Turpentine Health Benefits

| Modified on Oct 14, 2021

Acid Reflux
Posted by KS (Vienna, Austria) on 10/03/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Turpentine for Stubborn Acid Reflux (GERD)

This is how I cured my acid reflux which I suffered from for 17 years (nothing else had helped):

1 teaspoon daily of purified gum turpentine. (I took it in my mouth and washed it down with a glass of water. do not swallow without water as it can get into the windpipe.)

I paused for 1-3 days when side effects like diarrhea were too much. Side effects subside the cleaner your body gets. Turpentine kills of biofilms which cause the acid reflux.

Candida, Biofilm and Parasites
Posted by Natasha (Australia) on 10/03/2021

Replying to Michael - if U were taking it for a parasite infestation then it's highly likely you are experiencing die off symptoms which I experience exactly what U describe no matter what I take for them so I believe it's not the product but the formaldehyde and heavy metals being released by parasites as they die - it's the most hideous experience and I've been dealing with it for ten years - best way is to not go too hard and take some charcoal to help absorb the waste and get some colonics to flush it all out good luck

Where to Buy: New Zealand
Posted by Huaraz (Calgary) on 09/29/2021


Recochem's turpentine changed the labels/branding from Bio-Option to SOLVABLE as is now available at HomeDepot and Canadiantire. Earlier in the year I started with Recochem's turpentine for a few days but got cold feet and ordered 16 Oz of Diamond G. There are folks on this forum against using Recochem's.

I can tell you Recochem's turpentine is very fragrant, it smells like what you would expect from turpentine. My wife complains I stink up the kitchen but she has a sensitive nose. The turpentine burps and after-taste is way more noticeable. Diamond G is very pure and gentle in comparison, you can hardly smell it, just a minor after-taste. It was a surprise to me the big difference.

Diamond G is from slash pine trees from Georgia and is the traditional fire distilled turpentine

Recochem's is the by-product of the kraft pulping process, it is a sulfate turpentine.

Is this good or bad, I don't know. Would like to know.

Best Type of Turpentine
Posted by Francois (Quebec) on 09/15/2021

Hi Dan,

Most people seem to swear by the efficacity of Diamond G Pure Gum Spirit.

I think there was 2 different "organic" version when I've ordered one from Amazon Canada + sugar cubes.

I will post my results back if I remember.

Laxatives to Help
Posted by dahlia (usa) on 09/10/2021

Liquid chlorophyll works for bowels.. Or enemas. Both of which I'm currently doing.

Laxatives to Help
Posted by Art (California) on 09/06/2021 952 posts

Hi Evelina,

Magnesium citrate should get things moving and if you want faster movement add in high dose vitamin C. Both are likely to offer you other health benefits also with regular use.


Laxatives to Help
Posted by Evelina (UK) on 09/05/2021

Hey, I just got 100% gum turpentine, I know how to use it, but the question is, what to use to have 3 bowel movements? can I use any laxatives? I can't get Dr Jennifer Daniels Vitality capsules to send to my country which is sad so I'm wondering what is the best to use to have 3 bowel movements?

Poor Circulation
Posted by Healer (U.S. ) on 09/05/2021

Try DMSO where turpentine does not work. Just make sure the skin is clean and you can use the DMSO for a transdermal delivery system for other drugs. Just make sure you only use the purest forms of medicine or distilled water when mixing and meds with DMSO.

Best Type of Turpentine
Posted by Ken (Colville, Wa.) on 09/05/2021

My question is how long should you keep turpentine and will it go bad?

Eliminating Biofilm
Posted by Love2ClearClouds (Orlando, Florida ) on 08/16/2021

Hi, can you tell me how much turps you're taking and do you take it daily? For how long?

Thank you!

Liver Flukes (Parasites)
Posted by Madelyn (Idaho ) on 08/16/2021

Hi Glori,

Did you only need to take 1 dose of the turpentine and castor oil to completely get rid of the liver flukes?

Liver Flukes (Parasites)
Posted by Glori (Florida) on 08/15/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I was told I had benign tumors and endometriosis as that's what lab results came back as. WRONG. I did my own lab tests with a local lab (thank you Quest) I was able to find out that I have liver flukes.

1 teaspoon of pure gum spirits of turpentine followed by 1 teaspoon of castor oil. You will be AMAZED!! The old remedies are sometimes the BEST!!

