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Posted by Man (America) on 12/07/2013
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I have been quite excited about this DMSO product. I just bought a quart that is 99.996 purity. I have used DMSO externally for stubbed toes, joint pain, back pain, Herpes cold sore preventative.

I have used DMSO internally in water *distilled water* I take a cap full in a 16 ounce glass of water. once a day. Sometimes I will do that twice but on the second day in a row of doing that ( 4 cap fulls in two days--the Dr. jacobs bottle lid 8 ounce bottle lid) I have trouble sleeping the second night because I am up peeing very frequently.

the Frequent urination is not much different than the affect from excessive blood sugar.

I just learned that ringworm on the skin is also a symptom of poor blood sugar control.

I suffer from a diabetes symptoms and am looking to solve the problem with foods and other natural solutions. I think it is type II diabetes because I have frequent urination, often have excessive dry mouth, low energy after meals, tingling feet and fingers ( mostly feet and the little toes it is most noticeable),

I was wondering if that DMSO might have some positive affects on the Diabetes issue. I am a bit of a risk taker so I am trying it. I would rather not get shot up with Doctor prescribed pills, (pharakia-- witchcraft, in Greek).

Replied by Mike 62
Denver, Colorado

Man: Fatty acid oxidation creates a state called fermentation. Fundamentally this interferes with glucose metabolism causing diabetes. Andrew Kim explains this technically in his 3 blogs, insulin revisited, carbon dioxide, and why cells go bad. The 80/10/10 program immediately reverses this creating a favorable state called respiration. You can also add in some raw grass fed animal products.

Replied by Man
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Mike 62 Thank you for your feedback on this. I will look into this thing you have said. I have never heard of such a thing but am willing to look into it. I believe that much of what is passed off as knowledge in the "medical Industrial complex" aka Doctors is more for their benefit than mine. A follow up on symptoms: For about a week I kept very close tabs on what I ate and when I ate and how I felt as far as energy and then I kept tabs on how I slept between urinations. The recent experience I have had with this issue I have kept notes to prevent the experience again and here are some of my findings from my own experience: From the 12/9/2013 to 12/22/2013 I kept notes of every thing I ate and drank and each time. My symptoms disappeared when I ate properly. When I ate only foods low on the glycemic scale and really rationed the molasses and sweets. I also added 2 TBS of Apple cider vinegar in water before each meal. Here is what worked: Not every thing I ate is listed. (But one thing that I noticed negative affects almost every time: alcohol had a negative affect on my energy level, a few hours later when it would hit me). Chia seed in water: One scoop in (16) sixteen ounces of distilled water-- I sipped once in the morning during this period of time. I had a glass of DMSO flavored water also to sip on which was 1 cap full in sixteen ounces of water And I also made a crock pot full of water and green tea bag with rosemary leaves and some fennel seeds to soak and I would dip out of that and drink that tea blend. ( It served as a humidifier also durning this very dry winter). I would add water to it as necessary. Trail mix with extra cocktail peanuts to reduce the amount of sweets percentage. Raw cabbage to munch on also ( It is cheep and low glycemic so can be eaten often. Avocado once in a while ( as they are quite expensive) I found that eggs are very helpful in the general sense of well being. I ate them scrambled, and boiled with coconut oil and turmeric also once in a while. I consumed about seven or eight dozen eggs in that time. To the eggs I added raw garlic chopped and raw onion chopped. Home made sauerkraut also was a regular in my diet during that time Celery sticks, Extra Virgin Olive Oil with turmeric in the oil, Hand fulls of just plain cocktail peanuts ( with no MSG). Eating late is not helpful. So I kept the meals small and tried to make sure I ate a few hours before bed time. I hope this information helps somebody. I will, if God wills, keep keeping track of diet along with the general sense of well being after the meals. Thank you for the website and the information here at Earth Clinic I appreciate the opportunity to learn to take care of my own health. Thank you.

Posted by Al (Los Angeles, California) on 04/24/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have been using DMSO for many years and found it to be like a miracle curative product for all types of ailments, from sore shoulder, injured knee, cuts, bites, pulled tooth, and everything in between. It is mornally used internally, however many take it internally in lieu of MSM, as MSM is derived from DMSO anyway and DMSO is a free radical scavenger, whereas MSM is not.

DMSO does have the odor taste and smell problem, however I finally found a supplier of a product called the DMSO. BZ solution of DMSO. This product has a special mixture in it that takes away just about all those problems, and also much of the stinging and itching that one can experience with using DMSO. Those people even put it in their eyes to get rid of irritation, they claim their product is so pure.

Just thought I would add my ten cents to the discussion because I have had such excellent results with their product. I share it with a lot of family and friends also.

Replied by Regina


My question the feed store DMSO safe for humans to take internally? It's 90% purity. So far, I take it externally only help with pain. Was itchy so I diluted it w/castor oil 75% castor 25% DMSO & feels much better. Just need to know what brand is safe for internal use & if it would heal pancreatitis? Can't find BZ brand. Thx

Posted by Don C (Flatwoods, Ky, U) on 07/19/2011
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The following is quite lengthly as I have been usins DMSO since about 1980, and have experienced or had feedback from a friend RE: its use on whatever.

DMSO.. (dymethyal sulfoxide). Some info Re: strength, and some of its' uses.

