MMS: The Miracle Mineral Supplement from Jim Humble

| Modified on Jun 16, 2024
Bleeding Gums
Posted by Rick Macaulay (Welland, Canada) on 11/21/2023

I had two broken molars both of which were partially under the gum line which led to almost daily bleeding. It was almost 2 months before I could get to see a surgeon (my dentist wouldn't even attempt extraction) and after seeing the surgeon I had to wait 3 weeks for the appointment for the extractions.

For the months before I saw the surgeon I used 10 drops in 2 ounces of clean (non-tap) water which stopped the bleeding within minutes. After I had my consult the surgeon advised he could go ahead with the surgery as long as I didn't get an infection prior. I told him infection wasn't an issue and assured him I would be ready for my appointment, which I was. So not only did the MMS stop the bleeding, it prevented any infection (or pathogens) entering and making a home in my mouth. This MMS is a Godsend!

About MMS
Posted by Rend (Olivet) on 11/20/2023

Thank you for the detailed post. I am not a chemist either and find chemistry and biology hard to grasp. Where could I find a reliable book or resource that will teach me how to safely use MMS? I'm particularly interested in using it for H. Pylori, parasites, fungus and herpes. Thank you!

Where to Buy: South Africa
Posted by Lisa (Jax, FL) on 10/25/2023

Hi Mashapi,

You could go to and submit a question there. They are very good about responding.


About MMS
Posted by Ariel (Santa Cruz ) on 10/24/2023

You are so right! Larry sucks and has erased my comments when I've been desperately trying to find help troubleshooting mms issues. That guy really is the worst.

Where to Buy: South Africa
Posted by Mashapi (Vereeniging ) on 10/23/2023

Hi, I am a South African and wish to buy MMS, please help

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by Vicki (Georgia) on 07/24/2023

I found a resource from this show:

I haven't gotten them yet but have big plans for when they arrive. Have you ever put CLS in a diffuser? I do that about 3 times a day. It healed my dog's skin problem (I think she had mange) and my skin problem (rosacea). I don't like drinking it so I use the diffusers instead. I also clean with it. If I had a swimming pool I'd put it in there.

Where to Buy: France
Posted by stacey (CA) on 07/16/2023

Hi Yad! I see the links above are no longer in service. Is there another location to buy some of these products? I am new to this so I am out of the loop so to speak as to why the phone number and links and email are no longer in service. Can you help me out with a new location to buy some of these products? Thanks so much, Stacey in CA

MMS for Dogs
Posted by stacey (CA) on 07/16/2023

Hi AK! Just read your post. I have two 8 pd Shih Tzu's with chronic yeast both internal and skin. I have been using Yeast Free Fido which has helped about 90%. I would love to bathe and put the MMS in their drinking water. Or I am open to other suggestions. I do not know the amount for their water and how much would I put in a tub to bathe them in?? Can I hurt them if I put too much in the bath water? Could I make them toxic? Can you help me out with this? Thank you in advance! Stacey Hendrix Calif

MMS for Dogs
Posted by stacey (CA) on 07/15/2023

AK, do you have the dosing amount for dogs? I have two 8pd Shih Tzus I would like to use this on. How do I go about doing this? Have you tried this on your dog or dogs and how did or is it going? thank you for all your help, Stacey

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by Cheryl (AB) on 05/03/2023

Hi Robert,

I spend a lot of time on this site and love it. Seeing your posts makes my day. Your bluntness and no bullshit approach is refreshing!! I'm glad you are doing well and have a brain like me to avoid the poison. Hope we get to read your wit from your 100 yr plus brain!! Live long my friend xx

Posted by Ronald (Arizona ) on 04/22/2023

Did the MMS work for your husband and what doses? Thanks, Ron.

Decaffeinating Coffee With MMS
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 03/20/2023 488 posts

I've confirmed the decaffing effects of MMS on my coffee. Accidentally. By drinking less than a quarter of a cup of French blend when I was out and about, without it. Holy moly! I didn't even think about the fact that I've been decaffing all of my coffee for over a month! Shot me right out of my socks! I can't believe I used to drink full-caff coffee by the potful for so many decades. I certainly couldn't do that today! It's a HORRIBLE feeling! Yikes!

Here's how I decaff my beloved Colombian coffee:

In a 250 ml wash bottle, I put 30 drops of the sodium chlorite solution and 30 drops of the citric acid solution, let it develop for a minute then fill with distilled water, put the wash bottle squirty lid - WITHOUT THE DIP TUBE - on it and stick it in the fridge.

For my coffee, I squirt it directly into the prepared coffee for a slow 3 count. Voilà!

Back when I was drinking my coffee straight, I used it to decaffeinate myself with a long squirt in a shot of water. Then tried it on my coffee and it didn't change the taste at all. I doubt my coffee is totally decaffeinated with a slow 3 count squirt as there is zero aroma of MMS, directly after, but it's definitely a lot LESS caffeinated.

If you use the dip tube, it will oxidize in pretty short order so I remove it. I have to turn it upside down to dispense it, which takes a teeny bit of practice to do it without making a mess, but the bottles, themselves, are non-reactive material whereas the dip tubes are not.

MMS for Dogs
Posted by AK (FL) on 02/02/2023

Yes, you absolutely can give it to your dog and you're welcome to message me because I have a cat/dog dosage chart. angelicascribit(at)

MMS Preparation
Posted by AK (FL) on 02/02/2023

Yes, that's gone bad as it's supposed to turn a dark yellow/light amber color.

MMS for Plants
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 01/15/2023 488 posts

I would try a whey spray, first. Which is basically LABS (lactic acid bacteria serum) which is used in Korean Natural Farming (KNF). Super simple to cultivate, right in your house. Put some organic rice in a bowl, cover with enough water to give you a half inch to an inch on top and leave it set on the warmest counter in your kitchen. As SOON as it starts to give off the aroma of fermentation, strain it and put one part of that starter to 10 parts milk in a glass jar, cover with a paper towel and rubber band and set it someplace warm. I set it on the back of my computer, right over the power supply where it's pretty consistently 80 degrees BUT, you can also push the flaps of a box tall enough to cover the bottle to the inside and set it over the jar on one end with the other end set just over the edge of a floor register for your heating - assuming it's cold enough for it to run every once in a while. If not, you can line the box with a blanket, heat a small pan of water on the stove, pour the water out, dry the pan and set it and your jar inside the box, toss the blanket over them for insulation and leave it for 2 days. Then check it everyday until you get curds and whey. strain, dilute 1 part whey to 3 parts water in a spray bottle (glass works best).

You can try that in one spot and 3% hydrogen peroxide in another spot and diluted MMS on yet another spot and see what happens in just one day. I would prefer the LABS because the hydrogen peroxide and the MMS are going to sterilize it which gives the fungus a head start with another round.

LABS is basically a strong probiotic solution, which is what you want. It takes good microbes a lot longer than "bad" microbes to recover, population-wise, from sterilization. Just like taking antibiotics.

