MMS: The Miracle Mineral Supplement from Jim Humble

Severe Heath Conditions
Posted by Timh (Ky, Usa) on 01/14/2016 2063 posts

OK, I am excited at the major progress Jim Humble and his little band of health warriors have made over the last few yrs. in regards to Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS). I have purchased & read the first 2 publications Breakthrough: The Miracle Mineral Solution Of The Twenty-first Century Parts 1 & 2,4th Edition

Without going into detail of all the major interventions in my severe condition, of both pharmaceutical and natural remedies, I can say from personal experience, that these words "breakthrough" and "miracle" are not simply or exclusively marketing slogans. I have used MMS sporadically for a few yrs to now and among the arsenal of medicines & remedies I have used to keep myself above ground with a pulse, that MMS is the top gun and no matter how bad I get sometimes, I always have MMS that absolutely has the power & potential to stop the dying process.

MMS is so powerful a pathogen killer that it must be administered in small doses and increase slowly, as is recommended by Jim and his team. As a way for illustration, Jim describes one molecule of ClO2 as a Tasmanian Devil in the cartoon and he get's off the bus where there are five evil pathogen thugs ready to kill the people coming onto the street, but Taz licks em' because he has the power. In chemical analogy or language, 1 molecule of ClO2 forcefully accepts 5 electrons from the nucleus of whatever number of pathogens (proly 2-3). That is, ClO2 is a powerful reduction agent. When the nuclei of the pathogen looses it's orbiting electrons, it becomes entirely unstable and explodes (which causes the herx reaction in the partaker).

As a "killer extraordinaire" of pathogens, MMS is proving that many of the degenerative diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular, cancer, etc have a common item of fugal, bacterial, or viral that exploits the defenses. Once the pathogen is killed and inflammation subsides, then natural healing can occur.

By way of introduction aside from the strict measurements outlined by Jim, let me suggest something I most often do which works very well. Make yourself a container of low sugar Limeade or Lemonade (I prefer Limeade for better taste) with no added Vit-C (most commercial products do contain very small amounts but most not enough to negate MMS) as Vit-C negates the MMS. Pour a small glass, maybe 4oz and place 2 drops MMS into the beverage and wait 5 minutes for the conversion to Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2). Drink this and sit down while the pathogens die. I have reached a 6 drop dose range in a 6oz glass of cooled Limeade that is very effective in my case and sometimes up to 8 drops but get a little sick to my stomach, once a day. Yes, you will taste the chlorine and it is a little uncomfortable and maybe adding a little more natural sugar will help with the Lemon or Limeade.

Jim & company have developed many different and effective protocols of MMS but I thought this little method I do is a good introduction.