I have a tract / pamplet that refers to DMSO as a "Therapeutic Principle"... Defined as something that works on virtually everything. Three "Therapeutic Principles"... Discovered in our century; penicillin, cortizone and DMSO. The Pharmaceutical Lobbists have fought to keep DMSO off the market, primarily because as a product of the paper pulp industry it can be produced for about fifty cents a quart. That coupled with its' inheirent ability of a theraputic principle, whereby it works on vertually everything.

makes it impossible for them to recover costs on other drugs that might be negated were DMSO readily available and with the Good Housekeeping stamp of approval Therefore you will not be able to purchase at a Drug store and get accompanying info on how to use, etc. You can purchase it at some Hardware Stores as a solvent with no accompanying literature indicating medicinal use. The DMSO you purchase locally will be 99% pure. ( cost $ $11.sold in a 16 oz plastic bottle ) Stronger is NOT necessarily better, and what I do is cut mine to an 80% solution ( this is what over time, I have found to work best for me for most applications) Pour out 20 % into a small glass bottle and save for some other applications I will mention later To the remaining 80 % add 20% (basically fill the bottle ) with distilled water. Here again I am not that concerned with the small amount of impurities in our drinking water and I just use tap water . When you add the water to the DMSO there is a dilution reaction that takes place and the bottle will get warm. ( This same reaction takes place when you apply 99% DMSO to your skin and you will feel a gentle warmth... nothing theraputic about it )

For most uses you need only apply a thin coating ( you do NOT have to slop it on like you might do with linament) Normally a thin coat applied with a small cotton swab will soak in / be absorbed within 7-8 minutes. Myself... Since I also use it for flexibility, and to combat carpal tunnel, so I just apply it with my hands and massage it in. For a knee... I would apply it from an inch above to an inch below on the front and sides ( avoiding the rear only for convenience of NOT having to worry about letting the back of my knee come in contact with the fabric of what ever I am sitting on. ) IMPORTANT: Since DMSO not only is absorbed thru the skin , but is also a carrier your skin must be free of anything that might be toxic to your system if carried in by the

DMSO. You would not want to apply DMSO with your hands if you have fingernail polish on. After applying to an area Knee, elbow , hands, etc take care that these areas do not lay in contact with synthetics or anything containing a dye, as the DMSO may leach out the dye and carry it into your system... Re: synthetics there could be a toxic reaction, in addition DMSO will disolve or eat holes in some synthetics

Most people experience a tingly itch during the time it is being absorbed , and shortly thereafter the skin may assume a slight blush. If at anytime the itching becomes too annoying , just wash it off with clear water. I would not apply DMSO too near my bed time, if you find the itch persists too long. ( while all things are relative the itching normally does NOT persist that long )

Within 8 - 10 minutes after applying, you will be able to taste it, once you recognized what you are tasting. Some people find this extremely distasteful... To me it is a mild garlic taste, there is a mild garlic smell / odor associated as well. If a person were to use a lot of DMSO it is possible to develope a "garlic breath". This has never happened to me, and there were periods when I used it daily on both knees several times per day. As I said up in the first paragraph , Lobbying against this drug has been heavy and there are few who seem to care about the benefits. While there are studies on going, there are no real monetary incentives to tout the wonders and many uses.

CURES OR INSTANCES WHERE I HAVE EXPERIENCED OR HAD DIRECT KNOWLEDGE: I was fortunate the first time I tried DMSO, it worked within minutes to "cure"a twinge in my hand resulting from a hyper-extended finger. For several weeks finger movements in writing, buttoning a button, picking a piece of lint off a shirt, etc would result in a pain shooting thru the palm of my hand , bringing what ever I was doing to a brief halt ( more annoying than painful.... But enough to stop me ) The twinge disappeared during the time I was applying the DMSO, never to return. The wife, back at a time when she smoked. lost the coal off her cigarrette....caught it between her fingers on the back off her hand immediately raising a large blister. After rinsing the ash away, I applied DMSO and the burning pain was gone immediately. Wife was also a chronic list maker... She had closed her thumb in the car door injuiring it slightly, but enough that it hindered her at work. ( She was a nurse at KDH ) She mentioned to me that she couldn't tear open dose packs ( while passing medicines ) and that it also affected her charting ( could not write well ). I applied some DMSO and while we were watching TV, she suddenly realized that she had started making a list and that her thumb was no longer hindering her ability to write. It was still a little tinder but declined anymore DMSO saying, " Hey it's well "MY wife is one of those who find the taste and odor offensive, however, she will when hurting accept the cure.

The most dramatic cure in my experience was on my wife. Anytime she complained about an ache or pain, I always suggested DMSO, and she would reply " No it isn't hurting that bad", because she found the taste offensive.

Most Dramatic cure: On my return from work one evening, she met me at the door and began telling me about this pain in her hip. She was able to pin point that it had begun back in Sept ( at the time her mother had surgery ) and had been hurting ever since... In fact getting worse by the day (It was now March ). She went thru a litany of how, she couldn't prop it up, couldn't put heat, ibuprofin... Nothing gave her any relief. I knew she was really hurting when upon suggesting DMSO, she replied. "Well whenever you are ready". I told her that I had no experience with a joint as large as a hip and that it might require several treatments... Meaning that evening , the next morning and again in the evening... Followed by more if she felt it was helping. We got in bed, she on her side watching TV, and I applied a thin coating and massaged it in ( probably a little more than if I were NOT rubbing it in. A little later I applied a second coating and allowed it to be absorbed. The next morning ( must have been a sat) I was sitting at the table drinking coffee, when I looked up... Saw her standing in the doorway. She said, " That coffee smelled so good and I have been laying in there for 15 minutes, trying to get my nerve up, to come in here, but I just couldn't stand the thought of my hip starting to ache again."

Oh! I replied didn't it help at all ??? "Oh!, it's gone". She said. That was back in 1983 and the pain never returned ( had been hurting like a toothache from Sept to March and was cured with one double application )

Some other quick mentions: Migraine headache... Apply small amount to temples. Sinuitius... Apply to temples ( I have and it is a family joke... Wetted cue tips with DMSO and eased them up my nostrils as far as possible... Inside 30 to 45 seconds it breaks up the congestion ) Used it on my arm pits ( a wadded up T-shirt had gauld me and I was "red and sore") next day I was clear as a bell. Before I took Lamisil and cured my toenails... My nails would delaminate, and when I trimed them I would invariably tear one into the quick and end up with an infection. If we had any antibiotics around , I would open a capsul or crush part of a pill, and make a paste with DMSO. In this case the DMSO acted as a carrier , taking the antibiotic straight to the source of the problem.

