MMS: The Miracle Mineral Supplement from Jim Humble

Posted by Carl (Philadelphia, PA) on 09/07/2008

I have also had the same experience with MMS. I felt the tingling sensation but I got no actual outbreaks/sores. MMS works very well to destroy bacteria, fungus, parasites, viruses etc. The issue with MMS is that it is fighting the fight against Herpes alone, hence the tingling sensations. MMS cannot to its best ability fully destroy the Herpes virus when it is protected by it lipid coat (Fat coating). Monolaurin (coconut oil) is a supplement that dissolves away and destroys the lipid coating on the Herpes Virus, leaving it naked and exposed to our immune system. Monolaurin is not a drug, therefore, the Herpes Virus does build immunity to it like it does with Valtrex. Many people who use Valtrex claim it stops working for them after 2 years. The reason for this is because the Herpes virus builds an immunity to it, making the virus stronger, smarter and harder to kill. I would not be surprised if the drug companies introduced a new & stronger drug that claims to be much stronger than Valtrex.

By using Monolaurin, which dissolves Herpes's lipid coating and also using MMS, which oxidizes and kills the virus along with a healthy diet you will be able to stop all future outbreaks. But please keep in mind that you must eat well and clean your system out. Nobody can claim that there is a cure for Herpes, but I believe the cure for herpes is right in front of us. If everyone in the U.S. with HSV donated $2 (for example) we would have enough money to hire our own researchers, doctors or even help a comapny focusing on this cure see their passion to the end.

Posted by Diana (Auckland, New Zealand) on 06/02/2008

My husband and I have been taking MMS for just over a week. We have tried all sorts of things for our health before, but this MMS has been the best so far. We started off with 2 drops + 5 drops citric acid + wait 3 minutes then added water. Almost straight away we felt something. It almost felt like we were "out of it". We could feel it moving around the body with obvious sensations. By that evening after having another 2 doses, our eyes felt like they were really wide open. Each day we have been increasing our dose. I got to 5 doses but then felt extremely nauseous and dizzy. So I cut back on the amount. We continue to take it and I am slowly increasing the doseage. We have incredible energy, like never before since taking MMS. My head experiences large moments of clarity instead of the foggy mist it normally feels like. I am very excited about it. My friend who had a sore tooth for quite awhile now, swirled it around in her mouth and straight away the pain went.

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Musician (Auckland, New Zealand) on 10/18/2009

If you take crazy high doses like that, expect to get some sort of negative reaction. You are one of many people who have gone off the rails with dosage using MMS. You should always start on 2 drops, and gradually use it to kill pathogens. This is powerful stuff, not bloody drinking water mate. Use it in moderation and carefully.

Posted by conya (jmst, ND) on 05/11/2022

My husband was on 3 heart pills and 3 pills for blood sugar. He also took Trazadone and some others per the VA and was then diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

We started MMS, plant food diet, herbs, lots of water, and vitamins. He was taken off all pills and communicated with us. We did lots of our own research. That was 7 years ago. It is worth it to research everything, the truth is out there.

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by Karen (North Carolina) on 12/19/2021

I have the book "mms health recovery guidebook" by Jim Humble. I suggest people try to find this even though it will be difficult at this time. The 33 drops of MMS and activator that Rob from Kentucky is suggesting would give Jim Humble a heart attack. Do NOT follow these instructions! No more than 3 drops per hour MAX! Before you take this, please find the book or do your own research.

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by Igmu Tu (Canada) on 12/20/2021

Hi to All.........with the proper protocols MMS or Chlorine Dioxide will remove most if not all pathogen and virus ..correct protocols are the is stated here when using Sodium Chlorite "PartA". and ACTIVATING it with HCL "hydrochloric acid" same as in our stomach at 4% dilution mixing the two will give off Chlorine Dioxide.

Sodium Chlorite can be activated with many different acids eg..vinegar, lemon, citric acid, once you have taken a protocol of max 3 ACTIVATED drops per HR for 8 hrs a day and completed your protocol for whatever you were trying to remove, and had been successful removing condition, a MAINTENANCE DOSE of 6 activated drops per day if over 65, under 65 I think from memory was 4-5 I may not be correct with the last statement......there are many different protocols with the use of chlorine dioxide that have been tried and tested by experts in the field using dmso, moringa, and many other things .. learning how to use it correctly before using is critical to safety and outcome......

this book is the students' workbook for Clo2:

And here are the training videos for each protocol:.

About MMS
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 02/07/2017

BOB,,,,,,,,,, back in those days, I stayed totally stressed due to my job and my A 1 personality. Also, I smoked about 4 packs of unfiltered Camel cigs a day. Quit in '73 to buy a 4 wheel drive Ford pickup as my wife thought I was taking food out of the kids mouth to do both.

I was the mill Supt and after a year my assistant told me that I was the conservation piece of a group and all were proud that I had quit smoking. They all agreed that if I started smoking again then they hoped I never quit, because I had been one SOB for the last year.

I wish I could shed some light on breathing ClO2 over the years. I can't. All I can say is that I'm still perking. My gut tells me that there is some good in this compound, but I really don't know. I know there is no good in breathing Chlorine. It will kill you in a minute.

Bob, keep plugging away. You may some day be famous. Just think of how Bill Munro impacted the world with his simple procedure. My gut tells me that the biggies are Ozone, ClO2, ACV, PEMF and the Rife Machine. Too bad Gates nor Buffet are sponsoring any of these. Instead they are doing stuff to control our population. I agree with that, but not their way.