Posted by HisJewel (New York) on 08/09/2021

Greetings AngPowerGirl of Kalamazoo, MI,

I truly believe that if you have done the turpentine it has blessed you. I want to give you another suggestion that is easy to use, "Tagamet or Cimetidine."

I have attached an article from "Life Extension Magazine", the writer says that:

"… Cimetidine functions via several different pathways to inhibit tumor cell propagation and metastasis."

A must read:

www.lifeextension.com/magazine/2002/7/cover_cimetidine#:~ The brand name for cimetidine is Tagamet®, which, thought that cimetidine worked by enhancing immune function.

Posted by Marie (Camas, WA ) on 08/06/2021

Use only turpentine that is 100% "spirit gum". You want to make sure it is not petroleum-based turp.

Best Type of Turpentine
Posted by Dan (Ottawa) on 07/28/2021

Hi Marisa and Alina, may I know which turpentine you have found to be effective so far in your healing journey?

Many thanks, with blessings!

Where to Buy: New Zealand
Posted by Dan (Ottawa) on 07/28/2021

Hey Steve, have you happened to try the Diamond G Forest turpentine from the States before? If so I'm curious as to how the taste and smell of the Bio-Option compares to the Diamond G Forest one.

If you are still using the Bio-Option turpentine and know others who have used the Bio-Option turpentine with no issues (other than the expected Herxheimer reactions), please let me know. I was looking to source the Diamond G Forest turpentine, but shipping and customs charges is a blockade right now.

Thanks in advance!

Posted by BeverlyAnn (Pine Forest) on 07/18/2021

This is not true. many people buy turp from hardware store because it is 75% cheaper. You can buy it from hardware store but it MUST READ ON THE LABEL: "100% gum spirits"

Candida, Biofilm and Parasites
Posted by Deirdre (CT) on 07/13/2021

Hi Michael,

Very sorry to hear you had these side effects. Most people start off the turpentine protocol with just a few drops so I am wondering why you went to the full dosage right off the bat? I did the turpentine protocol a couple of summers ago and started with just 3 drops on a sugar cube to see if I had any reactions. I felt great - lots of energy! But only after a few days of just 3 drops did I slowly increase to more drops.

The slow, low dose method is what people on EC generally advise when it comes to potent remedies like turpentine and I agree!

Candida, Biofilm and Parasites
Posted by Michael (Gabriola, Bc) on 07/12/2021
0 out of 5 stars

Turpentine for Candida, biofilm, and parasites

I started with a hardware store brand of pure gum spirits of turpentine and it made me feel crappy. Couldn't function kind of crappy. The lady on the information line said it was not food grade. I'm guessing pulp industry by product with residual chemicals contaminating it. I took one teaspoon once or twice and said no more. I researched the stuff and looked for the absolute best I could find. I read reviews here claiming taking Diamond G brand was like a night and day experience compared to hardware stuff. I researched that. They shouldn't be marketing it as pure gum spirits. It may not have residual chemicals in it but it's made from slash and stumps left over from logging.

Real pine gum spirits come from tapped and/or wounded pine trees. There are different compounds at different ratios from tapping vs regular bark and wood. The trees' response to heal produces something special. I found a high-quality true pure gum spirits source. The trees are sacred and traditionally tapped. It has a faint pine smell and that's it. It didn't taste as bold or harsh if that makes sense and there was no chemical taste.

All that being said I still had roughly the same reaction to it. I took a teaspoon a day for 3-4 days before giving up on it. My head was very foggy, I had something akin to a headache, my body felt crappy (I don't know how else to explain it) and I could barely function.

The testimonies here and doctor Daniel's endorsement obviously gave me a ton of confidence but it didn't work for me. My delicate premature organs might have something to do with that. I may have better luck with much smaller doses if I ever get the confidence to try this again.

Posted by Christiana (Seattle ) on 07/12/2021

Viruses ARE parasites.

Multiple Cures
Posted by HisJewel (New York) on 07/11/2021

How are you faring, Emma of VT? I do not know the answer to your question, just thought I would share what little I do know on the subject. Yes, even I have used turpentine. As they say desperate times call for desperate measures. Turpentine is not for everyone, if you feel it is causing other problems it may not be for you. However, perhaps you are having a herx dieoff reaction, if so maybe you should go back to one or two drops. Read more about the experience of others with turpentine to see if you want to continue.