I'd also look into what is creating the desired environment for the fungus. I'd guess the trees' feet are too wet but, I'm not there so...just make your LABS and walk the area, spraying it around as you go. You can do the same in your house to give it that super fresh, outdoor fragrance! Plus, of course, you can put it in some juice and drink it, spray yourself with it after a shower to help restore the acid mantle of your skin, pour some down the drain a couple times per week to open them up and keep them clean, spray around the shower area and toilet and so on. LABS are really a marvel and quite useful! Like vinegar but at a more active, living stage.

And, of course, you can always use some to make your next batch. Just put some in your jar, add some milk and voilà! And it will go faster when you use it as its own starter.

Here's something fun - set out 2 bowls of water for your pets and squirt some in one of the bowls - or add a little ACV, either one - and see which water they prefer! Pets don't get enough acid and a mammal can't process protein without it. Whether they're carnivores OR herbivores. Fat = acid so, unless you're raw feeding your pets - or even if you are but aren't providing enough fat - chances are they're starving for it.

You could also add a third bowl with a couple drops of 2% Lugol's iodine in it to see if they're deficient. And a fourth with a couple pinches of sea salt. If they drink all of one, specifically, then they're deficient in that nutrient and you can try keeping it available in a stronger mix, separate from their plain water bowl so they can take a couple laps when they need it but still have just plain water when they don't. Same for the other 3 substances.

MMS for Plants
Posted by Anahata (Nelson, NZ) on 01/13/2023

Can MMS be used to cure fungus on fruit trees, plants etc?

Where to Buy: France
Posted by Yad (Sunny Somewhere) on 11/29/2022 15 posts

Please read the entire Jim Humble website before using or making your own MMS. See link below then check out second link to buy.

Where to Buy: UK
Posted by B (Ga) on 11/29/2022

Amazon has the ingredients as well as DMSO

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Brian (Ga) on 11/29/2022

Amazon has the ingredients as well as DMSO

Where to Buy: France
Posted by B (Ga) on 11/29/2022

Amazon has the ingredients and DMSO as well.

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by Sunnyy1 (TX) on 11/28/2022

I agree with you ORH. MMS is too harsh and prefer CDS. I too prefer following Andreas Kalcker Universal Antidote and his book, protocols etc. I know it seems much simpler to just use drops and mix but not a good outcome in my experience. Thx for your knowledge and time.

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by Sunnyy1 (TX) on 11/28/2022

I don't, nor would I use MMS. I suggest and trust CDS. But thx.

MMS Preparation
Posted by PEG (Minnesota) on 11/27/2022

I would absolutely get new - toss that out. It does not sound right.

Chlorine Dioxide
Posted by Sunnyy1 (TX) on 11/27/2022

Hi ORH. I just saw this post. The site you included no longer exists. :(

I do know there is a channel on Telegram called "The Universal Antidote Videos Chat." Great info and Andreas Kalcker CDS Protocols and eBook available there.

God bless. 🙏

MMS Preparation
Posted by John (CA) on 11/26/2022

I have mms two part mix. It has been around easily for a year. I mixed some together in a glass (10 drops) & the solution turned white & very powerful bleach smell ( stronger than usual.
Has this product gone bad or is this a temperature thing. Both liquids look clear & are not cloudy. Please advise if I should purchase new product?

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 11/26/2022

Read the book by the man who created/invented the use of Chlorine Dioxide for human use:

The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millennium by Jim V. Humble

It is available as a PDF Download off the internet.

Throat Cancer, Diabetes
Posted by Bobbie (Sacramento) on 11/26/2022

Could you post an update, and how to either obtain or make mms? Thank you!

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by Bobbie (Sacramento ) on 11/26/2022

Clearly you are not a novice, Rob!

Can you help those of us (myself) find a source and the directions for using it?


MMS Side Effects
Posted by Shmuel (Israel) on 11/02/2022

Main stream media is owned by the same people as Big Pharma. Don't expect to get the truth from mainstream media. MMS is NOT bleach. That's like saying that carbon monoxide is the same as carbon dioxide because the sound similar. It's absurd. Carbon monoxide is toxic and carbon dioxide is what we exhale.

Sinus Infections
Posted by Judith (KY) on 10/05/2022


I have taken MMS for about 20 years and it really helps a lot with a lot of things.
When I first started taking it the taste and smell were so horrible I would almost gag but then I realized if I didn't breathe through my nose and only threw my mouth I couldn't taste or smell it anymore. Problem solved.

Where to Buy: Canada
Posted by Carol (Myrtle Beach, SC ) on 09/17/2022

Any info on where to buy mms in Canada thank you

Ulcerative Colitis
Posted by Sabita (Middletown, Ri) on 09/06/2022

Water fast for one day and then green smoothies for two days. Also start taking right away (during water fast also) slippery elm powder 3 times a day (1 tsp stirred into warm water - sprinkle into water while you are stirring so it doesn't clump up then let it sit for 10 minutes before drinking); drink aloe juice, and acidophilus. No wheat, sugar, or dairy. My daughter did this after being diagnosed in Emergency. This stopped all symptoms. She is okay now and it has not reoccurred. Good resource book is Self Healing Colitis & Crohn's by David Klein, Ph.D. Good Luck! Available on Amazon

Ulcerative Colitis
Posted by Jake (Norwich UK) on 09/04/2022

I was just wondered what the best protocol is for treating ulcerative colitis.

Many thanks

MMS for Dogs
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 08/06/2022

  • Blackstrap molasses
  • Turmeric

Put these in their food daily

  • Chlorine Dioxide in their water

I'm assuming you know how to use them.

MMS for Dogs
Posted by Chris (Australia) on 08/06/2022

Please help.

My 7 yr old boxer dog has just been diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma. He has just had his spleen removed a few days ago. (It had not ruptured yet)

However the vet is sure it would have spread microscopically through the body already. But we just can't see it yet he said.

Can I use Chlorine dioxide or something like this to hit it hard now before we see it? He only gives him 2-3 months to live.

I need to act super fast ASAP!!

Please advise

Thanks so much

Chris (Australia)

About MMS
Posted by Khandyse (KS) on 07/26/2022

Does what you make pass the blood brain barrier? Can I give one or all of any of the types to my dog? Will you make me what you make for yourself? As you said, I'm not a scientist. Nor am I the best at measuring properly. Get back to me. I'm interested in what you have to say and what you know. Thank you?

Chlorine Dioxide
Posted by Deb (Iowa) on 07/22/2022

It's on rumble.

Where to Buy: UK
Posted by Jon (Birmingham, United Kingdom) on 07/17/2022

Master Mineral Solution, trusted suppliers list... where can I find it today please, as I last purchased this back in 2014.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Naomi (North Carolina) on 07/15/2022

According to Jim Humble's book, MMS Health Recovery Guidebook, MMS attacks only the pathogens, not the good guys. That's very good news.

Ulcerative Colitis
Posted by Enola (USA. FLORIDA) on 07/13/2022

Take around 27 days. Other protocols to add on in Jim Humbles book. Hope you have given up Wheat, sugar, carbs, and corn! There are many protocols. Some on Facebook MMS,

Nail Fungus
Posted by Ely (Kent) on 06/24/2022

Does anyone know how to use MMS on nail fungus?

Posted by Robert S. (USA) on 06/23/2022

I have arthritis in several places, both knees, back, and neck with chronic pain. I found out about MMS / CDS water and tried it, and it lowered the pain better than anything else I have used. The best site for its use is

Never mind what negative press he gets, it is just the usual medical Mafia hit pieces **clinical studies are documented on his site & standard treatment in certain countries in South America**.

