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Posted by Ruth (Ct.) on 01/04/2014

Hello Bill,

Been reading everything you post. You are indeed an asset to this site. I have been reading about your taking turpentine. I just purchased a small can of turpentine. On the side it says "Contains Turpentine and PETROLEUM DISTILLATE."

There's a man from Canada that mixes it with honey...One teaspoon with 4 tablespoons of honey and takes a teaspoon of it...He's on you tube...Is this the kind of Turpentine to use for therapy and how would you suggest? The things I've been reading about the remedies on many sites says it cures many things and quickly...I have hepatitis c and peripheral neuropathy...Thank you and keep up the good work...


Posted by Pat (New York, US) on 10/15/2014

Hi Bill,

I am getting ready to try turpentine for the first time! I have a few questions.

Does biofilm only exist in the intestines or can it exist throughout the body? In other words, if getting rid of biofilm is the main goal, then is it better to make sure the turp gets into the intestines (with castor oil like you have mentioned elsewhere) instead of the bloodstream?

Replied by Emma
(Wa, Usa)

Hi Pat,

Your post is a few months old, but since Bill did not reply, I thought I might chime in. Or perhaps you already got the answer you needed, but if not, here goes.

Biofilm can reside anywhere in the body where a group of pathogens will happily reside in. These pathogens will colonize within these biofilm "communities" to form a synergistic relationship through quorom sensing. In this way, these smartpants can evade the immune system or any antimicrobial agent you might throw it's way.

I am hoping that turpentine can in reality degrade biofilms, because this seems to be the key to eradicating these pathogens. Break down the house and the little guys are exposed to your killing agent. I know this because I have chronic lyme.

Good luck in your healing journey and happy 2015!

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

If you have a low or non-functioning immune system then the best thing you can take is colostrum (first milk to calf after birth). Both lyme and candida involve the participation of a wide variety of pathogen species together with a low performing immune system and this is what makes these diseases so difficult to cure.

Colostrum contains antibodies that are passed to the calf. At birth, the calf has no immune system and no digestive system just like human babies. So the antibodies in cow mother's milk are passed directly into the calf -- in other words the mother cow's immunity is passed directly into the calf like immune system blueprints so that it can manufacture its own antibodies. And if the calf does not receive this colostrum within 24 hours it will die.

The same thing happens in humans when you take high grade or natural liquid bovine colostrum. This colostrum will give you protection and immunity against all common diseases that are in our environment such as E. Coli, Shigella, Giardia, C Diff, Candida, H pylori, Staph, Strep, Borrelia etc. Colostrum also contains growth factors that help to heal the intestines, prevent inflammation and pain and also contains substances that help to reduce the permeability of the gut -- thus also curing food allergies including wheat and milk allergies. The colostrum essentially acts to reset, re-train and strengthen the human immune system.

I have recently read a personal testimonial by a guy who had serious candida, gut and allergy issues for many years. He was given two gallons of fresh colostrum for free straight from the mother cow and he drank it all over a short period of time. He completely cured all his problems in just 2 weeks with candida and allergies defeated and gone.

Then there's the story of Immune Milk and Herb Saunders(now deceased) who was a dairy farmer in the US. His customers who came to see him were very sick people who had many and various infectious or autoimmune diseases. Saunders would take a small sample of their blood and inject it into the udders of an expectant mother cow. Whatever diseases these people had -- the cows immune system would manufacture antibodies against it. Then a month later, after the mother cow dropped her calf, farmer Saunders would give this colostrum from the cow to his customer who would be rapidly cured of his or her immune or infectious disease. Saunders was taken to court by the FDA for practicing without a licence but got a hung jury both times. So the FDA doesn't always win...

See this link:

The Universal Oral Vaccine: Immune Milk

So if you know a friendly local organic dairy farmer who does not feed his cows steroids, antibiotics or unnatural feeds, then just negotiate a price for some fresh liquid colostrum. This is by far the best natural form to take.

But if you can't get fresh colostrum from the mother cow then you should buy the powder form. But not just any old cheap colostrum powder -- you must make sure that whatever powdered colostrum you buy has not been processed with chemicals or with excessive heat which would render the colostrum useless. Here is a product that meets these high standards. They also test the efficacy and content both before and after manufacture of their colostrum. This is the liposomal form of colostrum which is highly concentrated and it's not so cheap but it's easy to take and should work reasonably well just like the natural form from the mother cow:

Colostrum Spray

So if you take the turpentine protocol together with colostrum -- the turpentine itself will immediately act to kill all manner of pathogens and remove biofilm(but does not strengthen the immune system directly) while the colostrum will act to enhance and retrain your own immune system to defeat and dispose of all the many common pathogens involved in both Lyme disease and Candida. In other words colostrum should eventually help to give you immunity against many or all the pathogens involved in both candida issues and Lyme Disease.


Colostrum and the Human Immune System

Replied by Baldev
(Maharashtra, India)
185 posts

Hi Bill, Very good information. Quantity like two gallons may not be possible to procure, but at the same time reasonable quantity can be got from people who keep the cows in India for their daily needs of milk.

I have seen in my younger days that we used to get that milk (Colostrum) and while heating it, it used to get split. Then it used to be strained and that cheese type of thing was eaten after mixing it with honey or raw sugar. I don't know whether that was a right procedure to take it, so my question is if one gets it how to take it, should we heat/warm or take it in raw form. Many thanks


Replied by Ed2010

Hi Bill,

What is your opinion about taking Human Colustrum (Mother's Milk). In india we have a folk practice of using mothers milk for variety of ailments. In fact it is easy to get in rural parts of India. May be a 1 tsp a day from one mother.

Alternatively, you can get bovine colustrum easily in India, even in Litres.

Good Health

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

Hi Baldev...I think, without question, that fresh colostrum taken either straight from the human mother or cow is the best form of colostrum to take. You have to be very careful with buying powdered colostrum or you might be taking a weak or below par product. If the colostrum has been excessively heated or chemically processed in any way then its efficacy will be questionable.