When I take Turpentine, I usually take it in the morning before breakfast. We are told to start with the drops. I have been using off and on for a few years usually to prevent or cure a UTI after a sugary occasion. I take a teaspoon of turpentine and afterwards a teaspoon of blackstrap molasses. I also take a laxative, such as Castor oil or Bentonite clay just in case there are some worms that are trying to flee the turpentine, I want them to have a speedy exit out. I also make sure I drink a little extra water.

I pray you are already feeling so much better. Be well. HisJewel

Posted by Carl (Los Molinos, CA) on 07/06/2021

Heavy doses of probiotics worked best for my Candida- Fungus Clear with a 50 billion strain from Walmart, along with Medizyme, Mag07, turpentine, tea tree oil, frankincense oil, FIR heating pad, prayer, etc.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Emma (VT) on 07/06/2021
4 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I have had a good overall experience with turpentine over the last couple of weeks. I took it because I've been dealing with slow bowels for years. Also fatigue. Tried many things before and nothing has really helped.

I am taking 6 drops of turp on sugar. I have been taking it three nights on, two nights off. I find I sleep much better and awake without the grogginess and lethargy I have been so used to for years. That is the biggest positive effect I have noticed and I love it. It has not helped my elimination time, although when I used an enema with it I think it really helps to clean out junk that I don't normally get out.

The one concern I have is that over the last week I have noticed my feet are especially sore and achey. Today my hands, wrists and forearms are very sore too, and I notice I have a ganglion cyst on one of my wrists, which I have never had before! I do not have a history of arthritis or damage.

Does anyone know anything about this possible side effect and if this is a normal temporary thing, or if I need to support my detox more somehow, or if I should stop turpentine?

Thank you for any advice.

Posted by Stormflugan (NYS) on 06/14/2021
5 out of 5 stars

100% pure gum turpentine will get rid of a tape worm. It basically will get rid of anything including cancer etc...

Posted by Peter_f (Los Angeles) on 05/25/2021


Could you clarify how much Aloe Vera (I assume juice) you take with milled flax seed (MFS)? Thanks so much.

Posted by Lisa M (California ) on 05/24/2021

We ingested this as children. What was added to it was sugar. It took care of worms in our bodies and other parasites, I didn't have any problems with bad feet until I got older and stopped taking it..

Now I wish I hadn't stopped taking it because my feet are so bad that I can barely walk on my heels. I have burning pain, so I will go back to what my mom did as I was a child and keep it that way.

Posted by AngPowerGirl (Kalamazoo, MI) on 05/23/2021

I would like to start using Turpentine to kill the fungus that has created cancer. I already used chemo drug Taxotere which contains a-pinene which appears to be derived from the pine tree. It worked but it was stopped short (8 months ago) so I would rather use the natural form in Turpentine instead of the chemical version of chemo.

Is the protocol the same as the candida protocol or is it different? Also, are there pharmaceuticals to avoid when taking Turp? I want to avoid any interactions. Thank you.

Turpentine Bath
Posted by Lindsay (Stony plain ) on 05/19/2021

What is a gum spirits?

Turpentine and Gut Flora
Posted by Salim (Beirut ) on 04/24/2021

Are you sure about turpentine not affecting good bacteria? If that's the case, then why do they all recommend maintenance dose for life? If the good bacteria is alive and well, it will keep candida in check and there would be no need for maintenance.

Posted by Salim (Beirut) on 04/25/2021

Hey Bill, thanks for the brilliant insights. Are you positive that turpentine doesn't kill good bacteria? If that's the case why do they all recommend a maintenance dose? If the good bacteria weren't killed off then they would keep candida in check right?

Posted by Amrit (TX) on 04/23/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Just started taking the turpentine with castor oil last week for arthritis. Starting slowly with 2 doses a week. I'll be up to 10 drops this weekend. Noticing a difference with energy already. The side effects have been minor. The hardest day was day 1 with 3 drops of turpentine in 1 tsp of castor oil with nausea for hours - drank lots of water which, helped. 2nd day was much smoother - I was nauseous for only 15 min. and felt great the rest of the day - doses always make me thirsty so I drink LOTS of water on the day of and for the next day or two after a dose.

I have a question though, for Bill: would you please recommend a brand or two of organic, cold pressed castor oil?