You make CDS water the easy way using just a plastic sandwich bag and a glass jar & a cup warmer to speed it up to 12 - 24 hours instead of 48 hrs. Measure the amount of MMS you need per the amount of CDS you are making, put it in the sandwich bag, make sure it is sealed tight so no leakage, and put it in the glass jar filled with distilled & filtered water being careful not to break the bag *squeeze out all the air first* if using a cup heater check every so often so it does not get too hot and melt the bag usually about 8-12 hours if it gets too hot turn it off until it cools a bit then turn it on again until done. If you put room temp water, you can time it, so you can do it at bedtime and adjust in the daytime. If you have a small heating pad, you can use it, but remember to put something under the jar between it and any heater to prevent cracking. Also, place it in an enclosure to keep the heat in, I use a small cardboard box, no fuss no muss, plain and simple & it works.

Any type of heater will do & can get to 100-130-F but not melt the bag. You either have to buy the MMS solution or make it yourself & both are possible.

The dosage I use is straight out of the jar, about 1/2 tsp 1x daily in the morning on an empty stomach. I have just started to use it intranasal using just a 1oz spray bottle. I mix 1/2 oz CDS with 1/2 oz water > saline I think would be better. Likewise, I use it several times daily and no ill effects, no burning, but it does make your nose run until it clears it out of whatever is in it. Gets into the body easily due to the nose being filled with blood vessels and bypassing the GI tract.

Where to Buy: Australia
Posted by Debra (Sydney, Australia) on 06/19/2022 59 posts


I am in Australia and bought some on Ebay a couple years ago called Oxy-MMS by Naclo. I used it for a few months and then took a break but I used it on the dog next door who I think had an Esophageal tumor because she was choking and gagging daily. I gave her snacks with the MMS mixed in and it stopped all her gagging.

The neighbors moved so I don't know what happened after that.

I'm using it again now for severe sinus and kidney infection that I think may even be cancer.

Chlorine Dioxide
Posted by Roxanne (Michigan) on 06/11/2022

Information is not available.

Heavy Metal Detox
Posted by DB (California ) on 05/25/2022

4 ounces of water, no more than 3 drops, every hour, for 8 hours. You mix 3 drops of MMS and 3 drops of Hydrochloric acid together first, wait 30 seconds until it turns dark yellow and then add the water. It is best to mix it every hour, but if you are out and about, you can mix the 8 hours in advance. This information is from a video Jim Humble made and I personally watched.

Multiple Cures
Posted by DB (California ) on 05/25/2022

The most recent recommendations is 3 drops of MMS, 3 drops of Hydrochloric acid to 4 ounces of water, no more than 3 drops, every hour, for 8 hours. You mix 3 drops of MMS and 3 drops of Hydrochloric acid together first, wait 30 seconds until it turns dark yellow and then add the 4 ounces of water. It is best to mix it every hour, but if you are out and about, you can mix the 8 hours in advance. This information is from a video Jim Humble made and I personally watched.

MMS Dosage
Posted by DB (California ) on 05/25/2022

The most recent recommendations are 3 drops per 4 ounces of water, no more than 3 drops, every hour, for 8 hours. You mix A and B together first, wait 30 seconds until it turns dark yellow and then add the water. It is best to mix it every hour, but if you are out and about, you can mix the 8 hours in advance. This information is from a video Jim Humble made and I personally watched.

Posted by conya (jmst, ND) on 05/11/2022

My husband was on 3 heart pills and 3 pills for blood sugar. He also took Trazadone and some others per the VA and was then diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

We started MMS, plant food diet, herbs, lots of water, and vitamins. He was taken off all pills and communicated with us. We did lots of our own research. That was 7 years ago. It is worth it to research everything, the truth is out there.

Nail Fungus
Posted by Judy (Israel) on 04/03/2022

How should I mix it? Use just MMS on the nails? Thanks

Multiple Cures
Posted by JIMKOVACS (CARACAS, VENEZUELA) on 03/23/2022


Really a life-saver for me. at 68 years I had been dealing with many stomach problems, esophagitis, hernias, candida, h-pylori, you name it.

Also sinus problems, cervical issues and arthritis...

I started this on an empty stomach before breakfast and it took it all away!

I do one more shot with ChlorineDioxide drops in the afternoon, and use Colloidal Silver spray in my nose against possible COVID since this all started...

I have not gotten any Jabs, but feel that my Immune System has really perked up since this combo.

STRONGLY recommend it for all out there!

Blessings and inspiration, Nature boosts your body's healing in ways big-pharma could never do...

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Elaine (NC) on 03/19/2022

I purchased mine from Amazon. There are several sellers, the product does not have Jim Humbles's name on it or anything because he didn't invent it he just advocated its use.

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Jayne (Black River Falls, Wi. ) on 03/17/2022

I have type 2 diabetes, I am looking for jim humbles' product. Where can I buy his product? Please can you help me?

Multiple Cures
Posted by Jake (Canada) on 03/13/2022

Actually, the FDA's warning is false lol... the bleaching agent is 100x more potent and a completely different molecule.

That's why thousands take CDS/MMS.

The FDA is not trustworthy either as they don't care about you. They care about profits and big pharma.

Please continue taking CDS/MMS :)

About MMS
Posted by Firstis (New Zealand) on 03/05/2022

Demonizing innocent people who were only trying to help others tells me you are a 100% troll, and I am certain that the honorable Larry Smith was only protecting the precious MMS website (and thus helping more people get better) from people like you and your disinformative, intentionally fake negative posts.

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Firstis (New Zealand) on 03/05/2022

Regarding the allegation of the death that you referred to (1 allegation in over 20 years of use of this treatment), I suggest that you read the following summary of the highly unusual and suspicious circumstances surrounding that case before reaching any conclusions regarding the safety of this solution. I believe you will see there are many motives here at play, and least of all, truth. When you have a multi-pronged treatment so effective I think you will agree that it is only expected that the corporate Big Pharma will go all out to kill it by deceit, slander, whatever it takes. After all Pharma CEOs get paid big bonuses for increased profits, not "reduced". In fact, falling profits put their jobs at risk. Here is the other side of the story that ABC conveniently hid from you:

We can overlook the fact that many believers and heroic promoters of this truly effective product (with due diligence taken regarding the recommended preparation of course) who sell this product that lasts for years and costs just $30 have ended up in jail and pronounced criminals, although they did more for humankind than all the politicians, kings, queens and judges put together. Jim Humble, Andreas Kalcker, The Grenon family, Daniel Smith the most notable.

Note: Of course, due diligence is required to follow the recommended instructions for preparation. And the "herxheimer reaction" (body's method of detoxifying) can be very unpleasant if the solution made is above ones tolerance level, and the body has not been prepared for it in a slow progressive manner.

Chlorine Dioxide
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 02/20/2022

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN, ORH here, and I'm on a roll. As all know I have worked with ClO2 all my industry life, but never for my health. Yep, it is a bleach, but that is to distract you from what it can do for your health. In 1941 when I was in the first grade and our tablets had a brightness of about 73. When CLO2 was used in 1954, the paper brightness went to 88. With the advent of the computer most of the white fine paper mills have been shut down or converted to brown and round because all order on line and a shipper must use a box. We have just done a 180 in my lifetime and you had no clue. BROWN TO BRIGHT AND BACK TO BROWN.

