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Where to Buy: Canada
Posted by Nancy (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) on 05/23/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I want to buy MMS ... my supplier passed away and I am in desperate need. Where can I get a supply?

sincerely, Nancy

Multiple Cures
Posted by Jerome (Brooklyn, Ny) on 03/04/2011 7 posts
5 out of 5 stars

YEA for MMS. I had a longstanding case of epididymitis and prostatitis for almost three years, that I suspect came from a case of Chlamydia that I contracted years ago and never fully got rid of. It got to the point where I had a constant pain in my left side (where my testicles meet my leg) and my left testicle was extremely sensitive all the time.

A urologist gave me a course of doxycycline (back when I still trusted doctors) which seemed to bring the pain under control, but a month or so after I stopped the antibiotics the pain crept back and became as bad as ever. After giving up on doctors, I began to try alternative remedies, the first one being colloidal silver (a common brand sold at Vitamin Shoppe). To my great joy I immediately began to notice a decrease in pain from taking 5-7 tablespoons of colloidal silver a day. After a couple of weeks taking colloidal silver the epididymitis and prostatitis was 80-90% gone. I figured that was as cured as I was going to get, and I was happy with the lack of pain, so I stopped the silver.

After the silver I began taking MMS for other lingering health problems I had. I began with 5 drops of MMS twice a day on an empty stomach. After one day I noticed my urine was suddenly cloudy with white blood cells. This told me that my body was fighting something in my urinary tract area. At the same time, I noticed that my epididymitis/prostate pain had disappeared--and I mean 100% GONE, almost overnight. What this told me was that the MMS had basically kicked the living heck out of whatever bacteria/parasite was causing my crotch pain. Needless to say, I was thrilled.

After less than a week on MMS, when I reached 9 drops twice a day, I started to notice something else--I was passing WORMS with my bowel movements. Needless to say, I was simultaneously disgusted and happy that the MMS was killing these parasites and that they were now leaving my body. I will continue taking the MMS and increasing the drops until I feel that I am free of these disgusting parasites.

Finally, I would like to add a note to readers not trust any so called "quackwatch" or other sites calling MMS poison or a scam. I gave MMS a chance because I felt I was at the end of my rope with a laundry list of health problems that seemingly nothing would cure, and so far MMS has surpassed all expectations with no side effects except for a couple of instances of mild nausea (which I suspect was the worms being killed by the MMS). Why are there so many (dishonest) people online who don't want to see others get well??

About MMS
Posted by Bob (Murphy, Nc) on 01/19/2017
5 out of 5 stars

MMS Jim Humble the Good the Bad the Truth

I've been working with, and researching, chlorine dioxide for two years. I've made my own batches of nearly 100%, using a different formula. There are more than eight formulas to make chlorine dioxide. I have the Genesis II Church member card. I'm not anti-MMS. Jim Humble is a great humanitarian, and must have been a good NASA engineer. However, his chemistry is bad, which he has said in his book. And his understanding of body biochemistry is completely wrong. My main purpose, for this paper, is to correct his mistakes.

The medical establishment's attack, against MMS, is based on a simplistic, uninformed, negative, buzz word slander. Clorox bleach is not labeled with the skull poison symbol. Like many products, it has warnings. And the warnings are exaggerated, as usual. For instance, it warns of burns to the skin. Hah, I've had bleach on my hands many times. It feels slimy, but doesn't cause a burn. They also use the word "industrial" bleach. "Industrial" makes it sound bad. Supermarket packaged foods are made in a factory. It's an industry. There's nothing bad about being industrial. Sodium chlorite and chlorine dioxide are in the general category of "bleach". That's good if you want to disinfect. And chlorine dioxide is used, for instance in municipal water supplies, because it is the safest one. As I will cover later, bleach oxidizers can do damage. So concentrations must be low. I'm experienced enough to be aware of the inner works of some groups, especially ones like the FDA. The whole attack, on MMS, may possibly be traced to one man, Mr. Mizer in the US Dept. of Justice, since everyone is repeating his slander, about bleach. There's a cadre of such people who hate Christianity, and so can't stand medical people using the words "cure" or "miracle". For sure, the attack is uninformed, and so it is illegitimate.

To begin correcting Jim's mistaken ideas about chemistry, chlorine dioxide is not an ion. It does not have a charge. It is a molecule. Molecules do not have a charge. Chlorine dioxide is unusual, in that it doesn't dissolve, ionize, in water. Body cells are a complex structure of many molecules. They do not have a charge. So chlorine dioxide is not repelled by body cells, and it is not attracted to only bad bacteria. Bacteria are cells, and so do not have a charge. The Gram Stain is not a positive or negative charge. The positive and negative means yes or no for the bacteria becoming stained with a dye. Chlorine dioxide is a free radical, meaning it has an unfilled electron space. This is how it oxidizes. When reacting with organic molecules, chlorine dioxide usually functions as a highly selective oxidant due to its unique, one-electron transfer mechanism where it is reduced back to the chlorite ion. When oxidizing some inorganics, like ferric oxide, it can accept a total of five electrons, which would break it down to a chloride ion, as in salt, and two oxygen ions. Jim's claim that electron shells hold atoms together, and that the nucleus would fly apart if the electrons are drawn away, is false. It takes a high-powered atom smasher to do that.