Out of spit.=====ORH=======

About MMS
Posted by J. Park (Cerritos, Ca) on 03/04/2017

Sorry being late for response, have been very busy elsewhere.

I think I have to explain how I got my PEACE with MMS. There seems to be some confusion as to type of selectivity, so I'll make 3 points:

1.MMS is selective against big guys & small guys(microbes good or bad).

Due to the structural difference, ClO2 (being very weak oxidizer/killer) has enough power to kill small guys(microbes good or bad in the mean time) while leaving mostly alone those healthy human cells.

Jim Humble did mention that in one of his book, about the size, so I don't believe there is much problem to accept that.

This is one way I found peace with MMS. This size difference is the MAIN benefit we get from MMS.

2.MMS kills both good or bad microbes? The answer to this question is "who care?"

There may not be much structural difference between those good or bad fellows.

Let's assume that MMS kills both indiscriminately. Antibiotics, as we well know, are indiscriminate killers, they kill them all. But they have been valuable saving human lives, haven't they? The damage they cause is temporary & reversible, we can restore those beneficial bugs one way or another, sooner or later. As a result we get the health benefits.

3.MMS is selective against those good and bad microbes?

Of course! They are other differences besides structural.

This is well known fact.

First off, let's use some common senses. Recalling that ClO2 carries 2 oxygens. We human live on oxygen, so do those aerobic microbes. Hence we can see the common factor already while anaerobic ones get killed by oxygen. More technically, more aerobic microbes are beneficial (we accept exceptions of course) and more anaerobic ones are bad. So it is fair to say that More/most aerobic microbes are good and More anaerobic ones are bad.

Aerobic ORGANISMs possess ENZYMES to remove ROS(reactive oxygen species, form of well-known strong oxidant) such as catalases, peroxidases and superoxide dismutases,

but in ANAEROBEs these are often absent or present in low concentration.

So it doesn't make sense to have aerobic microbes get killed by oxidation and it DOES make sense to have anaerobic microbes get killed by oxidation. Those microbes way outnumbers our cells, don't think we have identified them all nor classified them all good or bad but it's not that hard to accept MOST aerobic microbes survive the oxidant MMS while MOST anaerobic ones get perished to give us health benefits.

PS: as an old man, I haven't found peace with God yet like you R.Henry, I envy you (I'm trying hard).

About MMS
Posted by Chris Jackson (Dallas) on 03/23/2021

Finally some real thorough information on MMS.

MMS is a shotgun approach and its a systemic antibiotic, so its going to your whole body, everywhere, like any other systemic antibiotic. Yes, it works for some things, but it's only for short term use. All drugs are poison, it's all dose dependent, so are foods. So many people get stuck on Humbles starting Protocols for good reasons: not enough sulfate in the body, not enough Magnesium in their bodies, not enough iodine, etc... etc.. it's the same reasons some people get sick and some don't. Give enough people any antibiotic and a percentage of them will get well, and some never will. I think MMS kills off all your good flora in your gut, that why everyone loses weight continually, and it's bad, it's malnutrition weight loss, just like most every other antibiotic does.

The people who take MMS for acute infections do well, the people who take it for longer times don't seem to. Read the forums, lots and lots of people get to 1-2 drops per hour and stay there for years and never recover.

A systemic antibiotic is not what they lack, what they need, it's other things, and other issues that an antibiotic isn't going to just solve. Humble is a complete idiot who got lucky and found a malaria cure, and it does other things, but it's not a miracle, and its not the panacea that's going to cure everything like it's touted to. I took MMS and CDH for 3 months and I'm off, for good, and I only started getting well when I stopped the MMS.

MSM and iodine, and the Wilkings protocol ( will do everything that MMS is supposed to do and won't, and Wilkings does a lot more and it doesn't make your liver sick from the MMS toxic load.

FDA Warning
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 08/06/2014

Hi, Robert Henry ---- MMS is a blessing for millions at low cost. Jim Humble appears to me as is his name. Just to think how many people are now free from malaria! I have had good response from MMS even though I do not take it daily. Especially my eyes and teeth.

It is worth researching and knowing the gov't hates Jim for what he does.


FDA Warning
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 05/18/2015

HI U CINDY, , , , , , , , , , please read my earlier post on this thread. Chlorine Dioxide is a far stronger oxidizer. What delayed its use in the paper industry was developing materials to handle it.

Lordy, you are dangerous. Chlorine gas will kill you in natural minute, but the world uses it to disinfect water. Knowledge is the secret. I can handle all these bleaches safely and did so for 40 years in industry. So take your own counsel and read up on the subject.

The FDA does not want you using MMS (ClO2) because it is too effective and too cheap. You messin with their income.


Scalp Infection
Posted by Victor (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) on 06/15/2013

Hi Shelly from Baltimore. How much and how apart did you apply it?

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Nimo (Taipei, Noidea, Taiwan) on 03/05/2013

You really still trust the FDA????? if someone want real facts about MMS please go to the page of Jim humble

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Radra (London, Uk) on 11/23/2011

I am the biggest MMS fan alive, I always make sure my friends know about it, as such, I can guarantee that citric acid worsens side effect and taste of MMS. My advice is; try it with the juice of an organic lemon instead and see it for yourself, it makes the MMS experience much more beneficial as reduces sickness and taste.

