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Pulled Muscles

Posted by Janice (Ocean, NJ) on 06/19/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I pulled a muscle in the upper middle back and could not turn my head full left or right. I rubbed in DMSO, & soon after, the pain was gone. It lasted the whole day, but I did have to reapply at night & then the next day. After about 4 days , the pain was completely gone! This is an amazing site--my new bible---thank you for everything!

Replied by Boo
Barren Springs, Va

At the end of January, my husband and I were working on a big digging project, doing most of it by hand. While lifting one shovelful of dirt, I felt a "pop" in my neck/shoulder area. It didn't hurt immediately, so I (foolishly) kept on working. A week later found me in the after-hours clinic at my local Dr. 's office. The doctor on call told me to take up to 3 ibuprofen 2x/day. I laughed at him. So he prescribed neurontin. Thus started a 6 week journey through nerve/muscle pain, severe cramps, and rolling muscle spasms. Over the course of time I've taken neurontin (nerve pain), NSAIDS (general muscle agony and inflammation), and finally my own Dr. prescribed Valium (to ease the rolling charley horses from my shoulder to the back of my hand). My Dr. knows that I hate drugs, and the only reason she gave me valium is because I was also visiting a chiropractor and a deep muscle massage therapist.

Finally, I realized that I had to take care of my own self. I've lightly used DMSO in the past, mainly for treating a toenail fungus. This time I got serious. I made a special trip to the health food store for a bottle of DMSO, dried comfrey leaves and powdered root, some magnesium, kava kava, and a container of MSM lotion. I poured some of the DMSO into a separate glass container and filled the original up with leaves and root and let it sit for a couple of hours. I didn't measure anything, just eyeballed the entire conglomeration. I wandered to my husband's office, and 'borrowed' a ceramic coffee cup. Using an unbleached coffee strainer, I poured the mixture into the cup in an attempt to strain it. What a mucilaginous mess.

The next morning I used the resultant slime (for that's what it truly resembled) and rubbed it into my left arm from neck, through the armpit, across the back, and to my fingertips. I smelled STRONGLY of garlic, even more so than when using just plain DMSO. I either got used to it, or it faded away. Anyway, I thinned the slime with a bit more DMSO, and placed it in a glass dropper bottle to carry with me. I use it several times day, especially upon rising and before bed. Sometimes I use the MSM lotion first, let it soak in, and then follow with the DMSO/comfrey mixture. Yes, I realize the closeness of MSM and DMSO, but honestly, the lotion has made a big difference in the softness of my skin.

Kava kava is a muscle relaxant which replaced the valium. I used that in conjunction with the magnesium citrate to relax my muscles and get some much-needed sleep.

After 6 days, my chiropractor was fairly amazed at the looseness of my shoulder/neck/arm muscles. My spine was fairly well aligned, signifying that the muscles were no longer tensing and pulling my vertebrae out of alignment. I still have some nerve issues, especially around the elbow, but it has improved more within the last few days than I would have thought possible. No more valium, neurontin, and quite a bit less of the NSAIDS.

So...long story short:

Kava kava magnesium to relax muscles (taken before bed)
DMSO to use as a carrier for allatoin (comfrey leaves/roots) to heal muscle/tendon injuries applied several times/day
MSM lotion for when I don't want to smell like a garlic patch.

Hopefully this will help someone. Thank you EarthClinic, for your storehouse of knowledge.


Posted by Ronnie (Chicago, IL, USA) on 02/07/2009

Can the DSMO heal old Cellulitis scars? It's a skin infection caused by bacteria. Any info would be helpful. Thanks, Ronnie


Posted by Jackie (Knysna) on 11/10/2011

Ted, please help... my friend literally has hours to live.

She has septicemia/blood poisoning and is in a coma.

She has suffered lupus for 15 years.

Please give your advice urgently.... can I give her DMSO and how much? This is a last effort and I know it it is a long shot.


Replied by Molly
Qualicum, Bc Canada

Could the patient be given activated charcoal or what about diatamacious earth? Get a naturopath's help ASAP! Plus fresh vegetables juice only - no hospital food??

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Get clove oil spray 5% the other 95% is alcohol, or similar. Spray the body with this, legs etc. Give colloidal silver 1 teaspoon every hour. Give hydrogen peroxide 3% one cap to two capful of per liter of water, and give 1/2 glass every hour. After 6th dose most of septicemia will be under control.

