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Kaposi's Sarcoma
Posted by Maryellen (Loveland, Ohio) on 07/28/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I put a drop of Diamond's turpentine in my nose. Burning was at first intense. (I have experimented with it for about a year by adding to my bath along with DMSO for good skin benefit. (Have also painted it onto a crusty never-healing sore on my ear)) Still have some tingle sensation in middle ears, eyes, back of throat, roof of mouth and nose. Immediately eliminated gobs of mucous! I knew it was there but did not know how to release it. Will do it again and again until the Kaposi's Sarcoma is no longer symptomatic. Thanks for this site. ME of OH, USA

Posted by Marika (Czech Republic) on 07/26/2015

Thank you for your opinions. But I still believe that if turpentine is supposed to dissolve biofilms and kill candida than I should be feeling something if I take it. I did follow the diet very strictly at the beginning but I felt I only got worse. I belive that the body needs sugar and if you have none, it can result in a lot of harm. And many opinions say that sugar from fruit is absorbed and used by the body much faster before it can feed candida. Maybe the problem is that the turpentine just doesn't reach the large intestine? I mean, some people have a few drops on sugar and immediatly run to the toilet and I have upped the dose to a table spoon - as recommended on some sites and I still feel absolutely nothing. Maybe it just requires more time for the biofilms to dissolve? Any thoughts? I just can't accept the idea that I will be like this for the rest of my life. There has to be something!!!

Turpentine Tips
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 07/22/2015 2072 posts
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C: Turpentine is a powerful parasite & pathogen killer so folks that have a high number of these critters will experience "die-off" or "Herx reaction" as the toxins released from the dying bad bugs. This in turn can cause leaky gut syndrome or dirty colon.

To remedy this it would help by taking Activated Charcoal or Bentonite Clay prior to meals to capture the waste. One spoon of Milled Flax Seed with breakfast (goes good with cereal or fruit smoothies etc) will clean the colon. Aloe Vera compliments the MFS very well.

Posted by Corinne (Tennessee) on 07/21/2015
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Hello, after reading your site, I started taking turpentine for my arthritis. I've been taking it for a little over a week. (1tsp turpentine/1tsp honey) After only a few days the arthritis pain was completely gone as was the pain from two bone spurs on my foot.

My question is this; I'm having stomach pain (intestinal). I am not sure if it is related or coincidence, but I wanted to ask, should I take less, or do you have a recommendation? I've seen other sites relating "turpentine poisoning" to severe stomach pain.

Thank you!

Locating Gum Spirit of Turpentine: Australia
Posted by Julia (Qld) on 07/14/2015

I take Diggers Pure Gum Turpentine. I am trying to order the one from G forrest. I had good results with Diggers. Julia

Posted by Bob (Pa) on 07/10/2015

Pre WWII tonic:

My dad says he took kerosene and molasses for colds before 1935. Is that possible?

Where to Buy: UK
Posted by Tucker (Uk) on 07/08/2015

Hi Emma, I have researched Mylands turpentine and have found that it is good quality and suitable for internal use.

Best Type of Turpentine
Posted by Tucker (Uk) on 07/03/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Greetings Andreea, I have researched Mylands turpentine and have found that it is good quality and suitable for internal use.

Turpentine Usage
Posted by Roni (Il) on 07/03/2015

Hello Bill,

I have candida overgrowth, and have been having it for years. My symptoms are hair loss, tiredness, stomach pain, weight gain, sinus problems, bad breath, bloating, skin problems, white coated tongue etc.

Over the years I have tried everything with no result. I have tried HP which helped a little bit, coloidal silver, mastic gum, oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract, borax, iodine, graviola, pao d'arco tea, haritaki churna, baking soda, apple sider vinegar, turpentine... I was taking the HP for about 8 months and it helped a little bit with the tiredness, but my tongue didn't clear up. I also scrape and clean my tongue twice a day.

