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Hydrogen Peroxide as a Natural Remedy: Benefits and Precautions

Posted by Tina (Utrecht, Netherlands) on 07/28/2010
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Why is everyone feeling so good while taking the hydrogen peroxide and am I feeling so awful? I started taking it about 5 weeks ago, 1 drop 3 x a day, 1 hour before and 3 hours after meals. I use 35 % food grade in distilled water. And I went to 20 drops 3x a day and I couldn't take it any longer, felt so terribly sick, I went to 2 x 20 drops and have been there for a few weeks now. I am amazed at these people that have more energy, I still feel terrible. I hate the taste of the stuff and after taking it, I get a high heart rate and my stomach protests to the point where I just do not have to vomit. This lasts about half an hour. Is this my body detoxifying or what is this? I have been on the 20 drops for a while now, as I read that if you feel bad, you should stay at that dosage until you feel better. So I am waiting. . . I started the hydrogen peroxide cure because I have a dermoid cyst that will have to be removed by surgery on Aug. 31 and hoped that this would cure it. If it wouldn't cure it, I would at least be detoxed and in better shape for the surgery. I must say that I react really sensitive to everything- homeopathic medicines work within minutes for me. Could that have something to do with it? My biggest worry is that I feel my heart rate going up to 100 per minute. Is this normal and does anyone know why this is? Would it be harmful to my heart? I would not be able to ask my doctor, he will tell me that all this natural stuff is a big LIE and will not support me with this. He scheduled surgery for me. Should I taper off? I do make sure that I drink enough distilled water 2-3 liters with a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar included. Any advice is very welcome because right now all I can think about is just quitting the hydrogen peroxide cure and going back to 0!