Chlorine dioxide is said to work differently on different pathogens. Bacteria, fungi, parasite and tumor cells are vulnerable to oxidants because of these components; thiols, polyamines, purines, amino acids with thiols, phenols, and amines [Dr. Thomas Hesselink's paper about malaria]. The method of chlorine dioxide bacterial kill, at low ppm concentration, seems to occur by the disruption of protein synthesis and enzyme inactivation. This is similar to the non-toxic mechanism of some common antibiotics. It does not blow a hole in cell walls. It acts on good as well as bad bacteria, so probiotics should be taken after treatment is finished. Oxidation of RNA and DNA do not appear to take place, or are at least unimportant in the process. The site of action lies in the soluble fraction of the cell and there appears to be no damage to internal structural components such as ribosomes. At high ppm, the method of rapid bacterial and viral kill appears to be the softening and destroying of the cell wall, or viral capsid. Chlorine dioxide is known to react with iron and manganese compounds, sulfur bonds, and colors. Chlorine dioxide can definitely hurt body tissue, as well as pathogens. It kills algae, parasite organisms, and some insect eggs or larvae, such as mosquitoes. If the concentration is high enough, it can kill zebra mussels and some fish, such as trout (the lethal LC50 for rainbow trout is 290 ppm for 96 hours). Since I believed Jim's harmlessness claim, at first, I took massive doses of pure chlorine dioxide, and inhaled full breaths of it. Once, my lungs hurt for three days afterwards. And massive doses caused my ears to ring, probably damaging sensitive inner ear nerve hairs. So doses should be kept small, and luckily chlorine dioxide works with the lowest doses, compared to other disinfectants. There are many institutional papers assessing the toxicity of chlorine dioxide, sodium chlorite and chlorate. The main problem area is red blood cells. With prolonged, higher dose (up to 1000 ppm for chlorine dioxide, and 100 ppm for chlorite and chlorate) daily use in rat's drinking water, for 1-2 months, some hemoglobin can be oxidized to methemoglobin which doesn't carry oxygen. Also, red blood cell count can decrease. Chlorate (ClO3-), which can rupture RBCs, is the worst with serious RBC loss after nine months. There is a claim that some chlorate can be produced in MMS reactions, such as with pH less than 3, and some chemical studies claim chlorine dioxide can change into some chlorate in water. Red blood cells have glutathione to protect them from oxidation, but cell levels can be decreased with prolonged treatment. Other studies show no methemoglobin at these dose levels. There is a reference stating that there's an enzyme that reduces methemoglobin back to normal hemoglobin. One study with low dose, single dose, pure chlorine dioxide using people, showed no problems at 0.34 mg/kg of body weight. In these studies, the doses of sodium chlorite and chlorate were only 1/10th of the amount of chlorine dioxide, evidently for safety reasons, meaning they considered chlorine dioxide much safer. Different studies have found the following safe levels of chlorine dioxide in all of the drinking water, per day: 15 mg/kg in mice for 1 month; 9 mg/kg in green monkeys for 1-2 months; 2 mg/kg in Sprague-Dawley rats for 3 months. At higher doses there could be some nasal irritation from chlorine dioxide gas evaporating at the drinking tube. Effect on newborn rat pups: decreased pup development, decreased thyroid hormone levels (thyroid hormones T3 and T4 are phenols), and decreased brain cell count, were found at 14 mg/kg of body weight per day in drinking water for the mother rats during gestation and lactation. Dosing below 14 mg/kg had no observed effect, such as in a 3 mg/kg test. I don't think anyone should take maintenance doses for years, especially with so much sodium chlorite in the MMS mix. And doses should be in mg/kg or /pound of body weight, not in drops. Also, Jim is wrong about MMS lasting only one hour in the body. Rat studies show that 100% chlorine dioxide, not the MMS mix, reaches peak blood level in 2 hours, with half absorbed in 3.5 hours. The leftover sodium chlorite, in the MMS mix, reaches peak blood level in 8 hours. 21% of it is still in the blood after 72 hours. So dosing every hour is not a good idea. Studies use one dose per day. There probably hasn't been much research about the effect of chlorite and chlorine dioxide on prescription drugs in the body, but oxidizers are one thing used by illegal drug users to nullify drugs in their urine test. So they probably can affect some prescription drugs in the body. For myself, I would only take low dose pure chlorine dioxide, such as chlorine dioxide solution (CDS), or the new MMS1 tablets in a glass of water [do not swallow the tablet]. The tablets use sodium hydrogen sulfate as the activator, which produces near 100% ClO2. Precautions must be employed in people with glucose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase deficiency disease, as they are especially sensitive to oxidants of all kinds.

As chlorine dioxide is a free radical, antioxidants will quench it back into a chlorite ion. This happens with many antioxidants; Vit. E, Vit. A, CoQ10, flavonoids, Beta-carotene, Lycopene, Lutein, etc., not only vitamin C. So no antioxidant supplements, or natural juices or foods should be consumed with chlorine dioxide. Lemon, or lime juice, has vitamin C and other antioxidants, so are not good to mix with chlorine dioxide. Jim is partially correct about ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid, if used at less than about a ratio of 2 moles ascorbic acid to 1 mole chlorite ion, would end up forming ClO2, because it's an acid. For no ClO2 to form, the reaction requires more than approximately 2 moles of ascorbic acid per mole of chlorite ion. In terms of ppm, it takes about 5.2 ppm ascorbic acid to destroy 1 ppm of chlorite ion. In fact, ascorbic acid produces about four times as much ClO2 as citric (see table below), the most in the short list.

Organic Acid Activation of Chlorite

Acid .... gm .. ClO2

Tartaric 0.64 239

Oxalic 0.53 628

Adipic 0.79 73

Citric 0.77 192

Itaconic 0.72 105

Ascorbic 0.68 >770

While I'm at it, the public should not be told to mix their own chemistry experiments. People don't follow orders exactly, make changes, and aren't professional enough to calculate the exact molecular weights of the reactants, and balance the formula. People need to buy a professionally made product.

Jim believes that MMS gets completely changed into chlorine dioxide in the stomach, if you swallow it. This is no more true than what happens when activating MMS in a glass beaker. There is only a small continuous basal secretion of gastric acid, on an empty stomach, of usually less than 10 mEq/hour. It takes food to stimulate the secretion of gastric fluid, and then the HCl is only 0.5 to 1% of it. And acidifying sodium chlorite does not produce chlorine dioxide as the first step. It produces chlorous acid, HClO2. [HCl + NaClO2 = HClO2 + NaCl] HClO2 is unstable, and breaks down into chlorine dioxide and hydrochloric acid. [5 HClO2 decomposes to 4 ClO2 + HCl + 2 H2O] Furthermore, at a pH in the range of 2.3 - 3.2, only about 30% chlorous acid is produced from the acidification. That leaves about 70% leftover sodium chlorite.

Citric acid is a weak acid, and only produces about 10% chlorine dioxide. And citric acid can have the taste problem. Luckily, the leftover sodium chlorite is also a disinfectant, although it is much harsher than chlorine dioxide, and not as selective. With exact concentrations and conditions, HCl can produce nearly 100% chlorine dioxide. Also, the acidification of 1.3M sodium chlorite with 10% acetic acid yielded almost entirely chlorine dioxide as the major product of the disproportionation. Acidified Sodium Chlorite is used by many food processing companies, and the short-lived chlorous acid is also a disinfectant.

Sodium chlorite is a different animal. I have brushed my teeth with less than one ounce of 80% sodium chlorite solution. Afterwards, one corner of my lips hurt, and my gums were red and sore, with a small amount of bleeding when brushed. This took several days to heal. A single dose of 105 mg/kg weight will kill half of rats tested. That's called the LD50, lethal dose. For a 150 lb person, that's a little over 7 grams. In another test, with cats, a single dose of 1.5 mg/kg caused as much as 32% methemoglobin. That's losing about 1/3 of your blood oxygen supply. This loss does reverse back into normal hemoglobin over time. A 90 day study on rats found a No Adverse Effect Level at 1 mg/kg. Another 13 week study found very serious consequences at the highest doses; death, increased spleen and adrenal weights, ulceration, chronic inflammation and edema in the stomach. In a 90 day study, red blood cell glutathione levels, in a high dose group, were 40% below those of controls. MMS with citric acid has about 90% sodium chlorite leftover. So it's safer to use only chlorine dioxide alone.

