MMS: The Miracle Mineral Supplement from Jim Humble

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Posted by Ann (Bastrop, TX) on 11/24/2008

Ted, I would be most interested in your view of MMS.

"This Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS for short) was discovered in 2000 by Jim Humble. At the time, he was using activated Oxygen water, which had been around for 80 years and consists of Sodium Chlorite in distilled water, to cure a large percentage of Malaria victims in Africa and South America, as well as eliminating parasites and numerous other weird diseases you often hear about from third world countries.

Jim was not satisfied with partial success and his research led him to discover that if you mix a citric acid solution (or lemon juice, or vinegar) with the Sodium Chlorite, and wait 3 minutes to activate, it would produce Chlorine Dioxide, perhaps the world%u02BCs best pathogen killer of all time. He had 100% cure rate of over 75,000 malaria patients and 388 out of 390 documented aids patients. It was achieved by using the MMS to create Chlorine Dioxide. Additionally, countless Aids, Hepatitis A, B and C cases were cured.

Not just improved - cured!


Please post your response on Earthclinic as well as to my email. I'm sure a lot of our friends would appreciate it. Thank you so much for all your efforts to give information to us!

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
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Actually the sodium chlorite solution, which is most commonly known as 25% solution is used by chemist as a disinfectant agent, but can be used internally to some extent. However, sodium chlorite can be regarded as a chlorine compound, even though Jim Humble denies this. The reason why I know it's a chlorine compound is that it tends to cause goiter and hypothyroidism in people with low levels of iodine anyway. It works simply that a chlorine displaces the iodine in the thyroid, as well as other glands, causing a goiter condition. However, a goiter condition can be caused by other compounds too, such as cyanide rich foods as apricot pits, apple seeds, and especially cassava, since it is used as a staple food in certain parts of Africa.

Whenever a solution sodium chlorite is made to react with acid, it forms chlorine dioxide. Now I know sodium chlorite and with acid such as citric acid, does this. And after it does react inside the body, the chlorine compounds continues to recirculate itself. This chlorine compounds doesn't degrade, which is why it is so effective against malaria, herpes, and other viruses I observed, as well as the common cold.

As for me I don't like them because it induces vomiting, at high doses or nausea, which is a huge draw back. What I can say good about sodium chlorite solution 25% with a couple of drops of 10 or 25% citric acid, for example is it's excellence in curing genital herpes. Although this is not used alone, mine you, I also need to prepare an acylcovir cream mixed with drops of 5% copper chloride solution to get a copper acylcovir, which is 20 or 30 times more powerful then ordinary acylcovir.

Because of this associated problem, the MMS needs to be reworked to incorporate iodine into it so it doesn't induce this issue. While my time is limited, I am looking along the lines of mixing the sodium chlorite solution with an iodine solution, which might be a more stable sodium iodide and potassium iodide 10% solution to the 25% sodium chlorite, and is made to react with any organic acid, such as vinegar, lemon juice, for example. There's still a problem in such use. For example, lemon juice is an organic compound, as is grape juice. So when you make sodium chlorite to react with say, grape juice, most of the chlorine compounds are invariably produces chlorine dioxide, with is immediately racted with an organic compound and destroying its antiseptic properties immediately. The lingering effects of chlorine organic compounds, I believe is what does the long term killing.

A hydrogen peroxide has it's weakness too, in that it is reactive with organic compounds too but interestingly, the red blood cells can carry peroxide compounds to the site that is needed. While a possible similar mechanism of chlorine dioxide compounds (reacted chlorine dioxide) might occur in similar effects.

Whichever the case, there is some truth in its power to kill off malaria, and many virus. The drawbacks of hydrogen peroxide in practice is that it is weaker then that of chlorine dioxide or MMS and it has to be taken much more frequently since, it is used up rather quickly. The hydrogen peroxide drops lasts in your body for a very short period, such as 50 minutes, while the effects of chlorine dioxide or sodium chlorite gets recirculated in the body for hours after it is taken. It's quite simple: chlorine is not destroyed, while hydrogen peroxide gets degraded to just water and oxygen. And hence it's short lifespan.

