then reduced to 5-6 drops once per day.

I noticed a little nausea in the first week, which was negligible and passed quickly. Other than that have had no side effects at all. The toenail has already improved and the new growth shows no sign of infection.

I am a vegetarian and make sure that I am nutritionally well supported by having a spirulina/avocado smoothie daily and selenium supplements. So far am very impressed with the results of MMS, and plan to continue using it as a maintenance dose.

I am in my 60's,have exceptionally good health, and still work full time. I am also a nurse, and unsurprisingly, reluctant to use the medical system. I am convinced that taking care of our nutritional needs carefully and thoroughly can make a huge difference to our health.

Replied by Mweather
(Riverside, Ca, Usa)
5 out of 5 stars

I went about the nail fungus problem from different direction. Namely - the outside. A few drops mixed properly, applied right on the affected nails. I'd rinse it off after about 5 mins. And reapply later if I did it again. As it was I left it on - no rinsing. Result: fungus gone in 24 hours. Was a bit surprised. It did not come back.

Nail Fungus, Severe Pain

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Posted by Forestnfama (Rio De Janerio, Brazil) on 12/25/2009
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MMS cured fungus from my toe nails after twenty years of trying everything the doctors precribed. Just recently my wife had severe pain in here mid section that seemed to be traveling around her body. It got so bad that she went to the doctor convinced that she was dying of cancer or something. For two weeks we went from doctor to doctor elliminating one thing after another. She continued to get worse by the hour until she was almost debilitated. We were both very worried that something was extremely wrong with her but no one could tell us what. Finally I convinced my wife to take a dose of ten drops of mms two times a day. After the first day, the next morning she felt much better and the severe pain that had been constantly with her for the last two months started lightening up. After the second day, almost all of the symptoms disappeared and after the third day she was completely without pain. We never did find out what was wrong with her but I am convinced that if she was not treated for this problem she would have died. Thank God for MMS. It absolutely works. Maybe some people can not tolerate it for one reason or another but for sure it is very potent and needs to be understood before using. Also, I am very skeptical about the story that a women died after taking one drop of mms. I don't believe it..... If it were true the authorties would have used it to shut down the distributors. The truth is industries have been using it for over 70 years with great success. The US army used it to fight infection and malaria during the first world war. Some time after that the pharmecueticals were able to replace it with their patented expensive drugs. And even if someone did die it does not negate the fact that so many other people were able to treat themselves successfully.


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Posted by Diane (Dalhousie, New Brunswick Canada) on 04/07/2009
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I have tired the mms but stopped because I find my osteoperosis seems to have returned with a vengence.Does anyone have any info on using mms.and results with the osteo. I have stopped taking the mms because I think it may have started the osteo .in motion . I have done ok before taking the mms. It seems that my bones were not sore before taking the mms. does ANYONE have any info for this please write me back.thanks Diane

Replied by Margo
(Petersburg, Tn)

I've been reading about mms and if it depletes magnesium that's why your bones hurt. Try adding a magnesium supplement to your diet.

Replied by Bob
(Seminole, Tx)

OK call me crazy.....

magnasium is hard for the body to absorb internally.

Buy some Nigari Flakes online for about $7 a pound after shipping. I use Emperors King I think. Magnasium is easily asorbed through the skin. The pound will run you for a year or 6 months if the arthritus is bad. It is Sea salt after table salt is removed. Mostly Magnasium and trace minerals. It is sold to thicken Tofu in Asian food products.

Mix it 1 oz to 2 or 3 oz of water in a spray bottle and change your life. Like MMS keep it in the dark if you want it to keep working other than when you are spraying it on. I use the medicine cabinet.

Muscle cramps take about 30 seconds to go away when you spray it on the muscle.

Arthritis and Osteo.... Will take up to a minute for relief. My sister uses it 3 or 5 times a day whenever the pain shows up.

I take the MMS daily and have for a year or two. It suprises me on the people that have posted that have used it for 2 days. Wait until it is 2 years.

Good luck it works for me.