Under some circumstances, calcium hypochlorite, MMS2, solutions can decompose to form some chlorate. In water it reacts to form hypochlorous acid and calcium hydroxide. This is the same chemistry as Clorox, sodium hypochlorite. The hydroxide part is caustic. It eats into body tissue. It's well known that these pool chemicals can irritate the eyes, if you swim a long time. He notes that hypochlorous acid is formed in the body. Yes. However it is formed inside white blood cells when they find an invading micro-organism, and only then. So it works only on the invader. Normal mammalian body cells, as well as bacteria, do not have a catalytically active detoxifying mechanism for it. So the hypochlorous acid can destroy body tissue as well as invaders. And ingesting it puts it in your bloodstream and body. Also, it's not as effective as chlorine dioxide. So it offers nothing new. No one should ingest MMS2, calcium hypochlorite, in any way. Swallowing a capsule containing solid calcium hypochlorite must surely "burn" the stomach. Also, calcium hypochlorite reacts with hydrochloric acid, stomach acid, to produce chlorine gas. Chlorine gas is the worst of all types of chlorine compounds. Here's a quote from one of Jim's books: "Actually my friend next door in the Nevada desert, Bill Boynton, came over one day and said that calcium hypochlorite killed germs in swimming pools and it might just be another MMS. He suggested that we try taking small amounts and see what happens. I figured if he was game to do it, I was too. We made up some gel capsules with calcium hypochlorite in them and started taking them and when they didn't kill us, we had some friends take them.... I decided to use the gel caps and started sending it out to people in the gel cap form. It's something a doctor could never do. He has the Hippocratic Oath and AMA and FDA looking over his shoulder. But I am an inventor and never took that oath." p.112.

Stabilized Oxygen, as sodium chlorite, is known by some people as a biocide for killing parasites. And at first, this is what Jim used, alone, to cure malaria. It's not clear who started selling Stabilized Oxygen, or why the mistaken name was used. It goes back far enough that the ingredient was not listed, leading to confusion. In 1929, Dr. Mois de Guevarra was selling a dry powder named "stabilized oxygen". In 1971, Dr. La Mar was the first to use a solution with "stabilized oxygen" to increase blood oxygen level. Evidently, it's unknown if either of these was sodium chlorite. E.D. Goodloe, 1971, sold "aerobic stabilized oxygen", produced in a 2-month-long production process in 14 stages. The oxygen is in association with sodium chloride, not sodium chlorite. Sodium chlorite could be used alone, as long as doses are below the vomiting threshold. Making up a new name, for Stabilized Oxygen (sodium chlorite), is what commercial companies do to sell a product. And changing the wording, of MMS, only causes confusion. Health newsletters simply use the names of the chemicals.

Getting sick, with Jim's method, is not a herxheimer reaction. The herxheimer reaction (Jarrisch and Herxheimer) is a phenomena originally observed in the treatment of syphilis. In general terms, it is described as a temporary increase of symptoms when antibiotics are administered. This effect happens with only a few diseases. Similar reactions have been found to occur in two kinds of borreliosis (Lyme disease and relapsing fever), brucellosis, Q fever, and trypanosomiasis. Herxheimer can occur within days to weeks after the onset of antibiotic therapy. The most common effects include: increased joint or muscle pain, headaches, chills, fever (usually low-grade), drop in blood pressure, hives and rash. Lyme is the main one, now, to have this problem. The extremely large doses of pure chlorine dioxide, that I took, caused no nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. In fact I felt high until the next morning. I've also swallowed a half eye-dropper of the 80% liquid sodium chlorite alone in water. It caused a vomit stomach spasm reaction within 30 minutes. Chlorous acid is evidently the one that causes liquid diarrhea. I got that with my first use of MMS with lime juice. The vomiting and diarrhea are the body's attempt to get rid of what you ingested. They are not a die-off or Herxheimer effect.

We owe Jim for making this subject public, and his other work. But I discovered, from being on the Genesis II Church Forum, that everyone was extremely closed minded about saying anything that disagreed with Jim. They ban people who disagree with anything, even a chemist. I was banned for trying to explain some of Jim's mistakes. I don't like to criticize people, but by telling people that he was the first to wire something for NASA, and worked on nuclear bombs, and so on, he's created an atmosphere that he is perfect, and knows more. That's the kind of problem in cults. Chlorine dioxide, and acidified sodium chlorite, are not new. There's been plenty of official health research, and patents, long before Jim found that "stabilized oxygen" (sodium chlorite) kills the malaria parasite. And some of his protocols may have too much sodium chlorite per day. He's so unprofessional that he doesn't give dosages per pound of weight of the patient. Obviously Jim has done no stomach sample tests, or blood tests to prove his claims. Chlorine dioxide has been said, by a chemist society, to be the best anti-pathogen. But do your own research. I'm not trying to scare you away from MMS. As long as you stay within the No Adverse Effect Levels, it's usable. If I had a deadly disease, I would use it even at somewhat damaging levels.

For recommended dose levels of the sodium chlorite part, see Dr. Hesselink's table below. One benefit of these chlorine oxidants is that, in low doses, they can stimulate white blood cells to produce cytokines which stimulate other white blood cells, activating the immune system. There's a great Patent, from 1990's work, with very exacting biochemical research. The test studies showed that sodium chlorite alone is successful at treating autoimmune diseases, which may include some diabetes-1, Parkinson, MS, ALS, etc. [Use of a chemically-stabilized chlorite solution for inhibiting an antigen-specific immune response]

And lets not forget about good old colloidal silver. It kills every bacterial disease. And there are new refinements about using ionic silver, Ag+. One company is making tetra silver-tetra oxide, which is said to be far superior. Also claims are being made that silver can kill some virus' and some fungi. So chlorine dioxide may best be used for it's more amazing results on problems like virus, fungus, parasites, diabetes, autoimmune, arterial plaque, Alzheimer brain plaque, COPD, tar deposits in smoker's lungs, and other problems that need more research and testing.