I went to see holistic doctors and regular primary care physicians -nothing, they didn't help. I have been on a diet for 2 years. I do not eat sugar, fruits, no coffee, no alcohol, keep low carb , no gluten, no bread, no processed food, I occasionally cheat with honey on gluten free crackers.

I've been taking turpentine ( 1 tsp turp with one sugar cube, once a day) for about three weeks now. It does not seem to work too.

I'm desperate and tired. I'm reading all these comments and articles and the turp and HP seem to work for most of the people. I have no idea what to do anymore. I appreciate any help and suggestions.

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 07/02/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Guy...If you want to follow a cure protocol for ASD disorders then Keri Rivera's Protocol is quite successful and has the right approach. To get a better idea about her protocol, you can download her book -- Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism -- for free from her website. Her protocol involves a parasite cleanse, candida cleanse and heavy metals cleanse. These comprise daily oral therapies, enemas and a special diet for the child. So far, according to her website, 181 ASD kids have been completely cured according to their ATEC scores.

Keri's protocol fully accepts that candida and parasites as well as heavy metals(from vaccines) are the main cause of autism -- it is the waste toxins or poisons from these particular pathogens that acts on the delicate developing brain of a child that causes these serious ASD symptoms and strange behaviours. I believe this to be true because I've been working with a parents autism group for the last 2 years and I've seen all the images they post showing their kid's poop. Every single one of the kids in this large group has both candida and parasites(worms). Alot of the parents also have candida too.

I was asked to help this ASD parent's group with the protocol and that's when I introduced turpentine, iodine, alkalizing, borax etc into their protocols. This seems to have also helped to accelerate recovery. My own full protocol for getting rid of candida and parasites is shown here. Adult and kids dosages are shown in my protocols. If you want more information and the truth about systemic candida problems then I've also written a book called Candida: Killing So Sweetly which might help your own understanding about this fungus.

You would do well to steer clear and not take the allopathic approach to autism. Doctors will only ever recommend managing the symptoms of ASD with never any actual cure in sight. Very few doctors appreciate or understand ASD disorders -- but Dr William Shaw's Research seems to have a particularly good handle on it.

Turpentine Side Effects
Posted by Jalen (Colorado) on 07/02/2015
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In response to people asking for side effects on turpentine info...I am a 46-year-old female who started Diamond G Forest turpentine treatment last Wednesday for Candida, and I guess without enough guidance because I didn't realize you weren't supposed to just keep dosing every day until the Candida was cured. So, I started with 1/2 tsp on 1 tsp organic sugar (and it tastes yummy by the way, like a shot of pine flavoring on sugar) last Wednesday, increased to 3/4 tsp turp on the sugar Saturday, then increased again to a full tsp of turp on the sugar I think Tuesday. So I had a full tsp both this Tuesday and Wednesday, then for whatever reason decided to look up more info about this protocol last night, found this forum, and realized maybe 8 days in a row was not a good idea. :-) However, I feel fine, so apparently 8 days taking it every day didn't kill me. I will now take a break, probably for about a week, and then do the twice-a-week dosing I'm seeing recommended on here.

OK, so side effects: first day was the most noticeable dizziness, started about 30 min after that first 1/2 tsp of turp, lasted about 20 min max. I had slight dizziness a couple of other days, following that same pattern, sets in about 30 min after dosing and lasts 10-20 minutes. For me, not a biggie, kind of amusing actually, but if it were much worse you'd probably need to go lie down for awhile until it subsided.

Nausea, I only noticed very slightly, first day I took turp and then maybe again the first day I did a full teaspoon. Definitely not a big problem.

Gut cramping/urgent bowel movements, daily at least twice after dosing. For me it would happen after eating something, and from what I've been reading on this forum it sounds like that's what's supposed to happen to clean out whatever was killed by the turp. The gut cramping was not a huge deal, much more tolerable than what Candida overgrowth/IBS cause just in general, and I would say overall I'm feeling much better in the gut department after 8 days on turp. As my family would say, it "cleans you out" in a good way.

