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Posted by Fred R (US) on 05/02/2018
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I did four straight days of 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine. Ten drops first day, fifteen second day, twenty third day. Each dose in a teaspoon of pure cane sugar.
Fourth day I took one teaspoon in two tablespoons of castor oil. Everything taken on empty stomach, washed down with water, about a half liter.

On the third day, I had no sugar cravings, whatsoever. I always eat something sweet, several times, during the day. So, had nothing sweet day three and four.

Two to three hours after the turpentine/castor oil dose, I took an intense poo poo. Really cleaned me out. Felt a little tired afterwords, for a couple of hours, then felt great rest of the day. When you do the turpentine/castor oil dose, you want to have a bathroom available about two hours later.

I'm doing this protocol to rid myself of excess yeast, candida, mold, fungus from my body. I want to get my blood pressure down, the natural way, and hope this regimen helps do so.

Posted by Julie (Camdenton ) on 07/03/2017
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This is a reply two the person who is having boogery eyes and neon green phlegm. You are full of multiple parasites common infections and microbials. You're having herx. It's okay, look it up, you're going through die off and multiple systems . Your herx will be intense. I would take your turpentine for two weeks straight without a break and Ionly a two-day break then start again. This may take you two months to get through all that you're going through. A four-day break will reveal to you if you have solve the problem or not. If you start feeling like crap again then you know you are not finished. I'm glad that you are on this treatment because it sounds like you need it really bad. More than you even ever knew. You obviously got fungus in your respiratory system really bad. It would be great if you posted it update as you go through this for people that have the same symptoms, results, and herx, meaning side effects and results of die off.

Posted by Kennywally (Midwest) on 03/23/2016 47 posts
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Speaking to the issue of Turpentine. I drank turpentine on more than one occasion, and it did not poison me in any way shape or form....tis scaretactics and vicious rumor to chase away those folks who are easily intimidated. jan, 2015...these are my notes I wrote down after ingesting turpentine [

turpentine experiment

aprox 530 pm sunday eve, jan, 18th, 2015

I took 3 sugar cubes and soaked them in turpentine,

added it to heated black coffee and tried to drink it down

I could only get down a few sips.

it did taste a bit like licorice as I was drinking it

but I stopped as the taste was a bit strong for me, this was new and

perhaps I was better off taking it slow, rather that the dosage the doctor tried and found effective, which was the full 3 cubes, soaked, twice a week.

so I'm just gonna sit here a bit and see what happens.

I'll decide later if I'm gonna drink more or not.



about 550pm I sipped a bit more, coffee was cooler, it still tasted not so great but I did it anyways.

I may have actually sipped a third of it.


about 650pm I drank some more, about 2 3rds gone now
no ill feelings, was a little grumbling in the beginning
but nothing very noticeable on rest of sips

head seemed to clear up a bit [ fogbrain lifted and energy better ]...shall see what else develops


sat 24th jan, 2015 110pm

1.5tsp turp to 1T molasses
first took some molasses on tongue, then spooned up the turp/molasses mixture and got it down easy.

nothing noticeable, doing it to kill candida.

So, from my memory of the event, there was a slight fog lifted from my head/brain. it was like slowly waving my hand from my neck to my forehead and that was as fast as the fog lifted from me, just like that, and I felt immediately energized. I drank it again but never repeated those effects of the fog lifting, nor getting energized, that was a one time event. I read somewheres later on, that that fog lifting was known as a BIO_FILM, made by parasite to protect itself from attacks. I can't prove that, but I experienced something just the same. and that's my testimony!!!

Posted by Lauri (Roseville, Ca) on 10/26/2015
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Hi Bill,

I have been on the Candida Diet since July but went off of it for about a week while on vacation the first week of Sept. Hence, my Candida fueled and I got a UTI. It was so bad I finally had no choice to go to the DR. for a Urine Analysis. My numbers were off the chart for infection and pain started to travel to my kidneys, so against my better judgement, I went on an antibiotic. Symptoms only subsided for the UTI, but the vaginal yeast was the worst I ever had in 20 yrs. I did the round of antibiotics but the my kidneys still hurt and my vaginal yeast only got worse. I found the turpentine remedy and have been eating anti-candida foods for several weeks. I have been doing Turpentine stupes (soaked towels in hotwater and Turpentine) on my back to help draw out any poisons or break up stone if there are any. I do organic coffee enemas regularly and pass alot of Candida, gross but a good thing. My colon stays pretty clear with all of the ongoing detox I have been doing, including taking Dr. Daniels suggestion of Castor Oil.

I will be going to Cancun on Dec 1st. How many weeks should I take the Turpentine and will I still feel icky by Dec if I start this regimen? I have already experienced quite a bit of die off already and managing pretty well with charcoal or bentonite clay and enemas. Should I start the Turpentine in hope to better for our trip or is the process going to lead into the trip and I should wait? Obviously, you cant take turpentine on the plane and besides, I want to enjoy the trip, not detoxing and still trying to kill candida....please advise.



