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| Modified on May 09, 2024
Posted by Eric (TX USA) on 02/14/2024

I've been doing a bunch of research on this subject of turpentine cleansing and I can't seem to find anything regarding its use by a Type 2 diabetic, does anyone have any insight on this?

i plan on doing the method with the turp/sugar and castor oil that seems to be the best option for me with starting in small amounts and then working up as determined by the reactionโ€ฆ


Posted by Michael (Seward Ak ) on 01/19/2024

Hi Mary. I used 1/2 tsp turpentine on a tablespoon of org sugar for 3 days and passed a mass of worms the size of both my fists together. I haven't taken mms as enema . But I had an abscess, pretty sure caused from my cell phone, and took 10 drops of mms in 1/4c of water 3 hours on the hour for four days and my abscess went away, with no dmso. I'm going to try your advice for what you did. Not sure how many drops I should take. Will probably do 10 drops in 1 liter of distilled water. Thank you for your testimony hereโฃ๏ธ

Multiple Cures
Posted by Michael (Seward, Ak ) on 01/19/2024

I know the last time I took turps, my left arm ached bad for a month or longer. What I understand it to be was that went to fast with too high a dose and my candida (most likely) ran for the hills but not out, and arms were fastest escape . How to remedy this I don't know . MMS in doses higher than protocol might help from my experience. I had an abscess, not a bad tooth, I think from my cell phone because mouth always hurt and throbbed when my phone was close, and I took 10 drops in 1/4c of distilled water 3 in a row on the hour for 3 days and it went away . Take it easy with the turps . MMS โ€ฆ overdue it . It won't cause same herx as turps .

Posted by Lisa (FL) on 01/14/2024

This has been a while, but I take Tea tree oil, 2 drops, 3 x a day in a capsule, filled with olive oil for a week. I have not noticed any issues. Also, some take it with extra fat, such as coconut oil to protect the stomach.

Posted by Susan (NSW) on 12/20/2023

Hi Carl, how were you taking the tea tree oil please?

Multiple Cures
Posted by irene (TX) on 11/05/2023

Emma (VT) you have to use something to make you eliminate while taking turpentine until your bowels get regular. You can use Dr Jennifer Daniels Vitality capsuls or try Epsom salt if you are ok with taking it. If I were you I would stop taking it for a few days and use something to help you poo. Dr Daniels recommend that you are pooping 3 times a day or regularly if you are taking it .She is the pioneer of the turpentine trend I hope ๐Ÿ’– this help.

Best Type of Turpentine
Posted by Blue Star (TN) on 11/04/2023

Organic Turpentine distilled from the slash pine is an essential oil. "100% Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine" Would be listed on the label. Normally it is packaged in glass like most essential oils.

The paint thinner turpentine is mixed with chemical solvents. Do not use this. It is toxic and the product conventional media will point to create hysteria and confusion.

My experience has been turpentine will cleanse the pineal/3rd eye and clear energetic densities and dark energies. Meditation and connection to energies will become more vibrant. The use of turpentine in spiritual clearing has been found useful.

Turpentine was traditionally used to treat sciatica and I found much improvement in my own sciatica.

I feel more research should be done in the use of turpentine in the treatment of covid.

Posted by Lili (Western Australia) on 09/16/2023

Well done and thank you for sharing your journey. I have been taking 100% gum of turpentine for a month now... starting slow with one drop a day building up to 20 drops per day. A few days rest when reaching that amount and knowing my body was dealing with that amount, I then launched into the parasite / candida cleanse of 1 tsp with sugar and I am very happy with the results. I don't really get any herxing unless I haven't kept myself hydrated but that happens hardly ever and I am able to correct it quick enough once I down some liquid or better yet give myself an enema which quickly gets rid of die off.

Posted by Mary (USA) on 09/14/2023

I have been taking 1 teaspoon a day with sugar and chase it with water. I am prone to constipation so I take things to make sure I can move my bowels. I have been staying near home because I want to drink a lot of water throughout the day. If you are working right now, you could try it on a weekend. I take mine first thing in the morning. However, a person can take a dose anytime of the day. You do whatever works for you. Therefore, a person wanting to try it on the weekend could start late Friday afternoon or Friday before dinner.

Posted by Abby (NSW) on 09/14/2023

Can I ask do you do this and stay home or function as usual?

Turpentine Resin vs. Oil
Posted by Lisa (Florida) on 09/10/2023

I haven't tried this but was wondering what you were using this for? I haven't taken turpentine yet and thought I might try the capsules. Thanks.

Turpentine Resin vs. Oil
Posted by Stephanie (Black Mountain, NC) on 09/09/2023

Turpentine Resin vs. Oil

I've used the Diamond G Turpentine oil with great success (paired with castor oil), but I am traveling quite a bit so I am planning to purchase the "Diamond G Pine Resin" in powder form - capsulizing it and then taking it in capsule form. I think it could work well for a longer routine as turpentine tastes so...๐Ÿคข well, you know.