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Posted by Roslyn (Millbank, NSW, Australia) on 10/28/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Miracle Mineral Supplement. My partner and I use it ourselves and last week our 12 month old golden retreiver x red setter had 4 paralysis ticks found on her over a couple of days. Her back legs were rapidly paralysing so we gave her 2 drops MMS activated with lemon juice and water added ater 3 minutes. That night (Friday) we gave her 3 drops, Sat 2 drops every hour for 4 doses. She could not walk at all and breathing becoming laboured. Sunday 3 drops morning & again afternoon, Mon same, Tues 3 drops x 3. None since.

5 days later (Wed) she is fantastic. 98% her old self. Walking well - occasionaly still a bit of lung congestion but not bad. Hopefully she will have a bit of immunity built up through this experience. I thoroughly recommend MMS. We also could not find anywhere a recommended dose. Just use intuition - however you do it it will work.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
510 posts

Hi Rosalyn, The dosage for MMS is 2 drops per 25 lbs of body weight.

Replied by Lets Beats Ms...
(Lebanon, Beirut)

Hi my name is saeed I just want to know if anyone tried the MMS on MS I knew about this medicine yesterday. Now I'm still taking relief and trying some homeopathy so is there anyone have the same experience can help ? :)

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

The best thing to take to halt the progression of MS is low dose naltrexone. It will stop the progression in 85 - 99% of MS cases. Please see for more information. From there you will see how to join the Yahoo LDN group that has over 11,000 members, many of whom have MS and they are very helpful in answering your questions from personal experience. LDN helps many autoimmune diseases by modulating the immune system. It is an FDA approved drug, is inexpensive and can be taken with anything but opiate drugs. Best wishes!

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

For MS go to youtube and search Dr. Terry Wahls. She cured her MS by changing to a paleo diet. No meat and no dairy. She eats a huge amount of raw vegetables every day. I think you could get a quicker response by taking (organic) raw vegetables in juices every day. Diet is the key. MS is caused by a nutritional deficiency as are most diseases. She went from a inclined wheelchair to riding in a bike marathon in a very short period of time.

Replied by Tamara
(Bellevue, Washington)

Actually, you will see that a paleo diet, and Terry Wahl's diet, does include meat, but very little grains. The key, she discovered, was to "feed the mitochondria" with lots and lots of a variety of plant matter. About 9 cups a day! Impressive, but her videos show how easy it can be. Food for thought for those with MS!

Posted by Pauline (GOLD COAST, Queensland Australia) on 10/02/2008

MMS: Ticks
I would like to know if anyone has treated a dog or cat for paralysis ticks or snake bites or anything else? I am currently treating a 4 kg cat with a very small part of 1 drop diluted with water & gave it to him via a syringe he did not like it but has not vomited. I am going to give it again in 1 hour. He has slight paralysis from a tick. I hoping this will kill of the poison from the tick.

Replied by Pauline
(GOLD COAST, Queensland Australia)

Update on my cat with tick bite, I continued to give him very small doses of MMS throughout the day rather than a big dose, the reason being I did not want to make him vomit just in case it went on his lungs. He is recovering slowly it takes time. I think you could give a pet a bigger dose of MMS - when you first find a tick or notice the first symptoms as they can still swallow properly because it affects their back legs first before the breathing gets affected GET INTO THEM EARLY. Hope this helps if anyone wants to add anything please do.

Replied by Erika
(Denver, Co)

I just received my MMS this weekend and administered the first dose to my animals in about a teaspoon of turkey broth from a can of canned turkey. They scarfed it up. I'm also going to try tuna water. Can't tell if anything's happening yet, but none of them hate me so far. :)

Replied by Jim Braman

The common tick disease, Ehrlichiosis, caused by the Brown Dog Tick, rapidly dehydrates dogs. Because of this, an IV bag is essential if the animal has stopped drinking (and eating) and the skin does not snap back when pinched.

Posted by Val (Mackay, Australia) on 09/11/2008

Pets and the use of MMS: Has anyone had any experience with treating the effects of the paralysis tick bite concerning dogs? When bitten by one of these ticks, the dog's condition deteriorates quickly and is lethal if not treated. Time is of the essence, as swallowing becomes increasingly difficult for the pet and thus the administration of the MMS. How often may I give the dog the dosage (3 drops per 25lb) in an emergency as mentioned above?

Posted by Thamas (East coast australia, nsw) on 03/02/2008

Has anyone tried mms for dogs? If so how much did they give and what were the results?

