MMS: The Miracle Mineral Supplement from Jim Humble

Posted by Paul (Australia) on 06/11/2013

I can personally say mms is a miracle, I contracted hiv stupidly, in desperation from day 1 I took mms for a month 3 drops an hour for 8 hours. I only took it for the 1 month. 3 years later my blood is still normal, the tests still say hiv but the results are normal. Thank you Jim Humble.

Posted by Male_46_HIV (New York, NY) on 04/27/2009

Hello. I took MMS for some weeks, stopped and am at it again for about 6 weeks. I worked my way up to 15 drops, with 5 times that much citric acid as activator, 3 times a day. If I could afford IV ozone, I'd be taking that instead, because I think that will beat HIV for me. (Had it over twenty years. Finally, something I'm slow to get that I don't need to feel bad about hahahaha! I took the drugs for a year but stopped. I don't trust them and I think other approaches have been overlooked.)

Jim Humble and others have pointed out that if you take MMS, you need to replace electrolytes and a be concerned about a few other things I am not qualified to tell you about. Caveat emptor. I will stop taking it after a certain amount of time, as I do not think taking this amount indefinitely is good.

I don't know if it's doing anything against HIV for me. My symptoms are swollen adenoid and parotid cysts on both sides of my head. I do not think MMS affected these either way.

However, when I first took a larger dose, after working up to it, I got a huge energy boost and my breathing improved. (I still smoke.) I have gotten used to the MMS and now that I think of it, I have gotten used to those two improvements as well. I used to be in a hideous mental fog, which MMS got rid of, and which I no longer have. It gave me diarrhea at first but that went away. I seldom get the nausea but it was hard to get down at first. So it has done about what I read it would do, and I like it.

Jim Humble is Da Man! I suggest you watch some of his videos and see what a nice way he has about him. He learned Reikki, about which I know nothing, but he seems to help the little boy he treats on his video. See how he talks? Humble has it upstairs for that healing talk, the doctors don't always learn that in the home, or in the community, where Humble probably did. As for his lack of medical or scientific training (I think he said he had a chemistry degree or at least credits) I note he is careful in all his approaches. He experimented carefully, and note he starts on himself. If the rest of the scientific and medical community would please pull their heads out of that dark place, maybe I would not be turning to the Internet and generally ignoring them, unless I need a wound stitched. (The local hospital did save my life, when I foolishly let myself dehydrate after food poisoning. My kidneys had quit working. The stuff they do right, they really do right.)

I will be looking to see if the adenoid and parotid cysts clear, as HIV is presumably what has caused them to enlarge. Humble has suggested a time at least twice as long as I have been taking it this time around. I will be pleasantly surprised if the virus clears. I don't monitor my bloodwork so have no stats for you.

Good luck to you all!