I have searched for "organic cold pressed castor oil for internal use" on both Amazon and eBay and the only organic, cold pressed castor oil I can find is for skin, eyelashes and hair. Having a hard time finding castor oil on the internet for internal use that's organic and cold pressed. Some organic, cold pressed castor oils clearly state "for external use only" - the one's that don't, show no indication for internal use, leaving me guessing. Also, many organic, cold pressed castor oils on the internet do not show ingredients so, I could be getting a product that is not pure castor oil. I originally purchased the HUMCO castor oil at our local grocery store before starting the turpentine treatment - it is cold pressed, no hexanes but, not organic. However, it's the only castor oil I can find that clearly indicates on the bottle it is intended for internal use.

Posted by Nona D. (London, UK) on 04/20/2021

Thank you so much. You have answered many of my questions regarding my son's health concerns, who is autistic. Thank you again.

Tooth Abscess
Posted by Missmommamimi (Santa Barbara, California ) on 04/03/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I can tell you for a fact Turpentine works for a tooth abscess. I had a huge blister on side of the gum where the abscess was and so much pain and soreness. I'd take the turpentine and hold it in the mouth directly where the infected tooth was for up until I couldn't stand it any longer snd spit it out. It needs to be undilute 100% pure pine gum spirits of turpentine (Diamond G Forests has the BEST in my opinion).

Also if you can start using chlorine dioxide solution as s mouth was and add w few drops of DMSO right before you're going to use it because DMSO deactivates the Chlorine Dioxide within hours of mixing the two. If you're only using the Turpentine I'd say continue to use it until the infection is gone but shouldn't take long.

You should see some improvement within a few days but I'd use it multiple times. But it's also crucial to ensure there's no food stuck between or in a crack of a tooth. A Waterpik on semi low or higher if it doesn't cause too much pain in your mouth really really helps.

Posted by Matthew (Apache Junction, Arizona) on 03/30/2021
4 out of 5 stars

Turpentine - Proceed With Caution

Ingesting gum spirits of turpentine induces leukocytosis: A proliferation of white blood cells. More specifically, Polymorphonuclear Leukocytosis. These leukocytes include the white blood cells that have a strange-shaped nucleus: Basophils, Eosinophils, and Neutrophils, and probably Mast Cells and Macrophages.

The practice of ingesting turpentine prior to cold and flu season is to activate the immune system to clean out your body of cellular debris, toxins, and other harmful material. Accumulation of these toxins is what causes you to become sick. As well as a poor diet, deficient in vitamins and minerals. From my experience, I think that it works.

I started taking turpentine in March 2020 because of Covid-19. I started with 10 drops of turpentine on sugar. (I used a plastic disposable pipette as the dropper). The next day I had 15 drops on sugar. Three days later I had 20 drops on sugar. I slowly worked my way up to a teaspoon (80 drops) by May. I limited my intake of turpentine to once a week.

CAUTION. Taking too much turpentine too frequently will over sensitize the immune system so that you can have a serious allergic reaction to common things. I found that out one afternoon after having a teaspoon of turpentine in the morning, and later, in the afternoon, I ate about 30 pistachios. My throat swelled up within 15 minutes. I had a hard time swallowing. I could no longer breathe through my nose. My nose wasn't stuffed up. No, my soft palate and nasopharynx had swelled up. The swelling took over 24 hours to subside. That really scared me. In the past, I could eat a thousand pistachios without a problem. My immune system was over active. Be careful.

I now take turpentine about every two to four weeks: 30 drops on sugar.

Stick to small doses for detoxing. If you're trying to flush out parasites or destroy Candida albicans, one teaspoon is the most you should take. Be sure that you are having normal bowel movements before taking so much turpentine. I would like to copy and paste my entire Turpentine Diary here, but it would take too much editing.

For the record, I used "Klean Strip" pure gum spirits of turpentine. You can buy the more expensive brand if you want. Don't buy odorless turpentine. That stuff is mineral spirits, not turpentine. Good luck.

Lyme Disease
Posted by Caleb (SE Tennessee ) on 02/21/2021
5 out of 5 stars

In response to Emma's post from 2015:

Posted by Emma (Wa, Usa) on 01/05/2015: "Hello everyone, I'm new to this site (and turpentine) and I decided to join because this looks like a good place for valid information regarding turpentine usage. I know that turpentine is xenobiotic and I am on a couple of Rx meds. Does anyone know what the timing/spacing should be? I have lyme and co-infections and would like to know if anyone is using turpentine for the same reason, and if successes/failures can be shared. I appreciate any input."