Replied by Raffie
(Boston, MA, USA)

For answering Thamas, Australia ... I saw the MMS support site in Curezone that some people also gave MMS drops to their pets and said pets love it, drink more water. One the MMS broshure it states 3 drops per 25-lb as standard.

Replied by Thamas
(East Coast, Australia)

To Raffie from Boston, MA, USA Thankyou for that info on MMS for Pets I will try it.

Replied by Airwreck
(Austin, Texas)

please, does anyone know where to get mms in boston? thanks

EC: MMS is typically sold online, not in health food stores.

Replied by Annie
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

My sister used MMS on her sheep in Adelaide Australia as 3 sheep had pneumonia & it assisted the symptoms very much.

I gave a wild cat who was living downstairs at a condo property in KL - MMS drops in her tuna & as it was the wet season she started sneezing. The sneeze dissipated very quickly & cleared up her dripping eyes. All was well with Dollface.


Posted by Merryanne (Orange City, Florida, Usa) on 05/04/2011 120 posts

Does anyone know the exact amounts to make small portions of MMS? I do not mean just before you injest it. I mean how much water, how much sodium chlorite(sp) to mix together. I have checked several places, but there instructions are not clear. Merryanne in Central Florida

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 06/10/2008 510 posts

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever can be fatal. I would recommend Jim Humble's MMS be taken ASAP. Humble's dosage is 2 drops per 25 lbs. for children and pets. As stated in prior message re new mom with C diff - the homeopathic remedy I found on the internet is the same, but I would still use Humble's way of taking it, for adult I'd probably start with a l0 drop dose, a tablespoon of ACV, swirl it around in glass, wait 3 minutes - add 1/2 glass of distilled or spring water and take it. If no increase in symptoms indicating too many organisms killed at once, I would increase dosage to l5 or 25 drops 2 -3 hours later and probably repeat dosage again 3 - 4 hours later. In Jim Humble's book he states that MMS also kills Lyme (another tick borne- deer tick) disease but it sometimes takes up to a year. He didn't say but I am assuming that this is when it becomes a chronic thing instead of the initial onset. By now you should have received 3 different articles on MMS or Dioxychlor (the homeopathic version) to pick & choose from to quickly get information to RMSF.

You should have the message I sent telling EC readers how to log in and download the first half of Jim Humble's book, which is well worth the time & effort for them to do. Downloading the last half will cost them $9.95 cents which is darned little payment for the effort this man has put into getting it to the public which so badly needs it.

Scalp Infection

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Posted by Shelly (Baltimore) on 06/09/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I had a terrible scalp condition where my scalp would flake and peel. It had a horrible smell. I went to several dermatologist none of the medication worked. I researched MMS and let me tell you I would pour the mixed solution on my scalp and let it set before shampooing my hair. I have not had any scalp issues. My hair smells great now. Keep with it. I used it three times before I noticed a huge change.

Replied by Victor
(Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

Hi Shelly from Baltimore. How much and how apart did you apply it?

Severe Heath Conditions

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Posted by Timh (Ky, Usa) on 01/14/2016 2083 posts
5 out of 5 stars

OK, I am excited at the major progress Jim Humble and his little band of health warriors have made over the last few yrs. in regards to Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS). I have purchased & read the first 2 publications Breakthrough: The Miracle Mineral Solution Of The Twenty-first Century Parts 1 & 2,4th Edition

Without going into detail of all the major interventions in my severe condition, of both pharmaceutical and natural remedies, I can say from personal experience, that these words "breakthrough" and "miracle" are not simply or exclusively marketing slogans. I have used MMS sporadically for a few yrs to now and among the arsenal of medicines & remedies I have used to keep myself above ground with a pulse, that MMS is the top gun and no matter how bad I get sometimes, I always have MMS that absolutely has the power & potential to stop the dying process.

MMS is so powerful a pathogen killer that it must be administered in small doses and increase slowly, as is recommended by Jim and his team. As a way for illustration, Jim describes one molecule of ClO2 as a Tasmanian Devil in the cartoon and he get's off the bus where there are five evil pathogen thugs ready to kill the people coming onto the street, but Taz licks em' because he has the power. In chemical analogy or language, 1 molecule of ClO2 forcefully accepts 5 electrons from the nucleus of whatever number of pathogens (proly 2-3). That is, ClO2 is a powerful reduction agent. When the nuclei of the pathogen looses it's orbiting electrons, it becomes entirely unstable and explodes (which causes the herx reaction in the partaker).