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Oscar (Earth) on 09/15/2011

I'm all for natural cures, but I don't think MMS should be freely consumed. I think it can be extremely dangerous. I have tried it a few times. It caused severe diarrhea at the very least, no matter how careful I was with the dosage increase. In fact, MMS makes my pupils dilate like you mentioned, and my skin very greasy (like the other poster said, feels like you are on meth/speed during this detox stage, which I have also used in my college years so I can relate). Is your son sleeping and eating normally? That would be your first clue about amphetamine use. I relate it to the initial detox stages I have experienced them before as a result of drastic detox fasts (on water only, and also using the Master Cleanse/ lemon diet, from 10 to 20 days).

Here is my two cents after a lot of experimentation: you can't cut corners with your health. If it took you years to get toxic, it will take years to detox. There is no magic bullet. Some things (such as MMS and fasts) CAN help you speed up things for sure, but be careful: you need to be assisted by someone who is qualified to help you because your body can only take so much herx. We really need to move away from this habit of thinking we can solve all our our health problems with an overnight miracle solution, be it MMS, antibiotics, cortisone, or whatever. These compounds are not freely available in nature for a reason. They don't grow on trees in amounts we can easily consume, and our genetic code developed over thousands of year without them. They are not nutrients, we don't need them, it's a marketing plot to benefit the powers that be.

Also, stop thinking in terms of viruses and bacteria. I see a lot of posts where people are fighting them like they are the ultimate enemy. They are not. We need a healthy balance of bacteria in us to handle digestion and additional vitamin production in our guts. Most people interpret detox symptoms as "I got a bug". It's not true. These things exist in nature in a symbiotic relationship to us. They are not the enemy. If they are out of control is because your immune system is weak What I found out in my 4 years of moving away from the existing disaster that is our current medical sciences is that our bodies are perfect and will fight all diseases so long the immune system is in a position to do so. We all get "cancer" every day for example, but our defenses will rid of the problem if everything is up to speed. All chronic diseases are a result of a mix of toxicity plus mal-nutrition. Remove toxicity and improve nutrition and your problems will go away one by one.

My suggestion: no matter what you have, up your nutrition by eating raw, unprocessed, possibly organic, whole foods. Spare your blood filter (liver) by avoiding alcohol, artificial chemicals of any kind, excessive oil/fats, etc. Get rid of everything that is refined, canned, and packaged. Avoid sugar like the plague (think about, in nature we only find sugar in fruits, pretty much). Avoid animal products. When was the last time you jumped on a cow carcass to feed yourself? There is a reason meat is kept in the fridge or consumed with preserving chemicals, it's because it's rotting! Eat lots of uncooked leafy greens. Go for fiber with legumes, brown rice and beans to keep things moving with the benefit of extra nutrients. Drink LOTS of water (research the watercure, it cured my alcoholism of 10 years). Do not consume genetically modified foods.

Good luck! Take it as a process, it will take time and adjustment. But the end result is worth it! We are not meant to be sick, we were created in perfect health, and we need to move back to that. Don't let anyone else tell you are defective, it's simply not true. Question everyone and everything that is pitching you something for personal gain (ie: follow the money trail).

Multiple Cures
Posted by DB (California ) on 05/25/2022

The most recent recommendations is 3 drops of MMS, 3 drops of Hydrochloric acid to 4 ounces of water, no more than 3 drops, every hour, for 8 hours. You mix 3 drops of MMS and 3 drops of Hydrochloric acid together first, wait 30 seconds until it turns dark yellow and then add the 4 ounces of water. It is best to mix it every hour, but if you are out and about, you can mix the 8 hours in advance. This information is from a video Jim Humble made and I personally watched.

Posted by Brent (Usa) on 04/18/2018

MMS has never burned my skin, or anything else. It's oxygen. It oxidizes. That's it. Whoever says it burns their skin, maybe the have a skin infection? I don't know.

But I have cured my fibromyalgia with MMS! Yes, CURED IT! I'm not a medical doctor so I can say it.

My mother completely erradicated her allergies and hayfever after 40 years of trouble. Completely GONE. Yippee! Thank you Jim Humble very much.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Frederique (Australia) on 02/27/2017

Gluten triggers seizures - put her onto a strict ketogenic diet with high fats, moderate protein and very low carbohydrates (no gluten at all), a diet that was specifically designed for people with epilepsy, and her seizures should stop.

Nail Fungus
Posted by Mweather (Riverside, Ca, Usa) on 01/14/2012

I went about the nail fungus problem from different direction. Namely - the outside. A few drops mixed properly, applied right on the affected nails. I'd rinse it off after about 5 mins. And reapply later if I did it again. As it was I left it on - no rinsing. Result: fungus gone in 24 hours. Was a bit surprised. It did not come back.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Merryanne (Orange City, Florida, Usa) on 01/28/2010 115 posts

Hello Loloma..I am a diabetic since 1992, I take insulin shots twice a day,,and I prefer this rather than taking any tablets,,,I also use MMS at times and it does not affect the medication,,if you are taking tablets, do that an hour after you use MMS, then it will be OK

Multiple Cures
Posted by Mms Cures 100% (Bronx) on 03/27/2012

To those who dont know how to read mms works you need to stop being negative and follow the jim humble direction. Jim humble is a saint from heaven he wants to cure the world so listen and read. Those who saying product dont work go get kill by your d. R. Wake up dum dum its all about the money. Any ways that shit kills pathogen on cont tact I had herpes now its gone. Thank you jim we love you. And if you over dosing well use your head and lower your doses twice a day, and if you cant read sorry go to school. Mms works every one with no side effects. And remember we all have different body, one more thing stop taking vitamin c like any oranges or any orange juice read read read. I take mine with water. All you guys that got well got bless you all mms is the cure for live. Thanks jim

Sugar Cravings
Posted by Lori (Nyack, Ny) on 12/08/2009

age 40 - female- Trial run for MMS - Positive Results-
Wanted to rid body of virus causing a reoccuring wart.
Also, cravings for sugar (candida).
I bake for a living and try very hard not to sample cookies anymore, as I have gained about 8 lbs.
I'm losing the weight by giving up sugar/wheat gluten.