I have lyme and confections as well. Ever since I started turpentine a month I've felt better than I have in 10 years. Haven't been retested to know any specifics or test data, but I do know how I feel....and that is night and day better. I am doing a few other things as well like coffee enemas and epsom salt baths, but I really noticed the difference when I started turpentine.

White Tongue, Seborrheic Dermatitis
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 12/19/2020

VICKY, ORH here, I too am an admirer of Dr. Daniels, and have followed her since she began her transition from an allopathic doctor to an integrative doctor. She learned about natural cures from her patients who were reared by poor farm parents who had to use what was available and passed this knowledge down. My dad would be 106 and he related to me how his family used turpentine, kerosene, sassafras root, honey and such for their ails. You know that they took Dr Daniels medical license for using these products and she is now in Panama. The problem is that her practice is pro-trade as Slave Medical Cures and that is a misnomer, just like the term, Soul Food, is a misnomer. All Southern poor people used the same cures and ate the same food. History tends to get revised over time.

ATS ====ORH====

White Tongue, Seborrheic Dermatitis
Posted by Vicky (NSW Australia) on 12/17/2020

I don't know anything about your ailment- but if I were you- I'd look up the doctor 'Jennifer Daniels' in regards to turpentine...she says take it with sugar. Everyone I've ever read of who has had success has taken it with sugar- because its the SUGAR that the parasites are drawn to to eat and they get the turpentine WITH it and it kills them. They don't come for olive oil. ALL sicknesses are parasites whether or not anyone wants to believe they have parasites- I can tell you right now that everyone in the world has them- to one degree or another.- whether microbes, bacteria or any other name- they are all parasites and parasites love sugar they can't resist it. They smell the turpentine before you even get it past your lips and they steer clear- they're not stupid...but when sugar is taken with it they KNOW its laced with turpentine but they STILL can't resist and it does kill them. These things are what Jennifer Daniels has said in her interviews and pod casts.

Inhaling Turpentine Vapors
Posted by Katzie (Calgary ) on 10/08/2020

I just heard that in the Merck Manual from I think 1898 (?) had Turpentine listed as a treatment for over 50 different conditions!

Posted by Katzie (Calgary ) on 10/08/2020

Adrian, I'm sorry you experienced all that.

While reading your post I knew that you'd have a bad experience with Turpentine while reading and winced in advance. I'll tell you why: it was the rate you were taking it and that you were having 3x poops a day - and that's not good. Generally speaking, people with a healthy gut biome average only 1 nice firm perfectly formed one per day. Your body was already under stress! As soon as you were sick that first time, I would've backed off and kept the dose low - and steady.

But it was all too much and too fast. I don't know how you're doing now, but I hope you kept at it and found relief.

Red Pine Needle Oil
Posted by Violetta (Modena-italy) on 09/19/2020

Ho fatto undigiuno a secco di3 giorni, poi la pausa di 2 gg, e poi 6giorni, di r, Filonov..

Purtroppo, mi ha esplosa la candia in piena forza, e fungo (aspergillus fumigatus) sulle unghe delle mani peggiorato terribilmente..

E pure io mi sono preparata per questo digiuno molto bene, ho fatto lavaggi del fegato(dr.Moritz-lavaggio epatico)..Ho manngiato giudto ..

Non capisco perche ho avuto questa reazione debilitantw..Qualcno mi puo spegare???

Ho vissuto un peggiormente totale, non ho perso il peso!!!

Google Translate:

I did a dry fast of 3 days, then the break of 2 days, and then 6 days, by r, Filonov .. Unfortunately, the candida exploded in full force, and the fungus (aspergillus fumigatus) on my hand nails got terribly worse. And yet I prepared myself for this fast very well, I did liver washes (Dr. Moritz-liver wash) .. I ate Giudto .. I don't understand why I had this debilitating reaction ..

Can anyone explain to me ??? I have experienced a total worst, I have not lost the weight !!!

Turpentine Contraindications
Posted by Anna (Id) on 09/01/2020


My father in law has mesothelioma and is treating it naturally (without chemo). He recently had a bout with candida and did turpentine and it helped him immensely. Now he has a blood clot in his jugular and the Dr.put him on Xarelto. His candida has gotten worse since he had stopped it for a while and he wants to do the turpentine again. Does anyone know if that would hurt him? We can't find that answer anywhere.