As a "killer extraordinaire" of pathogens, MMS is proving that many of the degenerative diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular, cancer, etc have a common item of fugal, bacterial, or viral that exploits the defenses. Once the pathogen is killed and inflammation subsides, then natural healing can occur.

By way of introduction aside from the strict measurements outlined by Jim, let me suggest something I most often do which works very well. Make yourself a container of low sugar Limeade or Lemonade (I prefer Limeade for better taste) with no added Vit-C (most commercial products do contain very small amounts but most not enough to negate MMS) as Vit-C negates the MMS. Pour a small glass, maybe 4oz and place 2 drops MMS into the beverage and wait 5 minutes for the conversion to Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2). Drink this and sit down while the pathogens die. I have reached a 6 drop dose range in a 6oz glass of cooled Limeade that is very effective in my case and sometimes up to 8 drops but get a little sick to my stomach, once a day. Yes, you will taste the chlorine and it is a little uncomfortable and maybe adding a little more natural sugar will help with the Lemon or Limeade.

Jim & company have developed many different and effective protocols of MMS but I thought this little method I do is a good introduction.

Replied by Frances
(Cabarlah, Qld.)

Thanks Timh, MMS is recommended by Mel of Morgellons site as a remedy but used in a slightly manner from Mr Humble's method.

Replied by Jamal Alim

Question about mms:timH - the drops of mms you use with lemonade is it activated, or not activated.

Replied by Timh
2083 posts

J: I use 28% liquid Sodium Chlorite drops which converts to Chlorine Dioxide in the Limeade or Lemonade in about 5 minutes.

Sinus Infections

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Posted by Lisa (Buffalo, Ny) on 01/20/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I develop life threatening infections due to problems with my sinuses, bad teeth, and bone loss in the upper structure of my mouth. If I do not get antibiotics soon upon getting one of these sinus infections, I get so ill I cannot get out of bed. They have even caused me to slip into a coma 2x. I never get better only worse without them, so getting the antibiotics becomes a battle for my life.

I was warned this would happen unless I was able to get a certain operation I never could afford, to rebuild the bone in my mouth and patch up the skin that had deteriorated letting in contaminants.

Ignorant doctors and hospitals would sometimes charge me outrageous fees or hospital bills just to tell me they don't like to give out antibiotics because people are becoming immune to them despite I have years and years of records with this problem, and often I would be forced to leave without the help I desperately needed. I would have to incur more bills until I found a doctor willing to prescribe them to me to save my life.

I was really too ill to get out of bed much less go through all that drama and expense because of such ignorance and ridiculous attitudes. I already had a multiply handicapped son that relies on me solely for his care, so without me he would have to go into some kind of home at the government's expense, as if things were not bad enough for us without any other help or family.

Then one year I applied for good old MEDICAID to try to get some medical help with my problem, something I hoped would possibly solve the problem. Medicaid sent me to a clinic where I was treated like a drug addict.

I have never been on any illegal drugs in my life, I am a straight laced Christian who can't afford to go out much less leave my son alone and go enjoy myself on drugs. I never saw a doctor there, but some sort of nurse who sent me to another clinic in a hospital to see an ear nose and throat specialist.

I went to that appointment where I was led to a room and seated in s chair that reminded me of a dental chair. A doctor came in who could not really speak English to any understandable degree. He said something I did not understand and left for about 20 minutes. When he came back he opened my mouth and sprayed something down my throat.

Within minutes my mouth and throat became numb, he left again, and I could not breathe! I began to struggle to try to scream for help. By the time someone found me I was unconscious. After that, I began to have serious panic attacks in my life any time I would get stressed out or began to feel like I had any sinus problem blocking my airway or stuffed up. I never had panic attacks in my life until after that day!

So I began to go online and look for something else I could use. I found MMS. I have been taking it now to solve my problem for years now. I take 6 drops of MMS with 30 drops of activator 2 times a day for 5 to 7 days upon developing these infections or getting ill now.