Diarrhea, I only experienced one day out of the 8. I think about day 5. No biggie. I like getting cleaned out.

Ok, here's a side effect I haven't seen anyone mention - adrenaline surges, as if you had a strong cup of coffee. In fact, I had to back way off of caffeine this past week while taking turp (and my only caffeine these days is green tea and mate; I quit coffee last summer due to bladder pain that at the time I didn't realize was Candida-related) because I was getting anxious/jittery. Turpentine gave me energy, and then some days I crashed later and had to take a nap, just like coffee does to your system.

I should mention as a caveat to this report of side effects that I've been on a Candida-elimination diet as well as doing some over-the-counter cleanses by RenewLife for the past 2.5 months and prior to that have been vegetarian for the past 12 years (but eating pasta, bread, sugar, coffee, alcohol, etc. over those years.) I take no prescription drugs of any kind on a regular basis, take a lot of supplements like barley powder, fiber supplements, etc. and juice vegetables almost every day, and consider myself to be fairly healthy. (I have had several rounds of antibiotics for annual bladder infections since my 20's though so I think that's where the Candida came in.) So for the past 2.5 months I've had no refined sugar, no dairy, no gluten, almost no fruit, limited grains (and only gluten-free, ) maybe 8 oz total of alcohol for the whole 2.5 months, and of course no meat because I'm vegetarian. I've actually felt so much better on this diet that I've decided to go vegan and avoid refined sugar, white flour, and gluten long-term as well, even after the Candida is gone.

And last but not least, improvements or changes after my week and a day of turpentine dosing: the nagging sinus-scratchy cough I get in the back of my throat at least once a day has greatly reduced and maybe disappeared; I have a long-standing benign cyst of some sort on my left forearm under the skin that has reduced in size (wow! ); my IBS (if that's what it was) seems to be changing, getting better, less bloating and constipation; maybe a slight improvement in sinus cloggage; heel pain greatly reduced to gone; energy levels increased somewhat.

So that's it for my turpentine report, hope this helps someone who is thinking about trying it!

Posted by Guy (Uk) on 07/02/2015

Hi Bill Thompson- thank you for this fascinating site, and for the protocol information below for autism. My son has autism. After being diagnosed at age 2 at the severe end of the spectrum, he is now actually doing very well (aged 6) since we took him out of the national health care system and carefully selected a few treatments that felt right. His main difficulties are with understanding social interactions.

We don't have any particular reason to think that parasites or bacteria are the cause - unless that is always the cause of such conditions.

According to your responses so far, it seems that the protocol is different depending on the age of the child. What would it be for a 6-year old, and how long would it need to go on for (or is it ongoing)? Is there anything else we can do for him to support the process?

(would this also be a suitable protocol for an adult for general health and to possibly resolve un-diagnosed health niggles?)

Thank you again.

Best Wishes,

Muscle and Joint Pain
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 06/20/2015

My family has used turpentine topically and internally and we have not noticed there being an odor issue. High quality turpentine smells really good anyway.

I am careful about using garlic and then going out among others but do not worry about it with turpentine.

~Mama to Many~

Turpentine Side Effects
Posted by Martha J (Atlanta) on 06/20/2015

I don't understand, how can the medical field not promote turpentine bcuz of kidney issues & at the same time prescribe all types of mess that destroy the kidneys, liver etc, such as something called contrast they push in ur veins to cause a CT scan give the dr more info on ur condition, I kno cuz I hve kidney damage from so much that the dr has prescribed for me that was supposed to be helping me.

Muscle and Joint Pain
Posted by Martha J (Atlanta Ga) on 06/20/2015

Is there a pronounced or slight odor w/this concoction, do I hve to stay home after using this solution?