For those people who cannot get the colostrum straight from the cow, I usually recommend Sovereign Labs brand(organic). This brand is not treated chemically or heated excessively and, what's more, they check each batch of colostrum for efficacy and proper composition both before and after the conversion to the powder form. What's more, the SL brand uniquely uses the liposomal form of colostum delivery so the colostrum keeps longer(less oxidation) and the colostrum will not be affected by stomach acid or be digested when supplemented in the liposomal form but, instead, will be quickly absorbed into the blood. I decided on this brand after researching many others like Surthrival, Nutricology etc. What also impressed me was the CEO of SL who has some revealing and personal stories to tell about colostrum in this video:

The Colostrum Story

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

Hi Ed2010...I would fully support taking colostrum from a human mother. But this is not about just drinking mother's milk -- this about supplementing or drinking colostrum which is the very first milk that the baby drinks from the mother's breast after it is born. This is how the mother is able to transfer all her disease immunity to her child. And from that point on the feed from the mother's breast quickly reverts just to ordinary mother's milk(no antibodies).

So I'm not really talking about mothers milk. Not the same as colostrum.

And if you can buy the bovine colostrum then please make sure that it was collected on the same day as the calf was born. This will ensure high potency and efficacy of the colostrum(containing huge amounts of antibodies) against many common human infectious and autoimmune diseases that modern medicine still cannot cure.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

I have been taking different brands of Colostrum on-and-off over-the-yrs but nothing worth noting; which is no surprise considering product quality and my hyper heavy metal and parasite loads, as well as twice compromised immunity.

In an attempt to maximize the C effect, I also take Glutamine and Probiotics, which should surely help. Also, being desperate and creative, tried LET Colostrum also w/ no improvement to note.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernandob)

Hi Timh...You point is certainly well made and true about colostrum because you're living it. So a suggestion.

I completely agree with you that if your immune system is already heavily compromised for other specific reasons than lack of nutrients(for example) then colostrum would not work for you. To use a metaphor -- even if you put high octane gasoline in a car with no engine it still isn't going to move.

You do seem to have so many problems which all seem to point to a stubbornly compromised and low performing immune system. Your own knowledge of nutrients and herbs is pretty vast because you have rightly tried to use all these nutrients to cure your own problems.

But what if the cause of your low performing immune system were due to gene aberrations caused by a badly performing Methylation Cycle(MC) in your body? If true then this makes it a whole diffferent ball game.

Gene aberrations in the MC are now commonplace and they can be extremely serious(think ASD problems) -- they can heavily affect your body cell performance and tissue structure. I've also read that aberrant MTFR and many other aberrant genes besides can cause brain cells, blood cells and immune system cells to perform at only 30% of their capacity or strength. And you can take as many nutrients and drugs as you like but you wont fix it until you find the right gene triggers to cure the aberrant gene problems.

Furthermore, your body appears to be always very high in heavy metals no matter what antioxidant or detoxer or support nutrient you take. This might also be a another pointer to methylation issues. The transulfuraton cycle(also part of the MC), which produces taurine and glutathione -- the master anti-oxidant and heavy metal detoxer for your body, might be dead in the water. This is well known to occur in methylation issues. What are your homocysteine and glutathione levels like?

These might be some valid reasons why your own progress back to health has been so slow and drawn out due to a still compromised MC which has acted, due to aberrant gene formation, to continuously lower and hold down your own immune system's performance. And its not just about MTFR gene aberrations -- there are many more genes that can go rogue in the MC.

And these might also be some valid reasons why colostrum hasn't worked so well for you.

Replied by Ed2010

Hi Bill,

As a general dosage, what would you suggest for human colustrum. May be 20ml / day.

We have a recipe for Bovine Colustrum.

Add 400ml of bovine colustrum in a milk pot, add cardomom and half cup sugar. Boil it for sometime, this turns the milk like a crated cheese. Once the milk becomes a solid like crated chase, we serve it. This is a good medicine for hip joints and bones.

of course, this is not as therapeutic as raw bovine colustrum.

Also, what would you recommend as dosage of raw bovine colustrum daily.

Good Health

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

Hi Ed2010...Proper fresh, natural colostrum is not white but yellow and looks like this. I also know they use it for food in India in dishes like posu and as a form of healthy cheese.

You should be able to drink as much colostrum as you like because it's a food after all. But if you have serious disease or autoimune problems(with pathogens in high numbers in your body), then it is perhaps advisable to start with one tablespoon and work up slowly to a larger dosage because of the Herx or die-off effect.

Colostrum is also very high in support minerals and vitamins -- including glutathione. See this link. That's why it's also possible that you may well get detox symptoms or reactions when you start taking colostrum -- because taking colostrum and all that extra glutathione raises the body's detox capabilities back to healthy and efficient levels again.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

For those interested in its many benefits, some more general research on natural colostrum:

Colostrum Research

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Thanx for your reply Bill. Your diagnosis seems spot on, the issue is successful treatment. For elimination I am doing Foot Spas, Foot Detox Patches, Oil Pulling, oral Charcoal or Bentonite.

To improve P-450 detox, which would include Methylation as well as the other category's like Glucuronidation etc., I take either Dill or Caraway herb w/ D-Limonene once or twice daily, and Sulforaphane (Broccoli Sprout Extract, DIM, and I3C) occasionally. I listen to Love 528 Solfeggio Harmonics occasionally to help repair DNA. NAC, Selenium and Melatonin to improve GTH.

Have made significant immune improvements since beginning LDN on Dec 13th, 2014 and have yet to make a detailed post here on E.C.

Along w/ the heavy metal manganese I have tape worm cyst & stages (killed the adult in my intestines last July which set in motion an entirely new stage of detox/elimination), but just as Hulda Clark noted they form a survival coalition and the biofilms join in as the ultimate protector. Nattozimes and Turpentine blast the biofilms as you know. Ozone seems to be the only agent to penetrate the cyst, and after only one Colloidal Silver/Ozone 3oz drink (mid-December), had significant juvenile and entire host of pathogens released into blood & liver which caused a crisis, including kidney infection, taking exact remedies and 24hrs to recover.

Replied by Ed2010

Hi Bill

Which is good for GI, spray or capsules?

Good Health

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Hi Bill,

I wondered if you could explain when it says the lactoferrin in colostrum binds and transports iron to cells in the body, if this would be beneficial or detrimental to people who have high serum iron that is supposedly hard on organs?

Thank you for all the information you freely give to everyone on Earth Clinic.

P.S. I assume they leave some of the colostrum for the baby calf, too?