I am going to give you a site about what ClO2 can do for your health. Please start at 45 minutes in the testimonials and then you will go back to the start and learn the whole story.

ATS ====ORH====

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Heather (United States ) on 02/04/2022

There is a thing as too much oxygen, it's called O2 toxicity. Look up oxygen free radicals/ oxygen toxicity.

Where to Buy: Canada
Posted by Kabee (Mountain City, Tn) on 02/02/2022

Amandha Vollmer, Canadian, site sells what you are looking for.

Where to Buy: Canada
Posted by Francine (Quebec) on 02/02/2022


Je suis du Québec, j'achète mon CDS sur Ebay et mon MMS sur Amazone

Pour le DMSO, je l'achète aux magasins de produits naturel



I'm from Quebec, I buy my CDS on Ebay and my MMS on Amazon

For DMSO, I buy it at health food stores.

Heavy Metal Detox
Posted by Tonya (Hawaii) on 01/28/2022

I never saw the 3x a day working your way to 15 drops. Is that activated 15 MMS1 drops mixed with Activated citric acid, HCL?

MMS Dosage
Posted by Madelyn (Idaho) on 01/06/2022

I've read that the amount of water doesn't have an affect on the MMS / medicinal dose. You could put the number of activated drops in any amount of water you're comfortable drinking at one time. It doesn't taste the best, so sufficient dilution helps get it down, but not so much water it's a total chore to drink it all at once. I had read if using drops in your bath water that the effectiveness of the MMS is not reduced by having a large tub / more water. Hope that helps.

Multiple Cures
Posted by BevilNC (NC) on 01/05/2022

Jim Humble says 4oz (1/2 cup) in his book no matter how many activated drops are used.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Anita (Toronto) on 01/05/2022

Could someone clarify the 2011 post from Jerome?

He said "I began with 5 drops of MMS twice a day on an empty stomach"

Would you be so kind to tell me in how much water you put the 5 drops of activated MMS?

Thank you so much!

MMS Dosage
Posted by Anita (Toronto) on 01/05/2022

Hi Michelle,

I get frequent colds/flus, they last for 2-3 months and are so debilitating! Would you be so kind to tell me the 6 to 8 drops of MMS, in how much distilled water do you put them, how much do you drink per day and how often?

Thanking you from the bottom of my heart!


MMS Dosage
Posted by Michael (MS) on 01/04/2022


I have all of the same problems. Low thyroid, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Back Pain along with the chronic pain from fibromyalgia and Diabetes.

Only meds work for my thyroid but for the chronic pain I use cold showers daily which works great for the pain. I also use the Wim Hof breathing method and it also works great for pain. Individually they work great and even better together.

For viruses, colds etc. I use MMS. I use it in a spray bottle to keep my house germ free and if I feel I'm getting sick I drink 6 to 8 drops in distilled water. Works really quick for me.

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by Sunnyy1 (TX) on 01/03/2022

That is 3 drops per hour if mixed as directed in a 1 liter bottle. 10 - 12 times per day.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Jayne Hurley (UK ) on 01/03/2022

Hi Vic,

Can you give any ideas of suppliers in UK please?

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 01/03/2022

I am not familiar with that product. It states it is from Germany. I would follow the manufacturer's guidelines on how to take it. If it's written in German, good luck. I have a hard enuff time speaking german and understanding them.

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 01/03/2022

@ Karen the dosage is coming from frontline doctors in Ecuador, Columbia treating patients in hospitals with covid19. I'm sure Jim Humble would approve of frontline doctors using his discovery to combat a global plague and the dosage required to kill it.

1 liter = 33.81 fl oz

33 drops Part A (25% sodium chlorite) and 33 drops Part B (50% citric acid) = 66 drops finished liquid (chlorine dioxide) = 2.5ml

3oz in a shot glass will equal to 3 drops actived “key word there” Clorine Dioxide

In the study below, patients were instructed to put 10ml of chlorine dioxide into 1 liter of water! This is 4 times more than I have suggested.

Per a study conducted by Genesis Foundation in the Hospital Fhsj and San Carlos Hospital in Bogota, Colombia ---

On the Effectiveness of Oral Chlorine Dioxide in the Treatment of COVID 19

Assignment of study medication Each patient will receive, in order of admission to the study, a consecutive patient number and the corresponding study medication. Patients will receive the 3,000 ppm chlorine dioxide base preparation with written and precise instructions on how to prepare and take the dilutions.

7.1 Dosage and route of administration. Medication: chlorine dioxide 3000 ppm. Fco x 150 cc. 10 ml of 3000 ppm chlorine dioxide are added to 1 liter of water, per day. One part is taken every hour, until the content of the bottle is finished (8 to 12 shots).

Both the original dioxide bottle and the preparation for the day should be kept refrigerated.

Each patient will receive the 3,000 ppm chlorine dioxide base preparation with written and precise instructions on how to prepare and take the dilutions.

: 10 ml of 3000 ppm chlorine dioxide are added to 1 liter of water, per day. One part is taken every hour, until the content of the bottle is finished (8 to 12 shots).

Researchers claim 100 percent cure rate vs. covid-19 in 100+ patient trial conducted in Ecuador, using intravenous chlorine dioxide


Video: Andreas Kalcker with Health Ranger Report, reveals the REVOLUTION in medicine that humanity needs right now: ClO2

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by Sunnyy1 (TX) on 01/01/2022

I believe what he's saying is 33 drops Sodium Chlorite, Part A (not MMS) with 33 drops Hydrochloric Acid, Part B.

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 12/21/2021

IGMU, ORH here and appreciate your post as I can convert to the CDS system I use. Ran the equation out and the residue from the MMS is just table salt. It is probably not a deal, but I had rather just work with CLO2 alone, in distilled water. I do know that controlling the pH and temperature of a pulp bleaching tower controls the CLO2 reaction rate. The brightness and viscosity of the pulp fiber tells you that. That little trick is one of the ways I got mills out of the ditch and customers happy. Most mills did not measure the process as thoroughly as I required. ====ORH====

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by Igmu Tu (Canada) on 12/20/2021

Hi to All.........with the proper protocols MMS or Chlorine Dioxide will remove most if not all pathogen and virus ..correct protocols are the is stated here when using Sodium Chlorite "PartA". and ACTIVATING it with HCL "hydrochloric acid" same as in our stomach at 4% dilution mixing the two will give off Chlorine Dioxide.

Sodium Chlorite can be activated with many different acids eg..vinegar, lemon, citric acid, once you have taken a protocol of max 3 ACTIVATED drops per HR for 8 hrs a day and completed your protocol for whatever you were trying to remove, and had been successful removing condition, a MAINTENANCE DOSE of 6 activated drops per day if over 65, under 65 I think from memory was 4-5 I may not be correct with the last statement......there are many different protocols with the use of chlorine dioxide that have been tried and tested by experts in the field using dmso, moringa, and many other things .. learning how to use it correctly before using is critical to safety and outcome......

this book is the students' workbook for Clo2:

And here are the training videos for each protocol:.