MMS has saved my life so many times now not to mention the thousands in doctor and hospital bills. It takes about 5 days to get rid of one of my sinus infections with MMS. I take it in a tiny glass with very little water in one gulp and afterwards a chase of one mouthful of some juice to kill that after taste. The key to not getting nauseated is to never take it on an empty stomach.

Also, getting nauseated from MMS only happens only when I am ill. If I take MMS when I am not ill. I do not get nauseated. Folks, if you are ill, do not take MMS until after you have eaten something or you will most likely either become nauseated or throw up.

Because I dislike the taste so much of MMS, I only take it either when I get sick or there might be something going around I do not want to get. Taking MMS despite its awful taste is so much better than what the so called Medical Professionals put me through to fight for my life!

This is my story for "MMS Cures"! Hope my years of experience with MMS helps someone else.

Replied by Larry
(Fairfax, Va)

Thanks for your post on EC. Please tell me what the abreviation "MMS" stands for. - Larry

EC: MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement

Replied by Nicole

Hello, if you can't handle the taste of MMS, get some gel capsules from a health shop. Put the drops in2 them... Cheap and excellent

Sinus Infections
Posted by Mark (Somewhere, USA) on 05/10/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have been getting increasingly bad sinus infections as i've gotten older.They run in the family. Finally I had one last for 4 months! I had been thru (3)anti-biotic treatments, steroids twice, along w/ nasal sprays during the 4 months. Finally the ear- nose- throat Dr. decided I was a canidate for surgery to clean out my sinuses. I found out about MMS & cured my chronic sinnusitis in 10 days! Started w/ 2 drops .I increased 1 drop per application ( 2 times/day) I was amazed how well I could breath after the 1st application. When I went to the dr. for my pre-sugery appt. they would not let me speakafter I told them I was fine. They tried to take credit for my healing saying the "nasal spray worked, didn't it" What a joke ! What a racket ! I hope this helps someone else to give it a try mark

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, TN)
510 posts

Hello Mark, Glad you finally got those sinuses feeling better. But if you start having the problem real frequently again, you might take a lok at what might be causing it! Number 1 question is "Do you smoke"? Number 2 question is "Do you use aftershave or cologne?" I used to work with a nice guy who always had on some strong scent that he said was his aftershave! When he had surgery for his sinus problems the 2nd time in about 5 years, I asked him had he ever considered that his aftershave might be his underlying problem with his sinuses! He also smoked! I couldn't tell any difference in his complaints (or looks) after his 2nd surgery and this tells me that surgery didn't correct the problem.

Replied by William
(Dallas, Tx)
5 out of 5 stars

I have always had sinus problems and it was not caused by cologne, or anything else I could be allergic too....just a cronic problem. I used and continue to use MMS and it was shocking how well it worked. I want to add that I did not need as much MMS as prescribed for it to work. It does and has worked for me on gum infections and for my cold and sinus infections. I was very skeptical. It did work for me.

Replied by Rare1walking
(Vernonia, Oregon, Usa)

Sinus infections are often because of Candida overgrowth, as are UTI's, prostatitis, etc. I take a multivitamin with biotin, as that keeps the yeast from going to the fungal form and traveling through the intestinal walls to any organ in the body, including sinus's. After killing pathogens, what is necessary is building the immune system with nutrients, and especially balancing gut flora with a Probiotic that works. Candida is also a sign of metal toxicity. Vitamin C and other nutrients help chelate that out. Jim Humble tells us that MMS is not a substitute for nutritional deficiencies, which most have, and that sets up the diseases with weak immune systems. Thanks everyone for sharing about your MMS experiences.

Replied by Ashfromst.louis
(St Louis, Mo)

Can anyone mention how long you take a 3drop mms dose...? One gulp? or sipping over an hour?