The saved 20% of full strength DMSO is excellent on little ulcerated places in the mouth created by tooth brush gouge, or a sharp tooth that cuts your tounge. Any other little nicks or cuts... just apply full strength (excellent bacteriastat at anything over 90% solution ) no burning just a gentle warmth like "Bactine" used to be.

DMSO works on some/most forms of arthritis... I use it any time a finger/knuckle starts to have arthritic pain and usually experience immediate relief. The same with any slight carpal tunnel lockup. Stops some skin cancers

Replied by Paul
New York

Fantastic information. How did you apply DMSO to your wife's hip area ? Did you use your hand?

Replied by Marcy Rose
San Diego, California

I need to the mix ratio to add Liquid DMSO to 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. How much to consume for detoxing your system?

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Usa
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Marcy Rose, I have of late found this combination very effective for detox/oxygenation. I use one dropper DMSO and one dropper 35% H2O2 in a footbath for about 10 min. As for oral, this seems a little much especially the H202, but with the 3% may be a good start.

Replied by Marcy Rose
Julian, Ca

Thanks Tim, I started orally with dropper of DMSO, 1 oz 3% FGHP in 2 oz distilled water. Can I mix this with fresh squeezed oj and what's your opinion on my dosage? Grateful

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Usa
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Marcy: as for dosage, that is subjective according to body size and needs so you will just have to begin this dosage as a starting point... Until a detection of body odor and then cut back a little. The OJ seems entirely appropriate for mixer. One important note is to maintain a slightly alkaline body ph as the degree of oxygenation GREATLY increases away from acidic toward alkaline. And to further oxygenate take MSM as it recharges the DMSO and is a natural oxygen carrier in itself.

Replied by Kunamatata
Manly, Nsw

Marcy Rose - All my reseach on HP 35% has told me not to mix Vitamin C with it in the 4 hour window. Maybe look in to that before mixing the 2 together.

Replied by Karen
New Orleans, La

I really want to try DMSO but there is so much information that I'm confused. How do I apply it, hand, gloves, etc? How often and for how long do I use it, every day, 3x/week? And can I mix it with H2O2 or Oil or Oregano on my spine? I'm trying to treat a virus. Thanks for your reply.

Replied by Bev
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I seem to remember that Lugol's iodine is a cure for nail fungus. Makes sense, as it is also good for Candida or anything in that family. In a pinch, maybe regular old drugstore iodine would work, too. I once heard of someone who cured a horrible case of toenail fungus with laundry bleach but I sure wouldn't recommend that!

Replied by Alert

This to a poster who wrote: "Here again I am not that concerned with the small amount of impurities in our drinking water and I just use tap water." ...

I think that statement shows a misunderstanding of what it is in tap water. In most cities they put Fluoride into the water; there are multiple carcinogens not the least of which is the by product of chlorination/ disinfection: Trihalomethanes (sic). There are studies that have found low dose levels of pharmaceuticals such as birth control substances, heart medications, Viagra, and the list goes on and on and on. Let me be clear here, if you drink a glass of tap water it is not going to kill you today, but over the course of years the toxic accumulation will eventually begin to have its affect. Dr. Russell Blaylock has written extensively in his news letter on the toxicity of Fluoride, Dr. Mercola, on the Internet has much to say on the dangers of the water from the tap. I do not drink tap water unless it has been processed very carefully to remove as much of the Organic vapors and heavy metals etc as it is possible to do. From my own personal research and experimentation with virtually no equipment and just my reason, logic and common sense that I discovered so much Fluoride in a particular water supply in a predominately black/ Haitian neighborhood that I took the sample I had extracted( by a process of evaporation for several gallons of tap water to about a few ounces) to a water processing expert from the Pershing Yacht Company by the name of ******* that I met by chance one day and I handed him the sample of water and before he even had the jar in his hand he said, "That's fluoride". I said to him, "Are you telling me that you are certain that that is fluoride by just looking at it?" And he said "Yes", And he opened the jar and took a whiff of it and then reaffirmed "That's Fluoride". The addition of poison to water is a criminal activity and just about every town I have lived in adds this poison to the water and so people that are drinking tap water have put their lives into the hands of the people running the sewer system where the water is attenuated ( modified with the fluoride). This is like forced medication of a population. Tap water is a medication if it has been modified with Fluoride Cursed be he that trusts in man, says the Bible. Please be aware Fluoride is classified as a toxin. So if a man is going to recommend that "He's not too worried about the tap water" and he is talking about DMSO ( which is a transport chemical) perhaps it would be beneficial to take heed. I have gathered a few links together and some information for a quick primer for people that are interested in learning and understanding.? I hope this helps you, Dear Reader.

Replied by Judy

I use a simple water pitcher filtration system to remove the fluoride from our water. I suggest the same to others.


That will not remove the fluoride. Distilled water is one of the very few ways to remove fluoride, and everything else.


I've read that "borax" (boron) removes fluoride from water.

Replied by Judy

I have used DMSO 99.9% pure once using my fingertips and found that it "dehydrated" them, which lasted all night. I would recommend using another method if not diluting it.

Replied by Bursi

Try ebay and amazon

Replied by Lg

"Here again I am not that concerned with the small amount of impurities in our drinking water and I just use tap water" ... Whaat?? NO No No. DSMO binds! That is why you must have very pure water (distilled). If you mix DMSO with tap water and that means the DMSO will bond to all chemicals & contaminants in the water and moving that into your body. You DO NOT want the following to be enhanced and carried into your bones/joints.

  • Liquified chlorine
  • Fluorosilicic acid
  • Aluminium sulphate
  • Calcium hydroxide
  • Sodium silicofluoride

    Typical Tap Water Content:

  • Chlorine
  • Fluorine compounds
  • Trihalomethanes (THMs)
  • Salts of:
    • arsenic
    • radium
    • aluminium
    • copper
    • lead
    • mercury
    • cadmium
    • barium
  • Hormones
  • Nitrates
  • Pesticides

Replied by Katzie

Dr Stanley Jacobs stated that DMSO is such an effective solvent that its action is similar to an injection! I would just use a carrier oil like jojoba or Castor and then apply. This also protects your hands from any dryness. Good luck.