This concludes that for any chemical inside the body to continue to kill the pathogens, it cannot degrade, but continue to circulate for hours or days after it is taken. When you think along this lines, then iodine comes to mine, as is chlorine, but possibility exists also of other minerals, such as magnesium chloride for example.

To gain wider public acceptance of chlorine dioxide, I believe that certain iodine compounds are needed, or replaced, or added, such as iodic acid, iodine trichloride, hydrogen iodide, potassium iodide, or sodium iodide, so that a person who uses chlorine, won't lower the immune system upon taken the chlorine dioxide or sodium chlorite. It lowers the immune system, while it does kill the pathogens. The problem here is obvious: chlorine lowers the immune system, but causes other long term conditions such as hypothyroidism and goiter. The reason why I know this is simple: some people who used sodium chlorite, or MMS, has got either a goiter or hypothyroidism. Chlorine weakens the body's energy system, as a free chlorine will react with your body's Kreb's cycle, the hydrogen, which is the main energy source of the cells. In fact, the reason why oxygen is used, is so the cells can have sufficient hydrogen currency. In presence of high free chlorine, the free hydrogen becomes hydrochloric acid, which just burns the cells or the cellular mitochrondria. It is this reason why I get reports of people being very weak and sick after taking a chlorine filled shower.

Of course there are other ways to skin a cat in curing malaria, such as artemisia, artemisin or even just methylene blue, which is a carrier of hydrogen, that does the opposite of what chlorine dioxide does, which is to give the cells more energy and hence, stronger immune system. Therefore sodium chlorite works somewhat like potassium permanganate, in that does kill the pathogens, but you have some colateral damage to healthy cells. This is how chemotherapy works. On the other hand, a simple chemical that is specific to pathogens which are acid forming, can be nuked much like a heat seeking missiles using other familiar chemical that the body actually produced naturally such as sodium nitrite (produced by glial cells) and degrades instantly to nitric acid whenever an acid forming bactieria or acid forming cancer, or acid forming virus. It becomes a strongly oxidizing compound in presences of acid forming pathogens, hence it works like a heat seeking missle. However, the good news is not just sodium nitrite (I recently got cured from a very bad bout of virus just taking this and some polyol sugar - erythritol), but also, iodic acid (strongly oxidizing also in presence of acid), and certain other forms of iodine that has this strange properties. Vitamin C if it is acid, becomes a pro-oxidant but an antioxidant if it is alkaline. Hence, vitamin C also works similarly like a heat seeking missile after these acid forming pathogens too, but it's weakness against pathogens, is made much more stronger with either sodium chlorite (works like chemotheraph), or iodine compounds.

At the moment I have limited time to do experiments, but I really need to reformulate the sodium chlorite compound that doesn't cause nauseating as well as iodine deficiency. In any case I would much prefer to work with other means, investigating iodic acid, which works in some ways similar to sodium chlorite, but the differences might be that iodine is a required mineral, but chlorine isn't. Whichever way we consider, a sodium chlorite is NOT a stabilized oxygen. That title belongs more to magnesium peroxide, or other oxygen compound that is more somewhat more stable then hydrogen peroxide. Methylene blue is another one, but it doesn't work on the principle of oxygen, or even chlorine. It works as a hydrogen carrier, which is the primary currency of the cellular energy and can be used to specifically target pathogenic cells too.