Inquiry: Has anyone tried this?

Rationale: I am accustomed to using resins of various trees for various formulas (also with great success). Other resins are sold in capsule form for internal use, like myrrh and frankincense. I just haven't seen this as a conversation anywhere yet.

My Plan: I'll pair the resin capsules with my castor oil capsules and see how that goes! I'll have to experiment with the dosage but I think it'll work. It'll certainly be easier to ingest and more convenient for travel.

Thought: That might work for some of you who live in other countries as well.

Posted by Jamie (CA) on 07/31/2023

I wondered about that...

Thanks for sharing BeverlyAnn!

Best Type of Turpentine
Posted by jeffrey (idaho) on 07/29/2023

Terebinth Cyprus turpentine vs. Georgia Yellow Pine pure gum turpentine

Hello world!

We are all here talking about pure gum turpentine from pine tree sap ( please take with 1000mg chlorella 1 hour after drinking to bind to loose metals and forever chemicals) for amazing health and detox, but what about Dr. Daniel's comprehensive studies on the Pistacia Terebinthus or terebinth turpentine tree from the Middle east. Morocco to Spain to Turkey, even ancient Egyptians talk about the healing power of this lost information?

The two reasons I study this is I see purple spots on the elderly folks' arms and hands around me, and lately people complaining about breathing problems. I keep seeing info on this particular cyprus tree stems and leaf distilled oils helping with a whole host of benefits.

I see companies making oils from its fruit, a small pistachio nut ( all good info), but it is NOT the sap oil that the ancients refer to.

Reference to : Back Door spa christ church, NZ Dr. Daniels, Universal Healer by Walter Last

Some of the listings for Terebinth ( Turpentine )

Internal Uses for Terebinth โ€“Turpentine

  • Modifies tracheo-bronchial secretions
  • Haemostatic ( slows down or stops bleeding )
  • Diuretic
  • Antitheumatic

Antidote to Phosphorus Poisoning



  • Chronic and Fetid Bronchitis Pulmonary TB ( lung TB)
  • Leucorrhia ( vaginal discharge)
  • Haemorrhage ( intestinal-pulmonary-uterine-haempohilia-nose bleeds )
  • Oliguria ( diuretic like effect)
  • Rheumatism ( painful body )
  • Flatulence
  • Intestinal Parasites ( especially worms )
  • Epilepsy
  • Phosporus Antidote


External Uses For Terebinth-Turpentine-

  • Parasiticide
  • Revulsive ( counter irritant or antidotal)



  • Rheumatism-Gout-Neuralgia-Sciatica
  • Scabies or Lice
  • Puerporal Infections ( bleeding under the skin โ€“purple spots )

Internal Uses for Terebinth โ€“Turpentine

  • Genitor-Urinary Antiseptic ( used as a douche as well injectable
  • Dissolves Gallstones
  • Antispasmodic
  • Vermifuge ( removes worms and parasites



  • Urinary and Renal Infections-cystitis urethritis ( inflammation of the urethra )
  • Puerperal Fever-( infection of the uterus after birth )
  • Gallstones
  • Dropsy (excess water retention of organs or tissue )
  • Spasms ( Colitis-whopping Cough )
  • Migraine
  • Chronic Constipation


External Uses For Terebinth-Turpentine-

  • Analgesic
  • Antiseptic



  • Atonic wounds( a slow healing wound or a damaged or weakened muscle-Sores and Gangrenous wounds
  • Leucorrhea

Best Type of Turpentine
Posted by Tiffany (TN - Tennessee) on 07/01/2023

What brand do people recommend? Thx

Posted by mitzch (USA) on 06/14/2023

Has anyone use Castor oil, Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine and DMSO together for Candida/Esophageal Candida? I've dealt with Candida several times, and have recently in the past several months had blood tests that show 5 different kinds of Candida. It's caused massive inflammation and other issues.

I've seen different combinations but not all three.

Would like to hear if this has been beneficial for anyone.

Turpentine Bath
Posted by Silvina (Texas) on 05/12/2023

I use Creekwood Naturals. You can get it on Amazon Diamond G brand is another.

Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 03/24/2023

Another way to get turpentine gum spirits into the blood, take it thoroughly mixed with a few tablespoons of water or milk on an empty stomach. This is how most people in Eastern Europe take this remedy as a blood cleanser. This approach seems to be effective against diseases outside the intestines.

Tooth Abscess
Posted by Drew (Toronto Canada) on 03/14/2023

I was wondering How did you take the turpentine in your mouth, what was the dosage, and did you find out later if the abscess had affected the tooth structure at all?

