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Turpentine Health Benefits

Where to Buy: Australia
Posted by Nadia (Nsw) on 10/15/2016

HI my name is Nadia where I can find clean turpentine in Australia?

Kerosene Tips
Posted by Simone (Netherlands) on 10/02/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I am a user of petroleum (ordinary one). It contains benzene, which causes a cold feeling after the chest (like feeling intense cold after eating a hot Candy f.e fisherman's friend) A very unpleasant feeling. To take this feeling away is to drink 1 cup of chichorei coffee a week. Chichorei is the penne (root) of chichory.

Posted by Simone (Netherlands) on 10/02/2016

The pain you experience might be benzene. Try chicory coffee: it will break off the benzene.

Where to Buy: New Zealand
Posted by Shereen (New Zealand ) on 09/27/2016

I desperately want some 100% pure gum turpentine for candida/parasite treatment- I have tried everywhere. Cannot get it in NZ, can't get the Australian Diggers here and have sent 10 e-mails/facebook requests to Diamond G Forest, with no reply. Can anyone sell/send me some please??

Muscle and Joint Pain
Posted by Steve (Rotorua, Nz) on 09/05/2016

Hi, old post I am replying to, but I am looking for a supplier of Gum Turpentine in NZ, can you advise of anyone?

EC: Please see Bill Thompson's post in our "Where to Buy: New Zealand" section here.

Posted by Deb (Battle Creek, Mi) on 09/03/2016 12 posts

Take 1 teaspoon on 3 sugar cubes, then 3 tablespoons castor oil. Rice for carbs. Probiotics for gut. Look on you tube. Also 2 tablespoons organic apple cider vinegar with warm water at night and in morning will relieve constipation.

Turpentine Side Effects
Posted by Enjera (Atlanta) on 08/19/2016
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Hi all! Love the abundance of information I'm getting from this website. I just wanted to go ahead and put in my little two cents. I followed Dr. Daniel's protocol strictly so that included restricting my diet for five days BEFORE and during the turpentine. Also making sure I have 100 percent PURE gum of spirits because she said the one at home depot may not be pure. (I bought mine off of amazon.) Also above all making sure to have three bowel movements every day before and during the turpentine regimen because all the parasites and candida need to EXIT the body when you are killing them off or else things can get worse. SO I made sure of all these things. I personally remember staying hungry on the restricted diet so I was pretty much getting a high dose to my blood stream when I first took it. That took it to my brain, and that fact leads me to believe that may have been the reason I felt homicidal the next couple of days. LIKE I literally wanted to kill people who pissed me off and I also had one or two thoughts that I, myself, wanted to die. HOW'S THAT for side effects? I BELIEVE it may have been the chemicals being released from my dying enemies that resided in my body influencing those thoughts. Just as they've been influencing my choice of food consumption for the past decade or more. We already know they can do that, why not this too? Cheers

Posted by Susan (Maryland) on 08/19/2016

I was wondering about the mms enema. Does anyone have information about this?

Turpentine Tips
Posted by John (Hudson N.h.) on 08/17/2016
5 out of 5 stars

If I am not mistaken, Jennifer Daniels said to drink 32 oz. of water per 60 pounds of body weight PRIOR to taking the turpentine.

Posted by Frida (Sweden) on 08/02/2016

Hi farmergirl! I read your text about how your grandma gave you turpentine. How did you and the other kids feel. Did you get more energy? Do you still use it?

Best Type of Turpentine
Posted by Richard (Bellingham, Wa) on 07/26/2016

You can find pure balsam turpentine and a great medicinal quality pine tar sourced from

Sweden at auson.se



Posted by Jemtopaz (NY) on 07/14/2016

That is exactly what Dr. Daniels is talking about, IF you don't offer the Fungi, parasites a fast way out, Example: the Bowels (best way), It will find another way out. through the skin. Which does not have to happen. Don't suffer. All that you need to do is drink more water, or as Dr. Daniels would say " Make sure your "fast passage" is clear and open", Beforehand, get your bowel movements to two or three a day, drink a quart of water 3 times a day. And then you will not suffer, a skin aliment trying to eliminate.