You might never heard of methylene blue, but it was used during the Vietnam war to cure malaria. The reason for it's disuse is that taken in very high dose, it causes the urine to be blue. However, there's a cure for blue urine, it's called vitamin C sodium ascorbate! So the reason for disuse was that the doctors simply didn't give the GI's vitamin C sodium ascorbate when they injected methylene blue, or perhaps taken internally. Even so, it can easily be proven that methylene blue will become colorless. Just add drops of methylene blue in vitamin C, it will instantly become colorless. Interestingly, methylene blue works better with vitamin C, as both are related to negative hydrogen, as evidenced by the fact that if you did use ORP meter, the resultant measurement is likely to be -200 millivolts or up to -300 millivolts, which is a negative charge. Methylene blue is a negative hydrogen carrier, while vitamin C sodium ascorbate, preferably is a producer of that and is a reducing agent.


Replied by Nat
(London, UK)

Hello Ted,

Thank you for your very interesting post. I am happy to find someone sensible about this subject. I have found the same information you did just by looking at research papers.

Have you considered giving Kelp or Kombu to offset the problem caused by MMS? I do not understand why people take MMS over a long period of time when most conditions seems to clear after 2 weeks. There are safer alternatives for toxins and heavy metal chelation.

I know methylene blue (methylthioninium chloride) quite well. It was used to cure UTI or bladder infection. Now it is impossible to find it at the drugstore.

How does MMS compare to magnesium peroxide in your experience?

Replied by Sandra
(Northern, Nevada)

My husband and I are not having some of the problems others are having because we are also taking daily 1 cup vinegar, 1 tbls baking soda, and 5,000 mg of magnesium malate to neutralize the toxins and dead pathogens as well as the 50 mg of iodine. I keep track of my pH so I know when I need to neutralize an acidic condition. Thanks, Ted, for all your help. Do you think this will balance out the MMS and yet allow it to be used effectively?

Replied by Dirk
(Vredenburg, South Africa)

I read a lot about mms and H2O2. Is mms the same as H2O2 with the added vinegar? Also, what strenght of hH2O2 do you use?

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Posted by Phil (Nelson, New Zealand) on 05/19/2008

I have just ordered a bottle of MMS after receiving excellent feedback from a friend in Kuala Lumpur who reported the increased health benefits from people he knows who are in their 70's who have a new lease of life. I was also able to download the e version of the book.

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Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 04/19/2008 495 posts

To all who tries to access the MMS info referenced from suneagle99 - Go for the shorter I wasted 15 or 20 minutes trying to access the longer site given - gave up & tried the shorter address and just finished downloading & printing Part 1 of the book for free - from what I read while copying it, it looks very interesting. Will comment further after I get a chance to read it all. If I still feel like I do at present, I will gladly pay $9.95 for part 2. Just be sure you have plenty of paper & ink on hand before you start printing - it's l87 pages long.

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Posted by Sharon (Aiken, SC) on 02/01/2008

I have ordered this after doing research on several different web sites. Pretty thought provoking stuff, but the jury is out until I try it. Will update on progress with postings

HCG Diet

Posted by Mary (Saskchewan, CA) on 07/25/2014

Hi does anyone have any idea how using MMS would react or not with the HCG diet which I will be starting shortly? Does anyone have any experience with that. It seems to me that the incredible rate at which fat is lost in this diet would put a strain on the liver. I want to support the liver by neutralizing toxins and helping the liver cope with this task.

Thanks, Mary

Heavy Metal Detox

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Posted by Jake (Chicago, IL) on 02/04/2008

I've used MMS for about 6 weeks now to finish off any lingering bugs I might have and also to detox mercury.

I self diagnosed myself and found a holistic dentist to remove my 3 remaining amalgam fillings a year ago Dec. 06. The decay beneath led to these teeth being removed - JAN. 06, and a fourth infected root canal as well. My symptoms began 3 years ago about the time an amalgam filling broke down and my dentist not aware of the potential mercury spreading removed it without the proper precautions.

Symptoms -A swollen neck that never went away that impeded my mobility turning to the right, pains in my back for the first mile of my jogging, a pain in my hip area, sudden headaches - I'd never had headaches before, sudden spikes in blood pressure, brain fog,reduced stamina,mercury pimples on my chest (grover's disease as I recently discussed) swelling in my feet from the balls of my feet to the tips of my toes.