You can give any hydrogen peroxide 3% in this dire emergency, such as pharmacy grade. Aspirin is usually good choice also it digests these septicemia.

If fever does not reduce by 3 hours, I will be forced to give 500 mg of aspirin every hour for 4 hours. It works like antibiotics by digestion. The other is lysine every hour for four hours also. These can be given at the same time. So one can do all of it -- h2o2, aspirin, lysine, and clove -- if you want.


Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

Well, you are asking for last ditch efforts. IF SEPTICEMIA is a virus that has a coating that contains lipids BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ] MIGHT help. This BHT has proven to be a compound that in some way has a profound effect in destroying such viruses. The only website I found that discusses this virus`s structure is NOT clear about whether it is such a virus or not. Here is that website. It seems to say it is : septicemia a lipid coated virus&source=bl&ots=mYe

BHT MIGHT help. I do NOT know....Oscar

Replied by Kumrao
Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India

Holistic healing method can work for your trouble.. It may take 30 to 45 days... I am from India.. You have to avoid milk products, sweets, nonveg, fish, eggs, cashewnuts, almonds,

pulses, alcohols for 45 days.. You should daily eat 30 gms of bittergourd and 20 gms of ginger.. you can eat rice and wheat items of food...kumrao99[at]

Replied by Redcairo
Miami, Ok

Research on sepsis and other unrelated research on Ascorbic Acid suggests that intravenous vitamin C in very high consistent dose might be the only thing strong enough to battle something like that.

Replied by Sylvia
New York

I know this post is very late, but this is for anyone else who may need the cure for sepsis aka blood poisoning.

There is a Dr. In Norfolk Virginia that has used a natural cure for sepsis in a hospital there. His name is Dr. Paul Marik.

He uses a combination of vitamin c, hydrocortisone and thiamine in an IV.

Even though it has not really been tested that much he has used it even on patients that he expected to die and they survived well. The hospital has adopted the protocol and used it to save, last I heard, 150 people's lives!! There are YouTube videos, check them out! God Bless!

Severe Wounds

Posted by Andy (San Antonio, Texas) on 05/31/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Dmso reduced swelling around a deep chain saw injury to the ankle and a cut artery which was repaired by surgeon swelling became uncontrollable stitches and suchures were stretching and pulling through skin.dmso and aloe gel placed around wound but not in it .swelling reduced completely and wound healed fast . vascular surgeon was amazed at speed of recovery.for many years in my youth dmso was used with ultrasound on ankles knees ,shin splints ect.until tonight i was under impression that this was a toxic chemical . needed is lots of deorderent and mouth wash.

Shoulder Injury

Posted by Esgarrett (O Fallon, Illinois) on 01/09/2018 2 posts
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DMSO for injured shoulder.

December 26, 2016 over a year ago, I slipped on the top step of my front porch. After sliding and bouncing down 6 concrete steps I recovered and went inside the house to check out my body.

Evidently I injured my right shoulder by landing mostly on the last two steps.

Right away I applied ice packs off and on every 15 minutes--finally in order to sleep I took a pain pill. The next day I began research on earthclinic and found DMSO---- purchased the DMSO from a rural supply and found much relief.

I had pain on the order of about 4 of 10 for about one week. Movement was hurtful but managed. After a month, motion and movement were doing good. Each day I applied the DMSO gel from the jar with my left hand to the right shoulder. After about 5 minutes the skin would heat up and you knew it was working. A few minutes later the heating subsides along with the pain (which by now was very little). In March I felt complete again unless I tried lifting over 60-70 lbs (so I didn't).

It is now January 9, 2018 and I can definitely remember the mishap but the right shoulder is doing good. Recently I awoke to what seemed to be a locked up big toe and it hurt to walk .....a little coat of DMSO ....5 minutes goes by and all is well again.

thanks earthclinic!

Shoulder Pain

Posted by Barbara (Davis, Ca USA) on 07/06/2008
5 out of 5 stars

DMSO: I know, I know, it's a solvent, used to clean aircraft and electrical parts. It has an odor, but what cure doesn't come with a drawback or 2?