Turpentine Side Effects
Posted by Toni (West Plains ) on 08/23/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I am a home visiting nurse and have talked to dozens of 90+ year olds over the years who remember getting turpentine 1-2 times a year as a child with a sugar cube. I have no hesitation (and have taken the Diamond brand) without problem.

Posted by Carolyn (Tx) on 07/03/2020

This video is no longer available. The YouTube account was terminated.

Posted by Carolyn (Tx) on 06/19/2020

I have been grinding what I would guess to be 2 or 3 Tbs pumpkin seeds and adding it to juice with clarkia. It measures 1/4 cup. Also take 1 cap mimosa pudica. Will add drop of turpentine tonight and up the pumpkin seed and see what happens.

Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 06/11/2020

Research copper. Zinc lowers copper and copper lowers zinc so stay aware. Zinc is for colds and viruses and taste and smell. Copper is for hair color and parasites. I take both with a good mineral balance.

Posted by Alan (Mexico) on 06/11/2020

Pumpkin seeds, as much as you can, minimum 4 tablesponsfull.

Posted by Carolyn (Tx) on 06/11/2020

I realize the above post is 4 yrs old, but after losing almost 40 lbs in the past year, I'm thinking I have a tapeworm. Hubby is the same. Have done a couple of cleanses, but still losing. I got the turps, but seeing your post about adult tapeworm infection makes me wonder how to go about it. Dr, of course, wants to test for cancer, etc. before looking at parasites. Is there a different protocol for adult tapeworm?

Turpentine Bath
Posted by Buck (Atlanta, Georgia) on 12/29/2018

Dandruff is your body getting rid of excess toxins through the scalp and fungal growth. Avoid drinking tap water, washing with hot water, using shampoos. My remedy is sweat 20 minutes in sauna per day and wash with ACV water solution followed by castle soap.

Posted by Anna W. (Yosemite) on 12/02/2018
4 out of 5 stars


I began assembling Bill Thompson's Anti Candida protocols in Aug of this year, and approached it very cautiously. I have had Candida since infancy and am so awed and impressed by Bill's cogent and practical approach to addressing the problem.

I have been adding his remedies slowly, and am able to tolerate 70% of his suggested remedies about 3-4 days a week, on average.

When I first began taking turpentine in September, I had a severe reaction to just one drop (albeit on an empty stomach in VCO). Headache, brain-fog, exhaustion were the main issues.

I only took it once, but the side effects lasted for 10 days, and then I discovered that I had a serious bone infection around implants and needed surgery which I underwent, complete with a course of antibiotics - which surprisingly, did eliminate the worst of the infection.

However, I am very concerned about the infection returning, so I read a post somewhere that turpentine was effective in getting rid of the need for a root canal, so I began oil pulling with VCO and 1 drop of DMSO and 1 drop of turpentine this week. It feels like the infected area in my mouth and jaw are fizzing - in a good way. I followed up on the oil pulling with a DMSO/Turp 1:1 drop mouth wash and as long as I drink 2-4 liters of water a day, I can live with the slight headache and discomfort. I am also alkalizing 3 times a day - 1/4 tsp basking soda with 6-8 drops of iodine in a half a glass of water.

So, in sum, yes, awful side effects when I started, but with the increased supplements, Milk Thistle and Iodine, I seem to be tolerating the turpentine better now - and the effects are awesome. I am so grateful to Earth Clinic and all who share on here.

Where to Buy: New Zealand
Posted by Sidney (Northland New Zealand) on 11/01/2018

Hi there.. Does anyone from New Zealand know where to purchase 100% pure pine gum turpentine from? Researched for hours on the benefits from this substance and also Bill's post as well. Bunnings sells Gum Diggers turpentine the clear liquid.. read it on here some person from Aussie was trying it...

Posted by Kay (Hibbetts, Ohio) on 08/31/2018 3 posts

I am not aware of any negative reaction when taking turpentine and over-the-counter pain relievers. Please tell me where I can find more information about this topic. Thank you to all who share their insights and experiences on Earth Clinic.

Posted by Rachel (Michigan) on 08/15/2018

I feel like I'm having similar problems. My stomach feels much better. My eyes feel much better. But my left lung is very sore and I feel like there is an alien in there. When you say you expelled a tape worm, do you mean that you coughed it up? or did you poop it out?