Started with 1 drop:5 drops lemon juice twice daily.
worked up to 11 drops:1/2 tsp of vinegar. Once at 11drops experienced vomiting/diareah/cramping for 14 hrs. Next day no appetite, but able to eat soup - did not take MMS.
Third day feeling fine, and have NO cravings at all.
Went back to 10 drops of MMS 1 x per day and increase to 15 1 x per day.

I believe it cleans out the microorganisms that feed candida. Now have regular bowel, no gas and no cravings.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Pat (Algarve, Portugal) on 04/11/2009

MMS discussion continued.....I wrote a few days ago about the bloating I was experiencing, most uncomfortable! Also strong nausea until one morning I couldn't eat anything so tried an apple. 10 mins later I threw up and had violent diarrhea!!!! Oh what a relief! The bloating has gone and my intestines are working really well. Taking Jim's advice I returned to 1 drop, am now taking it really slowly.

It is worrying when people claim that mms is very harmful, someone on the site says he has read the book and there are "holes" in his science. Perhaps he can say what the holes are?

The thing is I am 60 and live alone. I never visit doctors and I don't want to buy into the ageing sickness thing. I studied acupuncture 25 years ago and use needles on myself. However I was lacking in energy and vitality and kept thinking I should do a fast but mms has done the work without fasting. Because I feel so much better I am eating better foods, in fact I can't not eat in a better way because the low sugar levels and carbohydrate cravings have gone.

Since coming across this wonderful site I have filled my kitchen with ACV, molasses, manuka honey, sesame oil, superfood, omega 3 oil, cayenne pepper, turmaric, sea salt, bicarbonate of soda, also magnetic clay, juice bottles to take to school (I'm a teacher).

The drugs and anti-biotics doled out by the medical profession are very dangerous, they effect the liver particularly.................I have much experience of what the system prescribes as one of my daughters was born with ulcerative colitis (quite rare in a baby). She spent 3 out of every 4 weeks in hospital, was put on high doses of prednisolone and sulpher drugs which made her very ill/ She had surgery at 14 to remove her large intestine and at 19 developed peritonitis and gangrene from scar tissue which blocked the bowel. She now has very little intestine and a colostomy. How she survived I cannot say.

It took years for me to understand that there is always a natural way to heal. Like most people I believed the doctors and took the drugs. I believe Jim Humble when he says he has cured 100 thousand people. I do not believe the doctors. They are conditioned to believe that they are right but my experience has lead me to believe that they are mostly tunnel visioned and allow themselves to be controlled by the pharmaceutical businesses.

As Jim says MMS is changing my life for the better!

Posted by Donald (London, UK) on 11/18/2008

I have discovered a product that cures many problems in the body it clears out so many problems, too many to mention it is called MMS, by Jim Humble, I have been taking it as reccommended for over 6 months now and feel great the Breakthrough Book tells the story and the cures, I had malaria in 1977 and after taking MMS for one week I had a malaria attack as the parasites left my body and after 3 days felt amazing, they have cured thousands of Malaria victims with this, and it supercharges the imune system too. Worth reading about

Heavy Metal Detox
Posted by Robertson (Columbus, Ohio) on 07/23/2010

Hello Jake In Chicago,

We both have severe and obvious problems of mercury poisoning so this may interest you. First, you can visit the site of rather excellent doctors which is the ACAM group that was started by Linus Pauling, PhD with some physicians. That great doctors' organization will allow you to enter your city, state or ZIP code and receive a list of the ACAM member doctors in you area, if any. Be advised that many of those ACAM doctors do NOT publicize that they are "alternative" ACAM kind on-line. So you can leave your e-mail address or your phone number (maybe?) and you would be sent a private message on which doctors in your vicinity are qualified ACAM member doctors.