This stuff literally can work in an instant, long term...I don't know the effects, but then, we all KNOW that Motrin affects the liver directly too.
So, I woke up this AM with shooting electrical pain in my left shoulder again, just wanted to go right back to sleep, couldn't hold it straight without weakness and shooting pains, feels like something is pinched or going wrong.

Swipe some of this DMSO clear liquid on my shoulder muscles, and poof! the sensations went away until right now and it is almost 18 hours later!

Now, what shall get rid of the pain in my hand and finger joints? I am awake tonight because of the intense pains in them, so I am on the internet here reading more about ACV and honey to relieve this, I had a good friend tell me about it years ago, before I needed to use it. Good skin and no pain in the old guys I worked with who all tried it one month on a being young, stored the info away in my brain....for the future. And my auntie, she told me her momma had poured it in drinking water of the hired milkers who they had working in their dairy. Problem is that she thought her mother was being mean in fact her mother was helping them to produce more work/milk in their cows.

Replied by John
5 out of 5 stars

If you heat up the shoulder or joint with hot water from shower head 45 min constantly around area morning and once a night for five days in row as hot as possible, organisims die at 106 degrees, and then you will be fine. I recommend light diet especially green juices as magnesium is needed and must be diligent with heat as the object is to get joint around bone over 106 deg for a duration where parts of joints tendons disks knee joint ect. don't get blood or immunity help and organisms flourish here.

How reach them? Heat and dmso after 5 day hot treatment. I've done it with lyme disease in knee and elbow. I use shower head with cord off hanger over head and spray around elbow for 45 min, as hot as possible to heat up core joint over 106 degree. The body cannot heal joint as fast as organisms destroy and poop causing inflammation but kill them all and watch how fast body fixes area I use electric water heater as 120 degrees can be slightly lessened by moving shoulder head away from area spraying around joint I took maximum heat around areas hotter and hotter to get used to as not to shock right away when first starting oil heater is 130 deg and can burn must be turned down thermostat I guess I've always used electric hot water from hot water tank system as 120 deg is hot work with it it will work in ten days knee pain for one year gone ebow 3 days gone. The bigger the joint the more diligent you must be. I recommend coq10 300 a day and green juices because green juices loaded with magnesium and tighten joint and spray too.

Sinus Decongestant

Posted by Diana (Arizona) on 02/18/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I got a sore throat and applied iodine to my neck glands on the outside of my neck then for good measure I applied some DMSO to drive it in. I noticed to within minutes the mucus got thin and runny and greatly relieved the congestion. This is a great find for me as decongestant are meant to be very useful in Lipedema. I experienced DMSO as a powerful decongestant.

Skin Growths

Posted by Gary (Obion, Tn) on 08/14/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have successfully used DMSO for two severe skin growths--one was more than 7 years old--ugly right under my right eye. Gone is just 3 days--but about 50 consecutive treatments in that short time-that also included pricking the sore to initiate bleeding and then alternating hydrogen peroxide with DMSO and then alternating iodine with DMSO.

The sore was really ugly and growing daily. It was ugly on the exterior and went deep beyond the surface of the skin.

I have a question however about dosage using DMSO internally with other ingredients. More info please. Thank you.

Replied by Cindy
Illinois, Usa
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I just read that in a DMSO book. It's 1 teaspoon in a couple ounces of water or juice. Once or twice per day - once per day for regular use and twice for problems and then after it's done its thing you cut back to once again.

I just made a tiny batch of DMSO lotion (50% DMSO and 50% aloe) and put it on one side of my neck to see what a topical application would do to a sore throat.

I definitely taste it AND my ear popped open - which is where my sore throat originated. I can feel it in my throat too - like it's sort of "diffusing" the soreness. Still hurts when I swallow but it's only been about 10 minutes.

I was actually looking for info on using it topically, for my daughter's boyfriend who has shoulder stuff from old sports injuries. Apparently you can use it topically even for internal issues, which makes sense but surprised me.

I'm getting ready to make some ear drops (50% DMSO and 50% distilled water). I didn't even know my ear was plugged up until it popped open! COOL!

Replied by Cindy
Illinois, Usa
154 posts

The DMSO fixed my sore throat before it spread to full blown, on both sides. It also, apparently, eliminated some swelling in my neck that I hadn't realized WAS swelling. Not sure what that's about.