Dr. Hesselink's Table [Average 1 mg/kg per day]

Probable Dosages per day of Sodium Chlorite For Various Body Weights







9 lb

4 kg

1 mg

4 mg

8 mg

400 mg

13 lb

6 kg

1.5 mg

6 mg

12 mg

600 mg

22 lb

10 kg

2.5 mg

10 mg

20 mg

1000 mg

30 lb

14 kg

3.5 mg

14 mg

28 mg

1400 mg

44 lb

20 kg

5 mg

20 mg

40 mg

2000 mg

66 lb

30 kg

7.5 mg

30 mg

60 mg

3000 mg

100 lb

45 kg

11 mg

45 mg

90 mg

4, 500 mg

154 lb

70 kg

17.5 mg

70 mg

140 mg

7000 mg

220+ lb

100+ kg

25 mg

100 mg

200 mg

10, 000 mg

Lab Tests with Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection examples include bacteria, yeast, fungi, mold, algae, spores, protozoans, cryptosporidia, actinomycetes, cysts, giardia and larval eggs (mosquito, tse tse fly), insect eggs and larvae (agricultural pests, fruit fly, floricultural and horticultural insects), problematic veligers (zebra mussels, quagga mussels), fish and shellfish diseases (VHS, KHS, ISA) and many others. Unlike chlorine, ClO2 has the ability to kill water-borne viruses such as legionella, cholera, dengue, hepatitis and typhoid. ClO2 also kills airborne viruses when misted into air. Airborne viruses include anthrax, influenza, SARS, smallpox, chickenpox and avian flu. ClO2 kills all known bacteria, including coliform, salmonella, E-coli, listeria and cinobacteria. ClO2 eliminates microbial slime (biofilm).

Hospital Infection Research Laboratory UK, Institute de Recherche Microbiologique France, Micropathology UK, Biotech-Germande France, Bluscientific UK, PHLS UK

Spores: Bacillus cereus, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus subtilis var niger, Anthrax [used to disinfect the DC anthrax attack]

Mycobacteria: Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare, Mycobacterium chelonae, Mycobacterium fortuitum, Mycobacterium terrae, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Mycobacterium tuberculosis Poli-R

Viruses: Canine Parvovirus, Coxsackivirus B3, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Herpes simplex virus Type 1, HIV Type 1, Human Norovirus, Influenza virus Type A2, Poliovirus Type 1, Poliovirus Type 2, SARS,

Fungi: Aspergillus niger, Candida albicans

Bacteria: Acetinobacter baumannii, Clostridium difficile [C. diff], Enterococcus faecium (vancomycin resistant), Enterococcus hirae, Escherichia coli [E. coli], Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Pseudomonas aeruginosa (gentamicin resistant), Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus aureus (methicillin resistant) [MRSA], Salmonella, Campylobacter, and Listeria monocytogenes

Multiple Cures
Posted by Jerome (Brooklyn, Ny) on 03/06/2011 7 posts

In reply to Ellietx from Dallas, Tx, Us: Ellie, thank you for your concern, but at this point I give the FDA about as much credibility about nutrition as the National Association of Circus Clowns. If I would have continued following the FDA's and USDA's 'guidance' on medicine and nutrition I'd probably be in a grave right now. Thanks to alternative medicine I have all but beaten the dozen or so maladies that no doctor was able to help me with, and which I now believe is the result of antibiotics and junk food. I have seen zero side effects thus far from MMS, and the fact that it can be used as "an industrial cleaner" means nothing to me, since the same can be said about vinegar or baking soda. But again, thanks for your concern.

About MMS
Posted by Jim Humble (Las Vegas) on 01/31/2017

Just wanted to comment on Bob Murphy's comments about me and MMS. I am sorry to say it, but much of Bob's comments about MMS are incorrect and about me (Jim Humble) are totally incorrect. First, the people who work with me are plenty happy to jump me about incorrect stuff, and I don't know of anyone who was banned because they disagreed with me. A couple of people cheated the Church out of thousands of dollars and were banned, but you don't call that disagreeing with me. Bob has never met me or talked to me and yet he is here telling everyone I am arrogant and that I think I know more. Then he tells you that chlorine dioxide and acidified sodium chlorite are not new. But if he is going to write about how wrong I am don't you think he should have read my book? At least read my last book in which I tell people that there were many patents issued on sodium chlorite in the last century and that chlorine dioxide was used in hospitals where thousands of tests were made in the 1980's. I never ever thought of saying that I was the first to work with acidified sodium chlorite (That's MMS).

Bob should have read my latest book before making most of his statement. But he didn't and he just made dozens of mistakes in how to use MMS and I'd like to say he made all those statement about me with never meeting me or knowing about me.

So in case you are going to use MMS let me point our some of his obvious mistakes. (1) He states, "some of his (my) protocols may have too much sodium chlorite per day. He is so unprofessional that he doesn't give dosages per pound of weight of the patient." Again he didn't read my book. I suggest that everyone start out at 1/4 drop of MMS. I have given mice 1/4 drop without adverse reactions. Well I don't want to get into a long drawn out protocol, but I give three golden rules to follow after doing the 1/4 drop all day each hour. (A) As long as you are getting better, don't change anything. (B) If you are feeling worse, cut your next dose in Half. (C) If you are not feeling worse nor better (nothing is changing) increase the doses a little. NO ONE GETS MORE THAN THEY NEED WHILE FOLLOWING ALL OF MY DIRECTIONS. It's easy for anyone on the street.

One sample how goofs in his chemical evaluation of MMS. He acts like a High school chemist. Like most chemists he jumps in there and says when acidifying sodium chlorite it turns first to an acid and not to chlorine dioxide. Well, yes, true, but that is for only 1/2 second and the it turns to chlorine dioxide which you drink and you body never knew it was that acid before it was chlorine dioxide.

Then he says that I say that sodium chlorite turns mostly to chlorine dioxide in your stomach. No, No, that isn't so. Read my books. When you acidify a drop of MMS with a drop of activator only 1/10th of the sodium chlorite in that drop turns to chlorine dioxide and then when you drink it (that 1/10th has already turned to chlorine dioxide) and now in your stomach another 1/10th of that drop turns to chlorine dioxide by the normal stomach acid in most people's stomach. So you see only 2/10ths are turned to chlorine dioxide. But this isn't bad. I could have change that. But sodium chlorite unactivated is important to the body too and MMS is much more effective when it has both chlorine dioxide and unactivated sodium chlorite.

Sorry, I don't have time to tell you in all the places where he screwed up, but it was many and his chemistry was not great. When he said that people who finish with a MMS protocol need probiotics for the stomach to replace the flora he as again wrong. The company Lenntech is a company that has been selling chlorine dioxide for 50 years and they state that chlorine dioxide is in fact truly selective in what it can kill. When I first went to Africa I went to a Missionary group that had 50 churches dotted through the jungle area. Each church had 50 to 200 people waiting for me with malaria. In one month I treated 5000 cases of malaria and over a period of years I treat 60,000 sick people with MMS and never notice any of them needing replacement of stomach flora (that is if they didn't already need it before being treated). If you are going to use MMS I suggest you read my latest book and not rely on Bob's chemistry. Sorry about sounding mean. Don't mean too. But Bob decided I was a bad guy without meeting me and talked about the truth, so just wanted you to know I am not a dictator and just want to see people get well. That's my job.