Posted by Gigi (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) on 10/12/2014
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After reading all the stuff on Turps, I wanted to try it out as I have many of the symtoms of candida. I got a bottle from a friend, took it home but was very reluctant to start. I took 1/4 tsp mixed with 1 tsp of castor oil. I felt a slight headache but nothing to stop me from my daily chores, it went away later in the day. I took 2 cascara segrada pills to ensure I passed it out, was not sure of this stuff!

I am happy to say, I had a lot of diarreah, the next day my SINUSITIS which had been a major problem for as long as I know myself was gone, I was not getting up to blow my nose all the time, it was GREAT, I also had so much energy, OMG, I started sending emails to all my friends I was elated. I have not taken another dosage I am still scared as they say it can damage your liver & kidneys. The person I gave it to has really red eyes so I am not sure, I wish I knew more about this but the energy increase is sure worth it.

I WISH PEOPLE WOULD POST MORE ABOUT THEIR REACTION. Please...please, we only talk about what we take and why we ara taking it, it sure would be NICE if we talked about the after effects, GOOd or BAD...please...this is a wonderful site, especially in today's society where you can't get nothing but doctors and their prescription pads!

Posted by Caladesi (Florida) on 05/30/2014
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Bill, I have been using the turpentine for only 1.5 weeks and it is great for the candida, I even saw white rope like fungus pass the day after my first turp dose. No herxing either. I am on a vegan high raw diet, but eat fruit (juciy not sweet fruits like bananas and dates) with some cooked low fat vegan for dinner. It's what I can sustain. My main concern now is helping my 75 year old mom onto the turp for her candida/allergies, etc. She is currently taking Atenolol 25mg which is a beta blocker for irregular heart beat. Even though she remembers turp sugar being around her house as a kid and her grand dad using it, she is terrified to swallow it, which I understand!! I was too and am still having a hard time getting past the gasoline like taste, but it does work better than anything I've ever tried, so I am on it 2x week for now. I want to see if I can work up to more but just need to take it slow as I have had CFS for 8 years and am sick and tired of being sick and tired. God bless you for your help!

Posted by Rishicash (Long Beach, Ca) on 03/09/2014
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I've read through all of the posts here for candida/turpentine therapy but didn't come across anything about a protocol diet. This blog is Best Type of Turpentine, but I couldn't find anything else regarding it.

The reason I bring this up is that I've had severe, chronic candida/parasites/intestinal bacteria for 30+ years and spent thousand of dollars and suffered through numerous programs with absolutely no benefit until I tried Turp with which I started to feel better the next day.

Back to the diet. I followed Dr. Daniels protocol to the letter for six weeks. Dr. D says that 3-4 eliminations daily are required along with super hydrating...and no meat or dairy. Her recommended diet is very carb based with grains in particular. After six weeks I decided to come off of it to see how I would feel and the first thing that happened is that I got very constipated immediately and has remained that way for two months now which has freaked me out a bit since I wasn't pre-protocol. My symptoms also started to return soon afterwards.

I tried to get some advice about the constipation from Dr. D, but she kept trying to sell me her book and sessions which I can't afford. I got ahold of Tony Pantalleresco as I had nowhere else to turn for advice and although he is quite a character, he was very generous with his time and advice...as in free. I explained to him what was going on and even sent him Dr. D's protocol. Tony was emphatic that the constipation problem was due to all of the grains and that they were terrible for candida. He didn't say anything about 3-4 eliminations a day or super hydrating, etc.

So although the turpentine part is the same, they are two very different protocols. Dr. D says the treatment won't be effective or can even be harmful if not followed precisely and Tony says otherwise. True, Dr. D has an MD, but she also has a business degree from Wharton.

I've been afraid to resume turpentine therapy since I was afraid that I might have damaged my system resulting in constipation, but Tony has assured my that isn't the case. I'm staring again with Tony's recommendation tomorrow. I'd like to hear what anyone else has to offer on this. There aren't many people who are familiar with Turp therapy and this is the only Turp forum I've found.

Posted by Fiona (Tustin,ca) on 01/02/2014
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I have been taking turpentine bath every single day for the last several month. When I start turpentine bath soon around waist area started to have a breakout. A lot of Fibrin structure. looks like scab. at the end what determins human death is the number of fibrin. The more fibrin coms out, the skin become half transparent and softer.when the kidney was cleansed I had major change in inner ears. As kidney and ear are related. I was producing a lot of ear wax. I often wondered when I was a child, I regularly produce ear wax. when I got sick, actually it stopped at a considerable speed. I believe my system started to get clogged. that is why. As the kidney started detox, my ear follows up.

After I started turpentine bath I reduced the number of herbs and supplements. Because turpentine itself is a powerful therapy. And I also rotate putting these into bath. For example, methylene blue, Magnesium, povidone iodine, MSM, Borax, Aquarium salt, BHT, DMSO. The beauty if turpentine bath is there is absolutely no extra effort. Because we all wash everyday, I take bath everyday.. Nothing added..!