Any advice you may to have is appreciated.

EC: The latter, for sure.

Best Type of Turpentine
Posted by Marisa (On) on 08/03/2018

I'm in Canada and would also like to know this. I ordered the Blue Arrow one to see if that is good quality.

Turpentine Side Effects
Posted by Tlf (Georgia) on 07/29/2018
0 out of 5 stars

You are all fools!! Taking turpentine in any amount will end up killing you all! My God, really??? My nephew took it for a few days and it nearly cost him his life!!! I am a nurse, and if you take this crap you can be assured you will end up with kidney failure, if you don't die from a horrendous bleeding stomach ulcer first!!

EC: Perhaps, before insulting everyone who has successfully taken turpentine worldwide safely over the years, including some of Earth Clinic's top health contributors, you could instead provide important additional information such as what brand he took, how much he took in each dose, how he took it, and the state of his health before trying turpentine. That would be so much more helpful to all of us than name calling. Thank you.

Posted by Geegee (Chattanooga ) on 07/23/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I also did the four-day turpentine Castrol oil regimen. I was tired, tummy cramps, but by day four I no longer had fuzzy poop, a sign of Candida. I identified seven different kinds of parasites that I expel, yuck!

Posted by Darin (Indiana) on 07/06/2018

We had a milk cow when I was a teenager. We drank milk straight from the cow everyday. My whole family has been very healthy and have aged very well. My dad is 94 years old and still going strong. This has been one of most informative threads I have ever read. Thank you for some great information.

Posted by Hayes (Ga) on 07/02/2018

There are many youtube videos talking about how to use turpentine for parasites out there.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Hi Sea (United States) on 06/22/2018

Hi Ann! Sorry, I just see your message today. Anything I can help with? I'm on Round 3 now!

Posted by Alexander (Mi) on 06/10/2018

My girlfriend is desperately battling with parasites she acquired in Guatemala, she's tried all kinds of things the past 2 months, and she's going to do a turpentine cleanse, but will this kill the eggs of the parasites as well?

Posted by Stephanie (California) on 05/15/2018

I was just wondering if taking the turpentine for candida would kill off any other parasites.

Where to Buy: New Zealand
Posted by Steve (Brampton, Ontario - Canada) on 05/13/2018


This is product of Australia's company here in Canada, and the product name is "Bio-Option, Pure Turpentine and can be found in any Home-Depot store. Price is around $11.00 Canadian dollars. Excellent quality - pure 100%. I try myself with excellent results.

Where to Buy: New Zealand
Posted by Anon (Canada) on 05/13/2018

Hi Martha - Have you tried art supply stores for pure gum turpentine? It would be more expensive but I imagine it would be a higher quality than the what you get in hardware stores.

Here is an example (you may want to call them to see if it is pure gum turpentine with no additives):


If not, they may know a source for New Zealanders. Good luck!

Where to Buy: New Zealand
Posted by Martha (South Taranaki) on 05/11/2018

Hi, I used Turps before and loved it. I was kind and gave it to people that needed it and now I can't find any more. I am in New Zealand and got mine from a supplier in Canada. Seems I can not find this supplier anymore. I am gutted. I got some turps from another place in NZ but it is in a metal bottle but it does not smell the same than the first. Do you know where I can get some, many companies do not want to ship to NZ. Any advice will help where I can find some of the good stuff please. Kind Regards Martha

Posted by Fred R (US) on 05/02/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I did four straight days of 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine. Ten drops first day, fifteen second day, twenty third day. Each dose in a teaspoon of pure cane sugar.
Fourth day I took one teaspoon in two tablespoons of castor oil. Everything taken on empty stomach, washed down with water, about a half liter.

On the third day, I had no sugar cravings, whatsoever. I always eat something sweet, several times, during the day. So, had nothing sweet day three and four.

Two to three hours after the turpentine/castor oil dose, I took an intense poo poo. Really cleaned me out. Felt a little tired afterwords, for a couple of hours, then felt great rest of the day. When you do the turpentine/castor oil dose, you want to have a bathroom available about two hours later.

I'm doing this protocol to rid myself of excess yeast, candida, mold, fungus from my body. I want to get my blood pressure down, the natural way, and hope this regimen helps do so.