Jim Humble

Multiple Cures
Posted by Chianti (Auckland) on 10/11/2018
5 out of 5 stars

MMS for all mankind ...and animals

I have been a naturopath for 40 years. I no longer run my clinic basically because mms with a no grain, dairy/sugar free diet addresses most, if not all chronic or challenging health concerns. But we cannot prescribe it. Knowing there is something out there which I cannot give to people who need it has put an end to my career.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Anne (TX) on 09/09/2021

To EllieTx, we must also remember we are discussing the same FDA that legalized thalidomide, glysophate, DDT, aspartame, and as of late, OxyContin and fentanyl. They also are demonizing hydroxycloroquine and ivermectin but are giving the green light to Remdizivir (spelling???) for C19. I do not trust a word that comes out of the mouths of these bought and paid-for evil-doers at the FDA. Whoever greases their palms will get their drug approved, even if it kills countless Americans. Follow the money. This is, of course, my opinion based on hours of research into the FDA. I haven't yet received my MMS in the mail, so I've yet to have an experience with it. Getting it tomorrow.

About MMS
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 01/31/2017

HI U JIM AND BOB,,,,,,, spent 40 years making ClO2 in the paper industry and breathed the washer residual almost constantly. However, I'm not going to get into this "pissin contest" between you two. Reason being is that I have not ever made ClO2 this way and never took it as a health remedy. What I will say is that I do Ozone at home with a medical generator and at clinics for PROLOZONE SHOTS.

It was the Germans that blazed this Ozone trail and Dr Shallenberger brought it to the U. S. I think CLO2 is in this category that can help mankind, but it will be after the fight with Big Pharma and the AMA. One paper mill ClO2 generator would supply the world, but I would almost be impossible to ship it as a solution. Jim, your MMS procedure solves that problem, but I have reservations about the control. I've read enough over the years to know that the medical folks wanted to put you in prison because you were so successful.

Have you heard of Ebola lately? No, because a U.S. doctor showed the local doctors how to cure the disease with Ozone. When that first happened the media played the drama to the hilt and Big Pharma had $ signs in their eyes.

Jim, I do think you have to back off on your claim that ClO2 only kills the bad stuff and not the good stuff. Anti-biotics kills both, as does Ozone, so why is CLO2 any different. That just goes with the territory and you can build your gut flora back in a short while. Don't get side tracked with this argument. I just wish some open minded folks like the Germans would look into CLO2.

Another protocol that works, but is outlawed, is the Rife Machine. I have one. Your DNA tells your your health problems and that science is here and now.... only in the closet. One of these days this test will be done and you will go into room where you will be hit with frequencies that kill all the critters that are affecting your health, including cancer. It won't help a car wreck victim, but it will cure general health problems.

Let me suggest that we make a chicken salad out of this chicken sheet situation. You boys talk to one another is a civil manner and you can move the world. Lots of good can come out of this mess. I want it to happen.


Clinical Trial of MMS
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 06/07/2021 336 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Chlorine dioxide has undergone its first clinical trial!!! FINALLY!! And against COVID!! With astonishing results!!!! WOOHOO!! Not in the US, obviously, but Kalcker talks about it. I won't include a link so anyone interested will have to duckduckgo kalcker +"clinical trial". You might have to dig a little bit to find information in English...

Multiple Cures
Posted by Steven (Mauritius) on 08/18/2015
5 out of 5 stars

My dad got a bad tooth ache due to infection and he took 6 drops of activated MMS and tooth ache was gone on the next day. Note that he kept solution quite a while in his mouth before swallowing it.

My mum's sore throat vanished within 24 hours after gargling 8 drops of activated MMS solution with DMSO added to it.

The best for the end.

I personally experienced the powerful healing properties of MMS when I suffered from chronic candidiasis infection. It was a nightmare.

I was very weak, headache, had oral thrush and passing a lot of gas, sinusitis.

I followed Jim Humble instruction, I took 3 drops of MMS every hour for 8 hours a day, for 1 week. I must admit that the taste was horrible, couldn't bear it, but I continued. I also had diarrhea when taking MMS whereby I could go the toilet 2 times in a day.

Then the 2nd week, I took 4 drops of MMS every hour for 8 hours a day. Again I had severe diarrhea, passing out even more gas, stomach upset. I believe that fungus was now under attack by MMS as my body was detoxifying.

3rd week, I took 5 drops of MMS every hour for 8 hours a day. I was happy in the morning when I examine my tongue, oral thrush gone, but still there was some swelling on side of my tongue. No more headache and I regained energy. But still I had to deal with the diarrhea which was extremely loose. My sinusitis associated to the infection, seemed to be unaffected, I had that blocked nostril when lying down to sleep at night.

4th week, I took 6 drops of MMS every hour for 8 hours a day. No more oral thrush, swelling on side of my tongue was still there, feeling more energetic, diarrhea was less frequent, was passing little gas by now, sinusitis remained unaffected.

5th week, I took 7 drops of MMS every hour for 8 hours a day. No more oral thrush, swelling on side of my tongue decreased significantly but was still there, energy level was back to normal, diarrhea was quite rare, my digestive tract was almost normal, was passing very little gas, sinusitis remained unaffected.

6th week, I couldn't keep on with MMS as I felt that my body was now saturated with the horrible taste. I felt like throwing up each time I took MMS. So I stopped taking it. Instead, I took organic red grape juice. 1 liter per day. Hoping to build up my immune system, after 2 weeks on organic grape juice, oral thrush vanish, energy level return back to normal, no more swelling on side of tongue, sinusitis decreased significantly, my digestive tract is back to normal, no more headache.

It looks that my blocked nostril associated with my chronic sinusitis is now disappearing. I now have a very lightly blocked nose at night when lying down.

I even gave the surplus of MMS bottles to a friend suffering from stomach cancer. I'll keep you updated on that.