Replied by Regina


My question the feed store DMSO safe for humans to take internally? It's 90% purity. So far, I take it externally only help with pain. Was itchy so I diluted it w/castor oil 75% castor 25% DMSO & feels much better. Just need to know what brand is safe for internal use & if it would heal pancreatitis? Can't find BZ brand. Thx

Replied by Orh
Ten Mile, Tn

REGINA,,,,,,,,, ORH here, suggest you buy your DMSO from Dr Jacobs LABS. He is the doctor that did all the initial medical work back in the 60's. I buy their stuff because of quality. He says to use 50% above the waist and 75% below the waist. He has written books.


Posted by Deirdre (Atlanta, GA) on 01/19/2010

After reading about DMSO for years, I finally ordered a book on the subject (published in 1993) and also ordered DMSO from a veterinary supply store (found both on I am really enjoying the book. The one thing that turned me off from trying DMSO all this time was the complaint that you end up smelling of garlic or clams. Now that I have tried it, I want to know what the heck people are talking about!!! There is NO garlic or clam smell emanating from my breath or pores as many have warned!

On Saturday I applied DMSO to both of my knees, which are feeling shot lately (my early gymnastic years and my later karate years have really done a number on them, I guess). My knees felt a little numb after I applied the DMSO (with gloves and a cotton ball), but I certainly felt increased circulation to the area. I couldn't really tell a difference the next day about whether they helped or not. Last night I tried magnesium oil rubbed all over my knees and I could absolutely feel a difference this morning. So I may end up trying mag oil mixed in DMSO at some point.

Thanks to Phil from Dearing, GA's suggestion about grapefruit seed extract for nail fungus, I have been applying GSE for the past few weeks, twice a day. Can't tell if it's working, but I know these fungus remedies take months to see results. Anyway, I started spraying on DMSO and then drizzling grapefruit seed extract onto my big toe a few days ago. I know it's penetrating because not even a minute later, I can taste the extremely bitter taste of the GSE in my mouth. The bitter taste lasts for hours! I am quite excited about this needless to say and all the possibilities. For one, I look forward to trying a contributor's feedback about DMSO mixed in ground up B12 and sprayed on to the wrist pulse points for energy.

I also have some feedback about using DMSO on my dog's hotspot (phenomenal results), but will post to the pet's section instead of here.

Replied by Steven
Poughkeepsie, Ny

Hello there Deirdre,

Great information regarding using magnesium oil in the knees.. I will give it a try. I was hoping you could follow up in your B12 and DMSO. How pure is the DMSO you are using? How often have you applied the magnesium oil and DMSO? Is this still working for you? Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


Replied by Deirdre
Atlanta, Ga

Hi Steven,

Thanks for your interest in my post! I did try a drop of dmso mixed in with magnesium oil once or twice after writing my post. It worked quite well -- my knees felt so much better that I didn't need to do it again! I never tried the dmso mixed in with B-12 though. Sorry!

I have mainly used the dmso in conjunction with other remedies to treat nail fungus, which has proven to be a real pain in the you-know-what. I combined dmso with grapefruit seed extract this winter: twice a day, 7 days a week. My nail didn't appear to improve, so in February, I tried dmso with wild oregano oil to my toes. 2 months later my toes looked a lot better, but still not cured. In May I combined dmso with a drop of apple cider vinegar every day. Just when I thought the fungus was gone, it spread all over my big toe a few days after I filed down the nail. So I have had to start all over again on the remedies. I am skipping the dmso this time and simply soaking my toes in organic acv and distilled water for at least 1/2 hour a day. I am every hopeful, but who knows if I will succeed.

I also tried dmso with fresh aloe recently to treat a nasty oven burn on my arm. (As I mentioned in another post a few days ago, a hyaluronic acid supplement I was taking made me really out of it for about a week -- almost got in a car accident and then I got a nasty burn). The dmso and fresh aloe remedy combo didn't go so well. The application of the dmso on top of the fresh aloe caused an immediate and intense burning sensation followed by days of red skin... not on the burn, but on the area surrounding the burn. The "sunburn" is only now starting to go away.Well, not sure what went wrong there...

Sorry I don't have more positive feedback to give on the dmso!


Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hey Deirdre,

An interesting bit I learned from a couple of the alternative lifestyle leaders is that dmso acts differently above the waist as opposed to below the waist. It seems to burn and cause the skin to get very red above the waist but not below. Just thought I'd pass that on. Daniel Vitalis says to dilute it if you use above the waist.

Maybe that's what happened.
Hope you're well, Lisa

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines

Hi Deirdre...Concerning your fungal toe problem, I have had the same problem, have had fungal foot problems for decades -- none of the powders or drugs ever worked. I got rid of my athletes foot between my toes when I got rid of my candida problem -- but, for some reason, the toe-nail fungus remained.

But recently I've tried a topical mix, based on Ted's blanket approach, using Hydrogen Peroxide, Milk of Magnesia and borax. This covers all the the bases -- this mix is an anti-viral, antibacterial, anti-yeast and anti-fungal.

The way of make this mix is simple. Add 1 capful of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to 1 capful of Milk of Magnesia and then saturate with 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon of borax (so there are borax crystals left in the bottom).

Using a Q-Tip, dab this solution all over and round the nail - even on the skin, paying particular attention to dabbing it under the front of the nail and around the sides and back of the nail to get at the fungus underneath the nail. Do this at least 4-10 times a day or as much as you like really.

I've been trying this out for the last two weeks and the yellow nail on my big toe is slowly turning pink again now. This seems to have worked for me and is a fairly simple remedy, might be worth a try.

Replied by Deirdre
Atlanta, Ga

Thank you so much, Lisa and Bill!

Bill, I am looking forward to trying your nail fungus remedies. Thank you!