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by jessica (usa) on 12/20/2021

try this one

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE , TN) on 12/19/2021

KAREN, ORH here and nail meets hammer. I ain't dumb but this drop crap messes up my Ga Tech mind. We have measurement tools, use them. Humble was first dealing with tribal folks, we past that crap.He did what he had to do at the time. When you mix an acid and a base, a reaction takes place and you come out with two products. I want the CDS for my body and the other to clean up my kitchen or toilet, but not put into my body.

Folks have already been down this trail, they just don't know how to passes this mumbo jumbo on. I speak from making ClO2 for 40 years to bleach pulp and not to injest for your health. We used Sulfuric acid because you have the spent acid you have to deal with and we could use a sulfur compound in our recovery process. What MMS does is to take this into your body as a by-product. That is BS. It will not kill you but it has nothing to do with healing you and confuses the issue.So what we have is illiterates speaking in tongues and trying to have an intelligent conversation. Ain't gonna happen. Forget Humble, follow Kitcher as he is a scientist and not a missionary. No disrespect to Humble. He did his thing at the time. Yeah, Big Pharma is going to shut this program down if they can. All need to understand that we are dealing with evil people. Hey, I don't mean just bad people, I mean folks that worship Lucifer, the devil. I would not miss this game for any amount of money. We are fixing to go through a world of hurt. Me, at 85, I have been to my rodeo. I am as ready as a Redneck can get. Bring it on. ====ORH====

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by BevilNC (NC) on 12/19/2021

For anyone interested in the book, "mms health recovery guidebook" by Jim Humble, Amazon does have a Kindle Edition for instant download.

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE , TRN) on 12/19/2021

HI U J,,,,,,,,,, ORH here and respectively ask that you explain how CDS has helped you. I want to get off all the Rx and supplements we take and think CDS may be the answer. I tried to stir the pot, but need facts, not STUFF. My Pharmacist friend told me at church today that she is full of energy since she started on CDS last Thursday. We are starting it today at 100ml once a day. Know Cancer folks take that amount 10 x a day. Having made ClO2 for 40 years, I am not interested in taking MMS because it has what is left after the reaction. I only want the CDS. Not throwing rocks, but spent too many years making the stuff in industry. The MMS and CDS confuse folks. CDS is chlorine dioxide only. MMS is CD and what is left after the reaction. That was what was needed for simple solutions. It works, but is not what I want. I want only CDS. We started our program today and will go slow. The cancer cure is 100 ml every hour for 10 hours. We will start at 100 ml /D, and work from there. Only want to avoid colds, and flu this winter. ====ORH====

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by Dana (Usa) on 12/19/2021

Hello Rob,

From where can we purchase part A and part B?

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by Karen (North Carolina) on 12/19/2021

I have the book "mms health recovery guidebook" by Jim Humble. I suggest people try to find this even though it will be difficult at this time. The 33 drops of MMS and activator that Rob from Kentucky is suggesting would give Jim Humble a heart attack. Do NOT follow these instructions! No more than 3 drops per hour MAX! Before you take this, please find the book or do your own research.

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by Kennethaki (England) on 12/19/2021

Well done. Same here. No d e a t h jab.

I don't quite understand your writing about this product.

I am pretty clever and have been researching prostate cancer for 5 yrs and this covid this NGK for two yrs.

so a quick intro to this product might be helpful to me. Thank you from England.

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by Roxanne (Michigan) on 12/19/2021

What about a maintenance program, to keep the buggers away?

Where to Buy: Canada
Posted by Glenn (Canada) on 12/18/2021

Try searching water purification drops. It'll be sodium chlorite and hypochlorite acid.
search Andreas kalcker and he has all the protocols and how to make it videos.
also join the comusav group on telegram.
everything you need!!

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by J (Fl) on 12/18/2021

This is the most powerful most suppressed cure-all in our world. If the truth got out big pharma would be out of business. I've been using this for years.

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 12/18/2021

Rob, I just received a bottle of 100ml. of 0.3% Chlorine Dioxide of a company called Ancevia.

Would you know how to use this? There is no mixing of 2 elements.

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 12/18/2021

ROB,,,,,,, ORH here and thanks for the input. I follow Andreas Kalcker and not Humble, so drops are not used and you only get CLO2 and not the spent acid also. In the paper industry, you use salt, NaCl, NaClO3 and add Sulfuric Acid in a large lead lined generator that has a water cooled jacket around it because much heat is generated with mixing of and acid and a base. Air is injected in the bottom which sweep both CLO2 and Cl2 gas out into a 40' absorption tower where the CLO2 gas is absorbed in 40 degree water. Almost all the Cl2 gas passes into a smaller tower where it is absorbed with NaOH and that product is NaOCl or the bleach your wife uses to brighten her wash. The spent acid is neutralized and the sulfur recovered, as sulfur is the main ingredient in dissolving lignin from the wood chips thus leaving cellulose or fiber.

All this is told to you as to why I don't care to use MMS because it has the residual acid and all I want is the CDS. I know MMS works, but think CDS is the better way. Your protocol is the same used by a guy who cured his Melanoma cancer with MMS. He has since switched to CDS.

Rob, I am not a novice in making ClO2, but am a novice in the health aspect. I am smart enough to know that if NASA said in 1987 that it is the best universal antidote for all ailments, then we need to learn all we can. I am consumed by this subject and also the possibilities of what KAATSU can do for my failing heart. Anyway, I never miss reading your posts, as you are a bright guy. The generator at my last mill made 35 tons of ClO2 / day and that could treat everyone in Tenn.


Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 12/17/2021

Hello ORH

This is the recipe I follow. Hope it helps.

How to use Chlorine Dioxide:

Liquid Drops:

*Place 33 drops Chlorine Dioxide (Part A) and 33 drops Phosphoric Acid Activator (Part B) into a measuring spoon to pre-mix.

*Let mixture react for 5 minutes to ensure full activation (it will turn yellow color).

*Put Part A & B mixture into a 1 liter bottle.

*Fill container with (1 liter) water.

*Shake or stir.

*Water is now ready for use. Enjoy! Do NOT take vitamin C supplements while taking Chlorine Dioxide!

Drink 3oz in a shot glass every hour, until the content of the bottle is finished (8 to 12 shots). Repeat next day with a fresh batch.

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 12/16/2021

HI U OLE PATOOTS, ORH here and I can't find what I want. I want a ClO2 protocol that will keep the bugger bears away. We new at this and the first program was for a novice. It worked for my wife and since I can't find a maintenance program. This may be it. I ain't doing MMS, I understand CLO2 and will stick with that. So convinced that ClO2 is the way to go........ I suggest you do this first regardless of your ailment. In 1987 NASA said that CLO2 was the solution for all ailments . Big Pharma made sure that was retracted. Doubt me....... research. We are controlled by the media. I am my own man. I did not take the jab. I still have a brain. Do you understand what a NORMIE IS? ====ORH====

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by Tessa (Okanagan) on 12/16/2021

Hi mmsg -

I had bookmarked the following website on my computer some time ago but I never got around to reading it. I will now .. .

There is an 80-page PDF called: The Universal Antidote - The science and story of chlorine dioxide.