Posted by Ksw (India) on 07/03/2016

I've started taking turpentine oil for parasites. Initially, I took it with sugar cubes, but it intently made my symptoms (especially the itching over much of the body) unbearable. Now I'm using it with jaggery, which is somewhat better, but I would really like to eliminate all sugars for now.

Could I take it with coconut oil? Castor oil has been mentioned but I really don't think I could get it down. And how frequently can I take it. Some people say every day for a certain number of days; others say every five days. It's really confusing.

Posted by Jessie Williams (Clarksville Tennessee) on 06/17/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I remember turpentine from my childhood. My grandparents used it. My grandfather took care of his own garden until he was 90 and he passed on at 93. My grandmother was 86 when she passed on. I remember them using it on a ringworm that I had.

I received my bottle from Diamond G turpentine last Friday. I soaked my feet in a basin of warm water for 20 minutes. I soaked in it for 20 - 30 minutes using 3 capfuls, I felt the tingling burning and got out, I pat myself dry, I don't rub. I soaked in 2-1/2 caps today, way less tingling.

No side effects that can't be controlled!

I noticed that I have not panicked about a pain pill (hydrocodone) since Saturday morning, nor have I taken one. That had been a problem for many years. I was afraid to go anywhere without that hydrocodone because of terrible pain in my low back, both hips, both heels.

I have not taken it orally as of yet, I don't like things that taste bad....lol.

However make sure you increase your water intake

Thank you Dr Jennifer Daniels for reminding me of a TRUTH!

Best Type of Turpentine
Posted by Tucker (Bradford, West Yorkshire) on 06/15/2016


Excellent quality can be bougt from the following:




Best Type of Turpentine
Posted by Mery (London) on 06/14/2016

I'd be in for this. Would like to try the purest turpentine available and willing to pay for shipping. I'm based in London. Thanks!

Turpentine Medicinal Uses
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 06/14/2016

HI U ROBERT,,,,,,,,,, where do you get all your knowledge? Myself, I 've followed Dr Daniels for several years and she is the one who brought this to the world's attention a few years ago. Your advice is slightly contrary to her's. Where did you get your protocol?

The FDA got after her and she is now practicing in Panama. You make sense because 6 doctors were killed last year while working on a simple cure for early cancer.

I am the one who told folks where to buy their turpentine on this site. Should I not have done this?

You are a new boy on the block and coming on strong. I'll keep an eye on you.


EC: Nope, not a new boy on the block. Robert has been contributing to EC for years, off and on!

Turpentine Medicinal Uses
Posted by Robert (Ca) on 06/13/2016

Pure distilled "spirits" of turpentine is basically the refined sap from specific pine tree varieties. It's history of use goes way back to Babylon. It was commonly referred to as 'terebinthe' or 'terebinthine'. It was available OTC as terpin hydrate however codeine was added latter & prescription required. It was used by American natives & African slaves as a inexpensive & accessible remedy. I would not advise using hardware store varieties as they are adulterated with petroleum distillitates & the "pure gum spirits" may be contaminated with the herbicide paraquat which is toxic.

There is a Australian town whose residents used turpentine & subsequently the 'governors' added chemical toxins to prevent ingestion. I am sure that Earth Clinic is under the FDA microscope so I caution against references to a certain brand(s) who make their living on making pure spirits 'the old fashioned way'. One maker will not answer health questions due to this scrutiny by FDA. Please refrain from such questions & thus protect this valuable source.

Toxicity: most anything is toxic in large doses, such as water. The half-life of 'turp' is 25 hours approximately, so a safe time lapse between each single dose is about 5-days totaling 5-6 single doses over 1-month. Start low at 12 drops & work up to about 40 drops, all taken with 1/2 to 1-tbsp sugar. After this period, a monthly single maintenance dose may be taken if/when necessary.

As we all know, there is no single remedy & one size doesn't fit all. This site is experimental & for the dissemination of freely sharing ideas. There are no 'cures' until an autopsy is performed. Health begins in the gut & the mind will keep us well as stress is dis-ease.