Replied by Tricia
86 posts

I'm going to add my tuppence here. The nail and the skin directly underneath it are so pressed together that it is impossible for cream or liquid to get at it. Any remedy should be loaded to the sides and tip of the nail and left to the air for 20 - 30 minutes so that it can spread skin cell to skin cell for effectiveness.

I know someone who tried many things for this but would put socks and shoes on straight away so that the liquids would soak straight into the wool. A clever nurse told her to do it half an hour before she got into bed and, hey presto, faster results.

Posted by Francois (East London, South Africa) on 11/03/2009
5 out of 5 stars

DMSO uses

Hi there, I run a natural medicine practice in SA, I've been using DMSO for various ailments on my patients for about 2 years now. The latest case was of a elderly african man who suffered from a progressive stroke, he only reached my practice 2 days later, I quickly gave him 1 teaspoon of DMSO in water every 3 hours, the next day he was still lame on the left side and seemed to get worse, also he had incredible pain over the right lung area (pulmonary embolism?) nevertheless I carried on giving him the DMSO every three hours orally. The following day he was well enough to walk on the beach!

Ive also injected DMSO into knee joints for local pain, I myself am curently drinking DMSO in fruit juice twice daily (1 teaspoon) my energy levels have gone up and my skin is glowing. ( i also take MSM and VIT C daily to counteract the DMSO from turning into MSM in the body)

I also mix B12 and DMSO in a dropper bottle and apply 2 drops on my wrist when I need a boost.

Another good idea is to put 2 B5 tabs into a 15 litre dropper bottle and top it up with DMSO the tablets dissolve after an hour or so, this can be applied to the wrists as well to boost the adrenals for extra energy.

Replied by Dirk Steenkamp
Vredenburg, South Africa

To Francios from East Londen, South Africa. Where do you buy DMSO and I would also like to make contact with you. My email adress is [email protected] Will send you my cel no. Thanks

Replied by Bonnie
Vancouver, Bc

I have severe copd and want to know if the DMSO and MSM work for copd ?? How do I take it?? Please help me.

Replied by Kgaogelo
South Africa

I would kindly like to consult. Where can I get hold of you? I'm also in South Africa.

Posted by DanaFricke (Bastrop, LA) on 06/21/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I read about DMSO in Kevin T.'s book. I was interested enough to buy it and try it for sinus headaches. I mixed 2 tablespoons DMSO in 3oz of filtered water & 1oz hydrogen peroxide. This solution sprayed and inhaled helped a lot with sinus headaches and colds.

I dropped a blow dryer on my pinky toe slashing my toe open about 1/2 an inch. It was a horrible cut and the pain was extreme. It hurt so bad and I lost so much blood (I had just got out of a hot tub) I nearly passed out. My husband helped me to the bed. I asked him to get me the DMSO spray. He sprayed it on my toe (one tiny squirt for starters in case it made things worse) and I felt immediate relief so I asked him to spray it real good. The pain totally disappeared. The toe had already started turning black along with the toe next to it. I covered my foot with a loose damp towel and just laid there for 20 minutes. My husband was after me to go to hospital to get stitches because it was bleeding so bad. He opened the towel while he was telling me if it was still bleeding I had to get stitches. Well to our surprise the wound had closed. The blackness was now pink. So I didn't have to go to the hospital and come home or die from a staph infection received from the hospital.

2 other incidents it healed were:
1.) A wound where a knife was stabbed under the finger nail of a child (the child was trying to open a toy w/ a knife against parents wishes - not my child) - healed with 48 hours
2.) A wound where the hand was caught in a trolling motor propeller. - healed within 24 hours
Both people received immediate relief.

I also use it about twice a year for carpal tunnel syndrome. I apply 90% DMSO to my wrist and keep a wet paper towel nearby. When it starts to sting I wipe the stinging area removing the DMSO, by the time each area has been wiped the symptoms are gone and my hand is back to normal. I'm always careful with it and totally clean. My theory is if you can't drink it don't get it near DMSO when using DMSO.


Replied by Yolanda
Detroit, Mi

Dana, I too bought DMSO and H2O2. My question is how did you know how much to use for your sinus troubles. I have fibroid tumors and want to use them for that but IDK how much to ingest and for how long.

EC: Acronym helper: IDK = I don't know

Replied by Monica
Fenton, Michigan

If you thoroughly clean the area, where you want to apply DMSO, with witch hazel, it will alleviate any itch or burn. The itch and/ or burn you are experiencing is caused by the DMSO reacting with something that is on your skin.

Posted by Digger (Brisbane, QLD Australia) on 05/07/2009
5 out of 5 stars

HI THERE I HAVE BEEN USING DMSO AND MSM for about 9 months ..before i started using them. I checked out many many websites and spoke to many people about them far as im concerned its very safe for us....

I have used it on wounds that wouldnt heal properly .i use it on both my feet where i have bone on bone arthritis in both my big toes... also athritic knees and kneck.. believe me when i say i look terrific for my age ..But i have so many aches and pains its not minimises the pain for hours

.I HAVE ALSO PUT IT ON MY TESTICLES AND THE BIG FELLA ..AND my libido is now amazing < i do have a very beautiful 30 yr old girlfriend that helps ..But at my age 65yrs ..I still need all the help i can get.

The msm i drink 2x table spoons a day with a juice ...the DMSO I IETHER APPLY TO WHERE I NEED IT ON MY BODY ..or i will drink about 5mils a day with some kind of sweet drink to mask the taste ,

my skin is glowing with health i look very fit nails and the hair on my head also grows very fast.

it seems that the USA AND AUSTRALIA are the only two countrys in the world that put warning signs all over the packaging ...I believe its absolute nonesense..I cant see any reason for me to stop taking iether of them .

i have also used hydrogen peroxide with good results ..but thats anther story

if any one wants to contact me ..please feel free to do so.