In the first six months after the removals most everything improved - I detoxed with many earthclinic suggestions, alkalining with BS and ACV and lemon juice, Budwig CC/FO (I've since switched to undenatured whey protein powder with fish oil as well as flax oil and also added NAC),also ALA following Andy Cutler's regime,cayenne on food and in tea and some tumeric also,in addition to other vitamins and minerals and juices such as pomegranate. Most symptoms were in fact gone except the mercury pimples on my chest - only partially better, swelling in my feet -only a little better, and the periodic almost- headaches I call them - much less severe. I knew I was not rid of all the mercury since these almost-headaches became worse -not like before but worse, when I ate cilantro - which has been cited for removing mercury from the brain, shown also to increase mercury elimination in the urine,and one of the few supplements along with ALA suspected of acting in this way (to attache to mercury in the brain.)

I worked up from 1 drop to 2 to 3 drops etc. until I was at 15 drops of MMS activated with lemon juice which I did at first or citric acid which I did later. -Adding one drop morning then night until 15 drops each - you try to eat no acid or vitamin c 2 hours before or after. I worked up to 15 drops morning and night for 3 weeks. -- The more serious the condition, the sooner you should have diahrrea or nausea. The protocol calls for working up to 3 times a day at 15 for at least a week but I couldn't seem to face it having to adjust my eating so much during the day. At any rate I got a little tired some days but otherwise had little in the way of symptoms. I took this a sign that my alkalining etc. had already done some good work for me. My near headaches left me and I even eat cilantro now with only very occasionally the hint of a headache. My swollen feet have improved moderately, which is very exciting considering what a lagging symptom they've been even with my running and exercising the whole time. I stopped the MMS for a week or two to consider one person's warnings - writing in on the internet, but I've since gone back, considering the continuing positive testimonials and considering my own positive results. I'm going to go to a maintenance dose soon - once a day, 6 drops. I'm currently at 15 drops at night only.

I think this is going to be a very important cure for many with serious health issues. I think everyone should watch the internet for the continuing testimonials as this approach has begun to catch on.

Best to all

Replied by Robertson
(Columbus, Ohio)

Hello Jake In Chicago,

We both have severe and obvious problems of mercury poisoning so this may interest you. First, you can visit the site of rather excellent doctors which is the ACAM group that was started by Linus Pauling, PhD with some physicians. That great doctors' organization will allow you to enter your city, state or ZIP code and receive a list of the ACAM member doctors in you area, if any. Be advised that many of those ACAM doctors do NOT publicize that they are "alternative" ACAM kind on-line. So you can leave your e-mail address or your phone number (maybe?) and you would be sent a private message on which doctors in your vicinity are qualified ACAM member doctors.

Dr. Detrich K. Klinghardt who may be both an MD and a PhD advises we ought to take approx. 3 grams of the algae chlorella about 30 minutes before we eat the cilantro. Klinghardt is an ace physician who is an expert in detoxification, especially of the brain. He has delivered lectures at international symposiums in Europe, including Switzerland, Germany (where he was born and educated) and London. Dr. Klinghardt states that the approx. 3 grams of chlorella we would eat before ingesting cilantro will combine with the mercury which gets flushed out of the liver. The chlorella apparently 'locks' onto the mercury that is carried into the intestines after one eats cilantro. Klinghardt and others state that approx. 80 percent of the mercury which gets "shaken loose" from the body cells by the action of cilantro will travel from the liver in the bile and go into the intestinal tract. Unless we use chlorella to 'capture' that mercury as it enters the intestines it will be ABSORBED all over again and will then be returned to our bloodstream! Therefore it's a great idea for us to take some chlorella 30 minutes prior to eating cilantro. Klinghardt also recommends a concentrated cilantro liquid one can be bought on-line. He says it is much better to apply those liquid cilantro drops to the skin on the wrists and the skin of the ankles. Doing that allows the concentrated cilantro liquid to directly enter the bloodstream and to bypass the entire digestive system. That way the chlorella can combine directly with the mercury liberated by the cilantro we've eaten and lock on to that mercury and take it out of the body. In addition it was read that by taking the substance "zeolite" one is able to have that zeolite LOCK onto many kinds of toxins and take them out of the body. It's said that zeolites is a natural mineral which has been stockpiled for years to be used my the government after we have suffered with nuclear war. There are numerous kinds of zeolites available and I've used several of them and they definitely have helped. Whenever I've removed some of my major load of heavy metals (especially the mercury! ) I will get powerful Herxheimer reaction pains. So when I use one of the better kinds of zeolites those 'Hex" pains the DO become quite strong indeed. That result basically proves the zeolites I've been ingesting is taking out such nasty toxins as mercury.