Posted by Kennywally (Midwest) on 05/16/2016 48 posts

RE: Biofilm.....mine was on my brain! Last January 2015 I did my 1st experiment with turpentine and sugar, and a small fog, enuf to notice, was lifted from my head....within seconds from ingesting the turp/sugar mix, I could feel it lifting, as if someone slowly waved a hand from the base of my skull up and over the top to the forehead and that was it, and it took all of 3-4 seconds to accomplish that, and as soon as that finished, I noticed an increase in energy. But it was a one time event. I have drank turp since, and there was no energy increase nor any lifting of fog from my brain. At the time I had no idea there was a name for this thing, til I read about it somewhere, and now I know, it's called biofilm....

Posted by Wydo (Ca) on 04/24/2016

For a liver detox Ted recommends lecithin and silymarin milk thistle seed extract. Ted says be careful with the silymarin as it will detox you so fast that you could die from the toxic stuff that comes out. Start with a weaker silymarin maybe just once a day. Then when you buy the next bottle of silymarin get the 1000 mg and take it everyday twice a day. Get Bill Thompson's book on Candida. It has a lot of information on how to do this.

Posted by Wydo (Ca) on 04/19/2016

Hi Bill, what does the biofilm in the stool look like? I have had what I thought was mucus in the stool for a few years. After reading what you wrote I am wondering if it is mucus or bio film. Thanks

Posted by Adriana (Sofia, Bulgaria) on 04/20/2016
5 out of 5 stars

In my country I've read about taking turpentine oil on sugar 3-5 drops per day, no more. Also, here they sell it pharmacies - the one which is for health-care purposes.

I have not been using it internally, but as part of home-made ointments (with olive oil, beeswax, herbs, resins, and essential oils) for my sprained ankle, knee and arm. I think it has a warming effect and a pleasant aroma. I use something like 10-5 ml per cup of oil.

Turpentine Side Effects
Posted by Wave (Oslo) on 04/14/2016

Just an additional note to Bill's post:

Dr Daniels also explained that her patient that got the back skin reaction did a coffee enema, and that it cleared up after that.

So having your exit channels cleared open before trying turpentine is recommended. Options for this is doing a liver cleanse / gall bladder flush, or using magnesium oxide for a few days to clear the small intestine (which is what Dr. D: recommends in her article).

Posted by Steph (Orlando) on 03/25/2016
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I'm on day 10 of turp and maple syrup stopping and starting. I want to be free of all parasites. I feel a die off and am sleepy. Had diarrhea. I am fruitarian raw vegan. We must keep a clean foods and poop 3x a day so worms can get out. Bought my turp from georgia farm diamond something.

Posted by Kennywally (Midwest) on 03/23/2016 48 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Speaking to the issue of Turpentine. I drank turpentine on more than one occasion, and it did not poison me in any way shape or form....tis scaretactics and vicious rumor to chase away those folks who are easily intimidated. jan, 2015...these are my notes I wrote down after ingesting turpentine [

turpentine experiment

aprox 530 pm sunday eve, jan, 18th, 2015

I took 3 sugar cubes and soaked them in turpentine,

added it to heated black coffee and tried to drink it down

I could only get down a few sips.

it did taste a bit like licorice as I was drinking it

but I stopped as the taste was a bit strong for me, this was new and

perhaps I was better off taking it slow, rather that the dosage the doctor tried and found effective, which was the full 3 cubes, soaked, twice a week.

so I'm just gonna sit here a bit and see what happens.

I'll decide later if I'm gonna drink more or not.



about 550pm I sipped a bit more, coffee was cooler, it still tasted not so great but I did it anyways.

I may have actually sipped a third of it.


about 650pm I drank some more, about 2 3rds gone now
no ill feelings, was a little grumbling in the beginning
but nothing very noticeable on rest of sips

head seemed to clear up a bit [ fogbrain lifted and energy better ]...shall see what else develops


sat 24th jan, 2015 110pm

1.5tsp turp to 1T molasses
first took some molasses on tongue, then spooned up the turp/molasses mixture and got it down easy.

nothing noticeable, doing it to kill candida.

So, from my memory of the event, there was a slight fog lifted from my head/brain. it was like slowly waving my hand from my neck to my forehead and that was as fast as the fog lifted from me, just like that, and I felt immediately energized. I drank it again but never repeated those effects of the fog lifting, nor getting energized, that was a one time event. I read somewheres later on, that that fog lifting was known as a BIO_FILM, made by parasite to protect itself from attacks. I can't prove that, but I experienced something just the same. and that's my testimony!!!

