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Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy: Benefits and Side Effects

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Posted by Rolf (Carson, Ca) on 03/03/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Just for readers information. I read "flood your body with oxygen" and became interested in H2O2. I was going to try the drinking it process but I mentioned to someone who had done much more research and he mentioned that there is truth in the experiences of those who ingest it, in that reoccurrences of former symptoms happen. He suggested that starting by merely spreading the HP on skin surface is a better way to start. I tried that one night and was unable to sleep for hours and hours. I don't recommend trying it in the evening for that reason. I have been utilizing Bill Munro's inhalation method for about 6 months now. I have mild intermittent asthma. I was using Advair, Singular and nebulizer with Albuterol. Now only use the Albuterol. Would give that up too but my spouse doesn't know of my inhalation regimen. She does not believe in anything that is not doctor recommended. In order to keep peace in the house I sneakily remain quiet. My breathing is noticeably better and I have had no colds or flu symptoms since doing the inhalation method. I did have a recurrence of a boil on my nether cheek which I hadn't had for 6 months or so before starting inhalation. I have had no negative reactions. I purchased 8% food grade and diluted it 2 parts distilled water to l part HP. That was the instruction on bottle. I am only doing it once a day as everything seems to be ok and my purpose is as a preventative. I purchased 32% FG about a year ago but was so alarmed over warnings about handling it that I went to the 8%. I use a glass pyrex measuring cup to mix it. To find a health store that sold FG, I just googled FG HP (abbreviations spelle out on google) and found stores in my area. Southern California. I bought from Great Earth.

Would like to recommend to other members of my family but wife's reaction might lead to an unsought psychological hold on me. There are lots of people out there who only rely on allopathic doctors who know no other treatments and who would be defrocked if they used or advocated any treatment other than allopathic. Hope this is of some value to readers of this site.