Thanks Jim. God bless

Multiple Cures
Posted by Gonzo (Seattle, Washington) on 09/29/2012
5 out of 5 stars

My wife and I started MMS thre months ago. We are both healthy, run, lift, eat good, organic foods, ect. To avoid nausea, and the other unpleasent reactions, start like this: One half drop mms, one half drop 50% citric acid( one drop each, just half the mixture ), mix, wait 20 seconds. We like Knudesons black cherry, add to MMS( about three tblspns. ), add water to make 1/3 cup and down the hatch! Each day increase by 1/2 drop till on three drops an hour, eight hours a day. You can make a jug of eight hour MMS for all day as follows. 24drops MMS, 24 drops 50% citric acid. Mix, let stand twenty seconds. Add 1/3 cup of juice, fill the rest with filtered/purified water. Drink 1/2 cup every hour till gone. In two weeks, athletes foot gone, rosatia gone, nails are perfect, sleep better, mind is way clear and sharp. Wake up with more energy, peri-anal cyst is gone, teeth are hard and white, allergies ( my wife has had seasonal allergy attacks for 30 years ) gone in three days of protocol 1000, recover from hard training way fast, on and on. We now do maintainance dose of three drops twice a day. Every one around us has gotten sick. Not us. This stuff is great, and it works!!!!!!!!!!!

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 12/15/2021
5 out of 5 stars


HI U OLE PATOOTS, ORH here and I am on a tear. After treating my Tractor Driver with CDS for her shingles and she recovered in a week, I am in high cotton. Tried to go back into the EC archives about MMS or CDS, but that is futile at best. Won't go there but want to spark interest in others what CLO2 can address and get some input. It can address viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold, and small parasites. It is truly a miracle compound that is a no brainer to make and addresses problems internal and external. I made the dang stuff for almost 40 years, breathed it and had to but on a gas mask when it got loose. But I used it to make pulp white and not for my health. So, if you think I's 'bout half smart then start thinking CDS for some of your ails and post on it. Probably there is a maintenance dose that will keep you safe this winter.


About MMS
Posted by CJ (Texas) on 03/22/2021
0 out of 5 stars

I agree completely. I have been taking MMS (Chlorine dioxide) for three months and have lost badly needed bodyweight the whole time. I read that this is common with users. I think MMS/CD might be a good antibiotic in some narrow uses way, but it's just like any other broad spectrum antibiotic, it's like using a shotgun to shoot a fly with, it's too powerful, it probably takes out everything.

I also think the MMS2 in Humble's book is even worse. I do believe that topically or as a mouth antibiotic MMS might have some great uses, maybe it's a great drug, or a giardia/amoeba drug, that if used only for a short while might be doable. As a treatment for anything chronic, I think it's just too risky. If our own FDA would tell us the truth this would not be a problem, and the AMA has never ever told us the truth about anything, the lies are the reason this is all happening. We know they lie to use on lots of things, so people just believe nothing now. The solution is DMSO, and the newer Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), both of those really do work for just about everything and they are both safe and will do everything that MMS is claimed to be able to do. Stick with Iodine (Lugol's solution) and DMSO and or MSM and you won't hurt yourself. Also, read the old homeopathic med books. Prior to 1900, the books were full of real cures and treatments that preceded our current drug marketing lunacy that is killing everyone with lies and starvation from high costs.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn, Usa) on 03/05/2011

MMS is Chlorine Dioxide and is one of the most powerful bleaches known. Hey, but so is Hydrogen Peroxide, Chlorine, Oxygen and Sodium or Calcium Hypochlorite. All of these were used for many years to bleach pulp. Only Chlorine Dioxide and Oxygen are used now because the others form a carcinogen with the lignin. Both Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorine will kill you deader a hammer as a gas in the right concentration. The paper industry can no longer use Sodium Hypochlorite because it has been outlawed by the FDA but you can at home because they don't dare try to take Clorox from the house wives , just as they backed off Sweet and Low. The FDA is not about health, it's politics. DMSO is a prime example.

I don't do MMS, but I would after I researched it's use. I do Hydrogen Peroxide, but only at 3% concentrations.

Spent 40 years making and working with these chemicals in the paper industry, but can't speak for their medicinal uses. The word bleach does not scare me.

Posted by Dach (Santa Rosa, Ca.) on 03/01/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I woke up in excruciating pain two days after a piece of broken glass in the garbage stabbed the middle finger on my left hand to the bone. The pain radiated from my right hip down my leg to the knee. As I got up and moved around the leg loosened up and the pain and stiffness decreased tremendously. On day four however, the pain and stiffness did not subside at all and I was in tears because of how bad the pain was when "trying" to walk. I then remembered that I had MMS and knew that I could tolerate a 6 drop dose, thinking at the time that I would need to do at least a few doses over the next few days (or however long it took). I took the 6 drop dose at bedtime and imagine my surprise when I woke up the next day without any pain in the leg whatsoever. I had already read how harmful vaccines were to the brain and body so was determined to not get one ever again, even though everyone online was saying that emergency room personnel told them that without the tetanus shot they would die. I had also read that large doses of vitamin C were effective against tetanus so I did increase the amount of ascorbic acid I was taking as well. I don't remember exactly how much I took - I believe it was 1 - 3 tablespoons per day - which is well above the recommended daily dose of a quarter teaspoon. Apparently it wasn't enough to kill the tetanus but may have helped so that the one 6 drop dose of MMS was all that was needed.

FYI, vitamin C inactivates MMS so they do need to be taken at least a few hours apart from each other.

About MMS
Posted by Jim Humble (Somewhere In Another Country) on 01/30/2017

While I am sure Bob (Murphy, Nc) sure or whatever his name is has a good heart and means well, he is highly inaccurate about much of his writing about MMS. He isn't nearly as smart about chemistry as he think he is. I don't have the time to go over all of his writing, but his mistakes are very numerous, here is an example. He states that MMS kills good and bad bacteria alike and therefore stomach flora needs to be replaced after using MMS. But I treated 60,000 people around the world and none need to replace their stomach flora and if they did I would have seen it. Lenntech is a company with a web site who has been selling chlorine dioxide for 50 years and their technology states that chlorine dioxide is indeed selective in what it kills. If Bob was going to write a lot of stuff about MMS a liquid that has saved thousands of lives he should have done a lot more studying before jumping in their and talking about something he still knows very little about.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Shree (India) on 07/28/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Hi friends! I will tell you my experience of MMS and general opinion. Experience : I am 68. I had lot many digestive problems, general weakness and suffering from sciatica for more than 30 years. Even if I will eat handful of light food (I am vegetarian) I used to suffer sever stomach pain and continuous burping for at least 2 - 3 hrs. I tried several medicines but no relief.

When I took only 10% concentration MMS, 10 drops( 2 drops per hour ) for two days, a real miracle happened. I had a mild diarrhea next day but all troubles vanished. I continued for a week and today is the 8th day. I am truly feeling more energetic (without any tonic or vitamin supplement ) and younger. But what is about my sciatica problem? I frequently used to take Calcium and Vit D3 pills but no use. And MMS does not contain calcium or vitamin D3. Then how I got at least 90% relief from MMS? Many many thanks to Jim Humble!

