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Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy: Benefits and Side Effects

Posted by Linda (North Vancouver, Bc Canada) on 11/07/2009
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I was inquiring about the "dark blue" appearing on my feet.

Since home from the hospital (April 2, 2009), I was informed by my brother-in-law I should start taking the Hydrogen Peroxide Food Grade. I had 3 operations, the last one being a Cancerous Tumor removed because it triggered Epileptic Seizures.

I started taking it orally (diluted using the Food Grade H202 with a dropper and demineralized water.) Later, I found that the H202 Food Grade also helps Arthritis (which I had) and is now gone. Hurray!! Then, out of the blue, a certain spot on my feet started to go slightly red. So I sprayed it and it gradually went away. Just a tad bit left now. (The only reason why I spray my feet - but I do spray on the legs for varicose veins). Works great.

As I mentioned in the very beginning, blue spots started appearing on my right foot (mainly the big toe) then slowly my left foot started to go the same way. When I saw my doctor (regarding the cancer, I asked her if she knew if this was from Neuropathy - had it since 2004). She said "its varicose veins" - which I know its not.

I'm going to try and not spray the feet at all now. See if the blueness goes away.

I thought I was the only person with this problem.

Thanks for your help.

Posted by Charlotte (Sussex, England) on 08/05/2007
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I have just bought an ozonator. I drink one glass of water per day after ozonating for five minutes and drinking immediately. My energy levels have risen dramatically! I am using the ozonated water to clean everything - much cheaper than buying products. One thing though, my hands just came up in dark blue blotches like dark blood. Anybody know why this would be?