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Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy: Benefits and Side Effects

Chronic Infection
Posted by Lisa (Jax, Florida) on 04/14/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Hydrogen Peroxide has been a miracle for me!

I have had a chronic infection of some sort for the last 2 years and four months, non-stop; mostly sinuses, but also bladder and ears. I am in my 60s, female, white, at a perfect weight, but have Hashimoto's (autoimmune) and candida due to heavy metals.

My infection seemed to start with a tooth that my dentist missed (for any tooth pain that won't go away, find a dentist who has a 3D cone Xray machine), and then I had cellulitis in my eye from being splashed in a hot tub.

My face was swollen so badly my boss did not recognize me, then it was beet red and hot to the touch. The hospital doc thought it was MRSA, so took antibiotics, had a CT scan with no obvious blockage and thought it was all over, but it continued in some other capacity – ear infection for 3 months, lost that bad tooth, then a root canal, followed by a bladder infection.

I ended up with severe gum, jaw pain on one side that went on for months. I had ozone injections for a month, which helped. Once the ear infection cleared, I started back in the hyperbaric chamber with an oxygen mask once a week. Took plenty of antibiotics plus colloidal silver (CS) and hydrogen peroxide (HP). By then I was having gastritis or GERD. Again, another sinus infection flared, followed by two more root canals.

After that, I began reading about a similar experience in biotoxinjourney.com, where the author mentioned pain in the tooth socket, sinus problems, etc, just what I had. He talked about biofilms and used a BEG Spray, (Bacitracin, EDTA and Gentamycin, an antibiotic, a chelator and an antifungal). I got that from my doc at a compounding pharmacy and made some improvement with that, but the infection still seemed to be everywhere.

Once again, bladder issues as infection seemed to travel. After taking 5-6 antibiotics that year, sometimes 17 TBSPs of CS a day, and a low dose of HP (I got up to 25 drops), I still had pain and infection. After being on the BEG spray for 6 months, I started seeing yellow drainage, so I knew that was the source.

Still desperate to get stable, I started nebulizing HP with my small nebulizer and a cool mist humidifier. That seemed to help even more than when I was taking it internally. The salt in the HP ruined my cool mist unit, so I just use the nebulizer about 8-10 x a day.

You can nebulize every hour according to Dr. Shallenberger and it goes throughout your entire body, just like an antibiotic, but with no side effects.

I used about 7-10 sprays to start, then built up to fifteen sprays in a plastic bottle or around 1/8 – ¼ of a teaspoon with a 9% vial of the same amount of saline, and had been doing this for about a month when I had another ozone and laser treatment on the jaw area.

I had infection drain into the cheek area so much that there was a lump on the side of my face. For that, I placed a poultice of Clay, charcoal and castor oil each night with a heating pad over it, for 5 days, then after that, placed small makeup pads inside my mouth at night with clay and charcoal, just about my teeth.

It provided tremendous relief, soaking up that draining infection. That seems to have been a turning point. I have now been nebulizing HP for about 8 months and have only had 2 episodes of tooth/jaw pain. I can nebulize about 4-5 times a day and keep it under control. I have had no issues nebulizing HP that long. I still use the BEG spray (a year now) and it is still draining color. I have more energy and the fungus on my toes is gone for the first time in 12 years. I also use a rife machine for “lymph problems” and it has helped my body get rid of toxins. I've had sinus infections all of my life and I think it is just layer after layer of infection that built up with biofilms, but my body is now stable and I can just deal with the sinuses. I do believe the BEG spray is chelating metals, fungus and infection from my sinuses, but the HP has been critical. I had been praying fervently for some way to recover and mostly what came to mind was, “Ask, Seek and Knock, ” so I searched and prayed God would lead me to what would work for me! And He did!