Turpentine and Breastfeeding
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 06/08/2015 2072 posts

J: To my knowledge there is no current exact science as to the degree of permeability of T in the body (cells). It is always supposed to work very well especially in the digestive tracts; but there is evidence that T goes all over the body as I and others have found positive relief from T bursting biofilms in infected bone tissues. I also have needed to do Kidney support or cleansing fallowing taking T as I experienced much die-off symptoms.

So, it appears the T will indeed find it's way into the breatmilk. If you have a good sense of smell you may be able to detect any T in a container of fresh milk. As for directions, it is simply a matter of moderation, although T does not seem to be toxic or harmful.

For more info read the E.C. page on T here https://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/turpentine-kerosene.html

Posted by Marcin (Toronto, Canada) on 06/06/2015

Agreed! Though I have a little different view on that.

I look at food through the lens of glycemic index, the rate of how fast the food is converted into glucose, or sugar. Sugar in any form and fruits are the highest on the index, followed by starchy vegetables and rice and bread. Vegetables are the lowest.

That being said, the glycemic load of your meal is determined by all the things you put in your stomach, so if you eat cucumbers (very low glycemic index) and white rice (higher glycemic index) in 50:50 ratio in one meal, the glycemic index will be (15+65)/2=40, which is a safe value and will not make you feel worse. If you go over 100 then it is going to be bad. Russet potato taken alone is 111.

I have personally not eaten a single fruit or (knowingly) anything with sugar for the past 6-7 months, and my candida is under control, which of course does not mean it is healed, because I would soon start to feel bad if I ate a fruit or a sweet bread. As long as I avoid sugar and fruits, and always eat carbohydrates, such as rice, potatoes, or bread, with vegetables or dairy products, I feel very good. However, for the past few days I have been eating basically only bread, and my thyroid started to feel bad, which was one of my nastiest symptoms during the acute phase.

Eating this way is a good way to get rid of the symptoms, but it is not a way to heal yourself, so to say, you will be able to eat a fruit.

Posted by Shay (Czech Republic) on 06/06/2015

Candida requires a total elimination of sugar in every form from your diet to kill it from your system. No Bread, potatoes, fruits... Lots of water, vegetables, lean meats. No grains. Your symptoms should decrease with consistency.

Turpentine and Breastfeeding
Posted by Jaime (Calgary, Ab) on 06/05/2015

Does anyone know if it is safe to take turpentine while breast feeding?

Posted by Timh (Ky) on 06/06/2015 2072 posts

M: You can add other natural antibiotics like liquid Neem Extract (is the one I use w/ Turp) to sugar cubes then add the Turpentine. To help remove the pathogens from the colon take a spoon of Milled Flax Seeds before or after the Turp. To further improve this treatment, incorporate the use of a Zapper about 30 min after Turp/Neem/Flax.

Aloe Vera is also good for removing pathogens from the gut lining. Other natural antibiotic herbs you can take are Garlic, Berberine, Oregano, Grapefruitseed, Pau De Arco.

Posted by Marika (Czech Republic) on 06/05/2015
3 out of 5 stars

Hello, I have a question regarding my candida. I am in a terrible state - weight 42kg, psoriasis, spitting white saliva, hair loss... So I am sure my candida is in the fungus state - embedded in the gut tissues. I have tried taking turpentine for a week but felt absolutely nothing. Is is supposed to work against this fungus protected by biofilm? I am desperate, as I've been trying to get myself rid of this illness for a year - diets, untifungals, enemas... but nothing seems to work. Please, help...

Eliminating Biofilm
Posted by Alfred (Amsterdam) on 05/22/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I would like to report the tremendous effect I am experiencing of using gum turpentine to get rid of biofilm in guts and lungs. After reading Bill's book on candida, I was eager to try this missing ingredient for a cure.

Have a lot more energy now, thank you Bill!

The pinacea is the panacea.