There is also a 2-hour long video about the history of chlorine dioxide. Although I haven't watched all of it, the part I did was fascinating. The video also includes testimonies of people and doctors who used it.

Hope you find it as interesting as I did.

Take care,


Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 12/16/2021

ORH, how did you administer it?

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 12/15/2021


HI U OLE PATOOTS, ORH here and I am on a tear. After treating my Tractor Driver with CDS for her shingles and she recovered in a week, I am in high cotton. Tried to go back into the EC archives about MMS or CDS, but that is futile at best. Won't go there but want to spark interest in others what CLO2 can address and get some input. It can address viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold, and small parasites. It is truly a miracle compound that is a no brainer to make and addresses problems internal and external. I made the dang stuff for almost 40 years, breathed it and had to but on a gas mask when it got loose. But I used it to make pulp white and not for my health. So, if you think I's 'bout half smart then start thinking CDS for some of your ails and post on it. Probably there is a maintenance dose that will keep you safe this winter.


Where to Buy: Canada

Where to Buy: South Africa
Posted by Happy (South Africa) on 10/23/2021

I would like to know how can I get MMS.

Posted by Cathy (South Haven, MI) on 10/05/2021

I was on allergy pills, dyphenhydramine for over a decade. Stopped taking. Runny nose and sneezing constantly. Used 4 boxes of kleenex a month while on those pills. Started MMS a week and a half ago...nose dried up. Hardly any sneezing or nose blowing. It is wonderful. Hoping for help with asthma.

About MMS
Posted by Robert T. (Ocala, FL) on 09/26/2021

Mel ... MMS doesn't cure diabetes, 1 or 2. It only stops the symptoms by treating the pancreas.

Quote from a different website:

What about diabetes, does MMS cure diabetes?
People don't like me to use the word cure as it upsets some people to even have the concept that something can be cured so I won't say it very often. A group of researchers in Canada have stated that all persons with diabetes have an inflamed pancreas. Many doctors have said that, so it's really nothing new. What is new is MMS. The Chlorine Dioxide created by the MMS overcomes the inflammation of the pancreas and guess what, the symptoms of the diabetes.
Yes MMS works really well on people with diabetes. I know of a lot of people who are off their insulin, I also known of people who have gotten their sight back.
Just take your insulin four hours after taking MMS and you should be fine. Visit for the MMS book and DVD.
We have known people who had diabetes and where on insulin and when I say where is because they don't use insulin anymore and they also tell us that they feel much better. I think he should do the standard protocol which is on my web page.
My husband has Diabetes, should he stop taking his insulin when he starts taking MMS?
He does not have to stop taking his insulin until he feels good enough that he does not needed it anymore have him take the MMS and wait 3 to 4 hours to take the insulin, remember to start at 1 activated drop (per hour) and increase it by 1 (drop) per day till you get up to (3 drops per hour).
Generally, what is involved with the diabetes is the pancreas being inflamed; MMS gets the inflammation down, thus the pancreas starts working again. However, it is not a solution for everybody, and only half of the people taking MMS have been helped.
Video of Jim on Diabetes:
From Curezone:
I had hoped that MMS would cure my type2 diabetes when I started over 2 years ago, no luck. However what I did find was that it would dramatically reduce my blood sugar shortly after taking it. My neuropathy in my feet greatly improved, it's not totally gone but it became a lot more bearable. Recently I developed deep cracks in my heels which I managed to heal in about a week by bathing them every night in a basin of warm water with 10 drops activated.
Another Curezone post:

Note: Once you have (done the MMS Protocol 1000 for a month or more) of the viral, bacteria, mold, and yeast load will be gone from your body. Your body will be clean. You no longer have to worry about feeding the microorganism load. You can base you diet on nutrition, rather than not feeding the load. The diabetes will be gone, thus you no longer need to worry about sugar. You won't have to worry about the pancreas over reacting thus giving you a shock of insulin. Instead it will give you just enough insulin to knock the blood sugar lever to the right level (You won't feel sleepy after eating a candy bar). Your body will then be able to easily adsorb vitamins and minerals and many other nutrients it might have been missing up to this time. You should feel better as time goes by. Do not quit taking the MMS
Hello to you all. I am on this list now because my dad recommended MMS to me as he had borderline diabetes, started on MMS and has had wonderful results. Now he did lose weight and watches what he eats, but added MMS and doesn't even have to take his meds anymore.
From Jim Diabetes under control

Dear Sir Jim Humble;

It is my pleasure to post the success story I have experienced using MMS2 for my friend.

He had this diabetes for years already without

It takes about a month only. Using gradual increase day by day until able to take 4 caps a day at 2 to 3 hour time frame.

Here is how he achieved it…. he also take enzyme at the same time.

Before he start MMS2. The reading was 7.+, now the reading was 5.+ He never had this reading before. He now taking it daily at 1 to 2 caps.

I am glad to finally obtain the MMS1 25% solution. It does work too. Am having it often now. Will wait the arrival of your DVD to finish my exam on ...

Edwin Tan ( Penang Malaysia ) 11/07/2010 08:06am
So, (Bruce speaking here...) MMS is a very probable remedy for many people with Diabetes. If the chronic inflammation of the pancreas is eliminated, dramatic healing is possible. In one post, Jim says that healing can happen in 50% of Diabetes cases. I would suspect that with enough time more than that will at least be partially improved.

Where to Buy: Australia
Posted by Mark (Virginia ) on 09/26/2021

Search for CDS instead of MMS. You may find more sources.

Throat Cancer, Diabetes
Posted by Cherri (Springdale, Nl) on 09/26/2021

I would also like to know more about the online test for cancer. thankyou

About MMS
Posted by Mel (Millersville pennsylvania) on 09/26/2021

I have type 2 diabetes and a lot of joint pain. Will this cure me? I read the editor choice. Then I read Jim Humbles info. Confused about the citric acid stuff.

Throat Cancer, Diabetes
Posted by Vivian (Texas) on 09/25/2021

Jim in Oregon,

What is an online test for cancer? What types of cancer will it detect? Will you post the company name? Website address? or phone number?

Thank you, Vivian

About MMS
Posted by Robert T. (Ocala, FL) on 09/23/2021


I read all of Jim's books, including MMS HEALTH RECOVERY GUIDE. I wouldn't make comments unless I had. I said I wasn't against taking MMS. I make my own chlorine dioxide. I wasn't telling people not to use it. Can you explain why Jim's protocols are correct?

You wrote: ==You will probably never read this bcuz ur post is so old, but if people take the time to read and study Jim Humble's books, specifically MMS HEALTH RECOVERY GUIDE, you will see that this person has not read Jim's book and as a user of MMS this person is completely wrong and I am sad if people actually believe this and miss out on the awesome benefits of MMS, specifically the protocols from Jim Humble.==

About MMS
Posted by Debbie (Murphy NC) on 09/23/2021

You will probably never read this bcuz ur post is so old, but if people take the time to read and study Jim Humble's books, specifically MMS HEALTH RECOVERY GUIDE, you will see that this person has not read Jim's book and as a user of MMS this person is completely wrong and I am sad if people actually believe this and miss out on the awesome benefits of MMS, specifically the protocols from Jim Humble.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Anne (TX) on 09/09/2021

To EllieTx, we must also remember we are discussing the same FDA that legalized thalidomide, glysophate, DDT, aspartame, and as of late, OxyContin and fentanyl. They also are demonizing hydroxycloroquine and ivermectin but are giving the green light to Remdizivir (spelling???) for C19. I do not trust a word that comes out of the mouths of these bought and paid-for evil-doers at the FDA. Whoever greases their palms will get their drug approved, even if it kills countless Americans. Follow the money. This is, of course, my opinion based on hours of research into the FDA. I haven't yet received my MMS in the mail, so I've yet to have an experience with it. Getting it tomorrow.