Replied by Catherine
Sydney, Nsw

Hi to Digger QLD,
I am interested in finding out any and all information relating to DMSO and where to buy.... I have circulation and energy issues and I like the sound of the B12 and B5 applications but to be honest, have never heard of DMSO until I stumbled upon this site. I have to say, what a fantastic site..... So much information.... I just love it
Cheers, Catherine

Replied by Jennifer

Hi Digger,

l am after some DMSO cream. Where in Australia did you buy it. l can only find US suppliers which it costs the earth and takes weeks to get here. Look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks Jennifer

Replied by Pat

Digger QLD - I know this is an old post but I'm very interested in your applications of DMSO. I hope you're still following EC and can answer some questions. Please contact me. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance for your time. Be well, Pat

Replied by Stephen

Hi Jennifer. If you want to buy DMSO, MSM & lots of other natural products in Australia go to a site I have been getting mine from them for years. They have lots of info on all their products as well. Hope this helps Stephen

Replied by Gaikar

You are applying only the DMSO on the big fella and textiles or the mixture of DMSO and MSM. When using DMSO are you diluting it and applying say 99% strength.

Regards, Gaikar

Posted by Connie (USA) on 11/12/2008
5 out of 5 stars

ok. I went and purchased DMSO last week finally for myself and a couple of friends. I have been using it for about a week now. First couple of days I mixed it with povidine iodine. It was the closest thing I could come to potassium iodide. I sent some articles about sski as to why I mixed the two.

Side effects. awful taste in your mouth. supposedly your body smells, I didn't notice, but I do taste it in my mouth for days after using it. Supposedly less than a teaspoon a day won't affect your body odor but who knows. my breath is awful! I'm thinking a drop of peppermint oil.

I used it on some varicose veins, a scab on my leg, that's been there since the end of Sept., a muscle on my other leg that needed some serious stretching, I believe I had permanently strained it a while back, I also used it on some scarring, some with raised keloids on them.

So far, besides the taste in my mouth it's all good. Within one day the muscle in my calf was better, within a few days the varicose vein that had been there for 20 years is kind of fading, the scar keloids are dissolving, the scabs and scars appear to be fading.

Then I added oregano oil in olive oil. Why? it fights yeast. In alternative medicine yeast is the root of all illness. I got sick as a dog within hours. Try to remember when you use this stuff that it boosts whatever you are taking into your body. That means if you are enjoying mouth amusement? ie. something with alot of sugar or not particularly good for you? you will pay.

The supplements I am taking along with this is MSM, vita c, wild yam, black cohosh, chasteberry, magnesium citrate, st. johns wort.

I've stopped craving coffee, although I still drink it. I didn't have chocolate until yesterday after going 24 hours without coffee. I also neglected my magnesium supplements for a day. Chocolate cravings have to do with a Magnesium defficiency. :)

I just put it on my doggie's hot spot on his paw as well as some scabs on his back from his extreme flea allergy.

I'm psyched about this stuff :)

Posted by Dana (Houston, TX) on 11/05/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Someone said they had a stubborn wart...use DMSO..put it on every day and it WILL leave you! It might take a couple of weeks...also good for herpes cold sores and the best anti-inflammatory available today.

Posted by Wes (Woodstock Ont., Ontario Can.) on 09/22/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have had 5 degenerative discs in my lower back for about 5 years. The Drs say go home and live with it Surgery is to dangerous. I have been taking corisone injections every three months, but they only last a short while.

My brother-in -law told me about DMSO and he had some on hand. I tried it by putting some on a peace of gauze and applying it to my lower back. I then covered it with saran wrap. After 24 hours the pain was gone and i did this twice a day for 4 days. Since then i only use it when i feel my back starting to hurt. This pain was also causing my right testicle to swell and was very painful. Since using DMSO, I now have relief again and the testicle has gone back to normal.

By the way I'm 79 years old.

Thankful for DMSO and my brother-in -law for telling me about it.

Replied by Truth-be-known
Austin, Tx

Great! .. Just be careful with using DMSO with Saran Wrap... For the chemicals in the plastic Saran Wrap will go directly into your bloodstream via the DMSO! ... I don't think you want that.

Replied by Tomwalk
Valparaiso, In, Usa

Can you use DMSO with silicone wound treatment pads?

Replied by Judy

May I ask how long you kept the gauze on your problem areas? Thank you so much for this post as this is exactly my problem!

Posted by Jim (Stillwater, USA, Republic) on 04/02/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Why isn't DMSO one, maybe #1, of the Top 5 Cures you list? I have used DMSO for many ailments over the last 25 years. It excels at healing wounds, burns and nothing is better for joint pain, tendonitis, bursitis, even head aches. It is truly the 31 medicine of God. Suggest you read up on DMSO. Ignore anything negative . The Pharmaceutical Houses has spent millions paying the FDA to keep off the shelves for human consumption, though Drs in all other industrialized countries prescribe it.

Pain Relief

Posted by Mystic Sage (Cutler Bay, Florida) on 07/15/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I purchased DMSO gel 99.9 pure with 10% Distilled water. I had excruciating pain on the tail bone from physical work around the house, as in moving furniture. I figured I would take a chance and just try it so I first used the roll-on with the same percentage of the gel, first. It felt as if the pain was never going to cease but I was not going to give up so easily. I applied DMSO (once) for two days. I thought that if the pain still persisted on the third day, I would consult with a physician. Well, on the third day, I felt no pain at all, as if it were never there!

In reading some of the entries on here, I have become quite curious in exploring DMSO further. I would like to know if everyone here purchases DMSO in the same form. If I am to take it orally, do I purchase a different form other than gel, or can I still use the gel that I currently have? How are many of you on this thread figuring out what measurements are needed for your ailments. Someone mentioned douching and I, too, am curious as to how it can be done and what form is used. Should DMSO and MSM be used together? I am just discovering information about MSM. Another member mentioned a book on it and I am going to purchase a copy. If anyone can answer or outline information on what I need, please do so. I believe in DMSO.