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

Hi Rsw...Lactoferrin is highly beneficial to the body. It helps to transport and distribute iron in the body -- makes it much more efficient -- while at the same time starving pathogens of much-needed iron because of the way lactoferrin binds to iron. It is highly anti-pathogenic because it prevents attachment of pathogens(especially viruses) to the the host cells thus preventing them from reproducing and spreading. it also regulates and modulates the immune system, strengthens the performance of neutrophils and eosinophils in all the mucus glands, inhibits pathogen growth, speeds up the healing of wounds -- too many to mention. For more thorough explanations and descriptions please see these links.

Colostrum and Lactoferrin

Colostrum Research

And it usually always the case that companies who use colstrum from mother cows always let the calf have enough colostrum. If they did not do this then the calf would die within 24 hours of its birth.

Replied by Mary

Bill, would lactoferrin help with extreme anemia accompanied by low adrenal, thyroid and testosterone (yes I am a woman but do not have enough at all)?

I also have a skin problem that I think is mites. I do the whole thing and keep them at bay but have not cured myself. Thought maybe the reason I still have them is my overall system is weak. Would I be able to have some of your wonderful suggestions?

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Thank you, Bill for the detailed links and your explanation. I have looked at this product for a couple of years now, but have always hesitated because I didn't understand it's potential. I was looking at another brand, too, so I thank you for posting the one you feel has been processed to retain the maximum benefits. I had seen a documentary on the pregnant mare drug for menapausal women many years ago, and determined never to buy that product because of the way the mares were treated, so I didn't want to do the same to the cows. But it seems all is well and we are using what can be spared by the calves. You are so patient and generous in sharing your understanding of these nontraditional treatments and your advice is very much appreciated.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

Hi Ed2010...You should perhaps start by using just the Sovereign Lab liposomal colostrum powder. Powder is better than capsules which always costs more because of the extra processing needed to make the capsules. Powder usually lasts longer and goes farther for the money.

If you prefer you can use the Colostrum-IC-Concentrate spray which contains high amounts of concentrated immune factors(antibodies, lactoferrin etc) which is 48 times higher in strength than the capsules or powder.

If you also have food allergies such as milk or wheat allergies then take the IRM Colostrum spray which will specifically help to cure any food allergy problems and will also help to heal the intestines. This is because it is high in Proline-Rich Polypeptides and lactoferrin.

Their Viralox spray is for viral infections. It uses only the elements of colostrum that kills viruses. Useful for colds and flu and other viral problems including HSV, HPV, Epstein Barr etc. This spray up-regulates the immune system against all viruses creating a hostile viral environment and also prevents all forms of viruses from reproducing by inhibiting them from attaching to host cells.

But the best all-round protection is probably the colostrum powder form and it would depend on what else was wrong with you as to whether you would need to take the other specific spray forms. Your choice.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Bill: Unfortunately I don't know my homocysteine or glutathione levels as I have no medical support in my area. Maybe I can have a long-distance Dr (online) order an "Elisa" test at local lab?? Any suggestions? I think I can purchase these test alone, if I can muster enough $.

Anyway, in response to your heads-up on homocysteine, I have B-6 & P5P in the mail as my heart & cardio system have been thru hell in the last 4 yrs; fortunately I have avoided catastrophic event. I do take 500mg Methionine daily for fatty liver w/ 1000 mcg B-12/500mcg Folic Acid, and 125mg DMG.

I may need to reiterate the major problem of pulmonary fibrosis (in comparison to your gene theory), which is known to cause Glutathione deficiency and autoimmunity. Recent LDN is proof of correcting, in part, this immune dysfunction. I have no problems of insufficient volume or shortness of breath, but do have problems w/ gaseous exchange, detox, and acidosis. Dr. Shallenberger measures lung function to access energy production in the body. I am currently getting good results (much better now since taking LDN) in energy production by taking Raw Lung Glandular in conjunction w/ Chinese herbal combination for lung health. So it seems an immune-detox-energy crisis which I suffer, but w/ major treatment intervention am still here to talk about it.

About 1 yr ago I nebulized some Reduced Glutathione, along w/ other nutrients for lungs, and for a brief few hrs experienced a remarkable relief of bad symptoms and felt like my old self again prior to my injuries. Am looking forward to trying this remedy again and isolating exactly any specific or combination nutrients. Also, I have sufficient circumstantial evidence of mycoplasma pneumonia, so this infection must be playing a major role in preventing any healing in the lungs and further agonizes the fibrosis instead. Despite recent immune improvements w/ LDN the mycoplasma and bone/joint infection continues although not as severe; but am now resolved to take at least one 6 drop dose MMS daily so as to get an upper hand and eventually (w/ the help of Ozonated Colloidal Silver) totally kill these pathogens.

The heavy metal elimination seems to be going well as the severity is slowly reduced. Hopefully in a few months I will have made substantial progress in this area.

Replied by Myway

Tim, have you gone online to requestatest.com to have any personal labs drawn? I have used them before and go to local Labcorps to have my blood drawn. They handled the paperwork. I used them to have my magnesium RBC's checked. It was a very easy process. My results came to my email. Maybe this will help.



Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

Hi Timh...Not knowing your homocysteine or glutathione levels might indeed be a problem. But I think you have gone a long way to remedying that anyway, if it is a problem, by taking the B6 & P5P, DMG, folic acid etc. Some more advice on this below.

The only problem for you is really how to determine whether your methylation condition is under- or over-methylated. I think I can help here too since doctor's methylation panels can cost an arm and a leg and then some.

Under-methylation is typically characterized by high or excessive histamine levels in the body. This is easily enough recognized or spotted especially if you are suffering constant or extreme pain due to inflammation in your tissues, joints or organs. Under-methylation can also help contribute towards food allergies and high gut permeability(leaky gut) as well.

Over-methylation(OM) symptoms typically involve anxiety problems, insomnia and adrenal insufficiency caused by a methylation blockade or aberrant gene problem in this area. Typically, someone suffering from over-methylation issues will have low histamine levels and will suffer more from mental problems -- such as Bi-polar or OCD disorders. Typically, OM problems can also involve chemical sensitivity issues but not food allergy problems.

Thus armed with the above symptom guidelines, you should be able to make up your own mind as to whether you consider your condition to be a typically under- or over-methylated condition. I've tried to keep it very simple, but much more information and detail here:

Methylation and MTHFR Defects (Dr Ben Lynch)

MTHFR.NET(Ben Lynch's website)

There is also a simple way to do a partial check on your body's nutrient status by getting a hair analysis -- quite cheap. This will not tell you your homocysteine levels but it should tell you your vitamin and mineral levels. For instance, if you are heavily lacking in Vitamin B6 then there will be little glutathione production happening in your body which means that your body has no master chelator and that you will be steadily be accumulating dangerous heavy metals in your body. Your heavy metal status will also show up on your hair analysis to confirm this.

