Hydrogen Peroxide
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Hydrogen Peroxide as a Natural Remedy: Benefits and Precautions

Posted by Pat (Newton, New Jersey) on 12/28/2007

I started with melanoma in 2005 on my face. Had extensive surgery but they could not get it all. In March 2007 it had spread to my chest behind my heart. Had another extensive surgery to remove it. In August 2007 found out it had spread to my face/neck/and chest. Doctor told me that they couldn't operate. Did some internet research and read about hydrogen peroxide and how it puts oxygen back into your cells. Rejuvenating them. Well, decided to try it. I either take a 1/2 bottle and soak my feet in it with warm water or take a whole bottle and take a bath in it. Well, last petscan in November there were no new growths and the ones from August were less intense. My LDH also has dropped to an all time low of 113!! Is it the peroxide, can't say for sure but I won't stop it. Will try to keep you posted on my progress. What an easy cure this would be. Better than dying from metastisized malignant melanoma. Good Luck!! I am not a doctor just a normal person trying to help myself. I also started wearing magnetic jewelry. Who knows!!!