Dr. Detrich K. Klinghardt who may be both an MD and a PhD advises we ought to take approx. 3 grams of the algae chlorella about 30 minutes before we eat the cilantro. Klinghardt is an ace physician who is an expert in detoxification, especially of the brain. He has delivered lectures at international symposiums in Europe, including Switzerland, Germany (where he was born and educated) and London. Dr. Klinghardt states that the approx. 3 grams of chlorella we would eat before ingesting cilantro will combine with the mercury which gets flushed out of the liver. The chlorella apparently 'locks' onto the mercury that is carried into the intestines after one eats cilantro. Klinghardt and others state that approx. 80 percent of the mercury which gets "shaken loose" from the body cells by the action of cilantro will travel from the liver in the bile and go into the intestinal tract. Unless we use chlorella to 'capture' that mercury as it enters the intestines it will be ABSORBED all over again and will then be returned to our bloodstream! Therefore it's a great idea for us to take some chlorella 30 minutes prior to eating cilantro. Klinghardt also recommends a concentrated cilantro liquid one can be bought on-line. He says it is much better to apply those liquid cilantro drops to the skin on the wrists and the skin of the ankles. Doing that allows the concentrated cilantro liquid to directly enter the bloodstream and to bypass the entire digestive system. That way the chlorella can combine directly with the mercury liberated by the cilantro we've eaten and lock on to that mercury and take it out of the body. In addition it was read that by taking the substance "zeolite" one is able to have that zeolite LOCK onto many kinds of toxins and take them out of the body. It's said that zeolites is a natural mineral which has been stockpiled for years to be used my the government after we have suffered with nuclear war. There are numerous kinds of zeolites available and I've used several of them and they definitely have helped. Whenever I've removed some of my major load of heavy metals (especially the mercury! ) I will get powerful Herxheimer reaction pains. So when I use one of the better kinds of zeolites those 'Hex" pains the DO become quite strong indeed. That result basically proves the zeolites I've been ingesting is taking out such nasty toxins as mercury.

General Feedback
Posted by Sharon (Aiken, SC) on 02/01/2008

I have ordered this after doing research on several different web sites. Pretty thought provoking stuff, but the jury is out until I try it. Will update on progress with postings

Where to Buy: France
Posted by Rachel (Annecy, France) on 07/21/2021

Hello, Thank you for very complete and rich website. I would like to buy MMS online but I can't find the boutique.
Thank you for your help. Best regards.

About MMS
Posted by Donna (Tallahassee, Fl) on 06/22/2018

Wow. I learned so much from all of the posts here. I wish you all would continue. Thanks for all of the information!

About MMS
Posted by Dr. Glen Swartwout (HI) on 09/03/2021

They infect people in theory. Exosomes are also biocommunication molecules and may communicate between individuals to initiate similar detoxification processes. The meeting of Koch's criteria has never been demonstrated, so both theories are worthy of consideration... They tried to demonstrate transmission of the Spanish flu, going as far as injection with zero effect, so more research on exosomes will likely be most productive...

On another note, many of you will be interested to learn of a kit from Europe called 1st Line that produces a bio-identical antibiotic. It is another problem solver, as it is non-toxic to the mitochondria (which are symbiotic intracellular bacteria), as well as the liver and the kidneys.

FDA Warning
Posted by Timh (KY) on 08/04/2014 2063 posts

@Oscar: It is well to put our thoughts to air and w/ any luck gain some ground and no feelings hurt. Wrestle it out in good faith and shake hands when the game is over, like any good athlete would do to the guys on the other team.

First, I stated that my mother contracted Hep-C and that I have very likely the Chronic Active Viral Hepatitis from Hep-B vaccine 20 yrs ago. As of lately, I am slowly making progress from severe environmental illness which has twice almost killed me. Heavy metals, parasites, and pathogens (viral/bacterial/fungal) as a result of very dysfunctional P-450 detox enzyme system plus very dysfunctional immune system. I take a foot spa every night fallowed by 2 oil pullings then 1 250mg BHT fallowed 15 min later w/ 3 caps Echinacea w/ good results. At some other time in between the BHT, I take Chanca Piedra also w/ good results. For me, it seems the BHT and Chanca work almost immediately so I never worry about anything that would negate these remedies later on. This method undoubtedly works for me, but may not for others, so not worth drawing any conclusions on.

Back to MMS. The bare facts. MMS is a lay term, pinned by Jim Humble, for Chlorine Dioxide. One must do kitchen chemistry of mixing Sodium Chlorite w/ Citric Acid to yield ClO2. Chlorine Bleach's chemical formula is Sodium Hypochlorite or NaClO. From Bleach, drop the sodium and add an oxygen and you have a very different molecule. This extra oxygen is what makes ClO2 much more powerful a germ killer and why I refer to it as another member of the Oxygen therapy group. Jim says that one molecule of ClO2 accepts 5 electrons from pathogens (ever how many are rotating around their mother nucleus). Immediately fallowing robbing these electrons, the nucleus becomes entirely unstable and literally explodes (thus the severe die-off reactions of nausea & vomiting the FDA warns of).

If you have time, try and download Jim's first book (I think it's a freebie) MMS Part 1 or Breakthrough: The Miracle Mineral Solution Of The Twenty First Century Pts 1&2 4th edition.

FDA Warning
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 05/17/2015 412 posts

It's nothing like "chlorine bleach". Which is why they use it in elemental chlorine-FREE (ECF) "bleaching" because what you're calling "chlorine bleach", which is sodium hypochlorite, is a bleaching AGENT and extremely nasty stuff which is why. "Bleach" isn't an element or chemical, it's an action or result of many things including sunshine, lemon juice/citric acid and hydrogen peroxide. Information about this kind of stuff is best not sought from buddies, politicians, pharmaceutical sector press releases or message boards. If you're not interested enough to explore it, why talk about it?

HCG Diet
Posted by Mary (Saskchewan, CA) on 07/25/2014

Hi does anyone have any idea how using MMS would react or not with the HCG diet which I will be starting shortly? Does anyone have any experience with that. It seems to me that the incredible rate at which fat is lost in this diet would put a strain on the liver. I want to support the liver by neutralizing toxins and helping the liver cope with this task.