Where to Buy: South Africa
Posted by Bethog (Namibia ) on 09/07/2021

Did you manage to get MMS in South Africa?

About MMS
Posted by Dr. Glen Swartwout (HI) on 09/03/2021

They infect people in theory. Exosomes are also biocommunication molecules and may communicate between individuals to initiate similar detoxification processes. The meeting of Koch's criteria has never been demonstrated, so both theories are worthy of consideration... They tried to demonstrate transmission of the Spanish flu, going as far as injection with zero effect, so more research on exosomes will likely be most productive...

On another note, many of you will be interested to learn of a kit from Europe called 1st Line that produces a bio-identical antibiotic. It is another problem solver, as it is non-toxic to the mitochondria (which are symbiotic intracellular bacteria), as well as the liver and the kidneys.

About MMS
Posted by Marie S (Marble, CO) on 09/02/2021

Hello, my name is Marie. Diagnosed with MS (officially) on 9/9/99. I did the suggested protocol of immune suppressants off and on for 10 years. I completely stopped in Sept 2009. Two years ago my Drs told me I should consider disability. I went to Costa Rica and did Ayahuasca with a Shaman. It helped. However, I feel as if I'm declining again. I've been in possession of MMS drops for nearly 10 years. I put them in my humidifier regularly and yesterday I decided to drink some. I activated 5 drops each and then added them to my 1 liter water bottle. I ended up with a terrible headache and didn't sleep due to the headache and some pretty intense body aches. Is this normal? Should I continue?

Where to Buy: Canada
Posted by Simeon (Dallas, Texas) on 08/27/2021

I get mine from Australia


Posted by Patricia (CA) on 08/27/2021

Have you read the book? It says burning of the skin means fungus or mold is present and you must first start the mold protocol as listed in the book.

Multiple Cures
Posted by RACHAEL (FLORIDA) on 08/26/2021

I am wondering if MMS kills the good gut bacteria as well as the bad. If so, that may be why the extreme diarrhea, no? Maybe supplementing with a probiotic between doses of MMS may help in the diminishing of the extreme diarrhea?

Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 08/11/2021

Brayden, you can try a bit of coconut oil.

Posted by Katzie (Calgary) on 08/10/2021

If you can, put some raw or Manuka Honey on it. Castor Oil is very healing and penetrates deep, and would be good too. Either will heal it nicely.

And no, you won't have a scar. Keeping the area moisturized is key and increases cellular turnover, cutting healing time. In fact, behind the scenes of an injury site, there is alot of action happening there for up to a year! Our bodies are meant to heal themselves, and keeping the area moisturized with castor oil and honey will help you do that.

Best of luck!

Posted by Brayden (Portland Vic) on 08/09/2021

Hoping someone can help. I was extremely silly and used MMS the wrong way to try to rid a blind pimple on the face, I left it on for far too long and it burnt my skin, leaving a decent sized discolored mark.. right on my face.

I'm scared this damage could be permanent?? Has anyone had a similar experience, or know of a solution to help me from now???

About MMS
Posted by Robert (Ocala, FL) on 08/06/2021

Cyndy, MMS, or ClO2, decomposes quickly. It does not stay in organs.

About MMS
Posted by Cynthia (Canada) on 08/05/2021

Hi Bob,

I was wondering how long the MMS solution stays in organs or other parts of the body once you've done the 60 days as we just did?

And thank you for this article. We are so desperate for help beyond the regular medical treatments that kill his immune system. Thank you.


Where to Buy: Canada
Posted by lisa (NY) on 08/02/2021

you can get it from varitas Also organic sulfur is very good for you as well.

About MMS
Posted by Bob T (Ocala, FL) on 08/02/2021

Interesting, thanks.

Multiple Cures
Posted by ron (Idaho) on 08/01/2021

Jerome, nicely said. MMS is a great remedy for many conditions and don't you just love the taste so good like you have to suffer something in trade for getting well ha. best wishes ron

About MMS
Posted by Ron (Idaho) on 08/01/2021

In my experience, mms will treat problems with teeth but I found the way to best utilize it is with a water pic, works good. If you have any questions feel free to contact me

Multiple Cures
Posted by Lauren (Auckland ) on 07/31/2021

Hi Linda, where can I buy MMS in New Zealand?

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Jennifer (New Mexico) on 07/29/2021

I was premixing mine with distilled water first thing in the morning and sealing in a kerr quart jar. I would build upon the mixture every day I was tolerating it without any side effects, and luckily for me I seem to tolerate it very well, with no side effects, which is great because I'm trying to kill fungus and candida and immobilize heavy metals like mercury and lead. I would sip the mixture 4 different times from morning until early evening. I've managed to work up to 11 drops, but were I to take 3 drops every hour that would take me well beyond the 12 drops I'm @ now. I do however like the idea of taking 3 drops either every hour or every few hours in order to build up to one's daily maximum dose. I'm not too sure if it is potent enough to store the mixture like I've been doing, but is sure as heck convenient for being on the road. Thanks!

Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 07/24/2021

Allergies and Asthma in fact all Lung Issue's are protocol 1000. PROTOCOL 1000 is basically taking 3 drops of activated MMS (Chlorine Dioxide) in water each hour, for 8 hours a day, for 3 weeks. However many people cannot start taking that many drops and should start with only two or even one drop an hour. This is determined by how sick they are to begin with.

If one is feeling very sick then start with one drop an hour or even a half a drop an hour, but then begin taking more if you feel that you can.

The rule is, if you feel that the drops are making you feel worse, take less ... and if they're not making you feel worse then take a little bit more the next hour, but never more than 3 drops an hour.

Where to Buy: France
Posted by Rachel (Annecy, France) on 07/21/2021

Hello, Thank you for very complete and rich website. I would like to buy MMS online but I can't find the boutique.
Thank you for your help. Best regards.

About MMS
Posted by Robert T. (Ocala, FL) on 07/13/2021

You're welcome, Michael.

FDA Warning
Posted by Lynn (Trussville, AL) on 07/12/2021

Please go to for the MMS story and cures of many ailments....God's blessings and healings to all!

About MMS
Posted by Michael (Gabriola, Bc) on 07/12/2021

Thank you so much, Bob. I've bought and read Jim Humbles book. I made a batch of the stuff according to his instructions. I used some cider vinegar to activate mine. I followed the protocol and cut back the dose because I was feeling too crappy and even took a break for a day or two. I didn't get far in the protocol.