Replied by Tonya

I never saw the 3x a day working your way to 15 drops. Is that activated 15 MMS1 drops mixed with Activated citric acid, HCL?


4 ounces of water, no more than 3 drops, every hour, for 8 hours. You mix 3 drops of MMS and 3 drops of Hydrochloric acid together first, wait 30 seconds until it turns dark yellow and then add the water. It is best to mix it every hour, but if you are out and about, you can mix the 8 hours in advance. This information is from a video Jim Humble made and I personally watched.


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Posted by No Herpes (Dayton, Oh) on 04/03/2010


Replied by Hopeful714
(Brooklyn, Ny)

I've just started protocol 1000 (3drops activated hourly at least 8hrs trying to add more hours but I get nauseous ) 3rd day I'm not seeing any changes of course to early to say. I've ordered DMSO cream which I'm planing to add to the protocol I've also added Monolaurin. I'm going to try this for a few months hoping it kills everything. I'll try to keep posting.

Replied by Jack
(Tracy, Ca)

What brand would you recommend for MMS? I'm having a hard time finding options.

Posted by Mike3000 (Durham, Nc) on 11/28/2009

I have been using the mms for herpes. I worked my way up to 18 drops 3 times a day because I am a big man so i heard i may need a little more. I went from two or three times a week to once a month to a 6 month run with no outbreaks at all. IT WAS TOUGH TO TAKE IT three times a day but after a month I got used to it. I still take take it at least twice a day sometimes 3. I haven't had any blood work done but ive seen a big differnce while on it.

Replied by Beth

I hope you will get tested by your doctor to know whether or not you still have herpes. I'm sorry to be a negative nelly but I don't believe you can rid yourself of this disease in any permanent way by some "miracle" cure.

I've had herpes for 15 years and barely ever think of it anymore. My outbreaks are almost non-existent. When I get one, it's minimally invasive. So, I just want to tell you...anyone who reads this and is so desperate; please be careful with your health in your desperation to rid yourself of this virus. You can't. BUT, you most definitely can do things to lessen it's severity. There are many herbs and supplements you can use to minimize your outbreaks. Try tea tree oil on the outbreak. Use any one of these herbs internally as a tea, or in capsule form fight outbreaks; lemon balm, lavender, thyme, oregano. And use the supplement L-lysine in conjunction with those herbs.

Even some foods can trigger your outbreaks. I have to be careful with foods like corn, yams, rhubarb, rice, and strawberries. Usually the food problems are caused by a thing called formic acid (as in rhubarb, and strawberries).

Replied by Jenny

no offense downer Debby, but the virus can be gone. You can choose to settle for what your told, or you really can be educated and experience freedom. I found mms and Citric along with light therapy, biofeedback and a few other advancement tech, I too was able to be cleared. However, when you go back in for blood work and get retested, test for the virus, viral load, not for the antibodies. Cause you'll always have antibodies. But that's a good thing.