Also found this document about the use of turpentine in Haarlemmerolie: http://www.haarlemmerolie.nl/images/Haarlemmerolie/english-user-manual-haarlemmerolie.pdf

Turpentine Side Effects
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 05/16/2015 2072 posts

C: Looks like a strong possibility of dirty colon, as per your symptoms. In this event, all sorts of bad stuff penetrates the compromised colon walls and enters the bloodstream where many autoimmune disorders can manifest.

Here is the E.C. page for https://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/colon-cleansing.html.

And yes, parasites can cause the colon disorder which causes the ... so multiple disease states can be present and also severe or debilitating. In this case do para cleansing one week then rotate to colon cleansing the next and so on until you make big progress.

Let us know how this works for you.

Turpentine Side Effects
Posted by Chrissi H-w (London, Uk) on 05/15/2015
0 out of 5 stars

Hi all, I've been reading all the posts with great interest... and have been trying turpentine treatment to help address alopecia totals (an autoimmune issue), which I have had since around this time last year. Having read about the connection between parasites etc, and being able to relate to many of the symptoms, I thought it would be worth a try.

I was taking just less than 1 tsp in 1 tsp of raw sugar daily for about a week. I had to stop about a week ago as I got a little concerned with the ongoing the multiple bowel movements - even though I have not taken any turps for one week I am still getting them although they have now subsided quite a bit. Is this to be expected?


Where to Buy: UK
Posted by Emma (Andover, United Kingdom) on 05/12/2015

I am keen to find a UK source of 100% pure gum spirit of turpentine. I have bought the Mylands brand but am not sure it is really 100% pure. I then found a source of turpentine essential oil but am worried this is not the same thing and is not going to work or be safe to ingest? Any advice from anyone re: a UK safe source would be much appreciated. I have candida issues. Who hasn't!

Posted by Kit Campbell (Australia) on 05/01/2015
4 out of 5 stars

Had Crohn's disease for 40+ years and cancer four times - 'cured' myself of the last bout.

Candida is the culprit :)

Turpentine works on the cell wall of the candida fungus, because it is a terpenoid. There are others that exist too, which I am currently trialing.

Key point, you need to address ALL areas of your environment, not just what you take systemically and atopically. Your mind will determine what chemicals and hormones are being created by the brain.

Balance can be restored, I am proof, although I am still getting there :)

Think well, live well and be well - all these environments need to be addressed in order to get back to homeostasis :)

All the best for your journeys, for this is what they simply are :)


Turpentine Carrier Oil
Posted by Mama To Many (Middle, Tennessee, Usa) on 04/29/2015

Bill, Thanks for the link to the book. Fascinating! After reading about your using turpentine for a toothache, I tried it myself. I have been having some pain in a molar. Clove oil or a tiny charcoal poultice were helping for pain. But I decided to try turpentine. I put a drop on my finger and rubbed it on the area of discomfort. I did this 3 times in two days. I am no longer noticing the pain. Thanks for all of you teaching on this and everything else! ~Mama to Many~

Turpentine Carrier Oil
Posted by Sue (St. Jospeh, Mi) on 04/28/2015

Thanks Bill

Turpentine Carrier Oil
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 04/28/2015

Bill, you quote from Merck: Uses: Extern. cancerous growths. Have you ever heard of it being used successfully this way?

Turpentine Carrier Oil
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 04/28/2015

He Sue...You can find the book by Dr Charles Oscar Frye here.

Turpentine Carrier Oil
Posted by Sue (St. Jospeh, Mi) on 04/27/2015

Hi, where can I find the book, A Cure for a Penny?

Turpentine Carrier Oil
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 04/28/2015

Hi Gratitude...There are many ways to take turpentine and it really depends where you want it to act as an anti-microbial in your body. If you take it with an oil like olive oil or VCO then generally it will act partially in the intestines as well as in the blood. But its better to use castor oil in my opinion because CO is also a laxative so it travels through the intestines quickly -- carrying the turps with it from end to end. This is a good way to disinfect your intestines if you have problems there like candida.