When I next took a small dose I almost immediately vomited and that's the last I took it. The science and reasoning behind it all made sense to me and I really wanted to believe it'd work for me. When my body reacts that violently though I'm going to listen and stop. I was a premature baby and I believe my organs are sensitive and frail so that can part of the reason. I'm glad I read this. I'll try the smaller dose and see how that goes for me. I've got tones of the stuff left and I wasn't going to sell it or give it away in good conscience knowing how it went for me.

P.S. People, I don't trust the FDA or big Pharma as far as I can throw them. I actually read all of the overwhelming positive comments/testimonies on here which gave me the confidence to go ahead with the cost and effort of making and trying it. It didn't work for me and I wish it did.

About MMS
Posted by Robert T. (Ocala, FL) on 07/12/2021

Thank you for that. Evidently the only way treat a tooth is at the root. It's been a long time since I worked with this material, so I'm not able to discuss it.

About MMS
Posted by Rita (Sedona) on 07/11/2021

Hi Bob,

Thank you for taking the time to go through this. I am working with a tooth infection just started exploring MMS with the DMSO for the oral infection. I thought it might be beneficial to do a protocol of the 1000 along with the teeth - gum brushing a couple of times a day. I love colloidal silver and had read it counteracts the MMS but then I watched a share recently of the training Jim did in 2010 where he says good things about colloidal silver. I am trying to figure out the best way to save the tooth by working through the gum and through my blood system if there is benefit in this approach. I also started using a red light on my jaw and by opening my mouth.

I would appreciate any thoughts on this and since I am not a chemist would you say that my impression from your share is that I should not combine in drops from the two droppers I have that contain Ionized Structured Water, Sodium Chloride with the Ionized Structured Water, Ascorbic Acid? I have heard of other protocols using these chemical with a similar theme building in your system but again I am not a chemist. Alternatively I could try another cleanse to help eternally if that is needed and then maybe work with the MMS orally and then adding some DMSO with a slight brushing around the tooth with the infection. It is not in the tooth but has expanded some around the base of the root and up the side. It has been feeling better although I am not chewing much on it as I want it to just heal. The friend who gave me the MMS solution and the DMSO has been using it in Peru and some other places successfully but they use the 6 drops three times a day or the old method for so many days and it has cured a lot of things. Recently that protocol helped someone who was dying from the V and no one could help them - they could not find ivrm bc the pharmacy has now been told not to sell it.

If you are coaching people I would love to connect. Thank you so much!

Where to Buy: Canada
Posted by Tessa (Okanagan) on 07/07/2021

Hi Nancy -

One of the places where DMSO can be purchased in Canada (Ottawa, Ontario) is:

It is 99.995% pure.

Sorry, I don't know where you would get MMS in Canada. That may be harder to get.

Take care,


Posted by Lewis P. (Alabama) on 07/05/2021

G@@gle Quantum Leap video on Y@uTube. Might change your thinking.

Where to Buy: Canada
Posted by Nancy (PEI Canada) on 07/05/2021

Please advise if there is a website where I can purchase MMS and/or DMSO to be shipped to Canada?

Digestive Issues
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 06/24/2021

I had suffered from SIBO for close to 3 years since eating at a Crackle Barrel in Georgia off I-75. But how I accidentally cured it. I was taking Chlorine Dioxide for a virus infection. And after 2-3 days of drinking the stuff, the SIBO went away. It's been 2 months now and it has not returned.

The Chlorine Dioxide I'm using is the Aquamira Water Purification drops sold to purify drinking water. This comes under “Other uses” lol.

How I was using MMS Liquid Drops:

* Place 7 drops Aquamira Water Treatment (Part A) and 7 drops Phosphoric Acid Activator (Part B) in a cap to pre-mix.

* Let mixture react for 5 minutes to ensure full activation (it will turn yellow color).

* Fill a container with (1 liter) water. Add contents of mixing cap.

* Water is now ready for use. I've been told NOT to take vitamin C supplements while taking Chlorine Dioxide!

Note: Most recipes I have seen are 30 drops Chlorine Dioxide and 30 drops Acid Activator in 1 liter water.


Drink 3 oz taken every hour, until the content of the bottle is finished (8 to 12 shots). It has no taste. Just like water. Make a new batch fresh in the morning and repeat.

Note: I believe this treatment will destroy any unwanted pathogen in the digestive tract causing harm like Crohn's Disease, Chronic Diarrhea (bacterial in nature), Peptic Ulcers, Ulcerative Colitis.

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Angel (By, NY) on 06/17/2021

MMS is supposed to be diluted at least 2000x the amount of mms! (And diluted with water). Buy Jim's book to find out exactly how to use it. You should never drink this straight. There are no side effects when you follow the directions- here's a link to his book.

Clinical Trial of MMS
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 06/07/2021 488 posts

Chlorine dioxide has undergone its first clinical trial!!! FINALLY!! And against COVID!! With astonishing results!!!! WOOHOO!! Not in the US, obviously, but Kalcker talks about it. I won't include a link so anyone interested will have to duckduckgo kalcker +"clinical trial". You might have to dig a little bit to find information in English...

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Paracelsus (Orlando, fl) on 06/04/2021 47 posts

Check Andreas Kalcker's website for the latest instructions.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Charlotte (Heavener, Oklahoma ) on 05/26/2021

I heard they were using hydroxychloroquine for HIV treatment with success in Africa.

MMS Side Effects
Posted by Pamela (AZ) on 05/25/2021

I have read several directions for using the MMS 1000 protocol. My understanding is that the maximum dose is 3 drops. The protocol I have reviewed is that you take it every hour for 8 hours. Not to take it all at once or and one or two doses throughout the day. Perhaps if you do it this way it will be easier than to try and take so much in one dose. It's meant to be diluted similar to homeopathy starting with a quarter of a drop and then working your way up to three drops over a period of a week. Unfortunately as with many things there is not consistency in the use of protocol. But I do believe strongly in Homeopathy and used it to treat my lyme disease. I am now starting the protocol and following the quarter of a drop dose every hour for 8 hours and then working my way up slowly.

About MMS
Posted by Robert T. (Ocala, FL ) on 05/19/2021

Chris, if there are no viruses then how do exosomes travel outside the body to infect people?

About MMS
Posted by chris jackson (Texas) on 05/19/2021

"Airborne viruses include anthrax, influenza, SARS, smallpox, chickenpox and avian flu". How about Ebola, polio, and all the other "virus" that have never been seen, never were isolated, because they don't exist. Exosomes, our own cells exosomes are all they (the "virus") are. It's all toxic load! There are no viruses.

About MMS
Posted by Chris Jackson (Texas) on 05/19/2021

BS Jim. "IX" (AKA: Larry Smith the father of federal inmate Daniel Smith) Trolls the forum and deletes any posts that he doesn't like and he doesn't like much! He wants to see MMS positive testimonials on every post and thats about it! So much for helping everyone get well Jim. There are dozens of people on that forum who got stuck at low dose and had no answers and IX deleted them when they were crying out for help! Telling people with long term chronic illness and glutathione problems, etc.. to take more MMS, its not going to help them, not unless is for a very short time and a very secondary infection of some sort. All these things we could answer if idiots like Smith would stay out of the way! Malaria, MMS is great, nothing better, Mold or other illnesses it not seeming to help and the reasons would be apparent if IX would go away!