Posted by Rose (Australia) on 03/16/2016

Hi Marika,

Please keep us posted on the turps/sugar approach. I'm keen to start after reading all the feedback. Is anyone taking the vitality caps as recommended by Dr Daniels? Or any other type of laxative? Any info greatly appreciated.

Where to Buy: Canada
Posted by Sarah (Toronto, Ontario) on 03/10/2016

You can but pure gum spirits of Turpentine at http://www.mosaic-id.com They sell the Diamond G brand and delivery fast to Toronto, ON. I recieved my order in 2 business days.

Best Type of Turpentine
Posted by Caroline (Hampshire, Uk) on 03/03/2016

Hi Carol, I'm wanting to buy turpentine too. Just wondering if u found a good source here in the UK and if so can u give me the name. Thanks, Caroline.

Turpentine Bath
Posted by Marsha (Denver) on 03/02/2016

I love your question/comment about God, brilliant!

Best Type of Turpentine
Posted by Tucker (Uk) on 02/21/2016

If your ordering from outside the EU, the tax and duties can end up being more than the actual cost of the product. Within the EU there are many suppliers. I got my last batch of Turpentine from Baldwins http://www.baldwins.co.uk/?gclid=CLmwia6ficsCFbYW0wodO_8E6w and found it to be of good quality. Also a superior certified Organic Turpentine can be bought from https://www.nhrorganicoils.com/products.php?id=12514

General Feedback
Posted by Marsha (Denver) on 02/21/2016

I asked my son in law to ask his grandparents about turps: grandma's mother used a mixture of camphor, coal oil & turp in a tin can, place it in a pan with water on stove; heated it slowly until warm; dipped a wool rag in it, then wrapped the rag in a towel and placed on a second towel over the chest to break up congestion.

My mother also remembers something like this, but can't exactly recall.

Best Type of Turpentine
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 02/20/2016

HI U LISA, , , , , , , , , , this is probably the best folks to get your turpentine products. All should bookmark this site. South Georgia and the Fla Panhandle was where our naval stores were located in the early days of our nation.



Kidney Pain
Posted by Mim (New York, New York) on 02/17/2016

Raw fresh green onion tops for pounding kidney pain. Eat a bit.

Where to Buy: Thailand
Posted by Marston (Grass Valley, California) on 02/16/2016

Hi Bill, I am in the middle of Dr Daniels Candida Cleanse protocol. I was disappointed that she would not answer any questions without paying her a monthly fee. She is no doubt a brilliant lady but not as generous with her time as you are. 
I was wondering if you would comment on her protocol. For example she says only use sugar with the turpentine and NOT honey. She also says no oils, even in a salad dressing. No nuts, no seeds, yet she says to drink 1/4 cup of soaked flax seeds What do you think, Bill? Your response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

P.S. I have your book.

Posted by Timh (Ky) on 02/12/2016 2073 posts

C: The usual delivery method for Turpentine is saturate two large or three small sugar cubes, dissolve in mouth and wash down with water or natural beverage once per day.

Posted by Coreen (Olympia, Wa) on 02/11/2016

Can't find a single comment on dosing/how to take turpentine orally for candida...... Please advise- thanks!

Posted by Jamie (Austin, Mn) on 02/05/2016

Yes, stop the terp and do a liver detox...Wilson's organic coffee. I have been doing them since kinda and am in awe of the shoulder pain decreasing more than 50%. I have schluermans kyphosis. Now I know I can be healed of that too.

Best Type of Turpentine
Posted by Tucker (Uk) on 01/29/2016

Pure Gum Turpentine can be bought at Baldwins in the UK. http://www.baldwins.co.uk/baldwins-turpentine-bp-gum-turpentine

Kidney Pain
Posted by Miriam (Tx) on 01/29/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I was having kidney pain. I could tell that my kidneys were swollen and my back. I took a teaspoon of turpentine on three sugar cubes, washing it down with a glass of water and almost immediately the pain in my back began to subside.