Replied by Luna

Jenny do you know what test one would request to test for HSV viral load? The medical community is soooo confused even still all these years. Every year I get the hushed phone call “you have Herpes”. No, I have anti bodies. IGG. I have never actually had an outbreak in 20+ years so there is no lesion to test. I've read the western blot was the only accurate test but I can't even find anyone who knows what it is or how to do it. It seems every doctor in this area is medically inept and I am very against western medicine.

Posted by Hope (Newcastle, Nsw) on 11/18/2009

I'm currently reading up on MMS as I was diagnosed with HSV2 in July this year, I was wondering how long you have to use MMS for? and once you stop using MMS will my HSV2 outbreaks re-occur?

Posted by Carl (Philadelphia, PA) on 09/07/2008

I have also had the same experience with MMS. I felt the tingling sensation but I got no actual outbreaks/sores. MMS works very well to destroy bacteria, fungus, parasites, viruses etc. The issue with MMS is that it is fighting the fight against Herpes alone, hence the tingling sensations. MMS cannot to its best ability fully destroy the Herpes virus when it is protected by it lipid coat (Fat coating). Monolaurin (coconut oil) is a supplement that dissolves away and destroys the lipid coating on the Herpes Virus, leaving it naked and exposed to our immune system. Monolaurin is not a drug, therefore, the Herpes Virus does build immunity to it like it does with Valtrex. Many people who use Valtrex claim it stops working for them after 2 years. The reason for this is because the Herpes virus builds an immunity to it, making the virus stronger, smarter and harder to kill. I would not be surprised if the drug companies introduced a new & stronger drug that claims to be much stronger than Valtrex.

By using Monolaurin, which dissolves Herpes's lipid coating and also using MMS, which oxidizes and kills the virus along with a healthy diet you will be able to stop all future outbreaks. But please keep in mind that you must eat well and clean your system out. Nobody can claim that there is a cure for Herpes, but I believe the cure for herpes is right in front of us. If everyone in the U.S. with HSV donated $2 (for example) we would have enough money to hire our own researchers, doctors or even help a comapny focusing on this cure see their passion to the end.


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Posted by Paul (Australia) on 06/11/2013

I can personally say mms is a miracle, I contracted hiv stupidly, in desperation from day 1 I took mms for a month 3 drops an hour for 8 hours. I only took it for the 1 month. 3 years later my blood is still normal, the tests still say hiv but the results are normal. Thank you Jim Humble.

Replied by Jenny

That's cause you will always have antibodies. Which is a good thing. So when you get tested, test the viral load. Not the standards antibodies test. Cause you want the antibodies, and those stay forever. But the virus can be gone.

Replied by S7

with HIV take 10 Drops per Hour

me the doctor Said After 14 days of mms Virus gone 95 % I continued my Therapie 30 More days and the Hospital whrotte clearly latest hiv Test negativ

it took me less than 2 months

take much More Drops Not like Kids

And you have the result

Replied by Saba

Please I'm hiv postive and I'm taking mms close to 4 months but didn't see any improvements so since you said you took mms and it clear your hiv how do you take it? any supplements? please help thanks

Posted by Male_46_HIV (New York, NY) on 04/27/2009

Hello. I took MMS for some weeks, stopped and am at it again for about 6 weeks. I worked my way up to 15 drops, with 5 times that much citric acid as activator, 3 times a day. If I could afford IV ozone, I'd be taking that instead, because I think that will beat HIV for me. (Had it over twenty years. Finally, something I'm slow to get that I don't need to feel bad about hahahaha! I took the drugs for a year but stopped. I don't trust them and I think other approaches have been overlooked.)

Jim Humble and others have pointed out that if you take MMS, you need to replace electrolytes and a be concerned about a few other things I am not qualified to tell you about. Caveat emptor. I will stop taking it after a certain amount of time, as I do not think taking this amount indefinitely is good.