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Mystic Sage, I first used DMSO back in the 70's as a ballet dancer. My teacher/ mentor who was one of the great American ballerinas had used it throughout her career and familiarized me with it. Back then it was not used by humans (at least not the general public, dancers were using it. ) but she knew of it from the horse world in Saratoga Springs, NY of which they had been using it on race horses for a long time successfully. I continue to use it today in roll- on form. Once applied you do not need to rub it in but do let it dry before getting dressed. It is a powerful conductor so be careful what you are applying with it because it will drive it into the body.

As for MSM, I was introduced to it 16 years ago by my dad. He would always see me in pain from all my teaching and brought it to me in powder form although he had capsules as well. I was skeptical but tried it and my pain disappeared overnight! I was sold! Back then, my dad would add the powder to lotion to use topically since it was not available in creams at that time. Virtually no one knew of it and because I became such a believer in it, I would drive a distance to buy it from the distributor in boxes so I could get a bulk discount. I would give it to dancers and friends who had physical pain. To this day, I recommend it to all my students if they become really sore or if they feel they've injured a body part. I like to use it in powder form best since it goes directly into your system. Capsules are good for convenience but I personally don't think they're as potent. I use Omica which is completely plant- derived and non- petroleum derived. That company offers superior products of all that they carry. The first MSM I used all that time ago was OptiMSM. I always had great results with that as well.

As for DMSO orally, well since I use MSM orally I don't use DMSO that way. You can safely use them together. I have often. Also, there is plenty of information available on the internet on both of these so you really don't need to buy a book. As for the amount of MSM, I base it on my pain factor. Of course, I think it's always best to start low and build up if you aren't getting the results you wanted. I use a pretty healthy tablespoon, sometimes more, in a glass of water but then again, I'm used to these things...

I hope I have answered your questions. Best to you, Lisa

Replied by Lisa

Hi I suffer from severe leg pain sometimes I can't walk due to spinal stenosis , bulging discs, osteoarthritis and scolliosis in my lumbar spine. Where can I buy DMSO ?? And how do I know its the real DMSO and not a fake ?? Please help can't take this horrific pain anymore...

Replied by Rodney
Virginia, US

Msm is a by- product of DMSO. No need to combine.

Replied by Timh
2111 posts

I am no expert on this but I think that combining the two in proper ratio insures top levels in the body. DMSO has many benefits as does MSM, but the DMSO can cause odor problems at therapeutic doses, where this does not occur with MSM. Evidently DMSO is limited in it's conversion to MSM.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn.

HI U TIMH, , , , , , , , , MSM is made from DMSO and H202.

I am surprised that you have a pet. Hulda Clark said that if you have a house pet then you will have the same parasites. I believed her and after 46 years my wife no longer has a house cat. For the last 8 years she has had two outside cats and they love far more that the others. They are fed a specific amount at a specific time. Neither wears a watch, but they know exactly when feeding time is.

As you know Hulda Clark contended that parasites were the cause of all diseases.

I have ordered the reduced Glutathione to make a batch of lyposol. I can find no recipe so I will just use one tbsp per batch. How does that sound to you?


Replied by Timh
2111 posts

RH: For over 20 yrs I hadn't a pet due to being un-established and living from pillar-to-post. Factor in also the tragic single or bachelor status, and in 2004 where I moved to a country setting (now become completely developed) it was so wonderful to have a pet kitty, then a mommy kitty and a batch of kittens. I have one of that litter still abiding here and doing well. I kept them wormed regular w/ Piperazine for adult Ascaris but looking back in hindsight, would have also needed the Ivermectin.

Anyway, about the LET. Are you feeling improved from the LET Vit-C?? I have been thinking how much assured you should feel as to that recent cancer deal (if I am not mistaken it was yourself).

As for the Glutathione, many people use a more cost effective method of supplementing NAC, Selenium, and Melatonin orally, although Liposomal GTH is the best it terms of effectiveness. IMHO Reduced Glutathione for liposomal encapsulation is used best as a cofactor for either of the two coenzymes CoQ10 and ALA (which are both poorly absorbed orally). One part GTH to 1/2 part CoQ10 or ALA. The Lipo C would be good maybe 2x weekly while you could take the CoQ10 or ALA daily. You could rotate the CoQ10 and ALA on a daily or weekly basis.

Given these recommendations, it could only be surmised that your energy levels will greatly increase, as well as generally improving the overall health of both body & mind (especially in the aging or declining process).

Replied by Susan
Mississippi, US

My warning is not about DMSO, which I use and recommend. My warning is about listening to Clark about leaving cats outside. Stop the witch hunt on cats and stay on subject. DMSO. Cats have nothing to do with DMSO. Totally not related. Cats are not parasite givers. USE DMSO, ignore Clark's advise about indoor cats... not related at all.

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada

Hi Susan --- right on. Years ago when I read her books, I gave up when she demanded that people get rid of their pets.

T'is a pity but so much for that. He, people are not parasite givers? Etc.?

Namaste, Om

Replied by Judy

Lisa, I just want you to know that you are not alone. I have suffered from chronic pain for over 7 years. Surgeries, opiates, rehab, pain management, biofeedback, physical therapy - come on, all have been no help. I know what it is like to be in constant pain...I am trying DMSO and will let you know my story.

Replied by Kate B
Southern Ala

Get DMSO at Tractor Supply. 16 oz for 8.00 bucks

Replied by Joel The K

Uh yea, Hulda Clark would have us all living in pressurized, sterilized, hermetically sealed space bubbles. I read Cure for All Diseases. At first I was enthused and it sounded kind of right. But the further along I read the more I realized Dr. Clark had developed some kind of obsessive/compulsive disorder bordering on total paranoia. What kind of life would one live if they followed all of Clark's directives? There is such a thing as too clean. We do have immune systems. I love cats.

Posted by Gg (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia) on 11/12/2009
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

DMSO topical application

I used DMSO for the first time last night (topically), as a guinea pig test before using it on my boyfriend's back. I just had a question for anyone with experience -- it's left my skin puckered and dry feeling, like when you been in the bath too long and you "prune", only it's dried out now. Will this go away??? I would assume it does but I'm hoping I haven't done myself any permanent damage! I left cotton swabs soaked in the solution on my skin for about half an hour and it stung so i took them off, then noticed this skin effect.