Turpentine Side Effects
Posted by %u201CG%u201D (PA) on 02/21/2023

The first time I took the distilled pure gum spirits of Turpentine, I had a reaction in my heart. My heart started pounding hard and continued for the next day and a half. I also had palpitations, felt drunk and whoosh, I was walking very slow and mental fog was great. I only took 1/4 tsp. I think I forgot to take it with something sweet and did not take it with food. Does anyone have any info on how it can affect the heart? I have Lyme and many other vector born infections. They have caused me to have an aneurysm and high LDL.

I waited quite a while before trying turpentine again. I took it with Maple syrup the second time and it wasn't quite so hard on my heart. The first time I felt pain for a second in the area of the aneurysm so I thought maybe it was getting rid of plaque in the area and felt it was a good thing. But the last time I took the Turpentine (only 4 drops) I have had a pounding heart and having a hard time with activity. But I also have started other herbs so I can't be sure it's the turpentine but it must be because the very first time I took it it scared me with the pounding and palpitations and pain for a second.

Turpentine Side Effects
Posted by Kate (South Carolina) on 01/25/2023

Did you spend 5 days fasting before taking turpentine or did you start right in?

Turpentine Side Effects
Posted by patrick (TX) on 01/20/2023 2 posts

Maybe you have sleep apnea and need bi-pap machine like me.

Turpentine Side Effects
Posted by Old cat lady fl (Florida) on 12/18/2022

If you read the possible side effects of medicines prescribed today, many include the possibility of contracting forms of cancer and other possible negative outcomes, including cardiac arrest. Humira Is an example.

Parasites and their eliminations can cause paralyzes, delirium, heart rhythm issues, and many other unpleasant symptoms. Some parasites that are killed off in large volumes can cause extreme side effects such as hemorrhaging that causes death.

Please know that all treatments should be carefully researched, even prescribed medicines inserts should be read and possible side effects and caution warnings heeded.

It is my hope that pure turpentine will remain available so individuals will be able to care for their health and well-being.

Turpentine Tips
Posted by Yad (Sunny Somewhere) on 11/26/2022 15 posts


Diamond G Forest brand "pure gum spirit of Turpentine." Never use a brand of Turpentine you buy from a home improvement store, wood working shop or art supply shop. Please see link below for dosage and use protocols. Personally, I have never taken more than 5 drops at one time dropped into a coffee pack or two of brown sugar. Always start with only one drop to test your reaction and to see how you feel. I've read that taking castor oil along with the Turpentine can minimize some of the unpleasantness however I have never tried the Caster oil myself.



Turpentine Tips
Posted by Jenny (GA) on 11/23/2022

What kind of kerosene can you buy in the United States of America to use medicinally? What brand?

Acid Reflux
Posted by Renard (Cleveland, ohio) on 11/07/2022

How long do you need to take it and does it have any side effects

Turpentine Side Effects
Posted by TeriJackD (Madison, WI) on 10/05/2022

My guess is inflammation/blocked channels. Toxic overload. Turpentine is gonna attack all of these bad pathogens, yeast, parasites, etc. They've already boosted inflammation & excessive mucus in your body surrounding your organs, in your blood, blocking those channels. You gotta detox them first to get to the root cause to kill them off leading to preventative care. Its a long process that can be broken down & spread out over a 3 month period & then you continue on like a semi annual basis to keep up the healthy state. I struggled really bad with the detox, food elimination, and getting my water level up. Took me almost a year before being able to officially attack the source of the inflammation. Not a doctor, but hope this advice helps!

You need to flush all of your elimination pathways ... feces, skin, lungs, liver, /kidneys BEFORE taking Turpentine & It must be 100% pure gum spirits Turpentine. You flush before getting to the root cause if your illnesses ... (colon cleanse/3 bowel movements per day, skin detox/sauna helps or mineral bath or exercise to make yourself sweat profusely, herbal teas for liver/kidney flush, refrain from red meats/dairy/most grains/sugar while doing this ... can be a week, etc and finally you must be well hydrated ... drinking half your body weight in water Purified/Spring/Distilled/Ionized, etc you can diffuse water with some fruits or veggies to help the process with flushing the liver/kidneys also). You should start at a very low dosage like 3 drops on 3 sugar cubes or mixed with castor oil & build up from there. This would be week 2 or 3 depending on how well you commit to flush/washout. You may also need to incorporate a binder to assist with removing these inert toxins out of your body after using the turpentine (shilajit) & finally replace good bacteria in your gut ... pre/probiotics.

Posted by Kristina (Pennsylvania) on 09/24/2022

I too have cured hypothyroidism by ridding my body of parasites.

Posted by Val (Colorado) on 09/13/2022

Thanks for the tip on checking out bitchutes. I have candida and I am on a protocol for MTHFR double mutation. I have just started the turpentine protocol that Dr. D. recommends(1 tsp of turpentine on heaping tsp of sugar). I am also looking at Bills Protocol. I have air bubbles at night that disturb my sleep. I don't get the acid reflux, just air bubbles. The doctor said it is food sensitivities. I get pressure in my chest that wakes me up and then I burp. I make myself burp, because the air bubbles get trapped in the upper left chest area. I went on the turpentine for 4 days now, and I am off 2 days. The 4 days on the turpentine, I had less burping especially the 4th night. The burping has started to come back again, since I have been off of it for the second night. I just took a test for food sensitivities. I am taking an enzyme and staying away from the foods I have a sensitivity to. Maybe I should stay on the turpentine longer than 4 days. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks for all the information on this website.