High homocysteine levels can also be prevented by taking TMG(not DMG), B6 and Methylcobolamine(B12). It's also much better to take the L-MTHF forms of folate than taking the folic acid form(synthetic form). High homocysteine levels can also cause heart problems and hardening of the arteries.

Your beneficial experience one year ago nebulizing reduced glutathione would also seem to at least confirm your body's great need for glutathione. This would also suggest that your methylation cycle is out of balance and blocked in some way, with other problems such as high homocysteine and aberrant gene problems also being a distinct possibility. Unfortunately, if you do have aberrant gene problems then there is simply no other option but to confirm which gene are aberrant by doing the relevant aberrant gene DNA tests from your doctor.

LDN is a very good protocol for many autoimmune disorders because it seems to raise up, retrain and strengthen the immune system. The colloidal silver and MMS should also be effective against mycoplasma. The only difficulty with taking these as oral nutrients is to ask "How much of these nutrients are being used up or neutralized in the intestines and how much is actually successfully reaching the problem sites in the body?".

So it might be better to also use MMS or Colloidal Silver topically combined with DMSO. I've read that when Vitamin C is taken orally then only about 15% - 20% ever gets absorbed from the intestines into the blood. If you apply this thinking to CS and MMS then there might be a problem. I have also read that when DMSO carries any nutrient from the skin into the blood, it usually achieves 80% absorption of that nutrient into the blood. So if you combine DMSO + CS or combine DMSO + MMS and put it on the skin directly over the problem area itself then this should perhaps act in a stronger way(due to higher local dosage) than the oral form to get rid of the mycoplasma and associated pathogens causing problems there. In this way higher dosages of CS or MMS nutrients may be carried to these sites using DMSO, which should also have no trouble carrying these nutrient across any blood/bone barrier to attack the mycoplasma in the bone area. That's why I think using the DMSO route might be more efficient and effective for you than just using the oral route.

If you have mycoplasma in your lungs then I would simply try using Bill Munroe's HP Inhalation Method. And if it were me -- I would use a pharmacy-bought 0.5% Hydrogen Peroxide solution that contains stabilizers to first see if it actually helped against the mycoplasma. Bill Munroe used the ordinary stabilized form of HP for over 20 years without problems. And if this cheap form of HP definitely helped to get rid of the lung mycoplasma, then perhaps you could purchase the FG 35% HP at a later time.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Thank You Mw I will check them out.

Replied by Kennywally
46 posts

RE: Biofilm.....mine was on my brain! Last January 2015 I did my 1st experiment with turpentine and sugar, and a small fog, enuf to notice, was lifted from my head....within seconds from ingesting the turp/sugar mix, I could feel it lifting, as if someone slowly waved a hand from the base of my skull up and over the top to the forehead and that was it, and it took all of 3-4 seconds to accomplish that, and as soon as that finished, I noticed an increase in energy. But it was a one time event. I have drank turp since, and there was no energy increase nor any lifting of fog from my brain. At the time I had no idea there was a name for this thing, til I read about it somewhere, and now I know, it's called biofilm....

Replied by Dean

Man! That's awesome testimony, I just heard about turpentine, I am going to try it cause I have parasites/candida, tried other things and nothing worked. I hope this is the silver bullet I have been looking for.

Replied by I M Trying

Hi Bill, again this is an old post and I'm slow getting around this website and reading it all. I see the colostrum you suggested is available in powder form and also capsules. Do you think the capsules would work just as well. ( I was looking on amazon )

Replied by I M Trying

Hi Bill, again this is an old post and I'm slow getting around this website and reading it all. I see the colostrum you suggested is available in powder form and also capsules. Do you think the capsules would work just as well. ( I was looking on amazon )

Replied by Darin

We had a milk cow when I was a teenager. We drank milk straight from the cow everyday. My whole family has been very healthy and have aged very well. My dad is 94 years old and still going strong. This has been one of most informative threads I have ever read. Thank you for some great information.

Replied by Itay N.
(Costa Rica)

Biofilms can form anywhere in the body, each pathogen has its own area where it colonizes. Researches suggest that oxygenation is a key of biofilms destruction. By my experience, chronic resistance of Protozoas pathogens in the large intestine got better with Pine Gum Turpentine, though it came back after a few days to a week, that suggests that the biofilms were still there.

Though when I took MMS one time only the situation got better and the symptoms were gone. Overview of experiments show that oxygenation proved to dissolve and destruct biofilms. MMS is an oxygen therapy, it has the benefit over Ozone therapy and other Oxygen therapies because of the low voltage. That is promising a lower inner cells tension. In simple words it means that it is harming the anaerobic pathogens but not the body. The hexhimer effect of detox due to biofilms destruction might be tough but it worth it. That's why if using MMS, it's better to start with a low dosage, and even then the results might be seen on a short term and the herxhimer reaction might be quite strong.

Bladder Infection

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Posted by Juanita (North Carolina) on 11/09/2017

Ever since I was a little girl I could remember my grandmother given me turpentine on a teaspoon of sugar for UTI. As the years passed by I forgot about it. Then about 8 years ago I got a bad UTI I went to my doctor and he tested me and told me that I did not have a UTI. It was on a Friday and I went home. I was in the excruciating pain. Then I remembered when I was a child the turpentine my grandmother would give me. I went to my local pharmacy and bought a bottle of turpentine and put it on some sugar. I do not remember how much I used of the turpentine. But I do remember that by the next day the UTI was gone and I felt fantastic. I'm 69 and still here.

Replied by Vanbemo
(Dimapur-Nagaland, india)

It's been 5 years have been suffering from interstitial cystitis, I got terrible uti in the beginning and now my bladder has embedded, nothing works for me therapies, meds, supplements. Luckily I have found Dr. Jennifer protocols from facebook friend . Now only two weeks left to start taking turpentine gum spirit, I have heard many success stories even bladder infection.

Bladder Infection
Posted by Shn (Fillmore, Ca) on 10/27/2017

A single dose of turpentine (1/4 tsp in sugar) eliminates a UTI quickly. The effectiveness of turpentine always amazes me.

