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Hydrogen Peroxide as a Natural Remedy: Benefits and Precautions

Posted by Ben (Gold Coast, Qld Australia) on 02/17/2011
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Better But With Side Effects

I have been struggling with various health issues for a decade now. My white blood cell count has been high for that entire period. Western medicine has failed me completely - the doctors/specialist have no idea whats causing my troubles.

I believe it is a candida problem.

I am desperate so I tried first the H2O2 inhalation method for a few months - amazing results. Much better quality of sleep. Increased energy. Faster reflexes. Happy mood.

I did develop a rather painfull cough during this treatment but I believe thats simply a moron problem. (I still smoke)

Next I moved on the H2O2 internal use therapy. This has been an extremely hard road. I took me almost 3 months to get up to 25 drops. I had to take it slowly due to side effects. (nothing too bad though - I was able to work the entire period)

Once I hit 25 drops 3 times a day all hell broke loose.

I should point out at this point my taking the dose 3 times a day became patchy, sometimes I could only make myself do it twice a day.

First off I got an extremely nasty rash all over my neck (both sides) and one side of my face. These rashes had pimple like heads that would break and become infected. At one point for about 3 days I couldn't even turn my neck - it was that swallen. I ended up treating this with DermAid (a hydrocortisone 0. 5% cream) It was almost 2 weeks before I could shave again. (and even then it was not a good experience)

Once the rash was under control I managed to get the dose back up to 25 drops x 3 times a day. At this point during the treatment whenever I took at dose I would go to sleep within about 45mins for 2-3 hours. The rash issue was ongoing but never severe. My toilet experience was all over the place. I developed a severe brain fog. I had both kidney and liver pain. (some days unable to stable upright) I could no longer continue the treatment and work. Life being what it is I had to take breaks from the treatment whenever any mission critical work came up that I could not put off. I did power on with the treatment. (by this point I had decided I would continue with treatment no matter what - like I said I am desperate for a fix)

I have been able to take an entire week off work now and manged to dose myself properly (25drops x 3 times a day) for 5 days. By the 5th day I feared for my life. (it is day 7 of this period now)

I developed flu like symptoms. I grew a pimple like sore on my face which has burst and has been pumping out crazy amounts of puss. (on my chin) When it was at it's peak it felt like I needed root canels on half my teeth! The swelling was substantial. I started developing a boil on my butt.

Any cut no matter how small gets massively infected. I somehow nicked myself while sleeping one night. (an extremely small scratch - maybe 2mm) That turned into my finger swelling right up within a few hours. Funnily enough I treat these infections with 3% h2o2 - works a charm. (I have had several now) Both my nostrals grew zits inside them which have become infected. trust me when I tell you - this drives you nuts especially with the flu like symptoms.

Being the sucker for punishment that I am I decided to go see my GP and tell him what I was doing to see what his opinion was. What a waste of time. I was told western medicine does not believe it any form of detox and that all my problems are psychosomatic. He then proceeded to give me a depression test which actually showed I am quite positive person these days. (I was not before I alkalised my body but thats another story)

I believe the cause of my suffering is candida toxins/poisons flooding my system as they die.

I remain confident that h2o2 will change my life - regardless of the extreme side effects I have suffered.

The purpose behind this post is 2 things -

1> I want to do my bit in making sure that people out there considering h2o2 treatment realise how rough it can be. *** please note I have not described all side effects just the worst in my experience.

2> I am hoping someone who has completed the h2o2 internal therapy with similar problems might consider contacting me and telling me its been worth it for them

If anyone has any questions, ideas, thoughts (good or bad) please feel free to message me. Due to size of post concerns I have left quite a bit out of this.

I will post again once I have finished the therapy.