Acid Reflux
Posted by Guy (AK) on 09/04/2022

I also cured my acid reflux by drinking turpentine, I was using it for a parasite cleanse. But low and behold it stopped it 90 percent with one drink, I got acid reflux from fasting.

Acid Reflux
Posted by Prakash (CA) on 08/27/2022

For how many days did you dose? Want to get an idea of when we can expect to see results.

Where to Buy: New Zealand
Posted by Pastor and Mrs. Don F. Tantanella (Hop Bottom, PA) on 08/16/2022

if you find a way to buy the diggers turpentine (living here in the USA), please contact ME TOO. Thank you.

Candida, Biofilm and Parasites
Posted by Ben (Chicago) on 08/13/2022

Great advice! My first drop lit me up. Especially since I took it by itself without sugar. The sugar slowed down the effects much better. This is the only substance I've taken that has given me such great results!! Highly recommend

General Feedback
Posted by Pam E. (SouthWestern California) on 08/07/2022 137 posts

Although the link's title is mis-spelled, the URL imbedded within it is spelled correctly, & it does open Jim Humble's website.

Best Type of Turpentine
Posted by CS (New England) on 07/23/2022

I know this is an old post, but in case anyone else is looking for pet dosing, I found a protocol on trementina.org which I'm using on my cats with no noticeable side effects:

โ€œIt is very important to deworm pets, since they are the vehicle parasites use to get to us. It is especially essential in the home of a child with autism.

1 drop of turpentine is used for each kilogram of animal's weight.

Mix with the same amount of coconut or olive oil, and rub on the pet's belly.

You can also give it orally on a piece of bread or other food.

After a week of treatment, you will notice worms in the animal's feces. Continue with their dose once a week until the stools are clean.โ€

General Feedback
Posted by Jeff (B.C) on 07/16/2022

Hello Bill, do you have a link of the turp you'd suggest?

Multiple Cures
Posted by NeeNee (Knoxville, TN) on 06/14/2022

Sauerkraut juice. Get a good sauerkraut like Bubby's, and slam all the juice in one go. It'll break up the ganglion cyst.

Posted by Kimberly (Milwaukee WI) on 06/02/2022

Hello all thank God I found you!!!! I am having a horrible time dealing with this and none of these Wisconsin Dr.'s care. Telling me I'm delusional smh.. I feel so lost because I know what I'm going through and how my life has been interrupted because I'm dealing with these parasites daily. I used Turpentine because the assistant at the drugstore told me about it. I emptied out a lot and was disgusted. I am going to do 4 days on /off and hopefully it get the electrical feeling parasites out. Any suggestions for me please share. Thanks to u all and these DR's suck.

Posted by B. (Egypt) on 05/31/2022

Turpentine does not kill. It irritates intensely.
As it is a solvent and as it penetrates tissues it makes parasites run away from it.
Turpentine will go to the lungs via blood, this forces the germs to migrate elsewhere. Keep dosing until they crawl out of you.

Posted by van (New York) on 05/16/2022

Creekwood Naturals sells Organic Castor Oil and also Turpentine. Their products are great!

Posted by Itay N. (Costa Rica) on 04/28/2022

Biofilms can form anywhere in the body, each pathogen has its own area where it colonizes. Researches suggest that oxygenation is a key of biofilms destruction. By my experience, chronic resistance of Protozoas pathogens in the large intestine got better with Pine Gum Turpentine, though it came back after a few days to a week, that suggests that the biofilms were still there.

Though when I took MMS one time only the situation got better and the symptoms were gone. Overview of experiments show that oxygenation proved to dissolve and destruct biofilms. MMS is an oxygen therapy, it has the benefit over Ozone therapy and other Oxygen therapies because of the low voltage. That is promising a lower inner cells tension. In simple words it means that it is harming the anaerobic pathogens but not the body. The hexhimer effect of detox due to biofilms destruction might be tough but it worth it. That's why if using MMS, it's better to start with a low dosage, and even then the results might be seen on a short term and the herxhimer reaction might be quite strong.

Turpentine Bath
Posted by Laura (Wilson Oklahoma ) on 04/27/2022

The video is labeled private. So I can't watch it. :(

Turpentine Risks
Posted by Dr. H (Charleston, SC) on 04/22/2022

The internal use of turpentine is extremely dangerous, as indicated by the sole source associated with the article promoting its use. That source is a published study regarding an infant who was killed by the parents internal administration of turpentine. As evidenced in this source, turpentine is only safe when applied externally (though it may still cause irritation). Internal use has been linked to kidney damage and a multitude of other health problems and has resulted in death in multiple instances. This article is putting lives at risk by encouraging the internal use of a known poison that has substantial evidence regarding its risks.