I'm not quite sure why Dr Daniels only specifically recommends taking turps with sugar cubes of a specific size. If, as she insists, the old US slaves of that period used turps as an all-round remedy then I'm pretty sure they must've used either cane syrup, molasses or honey in combination with the turps. Cubed sugar wasn't invented and mass produced until 1873(by Tate and Lyle), which was some time after the US slave period.

I have also used a teaspoon of turps with a tspn of honey or molasses washed down with some water and used a tspn of turps with about 1/4 glass of plain water to help kill pathogens in the blood. I have read in the US Dispensatory(1847) and in the British Pharmacopia(1914) where turpentine was commonly used as a steam inhalant with boiling water and was also used as an enema together with a small amount of natural soap(not detergent).

Also found an interesting passage in the Merck Medical Manual of 1899. Here's an extract for turpentine:

Chian, Turpentine, Merck.

Thick, tenacious, greenish-yellow liq.; peculiar penetrating odor; Uses: Extern. cancerous growths.

Turpentine. Canada -- USP

Balsam of fir. Uses chiefly extern. -- Dose 5--30 grn., in pill.

I also found many entries for Sodium Borate(Borax), Iodine, Potassium Iodide and Hydrogen Peroxide.

Turpentine Carrier Oil
Posted by Gratitude (Northeast, Usa) on 04/27/2015

Hi Bill,

First, that booklet "A Cure for a Penny" by Frye was such a wonderful read. I hope many take the time to read it; so inspiring!

What else can I take turpentine in? I know castor oil is recommended and why or on sugar but what other options? In juice? In almond milk?

Thanks in advance!

Posted by Cyndy (Ontario) on 04/26/2015

Can someone tell me what they mean by pulling oils?

EC: Please see Earth Clinic's page on Oil Pulling here.

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 04/26/2015

HI U SCOTT, , , , , , , when Dr Daniels first wrote about the benefits of Turpentine, I too had no clue where to buy it. No way was I going to buy stuff from Home Depot or Lowe's. This is low grade stuff so I did as you reported, I bought Artist turpentine.

Since then, the firm down in South Georgia has become known. I think that is the way to go. South Georgia and North Fla. was where the naval stores were concentrated way back when. Folks cut the pine trees such that they bled sap and it was collected and made into many products. Soon folks would not do this hard work so it went away. I worked for Brunswick Pulp in the early '60's and these cat faces would not cook up to make paper pulp. They were full of pine resin . They had to be cut out of the pine logs prior to cooking the chips.

Wow, why go around the watermelon as I do? That's because I've been around the watermelon. Do you want to hear from a snot nose KID that has not done sheet in their life, but talk the walk?

When I buy more turpentine , it will be from these folks in South Georgia that walk the talk .


Posted by Scott (San Diego, California) on 04/25/2015

Hello Everyone,

I have been seeing links to these Artist Turpentine. I don't know if I would use that stuff as the bottle doesn't say 100% pure gum spirits. According to Dr. Jennifer Daniels you want to use 100% pure Gum Spirits which is different then the Synthetic Turpentine. I ordered mine from a company in Georgia who sells 100% Pure Gum Spirits. I have been using the Soap too which is pretty cool but haven't actually tried the Turpentine just yet as I had picked up a slight head cold yesterday. It's gone now but I am wondering since I couldn't smell too much I decided to smell the Turpentine that I ordered knowing it's somewhat similar to Aromatherapy that the things we breath in has an effect on us somehow. Anyways I was sniffing it a bit and I think it might have stirred some stuff up inside me possibly. Anyone know of smelling Turpentine and it basically doing anything for you internally etc? I know that I have Candida from all the Symptoms etc and will be knocking it out here real soon with this Turpentine. I also don't have the sugar on hand to start it either. But as Dr. Daniels states you must be well hydrated when doing this.

Thanks and I welcome your comments.

Turpentine Side Effects
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 04/20/2015 2072 posts

O: I think you are very much overreacting by a chain of mis or dis information.