Breast Cancer

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Posted by Gb (Alaska) on 02/13/2017

I have been taking the turpentine and sugar cube remedy with little results. I feel a little better but not a lot. I was thinking of upping the dosage as I now take a tsp. with 3 sugar cubes. What is the safest upper limit? My wife said one lady had breast cancer and took 1 tsp. turp but no results but she upped it to 1/4 cup in one dose and got rid of cancer. Is taking turp with castor oil better? Does it work even better with sugar and castor oil or separately? Thanks.


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Posted by Faeqa ( Amman, Jordan) on 10/19/2015 66 posts

Hi: While am searching for cancer cure yesterday I found sites talking about using kerosene in Europe in the past century for curing all kind of cancer, and a lot of ancient books mention it.

Online u can find a lot of information about the dosages, one of these pages is this: http://www.health-science-spirit.com/kero.htm

If any body like to try it please let us know what he found.

Replied by AngPowerGirl
(Kalamazoo, MI)

I would like to start using Turpentine to kill the fungus that has created cancer. I already used chemo drug Taxotere which contains a-pinene which appears to be derived from the pine tree. It worked but it was stopped short (8 months ago) so I would rather use the natural form in Turpentine instead of the chemical version of chemo.

Is the protocol the same as the candida protocol or is it different? Also, are there pharmaceuticals to avoid when taking Turp? I want to avoid any interactions. Thank you.

(New York)

Greetings AngPowerGirl of Kalamazoo, MI,

I truly believe that if you have done the turpentine it has blessed you. I want to give you another suggestion that is easy to use, "Tagamet or Cimetidine."

I have attached an article from "Life Extension Magazine", the writer says that:

"… Cimetidine functions via several different pathways to inhibit tumor cell propagation and metastasis."

A must read:

www.lifeextension.com/magazine/2002/7/cover_cimetidine#:~ The brand name for cimetidine is Tagamet®, which, thought that cimetidine worked by enhancing immune function.

Posted by Anonymous (Anon) on 01/28/2015

I just thought I would write to you about this. It's a cancer cure using Kerosene. This has been around for decades and was publicised by a German woman named Paula Ganner who was cured of matastases and colon paralysis using Kerosene. She passed on her knowledge to many others and received 20,000 letters of thanks from people that it worked on. There is an article about it in Nexus Magazine April-May 2012 issue. I found it when browsing through some old magazines. I thought it would be worth mentioning.

Of course soon after the article in a German magazine was published about the 20,000 cures, the magazine editor was fired and the entry for purified petrol/kerosene as a cleaning remedy for wounds etc was removed from the German pharmacopoeia. It was then declared a dangerous poison and has remained so everywhere.

There are follow up articles on the internet regarding this. In the same magazine mentioned above was a very interesting article on Iodine (or Lugol's solution) which cures many things (e.g. diabetes) as well but is now much harder to find also.

I am not sure that kerosene and turpentine are quite the same thing so people should investigate both. The article I read was written by Walter Last who is a retired biochemist, research chemist, nutritionist and natural therapist based in Australia. The use of petroleum-derived products was most widespread in poorer countries like Russia, Eastern Europe and Africa. Apparently even the Rockefellers supposedly started their fortune by selling kerosene as a cancer cure before they found that chemotherapy was much more lucrative. The dosage of course is quite low, a teaspoon a day or something like that.

People will need to investigate this and read the article in full as the one in the magazine was an edited extract only -- www.health-science-spirit.com and go to kerosene page. Dr Last believes (and he is probably right) that most diseases that are prevalent today only came after the introduction of antibiotics after World War II. Another thing too, the history of petroleum derived products as a cure goes back to ancient Babylon and Persia. Dr Last has also written a series of books on healing yourself.

Anyone who tries to mention any of these cures is vilified. Another example, the French Forensic Scientist who invented organic silica -- something that prevents orthopaedic surgery and rebuilds/heals bone - he was persecuted for years and jailed until he had to flee the country. So where is his invention now?


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Posted by mitzch (USA) on 06/14/2023

Has anyone use Castor oil, Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine and DMSO together for Candida/Esophageal Candida? I've dealt with Candida several times, and have recently in the past several months had blood tests that show 5 different kinds of Candida. It's caused massive inflammation and other issues.

I've seen different combinations but not all three.

Would like to hear if this has been beneficial for anyone.

Posted by Anna W. (Yosemite) on 12/02/2018


I began assembling Bill Thompson's Anti Candida protocols in Aug of this year, and approached it very cautiously. I have had Candida since infancy and am so awed and impressed by Bill's cogent and practical approach to addressing the problem.

I have been adding his remedies slowly, and am able to tolerate 70% of his suggested remedies about 3-4 days a week, on average.

When I first began taking turpentine in September, I had a severe reaction to just one drop (albeit on an empty stomach in VCO). Headache, brain-fog, exhaustion were the main issues.

I only took it once, but the side effects lasted for 10 days, and then I discovered that I had a serious bone infection around implants and needed surgery which I underwent, complete with a course of antibiotics - which surprisingly, did eliminate the worst of the infection.

However, I am very concerned about the infection returning, so I read a post somewhere that turpentine was effective in getting rid of the need for a root canal, so I began oil pulling with VCO and 1 drop of DMSO and 1 drop of turpentine this week. It feels like the infected area in my mouth and jaw are fizzing - in a good way. I followed up on the oil pulling with a DMSO/Turp 1:1 drop mouth wash and as long as I drink 2-4 liters of water a day, I can live with the slight headache and discomfort. I am also alkalizing 3 times a day - 1/4 tsp basking soda with 6-8 drops of iodine in a half a glass of water.

So, in sum, yes, awful side effects when I started, but with the increased supplements, Milk Thistle and Iodine, I seem to be tolerating the turpentine better now - and the effects are awesome. I am so grateful to Earth Clinic and all who share on here.

Posted by Fred R (US) on 05/02/2018

I did four straight days of 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine. Ten drops first day, fifteen second day, twenty third day. Each dose in a teaspoon of pure cane sugar.
Fourth day I took one teaspoon in two tablespoons of castor oil. Everything taken on empty stomach, washed down with water, about a half liter.

On the third day, I had no sugar cravings, whatsoever. I always eat something sweet, several times, during the day. So, had nothing sweet day three and four.