Posted by Devon (The Netherlands) on 04/19/2022

As far as my knowledge goes about a Herxheimer effect, there's no obligation to experience such severe side effects of any form of remedy. Certainly not for a longer period of time. If I were in such a condition, I would slow down, lower the dose, and see how it goes. The idea that strong detoxing is good for you, and wanting it to move as fast as possible, in order to get rid of a health issue, may well result in the opposite result of what one wishes for. To me, that's a consumer-lifestyle attitude, and not about the use of common sense.

A human metabolism can only endure a certain level of processing, be it detoxification or any other treatment, and moving into extremes may cause real damage, and exhaustion, creating a weaker immune system. Rigid thinking may lead to rigorous behaviour, as if in a battle.

That's equal to bringing water to the sea, know what I mean? Always choose wisdom over mental concepts, when it's about medicine and healing, each human body is unique.

Posted by Nas (Miami, FL ) on 04/13/2022

Have you thought of starting a blog?

Turpentine and Gut Flora
Posted by Graham (East Sussex) on 03/16/2022

It's because they need to keep selling the product :)

Turpentine Contraindications
Posted by Kathy (Towson, Md. USA) on 03/12/2022

Thanks Bill for these references for historical medicinal use of turpentine.

Posted by Robert Doe (London) on 03/05/2022

My 14 Yr old son has autism, can turpentine cure him please

Posted by Letsmakeearthgreatagain (Motherearrh) on 01/17/2022

Kerosene is derived from petroleum and turpentine is derived from the healing sap of spruce or pine trees. It is very important to use only "100% pure gum spirits". Look up turpentine videos NOT ON YOU TOOB OR GOOGLE as it is censored!!! Use bitchute to see real doctors and scientists and their real uncensored opinions!

Posted by Linda farrell (St Charles, MO) on 01/12/2022

Does turpentine destroy parasites.

Turpentine in the Nose
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 01/11/2022

Blood is not always a bad thing when you used the turpentine you may have a detox effect of some blood . I would use some hydrogen peroxide on a q tip and then let it fizz and repeat, Then use some castor oil on a q tip and let the tip set there and the oil go around the area without excess but just from the q tip . Then I would go from inside the mouth to detox some more of this . I would do a 1/2 tsp of castor oil swish in mouth and swallow. Don't rinse out. Spit will form and spit that in toilet . Then I would do capsule opened of some charcoal in the mouth to draw out any toxins and spit that after letting it set for half hour, follow with more castor oil. The teeth roots on top affect sinus and sinus affects ear . This will drain some stuff off. Don't panic . Castor oil is safe, I use it daily in ears mouth on scalp and feet. A foot soak would also detox this stuff out ...Like Epsom salt or vinegar or foot detox pads like activated charcoal and castor oil on large bandage overnight, cover with a sock. He could take 2-3 activated charcoal capsules with lots of water at bedtime, sleep like a baby and detox at the same time.

It is also possible he had a large wax blob in his ear that got set off by the turpentine and I wouldn't do any extreme measures until the bleeding calms down then read more on ear wax ~~ castor oil and hydrogen peroxide for ear was removal.

Turpentine in the Nose
Posted by Heather (Englewood FL) on 01/11/2022

Thank you very much for your reply. He now has blood in his ear, and it feels clogged. Any suggestions for that or what might have happened to his ear? Thank you!

Turpentine in the Nose
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 01/08/2022

Turpentine Health Benefits (earthclinic.com)

In the ear it is mixed in a carrier oil like olive

a cup of baking soda in water as on box label for alkalyzing as a detox of this pain going on might work, read inside the earth clinic for more info on topic

as far as pain you might try oscillococcinum for headaches or flu symptoms, does not interfere with other things

Or a topical of castor oil or activated charcoal or a combo mix poultice and heat to drive it into head or ear topically, like a rice pack heated in microwave. fill a sock half full of rice and tie off end, heat in microwave.... He could take 3 activated charcoal tabs or caps and lots of water to slow down that die off symptom and flush it out of his system.. could be other things set off by turpentine. I have never used it except it is in vicks rub.

Ginger works well for nausea and baths can reduce pain signals in the body, the water level is important and drink water when in water as it takes water out of body and wrinkles fingers

Turpentine in the Nose
Posted by H (Englewood, Florida ) on 01/08/2022

Can you elaborate on the biofilm? We put a cotton ball soaked in turp my husband's ear and it caused severe pain in the right side of his brain.

Turpentine Bath
Posted by Mary (Saskatchewan Canada ) on 01/06/2022

Has anyone tried an enema with turpentine and what was the result?