I have been using Turpentine for about 2 yrs about one dose every other day in a case of extreme parasites & pathogens w/ mostly good results. As for bad results, a strong odor in the urine as well as occasional stress on the kidneys. This is called "die-off" or "herx reaction" as the kidneys take the brunt of the load (millions or billions) of dead pathogens seeking elimination.

To remedy this problem one should fallow the T maybe 4hrs by Dr. Christopher's herbal "Kidney/Bladder Formula". I also use the herb Chaparral w/ good results for clearing the kidneys of waste, as well as the liver. Increasing liquids and natural diuretics like parsley, tea, or coffee would also help.

Turpentine Side Effects
Posted by Oregano (Toronto, CA) on 04/19/2015

I want to make a point of turpentine. It is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS FOR THE KIDNEYS. I think Bill who is promoting it should tell people about why it was abandoned by the medical industry. It was abandoned because of kidney failures it can cause.

Turpentine Usage
Posted by Joes (Calgary, Alberta) on 04/17/2015

I have read through the posts and would appreciate having clarification on some issues.

Thanks Bill for the Anti-candida protocol, will be looking at that and the link to the page on dealing with fungus.

Would like to know if enemas are enough to unblock the colon for parasites/microbes to exit.

How much of a dose of turpentine is needed to be effective (can I use less than a tsp)? I have read some posts that say to use turp for only 2x/week and others that say to use for 5days/week. I have been using a tsp 2x/week and have felt a lot of reaction (irritability, fatigue, crappy feeling), but have not passed anything noticeable. Not sure if candida is widespread. I have taken a break for a week now and plan to get back probably in another week.

Has anyone more info on using Turp as an enema, would it be as effective as oral consumption? Would like to give it a try.

Also planning to add more vit/min supplements. I have always wondered if the supplements in health food stores are good. Are they natural or synthetic. I would imagine natural would be better, but where to get a good source? Thanks for any help.

Trying to figure out what to do next.

Red Pine Needle Oil
Posted by Steve (Beaverton, Oregon) on 04/08/2015

Wow... OK... I'll try the Borax with the tea instead of the Borax alone.

Where do I get the GS Herb?

Also... it says to add the herb and drink. So does that mean I drink the herb (i.e., in the full drink) without steeping it first?

... and if I do the tea with the Borax, I don't have to do the Borax separately, is that correct?

Man... I just want to do this right. I've used the 'shotgun' approach to addressing my candida over the past 20 years, and I've only seriously pissed it off... and have only gotten worse. My head is terrible (13 years in the making). I'm ready to get cured.

Red Pine Needle Oil
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 04/08/2015

Hi Steve...As to the how's and whys of the anti-candida protocol, I would just take the protocols laid out in this doc which includes how to take the turpentine/CO protocol.

In the doc there are various teas and alkalizing combos described that contain the Gymnema sylvestre(GS) herb. GS acts to inhibit the yeast candida form morphing into the more virulent fungal form.

There are two separate living forms of candida(and aspergillus) -- the yeast and fungal forms. The yeast lives off dead organic matter, reproduces by budding, infects locally on the skin, uterus and intestines. The fungal form is a true parasite that infects everywhere in the body, reproduces as spores and this form might be what is causing your brain area EMF problems. So taking these GS teas will act to inhibit and eventually act to get rid of the fungal form from your blood, organs and tissues(including the brain). This then leaves you with the yeast form which is easier to cure. Therefore, you should take the protocol and take these GS teas as advised.

Recent research on GS inhibiting action on the fungal form of candida:



Red Pine Needle Oil
Posted by Steve (Beaverton, Oregon) on 04/07/2015

Thanks Bill...

I'm totally on it... and ordered the 16 oz. from Diamond G turpentine.

I did want to ask: I have severe systemic Candida (especially in my head/brain). How do you recommend I take it? How much? How often? For how long? With Castor Oil? Can I apply it to my head (if so, how?).