Posted by Eve (Nv) on 05/01/2018 22 posts

Hi, thanks for your post on Turpentine and the coffee enemas; I'm having pretty good luck with 1/4 tsp of Turp for my parasites and hope I can increase that amount higher soon. I have a blocked Sigmoid colon and the blockage is fairly close to my rectum so the enemas don't work, although when I first started them some parasites were in the near end of my colon and saw those but I have used several rounds of Balck Walnut and its partner and have pretty much cleaned my intestines; I have read that you should not use Black Walnut, etc more than 3 times a year. I was full of the worms that I have gone over that recommended time. When You speak of the worms you feel in your butt I have been awakening many times at night and could hardly close my mouth due to the swelling inside my cheeks of those blasted things and also in the area your tonsils are located. I would take Oregano oil, diluted and put 1 drop in a Dollar Tree nasal spray bottle and fill it with water to top of the bottle and irrigate my nasal passages, got quick relief and I also use 3% HP, undiluted and rinse my mouth and gargle with it, that also seems to kill them off if in my throat. What I have noticed in using the Turp first thing in the AM that I am able to cough up a bunch of stuff. I seem to have more problems now with my lungs and sinus/head but hope that the Turp will kill them off. I also use Cloves Bud oil and take 10 drops., undiluted with 3 drops of undiluted Neem oil, that also, I'm told and read, will kill the eggs. I have to be careful of the Cloves because of a Stint I had when suffered a heart attack back in Dec 2014. Hope you have wonderful success with your protocol and appreciate your suggestions.

Posted by Kelly (Ohio) on 04/27/2018

Hi, When I took the turpentine I passed a large roundworm in my stool a couple days later, which was great. started doing coffee enemas, which were recommended by Drn years ago. The black coffee enemas are to clean the buildup from the colon, and are great to help restore health, but when I took the enema, I felt a sudden almost electric shock in my stomach, and a few minutes later I felt a parasite (s) quickly moving around in the flesh of my right butt cheek! I smashed them physically, and have found others in other body locations since then. So I believe the coffee turpentine combo chased these from my intestinal tract and into my body to escape. Your knee and hip pain could be the same. The pain could be caused by parasites that were living in your colon, and they've now moved to a new location to escape the turpentine. If I were you, I'd continue taking the turpentine, and hopefully it will eventually get them.

Posted by Jessie (La) on 04/28/2018

Be careful, there are two types of turpentine: Medicinal and the type in a Hardware Store. Use only the medicinal for health, the other is toxic to you if used internally.

Posted by Kelly (Ohio) on 04/27/2018

Hi, I have systemic candida, and I discovered years ago, from a group of independent doctors online, that MSM, (methylsulfonylmethane) a natural and harmless substance, is effective to control candida, and you can eat what you want. Start with a teaspoon a day, of pure MSM powder, and gradually work up to a TBS or two a day. This, (and God) has kept me alive for twenty years. Expect die off symptoms. At the first sign of headache, immediately take a couple ibuprofen. This should stop the headache. If you don't catch it fast enough though, the headache cannot be stopped. I wish you the best of health!

Posted by Eve (Nv) on 04/21/2018

Hi Maria: Diamond is the best and only company I would trust my body to. I can't take huge amounts of anything because of other medical problems so I take 1/4 teaspoon of Turpentine once a day and rub it on the bottoms of my feet, that is where you absorb more of anything plus your stomach and chest. Good luck

Posted by Leslie T. (Boise, Idaho) on 04/20/2018

Borax amount to take for women is generally described as 1/8th teaspoon (for women, men is 1/4 teaspoon) put it in a bottle of water and sip it throughout the day. P.S. Borax has the same toxicity level as salt... It has a very minor flavor, slightly bitter. From my experience it does seem to help with hormone and can ease Arthritis symptoms. I have tried the turpentine for candida and gut health. it did seem to help but I have not used it much really. I do plan to start a regular regiment of that and some other things soon.

Posted by Maria (Vancouver Island, Canada) on 04/17/2018

I am wanting to flush out parasites and try to get rid of the arthritis in my back and knees. Would turpentine help with the arthritis? There have been many brands mentioned in the comments above but I am wondering if they are all as safe and effective as the Diamond Brand from Georgia? I don't want anything toxic or poisonous in my system!

Also someone mentioned using Borax for arthritis. Is this to be used in the bath or internally somehow?