My sincere opinion: 1) I believe in Ayurveda, a great Indian science of Health. As per Ayurveda every substance (herbs, minerals, chemical compounds etc.) is either Amrut or Poison which depends upon the quantity and method you take. 2) Body requires medicines only on supportive basis and not continuously. 3) How our body reacts with any drug, nobody will ever know 100% 4) Personal experience is direct proof than any theoretical discussion.

And at the end I will say about MMS - If you are afraid, don't try it. If want to try, start with small doses than suggested. If found beneficial try it cautiously and whenever required. Observe any long term side effects. If observed any adverse effect stop it immediately. Every individual is different.

God bless you.

FDA Warning
Posted by Timh (KY) on 08/03/2014 2081 posts

We are also being warned about the many dangers of Marijuana, even though no one has ever overdosed as a direct consequence of using. No one has ever died from MMS.

Be warned, no one has ever died as a result of using these natural remedies!

Many, many people have died as a direct result of misuse or simply as directed use, of otc or prescription pharmaceuticals.

FDA Warning
Posted by Jim (Roseburg, Oregon) on 10/18/2015

MMS is not chlorine in any form.

If you don't want to use it then don't but misleading the readers here with false infomation is not helping us.

Maybe you ought to read the book or go go to jim humble's website and read.

Posted by Jay (Santa Fe, Nm) on 05/27/2011

I see lots of misinformation here. I studied the protocols and learned directly from Jim Humble. You can absolutely spray the mms solution on your skin. It will ONLY kill pathogens and cannot possibly harm healthy cells. That is the 20-drop (activated with citric acid) solution in the 2-ounce spray bottle. You DO NOT have to rinse it off right away, as someone wrote in the feedback here. You can spray it on the skin hourly and rinse it off at the end of the day, before bedtime. Also, I have used the inhalation therapy to eliminate runny nose, post nasal drip, etc. It works immediately and the instructions are on Jim's site

Multiple Cures
Posted by Chaz (Hanover, Pa) on 01/06/2010


Good morning everyone. I have read many many posts on this site and I have studied alternative medicine for decades in an effort to "beat the system" with regards to the high price of health care. I have tried many remedies for many things over the years in my attempt to find what really works and what is simply hype and overexageration. Within the last 12 months I have discovered a compound that is absolutely fascinating although not very pleasant to the taste. I had a tumor on my vocal chords and this resulted in a cancer scare. I was on the alternative cancer cure studies day and night and happened across a compound that consisted of Chlorine Dioxide. I studied the compound for 5 weeks night and day and studied it both inside and outside of alternative medicine. I ingested all of the data that I could find on the subject and ended up making a purchase of the product. I have tested the compound and found it to erradicate any type of harmful microbe that may be living in the human system. I have seen this compound eradicate swine flu, herpes, and chlamydia just to name a few microbes. I have run lots of field tests on it to verify its effectiveness and have not seen it fail once. I believe this compound should be in everyones pantry who wants to have an alternative anti-microbial agent. I've seen this stuff erradicate MRSA in one day. It's estimated that it is roughly 100 times stronger than any antibiotic that we have now. It's no joke though and should be taken after being studied with due diligence.

Low Immunity
Posted by Pam (Burley, Idaho, Usa) on 12/07/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I am amazed. I was very sick for 9 months. I had pneumonia 3 times. Tests were ran and I was diagnosed with mycoplasma pneumonia. With all the drugs to control my asthma and the powerful antibiotics I was wiped out. My immune system tests were way down and I was anemic. I have been taking MMS I am at 10 drops. Last week I had more tests run and guess what? No mycoplasma and my immune system tests are up. They were even considering giving my gammaglobulin shots and now I dont have to take them.Im not only thankful to the friend who told me to try this but to the inventor.I had my doubts but felt I had nothing to lose and I had spent way more on medical costs than $20.I saw a negative post on one of the groups on yahoo that this was a pyramid thype thing. At $20 a bottle than can last a year i highly doubt hes making tons of money but doing a service for humanity. Our drug companies have held us hostage for way too long and they make billions. Im thankful for MMS and my health.

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by Tessa (Okanagan) on 12/16/2021

Hi mmsg -

I had bookmarked the following website on my computer some time ago but I never got around to reading it. I will now .. .

There is an 80-page PDF called: The Universal Antidote - The science and story of chlorine dioxide.

There is also a 2-hour long video about the history of chlorine dioxide. Although I haven't watched all of it, the part I did was fascinating. The video also includes testimonies of people and doctors who used it.

Hope you find it as interesting as I did.

Take care,


Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 12/16/2021

HI U OLE PATOOTS, ORH here and I can't find what I want. I want a ClO2 protocol that will keep the bugger bears away. We new at this and the first program was for a novice. It worked for my wife and since I can't find a maintenance program. This may be it. I ain't doing MMS, I understand CLO2 and will stick with that. So convinced that ClO2 is the way to go........ I suggest you do this first regardless of your ailment. In 1987 NASA said that CLO2 was the solution for all ailments . Big Pharma made sure that was retracted. Doubt me....... research. We are controlled by the media. I am my own man. I did not take the jab. I still have a brain. Do you understand what a NORMIE IS? ====ORH====

FDA Warning
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn. ) on 08/06/2014

HI U OSCAR, , , , , , , , , , first , let me say that I love you , but please don't comment on stuff that you have no clue. You can cause great harm to folks that don't know either. I am a Ch. E and spent 40 years in the paper industry bleaching pulp with both these compounds. One is Sodium or Calcium Hypo Chlorite or Clorox. The other is Chlorine Dioxide or MMS . They are two different compounds and have different chemical reaction effects on your body.

======OLE ROBERT HENRY========

Chlorine Dioxide
Posted by Nick (Florida) on 04/21/2016

If u are trying to help yourself, make your body alkaline not acidic, I am a brain cancer survivor of 38 years and going strong.

MMS Dosage
Posted by Bob (Seminole, Tx) on 09/15/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I do 8 drops of MMS a day and my wife does 6 and my sis does 8 and my friend does 10.

When you do that you sleep well and do not get sick.

If you are working out some bad stuff and it reacts, back off a drop or two until things are working.

When I had the flu I had about 3 days of diaria (sp) but only 1 or 2 days of flu symptoms and not flu shots. Keep a cough too long until I remembered vicks vapor rub on your feet and sleep with your socks on....