Thanks, Mary

MMS Dosage
Posted by Amy (Battle Ground WA) on 03/09/2021

Please I need help. Where to buy? Sick and tired of being sick and tired! Fibromyalgia candida low thyroid, overweight no matter WHAT I do. Digestion and bowel problems. I'm 49 feeling like 90! I'm so weary I just want to give up but I cannot. I'm a mother of 6!! Nana of 7. I want to live, not just exist!
Warmly sincerely, Amy

MMS Dosage
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 03/10/2021 412 posts

In this order, here's what I'd do - a cold water head/hair wash/rinse, the one cup of water every two hours hydration scheme, calm breathing (lightly breathe in, out and hold for as long as you comfortably can) rebounding (even if only by bouncing on the edge of your bed) and keto.

When you don't feel good, you need water and oxygen. Period. The body needs more water to deal with whatever is making you not feel good and the cells need the oxygen the blood is refusing to let go of.

Rebounding for the thyroid and fibro and, with keto for weight loss.

Start the breathing and water right now. It will make you feel better in very short order so you can focus and explore the rebounding and keto stuff.

Skip the MMS.

The cold water rinse (or cold SHOWER, if you're game) just makes you feel...almost invincible, after, and that's the attitude you want. Instant feel-betterness. Plus, I have a theory that cold water slams the pores right in the middle of a flood - i.e. at the very point they're flooded, "Bang! " goes the door, trapping water molecules inside which would instantly be recognized, available - and almost certainly "used" - by the body. It's like doing a hot/cold, "shock and awe" foot soak, back and forth - bit of instantaneous hydration. I could be totally wrong about that but the effect is so profound and the explanations I've seen just don't sit right with me, I don't know. That's my current theory. Could have a totally different one tomorrow but that has nothing to do with the awesomeness of it!

Posted by Bill (San Fenando, Philippines) on 03/14/2014

Hi Ronald...Iodine is an anti-oxidant and MMS(Chlorine Dioxide) is a pro-oxidant. So if you combine them or take them at the same time, they will simply react with each other and cancel out each other's beneficial effects. So if you take any anti-oxidant nutrient together with MMS then the same thing will happen.

MMS only lasts for about an hour in the blood before it is quickly removed from the body so the best way to take MMS is to take it in a one to three drop dose, once an hour, eight times a day. You can take it in higher single dosages, but this may cause headaches, nausea and vomiting (similar to large dose HP). The MMS protocol is very similar to the Hydrogen Peroxide Protocol -- which only last for about an hour in the body as well because it also has similar pro-oxidant action.

Posted by Berenice (Calgary, Alberta) on 09/04/2015

I'm using MMS in coffee enemas. Never seen so many parasites coming out of me before! Sorry...i know it's disgusting. My naturalist doctor uses MMS for kids with autism. He says autism is curable!

Where to Buy: Canada
Posted by Tish (North York, Ontario, Canada) on 09/11/2010

Hey friends, can someone kindly tell me where in toronto can I buy MMS. I have read nothing but good abt it and would really like to try it. This is the best website and though I dont post very often but I'm a regular visitor of this site, why my sister in dubai is crazy abt this site too. The vinegar and Virgin Coconut Oil is doing wonders for her and she is so grateful. Take care everyone.

Posted by Brandon (Dallas, Texas) on 06/29/2009

My grandmother on my dads side, was informed by a doctor, in front of several of our family members, that she had leukemia, and was going to die within two month time. My father found MMS about a month after the doctors horrible news. She was weak, not able to walk, and was having to get one to two pints of blood every week at the time she started on MMS. On the first week her blood count stabilized and she did not have to get any more blood by the second week her blood count was normal. The doctor says that she is a medical phenomenon. He told her that she was suppose to be dead. It has three months now and she completely normal, she even danced at my wedding last week.

Last week my grandfather on my moms side came to my wedding as well, but he was very pale. He came to me and told me that he thought he was on his way out. He has been suffering with prostate cancer, and has been in and out of the hospital over the last 4 months. I told him about MMS and my mom gave him some to take. I checked on him today and he has all of his color back in his face and says that he has been feel allot better.

Digestive Issues
Posted by Francois (East London, Eastern Cape) on 03/03/2010

Hi Steve,

I would highly recommend that you also include raw veggie juicing in your diet and a good quality whey powder. If you're eating meat and processed foods the detox wont be effective, the only way to speed up healing reaction and initiate a healing crisis is to increase metabolic enzyme function, to do this the digestive system needs a break, try going vegetarian for a week, do a liver/gallbladder flush, and plenty veggie juices, also supplement with digestive enzymes between meals and take magnesium and zinc tabs this help the pancreas make more metabolic enzymes. H202 therapy will also stimulate lymph flow which will make the heel detox kit work better. good luck.

Digestive Issues
Posted by Jim (Roseburg, Oregon) on 10/18/2015

Try some Kefir for your bowels, sorta tastes like yogurt but is not. Yogurt only has 2 or three probotics where kefir has 6 or more and the best thing about it is that it populates your bowels.

Posted by Elizabeth (SA) on 12/22/2020

4HCL is a better activator as Citric Acid can make you feel sick. Jim Humble recommends it drop for drop you only need to take 1 drop of MMS to 1 drop of 4HCL in medicine glass, half fill with PURE water [ only pure water is Noble's Pureau water sold in super markets] then fill with juice that hasn't got ADDED Vitamin C any juice that lists the amount of VitC has it added, read the label. I use lemon juice sweetened with honey. MMS BOOSTS your immune system & that gets rid of things that are foreign to your body. Very good for animals as well.

