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Hydrogen Peroxide as a Natural Remedy: Benefits and Precautions

Posted by Sean (Boise, Id) on 11/24/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, I've been drinking H202 for about 5 months. I am a 42 yr old male in good health except I've injured my low back over the years and several other minor injuries. I had been taking cyclobenzaprene regularly over the past 2 years(mainly for muscle spasms)and medical dose Naproxen regularly, prescribed by my VA Dr. (the VA loves to give out pain pills and are not focused on cures. Whatever costs less. I'm very thankful though that I have this medical resource. )

A friend of mine wrote an ebook on how his father-in-law beat COPD & emphysema in six weeks with h202. This was over 20 years ago and he is still alive also he continued to smoke. This is who I learned of H202 from. I put 15 drops of 35% in 6 oz of apple cider and drink. I first did the drop treatment for six weeks but only once a day. I don't do it daily even and Wow-I don't have to take the pills anymore. The achiness and early arthritic soreness in my body that I've felt for a number of years is Gone. No more muscle spasms either. Hallelujah

Posted by Jean (Somerset, KY) on 02/16/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I'm age 76, have basically avoided doctors for about 45 years now, as I know they never get to the CAUSE of any of our ailments. I learned about right nutrition and fasting as a natural route to healing if I had any problems, and that has basically been adequate. Until a couple months ago when I developed what I suppose was arthritic PAIN in my left shoulder/elbow/wrist/ hand...and I'm left-handed! And it would keep me miserable enough I couldn't sleep, and I couldn't seem to shake it by what I knew to do. I didn't really want to fast at length, as in recent years I'm skinnier (5'3" and about 115): people ask too many questions and besides, it's uncomfortable not to have enough padding on your bones! (been there/done that) So, I prayed, and I believe it was God who showed me info about taking peroxide. I did quite a bit of research on it and was convinced it was a valid route to go. I began 12 days ago (continuing) with just ONE cautious drop, then TWO DROPS the next morning (after that I went to 3 drops 3x a day, and building up)...and to my amazement about a couple hours after I took those two drops, I realized ALL that pain I had suffered with for WEEKS was GONE. Wow. Is that fantastic, or what?! And it hasn't come back.

I'm continuing because I saw that the peroxide has a cleansing effect much like the fasting does, except I don't have to lose weight in the process. I have a few little matters that I mostly ignored because they don't HURT (nothing like some pain for motivation to change!!)....so decided to deal with them via the peroxide. I have a slight bit of tinnitus (which I mostly don't think about, but it's there so could get worse?), my eyesight (I wear reading glasses), my hearing (I miss some conversation), my BRAIN (ach! "senior moments" are not funny, really)...might the peroxide help in those????? I'm hoping! :-)

A couple days ago I had some cold symptoms develop, ( a LOT of sneezing and MUCH clear nasal discharge) which I know were just to be expected...but I seem to be past that. I have a couple questions!? About day nine I was nauseous after taking the peroxide in the morning, so thought to put four drops of my orange-flavored liquid stevia in each time, is that OK? Some places said use juice or milk, but other places said just water, and I hate to go through all this and not have it as effective as possible! AND for a while now I have put sea salt at the rate of a teaspoon per gallon of drinking water, as that is what Dr. Batmanghelidge says we need...is that OK with the peroxide? (He didn't say put it in drinking water; that was my idea since I don't like to salt my food much...and the water doesn't taste salty, just good) I'm using reverse osmosis water by the gallon from our local health store. I'm thinking of getting a reverse osmosis system for under my kitchen sink: they seem reasonable in price. Can anyone un-confuse me about the 3/4/5 phase systems in them, which is adequate?? I'll let y'all know how this peroxide regimen treats me in days ahead! I do believe my brain is slightly more clear already. :-) Oh, and I have for years had irregular sleep (I hate to call it insomnia)...hope maybe that is a problem the peroxide might help. Am I expecting miracles?! Well, that arthritic pain gone in two days was a miracle, wasn't it?!

2/16/2009: Jean from Somerset, KY writes, "I have another question. I read we should build up gradually to taking the peroxide AND decrease gradually, but I haven't read WHY the gradual decrease. What would happen if some morning I am tempted to think, I CAN'T DO THIS ONE MORE DAY!! (??) I might deal with that thought better if know ahead of time why I should and can decrease gradually???"