Posted by Mary (Saskatchewan, Canada) on 01/06/2022

Are you in North America? Aren't there horrible additives in kerosene. I know it used to be used but now? Glad it works for you!!

Posted by Mary (Saskatchewan, Canada) on 01/06/2022

Maybe you could put parts of your diary. I would love to read it.

Laxatives to Help
Posted by Kristin (LA) on 01/03/2022

Use a tablespoon of castor oil.

Turpentine Tips
Posted by Jennie (LA) on 12/21/2021

I find that Turpentine is easier on the stomach if you don't take it first thing in the morning. But I would make sure you take it at least 5 hours after your meal otherwise you may end up getting severely nauseous and vomiting. This happened to me unfortunately.

Turpentine Side Effects
Posted by Lisa (Queensland) on 12/15/2021


What a wonderful account.

I'm on day 4 of my turpentine cure hopefully that my 10 year Candida sickness is leaving. Feeling good today not having those feelings that U experienced but can certainly say have experienced them in the past.

Posted by Kelly (TX) on 12/14/2021

Have you been able to get on a turp regimen and is it working for your feet? Thanks!

Bladder Infection
Posted by Vanbemo (Dimapur-Nagaland, india ) on 12/07/2021

It's been 5 years have been suffering from interstitial cystitis, I got terrible uti in the beginning and now my bladder has embedded, nothing works for me therapies, meds, supplements. Luckily I have found Dr. Jennifer protocols from facebook friend . Now only two weeks left to start taking turpentine gum spirit, I have heard many success stories even bladder infection.

Posted by Eric L (Bakersfield ) on 12/01/2021

When I first got copd, I landed in the hospital, the er doctors, didn't have the right medication for me, I found out that it was inflammation in the lungs that caused the whole problem.
Well, I had gotten rid of a lot of inflammation in Skin cancer. So I threw the medication the doctor gave me in the trash. It was horrible stuff. They weakened my heart with it.
Started drinking 1 teaspoon of Kerosene at wee hrs in the morning, 3hrs before or after a meal.

I got rid of all the inflammation in no time. I take a maintenance dose every day for the rest of my life. I still get phlegm that I have to get rid of.

Best Type of Turpentine
Posted by Karl Wagner (PR) on 11/16/2021

Please!, don't use or recommend Kleanstrip brand. It's not natural and has added chemicals. Even though it says "Pure Gum Spirits" on the label.

The best brands are:

  • Diamond G. Forest
  • Creekwood Naturals
  • Phytolabs

Lyme Disease
Posted by Katie (Dunbar, Pa) on 11/15/2021

Hi! I also have Lyme disease. What dosages did you find helpful? How are you recovering?

Turpentine Bath
Posted by Deb (New Zealand) on 11/14/2021

The video link for turpentine bath says private. Can you please tell me how to view.
Thank you

Candida, Biofilm and Parasites
Posted by Gregory (Chemainus B.C.) on 10/14/2021

I see you're on Gabriola island. Did you order Dr. G's from the Internet?

Posted by Laura (45) on 10/13/2021

How long should you do this protocol for?

Acid Reflux
Posted by KS (Vienna, Austria) on 10/03/2021

Turpentine for Stubborn Acid Reflux (GERD)

This is how I cured my acid reflux which I suffered from for 17 years (nothing else had helped):

1 teaspoon daily of purified gum turpentine. (I took it in my mouth and washed it down with a glass of water. do not swallow without water as it can get into the windpipe.)

I paused for 1-3 days when side effects like diarrhea were too much. Side effects subside the cleaner your body gets. Turpentine kills of biofilms which cause the acid reflux.

Candida, Biofilm and Parasites
Posted by Natasha (Australia) on 10/03/2021

Replying to Michael - if U were taking it for a parasite infestation then it's highly likely you are experiencing die off symptoms which I experience exactly what U describe no matter what I take for them so I believe it's not the product but the formaldehyde and heavy metals being released by parasites as they die - it's the most hideous experience and I've been dealing with it for ten years - best way is to not go too hard and take some charcoal to help absorb the waste and get some colonics to flush it all out good luck

Where to Buy: New Zealand
Posted by Huaraz (Calgary) on 09/29/2021


Recochem's turpentine changed the labels/branding from Bio-Option to SOLVABLE as is now available at HomeDepot and Canadiantire. Earlier in the year I started with Recochem's turpentine for a few days but got cold feet and ordered 16 Oz of Diamond G. There are folks on this forum against using Recochem's.

I can tell you Recochem's turpentine is very fragrant, it smells like what you would expect from turpentine. My wife complains I stink up the kitchen but she has a sensitive nose. The turpentine burps and after-taste is way more noticeable. Diamond G is very pure and gentle in comparison, you can hardly smell it, just a minor after-taste. It was a surprise to me the big difference.

Diamond G is from slash pine trees from Georgia and is the traditional fire distilled turpentine

Recochem's is the by-product of the kraft pulping process, it is a sulfate turpentine.