Thanks... I really want to knock out the bio-films.

Red Pine Needle Oil
Posted by Mary (Saskatchewan) on 04/07/2015

Hi, how has the pine oil worked for you. What have you noticed? Thanks

Red Pine Needle Oil
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 04/07/2015

Hi Steve...The Korean Red Pine Oil that you sourced costs $75 for just 2 oz which is somewhat steep and expensive.

Most people on this site are using the organic pure gum turpentine from Georgia called Diamond V. You can buy 1 gallon or 4 x 32 oz bottles of this organic turpentine for only about $70. An 8 oz bottle will cost you just $8.99.

And for anyone reading this who needs organic turpentine who lives outside the US -- Diamond V turps is flammable and therefore will not ship to other countries outside the US.

Because I live in the Philippines I have found it all but impossible to get any reliable form of pure gum turpentine because of the poor labeling standards here. So I got the next best thing. I now us the essential oil from pine needles which has worked quite well. I bought this from ebay. This form is from Pinus sylvestris and is triple distilled -- a clear liquid.

Red Pine Needle Oil
Posted by Steve (Beaverton, Oregon) on 04/06/2015

Hello there!

I'm going to be trying turpentine for breaking down the intractible bio-films inside of me. Where do I get this stuff?

And may I ask... would anyone know if this red pine oil would be OK? It contains turpentine, for sure... but also chlorophyll and rutin. (Does it have to be straight turpentine?)

Here's the LINK:


EC: More info on buying turpentine here: https://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/turpentine-kerosene.html#type

Turpentine Usage
Posted by Joes (Calgary, Alberta) on 04/05/2015

I have a question about using turpentine. Have obtained some from Diamond Forest Products. I have been doing 1 tsp, 2x/week for the last 4 weeks. Want to use turp to get rid of microbes and possible parasites in blood and body. Hoping it will help with fatigue and also cancer: Multiple Myeloma. Fatigue is a long standing problem. Have problems with constipation and am using enemas.

Have been using turp at 1 tsp, 2x/week for the last 4 weeks (with ground up sugar cubes and about 1 Tbs of olive oil), and seemed to be able to tolerate it with moderate discomfort: concentration, spacey feeling, irritable, some nausea. Last night I took the turp (1 tsp) only with olive oil. I don't know if this was coincidence, but it hit me a lot harder with symptoms.

Would appreciate any advice about this and how I should continue with treatment. Also was thinking about the caution about kidneys and nervous system how much of a concern is this?

Thanks for help

Posted by Karen (San Antonio, TX) on 03/19/2015

Bill, is excessive hunger for junk food normal when taking turpentine?

Turpentine Carrier Oil
Posted by Serlinia (Capiz, Philippines) on 03/13/2015

Bill, Where can I purchase Lugols iodine in the Philippines?

Posted by Bill (San Fernando) on 03/11/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Lisa...In older times and in the satellite countries of Europe and in Germany, they would take turpentine/kerosene for 6 weeks a year for general health. Paula Ganner always maintained that kerosene was a blood purifier -- it would act to kill any pathogen in the blood. Dr J Daniels uses sugar + 1 tspn turps for candida problems. But I prefer castor oil + turps because the castor oil both restricts the absorption of turps into the blood and keeps it in the intestines to kill candda there. The castor oil also helps to spread the turps throughout the intestines with its laxative action. Later on you could perhaps switch to the turps + sugar or turps + molasses protocols to more efficiently kill the candida and other pathogens that are still in the blood.

The preventative dose is on a one day on and one day off basis and is meant to help those who have massive initial Herx die-off reactions by having a day off after you take the turps-- this makes for a gentler ride for the user when you initially kill all that candida.

If you want to take consecutive turps doses for a particular problem then I would take turps for five days and then have two days off turps and do it like this for about 6 weeks only. This protocol will help to get rid of most pathogens and parasites from your body.

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