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 12/17/2021

Hello ORH

This is the recipe I follow. Hope it helps.

How to use Chlorine Dioxide:

Liquid Drops:

*Place 33 drops Chlorine Dioxide (Part A) and 33 drops Phosphoric Acid Activator (Part B) into a measuring spoon to pre-mix.

*Let mixture react for 5 minutes to ensure full activation (it will turn yellow color).

*Put Part A & B mixture into a 1 liter bottle.

*Fill container with (1 liter) water.

*Shake or stir.

*Water is now ready for use. Enjoy! Do NOT take vitamin C supplements while taking Chlorine Dioxide!

Drink 3oz in a shot glass every hour, until the content of the bottle is finished (8 to 12 shots). Repeat next day with a fresh batch.

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 01/03/2022

@ Karen the dosage is coming from frontline doctors in Ecuador, Columbia treating patients in hospitals with covid19. I'm sure Jim Humble would approve of frontline doctors using his discovery to combat a global plague and the dosage required to kill it.

1 liter = 33.81 fl oz

33 drops Part A (25% sodium chlorite) and 33 drops Part B (50% citric acid) = 66 drops finished liquid (chlorine dioxide) = 2.5ml

3oz in a shot glass will equal to 3 drops actived “key word there” Clorine Dioxide

In the study below, patients were instructed to put 10ml of chlorine dioxide into 1 liter of water! This is 4 times more than I have suggested.

Per a study conducted by Genesis Foundation in the Hospital Fhsj and San Carlos Hospital in Bogota, Colombia ---

On the Effectiveness of Oral Chlorine Dioxide in the Treatment of COVID 19

Assignment of study medication Each patient will receive, in order of admission to the study, a consecutive patient number and the corresponding study medication. Patients will receive the 3,000 ppm chlorine dioxide base preparation with written and precise instructions on how to prepare and take the dilutions.

7.1 Dosage and route of administration. Medication: chlorine dioxide 3000 ppm. Fco x 150 cc. 10 ml of 3000 ppm chlorine dioxide are added to 1 liter of water, per day. One part is taken every hour, until the content of the bottle is finished (8 to 12 shots).

Both the original dioxide bottle and the preparation for the day should be kept refrigerated.

Each patient will receive the 3,000 ppm chlorine dioxide base preparation with written and precise instructions on how to prepare and take the dilutions.

: 10 ml of 3000 ppm chlorine dioxide are added to 1 liter of water, per day. One part is taken every hour, until the content of the bottle is finished (8 to 12 shots).

Researchers claim 100 percent cure rate vs. covid-19 in 100+ patient trial conducted in Ecuador, using intravenous chlorine dioxide


Video: Andreas Kalcker with Health Ranger Report, reveals the REVOLUTION in medicine that humanity needs right now: ClO2

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 11/26/2022

Read the book by the man who created/invented the use of Chlorine Dioxide for human use:

The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millennium by Jim V. Humble

It is available as a PDF Download off the internet.

Posted by Cathy (South Haven, MI) on 10/05/2021

I was on allergy pills, dyphenhydramine for over a decade. Stopped taking. Runny nose and sneezing constantly. Used 4 boxes of kleenex a month while on those pills. Started MMS a week and a half ago...nose dried up. Hardly any sneezing or nose blowing. It is wonderful. Hoping for help with asthma.

Where to Buy: Australia
Posted by Debra (Sydney, Australia) on 06/19/2022 54 posts


I am in Australia and bought some on Ebay a couple years ago called Oxy-MMS by Naclo. I used it for a few months and then took a break but I used it on the dog next door who I think had an Esophageal tumor because she was choking and gagging daily. I gave her snacks with the MMS mixed in and it stopped all her gagging.

The neighbors moved so I don't know what happened after that.

I'm using it again now for severe sinus and kidney infection that I think may even be cancer.

About MMS
Posted by Bob (Murphy, Nc) on 01/23/2017

Hello Mr. Henry. Great to hear from a man who works with ClO2. I know you keep ClO2 in cold water, and that it can explode above 10% conc. in air. I've had release of too much gas in my house. It's gets uncomfortable quickly, with coughing.

Did you ever use ClO2 gas to bleach pulp, like is done to kill mold in a house?

About MMS
Posted by Frances (Cabarlah, Qld.) on 01/27/2017

Bob, you and others might be interested in learning that Mel's protocol of How I cured Morgellons uses MMS but not in the way of Jim Humble.

About MMS
Posted by Chris Jackson (Texas) on 05/19/2021

BS Jim. "IX" (AKA: Larry Smith the father of federal inmate Daniel Smith) Trolls the forum and deletes any posts that he doesn't like and he doesn't like much! He wants to see MMS positive testimonials on every post and thats about it! So much for helping everyone get well Jim. There are dozens of people on that forum who got stuck at low dose and had no answers and IX deleted them when they were crying out for help! Telling people with long term chronic illness and glutathione problems, etc.. to take more MMS, its not going to help them, not unless is for a very short time and a very secondary infection of some sort. All these things we could answer if idiots like Smith would stay out of the way! Malaria, MMS is great, nothing better, Mold or other illnesses it not seeming to help and the reasons would be apparent if IX would go away!