I don't know if it's doing anything against HIV for me. My symptoms are swollen adenoid and parotid cysts on both sides of my head. I do not think MMS affected these either way.

However, when I first took a larger dose, after working up to it, I got a huge energy boost and my breathing improved. (I still smoke.) I have gotten used to the MMS and now that I think of it, I have gotten used to those two improvements as well. I used to be in a hideous mental fog, which MMS got rid of, and which I no longer have. It gave me diarrhea at first but that went away. I seldom get the nausea but it was hard to get down at first. So it has done about what I read it would do, and I like it.

Jim Humble is Da Man! I suggest you watch some of his videos and see what a nice way he has about him. He learned Reikki, about which I know nothing, but he seems to help the little boy he treats on his video. See how he talks? Humble has it upstairs for that healing talk, the doctors don't always learn that in the home, or in the community, where Humble probably did. As for his lack of medical or scientific training (I think he said he had a chemistry degree or at least credits) I note he is careful in all his approaches. He experimented carefully, and note he starts on himself. If the rest of the scientific and medical community would please pull their heads out of that dark place, maybe I would not be turning to the Internet and generally ignoring them, unless I need a wound stitched. (The local hospital did save my life, when I foolishly let myself dehydrate after food poisoning. My kidneys had quit working. The stuff they do right, they really do right.)

I will be looking to see if the adenoid and parotid cysts clear, as HIV is presumably what has caused them to enlarge. Humble has suggested a time at least twice as long as I have been taking it this time around. I will be pleasantly surprised if the virus clears. I don't monitor my bloodwork so have no stats for you.

Good luck to you all!

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
495 posts

Hello male_46: Have you tried L-lysine & Vitamin C on your HIV+? It is a virus, and l-lysine hits a lot of viruses. I used to work with a fellow who had AIDS, and saw him frequently having the doctor look at his throat. Waiting to catch him without an audience, I asked him if he ever thought about using L-lysine which killed off a lot of viruses to combat the AIDS, and told him that was what I would be trying first if I had the problem. He then asked me what it was and where he could get it and how much to take. After answering his questions: it's an amino acid, get it lots of places like health food places, walmart's, walgreens,etc, and to take 2 grams 4 times a day. I never talked with him about it afterwards, but he started looking healthier and happier and a few months later I heard that he had turned in his resignation and was entering Art School, so he most likely found it helped.

If you can get your hands on a copy of "Your Own Perfect Medicine", you might want to read on urine therapy for AIDS. It has been awhile, but I do recall at least one male who said that is what he has been doing for several years and the picture they showed of him certainly didn't look like an AIDS patient. I think I would try the L-lysine and Vitamin C to boost the immune system first because I would find it a little hard to get past drinking my urine, even though I know that it has been used to save lives when blood plasma wasn't available. Somehow IV urine therapy sounds more appealing to me than oral urine therapy. A patient told me that this idea originated from the Bible wherein it mentions "drinking from your own fountain".

Replied by Clint
(Wauconda, Il)

I have to disagree with the advice to take any vitamin C when taking MMS as it counters the effects of the MMS according to Jim Humble. As far as l-lysine is concerned ,it doesn't kill viruses but thwarts their proliferation which keeps the counts down and makes it easier for the body to erradicate. (for the person with aids) Best wishes

Replied by Chantelle
(Mancelona, Michigan)

My friend, HIV doesn't cause cysts or calcifications. It is mycoplasma incognitus lying dormant. I don't think you can do anything at this point.

Replied by Cooper
(Nyc, Ny)

I did the latest hiv protocol posted by Jim Humble...3 drops every hour for 8 hours a day for three weeks. Just had my blood checked and cd4 went down from 315 to 186. Have not gotten viral load back...will re-post when I do. So, started the meds this weeks. Was actually quite surprised, as I feel great, and thought it would probably clear me.