Haven't used the ear drops yet but put some of the DMSO aloe on a q-tip and ran that around in both ears, which are now popping - both on their own and when I swallow. So that' at approximately 5 minutes. Interesting.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Posted by Jennie (Brisbane, Qld, Australia) on 10/20/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I applied DMSO (and aloe vera gel from my plant incase it irritated my skin) to the back of my hand to treat a squamous cell carcinoma. I applied both twice a day for around a week and it was no longer visible. I continued to apply it once a day for another week or two until I visited the skin cancer clinic to have the area excised (just in case). The pathology report showed there was no malignancy left. Not only did it get rid of the SCC, it also got rid of the red, itchy and painful scar where the SCC had grown.

Replied by Linda

Hi Jenny, where did you buy the dmso in Brisbane ?


Posted by Gp (Hobart, Tasmania) on 03/05/2010
5 out of 5 stars

This is a remedy I found worked for sunburn:

After working up on our roof one day, my boyfriend and I got a bit sunburnt. Naughty, I know.

I keep DMSO in the cupboard for other uses -- boyfriend's inflammatory back pain, my foot pain (plantar fasciitis) as well as other general inflammatory ailments. I had read it was useful for healing heat burns, so I thought I'd try it for sunburn. Everything I've read about DMSO warns to make sure the skin is completely clean of chemical residues. I guess the only way to be sure is to very thoroughly exfoliate the area, so I did this in the shower with a "skin-peel" cloth (no soaps or other chemicals, it's purely mechanical exfoliation). After I'd towelled off I dabbed on some DMSO with a cotton swab. For anyone who's not familiar with the effects of DMSO -- it provides almost instant relief for pain when applied topically. So the burning stopped as soon as I put this on. I let it soak into my skin for about 5 mins, then with another cotton swab rubbed extra-virgin coconut oil into the skin. Well, what a relief! It took the stinging and heat out of my skin straight away. I repeated this several times that night, wearing a clean cotton t-shirt (with no fabric softener in it, just to be sure). It healed really quickly, didn't peel like my boyfriend's sunburn did, and kept my skin looking really good.

It seems like DMSO helps your skin absorb more of what you put on it, so it stands to reason that the EVCO was more able to penetrate my skin and help it "heal". I'm sure the antioxidant properties of the oil were a help to my sun-damaged skin -- as we all know, sun exposure stimulates production of free-radicals, which can cause cancer. I'm not saying this will stop you getting skin-cancer from sunburn, but it did help heal the damage or prevent it from being as bad as it should have. There are also some studies which have suggested a certain level of protection offered by extra virgin coconut oil, that it helps the skin's natural defences where UV light is concerned. Perhaps this is because EVCO is one of the closest substances to human sebum.


Posted by Ian Marshall (Queensland Australia) on 03/20/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Once in the USA I developed tendinitis of the wrist from too much tennis. I tried cortisone with no effect. One application of DMSO and the pain disappeared. No miracle, it worked.


Posted by Rober tHenry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa)
5 out of 5 stars

HI U GOOD FOLKS DOIN, , , , , , , , ,

Ticks are bad this summer at our farm even though I have Guineas , which are supposed to rid you of this parasite. We use DMSO for some of our ailments and I had a brain storm. This is one of the most powerful solvents known. When I find a tick, I no longer try to pull it out of my hide. I just cover it with DMSO and it is dead within a few minutes and you can just roll it off. I buy DMSO gel from the Doctor in Oregon who did all the initial research, but you can buy it at any Farm Co-op. If it works on million dollar horses, it will work on you. ATS.

Water Retention

Posted by Geralyn_d (Atlanta, Ga) on 08/24/2012
5 out of 5 stars

When I went into acute liver failure 4 years ago I was not told about ascites, they didn't really expect me to live and I turned down a place on the transplant list. I started eating raw vegan as it was the least reactive food I could stomach. One day I was dressing and noticed I looked like a water barrel! I weighed myself and had gained 8 pounds in a couple of days... I was going out of town the next day and used the only thing I know of that quickly removes excess water... DMSO.