Chronic Viral Infection
Posted by Tea (New Zealand) on 07/18/2015

My dad came down seriously ill with a viral infection overseas and was ill there after for 2 years....hospitals in Spain, Uk and New Zealand hadn't a clue what he had - they kept thinking heart attacks and BP but wasn't..... only thing that got him back on his feet was MMS old protocol of higher doses...

Im going to try Autism protocol on my two aspergers kids as they have had mms on and off over the years.

Great for my sons respitory tract infections and croup too, just by gasing it in sleeping quarters overnight....

FDA Warning
Posted by Lynn (Trussville, AL) on 07/12/2021

Please go to for the MMS story and cures of many ailments....God's blessings and healings to all!

Posted by Jenny (Alabama ) on 06/19/2017

That's cause you will always have antibodies. Which is a good thing. So when you get tested, test the viral load. Not the standards antibodies test. Cause you want the antibodies, and those stay forever. But the virus can be gone.

Posted by Wallflower (Bakersfield, Ca) on 01/27/2013

Hello everyone. My boyfriend and I have taken scabies for about 1 or 2 months or so for scabies. At first, we both went to the doctor, and the doctor gave him neum oil or something like that, and my doctor gave me permithin. The cream didn't help me for the first time I applied it on, so I had a second dose all over my body, it helped more than the 1st time, but not enough. The perscribition that my boyfriend's doctor gave him, which was the neam oil didn't help him that much either.

So my intillgent boyfriend did some research, and found out about MMS. He read the positive and negative sides of MMS. Of how MMS could make you feel dizzy, make you vomit, etc. But once my boyfriend and I bathe in it for scabies, it actually helped us a lot more than what the doctor gave us. Yes, it'll show more dots on you once you bathe for 30 mins, but those are only the dots that were hidden inside your body. After my epxerience using the MMS for bath with my scabies, I was much better afterwards. After my bath, my dots disappered after 2 to 3 hours at the latest. Although my boyfriend had more dots than I did, so he had to put more treatment on himself with the scabies than I did. So offically now, after 3, 4, or 5 months for having scabies, we are both now offically cured from scabies, thanks to the MMS.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Jake (Canada) on 03/13/2022

Actually, the FDA's warning is false lol... the bleaching agent is 100x more potent and a completely different molecule.

That's why thousands take CDS/MMS.

The FDA is not trustworthy either as they don't care about you. They care about profits and big pharma.

Please continue taking CDS/MMS :)

Multiple Cures
Posted by Tony (Tampa, Florida ) on 06/28/2016

You need to make sure your friends took the mms properly... also remember you cannot have it with vitamins c as this will deactivate its effectiveness. I don't believe the old adage "what works for some may not work for others" because we are generally the same. And this works to kill any virus bacteria fungus or mildew.. the doses may need to be upped ... you just need to find the right dosage for you.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Charlotte (Heavener, Oklahoma ) on 05/26/2021

I heard they were using hydroxychloroquine for HIV treatment with success in Africa.

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Shmuel (Israel) on 11/02/2022

Main stream media is owned by the same people as Big Pharma. Don't expect to get the truth from mainstream media. MMS is NOT bleach. That's like saying that carbon monoxide is the same as carbon dioxide because the sound similar. It's absurd. Carbon monoxide is toxic and carbon dioxide is what we exhale.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Alta (Richmond, Va, Usa) on 03/03/2010


My daughter and I started MMS 10 days ago. We started with 2 drops 2 x day. My daughter (grown) had a severe reaction to the citric acid so we switched to vinegar.

Slowly increasing the dosage. On the 3rd day, I had diarrhea. On the 5th and 6th day I had diarrhea with a small amount of nausea. I cut back for a day, untill I was feeling better. After 1 day of feeling better, I had diarrhea with nausea again. Is it normal to have 4 days of nausea so close together. We are going by the directions but we are putting it into capcules because of the taste. We are up to 10 drops 2 times a day.

I've always had a problem with swollen ankles but dr ran tests and could not find anything. My ankles seem to have gone down some, and I find I am not craving. I am overweight and hope to lose.

My daughter, I expected to have more problems because she has epilepsy but she has had less problems so far.

Has anyone had success with epilepsy? We want to get her off all meds (she was off meds for 4 years with less seizures than when she was on meds) but a couple of years ago seizures came back severe and we put her back on them.

Thanks for any help.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Jack (Toledo, Ohio) on 03/03/2010

Dear Alta; The founder or creator of the "MMS" protocol states the nausea is the result of your body getting rid of the disease's in your body so its normal to have the nausea dear.. and as for the taste mix the MMS, and let it set in a covered cup for 3 1/2 minutes then mix with white or natural grape juice as long as it has no added vitamin C in it. this is how I take and I can't even taste it Alta....GB.....jack

Multiple Cures
Posted by Loloma (Perth, Australia) on 01/27/2010

Good morning Chaz

I don't know if you or anyone else can help me with some information. I have been taking MMS for just over a week, now on 8 drops twice a day and am feeling better for it. Currently taking medication for Diabetes 2 (insulin 4 times a day). Under active thyroid, high blood pressure, Angina, high cholestrol etc. Blood sugar level mornings still at 15.9 english reading. Should I still take this medication whilst taking MMS. Any info would be appreciated.

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Mel (City, Tn) on 05/14/2010

my mom says the reason it makes you sick like that is because it's fighting to push out the illness or problem you are trying to cure. It makes you sick for a reason. That's really a good thing. When you are not nauseous anymore you are probably cured of your illness

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