Turpentine Bath
Posted by Plam (London) on 01/27/2016

You're not supposed to soak the head when you're taking turpentine bath.

Best Type of Turpentine
Posted by David (France) on 01/24/2016

Hi Carol. I'm newbie on site, (joined today)

re your query on getting Diamond G pure Gum Turpentine sent to EU (& UK). I had the same problem some time back. But now Diamond G have come to an arrangement with the PTB to allow shipping to EU/UK. I jusdt oredered and paypalled 24 1oz bottles, the largest size they are permitted to ship (email copy below)

Jan 18 at 11:14 PM David,

Thanks for contacting us! We would be happy to ship our turpentine to you in France. Since the last time we corresponded, we have negotiated a shipping arrangement with FedEx. Allow me to explain.

Because turpentine is a flammable liquid, we must follow very strict guidelines when shipping it, especially internationally. We cannot ship our turpentine internationally in any container larger than a 1 oz. bottle without incurring a Dangerous Goods Surcharge by our carrier. For this reason, we have a developed an international package that maximizes the quantity we can ship for the international shipping rate charged by our carrier. The rate for shipping this international package to you is as follows:$59.99 ... 24 one-ounce bottles of 100% Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine$42.28 ... shipping via FedEx International Economy$102.27 ... TOTALAny duties, taxes, or fees imposed by your country's government are your responsibility as well.We can ship any of our other products (soap, salve, rosin, etc.) to you in any quantity at very reasonable rates. Only the turpentine is a flammable liquid.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. If this price quote meets with your approval, simply contact us, and we will send you an electronic invoice that you can pay with either a Paypal account or a credit/debit card.Thanks again! Julie Griner

Diamond G Forest Products, LLC ***************** Shipping cost is very heavy, but the product is the best(IMO) regards david

Posted by Mike (Usa) on 01/24/2016

Taking ALA twice a day only, at high dose, can damage a metal toxic person. I know I've tried it. The Cutler protocol is what I now follow and I'd recommend someone with a high heavy metal load to check it out. you could likely do both Bill's and the Cutler protocol together - not at the same time - but one helps the other. From what I've read, it's impossible to get well if you are heavy metal toxic.

Where to Buy: Thailand
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 01/17/2016

Hi Steven...You should be able to obtain essential pine oil off internet sites like ebay or amazon without much trouble. That's how I obtained my own turps or pine oil supply that I have been using regularly for the last 3 years. This essential pine oil form is always pure and is usually triple distilled. I live in the Philippines and it was the only form of turps that I could get because, generally, in some countries like the US inflammable liquids like kerosene or turpentine are banned from shipment abroad. Or it will cost you an arm or a leg due to shipping safety requirement costs. I've been using the essential pine oil form for three years now and I'm quite happy with it -- it's very effective. You might even be able to purchase essential pine oil from a health shop in Chiang Mai.

Kerosene is virtually the same as gum turpentine and just as effective as turpentine regarding its medicinal qualities and components but is harder to get. In the old days they used just the lamp oil form of kerosene but now there are so many different types of kerosene it can be quite bewildering and confusing. The rule that I would always go by would be to only use kerosene that is a pure distillate that has no additives and which fals within thedistillate range of 100 C to 200 C. My own personal preference would perhaps be to use kerosene in the distillate range of 100 C and 150 C -- the same lighter kerosene form that Paula Ganner used as an all-round cure-all so successfully in Europe.

Avoid using Paraffin USP oil unless you want a laxative -- this a British standard and is a much thicker oil with a much higher distillate temperature thus containing different components and properties to either kerosene or turpentine and so it is not the same. Also I would definitely avoid using the blue or pink paraffin forms.

More info for you on turpentine and kerosene here.

Where to Buy: Thailand
Posted by Steven Cnx (Chiang Mai, Thailand) on 01/16/2016

Hi, I live in Chiang Mai and et the same chemical problems w/turpentine. I like the idea of the Pine oil which we can order 1oz bottles from India.

My question is can I use liquid paraffin USP from a chemical supply or medical supply as kerosene? Thanks so much.


Best Type of Turpentine
Posted by Sandee S (Usa) on 01/09/2016

Have you tried Amazon? I bought it on there. I'm not sure if you can in Europe.

