MMS: The Miracle Mineral Supplement from Jim Humble

Heavy Metal Detox
Posted by Jake (Chicago, IL) on 02/04/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I've used MMS for about 6 weeks now to finish off any lingering bugs I might have and also to detox mercury.

I self diagnosed myself and found a holistic dentist to remove my 3 remaining amalgam fillings a year ago Dec. 06. The decay beneath led to these teeth being removed - JAN. 06, and a fourth infected root canal as well. My symptoms began 3 years ago about the time an amalgam filling broke down and my dentist not aware of the potential mercury spreading removed it without the proper precautions.

Symptoms -A swollen neck that never went away that impeded my mobility turning to the right, pains in my back for the first mile of my jogging, a pain in my hip area, sudden headaches - I'd never had headaches before, sudden spikes in blood pressure, brain fog,reduced stamina,mercury pimples on my chest (grover's disease as I recently discussed) swelling in my feet from the balls of my feet to the tips of my toes.

In the first six months after the removals most everything improved - I detoxed with many earthclinic suggestions, alkalining with BS and ACV and lemon juice, Budwig CC/FO (I've since switched to undenatured whey protein powder with fish oil as well as flax oil and also added NAC),also ALA following Andy Cutler's regime,cayenne on food and in tea and some tumeric also,in addition to other vitamins and minerals and juices such as pomegranate. Most symptoms were in fact gone except the mercury pimples on my chest - only partially better, swelling in my feet -only a little better, and the periodic almost- headaches I call them - much less severe. I knew I was not rid of all the mercury since these almost-headaches became worse -not like before but worse, when I ate cilantro - which has been cited for removing mercury from the brain, shown also to increase mercury elimination in the urine,and one of the few supplements along with ALA suspected of acting in this way (to attache to mercury in the brain.)

I worked up from 1 drop to 2 to 3 drops etc. until I was at 15 drops of MMS activated with lemon juice which I did at first or citric acid which I did later. -Adding one drop morning then night until 15 drops each - you try to eat no acid or vitamin c 2 hours before or after. I worked up to 15 drops morning and night for 3 weeks. -- The more serious the condition, the sooner you should have diahrrea or nausea. The protocol calls for working up to 3 times a day at 15 for at least a week but I couldn't seem to face it having to adjust my eating so much during the day. At any rate I got a little tired some days but otherwise had little in the way of symptoms. I took this a sign that my alkalining etc. had already done some good work for me. My near headaches left me and I even eat cilantro now with only very occasionally the hint of a headache. My swollen feet have improved moderately, which is very exciting considering what a lagging symptom they've been even with my running and exercising the whole time. I stopped the MMS for a week or two to consider one person's warnings - writing in on the internet, but I've since gone back, considering the continuing positive testimonials and considering my own positive results. I'm going to go to a maintenance dose soon - once a day, 6 drops. I'm currently at 15 drops at night only.

I think this is going to be a very important cure for many with serious health issues. I think everyone should watch the internet for the continuing testimonials as this approach has begun to catch on.

Best to all