Replied by Bill B
(Chgo, Il, Usa)
5 out of 5 stars

Reply to: "Can anyone mention how long you take a 3 drops MMS dose... ? One gulp? or sipping over an hour?",

Well, I too had sinus problems in the past, and I don't smoke and don't wear cologn. What I have found that taking MMS as one gulp is best. It's harder to get down just sipping it. I also found out that if you mix it with apple juice vs. water it goes down a lot better! After a few days my sinus are clear--

Also, I have used MMS because of my teeth. We need to all brush better and having healthy gums is very important. I used MMS 3-drops for 3 days and it cleared up a problem that was starting. MMS did not turn my teeth Black or another color because I also brush my teeth with Arm & Hammer - Complete Care tooth paste afterwards. I feel the key is not to take to much MMS or you WILL see side effects like anything! If your making many trips to the bathroom, have sick feelings, like the Flu, then you should think that you just may be taking to much and should STOP till things settle down. To MUCH of anything is not good! Do you really want "nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, which can lend itself to dehydration. " So- for myself at 190 Lbs, I try to stay in the range of 3 to 7 drops max a day when I'm getting sick or having issues. Otherwise- I suggest looking at ways of staying healthy, happy, and rested. Note: This is not to replace a Doctor's visit but- It helped when everyone was sick in the house and the Doctor kept seeing four of us one at a time and then round robin we would be back! A true cash machine for the Dr! It took MMS to truly break that cycle.

So, I would like everyone to consider using MMS in times when they are actully sick and don't want to get a Flu shot because of what's in them! The best thing is to stay healthy, by having a good digestive system, make & eat foods that contain Salba - aka Blanco Saliva - Rich in antioxidants, Omega-3 and Fiber, have some Yogart, and of course have a glass of Resvertrol each day.

Consider this: A lot of people don't follow Doctors advice and get sick and Die! Now- If you OD on MMS and get sick you want to sue- See: lawyer working for consumers and injured people and is pussing for the FDA to pull MMS off the shelf! Why- Because people don't READ and FOLLOW directions and STOP if something goes wrong and let things settle down. The bottom line is to have some common sense when you eat, take medication, herbs, or anything else. The FDA approved Aspartame and I knew two people who drank diet pop with it, both died from GBM Grade 4 Brain Cancer, others have MS and other Neurological problems. So, have some common sense- don't go crazy with anything.

Replied by Mark
(Waterford, Michigan)
5 out of 5 stars

I'm the mark who had the sinus infection problems in may of 2008. I don't smoke or use cologne etc.. I live a healthy lifestyle & am an athelete. I am still healthy, in fact I never get sick now. When I feel a little down I take a 2-3 drop dose. This experience has made me very skeptical of our modern medical system in this area. The Dr. was so mad that I decided not to have surgery & that I cured myself , for a $25 investment, it's worth a try!
Thanks... Mms & Jim Humble

Skin Cancer

Posted by Douggy (Alexandria, Va, Usa) on 01/28/2010

I was informed by a friend about MMS. His Chiropractor was diagnosed with a rare skin cancer. They looked like several beige circles. He said that chiropractor was drinking 11 drops of MMS everyday for six months and that his skin cancer is total gone. My friend who has the same skin cancer started drinking it for 30 days and his physicians said that they noticed that his skin lesions look lighter. He has continued his use of MMS. I read somewhere on Humble's website that the new protocol is to drink 2 drops of MMS every two hours for (8-10 hours) daily. I also read that to get rid of the HIV virus, one had to drink 3 drops of MMS every hour for 8-10 hours for 3.5 weeks. Has anyone done this? Does anyone know "personally" of anyone who has been cured of AIDS/HIV with MMS or any other regiment? Looking for real answers, please.

Replied by Nasira
(Springfield, Ma/usa)

It should be noted that Humble points out in the book the antibodies will forever remain with an HIV/AIDS person due to the exposure..... So the only way to tell if a person is recovered is "health" and a good WBC count... (you get what I am trying to say... Right?)


Replied by Tcharles
(Corona, Ca)

What are you trying to say? I'd like to know. I'm considering of purchasing MMS for this particular ailment, but I need to know if it will make the virus worse or make it undetectable. I do not want to start taking HIV meds cause I know it's a form of poison. I'm searching for alternatives methods of treatment, namely natural remedies, to treat this ailment. Please help.

Replied by Mweather
(Riverside, Ca, Usa)

What she is trying to say is that if your body defeats a virus, you will have antibodies. Permanently. The antibodies don't mean you are still sick. Unfortunately with HIV, there is no test that will say "You are now cured", only a test for antbodies, which it is claimed will always mean you are still actively infected. Since it is assumed by the medical industry that there is no cure, it is also assumed that any HIV antibodies must mean you are still sick. So... They will never say "You are cured". Is that a bit clearer?

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