Turpentine in the Nose
Posted by Iris (Arizona) on 12/26/2015

Interesting medical use for the nose.

Turpentine Bath
Posted by Collcarm (Usa) on 12/19/2015

In my experience...The dandruff flakes are generally from microscopic mites or fungus, or yeast (which is fungus too).. the turpentine is killing one (or both) and you are experiencing that.. Don't give up.. fungus flakes off when it dies, like ringworm does.. (it's a fungus too) Notice your feet clearing up too .. :))

Turpentine Bath
Posted by Suz (Mo) on 12/17/2015
5 out of 5 stars


If you bath in the turpentine, make sure to use only a tsp or so. It burns your hoohah!

Posted by Liszt (Albuquerque, Nm) on 11/30/2015

Help! I have some kind of parasite. I've lost all my energy am constantly itching and have spots everywhere I can feel it or them moving through my skin help what is the treatment you are doing? I just bought the gum turpentine.

Best Type of Turpentine
Posted by Christopher (Devon, Uk) on 11/26/2015

Diamond G Forest Turpentine not available in the UK

Hi Carol. Did you get sorted with some? Like you, all my researches lead me to believe this is the best but how to get some in the UK.

Mylands appears to be good but is it as good as the Diamond stuff? I am not sure.

Any advice welcomed - thanks

Posted by Chris Ping (Holland) on 11/21/2015

What brand do you use?

There is only one good source - as far as I know ... in the USA and CA: diamondgforestproducts

The other is Windsor Newton

Take a little less when you feel anything wrong .. there is nothing bad about taking less

Posted by Kevin (Santa Barbara) on 11/15/2015

Every time I see "irregular heartbeat", I think of my severe Right Side Bundle Branch Block, google it. It's a heart problem that's similar, roughly, to your mom. I cured it in 8 months by slowing my breathing down. My former heart problem totally went away.

It's not easy. Especially sleeping. Wearing a construction mask helps the O2 CO2 exchange. When away, breathe through nose exclusively, and if possible, have her close one nostril, I used an earplug up one nostril .

I was shocked it worked. An old doctor friend told me about it. The young doctor I went to had absolutely no clue.

Good luck! Please try it.

Posted by K (California) on 10/30/2015

Bill, my daughter suffers from fibro and chronic fatigue. Her metal tests go off the page.

Is it possible the turpentine protocol could assist in removing these metals?

I understand the caution required as a high load of metals pulled out at all at once can cause Mercury to travel to the brain where it does irreparable damage.

Your mention of turpentine as a blood cleanser caught my attention.

Thank you for all you do here.

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 10/29/2015

Hi Lauri...

Perhaps you should first take some Milk Thistle (450mgs twice a day with meals), Chanca piedra (take the tea form 3 times a day) and ALA (300 mgs twice a day with meals) and perhaps gram doses of Vitamin C (Ascorbate form) which will all help to get rid of the anti-biotic poisons still in your body before you try the turpentine. This triple regimen will certainly help to detox and remove specific poisons, heavy metals and damaging xenobiotics from your body. Then, after about a month, try the turpentine at one teaspoon per daily dose. I would also alkalize your body using the sodium bicarbonate and water protocol twice a day as Ted from Bangkok advises. Anitbiotics can be extremely acidic for the body and that's how they damage the kidneys.

To be honest about it, if it were me, I would just take the turpentine. Among it's major beneficial effects -- apart from killing all forms of pathogens -- is to purify the blood completely. This outcome is also bound to have a beneficial knock on effect which will help to recover both the kidneys and the liver in the long run.

Posted by Lauri (Roseville, Ca) on 10/28/2015

Hi Bill,

Can I take the turpentine remedy if my kidneys are still hurting even after my rounds of antibiotics?