Get a grip this stuff works (for me :))

Multiple Cures
Posted by Aresem (Saudi Arabia, Alkhobar) on 11/05/2009
5 out of 5 stars

MMS with Pneumonia & Parasites Infection

I came to know about MMS more than two years ago, I tried it my self first following very carefully the protocol as written in the book of Jim Humble. After my successful trial I started to use it with my family including my grand children with 100% success rate for various health conditions.

In one case one of my house maid expelled total of sixteen worms (Ascaris) using MMS. I started her from a drop per day increasing a drop on each succeeding day backing off a drop every time the stomach discomfort is felt. By the time she is up to ten drops the worms drop out dead with the feces. She notice that her belly where she had those hard lump are all gone and where not hard as it use to be before taking MMS.

In another another case my daughter came home from school with high fever and I told my wife to give her 4 drops of MMS after a few hours she is back to normal health.

My son who got pneumonia and his doctor wanted to have him admitted for confinement in the hospital but because of financial constrained he refused instead opted to take MMS after I told him about it. I gave him a bottle and started taking it as directed. Starting from a drop increasing a drop each day. When he started having diarrhea and feels nauseous he back off by a drop staying at that dosage until the body is comfortable again. After a day of taking MMS the symptoms of the disease start to subside and after a week he is back to normal. Before he started on MMS he was already taking antibiotics which his Doctor prescribed and taking already for a more than two weeks but failed to help him.

MMS works and is safe as long as the direction for its use is followed carefully. Probably safer than pharmaceutical drugs which kills people by the thousand a year. Many people who are in the medical profession may not like it for some financial reason and it is for that reason that some of the posts here are meant to discourage people from using it.

MMS Side Effects
Posted by PR (Houston, Texas) on 03/27/2009

Hi, I know several people who are using this with great results. And they also stated they could feel it in the brain. I did read that this one of the few things that could pass the brain barrier. I think that is why you do feel it in the brain as it is dealing with critters or whatever is in the brain - which would be a good thing. I do know that you have to start very slow and work up over a period of time or you will feel nausea and other things. If you go very slow this can be avoided. This is not one of the easier remedies to take. But it does go very deep if you can stand the dealing with the die off from all the stored stuff in the body. I have seen this help people with chronic conditions that nothing else has helped. I also know a couple of people who has taken the the 45 drops for several days and are fine and doing better. Anyway this is just what I think and have observed.

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Ellen (West Orange, Nj) on 06/06/2018

It does seem as though people here are not up to date. Some people do take one drop divided into eight doses, one an hour, for eight hours a day, and then perhaps go up to two drops divided into eight doses, one an hour. People use glass baby bottles for this. They have one ounce markings all the way up. Take one drop, activate it, fill with 8 ounces of water or whatever you are using, and drink one ounce every hour for eight hours. The thing is it only sticks around in your body for about an hour. So a huge dose once a day really won't do much for you. It is apparently good for malaria.

And there is the new CDS thing Andreas Kalcker came up with, which doesn't taste bad. And the addition of DMSO.

For the fellow who was still getting sick after two weeks, are you using citric acid to activate it? If so, that could be your problem. And this stuff is not toxic. It does not leave anything at all toxic behind. It produces a lot of oxygen in your body, and we all need more of that because oxygen kills pathogens and cancer cells on contact. If you had enough oxygen all the time, you would not get sick most likely. And the oxygen in our atmosphere has been declining for years and years and years. And, by the way, you've probably been drinking it for at least some part of your life since it is used by municipalities for purifying the water that comes through your tap.

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 12/18/2021

ROB,,,,,,, ORH here and thanks for the input. I follow Andreas Kalcker and not Humble, so drops are not used and you only get CLO2 and not the spent acid also. In the paper industry, you use salt, NaCl, NaClO3 and add Sulfuric Acid in a large lead lined generator that has a water cooled jacket around it because much heat is generated with mixing of and acid and a base. Air is injected in the bottom which sweep both CLO2 and Cl2 gas out into a 40' absorption tower where the CLO2 gas is absorbed in 40 degree water. Almost all the Cl2 gas passes into a smaller tower where it is absorbed with NaOH and that product is NaOCl or the bleach your wife uses to brighten her wash. The spent acid is neutralized and the sulfur recovered, as sulfur is the main ingredient in dissolving lignin from the wood chips thus leaving cellulose or fiber.

All this is told to you as to why I don't care to use MMS because it has the residual acid and all I want is the CDS. I know MMS works, but think CDS is the better way. Your protocol is the same used by a guy who cured his Melanoma cancer with MMS. He has since switched to CDS.

Rob, I am not a novice in making ClO2, but am a novice in the health aspect. I am smart enough to know that if NASA said in 1987 that it is the best universal antidote for all ailments, then we need to learn all we can. I am consumed by this subject and also the possibilities of what KAATSU can do for my failing heart. Anyway, I never miss reading your posts, as you are a bright guy. The generator at my last mill made 35 tons of ClO2 / day and that could treat everyone in Tenn.


Legionnaires Disease
Posted by Jo B. (Auckland, New Zealand ) on 10/11/2018
4 out of 5 stars

I have been using mms for a few years now. Just recently I contracted legionnaires from bad water and started taking 3 drops each hour for 8 hours a day. I'm on day 5 now..the infection has not gone from my body yet but it's getting better. Legionnaires is intercellular which means it has gone into the cell, in this respect it may take longer to get it out, into the extra cellular fluid and then out of the body. I intend to take the 3 x hourly drop dose for 3 weeks by that time all the bacteria should be gone...this nasty bacteria has affected most if not all of my body systems.

I do believe that mms protocol 1000 of 3 drops x every hour for 8 hours will eradicate most pathogens in our body.

It eradicates most, if not all pathogens from our pets and livestock. Animals are totally susceptible to many parasites and pathogens, herbicides and pesticides and mms can be the no.1 go to in fact all our animals as well as ourselves need to be on a maintenance programme after completing the 3 week protocol 1000.

Pathogens are one of the causes of most disease.

Combine mms with a grain, dairy, and sugar-free diet and you will enjoy great, not good, but great health and well-being.

About MMS
Posted by Bob (Murphy, Nc) on 01/31/2017

About Jim's second Post, I don't believe in arguing with people. I could correct his continued claims, such as that he recommends only 1/4 drop. That's his most recent advice, after about 10 years of starting at a higher dose.

And I have read his books, including his new Health Recovery Manual. That's how I know his ideas.

I'm not disputing how much work Jim has put into helping people.

About MMS
Posted by chris jackson (Texas) on 05/19/2021

"Airborne viruses include anthrax, influenza, SARS, smallpox, chickenpox and avian flu". How about Ebola, polio, and all the other "virus" that have never been seen, never were isolated, because they don't exist. Exosomes, our own cells exosomes are all they (the "virus") are. It's all toxic load! There are no viruses.