On another note, the pain relief was amazing! I hadn't realised how much my feet normally hurt. I have a condition called "Haglund's Deformity" and also some excess bone in my feet which causes me much pain. I wasn't having a "sore feet" day, but I noticed with utter amazement after trying it on 1 foot only that the other was was actually hurting quite a bit. I must be so used to it that I ignore it normally. The foot I tried the DMSO on felt "buoyant", that's the only was I can describe it. Light and slightly tingly, complete absence of pain or aching. And I only applied it at 3 points on the skin! I'm looking forward to experimenting more with this amazing substance, and hoping it will provide some relief for my BF who suffers from "Scheuermann's Disease".

Replied by The Narrow Way
Clarkston, Mi

Dear Hobart, I read your post on DMSO how when you applied it to your test areas and the skin puckered and felt dry. I have done the same thing on my finger where I have really bad joint pain. It took away the pain but left my finger puckered, pruned and sensitive to touch. Did it go away or is there still damage to the tissue where you applied it? I haven't seen an answer to your post. So I am hoping you can tell me if your skin went back to normal or not. Thank you

Replied by Tre
Memphis, Tn

Ok so I decided to try the dmso on my shoulder since the only thing doctors want to do is give me steroid shots. I went to a store and could not find the liquid so I picked up the gel form. I have used it twice with no side effects. Tonight I got out of the shower and applied it to my shoulder. It put a little more on than I have been doing. I let it soak in and noticed it stinking a little. The stinging turned to burning. I went to rinse it off when I noticed that my skin had a ton of little bumps on it. I rinsed it off and applied aloe on the skin. Then burning went away, and the bumps seem to be going away. Am I doing something wrong? has anyone else had this happen? I bought it at a tractor supply company store.

Replied by Water, S-o-t-r
Albuquerque, N.m.

Whenever using DMSO I always mix it with Rhus Tox ointment (available through any Homeopathic Lab or retail source) to protect against skin reactions which are common with DMSO and which were the excuse used by the Feds to not approve DMSO for human use. This has worked with many dozens of persons and hundreds of applications.

Replied by Mariam
Roanoke, Va

DO NOT USE DMSO FULL [email protected] 99% DMSO is a powerful agent and some of you are using it full strength and out of plastic roll on containers which is not advisable. It must be used and stored out of glass as it will take some of the plastic with it if used from plastic. It must be applied from a small glass container to which you have cut it at least by HALF if it is a 50% solution, even with 70%. It will work if used responsibly but it is caustic if you apply it to the skin without diluting it with water or aloe and it will burn and damage tissues initially before they heal at full strength. You could even get a swollen tongue as epithelial cells slough off too quickly so exercise caution. And please remember, Whatever it touches goes into the skin with it.

Replied by Ray
Calgary, Alberta

My wife has Rheumatoid Arthritis so I rubbed and massaged DMSO on her hands, feets, knees, shoulder etc. (mixed with castor oil)The whole process took 30 minutes. After my hands looked like prunes. But it went away an hour later. That night I did the process again. This time the prune look stayed with me all night, no matter how hard I tried I could do nothing. No lotions made any difference. Eventually it cleared up by the end of the day. I didn't use DMSO anymore but just the castor oil. But then 2 days later tried again but with more castor oil (before it was only 50:50 mixture). Now the finger tips didn't get the prune look, though they are a little "tender."

Replied by Redcairo
Miami, Ok

The way DMSO works means that it is very dehydrating to skin. After you use it, maybe 10 minutes later, put some quality oil on your skin, I use castor oil but it can be anything that is healthy. You'll need this to rehydrate the skin.

Replied by Alana
South Africa

I've only had that puckering when I've touched water after DMSO application. The same as when staying in water for a long time. Seems it sped up the absorption of the water through my skin where the DMSO was. Also could be chemicals from cotton swab if not Organic cotton?

Pets: Paralysis

Posted by Kathy (Morrice, Mi) on 02/26/2008
5 out of 5 stars

My cat broke her back 10 weeks ago and hasn't walked since. Her spinal cord was not severed but only had limited use of one back leg. I rubbed DMSO mixed with aloe vera 3 times daily and within 3 days, the leg with no nerve responses started twitching and she started moving it. On the 4th day, she stood up twice. Still not walking but getting more use of both legs and making progress. I don't believe it was coincidence. I started rubbing on peroxide over back today to oxygenate her system and help with regeneration. DMSO is miraculous and FDA should not stop it's use.

Plantar Fasciitis

Posted by Patsy613 (Waupaca, Wisconsin, Usa) on 03/31/2013
5 out of 5 stars

COMMENTS ON USING DMSO. I HAD PLANTAR fasciitis for several months in 2007 before using DMSO. I put it on topically on clean skin on my foot bottom twice a day. In 3-4 days it was gone. If I felt that tightness return I did another treatment. I have had no problems for several yrs now and I go barefoot too. It is a shame we waste money on special shoes and Doctors.

Replied by Janice
Long Island, Ny.

I was thinking about using DMSO for the same condition but am hesitant because it's your feet and you step on all kinds of dirt. Even if you put a sock on, I'm not sure if it's safe because of germs getting in there.

Replied by Amy
12 posts

I just recently purchased some DMSO at the Tractor Supply store near me for a trigger thumb issue I'm having. I was nervous too, there are a lot of scary warnings out there! I just made sure I washed my hand with as hot of water as I could handle (and soap), patted dry and applied with a cotton ball. I believe its helping! So for your foot, soak and wash really thoroughly, let it sink in and dry on your skin for 15-20 minutes and then rinse off keeping in mind that if you use soap to wash it off, it could possibly take the soap through your skin...? I'm not sure if that's over-cautious, but better safe than sorry! Then use a white sock to be safe, I've read it can take clothing dyes right through the skin as well...

But I have been rinsing and putting my hand into a black thumb brace to keep it from bending and have had no issues...Good Luck!