Posted by Lauri (Roseville, Ca) on 10/26/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Bill,

I have been on the Candida Diet since July but went off of it for about a week while on vacation the first week of Sept. Hence, my Candida fueled and I got a UTI. It was so bad I finally had no choice to go to the DR. for a Urine Analysis. My numbers were off the chart for infection and pain started to travel to my kidneys, so against my better judgement, I went on an antibiotic. Symptoms only subsided for the UTI, but the vaginal yeast was the worst I ever had in 20 yrs. I did the round of antibiotics but the my kidneys still hurt and my vaginal yeast only got worse. I found the turpentine remedy and have been eating anti-candida foods for several weeks. I have been doing Turpentine stupes (soaked towels in hotwater and Turpentine) on my back to help draw out any poisons or break up stone if there are any. I do organic coffee enemas regularly and pass alot of Candida, gross but a good thing. My colon stays pretty clear with all of the ongoing detox I have been doing, including taking Dr. Daniels suggestion of Castor Oil.

I will be going to Cancun on Dec 1st. How many weeks should I take the Turpentine and will I still feel icky by Dec if I start this regimen? I have already experienced quite a bit of die off already and managing pretty well with charcoal or bentonite clay and enemas. Should I start the Turpentine in hope to better for our trip or is the process going to lead into the trip and I should wait? Obviously, you cant take turpentine on the plane and besides, I want to enjoy the trip, not detoxing and still trying to kill candida....please advise.



Posted by Garry (California) on 10/20/2015

When I read about your son having constipation it has compelled me to tell you a story of my daughter. About the age of five she started having constipation problems and before she was 20 doctors wanted to cut out a large section of here colon and have her start using a colostomy bag from then on. Through her own wisdom she declined. She continued having problems bloating after eating small amounts of food to the point she would look 6 months pregnant.

She is now 33 years old and about 6 months ago she went on a diet some water with a different ph level, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. I do not know the quantities but I am sure this diet is online. Anyway this is all she consumed for 10 days. I saw her on the 5th day and she said Dad this has been so hard, but the first few days was really the hardest. I asked her about a month later how the diet went, she said Dad I have been having regular bowel movements 3 times a day. I was astonished honest to god she would not have a bowel movement for up to 2 weeks on a regular basis. I always feared she would die before she was 21 and now she just glows full of energy for the first time ever.

Sorry off the subject of turpentine, which I have been taking for the past few months, not religiously though, just when I feel the need and yes it did give me chest pains at first, but that could be partially from a resting heart rate between 115 and 122. I have started a healthier diet also now eat fruits and vegetables (yuck). now my resting heart rate is between 80 and 93. Still not great but highly improved and oh yes no more chest pains...

Posted by Faeqa ( Amman, Jordan) on 10/19/2015 66 posts

Hi: While am searching for cancer cure yesterday I found sites talking about using kerosene in Europe in the past century for curing all kind of cancer, and a lot of ancient books mention it.

Online u can find a lot of information about the dosages, one of these pages is this: http://www.health-science-spirit.com/kero.htm

If any body like to try it please let us know what he found.

Where to Buy: UK
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 10/12/2015

Hi Emma...I've been using the essential pine oil (from pinus sylvestris) for the last 3 years on a regular basis and it seems to be fine. My essential pine oil is pure and triple distilled. It's all I can get shipped to the Philippines and I'm happy with it. Most brands of turps will not ship from amazon or ebay because it is inflammable.

Myland's pure gum turpentine should also be OK to supplement -- just make sure that no other synthetic oils have been added to it. Just check the back label of your brand to make sure its pure gum turpentine.

Where to Buy: UK
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 10/12/2015 2073 posts

S: From personal experience, Turpentine is not particularly effective against Mycoplasma but Borax definitely is.

May I make a few suggestions? First do some alkalizing remedies with either Baking Soda or B.S. plus ACV. Two of the most effective natural remedies for UTI/Bladder is Cranberry and D-Mannose. Dr Christopher's Kidney/Bladder herbal combination is effective.

Back to the Mycoplasma. The most active places for M. infection is lungs and joints, and in some severe cases the Liver.

Back to Borax. As an introduction, try taking footbaths a few times weekly before retiring by adding a few spoons of Borax & Epsom Salts to the footbath. There is absolutely no bad side effects from these and the benefits are numerous.

As for Turpentine, I have been using a quart can purchased from a local hardware & home store. Read the label carefully & fully for no additives whatsoever; it should say "pure gum turpentine". I currently take about 2-3 doses per wk for chronic infections with good results.