Two to three hours after the turpentine/castor oil dose, I took an intense poo poo. Really cleaned me out. Felt a little tired afterwords, for a couple of hours, then felt great rest of the day. When you do the turpentine/castor oil dose, you want to have a bathroom available about two hours later.

I'm doing this protocol to rid myself of excess yeast, candida, mold, fungus from my body. I want to get my blood pressure down, the natural way, and hope this regimen helps do so.

Replied by Laura

How long should you do this protocol for?

Posted by Adrian (Ne) on 12/18/2016

Thank you for sharing your experiences. I came across this page looking for more first hand experience and noted side effects. I have been preparing my body for turpentine dosing; closely following Dr. Daniels instructions. I have been taking the Vitality Capsules for 3 weeks and has worked the best for detoxifying my system and was seeing 3BM/day.

The reason I began this method of treatment is to remedy parasitic infection of liver flukes, pinworms, and possibly tapeworm. Symptoms I am experiencing are: irritability, constipation, stomach cramping, skin rash, excessive phlegm which is affecting my ENT and eyes.

I felt I was ready to begin using turpentine. The first dose I took was a 1/2 tsp dose. I had slight dizziness, and increased heart rate. I felt fine the next day. So I took another dose. This second dose I took was just under 1/4 tsp. The following day, I felt absolutely miserable. My muscles in my neck and back and shoulders were unbearably stiff. My eyes are bloodshot and my throat and ears hurt so bad I can hardly swallow. I am very surprised by how severe my side effects are from the turpentine dose. The phlegm I'm coughing up is electric neon green and my eyes excrete the slimy buggers at night. So much so that my eyes are 'glued' shut as if I have pink eye. I am very unnerved by my reaction. It has been 3 days since my last turpentine dose and only 1BM/day since then.

I hope my body can continue to detox whatever is making me feel ill. This is my first step to recovery using this regiment and want to stick with it. Please if anybody can comment or shed some light on what is happening to help me understand what is happening to me would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading and God Bless.

Replied by Jon

What brand of turpentine are you using?


Jon, Using D. G brand.

Replied by Mardell
(Laurens, Sc)

When you take it you are supposed to mix it with something as far as castor oil, coconut oil or some mild laxative. So you can have at least 3 bowel movement a day. 1 full tsp at a time. Mostly effective with clean bowel on empty stomaches.

Replied by Adrian

Mardell, I'm taking the turps with honey. I still take the vitality caps to stay regular, though I've cut back from 3-4 cap/day to 2/day. I am now alternating turp doses with diatomaceous earth. The worst side effects have began to settle and regularly seeing symptoms of die off.

Replied by Ludi

Today is my first day to this thread. Yes your detox had begun. Continue with the Turpentine Regimen (1/2 to 1 teaspoon for 4 days and rest 2 days. It's important to drink plenty of water.

Replied by Adrian

Thank you Ludi. I am still working on my detox. I have made drastic changes in my diet (raw vegetarian) and feeling clarity now that the candida is dying. I will continue the turps protocol for parasites. I have switched my carrier from honey and now using blackstrap molasses. Much more potent and needing to use less. I still use the DE and supplementing flushing liver/kidneys with borax and Epsom salts protocols. I will also begin taking coconut butter. Thank you for the support.

Replied by Deb
12 posts

Try MMS at night and turpentine in am, keep taking vitality caps.

Replied by Julie

This is a reply two the person who is having boogery eyes and neon green phlegm. You are full of multiple parasites common infections and microbials. You're having herx. It's okay, look it up, you're going through die off and multiple systems . Your herx will be intense. I would take your turpentine for two weeks straight without a break and Ionly a two-day break then start again. This may take you two months to get through all that you're going through. A four-day break will reveal to you if you have solve the problem or not. If you start feeling like crap again then you know you are not finished. I'm glad that you are on this treatment because it sounds like you need it really bad. More than you even ever knew. You obviously got fungus in your respiratory system really bad. It would be great if you posted it update as you go through this for people that have the same symptoms, results, and herx, meaning side effects and results of die off.

(The Netherlands)

As far as my knowledge goes about a Herxheimer effect, there's no obligation to experience such severe side effects of any form of remedy. Certainly not for a longer period of time. If I were in such a condition, I would slow down, lower the dose, and see how it goes. The idea that strong detoxing is good for you, and wanting it to move as fast as possible, in order to get rid of a health issue, may well result in the opposite result of what one wishes for. To me, that's a consumer-lifestyle attitude, and not about the use of common sense.

A human metabolism can only endure a certain level of processing, be it detoxification or any other treatment, and moving into extremes may cause real damage, and exhaustion, creating a weaker immune system. Rigid thinking may lead to rigorous behaviour, as if in a battle.

That's equal to bringing water to the sea, know what I mean? Always choose wisdom over mental concepts, when it's about medicine and healing, each human body is unique.

Replied by Marcia Lee

Bentonite clay & Coffee Enemas can help get you through the detox symptoms.

Replied by Ryan

It sounds like you took the wrong kind of turp, you should have had 100 percent pine gum spirits...hopefully your alive now as this was a year ago

Replied by Blake

Dr Hulda Clark mentions that when we kill a worm or larger parasite that they usually have much smaller pathogens inside them and that some have parasites 3 levels deep.

When the first dies, the others come out and then you have to kill those and then more can come out of those and then, you have to kill them the 3rd time, hence the 3 cycles on the zapper. I'm sure this holds true with turpentine too.

I would assume that you would need at least 3 servings to get them all.

It sounds like you already had an infection brewing right on the edge and the turpentine kicked it off. Get your D levels up before doing turpentine, so your immune system can handle it.

Replied by Cookie65

You have to be pooping 3x a day to eliminate side effects. Its coming out wherever it can run to escape the turpentine. Get your bowels moving either with natural supplements, enema, fiber or colonics. Also taking some charcoal to absorb toxins daily.

Replied by Katzie

Adrian, I'm sorry you experienced all that.

While reading your post I knew that you'd have a bad experience with Turpentine while reading and winced in advance. I'll tell you why: it was the rate you were taking it and that you were having 3x poops a day - and that's not good. Generally speaking, people with a healthy gut biome average only 1 nice firm perfectly formed one per day. Your body was already under stress! As soon as you were sick that first time, I would've backed off and kept the dose low - and steady.

But it was all too much and too fast. I don't know how you're doing now, but I hope you kept at it and found relief.

Replied by B.