I spread 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of 99% DMSO on a baby wipe... Then wiped from breast line to just past the groin where lymph glands are (front and back)and over the next 12 hours I peed like a racehorse! It took 2 days but all the water build up disappeared. It has come back 5 times and I used it each time to success. I also added tissue salts for control of water in the body and liver support (nat mur /nat sulph).

Recently my sister was in the hospital when her chemo almost killed her (heart and liver issues). She gained 24 pounds in 5 days. I advised the DMSO cautiously thinking at least there they could deal with any reaction. Instead of a problem, she ended up flooding the measuring container a few times and lost the 24 pounds in a week. The Drs were very happy that the liver numbers quickly dropped to the normal range. We didn't share our diuretic free solution though. DMSO is a cheap and pretty safe way to get rid up water build up.

Replied by Mary
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Thank you so much for this post Geralyn_d from Atlanta, Ga!!!! I remembered I had read it and then could not find it and now I have!!! I have a little min pin with congestive heart failure who also has a very enlarged liver. I need something right now to relieve the ascites, I don't want to bring him back to get tapped as each time the effect is shorter. He is in such discomfort. I am going to put DMSO on his abdomen tommorrow. Thank you again for your post, as my vet said not to put this on him. She also did not know what it was. This is enough for me to go ahead.

I hope your liver has healed, Mary

Replied by Tanja

Hello! I had just read your testimonials regarding the water retention that both you and your sister had. I must say, I'm quite impressed! I have random fluid buildup on the left leg at times, but after going from Dr to Dr, test after test for about the last 8 years, I still don't know why it's happening or what's causing this! What I do know is that now you can see us blood vessels on the top of my left foot, and the skin coloring is semi tan, but I naturally have fair to light skin tone! I've been to a cardiologist as well, actually it was in fact two years in a row for complete checkup and tests, which they say everything tested normal so I don't know what's causing this issue! The left side of my calf will start to swell first with fluid in the tissue, but it will get huge at times, almost to the point that it's hard to walk.

What's really bizarre though is that it don't happen every day so I'm honestly wondering if there's possibly a filler in one of my thyroid medications that I'm sensitive to, or perhaps another medication. The reason that I say thyroid is because I've read of others having something similar, which was caused by a side effect to the fillers that they use to make the medications! I'm just so tired of dealing with this and I want to try DMSO, but because it has the ability to magnify medications, I'm very leary!

Do you think that if I used the DMSO first and then take my thyroid medication an hour or so later, it would be okay? I'm also on really strong pain medication for a slew of back problems that was caused by a first time adjustment to a chiropractor so I really want to use it for my back as well, but the last thing that I need is for it to be magnified and possibly hurt my liver! If there's anyone out there who can help me with either more information or can answer my questions, I would be ever so grateful for you taking the time to do so!

Blessings, peace and good health to all!

Where to Buy DMSO Locally

Posted by Caralee (Texas ) on 05/20/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Just saw DMSO at the Farm & Feed store in Texas. It was 1/3 of the price that I had paid. Just FYI, same brand I bought at a Health Supplement Store.

Where to Buy: Australia

Posted by Jennifer (Sydney, Australia) on 10/20/2009

Hi. Can someone please tell me where I can get some DMSO ? i live in sydney, Australia. thankyou. Jennifer

Replied by Francois
East London, South Africa

Google "clean & green", they are in NZ, but im sure they can assist you.

Replied by Gg
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

I found some on ebay! Pharma grade, cost me $50 for 500ml inc shipping.

Replied by Passion Cat
Perth, Wa Australia

Premium Grade DMSO in glass bottles is available in Australia from this website
The largest is 500ml and it is RTU 70%

Replied by Aussie John

Re buying DMSO in Australia - DMSOAU ( )

are very well priced and of a high quality. Free shipping too. For those committed to DMSO, there are options for bulk prices which attract even better savings. I hasten to add that I am not in any way associated with this company - I provide this in the interests of community service.

I've bought some sprayer bottles (amber glass) on ebay for trans dermal applications, but am now concerned over comments here which indicated that some plastics are affected by DMSO. Does anyone have feedback in relation to possibly metal spray units. Of course, knowing my luck, there'll be a metal component which is also adversely affected! Still, any assistance / advice would be greatly appreciated.

In closing, thank you to all of you for your contributions and your questions. Many have proven to be significantly helpful in my ever widening search for improved health.