Where to Buy: UK
Posted by Sharon (London) on 10/11/2015 3 posts

Hi, I'm trying to find a cure for what I think is a mycoplasma infection infection bowel and bladder. I'm too scared to use the borax. Re kerosene vs turps...and making sure its pure can anyone point me in the direction of a uk supplier please? Seems a lot of you are in the States. Also it seems that most of you are taking turps not kerosene but a lot of the research I've found points to kerosene...which I think is paraffin in the UK...why?


Posted by Mark (Goldcoast Australia) on 09/13/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I've also done the Kalcker MMS protocol. Best parasite protocol. I had severe issues with parasite infestation for many years, caught them on my multiple Indonesia surf trips. Tried everything but only this worked. Was crazy to see the parasites expelling out. Had some measure greater than 20cms. Had multiple different species. Highly recommend..

Turpentine in the Nose
Posted by Maryellen (Loveland, Ohio) on 09/03/2015
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Turpentine in the Nose:

Use with caution and learn from my experience. I have used the turpentine in my sinus for sometime now. I slightly dilute it with water in the palm of my hand and standing up I snuff it into my sinus. It clears out any mucus and I believe it is even caring for the brain because evidently it penetrates the blood brain barrier; Therefore the biofilm melting property is quite health promoting.

Caution: I suspected Cytomegelo Virus (a herpes which can lead to Kaposi's Sarcoma ( it is considered incurable due to the biofilm coating)) I am interested in mechanizing a cure.

While lying down on my side I chose to snuff a single drop of the diamond G turpentine into my nostril. If it had not been so painful, it would have been comical. The turpentine entered my sinus but also the sinus above my eye.

Instantly; The mucus drainage was profound! Sneezing violent. Entire area around my eye was bright red as well as the eye. The deep cleansing produced sinus pain and some swelling of tissues. Copious water consumption was required to cope with the fluid transfer mechanism. (Pure water consumption in copious amounts is required in order to 'push out - replace' the contaminated fluids)

24 hours later, the left side of my head feels better than decades before now.

Will I do it again? ABSOLUTELY. I will DILUTE the turpentine, lay on the opposite side and smile as I visualize the destruction of all possible viruses. Probably in the future I will inhale the fumes from time to time. ME

Best Type of Turpentine
Posted by Michael (Georgia ) on 08/22/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Turpentine in its pure form is just essential oils of pine and should smell just like that. Look for small bottles like at a craft store (the best I have found). Painters use turpentine for thinning and I've read on several forums their frustration with quality and not being able to find the real thing anymore. You will be hard pressed to find anything in a can that is pure and can be taken internally, regardless if it says pure gum spirits on the outside. Be careful as I tried this in the beginning and just the smell caused me to get very ill. This works, that is why it is difficult to find and is considered taboo by dr's. If we can cure ourselves we don't spend hundreds of thousands on chemo.

Kaposi's Sarcoma
Posted by Maryellen (Loveland, Ohio) on 07/28/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I put a drop of Diamond's turpentine in my nose. Burning was at first intense. (I have experimented with it for about a year by adding to my bath along with DMSO for good skin benefit. (Have also painted it onto a crusty never-healing sore on my ear)) Still have some tingle sensation in middle ears, eyes, back of throat, roof of mouth and nose. Immediately eliminated gobs of mucous! I knew it was there but did not know how to release it. Will do it again and again until the Kaposi's Sarcoma is no longer symptomatic. Thanks for this site. ME of OH, USA

Posted by Marika (Czech Republic) on 07/26/2015

Thank you for your opinions. But I still believe that if turpentine is supposed to dissolve biofilms and kill candida than I should be feeling something if I take it. I did follow the diet very strictly at the beginning but I felt I only got worse. I belive that the body needs sugar and if you have none, it can result in a lot of harm. And many opinions say that sugar from fruit is absorbed and used by the body much faster before it can feed candida. Maybe the problem is that the turpentine just doesn't reach the large intestine? I mean, some people have a few drops on sugar and immediatly run to the toilet and I have upped the dose to a table spoon - as recommended on some sites and I still feel absolutely nothing. Maybe it just requires more time for the biofilms to dissolve? Any thoughts? I just can't accept the idea that I will be like this for the rest of my life. There has to be something!!!

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