Turpentine does not kill. It irritates intensely.
As it is a solvent and as it penetrates tissues it makes parasites run away from it.
Turpentine will go to the lungs via blood, this forces the germs to migrate elsewhere. Keep dosing until they crawl out of you.


Another way to get turpentine gum spirits into the blood, take it thoroughly mixed with a few tablespoons of water or milk on an empty stomach. This is how most people in Eastern Europe take this remedy as a blood cleanser. This approach seems to be effective against diseases outside the intestines.

Posted by Kennywally (Midwest) on 03/23/2016 46 posts

Speaking to the issue of Turpentine. I drank turpentine on more than one occasion, and it did not poison me in any way shape or form....tis scaretactics and vicious rumor to chase away those folks who are easily intimidated. jan, 2015...these are my notes I wrote down after ingesting turpentine [

turpentine experiment

aprox 530 pm sunday eve, jan, 18th, 2015

I took 3 sugar cubes and soaked them in turpentine,

added it to heated black coffee and tried to drink it down

I could only get down a few sips.

it did taste a bit like licorice as I was drinking it

but I stopped as the taste was a bit strong for me, this was new and

perhaps I was better off taking it slow, rather that the dosage the doctor tried and found effective, which was the full 3 cubes, soaked, twice a week.

so I'm just gonna sit here a bit and see what happens.

I'll decide later if I'm gonna drink more or not.



about 550pm I sipped a bit more, coffee was cooler, it still tasted not so great but I did it anyways.

I may have actually sipped a third of it.


about 650pm I drank some more, about 2 3rds gone now
no ill feelings, was a little grumbling in the beginning
but nothing very noticeable on rest of sips

head seemed to clear up a bit [ fogbrain lifted and energy better ]...shall see what else develops


sat 24th jan, 2015 110pm

1.5tsp turp to 1T molasses
first took some molasses on tongue, then spooned up the turp/molasses mixture and got it down easy.

nothing noticeable, doing it to kill candida.

So, from my memory of the event, there was a slight fog lifted from my head/brain. it was like slowly waving my hand from my neck to my forehead and that was as fast as the fog lifted from me, just like that, and I felt immediately energized. I drank it again but never repeated those effects of the fog lifting, nor getting energized, that was a one time event. I read somewheres later on, that that fog lifting was known as a BIO_FILM, made by parasite to protect itself from attacks. I can't prove that, but I experienced something just the same. and that's my testimony!!!

Posted by Lauri (Roseville, Ca) on 10/26/2015

Hi Bill,

I have been on the Candida Diet since July but went off of it for about a week while on vacation the first week of Sept. Hence, my Candida fueled and I got a UTI. It was so bad I finally had no choice to go to the DR. for a Urine Analysis. My numbers were off the chart for infection and pain started to travel to my kidneys, so against my better judgement, I went on an antibiotic. Symptoms only subsided for the UTI, but the vaginal yeast was the worst I ever had in 20 yrs. I did the round of antibiotics but the my kidneys still hurt and my vaginal yeast only got worse. I found the turpentine remedy and have been eating anti-candida foods for several weeks. I have been doing Turpentine stupes (soaked towels in hotwater and Turpentine) on my back to help draw out any poisons or break up stone if there are any. I do organic coffee enemas regularly and pass alot of Candida, gross but a good thing. My colon stays pretty clear with all of the ongoing detox I have been doing, including taking Dr. Daniels suggestion of Castor Oil.

I will be going to Cancun on Dec 1st. How many weeks should I take the Turpentine and will I still feel icky by Dec if I start this regimen? I have already experienced quite a bit of die off already and managing pretty well with charcoal or bentonite clay and enemas. Should I start the Turpentine in hope to better for our trip or is the process going to lead into the trip and I should wait? Obviously, you cant take turpentine on the plane and besides, I want to enjoy the trip, not detoxing and still trying to kill candida....please advise.



Replied by Lauri
(Roseville, Ca)

Hi Bill,

Can I take the turpentine remedy if my kidneys are still hurting even after my rounds of antibiotics?

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Lauri...

Perhaps you should first take some Milk Thistle (450mgs twice a day with meals), Chanca piedra (take the tea form 3 times a day) and ALA (300 mgs twice a day with meals) and perhaps gram doses of Vitamin C (Ascorbate form) which will all help to get rid of the anti-biotic poisons still in your body before you try the turpentine. This triple regimen will certainly help to detox and remove specific poisons, heavy metals and damaging xenobiotics from your body. Then, after about a month, try the turpentine at one teaspoon per daily dose. I would also alkalize your body using the sodium bicarbonate and water protocol twice a day as Ted from Bangkok advises. Anitbiotics can be extremely acidic for the body and that's how they damage the kidneys.

To be honest about it, if it were me, I would just take the turpentine. Among it's major beneficial effects -- apart from killing all forms of pathogens -- is to purify the blood completely. This outcome is also bound to have a beneficial knock on effect which will help to recover both the kidneys and the liver in the long run.

Replied by K

Bill, my daughter suffers from fibro and chronic fatigue. Her metal tests go off the page.

Is it possible the turpentine protocol could assist in removing these metals?

I understand the caution required as a high load of metals pulled out at all at once can cause Mercury to travel to the brain where it does irreparable damage.

Your mention of turpentine as a blood cleanser caught my attention.

Thank you for all you do here.

Replied by Mike

Taking ALA twice a day only, at high dose, can damage a metal toxic person. I know I've tried it. The Cutler protocol is what I now follow and I'd recommend someone with a high heavy metal load to check it out. you could likely do both Bill's and the Cutler protocol together - not at the same time - but one helps the other. From what I've read, it's impossible to get well if you are heavy metal toxic.

Replied by Ryan

Hi, I believe you can take a 1/2 oz bottle of pine needle oil on a plane which is the same as turpentine just make sure it goes into your main suit case and keep it tightly sealed. I actually ordered some from piping rock in the past initially and their bottles have great droppers with no mess so now what I do is fill those little bottles up with Diamond g turpentine which makes it very easy to use for baths and consuming. The dropper bottles are the best!

Posted by Marika (Czech Republic) on 06/05/2015

Hello, I have a question regarding my candida. I am in a terrible state - weight 42kg, psoriasis, spitting white saliva, hair loss... So I am sure my candida is in the fungus state - embedded in the gut tissues. I have tried taking turpentine for a week but felt absolutely nothing. Is is supposed to work against this fungus protected by biofilm? I am desperate, as I've been trying to get myself rid of this illness for a year - diets, untifungals, enemas... but nothing seems to work. Please, help...