Is this good or bad, I don't know. Would like to know.

Best Type of Turpentine
Posted by Francois (Quebec) on 09/15/2021

Hi Dan,

Most people seem to swear by the efficacity of Diamond G Pure Gum Spirit.

I think there was 2 different "organic" version when I've ordered one from Amazon Canada + sugar cubes.

I will post my results back if I remember.

Laxatives to Help
Posted by dahlia (usa) on 09/10/2021

Liquid chlorophyll works for bowels.. Or enemas. Both of which I'm currently doing.

Laxatives to Help
Posted by Art (California) on 09/06/2021 2159 posts

Hi Evelina,

Magnesium citrate should get things moving and if you want faster movement add in high dose vitamin C. Both are likely to offer you other health benefits also with regular use.


Laxatives to Help
Posted by Evelina (UK) on 09/05/2021

Hey, I just got 100% gum turpentine, I know how to use it, but the question is, what to use to have 3 bowel movements? can I use any laxatives? I can't get Dr Jennifer Daniels Vitality capsules to send to my country which is sad so I'm wondering what is the best to use to have 3 bowel movements?

Poor Circulation
Posted by Healer (U.S. ) on 09/05/2021

Try DMSO where turpentine does not work. Just make sure the skin is clean and you can use the DMSO for a transdermal delivery system for other drugs. Just make sure you only use the purest forms of medicine or distilled water when mixing and meds with DMSO.

Eliminating Biofilm
Posted by Love2ClearClouds (Orlando, Florida ) on 08/16/2021

Hi, can you tell me how much turps you're taking and do you take it daily? For how long?

Thank you!

Liver Flukes (Parasites)
Posted by Madelyn (Idaho ) on 08/16/2021

Hi Glori,

Did you only need to take 1 dose of the turpentine and castor oil to completely get rid of the liver flukes?

Liver Flukes (Parasites)
Posted by Glori (Florida) on 08/15/2021

I was told I had benign tumors and endometriosis as that's what lab results came back as. WRONG. I did my own lab tests with a local lab (thank you Quest) I was able to find out that I have liver flukes.

1 teaspoon of pure gum spirits of turpentine followed by 1 teaspoon of castor oil. You will be AMAZED!! The old remedies are sometimes the BEST!!

Posted by HisJewel (New York) on 08/09/2021

Greetings AngPowerGirl of Kalamazoo, MI,

I truly believe that if you have done the turpentine it has blessed you. I want to give you another suggestion that is easy to use, "Tagamet or Cimetidine."

I have attached an article from "Life Extension Magazine", the writer says that:

"โ€ฆ Cimetidine functions via several different pathways to inhibit tumor cell propagation and metastasis."

A must read:

www.lifeextension.com/magazine/2002/7/cover_cimetidine#:~ The brand name for cimetidine is Tagametยฎ, which, thought that cimetidine worked by enhancing immune function.

Posted by Marie (Camas, WA ) on 08/06/2021

Use only turpentine that is 100% "spirit gum". You want to make sure it is not petroleum-based turp.

Best Type of Turpentine
Posted by Dan (Ottawa) on 07/28/2021

Hi Marisa and Alina, may I know which turpentine you have found to be effective so far in your healing journey?

Many thanks, with blessings!

Where to Buy: New Zealand
Posted by Dan (Ottawa) on 07/28/2021

Hey Steve, have you happened to try the Diamond G Forest turpentine from the States before? If so I'm curious as to how the taste and smell of the Bio-Option compares to the Diamond G Forest one.

If you are still using the Bio-Option turpentine and know others who have used the Bio-Option turpentine with no issues (other than the expected Herxheimer reactions), please let me know. I was looking to source the Diamond G Forest turpentine, but shipping and customs charges is a blockade right now.

Thanks in advance!

Posted by BeverlyAnn (Pine Forest) on 07/18/2021

This is not true. many people buy turp from hardware store because it is 75% cheaper. You can buy it from hardware store but it MUST READ ON THE LABEL: "100% gum spirits"

Candida, Biofilm and Parasites
Posted by Deirdre (CT) on 07/13/2021

Hi Michael,

Very sorry to hear you had these side effects. Most people start off the turpentine protocol with just a few drops so I am wondering why you went to the full dosage right off the bat? I did the turpentine protocol a couple of summers ago and started with just 3 drops on a sugar cube to see if I had any reactions. I felt great - lots of energy! But only after a few days of just 3 drops did I slowly increase to more drops.

The slow, low dose method is what people on EC generally advise when it comes to potent remedies like turpentine and I agree!