EC: For those interested in learning more about CD4 counts, please see this article:

Replied by Americanboy

So what are you saying did the protocol help you, because your cd4 cell went down from 300 to 185 that's not good they were supposed to go up not down . I have hiv to and I'm doing the same regiment, so are you basically saying it's not gon work for, plus I do more then 3 drops for 8hours, I do 20 drops of activated CDS for 8hours a day

will this work somebody help please


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Posted by Helena (Brooklyn, Ny) on 11/23/2009

In sep 2008 I came down with a hive condition, something would trigger them every night about 8pm they were welts all over. At first I thought it was due to detergent. By Jan 2009 I ended up in the emergency room my face hived together. There they did a thyroid test and determined my levels were off the charts, and prescribed meds. I didnt believe the thyroid caused my hives I believed the hives caused my thyroid. A site on hives led me to MMS I started taking it in Feb. My teeth improved immediately, The hives gone, my energy through the roof. Only when I went up to 11 drops did I become violently nauseas. I now only take it when I feel a cold coming on or my gums hurt. I still dont know what caused the hives but I know what cured them, I never took the thyroid meds and I am fine. I think MMS will affect different people differently.


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Posted by Mama (Sarnia , Ontario) on 02/27/2012

I just wanted to mention that everyone in our household uses MMS1 and MMS2. That includes our 5 children. They take it without any trouble, and since we started last summer not one person in our family has been ill.... Not anything in the slightest! Not a single cold.. Nothing. I also wanted to mention that I took both MMS1 and MMS2 all during my last pregnancy... And felt awesome. We had a very healthy baby boy and the midwives were amazed at how alert and vibrant he was. He's been perfectly healthy ever since. I encourge you to look into these to substances, they really are miracle secrets! Mama

Replied by Nancy
(Dallas, Texas)

Hi! I have a question for mama, I have lupus, with kidney problems and I have been taking mms for 4 months already, and is working great, and now I want to get pregnant but I am a little skeptical about using mms in my pregnancy, since I have read that is not very safe, and since you mention that you used it, can you please tell me what was the dosage that you used and what others supplements did you also used, and if there is something I need to do or just give me some feed back on that matter, I will be very thankful, because is going to help me a bunch... You can contact me on my e-mail cocol75041(at)yahoo. com please respond to me with any others suggestions thanks...

Replied by Bridget
(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi there,

I'm wanting some info regarding dose amounts & frequencies while pregnant too. I've got a number of low-level diseases & one serious-but-not-currently-injurious hereditary kidney disease. I'm currently taking up to 5 drops up to 6 times a day, but my partner wants me to progress up to 15 drops hourly. I'm 10 weeks pregnant.

I'm amazed at how little there is on the internet re: pregnant women's experiences with mms! Any info you could give me would be great. Thanks!

Legionnaires Disease

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Posted by Jo B. (Auckland, New Zealand ) on 10/11/2018

I have been using mms for a few years now. Just recently I contracted legionnaires from bad water and started taking 3 drops each hour for 8 hours a day. I'm on day 5 now..the infection has not gone from my body yet but it's getting better. Legionnaires is intercellular which means it has gone into the cell, in this respect it may take longer to get it out, into the extra cellular fluid and then out of the body. I intend to take the 3 x hourly drop dose for 3 weeks by that time all the bacteria should be gone...this nasty bacteria has affected most if not all of my body systems.

I do believe that mms protocol 1000 of 3 drops x every hour for 8 hours will eradicate most pathogens in our body.

It eradicates most, if not all pathogens from our pets and livestock. Animals are totally susceptible to many parasites and pathogens, herbicides and pesticides and mms can be the no.1 go to in fact all our animals as well as ourselves need to be on a maintenance programme after completing the 3 week protocol 1000.

Pathogens are one of the causes of most disease.

Combine mms with a grain, dairy, and sugar-free diet and you will enjoy great, not good, but great health and well-being.

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