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

M: You can add other natural antibiotics like liquid Neem Extract (is the one I use w/ Turp) to sugar cubes then add the Turpentine. To help remove the pathogens from the colon take a spoon of Milled Flax Seeds before or after the Turp. To further improve this treatment, incorporate the use of a Zapper about 30 min after Turp/Neem/Flax.

Aloe Vera is also good for removing pathogens from the gut lining. Other natural antibiotic herbs you can take are Garlic, Berberine, Oregano, Grapefruitseed, Pau De Arco.

Replied by Shay
(Czech Republic)

Candida requires a total elimination of sugar in every form from your diet to kill it from your system. No Bread, potatoes, fruits... Lots of water, vegetables, lean meats. No grains. Your symptoms should decrease with consistency.

Replied by Marcin
(Toronto, Canada)

Agreed! Though I have a little different view on that.

I look at food through the lens of glycemic index, the rate of how fast the food is converted into glucose, or sugar. Sugar in any form and fruits are the highest on the index, followed by starchy vegetables and rice and bread. Vegetables are the lowest.

That being said, the glycemic load of your meal is determined by all the things you put in your stomach, so if you eat cucumbers (very low glycemic index) and white rice (higher glycemic index) in 50:50 ratio in one meal, the glycemic index will be (15+65)/2=40, which is a safe value and will not make you feel worse. If you go over 100 then it is going to be bad. Russet potato taken alone is 111.

I have personally not eaten a single fruit or (knowingly) anything with sugar for the past 6-7 months, and my candida is under control, which of course does not mean it is healed, because I would soon start to feel bad if I ate a fruit or a sweet bread. As long as I avoid sugar and fruits, and always eat carbohydrates, such as rice, potatoes, or bread, with vegetables or dairy products, I feel very good. However, for the past few days I have been eating basically only bread, and my thyroid started to feel bad, which was one of my nastiest symptoms during the acute phase.

Eating this way is a good way to get rid of the symptoms, but it is not a way to heal yourself, so to say, you will be able to eat a fruit.

Replied by Marika
(Czech Republic)

Thank you for your opinions. But I still believe that if turpentine is supposed to dissolve biofilms and kill candida than I should be feeling something if I take it. I did follow the diet very strictly at the beginning but I felt I only got worse. I belive that the body needs sugar and if you have none, it can result in a lot of harm. And many opinions say that sugar from fruit is absorbed and used by the body much faster before it can feed candida. Maybe the problem is that the turpentine just doesn't reach the large intestine? I mean, some people have a few drops on sugar and immediatly run to the toilet and I have upped the dose to a table spoon - as recommended on some sites and I still feel absolutely nothing. Maybe it just requires more time for the biofilms to dissolve? Any thoughts? I just can't accept the idea that I will be like this for the rest of my life. There has to be something!!!

Replied by Rose

Hi Marika,

Please keep us posted on the turps/sugar approach. I'm keen to start after reading all the feedback. Is anyone taking the vitality caps as recommended by Dr Daniels? Or any other type of laxative? Any info greatly appreciated.

Replied by Jemtopaz

That is exactly what Dr. Daniels is talking about, IF you don't offer the Fungi, parasites a fast way out, Example: the Bowels (best way), It will find another way out. through the skin. Which does not have to happen. Don't suffer. All that you need to do is drink more water, or as Dr. Daniels would say " Make sure your "fast passage" is clear and open", Beforehand, get your bowel movements to two or three a day, drink a quart of water 3 times a day. And then you will not suffer, a skin aliment trying to eliminate.

Replied by Dave

I want to begin the turpentine protocol but I've heard two somewhat different methods, turpentine and sugar, turpentine and castor oil. My question is can you do both? 1 teaspoon turpentine over 3 sugar cubes with 1 teaspoon castor oil.

Replied by Rich

Yes you can do that. You can read in the previous comments here where Bill talks about his personal method of taking turp, honey, and castor oil together.

Replied by Cassy Farmer
(Las Cruces, Nm)

Sun fruit Dan on YouTube says you can capsule it along with sugar to deliver to large intestine - I have also read you can encapsulate castor oil and then freeze it before consuming.

Replied by Kelly

Hi, I have systemic candida, and I discovered years ago, from a group of independent doctors online, that MSM, (methylsulfonylmethane) a natural and harmless substance, is effective to control candida, and you can eat what you want. Start with a teaspoon a day, of pure MSM powder, and gradually work up to a TBS or two a day. This, (and God) has kept me alive for twenty years. Expect die off symptoms. At the first sign of headache, immediately take a couple ibuprofen. This should stop the headache. If you don't catch it fast enough though, the headache cannot be stopped. I wish you the best of health!

Replied by Carl
(Los Molinos, CA)

Heavy doses of probiotics worked best for my Candida- Fungus Clear with a 50 billion strain from Walmart, along with Medizyme, Mag07, turpentine, tea tree oil, frankincense oil, FIR heating pad, prayer, etc.


Hi Carl, how were you taking the tea tree oil please?


This has been a while, but I take Tea tree oil, 2 drops, 3 x a day in a capsule, filled with olive oil for a week. I have not noticed any issues. Also, some take it with extra fat, such as coconut oil to protect the stomach.

Posted by Kit Campbell (Australia) on 05/01/2015

Had Crohn's disease for 40+ years and cancer four times - 'cured' myself of the last bout.

Candida is the culprit :)

Turpentine works on the cell wall of the candida fungus, because it is a terpenoid. There are others that exist too, which I am currently trialing.

Key point, you need to address ALL areas of your environment, not just what you take systemically and atopically. Your mind will determine what chemicals and hormones are being created by the brain.

Balance can be restored, I am proof, although I am still getting there :)

Think well, live well and be well - all these environments need to be addressed in order to get back to homeostasis :)

All the best for your journeys, for this is what they simply are :)


Replied by William
(Jacksonville, Florida)

Thanks Bill, for your quick response. I was actually thinking that I was feeling the effects of tge die-off. But, because Im new to these protocols I became worried when the chest pain and upper GI started giving me pains. Mostly after I eat or dinner and lay down. Feels acid reflux that runs all through the night until get up but only started after taking the turpentine. Just got worried thinking I over did it. However, I'm glad to hear of your success with the protocols and thanks for your help. Will

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