Candida, Biofilm and Parasites
Posted by Michael (Gabriola, Bc) on 07/12/2021

Turpentine for Candida, biofilm, and parasites

I started with a hardware store brand of pure gum spirits of turpentine and it made me feel crappy. Couldn't function kind of crappy. The lady on the information line said it was not food grade. I'm guessing pulp industry by product with residual chemicals contaminating it. I took one teaspoon once or twice and said no more. I researched the stuff and looked for the absolute best I could find. I read reviews here claiming taking Diamond G brand was like a night and day experience compared to hardware stuff. I researched that. They shouldn't be marketing it as pure gum spirits. It may not have residual chemicals in it but it's made from slash and stumps left over from logging.

Real pine gum spirits come from tapped and/or wounded pine trees. There are different compounds at different ratios from tapping vs regular bark and wood. The trees' response to heal produces something special. I found a high-quality true pure gum spirits source. The trees are sacred and traditionally tapped. It has a faint pine smell and that's it. It didn't taste as bold or harsh if that makes sense and there was no chemical taste.

All that being said I still had roughly the same reaction to it. I took a teaspoon a day for 3-4 days before giving up on it. My head was very foggy, I had something akin to a headache, my body felt crappy (I don't know how else to explain it) and I could barely function.

The testimonies here and doctor Daniel's endorsement obviously gave me a ton of confidence but it didn't work for me. My delicate premature organs might have something to do with that. I may have better luck with much smaller doses if I ever get the confidence to try this again.

Posted by Christiana (Seattle ) on 07/12/2021

Viruses ARE parasites.

Multiple Cures
Posted by HisJewel (New York) on 07/11/2021

How are you faring, Emma of VT? I do not know the answer to your question, just thought I would share what little I do know on the subject. Yes, even I have used turpentine. As they say desperate times call for desperate measures. Turpentine is not for everyone, if you feel it is causing other problems it may not be for you. However, perhaps you are having a herx dieoff reaction, if so maybe you should go back to one or two drops. Read more about the experience of others with turpentine to see if you want to continue.


When I take Turpentine, I usually take it in the morning before breakfast. We are told to start with the drops. I have been using off and on for a few years usually to prevent or cure a UTI after a sugary occasion. I take a teaspoon of turpentine and afterwards a teaspoon of blackstrap molasses. I also take a laxative, such as Castor oil or Bentonite clay just in case there are some worms that are trying to flee the turpentine, I want them to have a speedy exit out. I also make sure I drink a little extra water.

I pray you are already feeling so much better. Be well. HisJewel

Posted by Carl (Los Molinos, CA) on 07/06/2021

Heavy doses of probiotics worked best for my Candida- Fungus Clear with a 50 billion strain from Walmart, along with Medizyme, Mag07, turpentine, tea tree oil, frankincense oil, FIR heating pad, prayer, etc.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Emma (VT) on 07/06/2021


I have had a good overall experience with turpentine over the last couple of weeks. I took it because I've been dealing with slow bowels for years. Also fatigue. Tried many things before and nothing has really helped.

I am taking 6 drops of turp on sugar. I have been taking it three nights on, two nights off. I find I sleep much better and awake without the grogginess and lethargy I have been so used to for years. That is the biggest positive effect I have noticed and I love it. It has not helped my elimination time, although when I used an enema with it I think it really helps to clean out junk that I don't normally get out.

The one concern I have is that over the last week I have noticed my feet are especially sore and achey. Today my hands, wrists and forearms are very sore too, and I notice I have a ganglion cyst on one of my wrists, which I have never had before! I do not have a history of arthritis or damage.

Does anyone know anything about this possible side effect and if this is a normal temporary thing, or if I need to support my detox more somehow, or if I should stop turpentine?

Thank you for any advice.

Posted by Stormflugan (NYS) on 06/14/2021

100% pure gum turpentine will get rid of a tape worm. It basically will get rid of anything including cancer etc...

Posted by Lisa M (California ) on 05/24/2021

We ingested this as children. What was added to it was sugar. It took care of worms in our bodies and other parasites, I didn't have any problems with bad feet until I got older and stopped taking it..

Now I wish I hadn't stopped taking it because my feet are so bad that I can barely walk on my heels. I have burning pain, so I will go back to what my mom did as I was a child and keep it that way.

Posted by AngPowerGirl (Kalamazoo, MI) on 05/23/2021

I would like to start using Turpentine to kill the fungus that has created cancer. I already used chemo drug Taxotere which contains a-pinene which appears to be derived from the pine tree. It worked but it was stopped short (8 months ago) so I would rather use the natural form in Turpentine instead of the chemical version of chemo.

Is the protocol the same as the candida protocol or is it different? Also, are there pharmaceuticals to avoid when taking Turp? I want to avoid any interactions. Thank you.

Turpentine Bath
Posted by Lindsay (Stony plain ) on 05/19/2021

What is a gum spirits?

Turpentine and Gut Flora
Posted by Salim (Beirut ) on 04/24/2021

Are you sure about turpentine not affecting good bacteria? If that's the case, then why do they all recommend maintenance dose for life? If the good bacteria is alive and well, it will keep candida in check and there would be no need for maintenance.