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Yeast Infections
Posted by Cricket (Spokane, Wa, 99204) on 03/26/2010


H202 Help Please

I have had a kruse yeast level three (only seen in aids patients I dont have aids thank god,candida galbrata level three, and candida albicons level three. I had a yeast infection every day for four years although I, rotated foods, probiotic at 200 billion, spent thousands of dollars on supplements, h202 infusions,several meds, diets I can not longer stay on after doing them for so many years.

I started internal h202 a month and a half ago, broke out in hives and ringworm, then all of a sudden stopped getting yeast infections. I am feeling weaker and weaker each day thrush possibly from die off and am at 21 drops 30% . I know you say this too much but whats a girl to do when she is running out of money for vitamins and treatment and cant digest even veggies? Ph is great! I take h202 wait an hour and a half take l-glutimine to repair intestines, then a-lipoic acid, probiotics, b 12 , and trace minerals, calcium with my d and cod liver oil, then my perscription antifungul (I rotate monthly now). I am so tired.....

and can I take p.carbinate over baking soda? Whats a girl to do? Much love and gratitude for all you are doing and helping. Thank You

Cricket from Spokane Washington